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Let's say you just bought a house. Bad News is your one step closer to becoming your parents soon. You'll have a separate fridge in the basement. Where extra groceries are exiled? Dialed forever. Remember that frozen lasagna. Of course you don't. It's been down there since two thousand eight good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance piece of cake behind the LASAGNA. It's very old progressive. Casualty Insurance Company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states situations explicit content is found in this episode so listener discretion is advised. Welcome back to the true crime fan. PODCAST I'm your host laney life in small town. Texas is always considered safe until it's not one family was ripped apart art and the case introduced new technology using firewood. Okay onto the show. Farmville Texas is a small town in Texas assist northeast of Dallas. The town has less than thirty five hundred citizens. The most notable of which being Tex Watson one of the Manson family members there's who attended school in the Farmers Ville Independent School District Stevie Benton the basis for the group drowning pool grew up in Farmville and attended the local high school. Lastly Audie Murphy. The most decorated United States hero of World War Two grew up in the area. Farmer's Ville is the epitome of a quiet rolled town with low crime rates therefore it was a shock in March two thousand four when Rachelle. O.`Neil tolleson went missing. Rachelle was a twenty year old newly single mom who was in the midst of an acrimonious divorce. Her daughter Avery was six months old and limp with Rachelle L. and small rental house near the center of town late in the evening on March seventeenth. Two thousand four rechelle and her mother Pam. O'Neil took avery to the store with them where they went to purchase diapers and formula. They returned to Pam's house in state ver- short while before. Rachelle complained of a Sinus sinus headache and went home to go to bed when she and avery reached her home. She called her mother to let her know they had arrived safely the next morning. Pam Damn Winter Rochelle's house. Something she did on a regular basis. Rochelle's car was in the driveway. There was a note from her. Landlord taped her screen door. But the wooden in back door was open. When Pam went inside she noticed? The house was in complete disarray. There was a pillow from the bed lying on the floor between the the bedroom and the kitchen wants pam stepped into the bedroom. She knew something was wrong. The bedroom was completely out of order the nightstand. The end was pulled away from the wall. The mattress and bunk spring were partially off the bed and the headboard was broken and lying on the bed papers is littered the floor and in the middle of the chaos baby. Avery was on the bed alone and wet pam picked up. Avery comforted at her and then called her husband mark to let him know that Rachelle was missing Mar contacted the farmers Ville Police Department who dispatched officer Scot Collins is to resells house officer Collins stated the bedroom appeared as if fight had occurred and notice that there were no signs of forced entry on the floor are one of the scattered papers was Rochelle's divorce decree with a blueprint on it. An investigation into the disappearance of Rochelle began that day starting with interviews. A search party was also formed with many of the town's citizens volunteering search on ATV's and horses. The search continued for five days. Meanwhile the investigation discovered that around the same time Rachelle. Avery had arrived home. A party was happening. Opening with Efren Gomez and moist sandoval. Mendoza there were several other people in attendance earlier that day. Ephron Moyes is an in two women had purchased to thirty packs and to forty ounce cans of beer those two women left the party early and called Ephron to let him know that they would not be returning thank. Noises was not happy about this and became angrier. The more he drink noises said something to the other girls at the party scaring them in the process he told Efren he spoke to the girls in that manner because he could additionally the investigation revealed that Rachelle had a party on the Friday before she disappeared. There were about fifteen people there including noises noises had expressed an interest in dating Rochelle but Rachelle Shell had told her best friend making Kennedy. The chew was not interested in noises that way. Police found out that a few days before her disappearance Megan's boyfriend boyfriend Tim Holland as well. As cody wealth banks and Moise's had gone to shell house to pick up some musical instruments. The door was locked but as tim. And Cody Odi. Were looking for a way in Mois managed to unlock the back door. This information led officer Collins to interview voices next during the interview. Moise's was extremely fidgety. Sixties after Rachelle Tolleson had gone missing. James Powell an an avid arrowhead collector was combing the fields near Brush Creek about ten miles east of Farmers Ville as he walked the banks of the Creek. James stumbled all across to burn corpse. That was lying face down. James notified the authorities and an F. B. I.. Evidence Technician Jerry. Farmer was one of the first first to arrive on scene. He reported that tall grass had been placed on the body. In order to conceal it. The body was scorched black in some places and was yellow yellow and places where the skin had split. The body was in a badly decomposed. State an agent farmer used the larvae and maggots around her head right and neck to determine that she had been in that location for approximately two days. Her hair had been burned off. And there was only burned clothing on the upper part of the torso but there was no clothing below her waist. Evidence that she had been dragged to this location included tarp gromit. It's on the back of her left leg and head and an orange rope tied to her right ankle. Additionally there were burnt pieces of tarp and skin between a dugout where something had been unburned and the body in the DUGOUT technicians found a clump of hair firewood. More Orange Robe and more pieces of tarp and skin. In addition to ashes Vicki Pickett an investigator with the Farmers Ville PD was tasked with making the notification to the next of kin. Vicky had spent many hours with Pam in the preceding week and was loathed to have to tell Pam that they had potentially found Rochelle's body but pam could not see her to you say goodbye due to the condition. The body was in the soon had a positive identification of the body through dental records. The medical examiner doctor William Roar performed the autopsy and found that Rachelle had what appeared to be a deep knife wound in her neck which went down to her spinal cord award. Rochelle had numerous bruises on her scalp thighs and both sides of her tongue. Dr Roar concluded that Rochelle died of strangulation or another form of his fixation. She was already dead when she was set on fire. Investigators continued to interview witnesses but in their opinion the most viable suspect was Rochelle's estranged husband. Andrew Tolleson Andrew was still in love with Rachelle and had not wanted to get a divorce source coupled with the fact that the divorce decree was found in the floor of Rochelle's house apparently stomped on and law enforcement thought. This one was in the bag. UGH Andrew had an alibi for that evening. He had been at a party himself but was so intoxicated that he had to have a friend drive him home. Worry stayed all night. However since the party had been a bonfire police were still interested? They retrieved what remained of the logs and and sent them to the University of Tennessee. Testing in the meantime moist told his friend Stacy Marie Garcia that he had killed Rachelle L.. Noises said he had gone to Rochelle's house after the Party and picked her up. Alleging that Rachelle had left with him willingly however the disarray at Rochelle's house led police to believe she had not left the house willingly after searching shells house where they found the divorce decree with the boot imprint noises. Mendosa was arrested on March twenty fourth and held in the calling county jail on a five hundred thousand dollars bond. He also had three arrest orange from aggravated robbery charges in Dallas while being questioned moist told investigators. He had gone to Rochelle's house after the party backed into her driveway and then entered her house without knocking. Moiseyev's said Rochelle left with him willingly to get a pack of cigarettes even though investigators found cigarettes cigarettes in her house Moi's drove around for a while until he suddenly choked Rachelle. For no reason after Rachelle passed out Moyes is drove drove to an area behind his house and rate the unconscious Rochelle. He choked her again dragged her out of the trunk then choked her once more thinking she was dead however he decided to stab her to make sure Rochelle's body was still in this field when he was I interviewed by police moist move the body after he was first questioned. The longs at the University of Tennessee were being researched by Henry. Grisogono mayor who was a specialist list and the study of tree rings today old wood and reconstruct climate patterns. This science is called dendrochronology and has been used as far back as the Lindbergh baby kidnapping the man who was charged and executed for the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby. 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Go now and be sure you go to simplisafe dot com slash t CFC P so. They know our show sent you that. SIMPLISAFE THEY'VE DOT COM SLASH T. CFC Investigators Send Christina fourteen pieces of Mesquite Wood to inspect this would was taken from the burn pit close to where Rachelle was found as well as from the a bonfire where Moses had partied Gra. Zeno fell to hopeless at first since mosquito does not form traditional tree rings however uh he had heard that. At the University of Tennessee's forest products center laser technology was being used to determine the fingerprints of the wood. Grisogono Yeah No went to Oak Ridge where he met with Matvey Martin. She agreed to run the laser technology on the fourteen logs. Though Christina did not tell her which logs wchs came from which scene when she finished there was a ninety nine point nine nine percent match between the two sets of logs. The scientists agreed that the logs were either from the same tree or same corpse of trees. When investigators searched Mendoza's home? They discovered boots and jeans that were covered covered in ashes and reeked of gasoline. Forensic analysts Michael via Riyal Meat Impressions of the boots then compared the print visually he. He looked for accidental characteristics. which are the way a shoe naturally wears down? These are fairly distinctive for each shoe. A person wears Michael found that the accidental characteristics of the boots match the partial print on the divorce decree the genes contain blood which matched Rochelle's DNA DNA. Noises trial occurred in June. Two thousand five during the trial many of his friends and acquaintances testified to his growing wing aggression over the years. He was disrespectful to female teachers. Neighbors had witnessed noises striking his mother and sisters and other other witnesses stated he had stolen from his family. Moses had also put a pill and a girl to drink at a party then pulled a knife on the man who confronted him about it and another time. Moi's assaulted a fourteen year old girl on two separate occasions and videotaped the second time. He choked another girl for for asking for a cigarette once while he was on probation. In Dallas County and wearing an electronic monitoring device. He cut the device off his Pinkel. Faruk Lodi Moyes. is his ex girlfriend told investigators that he had taken her to a place similar to where Rochelle's body had been found and attacked packed her. He punched her on the way there and when she tried to break it off with him he began stalking her. Mois was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to death on July. First two thousand five he was the twelfth defendant to receive the death penalty and calling county since nineteen seventy six. After after the verdict was read. Rochelle's mother Pam read a statement in court to Moses. It said in part you know what you have done. You took our only only daughter Austin's only sister and more importantly you took away avery's mommy in our eyes you're worse than an animal. Not only have you heard our entire family but you've also torn apart your entire family. You took from Shell what she wanted. Most she wanted more within anything in life to watch your babies take her first steps. Say Her first word and she'll never get to hear her daughter. Call her mommy during the closing statements. Noises Attorney said that he grew up in a dysfunctional family. which the prosecutor said shamed and blamed his own family after after the jury was dismissed? The families hugged and cried including noises. Assistant Elizabeth who hugged Rochelle's mother Pam asking her to to forgive their family pam. O'Neil said she would. She just needed time at Rochelle. Tillerson's funeral on March twenty seventh two thousand four people crammed into the first baptist. Church Rachelle was described as shy but a devoted mother. She had known noises Mendosa from high school but but not that well and in recent months he had become interested in dating her she was not interested in pursuing that type of relationship. Her estranged estranged husband. Andrew who had not wanted a divorce released a statement saying that he still loved her. After shells death the family began focusing missing on how they would keep her memory alive for his six month. Old Daughter. Avery Rochelle loved Christmas music and the carpenters. Her favorite color was lavender so after her funeral. LAVENDER balloons were released from their front yard with handwritten notes to Rachelle Rachelle had recently started talking about her future future going to college to become a teacher. She had started working on a scrapbook for avery before she was murdered. Okay Fan club birds as I conclude this episode. My one question to you is how will you sleep tonight. Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this episode. Please be sure to leave us a positive review on apple podcasts. Or your podcast player of choice. It really does help us out. You can find find his on most social media platforms twitter at T- CFC pod facebook dot com slash t CFC podcast. You can also find us on instagram T- CFC underscore podcast and of course our website is true. Crime Fan Club Dot Com. If you have an episode request send us an email. TC AFC pod odd Achy mail dot com this episode was produced by Nico at we talk of dreams. Check him out on twitter. Act We talk of dreams or we talk of dreams Dot com this. This episode was researched and written by Susanna. John content editing by Brittany Martinez. I'm your host Laney doc flow here with a word. That's just weird Terry cloth who exactly is Teri. And why does he get his own fabric. Did he journey below. SPF fifty fight off some weed within his daffodils. 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