Steelers Injury Report, Week 1 at NY Giants: Saturday's Report


Pittsburgh steeler fans what is going on this is Jeff Hartman Co editor of behind the steel curtain dot com with you for the last week one injury report as the steelers prepare to now travel to New Jersey actually play the New York giants on Monday night football on week one everything was delayed a week. That's why it's a little off if your maybe not really focused on what's been going on why? In the world of the steelers not released injure injury report it's because everything was a day back. So typically the first reported. Practices on Wednesday then Thursday in the final designations are released on Friday because everything's a Dave back, push back day because of Monday night football, it's Thursday Friday and Saturday. So here we are Saturday in the Pittsburgh steelers in New York giants have both released their final injury reports leading up to the game, and this is when players get a specific designation whether it is questionable or doubtful or officially ruled out whatever the case may be. Now, the Pittsburgh steelers had been dealing with two players on the injury report for the entire week. In those two players remain the only players on the injured or for the entire week, and this is really when you think about it the best case scenario for the Pittsburgh steelers. Led into the season, this is what most teams I feel. Really really hope for in regards to they hope that their team is as healthy as possible with the steelers liked to have Dave decastro. Absolutely. But if he's the only injury and it's not a long term injury. They've got to be happy with where they are. You're as healthy as possible heading into the regular season especially after a year with no preseason games. Having preseason Games, Candy viewed as a detriment. The team's not going to be as prepared things are going to take a little bit longer to kind of get into a rhythm but ultimately are also be say should be decreasing your risk of injury all throughout the process. into the steelers did that. So on Thursday, the very first reported practice yet, Deontay. Johnson missing with a foot injury Dave decastro with me at that time it had already been reported and we behind the steel curtain dot com had already written the article stating that it's unlikely Decastro even plays on Monday night football, but we still have to wait they're not gonNA rule him out on Thursday Friday comes around September Eleventh Dave decastro continues to sit out but you don't say Johnson returns as a full participant practice and all of a sudden fantasy football owners in Pittsburgh steeler fans kind of Thank. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. deontay Johnson's back. But they weren't out of the woods yet deontay Johnson he tested the foot. So anytime, you have a foot injury, a muscle injury, a joint injury there's a lot of times with the player will say I. Think feel good enough to practice, and so they'll put them in there. And let's see how it goes. Let's see how it goes. Well, the problem is sometimes last day they could have set back they could re-injure it. They could not feel good the next day and so that final day is important. Not only for the game status, but also for how healthy are they Well David Castro remains out he was ruled out of the game officially ruled out of the game on Monday night Bud Yanti Johnson was a full participant in practice again in even better yet does not have a game status. Does Not, have a game status. In other words he's not questionable. He's not doubtful. They got rid of probable. That's not even a status anymore he is good to go now Ben Rothlisberger did not practice on Saturday don't freak out fans don't Greg. Swerve. Your car. If you're driving listening to this, it was a coach's decision. They gave him a Veterans Day off he had practiced on Monday. They just WanNa make sure that he's good to go and he's ready he is ready he has no game status. He's good to go the steelers Deonte Johnson is good to go David Decastro out. That is the extent of their injury report heading into Monday night football that's good news. What about the other team? The New York giants as well had a bunch of players that were. In and out of the lineup with illnesses and hamstring injuries and the biggest name on this list was golden tate the wide receiver. Golden. Tate. Former Notre Dame player. He's played for a bunch of different teams mainly the Detroit lions I believe last year he was with the Philadelphia Eagles he's bounced around the League he's found a home again in New York the New York giants. He has had a hamstring injury all week on Friday. He was limited on Saturday. He was limited again, and now all of a sudden he's listed as questionable heading into Monday night football. He's joined by take crowder linebacker and tight end Levine Toilolo. Who is they're all hamstring injuries and they're all listed as questionable. They have ruled no one out. The players that were sick with an illness or back in their full go ready to go for the upcoming game. But Man Golden Tate is that player that steeler fans have to be sitting there thinking This is going to be important to watch when the steelers in giants an hour and a half before off half to release their inactive. If, his hamstring is not right. The giants are not GonNa WanNa push it because a hamstring injury as steeler fans know from a multitude of players can linger enact that can lead to not just missing one game missing two three maybe even four games until he gets at right. So Golden Tate is the player on the other side of the of the fence. So to speak that, you have to keep an eye on with that hamstring he again with crowder Antonio are all questionable with hamstring injuries. So good news for the Pittsburgh steelers at least on their injury front if you really care about the New York giants and you're talking about golden tape and how is this going to impact you from fantasy football standpoint. Now earlier in the week, we talked about how David Decastro being out could impact the running game is it going to impact the passing game will steffen was new ski be able to pass protect keep that pass rush off Ben Rothlisberger let me say That the Stephan was new skis strongpoint even at this stage of his career is in pass protection it just is. He's a really good pass protector. If you're concerned about Rothlisberger staying clean, you shouldn't have to worry about with New Jersey we have to worry about Zach banner I don't know that has yet to be seen those those players being on the right side both being new that may be a question mark. But Stephan was news he's going to be on the whole zone as a pass protector. So Rothlisberger statistics in his ability to be able to stand up and not get sacked. A bunch shouldn't fall on was new ski I. wouldn't thank if you look at the film from last two years that's been his strength his weakness if there is one is in run in the run game, he's not too much A. Road grader but Dads Zach banners forte. So they're gonNA run to the right side expect banner to come crashing down wouldn't be shocked if they throw a tight end out there overtop his act enter to help him out at least get him comfortable in at ease early in the game. But as for deontay Johnson, I don't think there's any hesitation. No one should have any hesitation to play him this week whether you're in a traditionally whether you're in daily fantasy leagues whether you are just doing the Monday night game for. Joel draftkings where you have the multiplier I would not Deonte John's Mesmeh multiplier. But I, don't think anyone should have any hesitation playing deontay Johnson I. Think he's GonNa get plenty of targets I think he's GonNa get plenty of receptions will get the yards after the catch will he produced touchdowns I can't say yes or no right now because I don't really know what to think. Of this dealers offense heading into twenty twenty you think about two, thousand, eighteen it's even different from that. You have more weapons you think about the red zone with Vance McDonald and Eric Ron and Juju. Smith. Schuster. And James Connor out of the backfield and deontay Johnson chase clay will being a monster of a man and even James. Washington they're all going to pull targets away. I don't think this offense is going to be A. Focal point player or have a focal point player like they had one Antonio Brown was here where Antonio Brown was going to get his you knew he was going to get his. You could start every week and you knew that no matter what he was going to get at least seventy five yards he was going to get eight to nine receptions and there's a really good chance. He's GonNa hit paydirt. I don't know if they have that player at least not at the beginning of the season right now. But. The Anti. Johnson, if you're sitting on the fence about should I start I'm sure not that decision is up to you. But. Ultimately, his health should not wait into the equation and I hope that makes sense. So deontay Johnson is good to go David Decastro his out keep an eye on golden tate for the New York giants other than that teams healthy. Let's set him up knock them down week. One New York giants will the Pittsburgh steelers start out one in L.. Or were they come out slow again and start out one woolsey and we will be with you the entire step of the way. Let me lay out what's going to be happening here from PODCAST, perspective. Later on this evening, and this is being recorded on Saturday. Tony's Brunch with Tony will be aired on our podcast platform tomorrow Sunday. We're going to have other podcast is well, you're gonNA have the pre-game show with Brian Anthony Davis and. Then obviously, on Monday morning you're GonNa have let's ride with me leading up to the game, and then we're going to have our post game show. It's GonNa be great Tuesday morning we'll be live Mike with Michael Back. It's GonNa be a crazy week because remember after that Monday night game Tuesday. Mike Tomlin has his press conference Alva- sudden they went from having an extra day to being on a short week. 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Pittsburgh steelers make sure you follow us on all of our podcast platforms wherever you get your podcast spotify Google play I, tunes stitcher anchor even on Pandora no matter where follow city you don't miss a thing and if you're listening on I tunes majority of you are leave us a five star. Rating and give us a good comment or read them live on the Thursday night and the steelers preview. We appreciate all the love so far you all have been tremendous. Thank you for following on with these injury reports. I. Hope it helps even maybe a little bit with your fantasy football team to give you a little bit of analysis as to the injury report for the steelers. I'm excited I. Know You are too. So stick with us in the meantime stays eight be kind and God. Bless.

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