Gab and Juls: Man City's VAR-y Bad Luck


The hello and welcome to the gab and jules podcast. You should know we are so no introductions needed julian when you're in a wedding this weekend yes in france and a wedding still manage to demand city on cities per game kind of in between speeches but it was cool. It was pouring down john with rain on the saturday which our fellow for my wife's cousin catherine got married to kristoff french guy hey it was beautiful despite the rain and i i wish them a very happy life as family. Have this weird fetish mary french people that no no we can't go to no no need to do that. I was at stamford bridge for forty five minutes. Yesterday i watched the first half and then because i live near the ground i made my way home and that's one of your offish. The komo fetish isn't it. Do you go to to the bridge and then you leave a halftime so you can have yourself a cup of the second half. We're watching second-half at home and also wanted to watch some <hes> <hes> some light big there are other games on there are other events on and had to make dinner unlike anyway. We'll talk some city and spurs as we got delightful mark ogden joining us and then one of my favorite characters on social media <hes> all around nice guy yon august fjortoft talk coming on <hes> he'll be talking some chino from buying from boston to byron and <hes> but other bundesliga and then we talk some arsenal to you were kind of feel like we didn't talk about them in the and some quick hits and some solid wickets right gob. Let's talk about the big game in the premier league this weekend meeting much just to see t. again. Spurs idea to hearts. We've got magden on the run with us. That's down cleeve market minute mock minute. I just want to get your viewing. This was a road grading by manchester city. We'll get v._r. The other stuff but this was. I didn't know this kind of got overshadowed. Spurs were were flattened. Yes yes kind of like the road runner when you said she shots for against three five hundred empress burst dead on target for city to spurs scored two goals and at the end where we looking right to to to get away from it it was fine. I just wanna make sure we're on the increasingly sense coming on. I'm getting really frustrated with those people. Just look at the results and say and i've heard some wool you know but city need to be careful. You can't draw points early. Blah blah blah so let's get mark. Mark obviously made made a point last week for what she got ridiculed on social media yeah what was it about how have city when the next game they win the title automatically something like that that was that was a simplistic view which which i think is kind of taken from another view was the spurs the the next ten game to sell winnable that would have been the ten point lead by the time you get a liberal member nine so but yeah i'll be social. Media takes the very basic interpretation did did you start the game. Did you feel it was just one way that they were all over them and that okay lamilla scored and then lucas morris quote on ahead the smallest player on the pace at that time and did you did you feel watching it in the ground followed that the to to make brief periods and the game three of this person's enough with spurs you fell on how to counter the kind of taking the league. <hes> kinda went beyond <hes>. I would just like steam them. I right people think oh well sip blown it since you're kind of seeing because they dropped due you too we taught them. You know we have to realize that in a in a typical title rights era james the teams draw teams to be able to such freaky seasons seasons eventually. We'll talk about an all modesty in the sense that pick teams take things off other teams and hopefully i'll have to say it'd be great if you know the the the big six even so that the coupons if each other we don't want to see city liverpool bay in everybody outside being plus clearly how many out here on on spurs because i walked this game on on the television and i thought city were very very good <hes> but and i i couldn't work out whether are there some serious deficiencies in in spurs performance or was. It just hats off to city because it's not normal concede thirty shots and to be in this position. I mean i know city. Were brilliant but is it really. I mean were you disappointed. In tottenham as i was yet yeah a little bit ajit <hes> fly you know you know from hurricane to the defensive slightly off pace. I mean obviously the left but we've done. I think donny rose about two hundred placing because they couldn't with him. <hes> midfield ericsson's head isn't in the right place. There's a few occasions where it didn't have that same kind of speed assault later anne kane like you say anything bringing to the table so i mean what the the habit going and <hes> you know the the investor a- belly look good if touchy but this is a team that to me like they were strongly the politics of jigsaw together and maybe obviously data halley still missing son was with this team that needs a bit more new blood a edmund u._n._h. New ideas and look at it a little bit same each one of the guys being to bring a new blood was was carl walker peterson since he's been there but obviously where i i don't worry surgery a stimulant ninety step based show you bring up the fullbacks who who are important in the system play and you got danny rose who obviously they tried to get rid of every which way they they won't even take him on toys. We could sort out his future elsewhere. I don't know what's up with this guy. How many people i mean he must have an enormous opinion of himself going back to you know talking with his contract and whatever but you still stuck with him earlier ben davies whose okay but on the other flank are they really going into the season with was worry and walker peter's. That seems like one is a gamble and the other one is a little bit unhinged. Well yeah and you know if you have a great unless you you'd think it says what speaking to the stability and consistency that would have been the best option so yeah. I'm not convinced you walk copies of over the weekend from you know wanted to i. I don't think you can look associated. Account will compete and that's all you can kind of get on the street now. Just game folks the gangs and option but yeah to not dry right options isn't it and <hes> until january because i play a lot better still lab while they die of happens every time and and he's you know he's on the bench of the week and it just seems to have a permanent place. Thanks doesn't really do much when it comes off the new book that just need revolution. It's all you know enough. <hes> you know full five years now and is being up to six years and just honestly made a bit of a joel. Maybe maybe you know leaving in the semi obeying best all around not because he's he's pulled my job because i think he's working for your articles and after before you is the unless you stop speaking hood and the multiplication diminishes and taunted lightly need something like a adult of lightning just to kind we're going to get. I was surprised that but song instead on the bench the whole the whole gamut. I don't get it on sundays loving from perch. I have to say <hes>. It's two games in google. Yoris has had to make eleven saves already which is more than any other goalkeeper in the league and i think manchester city to be fair i know but still did you know you also played aston villa and you know it's like he eleven saving two games. It's just i think he's ali- defensively like we've been saying. They're far off from from being saudi enough to try to get to where they want to be. I let's let's touch on the refereeing a miserable get the big thing at the end but the first first one not giving rodrigue lamelo andrology anybody here think that was not a foul no okay good so should have been found so then the question jim because people are like oh well why didn't v._r. Intervene i'm gonna throw this guy saying remember. The primarily made such a point coming into we're going to have a really high bar for v._r. Decisions decisions and so on and wondering kinda shoot themselves in the foot on that one because that was one where at at a minimum you ask michael oliver. Take another look at it. There's no way i think michael oliver could have seen that clearly and maybe just didn't know and this is why would be important to know what did the v._a._r. Tell oliver ever did he. Just look at it and see like all the bars not high enough. You might not give it. I i don't get it. This isn't the point. I mean at the very least that is he's. The kind of thing that michael oliver should look at right. The somerset needs to solve it feels like brexit the moment deal people taken out of it what they want to. Hey what they want to believe and this is why. I should be like this now. I think that guy on cricket or the way tomorrow. I'm assuming that french anytime we we didn't take the fray it was you can pay. They come action between the measure they they can do. It was very clear. <hes> you know football coppola swear swearing well. Not really you know so why the might of the referee and say <hes> penalty in santa bulbs comes up made. What do you think it helps. It helps it definitely. Would i mean i i think i don't know that we can do it in football in real time the way it is with cricket rugby the different sports the reality is people get things wrong cricket rugby their scandals in cricket and rugby. Nobody he goes and burns the house down but after the game at least they should explain it after the game they should say like hey. This is why it didn't go to non field review. You can stop the one of the big problems at the end of the weekend. Which i thought was it was an issue was that there was no announcement a kind of an all the wait kind of old trafford. You're not you don't big screen so every time they made over. The tunnel is ridiculous. Yeah check on a side side access twenty seconds. Let's check complete north side. They actually just celebrating the goal instincts insult to the big screen. It's just celebrate and it was an audio message. It will survey people don't realize what's going on because he was at least a minute before people realized that the goal is being viewed him was disallowed. It was just like the situation last year. When the whole ground celebrates it and you know the the game was over. Pull back then she'll saying it is time i'll go because the victory intelligent as you've transitioned into the second. They are point the one. That's dominated things <hes> <hes>. I think we're all in agreement on the communication. I don't quite understand why that's so difficult to figure out permanently said this jewels. This is down to a law change and the and this is the fact that you cannot score and it originally happened actually because of i think it was really bully last year scoring with his hand do korea. I think i'd want to <hes> and the idea is because of a quirk. The laws of the game never actually said oh look. If it's an accidental handball promotion count so they came out and they said let's address this if you if even if it's accidental handball if it leads to a goal and you gain an advantage of it to score then it will be not the goal will be struck off <hes>. That's obviously what happened here with laporte combination of the a. r. and the new rule means people have conflicted as the two. I don't think it's v._r. Issue <hes> people have said well without the i it wouldn't have been spotted. I don't know i mean i think a good refereeing. You need good lines. When might well have spotted at the ball came off laporte arm. <hes> are you on board with the spirit of the law. I mean this is really absurd. I think in certain cases it is and this one certainly i think was completely absurd. I think the the changed it because it was it was no clear enough in the first place but they've made it clearer for shaw. Whatever the hand with a handball negotions instead the once again i think he's sort about the discern cases discern context where this would apply and this will apply find and there's others were like like i believe in the one on saturday where you can't give that against city. I'm sorry you can't give them against. City doesn't the bill if he doesn't doesn't brush one only brushes rushes off la paz arm and settled pizzas arm directions because it doesn't reach zeus and the goal isn't scored okay but it would have been assembled his hip. I mean the is is the ways jump in. There's no way just a bounces off him. White apologies buddies no responsible of that's fine. I think that they did it happen twice a week. Which is the free but it's not gonna happen. I became somebody dominate at least to go. I mean the biggest problem the other thing they combo really starting fish like him. Oh there's nothing to do with that. It's just the game so assigned to that change but i mean that's an argument for another time before we oughta go one final title thing obviously strongly mooted move <hes> alexis sanchez going to inter milan on loan. Some numbers coming hang out this morning. It's going to be something like two million euros and united <hes> pay half wages. Which of course i believe to be somewhere between three hundred. Hundred fifty thousand pounds a week and half a million pounds a week augie. I smell a little rat here because the way that the terms terms of this deal seemed to strongly favor inter united paying half his wages when they're down to just marcial al rashed and then you get into chong greenwood territory upfront seems odd to me especially after the window closes. What's your sense. Yeah i agree. I wanted to teach you try again with sanchez and just try to reduce and give us a bit more love just try and make it work either talented players to play. You can gabriel score twenty goes. I think the difference between him and mccarthy was the cocker this kind of money and i could strike cookie however so she he's gonna go you know that they're gonna have to take it because of the painting but let let's get those ways talking about those things on include incentives and bonuses onus is mojave and he's not taking money balances ultra in terms of anything so i think he's awesome eagles so desperate to get away your right right so january because russia damasio gets injured or bulk age absolutely nobody coming to school goes there already operating on a very kind of basis as skeletons strikers none of my kind of experience of a hard season the top level i mean they have. They haven't got that kind of seasoned. It professionals the reason why rain brought in two years just because he felt that they were both too young and they ask you guys. I mean russia's twenty-one marshalls what twenty two the not very very old so you need somebody that has been around the block a little bit and even basic either. Let's go up and he goes recently. I think he's a crazy situation by the blanco it really is. I'm with you. I don't think this makes little sense of funny thing. Jewels <hes> front page says like the dream couple and it shows lukaku who celebrating with alexa censures presumably one of the few goals sanchez scored the stupid thing in this and i appreciate these two clubs are not sort of the epitome of of sort of best practice and good governance but damn y'all had all summer to get this deal done if you wanted it so badly sadly. I direct this at both of them. I don't know maybe massive can of worms cheers augie guys thanks. I'll get gob joined to hear my useless facts of the week. Oh is this following on from the kurt. Happy zuma needs of got another useless facts. Did you know that joel concetta an emmerick laporte more to a teammates immensity brothers nope they could have been i guess but no they were born on exact same day and not being twins obviously may twenty seven thousand nine hundred four and johnstone's your favorite player ever is born the following day melatonin eight hundred nine hundred four incredible. I mean no. I mean seriously there's not many the teammates in the seventeen. We'll bone exact same day like sam day simone samir everything no that is a fad. Where else do you use this level full of of insight. Unfortunately i was trying to see if there was a way to <hes> tied in with john claude van don yeah because we haven't we we have had a few messages by the way i you know twitter by that i was i was going through my tv and all of a sudden. I see it appear on the ep double impact <hes> tom but it wasn't that it was some other stupid that show america screw this budget. We're going to talk about a big move. That happened this weekend. We talked about for for awhile almost since he arrived at camp now philippe coutinho moving from a barcelona to <hes> to byron. It's a one year loan deal. <hes> <hes> the price the loan fee bit lower than than we saw about eight and a half a million euros a year nearly ten million dollars <hes> although hello byron paying all his wages roundabout <hes> twenty five twenty six million dollars which is a lot <hes> and an option to buy a year's time for one hundred twenty million euros when he'll beat the tender age of twenty eight <hes> when i look at this from a barcelona perspective and from a buying perspective who better to do this than a man. I don't need no introduction yon august your if you don't know who he is. Hang your head in shame because he is a stellar <hes> analyst for a visa and <hes> and others long career playing in in in england. I believe it's four different clubs in five different in five years. Here's all of them. Northern i might add <hes> also knows his bundesliga inside out <hes> welcome john. Thank you very much and i played in germany. I play the nine one one again on high with a great monday hijacked by the way because we'd be remiss we've mentioned who are on the verge <unk> of signing another tall handsome center forward just much like you john bostock. I i wanna. I don't wanna get your view on this first one from from the buy in perspective 'cause i'm not sure this deal is quite as clever as it seems but before i tell you you why are you on board with this. I understand what you say ain't gonna. I'm i'm a bit there as well because remember back in around april may only her no so it's the dunk early on of five music you said if you do all the players we have lined up. You can't believe who they've lined up. Turn off. They get from madrid okay. They get covered. I think you overestimate your player. I would love to play against nevada. Is one of these world co-champion not bad but he's not that kind of defender. I love to play. I i love to play a game in the old days. On now they end up being getting botanic onto tonic in the transfer windows the end of the transfer window and they ending up taking the twenty seven year old man on loan they take a thirty year the old man from croatia which on loan although he knows german food from his timing involves endorsement but i i don't think this is as great d. He lives everybody says is is buying who want to compete with the best in the world and they're taking a substitute a reserve from barcelona. I studied with hamas rodriguez couple of three years ago. He wasn't even good enough for their squad for for the champions league final so i seen germany money i i read all the german papers and magazines or whatever it's on net. They just want us to sell this as a great great star. Come to germany. I agree <hes> how are here too because obviously niko kovac came under a lot of criticism in the low season there was a question about whether he would keep his job or not now chino lands on his doorstep and i'm trying to figure out how they're going to play because you either playing on the wing or you play them in the hall. If you put them in the whole then it means you have to put thomas muller on the wing which isn't really <music> a great idea in my opinion or and you put coutihno on the wing you risk getting what we had last year at barcelona. Which is him not tracking hacking baqi being demotivated. It's a bit like hamas right. I mean you you brought them up before where yeah good player but really know how to handle him they basically brought him in when when janaki was still there and then of course got destroyed away so do you think is on board with this. I think colleges on board with they've because that part of a team they have a sports or it can salama pitch cool is inexperience and then you have an i say this in a compliment the tuma puts on the balcony room again who's statler by the way for for but i love the two of them and what the job he has done <hes> for buying but you know when i see successful teams when i've seen successful manager when i see successful companies companies what they do. Is they bring in players. They need by playoffs or do you buy a team. I agree with you. He's it what they need. Now is a guy who come in two different positions. Okay is that the guy we need. Now is that for the new by is that for by i am challenging for for the champions league because champions the is the standard for buying munich because although the other teams try their best <hes> at the end of the day they will end up winning it so would will this. It was this play and make them better. I mean continue is probably <hes> <hes>. I love for example. I love speedy cars but in the winter time say no way they're bad although they are great cars icon used newstalk and it's no by a speeding car and that's a feeling i get some by coke. I suggest a snowmobile myself yeah exactly the thing about katina but the loan is when you when you club and you end up having plays on luxurious style cooking u. s. really that you've messed up your whole your whole transfer a window because for anything else which was so as the planning where where when did the and and work our okay okay. This is the position we need to strengthen this. We can get this is our choice number one and then the plan b. and the plans he alone this even for parallel coutinho even worse person soon to be fat. He's just not okay. We got nothing. We literally have nothing. There's only ten days to go. Let's you over can do as a loon because we know show about the players. Let's do this and i think from buying points of view and the biggest dot. It's just it's just a disgrace would you what about from from barsha point of view because kia drap just did themselves the huge favor <hes> coming in chino's future. There was obviously going to be in doubt. Maybe they tried to send into your friends at a party man. Maybe not <hes> and in the end kia wins again. He finds them a big champions. League club gets them another lifeline. I'd like to hear from both of you starting jewels. This is good from the barcelona luna perspective right. They wanted to get rid of him so that did that. They found club who was willing somehow to pay the whole wages as like. You said he's around twenty five million dollars. Yes <music> so it's a lot of money for someone. Coutinho good akia not sued i think for the name aside guy and he's returned to bounce not because katina was i leave the only player where both to clubs p._g._n. Botswana were agreeing on okay. Let's include him in the deal and i think here anquetil himself probably were bored of just is being seized seeing as a currency and saying you know and there's a point where rocky to each other similar reactions in i'm no currency you know you don't swap me this from one up to another. I think maybe the same and and i think this is very damaging for the whole name our saga before basra now they got what they wanted they wanted him out of the club and got rid of him for books and it did for one year yon i mean obviously they spent big unlikes diong and greenman but from barcelona you're celebrating celebrating because you got yourself a bit of a lifeline for twelve months right absolutely and i think now at the end of the transfer window for any club is who thinks i i think they would they would wait for that and on bus lana being clever enough to understand that by immunity need player and i think that's what we discussed early because visit great tiny for bundesliga. You have some brazilian a twenty seven year old. He wasn't tastic for political. Do these is a good deal but i think for good deals in those terms but i think that that's not done if we can say that after spending a hundred and forty five billion euro on the first place to bench but now now they are making a big up for that. I think that is a is a good t- <hes> they call them. It's also for bustling maybe to prepare to to to get the a big one in the in the transfer window now nighmare good. I have <hes> a more healthy discussion in the in the boardroom for that so this is a good deal for them and also also also for the player because he wants to play football on. You couldn't see him get so many games for for barcelona so so i think that the only one you can can kinda. I know criticized by munich. They gotta play that they need always. He's a great player but he's out of play at a need so i think both player he's done okay. He's coming coming to to a team with sunshine. He will do well independence like i think he will getting scared gold. I'm not sure that he will make them even more contender for <unk> league trophy jahns so god this custody earlier where you play him if coverage and everything my question to you is more do you think that he's game and he's personality and you know he's he's quality teas. I'll suited to the bundesliga into the pace over and you know to into the way teams are playing there and none of dollars you think he might struggle to adopt any my struggled to to make his mark in the league. I think that continue you know if you ask them that question. Before he went to liverpool <hes> he went to liverpool speedy apprenticeship going to live with a bit different than what it was used i do he would come to a club very structured. Although being xy hollywood i love to say to them very good organized club and everything everything is there for them to do perform and also we determine <hes> german bundesliga there there are space up to space where he will get the <hes> get gaffed bowl. I'm not more wondering i worked friday on on the on the game they had against the. I'm more like like you say. Star west should should it took him. We'll put them just behind. Those happy said that where is the replace. I mean they must go to church every day in munich because of the big time struggling so they have to pray for that but where do you put continue will let them put to holding players will put him on there. In the wings ratchet camila go she would lead to two behind the strikers so i think that makes corvettes more flexible but i think when you put the starting eleven up continued. It's a play so i don't think that either is perfect for bike show but you if you use it right if then he will have the more flexible team but i can't see continues sitting on a bench good we offer although although he's alone but it's a hell of a lot of money when you i eleven million euros whatever was on that by takeover so you have to play a young whenever you go but i i just wanna get you because obviously this weekend we we saw big wins for leipzig in dortmund dortmund. I thought had a really good <hes> really good transfer window. You know the players. They lost the repairs. They could lose. I thought they still have a ton of depth except maybe at centre forward as you believe that that goodson royce can <hes> can do the job there <hes> but deep we're gonna see a legitimate race between these three teams in the bundesliga this year yeah right the leipzig dortmund and byron right. Please tell me that's the case i would love to. I don't want to hate by trial. I love the see them whitney last year as well well but what i see the the only advantage and maybe that is the most important advances by is the culture winning trophies office so when niko kovac is there last year all the troubles they had they ended up winning the double and they just did it for bad for good habits. They just on offer yes okay. We are quarreling but we we need to try to trump the trophies and if you saw harbor last year when when he was leading when when someone one skulk about him win the trophy i it looks like he's turning through some kind of allergy allergy against trophies and you need that kind of culture in your club. I think that's why my summer or sore are working very closely mostly on to try to get him to understand that yes. We have a great time to be great characters. In the same people love love to watch us at the end of the day we have to win the trophy so if they can get that culture in i'm not sure that <hes> nagas man and she's she there. I expect him to take another step to develop that team and go into being main contender also for the eight league undergoes money there as well so. I think that it's quite an interesting see but but by winning winning winning winning dr is like celtic celtic celtic so so we have to change that attitude that's what my homers getting hammered yanni's was so that was also for that winning mentality and and everything and there's a shocker by an immune again by the way on saturday and a shocker which which will be interesting. I think all right stay tuned john. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you thanks. We were gonna talk a little bit of arsenal but do you think people care. I think people the first time in ten years they win the i pretty much of a season. I think it's a bios. Look really good and you know you know him because you name in spain and you saw him with the spending the twenty one teams although he's twenty three but he was paying the spin on the twenty one team in the euro is in the summer but you know <hes> but he he was keen in them winning the u._s. Again and i thought it was just outstanding on on his on his first star home debut as well on saturday against burnley we will occur nelson again aboard with the m revolution that i like you know pip as not ready just yet and <hes> does she has hired some some some problems and there's other the reasons why amri has faith in nelson and we look to very very talented young players and the lockdown jen helped me hear restyle senate believe last year was on loan at hof at high so it's not like he was on loan <unk> madrid i think he he played a little bad and he kept coming off the bench and stuff willett. I don't know i mean it's great when you see that but i'm just wondering if i'm rowson yankee or cronk maybe a lot wealthier than i am. I think myself wait a minute. You made us go and spend all this money on pepe. We're we're still stuck with mickey olson l- we sold the one younger guy we had any welby if we had these guys all along and actually you raoul actually know if i'm calling you. Why did you buy -tarian when we had when we had <hes> will can nelson coming through <hes> so or is this this just kind of we see them now. We won't be seen these guys again. <hes> so a guy i this is my impression of roles in god. I'll tell you <hes> seagulls gob. I'll tell you know i remember torrero last season every give him a bit of time to adopt and you know. I think that six seven games before we started in the primary i think pay is the same as good as he's training and continuing. Look very good evening at times. Emmy phillies complained ready for a start and food seventy minutes in permits yeah. That's why i think you know uh and there's nothing there's nothing wrong playing nelson and wheelock don't forget that the ideas well you know from a punt a club some of these two try giving value to these zone play from the academy lucky welby and if that means setting them for thirty five or forty million pounds some points then so bad because what about the amboise mickey suit did. Does he have any kind of plan for them or is he just aren't. They basically like a write off. You need the experience you you know you. We needed to stand sitting in the stands. You know been tough. Stop the season for for for reasons donald fubo reasons and why what happened and what do you know he's the whole arch and you know what happened with when <hes> some folks still you know sky and sky and everything and for mickey tyron. The problem with nicotine is the consistency. I think that he's a very talented player is all about the consistency and through the whole season but what are those through the through one game and he will be be more consistent and the just not showing office telling them and then it would be much better but at least like obama young a firing already which is good three goes between them already. There are fifty last season and what's abayas can bring to that team. I think he's he's been promising even if defensively still is to love issues as we saw on saturday if everybody's fit for arsenal's fullbacks bavin teeny and soon so again maitland niles class matched his squad got the thinking yeah yeah i think so and if louise or get injured who's the third china back holding chambas i think holding before the staffing yeah i think we stuffy gonna go yeah. We'll go before that there are things to sort out defensively and you know we you and i both believe that w is probably better in the box within a buck a buck four and today the i think bernie sixteen shots on goal on saga and by the way it's absurd actually he's into kind of the typical guy who likes to got a bit of the surgery in the sense that if he's not playing for your team he just looked like an absolute something that has four letters and rhymes with yeah. I i mean honestly like me love voice. He's gotta be horrible. I so we're basically saying about arsenal. Aw is david inherited this sub optimal situation with all the money tied up into ozal and mickey some some degree. I've written this before but the fact that will make you album younger like or roughly the same age all in their late twenties early thirties all make a ton of money is not good and they're still limited. I mean they have serious financial restrictions and they're trying to turn around as best they can. That's basically what but talk talk. Four is just fight on the season is like the hard they need money to have to do to qualify for the champions league and i think a lot of investment medi summer summer why the structure of the days and they were quite clever on some of our unloved those deals has to lead to them finishing in the top four and i know the play liverpool next weekend and they might get battered like they were last year or they'll be interesting to see how much emory has learned from the heavy defeat less last year just after christmas onfield <hes> h huge desk for them and i think they're still you know there. There's something good they're growing so let's see present a chance to finish talk for. I think i believe in them. Sixty sixty five thirty five sixty five percent chance they finish top four which means you believe that there clearly better than chelsea and united in our propel. I ain't going that high not at all. What's what's your percentage almost thirty okay. Let's say fifty between the two of us. I think goodness deal. Give have a safety because i don't know maybe the bottom falls out of spurs. All divide elden erickson are sold before the window ends and put schettino leads to become a monk and maybe they drop out but i just think there's so much that can go wrong and i love this biosteel and whatever else but i think starting from a really really rough situation you're talking hold on one leg now and we'll still rob holding before he got chambers. Let's not forget what he did. Last season forget chambers chambers beta midfielder played fullback. I colonel can you can do a job at centre-half. I just don't you know i don't know i share don't shut right now for this. Let's move onto some quick hits. Let's talk about your favorite subject. Kind of this was a rough night for peres your man beaten iran to one and again no neymar jewels even to says that if he's not gonna play they need help. They need more players. What happens next oh man. I don't know i need help myself as well with a club. They were bad add last night there. Were there were so bad. They were beaten by a sixteen year old genius midfield for which awards come of inga who would mention in next week or the week off remember his name. I'm loving how mouthing really do remember his name because he's something something special however appears you. We're bad still no name with katina going to discuss at length on the today that makes it even more complicated with bosnia they waiting on remedied who are moving reina s._m._s. Everything is a mess. This month is a mess for an and i'm just already fed up and they tend to go in the other day. They were full strength except for harare era and kim palm bay but i mean i guess care was out too but in terms of attacking player like this is it you got your sarah that you so badly want promoting the drugs. They still bloodied. I mean and to hold to who we we've given love life and the love love and he goes backfire and you're thinking why are you doing. You haven't played backfire taught all summer. You're talking to the chief to release the here. I know enough to muster. Hold the please t._t. Just help yourself man. Just don't do anything stupid like that whenever she's eighteen see i think of boy wonder how many people there no that is. I didn't know anything about teaboy. I'll inquire remedied open with a victory over to center vigo and gareth belly starts gob as accused may the president what happened there or if it's a mutual interest societies dan himself l. saying like now he's he'll be staying <hes> he makes too much money. Nobody thinks he's worth that money so nobody will pay him. In those wages he himself won't take a pay cut to leave and raw madrid said fine. You know we're we're stuck with them might as well play him. <hes> it was weird game because you figure when away to celta vigo that's the that's good but it felt a lot like the old round madrid i think of the starters actually played in the champions league final <hes> the one in milan in two thousand fifteen show which was a dense first one so i. I thought you know it fell old school. <hes> experienced counted tony crows. I thought was really good moderates until stupidly sent off. I want to see what happens when the big boys comes come back but i will say this about the dan. He didn't have to pay bail. Yeah sure hazard was out but you know he started east. Go when lucas vasquez and and hamas you know he could've continued going and needling gareth but he didn't do that. Do you think they're gonna play golf versus together. I wish that point on a visit danna golfer now is not the maybe you know his new love and with gareth. I don't think so not just after this week. Capucci is on pace to score seventy six goals this season in the premier league needless to say that would be a record that would be more than dixie dean who wanted sixty five back in the the author paul league <hes> joel's i'm assuming he probably will regress to the statistical me can you please waxed lyrical about the ultimate cult hero so this season and with pleasure and give you a bit of background on on who is on who team who is <hes> he arrived in in which free from brumby which is in denmark doc police freddie things now he's in sweden <hes> he is called loads of course there are more than seventeen four years rather than a free daniel faulkner. I really wanted him in always remember him from when you pay childcare a few years before he played badly pre kooky era right before when you kinda relaunch his career he was a celtic where he was bad. Yeah it was a shocker where he was really and then. When he was very young he was in seville. People thought thought he was going to be good but then he was training his way twenty nine goals in the championship last year and then enough people okay he can do in the championship on wins the night in sheffield wednesday very calm do it again sliver putting the premier league econ against newcastle in the premier league and he did. I think he's the first player to score four goals in. He's i two premier league matches in his career. No-one no-one has never done before him and you know what i was at the liverpool game the for the previous weekend and though he's movement was standing any school one goal that night it could easily two maybe three because he's movement just creating the chances is is is incredible. If you go to see him live it just just don't watch the rest of the game just him because he's really fantastic with his movement like we said he's twenty nine so he's a he's a late bloomer in many ways but i think deserves a lot of the praises these days having so far even if he doesn't last because the next games as chelsea wisdom and city so let's see how many scores in in the three games by the way this isn't on the script a little aside on chelsea <hes> i went to watch against leicester remember last season all the mopeds all the expo bleeding talking heads and the rest of the sheep going and skewering yet weird marie society for playing george in front of the back four and playing conte on on the side of the re runs out of a position blah blah where they playing oh the front of the buck full for georgina in position for content and they had to do with an english manager. Yes yes just checking. Can you tell me why you have time to go second half a home. You want your sofa or because it had to do so you first half and then you live near the ground. I know i can i can do that. I was backed by <hes> by the stars right. This has been the center of the unwanted star more riccardi. You see that inter even enough to contest says he doesn't want him. Gob house still possible because is i think people want them. Maybe but they want him on on their terms that are kind of overrating. Maybe the market farm and i'm gonna make a bold prediction here. There's a very limited number of places where he can go at this stage. <hes> gieco has renewed with <hes> with roma so had that ain't happening happening. <hes> i'm not sure napoli love him as much as some people think and also spent money on chucky lozano the only way he moves to napalese in a mythic plus money money deal. I don't see why why carlo would do that. <hes> and you've got to get rid of too many players they have magic are surely i mean it would be too grotesque to contemplate e wayne going the other way. Would you see with content. That'll work breakable prediction and say you know what maybe in the end because these days and maybe in the end kind of wakes up and says i have lukaku who's the size of a building. I have maybe alexis sanchez. Maybe not you're alive body other than you have to go for it. Let's make this day is above all a pragmatist. Maybe we'll make the two wins and two by overcoming southampton two one despite a wobbly moment from adriana and when i pointed this out <hes> people were like oh alison said them to my yeah. Okay wash your mouth out before you mentioned i. I like super nice guy. I even thought tights whatever they worked for. Him would have worked on other players. <hes> come on anyway jewels kebir to the mid week supercup <hes> club dropped henderson and for being able to the bench is starting rotation that we're going to necessarily you see all season like a bunch of revolving doors field yen we i think we said last week how important those positions for club for the whole rhythm of the team in doing doing everything that material and that's why you need nosov special profiles to play there for him. You know like we can pretty much play anyway in amid fake aac ford's other by anywhere so i think we'd see a loved that rotation more than last season. Maybe we've seen already this season as you said however i do think that these team a strong without for bean with being. I know he's not perfect. He's twenty five so he's not the youngest based in very young in a sense he's been declared for only a second season then but i do believe that he he brings something very much different solve steel and and you know and and spirit that others don't so i think we loved tation but i do think that especially for the kiki tub games. I think i've been thinking with klopp. He's like the his style of play requires a lot of chemistry and cohesion obviously so that's why you wouldn't want to rotate but he's had these guys for so long than in some ways a level of interchangeability to it and i think if they run more it also take some of the pressure off the front three right marshall patino said that he thinks the primarily premier gona sorry regret agreeing to close the transfer window at the start of the season three weeks before everybody he s got on the first time he's mowing the by that is more than again at the weekend you think he's right of course he's fair granted especially the drinks especially spurs imagine imagine you've got the other viral ericsson situation going on imagine if you could sell those guys and bring somebody else in rather than you know especially in tottenham case ah that's the reality yeah. That's global marketplace. I think you know unless all the other leagues move and i'm they won't nor show day because you know some of these start at the end of august i i think it does put primarily clubs at a at a severe disadvantage. You know between between injuries between things not working out <hes>. I thought it was a weird deal almost like a money saving deal by some managers to begin with but i think it's going to it's going to hurt them competitively. Yeah that's all we have time for today. Bob thank you for today. Great show thanks to guest as well yen an agay. We'll be back next week. Yeah well first of all. I noticed that you didn't pronounce your last name gino. What is folk off. You're not allowed to say that on podcast. What cash flow is sorry august. I apologize. He's i'm just young much younger than you yet. Stop it <hes> but yeah no check him out on on social media <hes> brilliant guy great career <hes> you're not peer next week argue how taking advantage of the bank holiday i mean i mean it's actually today's tuscany wow lucky man obviously <hes> are we make this point lights that in england they have. This weird thing moved here. Ooh it's a monday <hes> you know. Most places would probably call ended summer and u._s. Labor day or whatever but he's got a holiday like that but they call it bank holiday because this country's ultimately run by banks and financial institutions probably why is it called a bank holiday so good question she. I'd ask her producer freddie but he's only half english rush australians of course west. I know these expert on skin cancer that kind of stuff right and kangaroos there you go oh so you're not with us that day. I'm sorry i've been listening. We'll be getting god what we can somebody else in <hes> i think probably stuart robson not so then cheery and we're trying to get him say vangere as many times as possible of course all the show. My overrun under is five so that's awesome till next time.

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