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Ep. 481 - Trent365! - Brand Equity of Hotel Spas - Martin Lindstrom - Part VII


Tonight absurd. Four hundred ninety one thousand three sixty five I chat with brand guru Martin Lindstrom to get his thoughts on the spire of tomorrow. From a brand perspective. We also talk about the idea of the brand equity of spas, and how he thinks we actually don't have a lot much like many of the hotels in which we operate. One of the things that that I'm kind of big onto is that the the hotel Spar tomorrow is maybe only twenty percent of what the hotel spires today. And in that sense. The other eighty percent might be wellness in some hotels might be nothing related to wellness might be more functional benefits and things like business centimeters a corporate lounge meets a beauty salon will something along those lines. I guess my question is really with that. Is it possible to have a brand because right now spa most people know, what hotel spires, they pretty much know what they're gonna find. When they go into a hotel spa. Can we still have the sort of brand recognition? We have today for hotel spas. If in the future there eighty different everywhere, you go the spine Nick store in the other hotel could have only twenty percent of the same things that you have. Festival, and I don't think a lot of the would chewy recognize heading into mazing spa caused as a handful of too. But I think I can punt hotels way, clearly Sadie Benning limiting secondary ecause US Nick spent with David to point out of officious by would say the normal. At a hotel would probably find is. And because offerings so good at bodily because offerings verses m I think already not considered really have little brand would see attitude, the the holds of the causes standards. You really have to say. Do think that certain hotels need to be better at pristine himself when you think about hotels Schutte position themselves in unique weight is very few of not you can take hotel staffing in Vienna. Austria was well known as chocolate cake, very clear of take the peninsula. Hoteling? Hong Kong was well known for the often. Okay. Very clear opposition take the Pete off the hotel. Memphis in was instance, the, but they might Christie's. How many of the hotels Danieli mentioned which really stands out in one win of is side having obeyed Obita heights of what they have. The to curious that's very little differentiation hotels. And the reason why is because people are not necessarily will lead is or even worse menace consumers of a watered-down everage of marriage model. So what I'm saying to you is yes when it's can send us but only stand on its Volta at tire minded, and that means every touch on in the hotel live the concept Willis that is not good to hotel. What's is all about each often takes in heavy drinking? And then you go into one little row was sold about wellness than we wanna be the illness. That does not work either. You hunt of debt is you're not anyth- harmless. I think you can kill us face. If you really smart, but I do think that only supervise you to really and truly invest or that means you need to have a hustle next. It emits. Dr onsides me, this expose in the word side, every take for example, a hotel like she was in China, those weight and all that stuff. Yes. They do have these expeditions on site in coastal full together there, and that been almost on a much really interesting beside the fact that they're renovating right now, it's been crappy hotel. I mean, the the rooms are not very nice the site is down of Tepa still pay fifteen hundred two thousand dollars a night to say, they're basically just eat a little bit of food and good of infiltrated losing rate. Ed. So what I'm saying? So is real quiet adopting a lot of Julius would shoot. If over again later on that.

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