From the Bleachers #14: A Dirty End to An Odd Season


Be just brochure. I This strange welcome to from the bleachers. Here's Heimer host as always shame clancy coming to you from the bleeding green nation radio podcast network some victory Monday. It's a somber Monday throughout the Philadelphia. The area heffer last night's disappointing. Crushing heartbreaking whatever word. You WanNA use evening in Philadelphia as our are Philadelphia. Eagles lost Seventeen nineteen and what's going to be synonymous with this game for the rest of my life as an eagles fan and will be taken. He's placed inside eagles. Lower right alongside you know ran on Cunningham's injury ninety one one of those huge weapons. What if Jay van clowning does not got a legally cheap shot Carson wentz in the first quarter of that Game Carson Wentz has sat idly on the sidelines? The last two years in in the postseason watching Nick foles go three and one of those four postseason games and become the toast of the town and then this year starts all sixteen games aimed for the second time in his career at his first time since his rookie year. Back in two thousand sixteen. He does that. He overcomes massive adversity whether it be his lack of talent at his skill position players. Between Greg Ward John Burnett Boston Scott. The rest of the island of misfit toys as well as Tumultuous Locker Room situation at times between wean the comments assumingly by Nelson Aguilar and Alshon Jeffery and the reports from I guess the new public enemy number one in town I also clowney in USPS Zena Anderson all those reports from her that she certainly seems like a mouthpiece for Al Into that a little bit more in a minute but that was just so roughing threw four passes. This was supposed to be his coming out party. This was his first playoff game. This season to me was success because he was going to finally finally get playoff experienced. That one thing that he so desperately lacking his career the one thing people have faulted him for ever since he said on the sidelines during the Eagles Super Bowl. Run in two thousand in seventeen. Because I don't WanNa hear I would I going into this game. I knew I was going to hearing more from cowboys. Fans from giants fans from whoever on the Internet saying Carson's hasn't even started a playoff game is its fourth year and hasn't even played in the playoffs and it was finally finally went to get that monkey off his back. That Devil Office back in I able to play in a postseason game and do well and showcase his massive talented his magic in the pocket. Even do that for a national audience against a great coach Pete Carroll Arrow in a team that's dominated over the last decade in the NFC in the Seattle seahawks. It was supposed to be his game. It was supposed to be his afternoon night. Whatever you WANNA call it? Aw inclining took that away from. He took it away from all of us now. Someone who at the time thought that Clinton should have been ejected or out of the game but not even a flag. Not even a flight like for that. Are you kidding me net guys in the Revlon afterwards. I mean he's always been kind of a dirty player like I wanted Eagles to acquire him back. You know in training camp in August whenever he got doubled in the fact that the cost clowney was so little it was like a third or fourth round pick or fifth rounder in a backup linebacker her for player of his town who when the seasons went on the line for Seattle as it was the last one that this season as it was yesterday. That guy played well that guy bald out and they didn't have a player like that to be a game record. They certainly didn't have a player capable of injuring or even getting up to Russell Wilson. Not that I want anyone to be severely injured. Man That was rough and then to watch decay. Metcalf have seven catches for one hundred sixty yards and a touchdown M. V. Nail in the coffin the game against the birds as he averaged L.. wapping twenty two point nine yards per catch while Jr Theta whiteside sound a sideline with his thumb but And garnered zero total target throughout the game. I kind of want talking about Carson. But I'm all over the place I keep coming back to the front office. Misuse and I've harped on the data. Whiteside pick a million times I've harped on Nelson Adler fifth year. Option getting picked up. You know the lack of adequate drafting in the first run over the last several years it just adds up man it adds up. They were able to overcome all those deficiencies because of Carson Wentz in December. Now let's not forget. September November were infuriating and hair pulling out events. We have to give credit to the way they the year replica credit. The coaching staff Doug Peers in particular Jim Schwartz as well who always always coaches phenomenally at home. It's the second time this season. He's led up only seventeen points. Russell Wilson led offense to only lose by scored scored Josh mccown. In there of course played he would have won. He would have one that lasts drive. He would've gotten Josh. mccown admirable performance given the circumstances into great performance. That's his little he's forty years old talked about Carson wentz playoff experience. That's the first time he's ever gotten gametime. Ever Seen Action in a playoff game at forty years old did okay. This is really hot. Take Guy I'm just kind of voice of the fan base. Just let things off my chest. This is my hot take if Doug Peterson had a week. The repair Josh mccown and play yesterday. Eagles would have won. You lost by a score. That was worth seven in the fourth quarter. If they can birth top gang of the two point conversion Todd Game Wentworth Wentworth. Done that thank cloudy banks you clown own man and then metcalfe goes off and it was just supposed to be once moment moment all those people all those fans we've defended him at every turn since that fateful day in Los Angeles in December twenty seventeen it was for us it was for Carson. It was our time it was. We're all our faith in him was going to be rewarded. We're GONNA watch him. Put the team on his back with this crap. Supporting cast asked and won a playoff game. Single handily at home with alongside the fantastic coaching of Doug Peterson any was gonna be a great coach. A Super Bowl winning coach and appea- Kyle. I'm doing so it didn't happen. Through four passes four passes and his playoff season was over. His game was over. The season was over. The team. From the moment cloudy went down it was cheap. It was cheap four passes. That doesn't even count. That's what I need like yet. People were saying like oh well maybe the eagles are better off losing division the higher drip making changes the team. You know what I want to see the planet playoff game even simple odds aren't in grade I one Carson Wentz too friendly. His first playoff start. I want him to filing get his first wealth experience. I would have rather lost that game by three or four scores and had Carson wins on the field all time taken. His lumps getting used to the playoff atmosphere getting used to playing against the great defense in the playoffs. They lost that offseason. Hang on that the More talk of. He's never played the playoffs. He's never done anything in the playoffs. Maybe he would've lost and you WANNA play great but in the worst case scenario other than this this catastrophic injury. We didn't get we didn't get it. We were robbed at went was robbed of it and to think people are saying he's injury prone he didn't blow out his knee again again. He didn't hurt his back. A dude cheap shot them and got a concussion. How's that injury prone guy who has one hundred concussions? Greer is not some hockey he player seven or eight concussions in his past cheap shot he got wrong up and it's for his safety to not go out there. It's fun that he didn't go out there on the team. That and clear him. His brain needs to work one game his whole life out of them. He has his whole eagles career ahead of him man which curse on here. I'm not going to but it was. It should have been our game miles. Sanders performed admirably Boston. Scott while Alumna time soccer. I don't know how I don't know anything about medicine amount. Dr Obviously but I just felt like Zach yards played yesterday one head away from potentially seriously injuring himself in. I don't know if I'm just being over the top hyperbolic whatever. Have you feel like you could have died out there right. A lacerated kidney gets one huge hit in the kidney that ruptures. I don't know that could be for him. And he played at forty four catches for forty four yards. Now is that like a great zakar performance. No but the fact that he went out out there because he knew the rest of the supporting cast stunk and he put himself out there and he played through that. Maybe it was stupid. Maybe it was short sighted. I have nothing else to do but respected because admirable. That's courageous again. Maybe a little foolish by can't help of respect it. So thank Zack. Back you tried you try to bring this team along with me. You and Wednesday comes in next level in the next round the playoffs on offense and too damn shame the damn shame. I'm one hundred percent. Anyone else on this team was one hundred percent. That Wentz wasn't in there but doug didn't have played the game plan base around. Having Josh Awesome Account at quarterback again I think even if he has the game plan for mccown not even result. We can proudest. They could have done it because it was practice squad guys. They had wrestled with him all season. Is He's the back of their on. The backups were in hell is open and all the backups. Are here where we do. You got to make some changes Coaching staff for sure Personnel Aguilar's gone. I don't see how you bring Alshon Jeffery Brac total whether smoke there's fire move between him. And all the Josie using animals enersen reports josephina Anderson's passive aggressive tweets yesterday. She just had he he asked to go. I think and it's GonNa be incur- huge wjr cat fines by doing so and really mess up their cab even more than a might be. I know how he roseman is bill as salary cap wizard. You're wizard Howie. But but I don't know how he's going to myself out of that when attaching asset beagles do have ten draft picks up. I mean draft to lighten the load on how much they incur cap it from him Eh. Trade like a fifth or fourth with him for six or something like that. I feel like it sucks. receiving core The Shawn's back I'm guessing because he's impossible the cup with his contract either Ba- griffey took some sort of discount on to help out the teams copy I'm all for players as much as possible but from the Eagle's perspective they certainly like the Sean to renegotiate his deal a little bit Ortega whiteside don't count on him for anything you can't count him to be God next year maybe four five receive in the future. You'RE A pal. Asmat should take special teams a little bit so you have your own round one. The receiver distract someone. WHO's fast and plays in the F. C.? He say or the big twelve and I'll be happy. Just do that fast. Receiver plays in the south. I'll take it twenty first pick. The Eagles Select Fast Guy. Southern part United States just got it runs a four for the team around once when he comes back. It's it's obviously non injury the way in his back injury was last year or the ACL injury the year prior. He's an have all the offseason ramps he's GonNa have all the off season training and everything will be fine with concussions cautions Just silent him forbid but it's not like he's doing anything now anyway is the birds loss. they need to do so much they've autism is Malcolm Jenkins me back. Are they gonNA cut Trade him just so much going on. There's so much uncertainty around the team right now but ultimately you have to figure that the two most important figures on the team team in head coach in the quarterback are in place and as we saw this year if the rest of that team Kinda sucks misconduct crappy. Even the front office office isn't doing well in his mismanaging things. We have a great quarterback. If you have a great head coach in offense in modern one they do in Doug Peterson you can straight playoff off birth if things get a little bit better over the next year if they have a little bit more injury luck. Jackson healthy. Sean can play most the season they hit on a wide receiver in round one of their hit on a couple other players on the defense in the little rounds in the middle rounds. If Andre Lurton seven from Jason Peters in be you know a pro bowl cal player he could just be. You know a guy who's an above average started left tackle immediately. That's a huge win. That's an upgrade. Because then you'll have Dallas got it emerging a bit Zakar back healthy. They should be in a good position to win next year. All things considered. Yeah you know Mike. McCarthy's down the cowboys coach. It doesn't scare me that guy. He has super bowl ring. He wasted in tired of Aaron Rodgers Prom. Don't talk me on Mike. McCarthy Ron Rivera for Washington solid higher is is not amazing or anything but he'll bring consistency bring stability to an organization that is known for everything but that and ultimately as as long as Dan Center owns Washington They'll never be a real contender or anything like that. But I do think You know I think Dwayne Hassans is big time trash rash garbage so but I do think Ron Rivera. We'll get that defense. In order divisions or divisions games and I wouldn't be surprised to see what the birds limited trouble next year. I'm not saying and they're going to win. But Ron Rivera is a competent head coach. I'm Jillian Weinberger hosted the impact podcast cast from. Vox about how powerful people affect the rest of us this season. We're looking at the big ideas from all the people running for president. In twenty twenty hit this this opioid crisis head on public option move away from Moslem fueled energy efficiency and it's going to be a Great Wall and it's going to work. A lot of those ideas have actually been tried right before like that. Wall trump wants to build the gallows Arizona has had one on its border for decades. I don't understand understand why individual people have a right to have a fence and yet a country can't Senator Warren's proposal to end the OPIOID wait crisis. It's based on what we did to fight the AIDS epidemic. We would like to name it. The Ryan White Care Act and the green new deal. Germany tried something similar in two thousand. This is solution this season on the impact. We have those stories how the big ideas from twenty twenty candidates worked or didn't work in other places or at other times. These are the stories that will help us understand what might happen if these proposals get rolled out here in the next four years. Subscribe to the impact on Apple. PODCAST or your favorite podcast APP to get the first episode on Wednesday January eighth. This sucks man. This is not the podcast I wanted to do. As I'm sure you're aware I bring in the energy. I like having fun. There's nothing fun about this. Yeah I appreciate your lesson and kind of just using this as diarrhea soapbox just kind of venting right right now. I don't. I'm not sad. I'm kind of disappointed. Field a little bit numb a month wasn't a heartbreaker for me. It was just like can't believe this happened. I can't believe believer going down this way. We're not going down swinging. We're not going down fighting. We're going down with Josh mccown. Because some dude took a cheap shot on our franchise Rancho quarterback and it's so just frustrating. It's frustrating minnows. At that game and once I got like the assault weapons. Go Off mccown's in. I looked at my phone and saw the you know. Check twitter with all the notifications from the beat writers national reporters. My heart sunk men just like could feel it in my stomach and my gut just like man. I'm watching this loss. I'M GONNA watch a loss got so hype y'all day had a fantastic delegate at some bgn reader people who listen to this podcast when people check. Check out my from broad street with love. Newsletter could find that out on patriots dot com slash shameless Clancy who my newsletter comes in your email news box hin box every morning money Friday but had a great tailgate had a great food had phil stakes dropped off a ton of cheese sticks for everyone is able to bring some breakfast. Stromboli in a breakfast pizza from Isabella's pizza in Paschall GAV scrapple. I can cheese in home fries from Bali than a sausage egg and cheese in home Home Fries breakfast. Pizza obviously went in five seconds. They were awesome. No like a tight bend last pot yes. I love Stadium in Sun a couple of BGN listeners and readers or is there I said take this all in your first playoff game. Just enjoy the walk to the stadium because win or lose sometimes the best part of the day that feeling of optimism. Feel anything could happen the feeling that the world is at your fingertips The feeling that the Eagles going super bowl run that could all start here. This could be a magical adjective Dane. Eagles lower that could be a gain that you're telling your grandkids you saw telling your great grandkids if you saw. If you're lucky tone your friends. Every time they get drunk a number that they went to the eagles first round and went to up the Seahawks in his first playoff game got a big win and within mere minutes. We were robbed of that moment. We rob over memorable day in our lives memorable day in Eagles history which should have been a celebration carson. Wentz the franchise quarterback guy who's gotten knocked around the last last couple years whether it be on the field or in the media was finally going to have his time to shine was following his day. You know less than ten minutes in took a little cheap shot shot. That went uncalled penalty. which was a betrayal on levels at known has ever seen were just left Here being numb. I don't know this. It was rough it was it was a terrible game to watch live ahead to get. I couldn't wait to get out of the stadium and go home and just lay on my couch. Crush powered eight zero and just unwind wine and try to forget about it and sitting here right now. I'd love to be playing. There is sort of a relief. Once the season's over there's much of the mistrust down person normally kind of all over the place person certainly very energetic very naughty goofy. Whatever you want to say I think there is something to be said about. Wants the off season. Heads the little distresses me a little bit and kind of relax not be as high strung but the same time what. I'd rather birds playing right now. I'd rather be preparing us for a game in Lambofield on Saturday. Night or at Green Bay at Lambeau field on Sunday night. Talking about the Sean Jackson's coming back talked about how he's going to have to huge touchdowns. I would have loved to be doing that right now. I'd love to be talking about the Sean Jackson. Eagle's playoff game. I'd love to be excited. Anthony guys up bring that energy like I have for the last month and a half. Were those podcasts. have been the best. I've done all season the last couple weeks and for those does if less than me all season Of improved along the way I love doing this. podcast appreciate Michael Kissed a producer. branly gown are feeling syrupy Jan.. Forgive me this opportunity loved it. I love all you guys that listen people that tell me that. Listen the pot enjoy. It means every man I really wish you would do. Obviously the podcast stay on. It's GonNa continue on but it is the off season so I'm not gonNa have that immediate early in the week. You know that. Russia energy from Sunday's previous game in that optimism optimism for the game coming up later in the week. That's not going to be here but I'm GonNa do some interesting things for you. Guys know. Bring some energy to try to keep big throughout the off season Later this week I will be recording interview with a figure in the Philadelphia punk. Rock scene Big Time Eagles Fan. Dan soupy Campbell of the wonder years will be joining the from the bleachers podcast. I will be interviewing Dan on Thursday and it should be out in the pot for next week. Obviously things aren't it's time sensitive now because the birds words on playing every week but not true some fun stuff this off season when he guys maybe do some interviews with more famous people that are eagles fans people like Dan People in the Philadelphia music scene. That might have some connections actions to Maybe do some meter mailbags end. Bring on some guests. Bring my dad. who was on literally on Fox News at seven? AM on Sunday. 'cause he was literally the first first person in line at the tailgate. Atra Law the first car out there. Since four o'clock in the morning just sitting in his car taking a nap in the newspaper. I don't know waiting for again starring for a great day and it was a fantastic day at a fantastic tailgate. Those listeners in that came by thank you so much brandon gallon. Thank you combine. had a fantastic time and it was a great day but you know we have like that just to migos superfan song bring that do something different. That's why I like to think this podcast cast is different than most eagles. PODCAST ME Flying Solo. This is my Millennium Falcon ends. Just bring you the emotions. I'm trying to give a voice to to know the typical eagles fan typical Philadelphian. Someone who lives in breezy and dies with this team every living waking moment as I do and I'm sure tons and tons of you guys and girls out there as well So thanks for listening to this season pockets would still be gone have. I'm going to have a great interview this week. I haven't done a real big interview review for the podcast yet. Some super excited do that again. I'd love to you know expand this and reese more people If you are a somewhat relatively famous eagles fan and you're listening to this podcast Ryan Philipe. If you're listening to this podcast Mark Office. You're listening to a podcast. Please get in touch with me. I'd love to have you on the PODCAST Other than that had a great season should have been a season. From Helena timed. It felt like a season from Hal for the first three or four months but we ended on a high note in the last month of the regular season. Remember that forever. They won the division title. They be Dallas at home. We had a great season Boston. Scott Greg Ward throw always part out of eagles. Laura we telling our kids all member Greg words easy. It'd be telling your buddies like that Greg Award Season Gregg word was unbelievable. We didn't get a great word touchdown. Pass that's the one my one regret outside of one's getting hurt is that they should have thought up a trick. Play for Greg Word. Josh mccown Josh mccown played receiver. NFL before how about that affiliate special with Gregg. Don't touch down the Josh mccown. They ran that on fourth and seven out in Bazi by Doug and I kind of wish they did. Maybe Greg scored. Maybe Gregory starting quarterback next week Frawley now but enforce on the case Greg Word. Hope he's on the squad next on the practice squad but the real team and that double-pass Greg Ward touchdown throw For me for all the people out there to talk about Jeff McDevitt some other friends on twitter. Some readers listeners. I hope we get that Greg Word Justice next year he's back on. The team has long maybe stone to henry rugs or CD lamb or some other fantastic receiver the draft but again just a sign off. Thanks for letting in. This season guys really appreciated It's great to have this environment with BG N. to have this listenership to have the dedicated listenership Not to mention all the readers eaters who check our website daily and frequently an hourly Harvey when it said If you want to keep up with me in the off season follow me on twitter at shameless underscore clancy as has it previously mentioned I do a subscription newsletter for two dollars per month. I will send you a newsletter Monday through Friday morning every single morning news box probably around nine nine thirty ten. Am where I talk about. The Eagles saw Deuce offseason South Eagles. This year we'll talk about the sixers talk about the As you follow through and follow me on twitter if if you're familiar with my writing Throughout the Liberty ballers NBC Sports Philadelphia Philadelphia. Daily News Dot Com. You're aware big sixers guy and also some pop culture talk. I'm rhianna genre fiction. So was the game of thrones guy. Loved him into Laurean. Really digging the witcher right now All those kind of sci-fi fantasy drama shows does thrillers talk about the latest. TV shows The newsletter will do require Reviews for differ movies. I watch during the week excited to see nineteen seventeen that new one film. This weekend he signed up. You'll probably see review of it in the pot in a newsletter next week so son of his love. My Eagles talk a follow me on twitter twitter. Hit me off Eagles game next year. If you had a sixers game this year Grab a drink could hang out and say what's up. Talk about the birds. sixers life being in Philly. Whatever we got we all you need from the bleachers? Shame clancy offseason

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