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That you may have missed while you've been out doing whatever a talking about. A different model. From DOT COM ACOUSTIC, model and crisis to crippling impact of schools cutting sports. We talked about that the other day with Chris Fini, and it is one of the pervading pervasive themes throughout the world of intercollegiate athletics more about that today. Meanwhile this comes from three man front in Birmingham. We'll talk to kill Cuba who does one of the three men on that. They have learned that Alabama has has had three more players test positive for covid nineteen, the three players who tested positive for a symptomatic part of the second round remember last week. We heard of five other players and we're still trying to get a handle on. What some people say is rather a rather chaotic. Beginning to the college football season, we expected it, but still not good news. Activism seems to be the theme and Lane Kiffin said. We're off to a great start. Remember. We saw Kiffin the other day at a rally in Oxford and. There's more to be done now. This is a theme that we continue to see throughout college football in We'll see more of it. This weekend I can assure you especially at a couple of places that we have been talking about including Clemson Trevor Lawrence speaking today to the media. Saying I've had a lot to learn, and it's been cool to learn from these guys. I think coach Sweeney. It's easy to judge some things he does, but the biggest true testament to who he is or the people around him every day, the glowing views. We have of the person. He is certainly surprising comments. They're coming from the starting quarterback at Clemson. That's a story that has been with us. And meanwhile the confederate flag is finally gone at Nascar Races and I won't miss it for a second. That's Ryan McGee although I. Think a lot of people out. There would echo. Those thoughts been I've been on. Various shows today from ESPN early in the morning to others talking about that, and we will get our first chance to dig it on the subject here in just a few minutes at eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five, so that's how we set up here. On a Thursday afternoon I mentioned that we'll talk to Ryan McGee a little bit later on. He wrote that piece for ESPN. He'll be with us. Cole Cubelic as well Pat, forty one of the great writers in the country from SL and Michael Collins on there. There is real golf today for the first time from Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, and we'll talk to Michael about that. But, I mentioned your phone calls at eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five. The it has been before. We even get started I didn't interview today A. Callers to the show with the New York Times and I have to say how energize I have been over these last three weeks. It's been difficult I. Think I think we all know that for all. The subject matter has been uncomfortable to say the least there have been some good days and bad days, but I do appreciate everyone's honesty regardless of how you feel. That's not really what we require. Here is point of view. We just simply. Ashore, in hope to get an honest conversation, and that's what we've been getting, so let's get to the phones. I mentioned the number eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five. We are starting today with. With. Larry who was in Maryland Larry Great to have you on again. Thank you and welcome back to the show. thank you Paul A well to respond to a caller who said what said were slaves who fought for the confederacy. Responded to that question. some black slaves eight. It's a confederacy. Most of them were forced to accompany their masters over forced to be cooked. Manual Labor's ought to do the things. But me! Would not. Larry there. there. You Larry. Let me help here for a second disregard, the TV in the background that it's just going to distract you. Okay. I, but would not legally allowed to serve as combat soldiers in the confederate army. This is not the Slayton that no slave filed a gun for the confederacy. Yeah. Listen. If, you go back to that period of time and if you were. It's not like a slave I'm not that I was there. I just read. It's they really have much choice in the matter, so you're right, very interesting point. If you look at the official records of the war or Rebellion which is collection of military records from both the confederacy, and the you, they're only seventeen union soldier eyewitness reports from a small number of plays fire net them. However there is no record of union so to the Cowan an all black group, confederate soldiers, or anything close to it. Okay well listen I. You know I I I said this before, and I'll say it again. the civil war is. In an leading up to it is my weakest subject in American, history And maybe it was just voidance because I. Didn't have a I didn't as I've said I wasn't involved or my family wasn't involved, but I'm going to go back in. And Dig in here because I think there's a lot I need to learn, and I appreciate that Larry and I'll I'll report back to you tomorrow. GATOR man is upset of next in Mississippi gator man. You are on the go right ahead. Hey Paul I wanted to talk about NASCAR's decision on the confederate flag and to me it just all the more shows that NASCAR is out of touch with their audience. NASCAR is it's a southern sport and. A lot of the P. It's predominantly a white sport, but for the most part it's. The common man and This shows that they've just gone way off on their liberal. way of thinking and. It's not to set well with Their fans and they're going to lose even more people because. The only reason they're going towards all this stuff because the ratings are going down and they want to get more fans, but they're not gonna get any more just Gejerman. Let's talk about this for second because I I was on a program earlier today and you know somebody close to Nascar said. They thought this was going to be a really positive thing. I agree with you, not exactly in everything you said but I don't think it's really gonNA HELP NASCAR I don't think Nascar can be helped right now. I think it's A. And I'm not talking about the ratings. It has received the. When were no other sports? I'm talking about generally speaking I think the sport is in deep trouble I. Think this was something that they felt they had to do. I covered NASCAR many years ago and I found it to be the most segregated. Sport that I've ever been around. and I did a story about twenty years ago. Interviewing the head of NASCAR in many other people about the lack of the lack of people of color and they didn't care. Their audience was white Middle America. WHITE MIDDLE-CLASS SUTHERS! And they didn't. They didn't need to appeal to anyone other than that that core group. They've started. They started losing that group as you know when they tried to go mainstream. When they tried to go to Vegas in Chicago and New York and California. I mean NASCAR. has not done anything right. I don't think in the last twenty five years I i. do agree with this decision, but I don't think it's really gonNA. Help Sport. Yeah I think they do way better. If they went back to their way of doing things, they stayed more in the south as far as they went to. Some of these like Rockingham North Carolina the exact. Same well. I it's. It's a sport right now. I mean I I i. don't cover it anymore. I'm mildly interested in it, but I love the the when I covered it. I mean you had the allison gang. You had Richard Petty. You earnhardt coming along I. Mean it was a it was like wrestling. Everybody favorite driver. If you're a dale. Walter Fan, you hated the other guy. If you were earnhardt fan I, mean it. Didn't you know now to me? It's A. Very corporate sport I mean there's an occasionally interesting part of it, but but but I, am mentioned it hearing what what the core NASCAR fans thinks because. I mean when I heard overnight was. This is going to open the sport up too far more fans. I don't believe that you. Know 'cause most of the people I know this isn't GonNa. Make them any more interested than it was. A bunch of cars running in circles in I. Don't know I mean. I'm all all that. Other people speak, but. I I I maybe I'm judging too far in the past, but. I mean I can't imagine. Your people of Color. In the past having felt comfortable going to a NASCAR race. Yeah How would you feel? Yeah. Thanks for the call. I hope it I hope I hope it saves sports a great sport, but I think this was just something that had to do about the way that you said something a minute ago. I have never heard my entire life. The phrase Liberal Nascar in the same sentence. We will take a break mortem. More of your phone calls at eight, five, five, two, four to seventy eight five back after this. You're listening to the Paul. Finebaum show podcast welcome back great to have everyone here on a very busy Thursday afternoon. Willie is up next now. Willing. Thank you could after him April. I'm well Nice if you've got. Yeah last time I talked to follow. It's been years ago. We talked y'all talking about the. Things that we're having to Alabama with Kirby, go into Georgia and stuff like that. That was a long time ago, but right now. Just calling about this all the uproar going on about the confederate flag in the book burning is going on, and you know the tearing down the statues I don't agree with it. And before it gets out of out of control I'm I'm just declaring right now. My my name is Willie. Manning I live in Washington and I'm declaring that I don't I'm not for it? If I had to choose the side now it will be on the side of the Southern Gentleman That's that's that's. That's how it would break it down. That's why would go it. Because this the burn and he was with the cool heads and I don't see. Everything is an emotional on the other side and. When you start doing things like the doing. Renaming military bases. It's. It's a shame but so I'm declaring. Before so so that it'll be no before things get out of control. Who Sat on? Definitely not! It's an interesting conversation and I I. Mean I've seen this happen many times before I. I'm not I'm not wild about going back with you because it is a slippery slope willing for this reason. You could go. You could go through the Washington DC with every monument up and find a reason to take one down. Where will inflow? Yeah. It's A. Full for the game. This is a sports show so I make a sports for the love of the game. Begun to be cooler heads, because just like Michael Jordan was saying when he was a says something in India. He said you know Republicans. Be They buy tickets? The Basketball Games to. Southern We. I'm a southern. We we. We bought tickets to these games to just won't be the same if if if the spirit as Matt Fair, and and let's face it. There's no defense anymore in the NFL. When the scores seventy eighty, and then you've got? Broadway on the field, I don't WanNa see Broadway shows on the field after a touchdown with the choreography in in in in over a touchdown Ms. let's get serious. You know I I came up with the pros in touchdown, and it was a class act. But So, let's face it for the love of the game. Somebody's GonNa have cooler. His is too much emotion. Willie, thank you, thank you very much. Read is up next. tanks great to have you on. Hey, by. Well Man Back to the NASCAR topic and confederate flag I grow up. I still live here about thirty minutes away from out I guess speedway. make it a point to go the race at least once a year. They have to raise their year you brought up. The topic of you know how many people that are of African American. You know feel comfortable going to the race and I don't know if you've ever been to Talladega of the Infield to the camp ground. There's people of all races colors, and it's everything that happens. There is a good time. Nobody's really necessarily worried about race and I think that NASCAR pulling this start was more because they felt like they had to. Especially having A. Level Lawless. African Americans driver I'm actually a big fan of in the inner circuit I. Think it was just all more of a media stunt at anything else. and. I don't know what your take on that. I have been there many times. I agree and. I think I think I think. I think I. Think tracks have become more multi. Cultural in recent years. Than they were maybe in the sixties or seventies, but I think you're exactly right. one person really created this cause. And he did it very effective Lee at the right time, and by the way I mean I. I know what Nash Car said yesterday, but but in the aftermath of the. Tragedy in Charleston five years ago. They also said we don't want you to bring. Confederate flags attraction and didn't I. Don't think it affected one person. Right and I don't I. DON'T Know How A. Because I, mean like you said you've seen the campgrounds out. there. Yet are battling read. Are you going to sand? Are you going to have a an I. Don't mean this disparagingly toward I think. It's Talladega County, isn't it? Whatever the county is in. Over there. Are you going to send the? Are you going to a county sheriff to to to drag somebody's confederate flag on I? Think I think at a race. They probably have more important things to do. Right exactly and especially at. The some of the activities that go on out there, but out of the point that I was trying to get through. Really GonNa enforce that the campground you and I don't think you can Probably! Yeah exactly and I think you might. You might start with public drunkenness. Public Nudity all kinds of other things before the flag. And I you know I know a lot of the security? People worked out of data and I think they would decide that. They probably have better things to do. Then get into a brawl with with a bunch of people over a telling them to take their flag down now. It's a problem. It's an issue everywhere. I mean how many College Football Games have you been to? How many fraternity rose if you've been to where? The flag is is omnipresent. It's just a way of life and. Thanks for the call I man. Is Calling next good afternoon. Paul you know for the record I have had I haven't held a confederate flag in over forty five years and I'm sure your interview was bought the New York Times. I'm sure you're you're fair and reasonable with your callers, and you understand the motion, and who real people are and I think you probably very complimentary live most of. All your show because I think most of your show. If not all of it agree that something's got to be changed. Paul I won't turn back sometime. We you actually start covering sports in Birmingham for the Piper in the early eighties. Okay, so you were also hanging out with Jim Five and John for me foreign again and you're going to see you were going to bring you. You probably well aware of everything going on Birmingham. High School wise are somewhat so you? You kinda Nikolov athletes and coaches, and and and everybody in the town of sorted. And you got a better grasp on it. The longer you were there. When he was hanging out with John -fornia Jim Fife and doing radio show troop Did. Anybody ever mentioned that that outstanding athlete Jim from Tuscaloosa to you. I'm in. I'm pretty sure they did, but you know that's a long time ago, so it's obvious I just forgot. You forgot, but you remember my first call. You remember gyms for. Your first call was twenty years ago. This was. This was twenty years ago I. I don't know. Precisely I mean nobody ever mentioned if Jim was mentioned to you? Was it Kinda like this, and there's this winter like rover. There you. You'll know you'll know when you hear it. All have a great day. Thank you. Oh Man let's. Check in with mark next in New Orleans. Hey, mark great to have you on. AM. I'm well, thank you. Iowa listen yesterday you would call to. A call from California. Who Was Jewish? And at the end of the conversation you said to him well, I don't want condescending of sending. And say sell on to you. I just want to apologize to personally on. Because, I have called you. And I have. Ended with Salon. But I only meant that. If you, if you misunderstood what I know, well, let me let me stop you, Martin. I I was. I was kidding about that. In fact, I was I was trying to buy time. Because Shalom has two meanings as you know, and as several meetings. and. I was not. You cannot offend the I just want you I wanNA. Make that clear, okay? There's there's no way so I if somebody says something of of another language as long as I understand it, I'm great with so you have never offended me one time. Well I thought if I may have accidentally come across. As an hearing condescending, that's the last thing. No way in the world I wanted to do I would also. You know in this age of turmoil. I'm in New Orleans. I think the people in this city should look up. The history of a young sprinter named Herman new gas. Who refuse to go to the Olympics? As a spread on. Because, he was Jewish it opened up the slot for Jesse Owens on the four hundred relay, but he wouldn't go, because he said if I can't go and openly be a Jew anywhere. I'm not going to that place now that kid. He was twenty one. He exhibited more principle than ninety nine percent of the damned the world, but you know. His life began. Early on somewhere and he picked up principal and you know when we didn't go to the Olympics. the year the Russians invaded nine, hundred, ninety, nine, a Stan. That's right. He was standing right next to Jimmy Carter with the same reasoning. If this is not a free country, we'RE NOT GONNA go and I just wish people here in this city knew that that is a real hero for all America, but also from my own home town because we've got our problems here, too. We need like everybody else to find. People are principal and acknowledge them and get behind them and live. In a principled life so anyway, I just want to leave with that and I'm happy you want offended and I try to show as much as I can be. Thank you I. can't I appreciate it very much a great to have you on enjoyed it bye-bye. Break more on the confederate flag with someone who is very happy to see it go. We'll talk to Ryan McGee coming up here in just a moment. Listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. And we are back here on a Thursday afternoon lots to do. And since we started today, the big topic has been the announcement yesterday from Nascar that confederate flag needs to come down and quit. Flying Ryan McGee writing today. Under the heading the confederate flag is finally gone at Nascar Races and I won't miss it for a second Ryan joining us right now. Ryan thanks for the time great to have. been too long. Okay You've covered NASCAR for many many years, and it has a lot of issues. But in your in your column today you certainly talked about the discomfort. You often found and especially with friends of color in colleagues when you were at a race. Take us through your your your entire thought process. And what do you think at all means? Well I just if we're all means. I just today I never thought I would see. you know NASCAR's kind of halfheartedly. Taken, somewhat of a stance on this from time to time via the statement or be. After church shootings in Charleston several years ago. South Ghana. STATEHOUSE NASCAR was like well. If you bring a confederate flag to the souvenir tent will trade another flag for it, and now a lot of people did that was about as strong as I thought we'd ever see, but the leadership's different now and so you know. I, I know these people. I've known these people forever. You know I was on the payroll at Nascar in the two thousand and I know where the vast majority of these people's hearts line and I know the people in the garage and people on pit road and people who work at the racetracks and they're not. The people that. The rolling of the eyes that I received my entire life in is because of that confederate flag. It's misrepresentation. Of what the WHO the people are in that sport and I think it was a misrepresentation forty years ago, but I think he's certainly has been you know over the twenty five years that I've covered the sport and so I've seen it change, and this was Kinda, the last step to let everyone know for me, not have to apologize anymore, you know. Know, what do you think is like for me? Or for Brad Daugherty all-star that colognes and ask our team for bubble, Wallace, or for the family of Wendall Scott and all of our lives we were working at the racetrack, and we think it's been like for them, but also for me to have to every time I tried to explain none of them. It's not what you think it is, and they're more tolerant. You think they are in all. Anyone's ever had to do point at all the confederate flags. And so now they can't do that anymore, and then I'm all for it. I'M GONNA. Ask you explain something because we have a lot of people that are watching. Maybe listening from all over the country, and when they see a confederate flag. They. They see something that. Maybe you don't as southern I'm not trying to act like I'm not a southerner, but I'm not a southerner like you. Who had relatives? That were connected to or fought in the civil war. I mean that's all. I. Heard about it. Growing up and I really didn't care because it didn't involve me I. Mean we had enough problems getting over here to this country than worrying about what happened in the eighteen sixties, so tell me. You are you are a dyed-in-the-wool southerner? You're connected to this and you wrote about that today and explain first of all. What does that flag mean? My family has lived in. The eastern part of North Carolina. since the late sixteen hundreds early seventeen hundreds when we were first generation Americans and you know as I speak to you right now. I'm just some on the north. Carolina coast. Just south of Fort, Fisher which was kind of the last line of defense for the city of Wilmington during the federal block aid. In the winter of eighteen, sixty five that fort was overrun by Union forces and I had a great great uncle. And a gregory grandfather, who were taken prisoner war, put on the ship and taking Elmira New York, the Hell Morrow prison camp. And they fall underneath that flag, and when that war was over, they were shoved out the gate of that prison camp, and they walk six hundred miles from Elmira. New York Rockingham North Carolina. My I come a direct descendant of slave owners. So I sell this sale that had to say this. Don't anyone out there listening come at me with the heritage, not hate argument. Because I know exactly what that flag means and there is no one is going to come to me and argue with me. That has a deeper confederate DNA that I do. And the reality is I've spent my entire life. Trying to correct the mistakes of my forefathers, and we all have, and I would hope that if they were alive today and listen. They were buried in Carlos Creek North Carolina in the cemetery where I'll be buried, and there's an American flag over the gate of that cemetery, not the stars and bars, not the not the flag of the. None of that. The flag the United States of America and my hope is I never met them, but my hope is that when they died. They understood that they were on the wrong side of history, and so no one out there. All this listening to US watching that watches Martin McGee? This is tomorrow. McGee I don't want to hear anything from anyone about I. Don't understand. The difference between heritage in Hey, because the reality is that any last little bit of honor that was in the flag that might have been there after the civil war ended one hundred and fifty five years ago, any laugh, a little bit honor that was left with lost. When that flag was used over burning crosses flag was used to to lynch black. Americans flag was used. To keep little girls from going to school and desegregated school so I don't want to hear about what that flag is. We all know what it is. But I've heard it in my entire life. Without knowing what you know without having the experience you have had. Conversations with with people that. Talk about their own forefathers had a different view than you and you know what I'm talking about. And I would be lying if I said I haven't heard for some of my relatives. I wrote Dot Com. Tonight listen that debates never going to go away but I don't WanNa have to have that debate. While, I'm trying to enjoy the Daytona five hundred. If anyone wants to have that debate with me, you know what we'll go back to Memphis. We'll go back to your town and we will go to the greatest civil rights museum. and. It's right there. Rain Motel where Doctor Martin Luther King was assassinated and guess what they got plenty of confederate flags on display in that museum, and we can have that discussion all day long, but I don't have to have it anymore. A Martinsville Darlington for auto. The close speedway Pocono raceway now I can just cover the races and not apologize. To my colleagues of color for having to go cover that sport. Right, how do you think it's going to trickle down I? Mean we've we've seen some pockets of resistance already. We're only thirty. Forty one minutes into this show in a few people have already called in you. You've heard from many I'm sure today. Is it going to have any impact on the sport? Well the for the first race back with any fans going to be in a week from week and a half, and it's going to be the Talladega superspeedway, which is essentially an Anniston Alabama and I'll let everyone google. you know Aniston and the unfortunate history has had on in the civil rights fight and there's no. Thousand fans going to be allowed to buy tickets, so they're gonNA be spread out throughout the world's longest grandstands, which is what tally forty four RV's park on the backstretch. There's no question. that. They're going to be people who are GONNA take that? Ain't gonNA. Buy that ticket or park there RV and try to turn into some sort of stand. You know they're rebels right there. They love being called rebels, and so at the end of the day. If you tell a rebel not to do something where they don't do, they're going to rebel. It said they're certainly going to be a little bit of that but I can. Can Tell you firsthand. Having talked to her fficials, all the way to the top is that they're prepared for it, and they're ready for the fight and in the hope. Is that It doesn't last very long, but but we'll see. Let's say this, too. When I the first time I was since the right track with a credential as a member of the media. I went to the Darlington raceway in the mid nineties. and was an old man with a card table. Sit Right at the interest of the garage and he was selling confederate flags. Because, he knew that's where the fans would congregate to get a look at deller heart or whoever? And after a few years I got disappeared. And when I first started coming the Daytona five hundred, there would be hundreds of confederate flags. And, I kind of walked around casually back in February. The Best I could come up with was about fifteen. So that erosion was already taking place, and now Nascar is just making an official ban and They know they'll be a little spike. There's GonNa be there's GonNa be more their Daytona. Probably the next February than there was this past everywhere. But but in the end the racists are outnumbered, and they know it and one day. That's all going to go away. Ryan Gate Thank you Ryan preach coming on. Strong comments from Ryan we'll get your reaction to all of that. When we come back. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. Though. We're apart these days. Sharing so at Geico we'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing your savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your diy haircut fails. Thanks for sharing your inner lipstick star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEICO. Give back the fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers, because we're committed for the long haul, the fifteen percent credit laster, full policy term visit Geico, dot com slash. Give back for more INFO and eligibility. The great thing about facts they're proven. Like the fact that crude oil contains impurities or their base oil made from natural gas is ninety nine point five percent free impurities. And the fact that pennzoil he's the person motor oil made from natural gas, not crude oil. It gives you on beatable engine protect. The proof is in the pennzoil. Based on sequence for where test using sap five W. thirty. We welcome you back great to have all of you here and Greg is next up. From Indianapolis Hello Greg Yes sir I've been wanting to talk to you for so long. I watch it every morning on ESPN. I'm going to talk about the racist stuff. That's why I told him. I talk about a another day I wanted to say Greg called me about Tom Brady because that's what I call it about. Okay. I just check this out I'll you're right down the street from the racetrack? And let me tell you. I am amassed. They had to get NASCAR because. It wouldn't no clouds no more. So, they had to bring somebody else in. And so they bought Nascar car, and they got all kinds of crazy stuff going at the racetrack right now just to keep it viable. I hate the race. I live if you've been in as you knew Mike's bar it. I'll you're right now is pretty for mice, bar and right up under the vied out. For you, go into the race track, so I'm telling you and I. Because the thing. I hate about it. Is I hate to no. I. Don't like to know where they men about the people. You Know I. Don't mind people enjoying yourself doing your little a. And and that's fine with me I agree with it. But you know if if it's never really been to me about. About everything but money. with with I am I will miss I. don't even think they wanted NASCAR, but they would lose money, so they had to get something else in. There got this big old racetrack and. So. They bought in I am I. Mean about in Nascar. which is I don't care. But. There's one to ask you Mr Fan but they on when you get a chance, just say Greg Call, me. 'cause I WANNA to tell you why why? Tom Brady is not go and and look up Scott Norwood. Why Tom Brady is not to go. Okay, I'll do. Hey, I I will do that. Greg we'll we go from Greg Greg. Greg in Athens Alabama. It's a Greg Square Day apparently Paul thank you for taking my call and. before I get at one talk to you about yesterday you got a lot of were taken to task by jumping because. You didn't know as much about John C. Calhoun as he wanted you to. And if he calls you back, you can tell him that. The United States Navy had a ballistic missile submarine. Named after John C Calhoun, that was an operation for thirty years. And There was a mixed crew on that boat. And I've got a friend who served on there and I don't know. Contact him and find out. What everybody thought about John C. Calhoun while they were serving on that boat. It'd be an interesting story I think. And, then you had a guy, yesterday talked about police and mental health in. you know when I went into the navy and volunteer for sub duty, you volunteer for sub do. They take you through a long battery of psychological tests, and you talk to therapists and all and. One Guy said I guess. They thought we were crazy for doing it, so they wanted to make sure that that was verified, but. but there's you know Military men and women who have to serve Especially when I serve in a combat situation, go through a lot of stress it. A lot of people never have to experience. and. Police officers have to do it every day and they are not a well respected in a lot of places and And some of that's because of what's going on and so and so imagine being a police officer one of these big cities. And your administration this supposed to allow you to do. Your job doesn't like to do your job and you also know that they don't have your back. That puts a lot of pressure on men and women who are tasked with. Being the symbol the line in our communities and I I don't think that has been discussed enough amongst the media and then. We'll be but. I just thought that he had some interesting points yesterday in. I think MAC from new. Orleans is probably your smartest New Orleans caller Paul. Yeah I was really a really enjoyed talking to him. Great to have you on. Thanks for sharing and we are. We will come back. We'll talk again. More of your phone calls today. Five five to four, two, seven, two, eight, five, hundred in the next segment. We're going to talk a little bit about College Football Cole Cubelic joining us. We'll get the latest on what's happening in Alabama another couple of Cova cases being reported back after this.

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