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These sporting light on E._S._P._N.. Radio and the E._S._p._N.. APP here's Jeremy Shop. We're joined by reporter non puerile. He certainly a legendary dairy figure even at his young age in our business my colleague Adrian Words Nasty Woge. Thank you for joining us <hes> Jeremy. I'm <hes> first of all great to be with you. I'm not sure what I'm more flattered by the fact <hes> your as legendary the factor you still called me young. 'cause I'm not sure either any. I'm not sure I'm either but I appreciate it well. I've got a few weeks left before I turned fifty some kind of calling everybody young because I think kind of get included as well. It's kind of my strategy right now just on the north side of that but what I should say you know what many of our viewers in listers might not be aware of you are your unique as far as I can tell in the history of E._s._p._N.. On the the on cameras side as being a Bristol Connecticut native who has risen to a very high position in the company when you were growing up in Bristol what kind of presence did E._S._p._N.. have in the life of the community well actually <hes> Malcolm Huckabee who I grew up with a Bristol who played basketball Boston college played a little bit with the Miami Heat actually got drafted by the Tigers off of one season of American Legion baseball. He Does College Basketball for us at E._S._P._N.. End and he's a bristol native too so I want to include him but I should have been aware of that. I should have been aware of that well but <hes> you know it's funny. I remember as a kid at the boys club a couple of things one used to play pickup basketball with Tom. Dees at the Bristol Boys Club who was a wonderful wonderful guy. <hes> obviously one of the originals with bobbly and Chris Berman and I remember and I mentioned this recently to Bob lead is a kid <hes> remember watching him pump gasset a gas station down Bristol making my father stopped a car and watch bobbly pump gas it. Was You know everything was self servant so it would have been hard for Bob Because he's a Jersey Guy in New Jersey. You can't pump your own gas so he was he was kind of pumping gas novice. That's exactly right sorry. I is really nowhere to go with that yeah yeah but no it was you know E._s._p._N.. Was a you know. I think you know it was something that at at the very beginning was you know regional. I think idea was regional sports network. It was going to do the Hartford whalers Yukon basketball and then they realized what we've got these satellites up in the sky we can we can we can broadcast all around. The country in the world and that's what it became but <hes> yeah I grew up just down the street. My Dad's still lives in the same house <hes> that I grew up with about you know mile from E._S._p._N.'s campus. We're speaking with Adrian words now ski the N._B._A.. N._B._A.. Insider who is a constant presence on the networks airwaves radio waves <hes> and you know I promised we wouldn't talk about the relentlessness of the job and and all it reminds me like when Jimmy Breslin he was a guest on the first edition of cold pizza like sixteen seventeen years ago and I helped book him because <hes> his relationship with my dad and they wanted Jimmy Breslin on because the show was coming from New York and WHO's the ultimate New Yorker and the anchor occur the show Jay Crawford is a great guy a great anchor. He opens up quite naturally a welcome to this new show etc etc.. You know got to tell you it's hard getting up this early in the morning at President who hasn't even been introduced you to sitting on the couch. He's might but you don't even see him. As if you already starts what are you complaining about the garbage out all night in the cold and the heat you're sitting here did air conditioned heated studio talking about sports so unsure. I guess you Kinda. You know you have that same kind of attitude like this isn't this is in collecting garbage in the middle of the night. It doesn't mean it's not hard work. Yeah I mean you know it's funny. You mentioned <hes> Bristol. I mean even when I drive around there. When I'm up there at campus I can see all these different spots in town or I had part time jobs as a kid head and I cut grass at the cemetery I worked you know in the you know shoe department at a men's store? I worked in the old photo map they had in the middle and everybody remembers those you'd have a photo photo. Matt was in the middle of like a parking lot in like by right and the cow doors parking lot and so you know my dad worked in a factory that's Dow closed and dawn <hes> ball bearings ball bearing factory <hes> in Bristol for thirty years and so like that's real work and I. I'm lucky to get got to do what I do and and <hes> you know. The backdrop of Bristol is interesting for me because you know I I worked in Waterbury for four years. I always have to drive through Waterbury. My Way and you know I just wanted to be sports writer. I just want to be able to make a living at it and so <hes> I'm lucky to get to do it and you know spends been a great place to do it for the last you know couple years Yahoo was a great place to do it before that so <hes> but the job has grown. It's sort of become this. It's like this beast that you just keep feeding and feeding and <hes> and wants to be feted the interest has never been greater and <hes> it's it's pretty remarkable the appetite that people have. For the reporting and the information that were you know we're trying to deliver. Will you move to Jersey to work for the record. Was it hard to learn not to pump your gas. That's exactly right. You'd always have to <hes> get used to. It's funny. Our kids who are kids have only known life in Jersey like we're out of state like what are you getting out to do. What like what is this something like no? You can actually do it yourself. Why don't you get out of the car and learn you know I? I'm sorry we're speaking with Adrian words now ski about more important things than how he learned to pump <hes> or how he had to unlearn pumping his own gas when he moved to New Jersey and what's going on with the N._B._A.. Right now it's it's become as the N._F._l.. Has Been for a long time of three hundred sixty five day a year league. When did that transition transition? Take place you think when did it. When was the tipping point? I think the two thousand ten free agency Lebron James and Chris Bosh go into Miami that started to change it and that started to change free agency it started. Did you change the interest that fans had and I think it really started to change the way the teams approach free agency and the way the teams approached <hes> organizations approach team building and on the kind of deals that were being done <hes> not just in free agency but you know the things like teams who would use their salary cap space to take on contracts but get draft picks and the <hes> the strategy that went into it you know has become this. You know you cover that all in a way the way that you're covering teams and <hes> on the court during the year and so you know so much of the league he has been around. What's coming? You know it's almost like college. Recruiting right people care more about who their schools going to get than the people they have their playing for him. Now the N._B._A.'s become that and then also shorter contracts when the League change the collective bargaining agreement shortened the length of deals used to have players who could be in remember Jermaine O'Neal had a seven year deal and you guys would get six year deals and now you know you AC- star players who are cycling in and out of free agency will quickly <hes> because they're doing shorter deals we had over forty percent of the League in free agency this year and that's going to be consistent number going forward. All the deals are one and two year deals for the most part many of them and then there's opt outs and deal so there's this concept cycling in July of it and and so that has just changed it but I do believe. I don't think there's any question that started with Pat Riley putting. That Miami came together. You I guess recently last few weeks. We've been hearing kind of a backlash to the way things are now done in the N._B._A.. And the power of the players there's a backlash to that in the way that <hes> <hes> the shift shift the balance of power is now so complete <hes> from the teams to the individual stars themselves. They're people pushing back against that. I think Adam Silver is said they've gotta look at the way that free agencies handle and what what what is going to happen there. I think the most first of all you know there's two issues of people talk about the tampering issue. I think there's two very distinct issues. I think most teams agents players. I think there's an acceptance that when the guy's going to be a free agent and his season ends let's say player gets eliminated from April or May and he's going to be free agent that July that there are going to be conversations taking place I don't. I think it bothers anybody. The rule say can't happen till June thirtieth at six P._M.. This year what I think people have the problem with and I think what is really problematic for the league is when there are players under contract who have a full year left on their deal. Two four years like Anthony Davis had two full years Paul George had two full years back in Indiana <hes> <hes> Coli Leonard had two years less than San Antonio and when there's a sense that teams as one G._M.. said the difference between tampering and interference don't interfere in my team and what's going on is your inner. There's interference going on in the middle of people seasons with their team <hes> off the bye one team or more than one team and it's been directed active by the agent and that's not new in this league this has been going on. I think that's the issue more to the addressed. Then what's the time line of one we can start free agency talks players who are are in the free and clear at the end of their season. I I think that will be addressed. I think the League wants to address that <hes> and and maybe create something that is more functional to actually the reality of what goes on but the bigger issue to me is with players with multiple years on their deal who are being you know told or pushed or <hes> encourage from the outside to find a way out of that place. I think that's the real problem not not that there's deal dot that. There's free agent deals done before July one. Anything's do things are GonNa fix it well. I I think they're trying to and I think they know they need to <hes> yeah. I do think they'll be changes to fix it. I guess what's the definition of fix but I do think it'll addressed and I think free agency. Whether it's this coming year or the following year you know probably the mechanics of it might look a little different but we gotta let Adrian get back to his phone and his twitter account. It's it's a pleasure Sir thank you for.

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