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UH-HUH U. K. astrologer now this week I'm working with young lady where calling her and me and welcome back to land a stupid Mary the PUC scored asset may be what for me that you'll find you don't Mary still come very still communicate sending sign which is I'm GonNa tell you much until trust do not something she got pretty much one sided child comedy because of that size but all that stuff doesn't matter I'm just happy to be with her at all my dad and I have always had check out she says I'm twenty years old I recently moved away from home so I'm now living an apartment with two friends it's been great onto university where I plan to study engineering education and technology I'm working part time as a way to it doesn't pay very well intimacy bedtime I'm doing sovereignty starting at a group for long for young LGBT people which fulfilling about five months ago I met my girlfriend and she makes me extremely happy though has been a bunch of sneaking around since her family accord homophobic we have to keep our relationship with secret to her into relationship and the last is so it's basically become nonexistent it consists of a single very short unclear my birthday you said that and they were always been very close to my mother moving away has really helped relationship a bunch SOM- enjoying it and countless take a year off before continuing intact contesting she was enjoying the chance to cover I was GONNA use your child 'cause you're counting on t t something to think McCain's points great she can't continue to start Davis Goulash quite a little squares going on sunscreen malls already majority of the planet so below the horizon with the Moon in verbal in the eleventh the hassle groups so andy feels better when she's how she feels she might be more inclined to say what she thinks robin she feels the sentences Scorpio so again we have career when did you save start studying he said hammocks what we're going to be working business ticked about cost is a family dynamics so let me just read you assaulting proportions because I went to balance work that way amputee mentioned to coach climbing the mountain that's the economic capital they ship might be rookie posted thing it to pencil positive or negative definitely relationship is things could be the funding dynamic zooming I'm emily is awesome signed Capco Cap Not Ambitious people relax taught by relationship with your mother for your child and I was wondering how you could do the same to my father and me how do I deal with the hiding wash my relationship and the ages elephants at the end of this year quite then as more into night them gibbes kept the aspect team he'll that's an s and he squeezed current tour so he's suffering women he's got the same issues emily so it's making me want to take life more seriously and Unisys is just about to chances wave the next five years through seven past relationships so issue to do with male energy and Venus is squaring Saturn's Kinison while a moss in the sign of Lebron the undesired Kenny Perry told so let's start off with enlist challenge and will just do a little skip brown to animals did you know if you could also tell me a bit about work money my family's always being poor and be living paycheck to paycheck job up -cations and stop on no kids well we know Kate Eh on and off for whatever reason now I'm going to go next onto that turns which has caused this kickoff on Venus and Mercury goes over these sentiments lush to potatoes beans suchy relationship is being hidden I think on this fund the transit for today's Mesa Chart Transits we got more is just about she's got some square moon so he's GonNa Finish you with women anyway or his own mother knows and is charged maybe stop was bossio since maybe communicate we can't use houses have time and that's me new Pisces Pluto and libra jettison libra niches chest to the end of Scorpions Tracy source so industry minute but he himself has moss in gymnast well Venus Incans appropriately now is the time to coach in maybe not this year next year thirty four degrees into the sign of tourism besties I wouldn't be now out of a seated next taken a year off now come onto the counting Saturn and Pluto at in your mind a new comedy take off for before continuing onto university rampant said without this no kids twelve house Mars mission energy in the sign of bleep it's relationships twelve semi gave it she secrecy thing my chemical bit tricky if we get famous people we've got a John Lennon protests of the poor courtney this is Linda McCartney was the next she is a coon it didn't Gel it's Charles we don't have time birth Garriga Daddy's son some Jim nine she's number fifty which is into Erin Sullivan she's the author of episode sixty seven astrology in your family destroyed your family assigns a speed you know as fast as far signs but he attends steps heavy will tom but he mccrae's in a slower sign so it does actually need time to think about things maybe it'll come out say stuff but when he's at Tom to think about it is different I'm a moment is some suchy Neptune she has muttering cap consortium around from you the Lady Helen caught me is Jim nine the head and laid she had a leg amputated cars maybe into next eight can tackle it more about way you are at an were you're doing but as a Combo Gemini in have yourself he's Mercury's in different signed from his son side because the way the McAfee will need to be known son plenty to side of it so if you're which he is accidentally triggering in you so you feel as and in Emily's case she's got her such terrorist so ready long built for an awfully her mercury's in different sign from her some signs it was more tricky actually say there's a big emotional turmoil and power struggle between you and him but that's distant upon his personal you know if we're GonNa do past stuffy your a cocoon Europe at Emily's a camp run with McEwan satchy Munster's Sachi with Mega camp that and I have always had a strained relationship in the last eight years asides basically become non-existent consistent single very short Franco year on my budget untouchable plant was it by keeping him secretly people to win their kids since I say to them pat frightens but they must be like mind to transition just adopted funchess had more musically accent group Seo because we call is correct now that's moon could shift a little bit because we're not just hoses exams about you on the outside so any anger feelings that you love because he's too busy so near to your malls it's going to accentuate in the malls labor so his Jupiter's space into twelve ounce making bigger how you feel about many onic boom and his moon but it would definitely still be in Pisces Senate's look at the dynamic between the two of you deepest promising isn't dot towns a cheap great supposedly why it gets a little bit at a a Combo between Emami Dad's happy the season debuted at no time is a good bit late in the day the mood a bit further into Pisces. So we got some conditions pulse ably between the main tube another another consultation pursue attacks me so it's just to your question was about and Pisces Mitch the minute you and she's going to be on his Macri and his Susser actually it's that time mumble dude mom labor and so she wants to get and you'll note his moss stone dynamic as soon as exactly as exactly the opposite so the way to make it better for you and him it's time to stand from his point of view that he has an internal conflict oh so that's the dynamic between Jim on capital one's going so much faster than the other as such slowly tips so actually as you age your relationship get older your relationship with him will improve passenger entirety as a separate entity toss out batsman we learn more about them as a person not them apparent now if we're looking at payments we need to do is to find out the sign of all own Saxon okay so emily your own Sutton is in the sign as postal relationship people's vicious pans we can imagine order these things are going on from the Austin if we take the child in its in his is twenty four seventeen eighteen hundred teacher Richard would get seventy degrees it's been the real so you need relationship and not take down anyway ny P. Fuss about people that gave any description and increase them case about sedation plus your moon onto his Pluto is you'll seventy between is someone who's been so he's continually not trusting how he feels tending himself off about how he fails that's his mental diamond when moving motza positive thoughts beatings amounts you've Pine eight six both reincarnation type stuff pulse life thingies and his mercury in Sutton forty seven which is about relationships L. Nice Munin towards you didn't mention in your email with listed together the politically on even deba would have been his expectation because we have to remember what we have in our inviable you wouldn't be here and allow him to make it easier to be up to contact you join Saxon Mistake uh-huh health now his sutton to Denson is innocent tourists so what he wanted from his was something that was going to pay the bills and provide a house and inherited from and be stable and secure action would some semblance of not knowing what's next and being formed thank the will improve anyway is going to be transiting his macrey his thought patterns they'd be more open to the idea about freedom and and Charles is projected onto the people the way on moon is so you wouldn't can be miss making you feel as if he suffocating you emotionally not allowing you to be the person that you all will stop conversation not now the Senate seat what the dynamic is between you got my sinister chop because we have the old time memory that makes life lock tournament Mummy Mum's polluters actually means miles away from your say which is good we immaculee thing going on the mattress You want a parent this time especially to be a leader in some way to be a bit of a blow posted Thurston free durbars ascendance you have made Modesto time guy so a big emotional powerful guy on the difference is but the dynamic with his Pluto is and destroy NATO Childho- Bundy your fourth anyway so my advice would be right data Latino posting it put incidents MOMS UNICEF Foshan didn't happiness so provided you don't suffocate each other things that good harrison stolen not wobbly but he's got moon in Pisces Soup Product Quantum Send to discipline understand games south to feel better about he brought you into the world with a

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