'The Last Dance,' End of the Bulls' dynasty, Ben Watson joins the show


Speaking of yourself crib presented by Jason Whitlock. Marcellus Wiley. Great to be here on this Monday afternoon. We have a fantastic show plan for U B J Armstrong A THREE-TIME NBA champion Chicago. Bulls former Michael Jordan teammate. He's going to be here in the next segment. Help us the last dance documentary also former Patriots tidy and been Watson. He's GonNa pull up. We'll discuss Tom Brady. And did he see the break-up of Bella check and brady coming began with the terrific documentary. That debuted last night on. Espn last dance. And the last dance documentary about the one thousand nine hundred ninety seven thousand nine hundred ninety eight cargo bull. That documentary is a distract on then bulls general manager Jerry Krause and team owner Jerry. Right REINSDORF yeah in two episodes debuted last night. Michael Jordan Channel is energy drink and went back to back on. Krause and Ryan's door. Then Scottie Pippen joined in and he channeled his inner hit them up to corps. I'm glad norms channel Ice Cube his inner ice cube and with completely no vast leave. I'm glad Michael said it off. Used to be hard now you just wet and saw and then finally here comes bill jacksonian channel. All my God Phil Jackson went completely off. He channeled his full him. Up to a core encyc- shocked me or who fired me. But you punks didn't manage now you're about to feel the wrath of a minute last. Dan is straight ether. My God they went full blown knives last night. That was straight ether. Two episodes and innocence clear Michael Jordan. Espn are intent on educating the sports public on the greatest crime since the Boston Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees for twenty. Five thousand dollars. Crowson Ryan's door treated Michael. Filling Scotty like the easily disposable and replaceable commodities that they weren't they broke up the Bulls when Jordan was still in his prime by refusing financially. Commit to joins beloved coach and Perfect Sidekick Cross reinsdorf force Jordan into a second retirement at the age of thirty four when he was still the reigning. Mvp and world champion but don't wrongly conclude. The Krause was primarily motivated by EGO. No this is about the sheer greed incompetence and bigotry of Crowson Lines. Door this about two guys who didn't get a respect. Michael Jordan Scottie. Pippen this is about an owner at a general manager who feed that narrative that management has no respect for its black employees. Yeah I'm going all the way. There are no go there all the top but this is a prime example krause and Reinsdorf view Jordan and Pippen s commodities to be exploited rather than assets to partner with Krause and reinsdorf. Were anti read that the legendary Celtics leader partner with Bill Russell when he was the greatest force in the NBA and then did the exact. Same thing for Larry Bird in the nineteen eighties Phil Jackson to me. Justifiably sided with Michael and Scotty Krause and Reinsdorf were unbothered that they were finance exploiting Scotty pippin with a seven year contract. That paid him as the hundred twenty sixth highest paid player in the NBA. Scottie Pippen it. May It was made clear in his documentary. The dude was a country. Bumpkin from Arkansas. Huge Family Support Dad and brother. Bo Paralyzed my dad. He was naive. It was fair basis. He's signed a bad contract any smart businessman. Any respected sports franchise owner would rework that. Deal for Scottie. Pippen and kept. That deal kept that dynasty rolling for fifteen straight years. This was a crime. Crowson Ryan's door destroyed one of the greatest dynasties in sports they undermine Michael Jordan Passion for the Game Force. This dude into a premature retirement at age. Thirty Four Bay Stop Michael Jordan from reaching its full potential. The last dance is an absolute tragedy. I can't wait to continue watching it. I hope they keep putting a clown suit on krause and Reinsdorf I myself. I think I've said all I gotta say on this what was your takeaway. Last night broke down. I thought we'd log was going to be longer than the damn documentary. You kept going. You go into every year level. Which hey it was such good theater that. I'm glad you went there and I will continue going there as well the biggest takeaway for me is really looking at this dynasty and realizing like you have seen what other dynasties death destruction is around every corner no matter how perfect it may see no matter how perfect the results may be. This took me back to look at it. The Dallas cowboys of the nineties or the shack in Kobe Lakers of thousands and realizing that no matter how dynastic you are. You don't need to work on team chemistry as much as you need to work on given players credit and that could be intra team player to player or Executive Front Office to player. Whatever that may mean the egos because these players are Alpha males and they just WanNa be properly appreciated and you saw this documentary that there were some issues with that in terms of appreciation. Michael Jordan and his relationship. We'll cross Scottie. Pippen even Michael Jordan. If you start to really pill it back there are more than a few times. Michael Jordan in the documentary pointed the finger. Scottie Pippen as doing the wrong thing. Even though Scottie Pippen was only doing the right thing for himself so team chemistry really comes to mind as well. Some lighthearted moments as well when Michael Jordan talked about the cocaine traveling circus. It took me back to my rookie year and almost to a beat. Our first road trip. I think it was to Seattle. I was rookie green from Columbia and I walked in a room and I didn't see the cocaine but every other thing I saw the women do we and I probably did see the cocaine because I saw women I that was enough for me. It was the same thing dislike. Wow this whole this allegation to the next level doesn't just mean on the field on the court it may in life as well so it was so enjoyable to see it appeal back the layers and to witness the deaths of no matter how great these look on the surface. You gotTA deal with a lot of issues. Listen I I've heard other people analogize this to Kobe and Shaq and the Lakers and that break up. I've seen people analogize to the Dallas Cowboys and Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones. I just don't see the fall analogy there because I'm krause and Ryan's door. We're driven by greed and incompetence and really a lack of respect in my view for Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen I thought Jerry Jones and Jimmy. Johnson had a dispute check in coal. We had a dispute and the Lakers didn't manage it well. Those things to me are understandable. But when you have the greatest dynasty going in sports and you have someone like Michael Jordan. Who only wants to do is compete and win. You've got two guys pippen and Jordan from great families fishes perfection. And I've heard people defend Jerry. Krause arrived they told pippen not to sign that contract somewhat after he signed it. And then prove to you that he was more valuable than that you got to protect the dynasty and understand. This was a kid that was naive outside his realm of expertise and signed a bad deal. Fix the deal. Keep the thing going. I This dynasty's also to me. Crowson Reinsdorf to me are just like the Boston. Red sox trading the rate Babe Ruth. It's one of the dumbest things we've ever seen in sports. It so goes against what? Read our Baghdad would bill Russell. Wh what Bob Kraft did with Tom. Brady for twenty years. What what read are back did for Larry Bird when you have kids this special that have all these unique qualities in are all laying on just playing a game and winning. You do anything to keep it together. You know sit there. Reinsdorf said on TV. I never really go shade a contract with bill and come see me about a contract. That's that's an arrogant an a level of stupidity. I just don't get they ruin something great and need to. I'm glad they're being vilified by this documentary. Look I agree with your conclusion that they cut this short in terms of how great this this team this dynasty was of. Course if you don't even go to a game seven in the finals who are you say? Let's blow this up. And start to to reboot when we don't even know if a team going into their set of championship year was going to able to overthrow what the Bulls were. So I get your conclusion but I don't get how you got there. You gotTA REMEMBER CONTEXT MATTERS In this. Situation Scottie. Pippen signs that deal a seven year deal in nineteen ninety-one just a few years removed off the NBA coming off of tape delay the money wasn't in the NBA just yet fewer than ten players. Were making eight figures when we're talking about this documentary fewer did ten players there wasn't money in the NBA. Like we see it now. So what happened in transition? Is there crossing off realize one? Oh it's a lot more money here and a lot. More money coming Scottie. Pippen didn't realize that and any situation in life ignorance is no excuse. I love you Scottie. Pippen but sorry brother you'd be ignorant to what was coming or ignorant to what your value was not on cross and not on rise door and you got to also understand when you are an executive. You did an amazing job when you got the second best player in the NBA. Decide for two point. Eight million dollars a year like don't put that on them. Put that on Scottie. Pippen an unfortunate circumstances I do see the parallels to this team I see parallels I see the parallels to the Lakers. This is all about once you have success and this is the same thing that happens. In General Society with luxury as success come many choices and usually those many choices turn into complaints and turn into issues because you have array of choices. You don't have to be in the situation of predicament. Your even Michael Jordan stated that I got choices by the some of them may not be pretty so for me I see the parallels and all these dynasties that once they get comfortable and feel the luxury of their success. Everybody started just a little different things. Start to change. We gotTA keep it moving. Bj Arm trial is GONNA join US. Next Mile One point they could've won ten titles they won six. Michael Jordan could lead in Chicago for ten fifteen uninterrupted years. I more speak to yourself from new career with. Bj Armstrong speak yourself presented by Unday more after this might just be yourself from the crib. Jason Whitlock Marcellus Wiley. Speak for yourself brought to you by Sunday. Let's move out to Bj Armstrong script. Bj Of course played in the first three. Repeat with the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan Bj. I'm sure you watched last dance last night. You just heard my opening monologue. I blamed Jerry Krause and Jerry rise door for ruining the greatest dynasty. Perhaps in sports history undermining Michael Jordan's passion is the Bulls fought office. Does their management deserve all the blame for the end of this dynasty? You know the one thing that I can say about. Michael Jordan is nothing was going to deny him to achieve what he wanted to achieve. And that includes the bowls front office the League own ever you know. The mayor just had undeniable spirit about himself. It's easy to depict based on what we saw last night but if anything I will say this Michael Jordan was going to do what was ever necessary and certainly I can say without question. He was going to achieve and stop playing whenever he wanted to stop playing and he did exactly what he wanted to do because he deserved that and I think that he was. He made that clear last night. He was very evident about his passion. And what he was going to bring to the game exactly I don't think there's any stopping Michael Jordan. He would have found a different setting different situation. Couple would another great player and they would have had optimal results is just you just saw determination that jumped off the screen. That was second to none. Would that ability? That was just special. Are both sitting here telling me that Jerry. Krause and Gerry Ryan's door had treated Michael Jordan with the level of respect and his play deserve. That Michael Jordan wouldn't have continued to play after winning six championship. Bj Go for yes. Well there was something you know. I am knowing Michael Jordan and I've worked with Jerry crops so I knew I worked in the Front Office pools and I knew Michael Jordan. There was something that you have to know a little bit about. Michael Michael said was the glass half full glass half empty and it was Michael's father rest in peace. Who said the following if you want to get the best of my son? Just tell them what he can't do so. I know that Michael was not going to be denied. I don't care what was said because no no one was going to come on the floor and beat Michael Short. No one and he was going to do what was ever necessary and he was he was devoted to this fort. He was devoted to winning. He was devoted to the game so whatever was going on he was comfortable being uncomfortable in all of the drama all the beings all of the characters because in the end he was the lead character he was the lead character he knew it. We can say whatever we want to say if you WANNA blame them certainly but you know what Nolan People Michael Jordan Nolan and and so someone beat him on the court then you know what we can you know you can say a lot of different things. But the man was unstoppable. He was unstoppable. And I'll continue to say that that you know what we can talk all we want to talk about those guys but you know Michael Jordan. He did what he had to do. And I have a slightly different way of looking at it and I want you to put some respect Jerry. Cross his name when you start talking about it with a lot. Because here's the thing about him. He's a necessary part of this. If you want to call it a necessary evil so be it. But this chemistry talking about player Ed executive was so necessary for Michael Jordan as you just mentioned. Bj that his father knew his his dynamic mentally that. Hey you tell them you can't do something he's GonNa be even more motivated to do it. That's one so now you have a power of a good cop bad cop out of cross and Ron's door and what happens you get this dynamic where we're going to look at and polarized cross for being the guy that we don't respect but guess what he played a necessary part and agitating Michael Jordan not always given into Michael Jordan not always kissing his feet at all tour of greatness. He had to be the one that had the thorn that was going to poke him. Michael Jordan here narratives seems like because wise. Dwarf this off clean. Hey Scotty no sign this contract. Hey I've tried to tell everybody what to do right. Come on you sign off on everything. So Cross was just a intermediary to get to the final destination. Which was this relationship. Good cop bad cop between those two exempts. I'm almost wondering if we watched two different broadcast last. I'm not sure where y'all live in. La Aspect for and so on. And I saw Jordan on spectrum cable last night. Say if there's no Phil Jackson I don't WanNa play for anybody else. He made that crystal clear. These guys were so cheap. They didn't WanNa pay Phil Jackson so petty. They didn't want to paint Phil Jackson at one. Five chapter he got a one year deal for six million off and they announced before the season began. This is his final season. And the greatest thing we've seen in the NBA and the greatest thing. We've SEEN IN SPORTS AS BABE. Ruth says he don't WanNA play for. Nobody else would feel Jackson. But somehow I can't blame Jerry Krause and Jerry Reinsdorf for this kind of lunacy. If you can't convince me that have they had some kind of long term deal with Phil Jackson. And if they hadn't read some kind of deal the key Scottie Pippen because this is favourite coach. And Scottie Pippen's is famous teammate. That this is a perfect match. They Love Michael. No choice but to retire at thirty four Chelsea. This why is he? You could say that. But this is what you have to really look. It does. Go back to Scotty. Pippin Scottie. Pippen also had what was wasn't sad and I don't want to be a spoiler here for the documentary movement. For but Scottie. Pippen had major back surgery early in his career and I'm not talking like a little anytime. You have surgery. It's a major a major theme but he had major back surgery and I think that weighed heavily on his decision making process. I don't know I've never spoken to Scotty about it. And but that had to wait heavy because when you have major back surgery as a young player that could potentially injure career you know the one thing that we saw with Michael Jordan when Michael got injured there early in his career. It gives you a sense of urgency to really focus from the future to now and you know yes. Michael One. The only played for Phil Jackson but what he was really saying was the following. You know what? I'm playing a system that I feel comfortable with and I don't have time to start new relationships. I don't have time to find out what this guy can and can't do. I'm in the meat and potatoes of my career. I'm not in the middle ground really at the end of microbes. Thirty four thirty five and he had to play with people right in right there and I think it was an orange for him to say. If we'RE NOT GONNA do this and make a commitment with this group then. I would much rather move forward and and not play at all. Because he didn't have time to be developing new relationship at that point in his career. This conversation is just highlighting the cost of greatness and the key word is not greatness is cost the NBA was finally getting the money and the money was coming in. And if you start to do your projections if you're an executive you start to realize what is going to cost to continue this greatness. You have Michael Jordan. Who Only on a one year deal at thirty three million dollars? You Have Phil Jackson. Making six million dollars a one year deal. You have pippen's deal coming up where he was low ball so now he's going to get his money remember. The context of only nine players were making eight figures. Now you're going to suggest to the bills of to the Bulls to have three of those players and to add a coach today. I think they made a calculation. Because of Scottie. Pippen's injury concerns because of the lack of commitment they've gotten from Michael Jordan including a retirement before they were like. Wait a minute half of the top dollars in the. Nba's all be on one team. I want a lot of things in life but what usually keeps me from. Attaining now is the cost. And I think that's what they just went to a simple mental calculation. We got six out of Eight. And that's a great thing to do. More enroll dice may be too costly. I mean I I would the the dumb decision and BJ. I'd like your point about the back. Injury Scotty Pippin. Which is another reason. They should have had some sympathy and rework. That deal for Scotty Pippin. After four or five years giving man is money what he earned we gotta keep it moving. Thank you BJ. I'm sure Gerry Crossan Jerry. Reinsdorf would like to thank you. Well you did a decent job to the super bad before we go. Will the pages draft a quarterback in the first round download the Fox bet super six and play? Nfl draft super six for free or a chance to win. Ten thousand dollars are don't go anywhere. Rick brokers coming or speak for yourself presented by Unday after that well Matt as being self from the crib present Hyundai Jason Whitlock Marcellus. Wiley are willing to keep it rolling with talking about the last chance documentary on. Espn it was fantastic. Phenomenal can't wait to hear euchre steak but you gotta start with me and Marcellus debate. We've been having all show so far. I blame the Bulls Management J. Cross Jerry Reinsdorf. I think this documentary two episodes and is putting a full clown suit on these guys. They look incompetent. They to me. They look greedy. And they look bigoted to me in the way they treated. Michael Jordan. And Scottie Pippen. Is it fair for me to put this much? Blame on Krause and Ryan's door for the Indian of this dynasty. No it's not fair. They were right because ultimately this team had come to the end of the road. If you look at where Michael Jordan was you look at where Scotty Pippin was? J Armstrong mentioned. It had serious back surgery. He was never the same after that. Ron Harper was in his thirty Steve. Kerr was in his thirties. Michael Jordan was thirty four. Dennis Rodman was thirty. Six the reality is that they were going to need to rebuild and Phil Jackson has been proved since is not a great rebuilding coach and Michael Jordan said at the end of the ninety seven season that he didn't want to be part of a rebuilding the cubs have rebuilding for forty two years. So as difficult as it is for me to say yes you needed to go in another direction if Michael Jordan. Didn't WanNA play with someone. Other than Scottie. Pippen or with the coach other than Phil Jackson. They had no choice but to go to the direction they did the other element. That's not being discussed. Is the fact that the collective bargaining agreement was up and they instituted a new collective bargaining agreement for the first time in. Nba history put a cap on salaries. So Michael Jordan not only was going to have to come back and be part of a rebuilding process. But he wasn't GonNa make anything close to thirty three million that he'd made the year before that probably would have been sliced. Basically an half would have been a fifty game season. Who knows where they would have been. I can see where they might have eked one more championship out of that fifty game season but with that have been worth having a team that had nothing at the end of it and had to be completely rebuilt at that point. They haven't done a great job. They didn't do a great job since then but the fact of the matter is as badly as they handled it from a PR standpoint and relationship standpoint. They were right and looking at this team and saying we are going to have to refresh what we have and Michael Jordan. DidN'T WANNA be part of that. May near broke that down. Relax you look too sad to have on such a joyous shirt. I mean you gotTa pump up on this right now. We don't let me tell you this much. This can't believe all may okay. This is the problem with retroactive thinking. Because all we are living in is a some mation but let's time travel to the moment. Where all they had was that if permission at that time and everything rick just said. I want to add to that. Remember what he said. They Injury Scottie. Pippen Michael Jordan all that to other factors one if you really want to dive into the numbers. Jordan has started his own. And this is a relative decline timothy its own greatness. He started his own decline. In terms of assist feels free. Free throw percentage. Everything was starting to go a little south and he was going to be thirty five. Who DIDN'T WANNA rebuild? But more importantly even if he does want to rebuild is the level of commitment and cost to that rebuild. Don't forget if you're an executive and Michael Jordan after winning three championships walks up to you says piece. I see you later for a year and a half and then you come back to run it back. Don't you already have a contingency plan to deal with the lack of commitment? You've already seen from your star player. I think that's something that's not being highlighted enough. We still have eight more episodes. Maybe we get into that but certainly that has to be a consideration that guy dipped on us before before. Fool US next time. It won't be a fool on US next time. We'll be prepared. These guys fell into Michael Jordan with the number three pick because Portland made a tragic decision sambu and hey applaud. I'm glad in Chicago. Bulls diamonds a great story but they clearly mishandled Michael Jordan from the GIDDY. Go look at his second season when the guy has to basically move to North Carolina so he can go ahead and Rehab the way that he wants to start playing basketball and then they bring him back. We'll let you play seven minutes a half for. We don't WanNa make the playoffs. You're taking the ultimate competitor and trying to harness SAM and trying to put a leash on. This is crazy. They mishandled Michael Jordan from day. One and there was always this. Disconnect had they partnered with Michael rather than treating him like a disposable commodity if they had done with our back did with Bill Russell. What our magazine Larry. Bird would craft and Bella check with Tom Brady for twenty years. I don't think Michael Jordan would ever retired first time and he damn sure wouldn't retire after being the MVP in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and winning a championship. That's a hell of a decline. Mvp and you're in decline. And I get it go. I'm sorry go here. I can't believe it's still here now. I have to ask ask. We did watch the same documentary last night. Because what you heard Michael Jordan came in and you're dead on your right. They didn't lose him in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. They lost him in eighty five when they wouldn't allow him to come back and play. That was where the first time the way his mentality was. And the way the teams mentality was was different. But here's the reality teams mentality always has to be different. They can't think about the individual a good organization thinks about the collective and what we heard and saw in. That documentary was the fact that everybody in the League thought okay. He's great but he ain't all that because he's not a center and this is a big man league he's a two guard who wins championships with a two Gar. He's going to be exciting. Is going to sell tickets. But is he going to win championships and so they were looking at it from a very practical standpoint? This is this is going to be our moneymaker. He broke his foot. We got a team. That is maybe sneaks into the playoffs and then has to play the mighty Boston Celtics but otherwise our team sucks. Why should we try to derail our gravy train now just because he wants to come back and finish the season that to me is where they lost Jordan but they couldn't have possibly known at that time what they had and that he was just got back? My point is you could have gotten back. The man wins three titles. You should've started re. Recruitment tried to get him back. And see that you've got this special creature. You got this special basketball player. You got this special individual from a unique situation. They had to adjust. And they should've would Scottie Pippen. You have to adjust Phil Jackson. Once you discover you've got this goal treated like Outta goal. Hold on hold on Scottie. Pippen's contract Scottie. Pippen is the one who made that. Mistake Scottie Pippen's agent is the one who made that mistake if via the team and say. Hey we'll give you seven years eighteen million or even anything close to that and the guy says okay. We're listening. I'm going back to buy office and go. You won't believe this Scottie. Pippen is going to sign a seven. Seven year deal for eighteen million. Or you're going to go back and go. Hey you know what we can't do that. That's not fair. We gotTA GIVE HIM thirty million. We gotta give him no team with somebody. You don't exploited him. You don't take advantage when you're part with somebody if it's just a disposal if it's Bill Wennington exploit him. Not Scottie Pippen. Not The guy is other than Michael Jordan. Winning you championship you. Just don't we got we got? I want to get to the last night to me the whole. Mj Lebron go discussion. It ended. It's over. I really don't WanNa talk about it anymore. I don't WanNa hear from you yet. My sellers did the goat deal in for you last night. I it's funny. The let's talk about Michael Jordan's on another planet. Oh really so watching Michael Jordan. And all of his greatness something he supported and endorsed and we saw two of ten hours of documentary highlighting his role to become the icon. Is your mind drifted. Lebron place your mind went with like many others went to Lebron world and start trending his name. Look if you really mean what you're saying that the goal conversation is over you wouldn't be thinking about Lebron James. There's a lot of all time greats. That close on the Mount Rushmore. None of their names were trending. No one is talking about them today. But it's funny time we think about. Who's the best and we forget the Bronx? Wh WHO brought up wrong. Where does the broad talk? Come from? You know where it comes from because you know you can't easily dismiss him because he's the only other player outside of Korean but nobody wants to have that conversation that really qualify for. We're talking about so if you really want to show me. They'll Lebron is out of this. You wouldn't show love to Jordan or you wouldn't Shohei to abroad. You were show apathy. Show nothing but you can't because you know this is a real conversation. Stay in Lebron for me. The debate between Jordan and Lebron on the greatest of all time never started. But certainly it didn't start for me because I knew what we're going to see what we've seen in this documentary. So yes? It ended the Lebron Michael Jordan debate. But to your point Marcellus. We're never gonNA stop debating. Who's the greatest of all time? That's going to continue. And so we are GONNA have Kareem abdul-jabbar people go back and they're going to say. How can we need a ten? We need a ten part documentary on Kareem abdul-jabbar. Let's go back and visit what he did to and did we overlook him in this conversation. That's where this is going to go. The conversation about greatest of all time is never gonNA end. It's simply going to end as far as the Lebron Michael Jordan debate. Okay Rick and that is my point because I do think you could have Kareem argument unless Lebron. He needed this championship this year and then I might have conservative. But I'm just telling you last night. There were things I forgot about Jordan. Well I'm the series. I didn't realize it. I remember the series against the Boston. Celtics in eighty five eighty six or eighty five eighty six. I believe I remember that sit. I didn't remember that was thirty. Win Team that that just eats into the playoffs and had Orlando Woolridge. The Ghost of George Gervin macy. Dave Corsie Lebron took them to double Lebron. Michael took him to double overtime with sixty three points against the greatest team perhaps in NBA history. That Boston Celtics Team. A lot of people make that argument. Michael took them to double overtime by himself worked. Sorry okay hold on that plan on. Hold on hold on. We're watching. We're watching a documentary. That Michael Jordan signed off on everything including the things that weren't flattering. He still saw some gain in those things. So if we saw a ten part documentary on the broad Jay's where he signed off on everything you think the discussion of goat will be over. We saw the broad golfing with his opponent the night the day before playoff game. How would that look because I know how we criticize the broad right now? We saw Lebron just at the winning championships just disappear. How would that look in terms of his legacy like these? Are the things that hope you said? You? You said you forgot him. Well we don't remind you because this. This documentary is meant to highlight only show. Great things of Michael Jordan. But for me it actually makes me say wow. If he played today the athletes will be better. He would have to go against greater talent and ball you and all this in the middle of it and all this plane with your opponents in this league that we call now. Because everyone's a friend that will look different for the Jordan of. Oh we gotta go gotta go but a been Watson's around the corner talk some football. We may get back on this last dance. Conversation had been watching. It was like a damn quarterback by now you've lost all this weight and this was tied in. Ibm Watson from his crib looking in great shape me by speak for yourself from the crib. Pretend you buy. Humvees yourself from the crib. Time to pull up at former patriots tight in the watsons PERV. Jason Whitlock Marcellus. Wiley with you on this Monday afternoon. A been a welcome to the show. Let's get right to it. Could you sense this year? Any difference in the relationship between Tom. Brady Bill Belichick but I was on there for a decade. Obviously and I was there for six years left for ten came back for one final so my perspective is a little bit different. I think the relationship deathly eroded in some ways over the years but again they won championships. Highpoints answer low points. I think any relationship goes to its ups and downs and so can I sense that the relationship was different than when I left. Yes but not necessarily a good way or bad way. It didn't tell me or informed me that this is going to be his last year. Are you played seven of your sixteen seasons with the New England Patriots for Bill Belichick? You think he could've played all sixteen years for the Patriot. Is it as fun to play for the Patriots as other places I needed to? I needed to go when I play my six year. There we had a contract dispute coming in so I had six year deal that that's another show. We can talk about that. I look back on my time there at the time of growth over those six years and there was some great time to know. Sometimes that weren't so great. I became a free agent and the Patriots were testily interested but I ended up going on and had a great time and couple of other places before coming back so when I came back a different place mentally physically emotionally. I'm and I really appreciate it being there this year and and kind of reconnecting with a lot of people but as you charged several times as a tough place to play coast ballot check demands to most of his players but with that he allows you to reach your fullest potential. He will make you a better football player and kind of the older me really got to see that and appreciate that Once I love being there now been. How did the Locker Room respond in specifically you when everyone kept saying that? Tom Brady needed weapons. And you are supposed to be one of those weapons. How did you guys think that well you know? It is man with quarterbacks. You know when a quarterback is is successful all the quarterback when he's not then you ain't got no weapon is a team sport. I think that as as a skilled players you do you don't you. Don't take offence. You understand that you know we gotta go out there we have to make plays with. We're in this together. There has to be something to talk about an media. They have a job to they have to create a story so that has to be something But I didn't take offense. I looked at it as I'm about. I'M GONNA play my best. I'M GONNA tear. I'm GonNa make place when I get the opportunity to do so. That's not being paid to do. And that's what I'm GONNA do. You know he's now Tampa you look at the quote unquote weapons. He has their He's got bit strong receivers. He's gotTa tied in Great Hopefully it works out very well for him and I actually am happy that he's getting an opportunity to go there. I think this is what he wanted. And you know I'm going to support him now. You got a chance to see them. Every day in practice What are your expectations him? Going forward since he won't have any weapons as well. Well I will say this about jared. He he is. He studies being an allegiance. Sixteen years and you see a guy come in especially a quarterback you can see their demeanor. You can see how they take criticism quarterbacks to be able to take criticism the right way they also have to be able to take a lot of information and be able to give it to the players in a way for the understand it. They have to be in tune in that way. I've seen that Jerry not to mention. He got to spend a year in the same room with arguably the best quarterback to play the game and so all those things combined also with the fact that is going to have Dana GonNa have coast ballot check. He want to be in that room. They didn't think that he could help now. All that being said he has to go on the field perform so what. I'm expecting him number. One is to be fully prepared because the coaching staff here in New England is going to prepare you to perform to the best of your ability every single week. One thing they will do. You will be prepared. You will study. You'll be in meetings. You'll be ready to go now. Seeing him actually go out to training camp whenever that starts with corona buyers and see how he received that see if he wins the job First Week of the season goes will will know but I liked what I saw him over the last year being. Now you're a great man of faith not a gambling man. But let's say you had to wager a little that ties on who's going to have the better season. Two buccaneers order patriots. Who'S GONNA win? More Games bucks a pass. Well that was about was a gambling man. What the saints have and what they and what they've done is is incredible and what they've done so saints and. Bucks in that box and some sorry you said parents by the wager. I would say the past because of what they've done to their. They have a system of winning. They have a core group of players still there. They've got a chip on their shoulder Division with Buffalo coming on strong. They're used to Wayne. They used to competing in. I think they're gonNA be prepared with the game plan to go on to win. The buccaneers I think are poised to win too. But they still got to deal with the saints and the saints have been on the run. They've been on a street they'd been going to play offs. They've got drew brees best. That's going to be tough for them to beat them twice. I do think it's going to be competitive but I will tell you this you're talking about taking some of that five. I'll take some of that time to go pay for a ticket. Go Watch the saints play twice. Because that's going to be an incredible game. Then we got very little time. I got to give you a second to say something beyond sports. What did you learn about yourself during this quarantine? I'm sorry you only got about thirty seconds. I've learned about the importance of family. I knew about family. You show that graphic earlier a twin boys. I've got five other kids or seven seven kids in this house. There's none of us my wife. So we're in this thing together but I've learned Really the importance of family. How much are chain really? Do love each other. They argue they fight but the important dynamic family. I hope it's something that we all bring out of this and that we create some traditions that we will take as we leave this quarantine time. Thank you so much for joining us. Really appreciate it. Nine Jared Tirmizi Jason Marcellus Wiley. Speak for yourself presented by Hyundai Aqua. Jimmy's just around the corner. Speak for yourself from the present day. Jason Whitlock Marcellus. Wiley time to get out to uncle. Jimmy's CRIP Jimmy. We don't have a great deal of time. Who's a big dummy of the day? You gotta take on Gerry Callahan. Big Dummy on a date. The big big dummy today called the person that set up said Oh you gotta Pay Michael Jordan's right hand man. Scotty pippin well. Why the Hell did you let me sign that contract? It didn't seem to bother you then. Prop seven was trying to let me explain something to you on the phone. Okay I had to cut this. Thank wait Jerry. Krause getting old you pay go chain Hawaii.

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