Nelly - EP 251


I am. I got a lot going on right now. I was thinking I was driving here. It was so like I would just went, did you hear me just right now go. Yep, Yep. Yup. But I have so much going on. I was driving here and I was, you know, I take the same way every week I get off that exit. I was like three exits gone, and it was like. Am I drove in from palms ring sedating because I have a lot going on there. We'll get to. And then I had stuff going on the house and I was is running running. Well, my mother fucker me on high. Hi fi, just the drive alone, the two hour, whatever drive is a lot because you have to focus hours. What do you do? I put on Judy, Garland, Judy, Judy, Judy, Carnegie Hall album, and I saying the whole thing, you do our forty seven. So it gives me door to door from Palm Springs tobacco. Listen to podcasts go, listen to that. I listened to. I can deal like the interludes when she talks and everything. Yeah, just in London anyway, you do the whole thing. Throng in my throat she doesn't. So I'm like a little, I go way, but you know what that means. What means Ross Mathews has lots to tell you. I am so excited. All right listeners, I got lots to fill. You went on lots going on. We got some new contributios from some listeners. We have someone who calling in to fill us in on something. And maybe it's this neighbor coming up. Oh. Muzzling. I block isn't here unfortunately suggest, can you do the amount that you need? Yes, I got live from the Ben sound theater, theater, theater, love that we're theater now, Ross Mathews Benz town theater. That's how. That's how could you please say Gironde c. j. has to ask nicely j. please give us that. Live from the Ben's town studios in Los Angeles, California. It's straight talk with raw, Matthew. He's the gay best friend you wish you had and no, you need this love money. Now here is Ross Matthews. Trump sounds plenty sweet to me. I'm john. As. Welcome to the program. Reach around c. j.. Thanked him alone is j rod could go up. For news, boy as Nicole. Boy is the one and only Trish. Happier here dole. I'm always so tickled when Nikki needs a pinch hitter, Honey, I'm regard now. Hitter familiar to meet do. Are you a co host on bup dog with rod, Maddie's the love that pro love it. You brought that up? Yes, I'm on pop, talk, which you can put us at pop, talk on air. And I get to work with a gorgeous Ross Mathews. She's nice. She's a doll. Paul. Until Jay here. And I have to say, we did miss you in Palm Springs this weekend. If y'all to call, do you know how to show? Because it would have been fun. The only one who's looking tan CJ is as well. CJ is and flaxseeds looking tan is when you so much. My invitation must have got lost in the sort of happened, like neither of them stayed. We all spent the weekend in Palm Springs together, not none of them. Stayed with me like CD. It was going to go. And in fact she was like, oh, I'm gonna, go get a room and I was like, I'm going to be there and we had the most fun together. It was so nice being with you guys went to lunch. I wanna come because there's nothing that I love more than two cans with y'all and trivia in the masala cocktail. And then you and our rope ourselves into some magical dinner Ross. Now when we go to dinner people, just bass thing, they just sent me do. Why. Worker. No, they didn't tell them what things that we did. We did. I have a balls deep with all this, but I can talk to you now, would you want? We hold tight on the balls poll tied on the balls degrades. I'm covering it all. Okay. Palm. Okay, growl Palm Springs. Well, I'm actually I'm sending a no right now for guests because I have an announcement to me, oh, and I need help. Okay. But it's gonna be something that we're all in. This is fun. This is good. We're all gonna share about, but we will get into the nitty gritty of Palm Springs coming up in all. Okay. So let's see. We're waiting for our friend are surprised as call. Exciting. Did you go visit your star? Oh my God, facts. He got Josh, just we did. And guess who took the picture of me on by his star. Guess who drove me to his star and, oh, take a picture with my star, take it and text it to you. It was fun told me do the same thing if I had it was one of my all time favorite week. And I'm not saying that because we're friends and family and all that genuinely your star weekend was better than most wedding weekends I've ever it was really fun. It was great. We have from top to bottom, we had a ball home. You know this show. So much really handled as I should. I should do. I wish we made money on the show me to Jay rods, pushing buttons, so we can't do it. Can't it nicer than on Texan going call now, here's the number. Yeah, she's got a pizza going on this programs. Shit show up. Just snack is just tricky for people to call in eight is yes, the timing and stuff. J rod. Oh my gosh. Hello? How long? Hello? Hello. Along. Every time Arlene Coen Keller Williams calls me I go. How long. This is of course she's a friend of the family. It's Arlen Cohen. Keller Williams, John. Oh, my gosh. Arlene we hung out with Arlene now facts he, it was your first time really bonding with Arlene. It really was. Hi Arlene. I kept calling her Arlene Carrington, Colby, she's so dining Arlene. You're so enjoyable, and I just love the you seem yesterday with my shoulder pad look. Great. So Arlene has been a realtor for years and years and years and years and years. He's done a ton of deals together because you know, I like the real estate market wrote a ridden ridden. I liked to ride it and it has gone really, really well for me. Now that being said, I, I've used one house like by the next house by the next the next house. And I've been thinking Arlene tell the people that I was thinking about the house in Palm Springs. I've been thinking this for a long time. I've talked to you all about it was that I just don't think the market's going to get any bigger. No, you're right. Okay. Because I watched your real estate market like the back of my hand Arleen MacOS on this and houses. Bryce dropping. Yup, right now rates are going up and when interest rates go up, then prices go down the formula. And so. This big beautiful house in Palm Springs, but I didn't or japes expensive too. I didn't go for two months, so I checked to go, we'll what kind of equity now imagine this. So you buy a bottle of water for a dollar and you wait and then a couple years, that bottle of water is now worth four dollars, three dollars an equity. So I checked the Clinton numbers. I have x. amount in equity, and so I go, well, what would a nice condo if I could find a con to that had didn't have like attached to walls or this to quite still had all the, I could sell the house and pay cash for a condom. So I go Arlene the equity off the equity, so you don't have. I don't have. I don't have a mortgage, yes, brought mass. Yes. Arlene Cohen. Tell everybody the news. You're doing it the cutest most adorable, charming cottage ever. It's demand. It's so cute. I just bought. A little condo and I'm selling my Palm Springs house and I'll pay myself back when I felt it. You're not going to have a mortgage and I'm not gonna have any of that. And it's just going to be something if God forbid Arlene Coen Keller Williams, if say, something happens, right. Eight say like, I can't get hired again. We'll guess what. Everyone, everyone knock on something. Yeah. But if that happens, you know what my ass is doing my ass is going to Palm Springs and sitting in my thing that I own my condo, they own and. Three-month planning my early retirement, an Arlen coins. Would you tell them about the condo? Go the little that we call it the bungalow because it's like a little bungalow. Hello, it's got to core garage. It has really sweeping hike. Fedral ceilings made out of wood. It's got a fireplace. It's very mid century. Outdoor things is adorable also show you pictures right now. Don't you wish that you could have seen it? Yes, because I didn't get the phone call sexy and CJ. Got to see. What do you think? I love. I'm in love with it. I'm in love with the complex complex is very seventies like Palm Springs seventies. It has artistic fields. Yes, Honey, all just really cool. It's very, very exciting. And so now we're selling house. I know I'm excited. So that's part of why I'm like. First of all, every showing tonight and showing tomorrow of your house. Okay. We're selling. Yes. Number two, you know, the other agent, you know that the fireplaces at work, they shut it off on purpose so that they have to put it on. Let me let me tell you about the the cottage. I'm buying one of the issues you do inspections. They capped the gas fireplace, and I was like, well, let's uncapped it. Okay, so Arlene. Yes. So today he goes, well, we don't wanna do. It will just give you some money, but well, we don't want to do it. You have to do it because I didn't want to open a wall to wall what if there's more than just that. So you guys open the wall. Okay. So go. So he said, you know, will you go to New York to new? It just felt you're doing it. It's a deal breaker and I hung up good for you are why we love arly. Yes, that's so so pads. Got hold on. Hold on real quick country baby homemade in Cleveland. I don't think so. Lateness back. So tell me what your lady. No, he called him back and he said the the contract is coming on Saturday and he didn't say they're doing it, but they're doing. Showing tonight in a showing tomorrow in the house for selling. Yeah. Okay. All right. This is showing and we have and the contract is coming on Saturday. So. This is a big deal, big deal. It's moving fast. This is happening. Well, that happens when you do all cash, but I just, you know, listen, I would feel guilty when I couldn't get out there because I'm working so much. I'm thinking God, I'm spending x. amount of money every month on this thing. And it's people don't realize too if you're not air being being a property and it is not an urban, it's it's an actual home in my bed. So I'm not doing that. Having rental property and people don't understand that. So when it is your actual home and a waste. Thank you. You you think about all the time? I'm I'm paying for something I don't get away. Arlene Cohen you've done it again. Nikki trysts third, Nick, he's not here. I'm sorry, Trish. Okay. Crit I didn't know who it will. I'm so our lane, you beauty, you have you have you met Arlene and I went and saw that gorgeous house together that had the jacked up bathroom. Yes. And then they fixed the bathroom and they fix it already trying to resell it. I saw this is a funny because people don't know what we're talking about, but we all hang out outside of the radio programs. So like we have to just so you know there there's radio podcast light having and they were all hanging out. Okay. So here's the deal Arlene Cohen. I want you to be your the tug ladies back. I want you to go get that baby country baby in, and I want you to keep it in Vermont. I have no idea what. You know what you're talking about. Are you wearing any ounce of leopard rot now? No. Dang track. Arlene Arlene did show up today. I was with at this morning. She showed up in like an Asian print workout pant and fuzzy Chanel slide. I love her with. They would make slides and a white wife by Peter t-shirt. And she was just like, oh, what a day? And then he's big Chanel glasses with glitter on the set. What I'm Jay. What is your own show your? She goes, oh. Like fifteen minutes late. I'm sorry, it's just awful day. What is your thoughts on this show? Desert. Flippers. Have you watched it on the HDTV? Yes, but yes, I watched it unwatchable number one. Right. All right, isn't watch. I watched a little bit of not me. I'm a hundred times. No. What we like to think of it as honest Arlene, Tony, real on this. She's the most honest person I now and she gets a kick it when she says the sending. So straight to the point. And we're out in public together and I go, oh God, I constantly. I'm like, oh, he makes me do it. He no, he goes me and mix. You do enjoy it, Ryan joy it, but I have to walk out of the room when she does it because I mean, for example, like we'll go looking at houses and like Arlene just gets annoyed with people. So they'll be like a lady. They're going like, well, you know, it was built in nineteen sixty two and it's funny the Arlington's got it. We got it. Personnel because it's so it's so often for the high politics. Like tell me, tell me the story and get to know the full two years. Did I get stuck there? Some crazy lady told me a story. I don't give a shit about quarter going. All right. Thank you laugh. Thank you so much angel. I adore you. I love you. Arlene Arlene. Thank you. Thanks for the update. So we'll keep you. We'll keep people updated throughout the process for a home in Palm Springs. I recommend buying mine full-count. We'll tell you if you are springs. Yours is wonderful because it's a very quiet neighborhood and built by the weekend. Why am I talking. Thank you. Arlene. Hey, when we come back by on the, I love you. When we come back, I have some submissions from listeners. I wanna play for you. Plus we're doing CNN Ebert because time movie at never seen before and you will shot what movie it was every movie you haven't seen shocks. But when was it find out that and more when we come back more straight, talk on the way. And Trish we're not really qualified to do anything else. Nope. So we're just going to stick with what we're good at, which is talking about pop girl, pop culture joins for popped up every single week, the top ten pop culture stories. We'll bring him down because you have a real life do it. We'll do it. We love hearing from you, so make sure you go and rate us in review. As an I read all your comments and social media. So Honey, it's like you're the program director of the podcast. I'll thank goodness. We needed one them. Them producing the dumbest thing. I've said. How do we live this long without a podcast like this? I don't even know. Okay. We're obsessed with everything pop culture. You are too. So it's about time. We got together to break it down altogether as the family. I'm so excited. I can't take myself. So join us every single week as we talk about the top ten pop culture, stories of the week. It popped up with me, rough Matthews Trish there. You're welcome in advance. Hey. I got something to tell you. Have a see. No, not there. Sit here. I am at eras. I don't know what to say. I'm afraid the words I toss. Going to sound gay. The words stick in my pro. No sense at. It's like when you see abode at the shopping mall and Yonli Lafayette doing. Why? And. And how to get some. To my favorite sunglass. Folks. But that's the way it goes. Because when you say. They think you're buying clothes like sandy comes. A Rolling Stone gathers? No moths. And now I've found like good girl. Because I am at a I am at era. Era. Now back to straight talk with Ross Mathews, welcome back to the program, looking at pictures, a little bungalow Ross. If you don't let me come be part of this design tame. Thank you. Don't love me. So you know what? It's blink. Couldn't Candice that we can make make so cute. Right. When I tell you we're going to rip through that. We're gonna rip out that pass through what's what's the pass through that thing. That's eventually what we're gonna do it just you can have a full. We're already now y'all. And after this bitch. And so fun to be there because it's new. It's a new thing for him. Yeah, than those countertops are gonna have to find a new. Yeah, they're gonna go, don't you dare worry about that? Calico kick. All right. Eventual thing. Rush. We're gonna make a cute and like the price. I told you the price. I got a four, two dollars and a tic TAC, Honey, God loves shipping. Deal, Honey. I love you for that because I was like, I want to see one a little country, but I don't want to be like an apartment. So it's gotta be no one above me. No one below me, no one on the side. I mean, this bound. Sure. Didn't. We do literally like a, it's a cottage? Yeah, it's the, it's actually more bungalow. It is. Spring. Call it, and he kept saying, he's like, do you wanna go just like drive by it? And he'd be like, we'll like sunset. So we should see what it looks like. It's. Keep going kind of person ended. The sounds crazy when I bought my house, my sat on my street, weird stalker and ate three meals a day there. I'm not kidding. You look at it. No, and I wanted to see like, are there crazy neighbors? Somebody comes Swiss and by does somebody have episode, you know, somebody say, underlaw naked and rub their, I don't know you gotta let the whole experience is in fact z. loved Palm Springs. He said to me that he you said to me and it was a great compliment. You said that you had been there a million times, but like never really fell fall in love with it like you'd think that you're exactly right. I always felt like Palm Springs was many malls TJ Maxx and heat. That's all in a gorgeous Nordstrom rack, cutting my five run around. Yeah, that to next. So TJ max. I didn't want to discount Nordstrom rack mount Nordstrom rack. So this time around with Ross, taking me everywhere and showing me a whole other side of Palm Springs. I'm in. I now see why people love it, and Ross is the ultimate embassador to it's an NC. Jake is when you get them together, you get to see like places you didn't know rooftop this, like he's like the energized energizer bunny. I just keeps going and going, but it's fun. It's fine. I, I'm a busy body for breakfast. That was so cute and we'd coughing. No, the I forget the name of that. Please caffeine cafe it was so cute. And then I took a fancy to Billy reeds, which on the inside looks like little house on the prairie and then took him to my favorite place the casino, but the run. Buffet wasn't open because the remodeling it so he didn't get to have my sugar. Free jello, how I love this little sugar, free jelly to experience it next time. Next time we'll listen. There will be a next time and is so exciting. Yeah, thank you. But you know what else is exciting to serve, hey, when listeners send in content CJ you know, I love when people bell, Scotty, cookie, elephants ethylene, people listeners put together something and send it infrastructure too. Well, they've done it again. This comes from I've and now who here has seen a star is born. I have. It's my date tomorrow night. My husband made me way is home to go see it with. It's so good. And you know that song shallow, oh, it gives me cold chills, and I have not seen movies. The movie. Modern a little share. The other one that you played for me about era Zona. That's good too, but this is this one shallow shall is the win because someone buried in shallow. Jong girl. She trimmers Trump. Well, then. I van listener. Ivan, did a parody of shallow. Just for us. Coming at ya each Ivan. Andrei chocolate arosh. Kale. Tell me something or. Fag zeal, tingling down. Jay rod, no. His missing out on some amazing saw. Oh, great. CJ can play with my. We g board all day. Mark have find the. Again. Maybe my favorite. That's low. Tell me Nikki. Aren't you tired of pretense and. Being that you don't microwave. All the leftovers from snack attack. Todd. I'm miss you so much and so die. And with. He still sits on or says phase. I'm off the d. eating the nine ninety nine. I don't care what they Sam devouring jazz. Oh. Oh, they're made out of horses. Kissed his. I. Good. How was really good well doing to you? Ivan for sending those. Nothing to do with that. I thoroughly enjoyed the sort of end. There's I'm not gonna finish the rest of, but I know he just when I thought, oh my gosh, we can't top that. Can you cannot see you can't top that. Yeah, but then Trish you of course know the hit song mothers mill. Oh, I was here. I was here from her teed on my knees, everyone hurt he. He. A mine. He others see just you. Just so many people redo it. So I was here big Dipper. Yes. Yes. Oriented, Brendan yoki did mother's mother's mill. Lullaby lullaby. Many different. Rammed got me. I wasn't running for that. I must face. We've, we have another one. This might be my new favourite one. That's that's a big order. Let me find their name here. I just want. I want to give them a shout here. It is Mike closest Hulo Ross this from Mike from Berlin. What he says. I'm a longtime listener. Drag Queen music producer and first time contributor kiss kiss I send you my reinterpretation of the hit song. Mother's milk. I followed my German roots and made it sound like an expressionist dick short piece. Repeat no voice and percussion. I'm so tickled right now. I picture him in all black with a turtleneck on. And listen to mother's milk in Germany. Oh, okay. Me. Iran. Okay. Hold on. We need to get. On my favorite I this is my. I wish this was my ringtone. Did you see? I mean, can you imagine. Okay. Listen. Me. News. Need motor. Titter. Von and Mike ROY. Fun. Nam War. I can't even begin. How you love that. If you're sitting there thinking, maybe I have something to give to kit and I, it's like, I used to tell Brenda, you know what I'm saying? Well, just think. And so you just Email me Ross it straight, talk with Ross dot com and I will play it on air. Okay. That's a promise to you. No matter how good or enjoy awful it is that was fantastic fans. Lifelock fill in tonight. Wow, God that seems great. That was fun. I, I love the haunting piano in the back to his unit reminds me of a weird song that would have been like in a Frankie and a net financial, oh beach. I mean like somebody some weird guy works at the at the shake shack that there would be like doing the tickets. Around here. We do a segment. You remember Cisco on e. Birch movies won't Fags. He for some reason you blacked out somewhere along the line and didn't see a bunch of movies. That's a good way to put it. I blacked out. Yes, you were tucked it improve for about a decade. You just missed a bunch of movies. That doesn't sound. Shocking. So this weekend we're talking and I threw out to movies ME hadn't he hadn't seen one was Mr. Holland's or Orpheus at that age. This orphan? Oh, no. Kidding, miss opus, which I think he needs to watch, but the other. Oh, that's great. Another movie he had never seen was. The notebook. Then notebook. Fifty eight. Oh my God. I haven't seen that. You haven't seen that. Good on. This. Did you fart. Oh, my God, even know if I really want to watch that right now. All right. Ryan Gosling and a Rachel make atoms James garner and a. I'm a senior role. James Laird general. Bettys? Yes. Okay. Really? I didn't know what it's about. You know, you have a way with recommending these movies at just the right time. For me, the notebook blew me away. First of all, when it opened up with Jenna rolling and James garner, I knew it was gonna pack a punt. All right. I never seen Ryan Gosling and a movie other than LA La Land. You know, I see why he's a star. I see his sex appeal. Oh my God, that movie mad sexy and Rachel mcadams never seen her in anything. I thought she was so good. So charming. She good in a remake of under the Tuscan sun if they ever do. Front young, Diane lane. I thought the movie was so beautiful and so touching. And I have to say it's in comes in third on my list of top five favorite movies that we've that I've recommended, yes, that you recommend it. What was number one number one was under the Tuscan sun. Number two was was a number three is the notebook. Okay. So why, why did you like it I? Well, I loved it because it was about your. I love and true left and I loved it because it was about Alzheimer's. It was about getting older, what you know how that happens. Like I didn't really expect that to happen, and the love story was so beautiful and I, I loved when I don't even know where to start. I don't wanna start crying because I cry. I could start crying now because it was so beautiful walk me through. All right. What what touched you so much about it? What? What k-. First of all when they first had sex, right? I really identified with her because she stopped having sex with him and said, I'm in my head and I can't get out of my head. Do you remember that identify with that because I hardly need to be in the moment. Feel like you're right there on the verge of you really touched by this? I was re number. I mean, I'm gonna three. It's like I was really touched by it. This emotion? No, I got this emotional under the Tuscan side. Here for the no never cries on the show. I want somebody cry from their cry twice. I have. Have the choice. What was I remember? One time. What was the other? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Twice. Have I ever cried on the show. I'm heartless. I don't think there's any spoilers not. I shouldn't say like oil alert because this is an older movie, right? Everyone knows the not just give it away just in case, you know, there's some people that could have been abducted and probed. All right. You know, I just want to say I don't wanna drag on about it that I loved it. But what I really love was the ending and I love this quote, I loved when he looked at James garner looked at a general ins and said, I think our love can do anything. We want it to do. I o. Oh, yeah. Such a passing, our love can do anything we want it to do is by that beautiful, that love is powerful, that loved community of love. It's timeless it. Love can move mountains left, can do anything, anything you want it to do, move mountain. But yes, it can't. Can't your head can, but a metaphorical mountain of threats. It can also loved out in the scene where she's in the ocean, and she's like, I'm a bird. And then he, she made him say, I'm a bird and the very last shot was birds flying. I'm glad that you caught that a lot of that. See, I thought that was beautiful. I watched the whole thing with an Cassidy's directed at 'cause he said it was an honor direct, his mom who icon and he said he goes, I did little subtle things like little, you know, like I call it the bird rags, those little moments that if you really are paying attention, Rachel mcadams in Ryan, Gosling dated for a long movie. One of the most iconic moments ever was when they went best kiss. I are quoted at the MTV movie awards or the notebook, and they ran up and did the on stage and it is one of the coolest. I almost have the same chemistry on that stage as it did because they don't. They ridiculous. I really love the Alzheimer's and how she played the house. She had like minutes where she remembered, and that was so magical. And you could feel it. You're like, she's back and then she left again. Powerful. I am. I have a if you like, what you make Adams. I have a movie that I really enjoy. It's called morning glory, and she plays the TV like a morning TV TV show producer. Is a good. I I mean, no, but I really enjoyed it. Harrison. Ford bring key. Yeah. And so it's Harrison. Ford CJ Wyatt. I'm sorry. Diane. Keaton CGI. What's her? Character's name and baby boomers? We all know that how many reference. Oh, yeah. That's right. It's on the top five. But so, yeah, tiger lady back is in it and Harrison Ford, and she's really good, very charming. I ask, have you ever seen Trump Ted gorgeous? I don't think I've seen that. Oh, my God. That's net. Yeah, visit gorgeous. Is next yet. Is it who is that with? Here's Jiali Kirstin dunce. Jenny already love it. It's my what? Mr. all oracle or whatever. Yeah, something a little uplifting gorgeous and will love it. He'll laugh so hard. Denise Richards say and to talk the? Nope. Ag-. I always thought it was like a teen movie, like a silly teen movie, but the poster of them in the rain and like I have never gonna watch that. It's so not that deep beautiful movie and it was shot so beautifully. I was really impressed number three, the fault in our stars. Is just the title I love the title is so good. Attracted gorgeous, see this is good drop or just fault in our stars. Mr. Holland's orifice. Do you ever see rising Arizona. I don't know. I think I have seen that. I forgot all about it too many. We're locking in those every. Okay, I love you. Keep calling. I just wanted to say. Worth it go. I really loved to when rates. I just go right back into. Gets talking about it. Yes, I'm when she looked in James Marsden's is, and she said, when I look in your eyes, I see Noah. Like, you know, she was in love with him, but she knew who was thank you so much. Notebook. I haven't seen that. He would have everything that, oh, my. Oh, my good. Talk about the fifty and. Did you fart. I don't even know if I want to watch that right now. Hey, when we come back, we're going to do a ball deep. We have getting Shashi and who knows what else? Actually, we, we're talking a lot about pumps threes night's something to play you and a new friend to the program coming up. Who is that trust me? You do not want to miss that is. Much more talk. You're ready for this day. Before this jam, I get ready for then Jan. Brain. Questions. You want MAMBO. Jambo. Bobo jar. There's only one place. This is straight, talk with Ross. Mathews back to the welcome that welcome and checking new check one, three, four, welcome back to the. We were in pump springs kissed ki ki accused by the sun very sunkissed. Favorite moments. There was a fancy night went and got pedicure together. Blackballed may from Ross's his nails on spring, dropped everything up to to can to can. What was it was the brightest, orient? No positive shattered. Well, luckily I didn't go to kicked out from. We went to. We hadn't been there. Before CJ, but it was sitting there king. It's an audio program. He's like, nodding back this year. So we, we go to go to a pedicure and we're sitting there and we're getting our feet. I'll love that right Pedic and everyone just play nice. It's a Monday morning. Ars and in walks this woman, this little woman. Kinda elderly fabulous lover goalie. Michelle, you picture just matching from the rotor to the Tudor. I love that just match up. First thing I noticed rings on every finger Liberace. Yeah, Karachi. So I'll tell you, so we sit and we start talking games Pat and we started talking. She's eighty five and she has a sassy and opinionated I go, I'm Ross. And then to Fags they go, this is you can call them whatever you want. Call him Judy, and she goes, we'll. Oh, like that. So we started talking talking about thirty minutes talking. She's making us laugh. So hard like Pat is so funny just about immediately lover. She's I'm an artist, you know, I'm like, oh, my God will flaxseeds and artists. They start showing each other things. She goes, you should come to my condo and see my art. Sometime we go. What are you doing in like an hour. So we went to her and she showed us this. I'm showing the picture you got. You got on on. Hello, Russ pod. Okay. I cannot tell you that pass like, no, I know that's Pat is must bear it animal. She is. Is a groper MRs Roper so they showed up an hour later. She had changed into sparkly sandals. Kaftan full face. They give you walked out of her condo to meet us on the street in that with the wind blows. Okay. I'm going to set the scene another going to post the picture, but she is in this gorgeous yummy like tangerine mates, hot pink, caftan, and Ross wasn't kidding. The rings aren't just rings. She looks like she robbed like an antique Indian. Turquoise and silver says she sleeps in them. She never takes them off. So she so we're looking at the pains and I go love this one. She was now looking into art and she does. She goes, oh, do do you love that within take it? That's yours. I go. Well, no, she's never sold one before. I wanna be your first sale and she goes just taking. I said, well, you know what? I'll do then I'll give come tomorrow because she also a reader. She reads to books day a day, a professional speed to master's degree. I said, I'm going to bring you a copy of my my best selling book man up. And so I did my wrote from one artist to another. I came to the next day. Phone so much fun. So wonderful goal. I was going to bring Bill the Casey news movie critic with me to not because you know bills homosexual, but I wanted them. Pat said to me, she goes, I go out every day because my friends who just sit there are all dying, build those out every day. And so I'm introduce them to be Frank. And then I'm going to start it up where I introduced senior. I see. When we walked into her condo, it was wall to wall painting, quote, painting the behind us. This is all her art, right fixer kill over her. So she you'd better introduce me to Pat when I. Drain, you know how Bill does movie reviews on the modify 'em show. I'm gonna Pat. Start doing book reviews back. Left me a voicemail. You haven't heard this yet. No, Pat had my book for about three hours and left me this. Here. It's great is great. I'm more than halfway through and I didn't have to get raised for my heart teacher tomorrow night. I'm sure I would finish it in the next hour or so. Great book though. Great, great. Great. Thank you so much. Bye. That's. I love her. Talked today and I said, Pat, did you finish a book? She goes, I did. And I said, we'll could you come on and talk about it? I want you to book review today on the she goes, well, I'm not quite ready for that. That's fine. So we are in Pat schedule, but she. She said that because I feel that I felt like she's ready for anything. I did tell her, but when I left before I left, I now Pat, I have to warn you. There are couple salacious stories in my book because I talk about going down. Right? And she goes, well, I've got a couple salacious stories of my own. Shimmy shimmy. Spirit. So we're gonna get down here. That's gaurantee actually and out. Hello Ross pod for the picture. I don't get it out. During the bottle. My hand CD's like a duck, dummy the puck and say it say tricky. Kinks. Okay. Hey, let me say it. Like I say. There's so much. The last time you do that on the show. I got messages that were like we are dying that Ross did it did that they were trying to mimic me imitate me. Balls with bags. Give it to be. Deep win back. Oh my God Palm Springs. Where do I start? Let me start by saying that Ross pick me up at the hotel every day every morning and we went out on our adventures, but let me just say when I got in the car, it's a little convertible Fiat. I. Yeah. And so when I got, I got in the car. He, he put something in front of my face and he puts these things called icebreakers in front of my. That every grocery store line, sugar-free like men, there's like sour ones and there's like a calorie in each one and I love him. I keeping all every car every everywhere he goes you. I'd never tried. These is even the grocery store checkout and I'm like, oh, that's kids kids, you know. So he's like, just try it. He's I'm obsessed with these now with they're so good and sour tart. Have you tried these EJ. Favorite thing? Yes, I'm getting all my neighbors turned on them too. Him out to me that I drove around Homs for the whole time. I was there. I was sucking on these things the whole time. I was making sure the CJ bags e that's something to. Okay. Can I talk about the casino? I the casinos really nice. We played penny slots. He put in, can I say the amount he put it in eighty dollars. I put in forty. He kept saying to me, you gotta get a bonus and I'm like nude all this. I'm like, what's a bonus? Because I played money rain because when you get a bonus, the song is great. Oh. I love you. Go on, put your car because you've got to be out loud. I. But I didn't use it this time. Because I'm afraid they're tracking my winnings and I'm afraid they're going like no Ross, Matt last here. We're not gonna. Let him win this. I was running casino. I would do that and say that person just one win this right. Ask the caller who called in I forgot. His name is really sweet and he worked at casino. Don't do that. I know, but I don't believe it. Okay. I kind of feel like I had an, yeah. So he said, you gotta get a bonus. I don't know what that is. Anyway, I got a bonus the bonus. I was like. I got a bone really rubbed it in his face. In fact, I was really excited. He got a bonus an and and really very excited. I was, I was like, oh, good for him until he was like, I got a bone than I hadn't yet. Watch your back Hafer. I will. I will. I will sell that. I wouldn't. I will not get the condo and sell the pump. Getting a bonus he's competitive though, because I got that. I saw the wheels going in like I'm to get Buchan bonus. That's why I started going. I got the bound, right? So I get my bonus. And then I go to another scene and I'm putting in my winnings and all of a sudden my phone rings and it's Ross, and he goes, look behind you behind me and he's winning a bonus. I'm sitting. Turn my chair and my legs are crossed looking at him as my machine. Glamor and just like. Hashed out. Lost all my money. I put in. He cashed out and kept money. I was later when we were driving by the casino. He's as you see that little tile up there on the casino I said, yeah, he's like, you just paid for you paid for that. Don't ever take back. He had to rub it in. But the thing is it's fun is fun, but it's gambling. You have lost my minimum. I want to put in more money. I know that we went to the steakhouse though, and we thought little. Yeah, it was pretty. Dawn who is a straight talker listening now, probably. Yeah. So after we did that, we went over to to to, to love to drag show there. I got to say I, the there were to drag queens. I was amazed. They all love CJ to, oh my God l. flirted with them. Jazzmen master masters and rate clean. What's the other one. Oh my God, who's the one of the cast Morgan, Michael. I love her so much because when I left because I left kind of early, I'm she was outside the parking lot and there and she's pretty cone Honey. As I welcome back to my hotel, she says, be careful. She goes, don't don't let anything happen to something can happen. She's like, just watch your surroundings. I did look what happened me. She's supposed, I guess you punch somebody somebody called her word and and gotten her face and. He took him down. She broke her hand. She hit them, how awesome is that though? I. Caused us to care. Was this in Palm Springs? No. Okay. Houses. I in twenty eighteen in Palm Springs, but first of all, twenty eighteen. Could we all just quit Acting New? Yeah. Yeah, we can't. That was my public service. Don't act have gone. America. So what's next drag drag show was fun. And then did you play trivia with trivia and drag? We didn't play trivia this trip. No, we didn't know darling. Okay. I'm back for that by the way, if I don't. We went and why we went to quads. Show tunes, we went to, he took this was like the full palms. CJ. He took me two quads. And you know, we got there early, which I love about. You got the early when known, there's we can get a seat. I had specific stool and table that I said, yes. Yeah. Norm at cheers quad. I have to say Ross as as your friend, I really. He always asked the, is it okay that I get a drink? And you know, I think it's really respectful what he's doing, but I just have to say he's a great not. You're never drunk, but with some drinking you, you're a lot of fun. By very similar like that, like we'd aren't out of control people. We like to get just to like where more fun. I started telling you things. I don't usually tell your. But you're cute and you're really. Yeah, when he's buzzy. Okay. So anyway, he's he. He left the table. He came back requested a video like, okay, so we're about to leave the video. He requested plate and it was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life online, but it's the mommy dearest montage there and I can't be funniest. Mommy, dearest montage you oversee like a mash up. Kind of. And it's just so weird and funny. I can't explain it. I have to come just for that. Okay. We laughed so hard. We laughed. I was crying, doubled over laughing at this. This montage of mommy dearest. It was so funny and then we left, but I love that he's an, he goes home early like it really designed thirty that. Pumpkins Honey at nine thirty. That's why I love you. See Jake and kinda hit it hard, right? Yeah, I'm usually eleven o'clock Honey if I'm out that light. Okay. So let me tell you what we did after quads we went. I said, that's when I said, let's go to the Condon's he would. It looks like at night we went to the condo and had them the bungalow, the bungalow. Drink, so he could drive safe the whole time designated driver. So we go to the complex at night and it was so magical and beautiful weather. There was so perfect, but we were walking. We walked around the whole complex and it was like it's a big complex. How many pools are there like seven or some? We're gonna have parties there, of course, in the pool or warm, and I was like, making him laugh and we were very fun so much fun. We walked around the whole thing. He put his feet in the pool. We have the best time. And was like magical, and then we, it was great. What else do we do? You think of anything. WalMart, the Super Bowl Mark there. If you come to me what the whole he goes, I want the whole thing. So we went to WalMart. We went to Billy reads, it looks like less than prairie day went to show tunes. Wait. Did you go visit your star? Yes, that's the most important thing. Okay. But the way, let me just say how Ross does this. He doesn't really announce it. All of a sudden were pulling up by star, like we're pulling up parking. In front of this conversation? We did before he went on, we just teased this is before we were on air. I know you said you were there. I'm looking around like. So we talked before you went on air Tricia said in the story, you're so good look how good you are. Look bad. You are so good. Read that for me that I saw told you got so much shit puck. I've lost it because I know I had covered black because I was saying before that your star weekend is was literally like a wedding weekend to me. It's one of the greatest events I've ever been to friend or not that part, but I wanted to know fantasy was not at your star serum. I was there. Well, I mean, I'm sorry. He wasn't part of the family had originally officially, but he was like in the background just happened to be walking by a guest on the show. A couple had not become friends yet, and I didn't get to know because had you not have been snuggle bust and what's the restaurant it's in front of, well, it was all, but that's now gone. Just getting just kind of shocking. Yeah, but they're making something else another gay establishment we driving and all of a sudden just pull over in fact, it's like, what? What's happening? You know, he doesn't say anything and he's, he's like, get out. Let's get out. We get other course that's in front of us star and get down around on the ground. I posed with his star why he takes pictures of me. Love. That I would. Here's nurses schism is if I think you just really want to like make it technically all about you. But when you hit the level that you have a star on the walk of fame. Is your friends are job? That's right. Drive bys. CVS wanna go. Let me tell you this. Let me tell you this oil. So bring him to Las. Toilets and I go, okay, here's what we're going to get. And I told the comes, we want this and this and this and this just like that she goes, oh, yeah, that was actually on TV like that. And I go, I go on the food network. She goes, yeah, you know who put it on there. She said. I did, I think called. I said, I picked this burrito this way at Las Swailes. She goes up so they make Fags eat that. I mean, I'm so bossy. I appreciate the bossy Rossi because burrito everything. And I'm not saying I'm not a kiss. I have no reason, but everything. He takes care of everything, which I love. I'm lazy like that might just pick something out and everything he picks is so good and I love, I love it really has tailor-made Palm Springs. That's exactly. Go back without them. We go next door that you love sunglasses, right? Because he loves cheap sunglasses. The lessons his being get three pairs of sunglasses for twenty dollars or one pair for like, what does it ten? And he. Picked them all out. He picked all three out everything the pair wearing today. Can you on for them? Yeah. Picture on Hello Ross pod? Oh, my gosh, does are stopped me in the mall. Are they stopped me said, Where'd you get those classes? I'm not kidding. They're really great thing. Jay. What that's really hard because I'm really bad about bond for my face. I can't go with a he. I mean, pick these out in a matter of what seven minutes he had three pairs. I love him. I love him. I love him. Well on you, there's a reason. Listen and all of this made me so happy and when life gets overwhelming, sometimes you just have to smile. So I wanna remind everybody. I'm leading something, but I am. Hello? Rawson everything. The show was Hello. Ross pot. The vaccine Malone Tricia at Trish Suhr SU HR and make sure you listen to pop talk. It pop talk on air. It's that's not what we are on on social media. The show we break down the top stories of every week c. j. c. d. life c. j. a. y. l. y. f. e. j. rod is Josh underscore Rodriguez underscore, so, but I wanna say this as we wrap up this episode fast cut off, I'm sorry, but we clean cut off. I like clean round, say something. Yeah, bubbly brunch I I'm in love with the public brunch. I'm best with it. Okay. Go, you have to go out CJ quick question. 'cause I little Baltica real quick. Yeah, CJ you do such a great job as in booking those drag those queens. They are fantastic their high-quality. They're such good performance. Who's your dream performer? Like? Who do you really want to perform their good question. I would love to see Shakoor. That's a good one. One last question would you ever do drag and what would your drag name be. No. Well, I love you not say no, maybe. Okay. I know what you're acting. What my drag name would be. All of a sudden occurred to me, I go, what is well, I tell them what you came up with my dragon. Oh, wait. Well, let me say, mind, I go. What was it for? Drag name free. This leaves. No, no, no. That's got free to slaves as good. But. Even go on. Wrong. And so good rate. Okay. Right. Okay. I love the ones that make you think so I was. We were sitting there with CJ and we were like with Fags e and there was like, what would your name? Because I'd want to do like a number like with like campy you know, something around food and I go, okay. Burger queen. Straights. I'm Queen burger granted. I. We grew up with the burger coin in the south. It was like the knockoff. Lorden find you. It's so funny when you're friends with Ross, you also get texts that are so outrageous. He wrote me later. What his drag name would be. He said in the remind remind me of that because I think it's really good. Ready. Nelly. I love it here. About. Stage nelly. How good that you later you're gonna be like that with brilliant one name. I need one Nelly. I like the stage Nelly. No, no, she'll get it later. But can I. This made me laugh. I would only wear Nellie Olson wig. Really. Ladies and gentlemen, Nelly. Here's my point. Listen when life gets overwhelming and it happens to each and every one of us. Okay. Life does get overwhelming. You miss your off ramp on the freeway. You have to remember about what what you're putting out the, you can choose to surround yourself with happiness and laughter in brightness, and goodness, and positively in so listen, if you are ever in place everwhere maybe things aren't perfect. Just cannot tell you enough how much you need to surround yourself with love and laughter find it, and if we can be that source for you. Thank you, Honey. Lettuce, and. Okay. 'cause we love you because when you're smiling, the whole world files with you, stir that's the cherry on our Sunday. Here's Judy Garland with when you're smiling. We'll see next week. Would you. Why. Through. So stop your side. If you suddenly find out you've been the sea. Don't get. If you are a husband bluntly, tells you your two stout. Don't to pouts. And for heaven's sakes, retain a calm demeanor. Cop walks and hand to a subpoena. If the groom should take while you're marching down the. John. Macaws his blown just phase the war. And small. 'cause when you go crime, shoot that your makeup stocks to run. Yet, read scrappy. Ballgame travels have yourself on. It'll have.

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