Jealous Doggie


Have you ever looked at a portrait and wondered who was this person? Really it's really a love story Harry it was motivated by love and he became known for his undercover reporting. He got himself arrested rose as a tremendous stress ll coup. I'm Kim said Director of the national portrait. Gallery and your host on portraits find US wherever you get your podcasts. One ht's Frankie and jess show podcast here on iheartradio. It. Is Ninety civil ones hd Solich several one hit music station with Frankie ingests almost six eleven welcomed Tuesday August fourth looks like we're GonNa. See another hot day to day. But it's not gonNA be triple digits. It's going to be mid nineties the about ninety five for the high. I I don't know what we yesterday I think it was one, hundred, hundred I don't know what it. was triple digits. We had definitely and then of course, we had triple digits all throughout the weekends I. Think we broke records as this weekend with another kind of the kind of records we wanna be because that's toasty. I was sitting on the ground the last night at like eight thirty onto my son played basketball and I was like, okay by Butts on fire I'm Outta here. It was hot. It was hot. So yet today only about ninety five at sixty nine to get up right now tomorrow we're going to be at one hundred again and it sounds like for the rest of the week it's GonNa be mid to upper nineties. So we've got a lot of things that were going to get to on the show this morning something that i WanNa talk about it's just an article and I we haven't done this in a while. So at seven o'clock does your significant other have a pet? So they have a pet that you're jealous. Or maybe the pet is jealous of you and doesn't like you. So you've got you know your husband wife girlfriend boyfriend fiance whatever but they have pet. And you're jealous of this PAT. Maybe the attention that the pet gifts or maybe you just know that this dog, this cat whatever does not like you. Maybe the maybe the pets jealousy you it's kind of funny It's a funny story in the news spot on the topic and we haven't done this in a while. So if you've got a story with that eight to nine, four, five Z, H in front of the message were close to let's see giving you something to talk about that's going to be coming up at about six forty this morning. When we come back, we'll get into the early edition of Hollywood headlines. So what are we starting with? It's juicy week. There's a lot to talk about. So I got to squish everything in. So we're GONNA talk about all of the bachelorette drama because everybody's talking about the Big Change Jab. You've been listening to the ninety, seven, one, the HD Frankie and Jeff Show podcast right here on Iheartradio. Just doing the show live from the homes as you can tell in the weather today, not like yesterday or the day before this past weekend, but it's still going to be hot. We're looking at highs about ninety five tomorrow. We're going to be back to up to one hundred, and then it sounds like mid to upper nineties for the rest of the week. So just giving you a little heads up what looks like we're still in a heatwave which you know I don't know I. It's it's like the triple digits I couldn't live in Phoenix I could not. Most of their summer you know we are known to have our triple digit days but man when it's one hundred degrees, it is hard to do anything outside it really is well, and you're a guy that likes to get outdoors and you love to hike and camp and everything, and I will tell you my sister I was talking to today and it was one ten yesterday and Arizona's a very competitive real estate market like it is here in Utah Right now and a lot of people jumping on houses and she said there's agents out just literally standing out in the blazing heat with masks on hundred ten degrees waiting to get into to these properties. She's like it is crazy. Yeah today ninety five and then again back up to triple digits tomorrow maybe one hundred, maybe one hundred one who knows and then we'll be back into the mid to upper nineties for the rest of the week. So coming up at seven, it looks like actually for seven forty people are already it looks like that one text there's for passive aggressive Tuesday. It's already coming in but. We're looking for this for seven o'clock this morning. So does your significant other have a pet that you're jealous of? So they have this pet dog cat whatever and you're jealous of jealous of probably of attention that this pet gets maybe over you or for whatever reason or you think maybe the the the pet is jealousy maybe the pet just doesn't like you and it doesn't you. In the relationship. So if you've got a story with us, we haven't done it in a while there's a pretty funny story in the news with this that I'll mention when we get into the text eight, hundred, four five. But yeah, if you want to chime in to the show, you can do it just try to keep it a shortage cans hd in front of the message. and. Then we'll get to those commodity Pat Tat after seven o'clock this morning twenty minutes away from giving you something to talk about we're going to jump into the early edition of Hollywood headlines Right now, and it's brought to you by house of blinds this morning. Awesome. Okay. So everybody's talking about the shakeup with the Bachelorette well, Bachelor Nation of course he's not talking about this but everybody else. So they ended up getting Bachelorette Clare and she was on one Pablo season way back in the day she was the runner up and she was not having it. He's like, Oh, come here come here and she's like now and she told him off it was hysterical. So they decided to bring Claire. Back because she's in her thirties, she wants to get married she wants to have kids. So her season was delayed because of covid because obviously they couldn't have people close quarters. ABC was able to finally figure it out how they could film the show and make sure everybody stays safe and so they started filming. Well, that was short lived because she didn't even finish a whole season so they didn't have enough footage for full-season. She found her guy she's already engaged and they were like one we do we. We have to fill the show they probably filmed I think for eleven days. So that would have given them a couple of weeks of footage. And they were like we need a whole season. So I guess Clare GonNa Marry this guy that she met on the show but I'm hearing that this guy reached out to her before they began filming and their relationship already started. So it started before the show even. You know airing and getting the footage, and so they're engaged I. think he looks a little bit younger. He's hot. Oh. My Gosh, she's so hot. And so now they're gonNA put is Asia they're gonNA put in. So she was on coal she was on Colton season. She was the one I think they went bungee jumping together. What's IT GONNA take for you to pull the ripcord on the show I mean this show is ridiculous. Go to. Good man. The? Is. Okay so good and they gotta have something to tease you know. So when they like setting when when is it going to? Start airing these episodes that's a good question. So. As of right now, they haven't set a date because now what they're gonNa do this is the season that I mean like Chris Harrison says this is nothing you've ever seen before. and. That's exactly what he says every season and you forget every single time and you say that you talk like he does. Say that. Yeah. That's a bad thing because you see you forget every single time that we talk about it. I'm. With you. I know it's true. It's fifty first dates. So what they're going to do is they're going to air the footage that they have from Clare, and then there's GonNa Kinda like tap intake. And then she's GonNa take over. So what they're gonNA do is use the dudes that were for Clare Push them off to. And the. Any guys that she got rid of that Clare said goodbye to they're going to bring them back because they might be tasteless type so I. Think this season's GonNa be epic because they've never done this before. So would you start eating everything? That Chris says. Stop It. Does, he say you just. Never. You've never see it's never been done before. Before it's new. This is all new world killing. I cannot wait for this, but everybody are this is what's so crazy because everybody already knows Clare's dude he's Oliver US weekly people I mean he's all over the magazines and so they already know that they're engaged I mean we kind of already know the spoiler alert with Clare and how it's going to go down but with Asia, it'll be the mystery. So I mean they have the best of both worlds with this season. What's the point of watching if you already know who the dude is that Clare's is GonNa get. We'll. Save yourself some time until takes over your kids. You can see their love story. That's what we want. I mean. The ceremony I don't want the reception OK WANNA ceremony. Love story there. No. There's no love story come on. Yes. There was this guy this guy that she picked that she's already with let me guess let me guess he's a model or Right what is it looks like a model? I don't know his background because like you said, they haven't they haven't released all of the Bachelors Yet but he does look younger. He's Oh gosh, he's just he's delicious entrepreneur. That's what it's going to say that he does. Moore and then of course, he's they're going to move out to La and they're going to be a part of the reality scene. Yeah. So mission accomplished dude being computer sales something like that. Yeah more and more. Limited in his parent's. Basement. Kidding, Gosh. So Taylor is going to be the second black Bachelorette after Rachel Lindsay and Rachel was the Bachelorette back in two thousand seventeen and yeah I just think this is really exciting because we'll be able to see like I said, Clare's love story, and then she gets engaged and then she taps out and then tae-zhee comes in and we'll see all new stuff that we know nothing about. So it's like I don't know I like this. It's it's almost like the peanut butter and the and the Jelly in the one jar. Googlers were. It sounds Guber Very Yubari to me. Good I'm excited. So yes, I'm thinking let's see what are we in August it was supposed to start in the fall that's usually the lineup for ABC, but it's GonNa. Obviously be delayed because of COVID. So this might be January before we see this so we'll have to we'll have to choke on prey let's hope and Push it away January So we can get through the holidays. Oh my gosh and Let's see Porsche to Rossi. So she's been married to Ellen for a long time now and she posted on instagram yesterday saying `I stand by Ellen and there was a Hashtag. Going around that said replace Ellen and that was trending and Porsche said to all of our fans. We see you thank you for the love and support, and of course, we've been talking about all of the toxicity at the Ellen Show and Ellen reached out to employees last week to apologize for the toxic work environment she took responsibility she promised things would change. There's definitely an investigation going on with a lot of the producers, the top and how you know they treat employees and guests and Guess. Sexual misconduct, different things like that. So people with the whole Hashtag replace Ellen people were saying, oh. Okay. These are who we want to replace her. So Steve Carell was in the mix Jerry's Yelich, he's going to Harry Styles Adam Sandler Tyler the creator somebody said Melissa McCarthy and Aniston Sean Hayes, and then the front runner is Kristen Bell I'm hearing if Ellen decides to hang it up that they think Kristen Bell would be a great personality Kristen is she's quick on her feet. She's funny. She's got a lot of life experience. She's good at interviewing people and getting to the root of what she wants to know like Ellen is you know Ellen's very much that way Then, we use she's a what do you call it a frequent guest on there too they have quite a bit. So people know her she's good friends with Ellen, but the then we'd heard that they were thinking about putting James Corden show in Allen's primetime spot because Ellen's how that spot for so long and that would be good exposure for James. So we'll have to see what happens. We've heard two different camps know one side of the story is saying the Ellen has had it and she's quitting and she wants out of her contract and she's trying to negotiate that and then we've heard that. Ellen's not GonNa let the these rumors and these things keep her away and even though they're not rumors a lot of them are you know sound like truthful that she wants to go back to the show? I mean she's still working from home. The last I had saw. Have you guys seen the show? Yeah I haven't seen it but I think they're still working from home with everything going on one of our listeners Mr data security and he's been doing it for a long time he reached out and he said he can remember when Ellen back in her stand up days when she came through Salt Lake and he said he picked her up at. The airport and said that she was extremely humble and very nice and he said it's just It's crazy how things have changed now what we're hearing so you know there's in kind of went back and forth with them saying, yeah. It's like we've seen enough of the CELEBS in our world as well. It coming through the radio station where they start off as being humbled and they and then they change or read out of the Chute there. Jack Holes you know they're they're they're they're arrogant and they don't have any like it's like you don't have any right to be that way. Right out of this you nobody knows who you are. He mentioned Kesse. He said cashew was a big pain in the butt. He said along the same lines of what we're hearing with the Ellen don't talk to her don't approach her all those Oh. Yeah and he's he's worked and he's been doing this for a long time and then he said he is another example of somebody who is the complete opposite for so many young some of our younger listeners you. Might not know who this is or even care who this is but Carlos Santana he's been doing it and Ben and the game since the sixties in Iraq guy and he said he stood there outside of his dressing room talking with them for about an hour about just life in nothing just you know the fact that he talked to him and you know he's just that down to earth and not even close to being pretentious and it's just kind of funny how some celebs are. You know some are pretentious I'm stopping humbled and they they change somewhere along the way and then some never changes. Weird celebs are weird. They are well and thinking about just even people in regular life. You know that either go up the corporate ladder or come into money like true how people change and it's just kind of like you know what when you start, what do we say when you start believing your own hype? That's when you're over nobody wants to be around somebody WHO's full. Of themselves or rude or puts other people down or treats other people like their servants like nobody wants to be around people like that. That's ugly. You know you start your own bs right I it's bad. Actually actually think that her show has they have. They've only been playing replays the last at least weeks that I see I've seen recently. So interesting. The home stuff anymore. How weird yeah because she was doing it from the House for so long. But maybe with all the controversy, you know there's nothing happening and then coming up next hour this is a cool story I wanted to get to it yesterday. But like said, there's a ton of Hollywood headlines this week. So I definitely want to get to it before it gets buried but there's Some exciting news for the Rock. We've got celebrity couple that's going on vacation to give their marriage one last try and then some other quick stories and then eleven weird couples from the early two thousands and it's so crazy because those twenty years ago. But when you look at this list and I'll read read the let's just to give you like a little teaser. I mean, okay. Let's do probably weirdest couple. I would say Alanis Morissette and Ryan Reynolds Like I don't see it. That yeah I know they're both from Canada and that's you know where they met they both Kinda Kinda come from the same area. But Yeah, just some funky couples and so there's a lot of cool stuff coming up at seven twenty. Ninety seven one. Frankin just show podcast here on iheartradio. Eight unite for flying. If you want to chime into the show for anything that we're talking about. But in a few minutes here, we'll just share this real quick just a quick little article about this This dog doesn't like the boyfriend too much. So does your significant other have a pet that you're jealous of or the pet doesn't like you and is jealous of so if you've got a story maybe that you're in right now the situation that. You're in or maybe you used to be in a situation like that where it was, you know your wife husband or whatever at the time when they're your boyfriend or girlfriend had just maybe somebody dated and eight, two, nine, four, five. So just put hd in front of that message and I did notice that a passive aggressive Tuesday texts came in and you said you had a couple in an hour when we start off passive aggressive Tuesday to start with. What's that? You're ready I'm ready that something that was recent or something from this past weekend or what a so it's a continuation of last week's passive aggressive. So if people listen to the podcast of the show because I had people that reached out and they were like, that's F. Shop and then. Yeah right and then there's a new one. So I'm just I'm guns a blazing ready to go. That's funny. That's going to be coming up in about an hour right now let's get into this. Talk about how `bout LE? These are stories in the news. Here's some good. Some bad. Some kind of crazy this one. It's still the seed story, the unsolicited seeds investigation. Is Heating up and it's they're still showing up in people's mailboxes and they're saying it it's more and more people here in Utah and they're saying from all corners of the state from San Juan County to box elders grouse creek So they're talking all different parts of the state they're they're getting more and more people reaching out to the Department of Agriculture saying, Hey, we were these mysterious seeds that showed up in our mailbox and it's all across the country. So these are unsolicited seeds if you didn't. Hear from China that are being sent to every state in the nation. They don't know the motive behind this nobody knows they're still trying to go with maybe it's that thing calls at Brash Shing or brushing brushing. It's thinking and hoping all it is just a brushing scam where people receive unsolicited items from a seller and then they post false customer reviews to boost the sales but it just sounds odd and and what they're saying and urging you to not do and that is don't plan them. Don't touch them. Don't throw them away. There's ways that you got. You can discard these things because if you throw them away, they can still find their way to you know if it's in a landfill or whatever, and then they start growing and what they're they're thinking that these could be like an ecological disaster. If if they are planted, they are hearing that some people have planted them planted them. That is some people are actually consumed them So they're kind of looking into that, but they do have a drop off location their offices at three fifty North Redwood. Road in Salt Lake where people can just drop off the the the packages of. Seeds or if you don't want to do that or send it to the Department of Agriculture and we've got that email or the mailing address with the story that we posted last week at Franken, just dot com. This is what they're saying that you have to do at home if you've got the seeds and you just want to just destroy them, you have to create a preheat the oven to three hundred and twenty five degrees on a sheet lined with foil for thirty minutes and basically bake these things, and then you take the the seeds double begum and then dispose them in a non green waste trash can what is happening to twenty twenty? This is. It is so bizarre seeing more and more, and they're saying thousands literally thousands of people as of last week it was at least fourteen states and they said it's even more than that now and I think it's probably somewhere double of the states that have You know people are getting these unsolicited packages of seeds. That is so freaky. So freaky and I have been seeing people on social media. Planting them and not necessarily new type seen another states that people planted them. So if you've never. Seen them the yeah. People planting I was I saw that on online I was like Oh who the hell is doing this and like you said. People that are consuming them your next level. Crazy. But if you haven't seen the movie little shop of horrors, I suggest you check it out on Netflix because that's what you're planting. So little shop of horrors. Okay. They're saying that it could be something. I mean there could be some type of motive where you know it's an invasive plant or whatever that they're sending over and it could be disastrous. Don't don't plant any dummies. What are you doing plant? I know it's like has twenty not been eft up enough please. Geez just weird like we keep checking our mailbox every day I'm like no seats today. and. Then we don't get disease. We don't want the seeds here. Here's a bizarre story giving you something to talk about. So this is in Western Australia and this just happened and I guess a few people were hurt but this one woman, she's twenty nine she was a part of a dive group and it sounds like a couple of humpback whales got so close that she was she was squashed between them. Crushed her yeah and fractured ribs it caused internal bleeding So Hostile in serious but stable condition, and there were some other people that were involved with this too and they had some scarring and bruising as the whales got really close. Sure. They weren't trying to to hurt the divers but I mean, they're just massive. I mean it's be like being sandwiched between two buses you know as your es water and They got a little too close but they they crushed her. So she's expected to make a full recovery but what a story man well I mean seriously that's you. You're basically humped by two humpback whales. Thank God she lived to tell about it. Now if she were Hump, she would've wouldn't be alive to tell about it. That'd be a completely different story. A close call. Hey, this is one of our favorite documentaries I know there's a couple of them, but there's one that's on Netflix fire festival. It's called is it called Fire Fest I can't remember what the name of it, but there's there's a couple and there's the one that everybody has been talking about. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth a watch because you're just like, oh my gosh, these people and there were several people that were involved with this but the one dude, his doing the hard time is that Billy McFarland and he defrauded well he along with other people but he's the one that's like taken the hit twenty, six, million dollars and over one. Hundred thousand dollars in fraudulent ticket ticket sales in the scheme. Yeah. So this is what's making the news. So there was all that merchandise that obviously because this thing never came to fruition this fire festival thing. So they've got all this merchandise and they're going to actually release it. So the US marshals service, they're auctioning off one, hundred, twenty, six items from the fire festival. So the proceeds are going to benefit basically the people that were scammed and yeah so I'm sure there's people out there are people out there that will buy. Pay For shirts or whatever. But only one, hundred, twenty, six items. So I. Don't know exactly I was thinking that it's they said it's emerged from the from the festival but. Only hundred and twenty six I. Mean I was thinking it'd be more than that. You know they're they're at there had to have been like thousands of t shirts and stuff like that. Don't you think well, I mean they ran out of money early. So maybe they were like, oh, shoot this orders only one, twenty five and then they gave us a bonus price. You know it are they auctioning off like the piece of cheese and the Sandwich? No things like sweatpants, some shirts, wristbands, and baseball hat. So but it's only one hundred, twenty six, which is kind of a what I would have thought that the number would have been in the thousands but so. I think that's funny. I. It's a piece of history man you get that hat and where. It's ridiculous. But yeah. If you've never seen the fire fest documentary on Netflix, it's definitely it's it's it's It's a train wreck man you watching it and it's a train wreck in the one dude billy yes he's scammer but there were so many other people including John who who were involved with that that that we're scamming people and they knew it wasn't good and they were taking people's money. This is good news Kylie's GonNa, love to hear this. So looks and we've heard that our government, our president, what was going to be making it basically, I, think shutting down Tiktok because it's a Chinese owned company and they're afraid of the information that you know when you're giving your personal information that it's not a good thing. So it sounds like Microsoft they're moving quickly to seal the deal with this, they're going to buy TIKTOK. So this is something that should be done. The deal should be done by September fifteenth and it's GonNa should be good to go and then that way you know you're TIKTOK will be safe and sound Kylie, you can get back on it because I know you're often right. Have you been off it? Yeah then off it, and now I can go waste more time when it's back so but didn't. So you went off it and then didn't you go back on it and then you were back off was that what it was totally Kylie gets on tangents. I had it and delete. I downloaded it again and deleted it. So just wait till about seven September fifteenth that's supposed to be like a the seal deal I guess by September fifteenth Microsoft's going to own it. So that's kind of the plan you know what's funny though it's not just Kylie Kylie mid twenty s I've got friends of mine like Thirties late thirties, early forties that are like, oh. Gosh. Did you hear tick talks going away like our friend Helen, she's on Tiktok all the time and she sure I'm sure she's cried about it like I knew I knew the US would come up with the US version or away to salvage it because it is so popular but man, it's it's not just the twentysomethings not the millennials like everybody loves tiktok will your husband Kevin who loves to talk and he? He's not crying on the outside over this but you know he was crying on the inside over this. So did they say was with did did he did he get off it and then get back on it as well he so I didn't realize he was on it just on her to monitor Kupwara's friends coop doesn't have a cellphone. Oh. Why He deactivated. It highly did and I was like dude, at this point, just stay on it your info who gives a rat's given up all the Jews all the good. Stay on it. You've been listening to the ninety seven, one ht Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. 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So hopefully, we'll see there. So here's what we're talking about this story and it's a it's a video and it's kind of funny. So it's this woman in Florida. She has a little wiener dog and a Chihuahua Mix. So it's a would that be a we saw a little. DACHSHUND Chihuahua Mix. And this dog does not like the boyfriend as far as anytime they kiss it starts starts growling and starts barking at the boyfriend. So we haven't done this in a while and didn't realize that I forgot that Kylie is jealous of Bentley. I forgot about this totally jealous your Oh, you were I was. She's grown now. Is Danny Siberian Husky. So why are you jealous of Bentley? Very. Very close relationship. And because when I was, we first started dating Danny's family would joke and be like, okay at least always going to be number two around not because. That's funny. But I got over it so. I know. She likes it now. Yeah. Belly and I are friends now. So he's sweet and I get that because I remember when my wife Tammy well, when we got together, she had a Mustang and he was a part pit part bulldog amuses too big lug in an intimidating dog. And this dog was definitely her dog. So he was in with men he it took a bit for men to warm up you know to him or him to warm up guys. and. So it was a bit man when I met him for the very first time, and then of course, when we all moved in together, it was an adjustment and I think he was I wasn't jealous of him but he he was definitely jealous me. You know because there was another person another man coming into the relationship here and he was like the only man for her you know but it. Was it was a little took a took a bit for us to kind of figure it out as far as okay. You know we're all in this house and I'm talking Mustang and I took us a bit to to kind of vibe with each other but then it was all good. You know probably I don't know six months and it took about six months maybe eight months for us to define our groove. Now that's tough. What about you You said that something with your your late Pep. So was was Kevin. Jealous Pep. This was years ago. So we got peppy when we were dating and then when we were engaged, he moved to Utah and I was in Arizona and I just told him I said I'm keeping pep and he's like you can't. I'm moving to a new place by myself like I need some kind of comfort like Anita friend I don't. Know anybody there and I just said Dude. You're going to be gone all the time at the radio station. You're going to be hanging out with friends and Mike he's going to be in the Kennel time and I said I live Trina and Trina works from home, and so he'll. He'll always have a buddy he's not gonna be home alone all the time I did I put my foot down and kept peppy and so when Kevin would come to visit. Peppy would have nothing to do with him and so it created like really bad wedge and to this day I peps been gone for a long time and stay cavill bring it up. He's like you neutered my dog, you change my dog. Jovan against me. He's thinking that you're just sitting around talking about Kevin and how bad Kevin is. Funny because like. Whoever spent the most time with PAP lake like Trina work from home my sister and I lived with her so he would sit in her lap while she would be at her desk doing her work. So I would even come home from work and he's like shh like he wanted nothing to do with me. Likud over spent the most time with him. That was his person. You know that's funny. All right to know if you can relate to this, you were in a relationship maybe it's going on right now with the situation but your significant other has a pet your and maybe you're a little jealous pat or maybe the pet is jealousy you and you know there's that. There's that contention they're like, ooh, and you know that the pet doesn't like you for whatever reason. So eight to nine, four, five puts the HD in front of your message. Looks like we have a couple few stores here. Yeah. That we have a black lab and it's so attached to my husband I run a lot I would take him out with. Me and when I was pregnant who literally dragged me but when my husband would run with him, he stayed right by side my husband didn't believe it until I was out running one day and he drove past me was done being pregnant. It wasn't as bad. He follows him everywhere I told my husband the Placenta court is still attached to our dog and Ham. That's funny. And then friend and Listener Amy Amy message me it's called A. Cini a Toledo weenie. Oh, that's right. We watched Boss Baby. Yeah. It's a Weenie yeah okay. Let's has this text eight. Hubby is jealous of my horse but if I don't have a great bond with my horse I could die while writing him. So don't you want me to have a good bond with my horse? Oh that's funny. Let's see and I had three dogs we split. He broken took the one that bonded with me more just to get back at me and have been trying to get her back for a year now. Oh my gosh. That's crazy. The husband went bringing the dog home. Yeah. So husband brought the dog home without asking me a month after we had a baby, he isn't a lovely person, but he's he is you know with the dog all the time since you can't woohoo after having a baby I had tried other things taking showers together and he refused he would shower with the dog when it needed a bath. So this doc. Destroys, her house makes excuses for him. I resent the dog it has almost ended our marriage. So yet not good. They had just had a kid he brings this massive dog and now he wants to spend all of his time with the dog not the wife and baby that's not gonNa vote. Well, you know I think it's great that you have a bond with the, but that's just an show with the talk. That was weird. Good. Your back. When this is another one another horse tax because we've got a lot of people that have horses here and Also of the Horse I, can't post pictures of me and him on facebook it makes them mad. And you know I've seen like you know. I'm just GonNa, say this a male horse and I could see where you might be a little jealous that. Well. I'm just saying. Right I know. Anything more. Maybe maybe not jealous intimidate as. Until you. Will share them eight, two, nine, four, five. We're getting close to Hollywood headlines in about nine minutes here Harry Styles and Adore, you welcome to to. Ninety seven one. Frank in Jess show podcast here on iheartradio. We're going to jump into the middle middle edition of Hollywood headlines and it's brought to you by David's vision this morning Davis Vision in south Jordan where you can get a thousand bucks off lay sick. You've got to get on that list. There's only fifty spots for the month of August. So just go to Davis, vision MD, DOT com. So that's who's sponsoring the middle addition of Hollywood. Headlines some. Okay. So dwayne the Rock, Johnson? Yes. I love him. Lots of people love him. so He's part of a group that just bought the xfl for fifteen million so i. saw this kind of broke late in the show yesterday, but I've just had so many stories to get to. So the League declared bankruptcy I think back in April and the deal won't be final until it's approved by the bankruptcy court but the rock is pumped and like I said, it's him and a group of people it was like fifteen mill to acquire it and they have to, of course, pay off their debts and stuff like that I think when I say they had. I had a note written about it yesterday I don't have it in front of me but. There are debts are around. Ten to eleven million, and then they gobbled it up for fifteen. So the rocks that he's going to be hands on, he said my passion for the game, my desire to take care of the fans, and so they're trying to create something that's GonNa. Be Special for the players the fans everybody involved everybody that loves football and they're trying to launch an inside virus free bobble and so they're hoping to have that up and ready by next year and I saw this morning I think it was on TMZ sports even just players I think it was football players they have like this almost like when you go through a metal detector, it's it's like a disinfecting detector so you walk through. Sean Dowse as you from head to toe that allow a light messed it doesn't make you completely soaking wet, but it's they're saying it'll it'll keep you from infecting anybody else but I'm like Oh man I just I don't know what they're talking about implementing that exactly what you're talking about that that technology for concerts to in the future having that would you walk through something like that? You know where disinfects you? So you could watch concert but they're saying that that could be where it's going. To I mean. Does it really prevent I mean, and then what kind of chemicals are on your body that will that will hurt you and harm you in the future I mean I just don't know about that I. Don't know it's a different world that we're going to be living in. That's for sure. Yeah very true and then so I know since yesterday you've been Jonesing for some Kim and Kanye juice. So you're welcome frank. Here we go. Here we go. Okay. So we know that Kim went to see Conway and cody for one night. We know that they haven't really had much time together in the past few months because he's been choosing to stay in Wyoming and she's been choosing to stay in L. A. With the kids and so they decided that it was time for a family vacation. So Kim and Kanye and the kids got on a private jet there in the Dominican Republic and so from what I'm hearing there trying to salvage the marriage we heard Connie has been trying to get rid of her for the past couple of years, and now I'm hearing that Kim. Doesn't know if she can take it anymore. This has been a nightmare for her and she wants to stay a family because they do have four kids and she definitely loves Kanye. But with his mental illness and him wanting to run for president and she's not on board with that and he doesn't care that she's not on board. She's kind of at her wits end. She's at the end of a rope and she's looking for a way out. So it's almost like the Brad and Jen victim that they took. It was their last hurrah before he's like. So here's the deal I am having sex with Angelina Jolie. Were going to be done here. Selling they're just delusional the Kardashians and they seem to like with their men. So they get involved with these guys. It doesn't work out and they have all see one or two or in this case four kids, and then they keep rea- crying that we just want to be a family and it's like well, maybe you should have thought about that as far as maybe picking somebody you went in to the. Thing and he's got his stuff and you're like, you probably went in thinking you're going to change them or whatever I don't know. I'm so sick it's the same. They say the same thing like all the girls in the family say the same thing I just want to be a family. We'll. Maybe you shouldn't hooked it up with an NBA player that you know they're known for having chick every city. Yeah. Just. Just I. Don't know it's just their. Delusions it's frustrating for you. I now. I'm sorry. But So chloe and Oklahoma interest in are going strong. So they're back together and they're trying things out again and chloe is you know obviously very hesitant because of everything tristen did in the past speaking of NBA players and then Caitlin Jenner. So she came out on Reckitt record yesterday and just said, you know what she was getting Connie is back. And I know that she's had beef with the Kardashians especially Chris and they're divorced now and have been for quite some time and I know she's had you know Kinda back and forth relationships with the girls and you know she and Kim have always had a good relationship Shane Khloe we're really close and I don't think there's any relationship there anymore but. You. Know Caitlin. Jenner. said that Kanye has always supported me. Connie's always been nice to me. He said he's a very caring guy he's a nice. He's a nice man and he said I've never had issues with Connie and so he was Kinda you know going against him and the family and getting tiny as back yesterday will they spit up and they chew him out there notorious for that yeah. Thirty do kind of like the black widows you know it's And then some other stories because I know you don't want to end on that I guess one of Elvis Presley's guitars sold for one point three, two million. How would that be know my My Dad's got a New Guitar Collection Mike. I don't think I could afford that dad no, I definitely can't and then Melissa Ethridge she could afford that guitar. So she has her Ethridge TV and she does these livestream and she's been pulling in. Grand a month doing performances from her house. Really. Yeah. How is she doing after losing her son because that's Less than time year were less. Yeah. Last time we mention her was what? Maybe two months ago and her son committed suicide. Pretty brutal obviously, still healing from that and. I just can't even imagine you know he was in his. Early twenty something like that and just to just just sad. But yeah. So she's a main. She found a way to bring income in for the FAM- and to stay home and have that family time was like man fifty gs a month she's bringing in just doing performances at home in a lot of artists are doing that and no Keith urban been doing performances at home and I know that And TRICIA will do. At home and I think they do stuff for charity like they donate whatever they get to charity. But Melissa, I'm sure she's donating to charity too. But yeah, she's definitely making a living being at home and then I heard this too I forgot to mention I had heard that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani broke up briefly during quarantine. So we've been talking about all these couples. That haven't been doing well during the pandemic in. So they broke up briefly because gwynn's been spending a lot of time in Oklahoma that's where Blake likes to be, and that's where he's from and she doesn't like it. She's like I'm a city girl I'm an L. A. Girl I mean, they're very different that way he's country she's you know rock and roll so they are. She's been trying to please him insane Oklahoma more but she's not happy there and so she's like we need to go back to La. You know we need to split our time and he doesn't like being in. La so that's been a really big point of contention and their relationship is where to be, and so they broke up briefly I did hear that they had They were going through fertility again I heard that they had a miscarriage and that was really hard on their relationship and then the latest I'm hearing and they've been kind of laying low but I heard that they are pregnant with twins. So I don't know if that's you know legit or tabloid. I'd heard that there up up in the fertility again, they definitely want to have kids together he loves her three boys but they wanNA have kids of their own and allegedly they're they're pregnant with two boys. It's like I guess I'm just destined to have boys. I'm never going to have a girl well, and we've also heard that they really have up the drinking during the quarantine a lot of people have and that can't be helping. Yeah you're right and I know so many people that have said. I've gained so much weight and it's not from food. I've been drinking a lottery drink on my lunch break or I'm having happy hour every night just because it's something to look forward to but you're right. It escalates things with the spouse sometimes or even the kids unfortunately and you're right. He especially has been drinking a lot and if she's doing fertility, she's not drinking as much but I know at the beginning of the pandemic they did a performance on one of the shows, one of the award shows and they were like both totally cashed but it was funny to the. Like. Oh my gosh they're totally wasted but we've got some more Hollywood headlines coming up next hour. So I'll tell you the latest on Val kilmer because he was kind of battling throat cancer. We'll talk about some real housewives drama and then I wanted to spend some time with this. But Weird couples of the early two thousands we kinda ran out of time this addition of Hollywood headline. So you gotta come back at eight twenty. You've been listening to the ninety seven, one ht Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. Real quick. So friends of the show. So they listen and they just reached out and it's a company called Heist and their local workout supplement company that focuses on keeping their products clean. The pre-workout industry apparently isn't FDA regulated. So a lot of the brands put dangerous or unapproved substances in their supplements. So you don't really know what you're getting There is a safe gives you tons of energy great workout. It's been hard for people since you know working from home maybe being lazy with the quarantine or just getting back into the gym as they open back up. So what they're they're. Getting our listeners giving them a chance to get a sample pack of their pre workout for free on their website. So it's heist SLC DOT com or you can find him on instagram. So it's heist SLC and they listen to the show and just wanted to give them a little love. Virtual Yeah. So if you WANNA check them out. Heist S. L. C. DOT COM. So we don't really need to set it up, but we'll do it. So we're GONNA set up passive aggressive just in case you're new to the show and you don't know what this is all about. We've been doing this for a long time. It's one of our bigger segments where people just look for this you know and they wait for it so they can get it off their chest and that's what it's all about instead of actually texting somebody a phone, call a conversation where you really want to say something and maybe be passive aggressive or even like. An uncomfortable exchange with a stranger, right? Have you wanted to say something or maybe you have said something to somebody can get confrontational You know especially like when you're driving, I, mean that can turn into road rage right so you you text us instead that's the whole gist of passive aggressive Tuesday. So you put it in a text one, hundred, forty characters or less, and then it's out there and it's released. You've released it into the world and you feel better right and you get it off your. Chest and everybody can relate to something that's coming in with this. So you're going to start it off. So did you want to pick up? You said where you left off last week is that where we're going to start from? Yeah. So I was talking about this last week for passive aggressive Tuesday that my mother-in-law has not checked in on me once and even though I have the biggest virus, you know throughout the world and now I'm over the Rona but. Yeah still has not texted to say, Hey, how you doing are you feeling better or you over it? What were your symptoms I mean nothing nothing and I've had nothing but love and support and prayers, and that is definitely what helped get me through it but to have your own mother-in-law, not even check in on you with text but yet she'll comment on my facebook. Posts, you know like she'll put a heart here or a like there or you know she made a comment on one of my posts morning, and of course, she had to tweak it. She's one of those holier than thou, people I'm like okay. But the way you act says a lot more about who you are. I. Don't care what you believe how you treat the people you're supposed to. Love is a disgrace that's crazy that she's yet to reach out to you. Yeah I mean you have texted me every night every night how you feel and how you doing like you're a true friend, your F-, your family, and and I've had so many people come out of the woodwork that have checked on me or drop stuff up on the doorstep and just for her, not even to acknowledge. That I was fa- fighting something really big virus I. It just really hurt your heart and chose you once again who certain people are in I just I think too highly of people I expect too much of people and there's a lot of relationships I've noticed this year that I'm just going to be tapping out. Yeah. Well, and I think probably that being said for a lot of people you know with this twenty twenty and just everything that's going on. It's a great way to clean out your your your closet. You know the people around you the people that don't really I don't know. And that can be family and that that could be just because somebody's in your family doesn't mean that you have to have them in your world. You can kind of create those are set those boundaries in place and. and. Just you know make time for the people that matter and the people that truly do care about you. Yeah, I don't know I. Bet you. A lot of people are probably looking at the same thing or feeling the same thing with people in their lives. So what? Okay. So you said that was the first thing. Yeah, whole whole bag of pass Tuesday. I'll just see world. More and I was talking to about it yesterday 'cause I just I love people and I think sometimes I love too much in love too hard and I do a lot for a lot of people even if I'm sick or even if I'm not feeling and I just I think our manners have gone out the window and I don't appreciate people that don't say thank you, i. just the lack of respect for people that are. There for you and do things for you I just I don't I don't have any tolerance for any more and he told Kevin I said I. I don't know if this is me growing or just getting bidder or a little bit of both. But I said there's so many people that I've done stuff for and not even to say, thank you I don't want you to do anything for me in return but just simple manners. That's. All I ask that's all I. Ask I just think it's so rude because I give so much. You know emotionally mentally physically financially and you know I just I don't I I just the one sided friendships and and I know that you know you and I've talked about this for years and Kevin's like you do you do a lot for people and you think people are going to be more kind than they really are and. It just and it sucks. It's I must be delusional. So when we were up in Hebrew on Saturday, my wife Tammy and I went up there to go grab dinner at this great restaurant called afterward, and then we were specifically going up there to see this guy who performed at our wedding Riley McDonald, who is an amazing guitarist singer So anyway, we went up there and it was just a great evening but I ran into. old general manager from HD. So it hadn't seen him in years. His name is Tom and we were just briefly talking. So when they were leaving, they stop by our table and they were just kind of talking to us and there's somebody that we. Used to know and work with and he said exactly that so he helped this person out a few different times and the person you know one of the last times that he helped him out financially helped him out and the person didn't even say thank you and it was just one of those. But you know little bit different twist to that story. It was one where you know when you are helping somebody out that you shouldn't because you know that they're spending the money on. Stuff that they shouldn't be spending the money on it was one of those. Those instances but still still doesn't It doesn't help to not here. Thanks you can at least say thank you in this person didn't even say thank you and I think he lent him like three hundred bucks or something of some crazy. You know it's like you can't even say thank you for. Well and that's the thing too is I think Kevin? I mean it gets to the point of insanity where Kevin's like you have certain people that you go above and beyond for and they're the ones that keep hurting you and it's like and it sucks and I and I don't know what the psychology is behind that I'll have to ask my therapist but it It sucks because it hurts even deeper because you do so much for people and they don't even care or they or they appear not to care. They just don't have any Dammar Specter manners. Times a we had the conversation and I think I know who we're talking about or maybe not. But we've had the UN I have had that conversation off the air and it's it's like you kinda go in and you almost set yourself up for failure with these people the same peer rain in your life. Like you know like what point is it GonNa you know, but it's gotta be your. It's gotTa be you that it's like, okay I'm done done. By now but so hard for me stuff. I've got one here. So since we're talking passive aggressive Tuesday and this is one that since we were let's see here on Sunday we're on a family hike we went up. Little Cottonwood all the way to the top trying to beat the heat. So we were able to get to like eighty degrees up there, which is nice and can compare to like one or four whatever it was in the valley on Sunday. But this is a gripe that I didn't even I mean it bugs me but my wife Tammy pointed out. So we're we're hiking on this trail all three of us. It's me and Tammy and Axel. And I have noticed this before but some I guess I just don't say anything. So it really bugs me and my wife Tammy because she brought it up. When you walk by somebody so in this case is were hiking. Or people because there were several people that did this. And you know they hear you and you're looking at them and you go. Hey, how are you? You know? And say hi to them. Yeah, and you say hi to each like. So in one case, there was three people's like a family. You could tell it was like a, you know a grown daughter in a mom and dad or that's what you assume, right? Yeah. So these three adults and you say, Hi and you look at each individual. Hi, how are you? Nice to see you know and nobody says anything. Ahead. Nod. They don't even they just look look away like you don't exist, and so at the you know the first couple of times when it happened, I just said to you know I just chalked it up is. Whatever I I'm so used to people not coming back with a hello. I. Didn't even think about it. Sometimes I think well, maybe they didn't hear me which you know they. They're they're five feet, six feet or whatever seven feet. Right there is you're passing them they're giving them space on the side of the trail or whatever, and it's a big wide trail. That's rather we went up was Albion Alto all the way up. To Secret Lake. But we didn't actually make it that far. But Yeah, just it bugs me when somebody doesn't say hello back to you and you know darn well that they hear you you know that they heard you say, Hi and they saw you the looked right in your eyes and then they look down and they don't say anything. It's like you can't say hi. No I don't think it's just manners. It's common courtesy. It's just respect other human beings and I feel like everybody's gotten off track and it and like you said when it strangers that hurts and then when it's somebody, you know it hurts even deeper it's like, oh my gosh, people wake up. But on the flip side I love the fact that you know the silver lining with everybody wearing masks right and and you know on the hiking trails some people do wherever it because you're able to socially distance and you can keep away and keep your distance but I love when you're in a store in somebody's got there because most people are wearing their masks, which is good but I love that you go right to the is that's the silver lining for me and I love the fact that most people you can see when they smile and I don't know you can just kind of and you're just you're more you're more engaged now like when people wear their masks and your is Kinda. You know. So you can you almost giving a nonverbal but these people on the trail the other day they were just blatantly not saying hello, and it's just like it's weird. It's like what happened not just on the hiking trails, but it's it's it happens you know we're we're somebody doesn't give you a hello you know darn. Well, they heard you. Yeah that's my passive aggressive. So they get. All right. So you know what? It's all about here. So we've got a lot of texts coming in eight to nine four five tried to keep it short as you can see hd in front of your message and we'll come back and get those before that. We've got a keyword worth a thousand bucks. Ninety seven one. Franken in just show podcast here on iheartradio. Cancel reporting that the officer involved shootings. So it sounds like they pulled a guy over and the dude pulled a gun. So that's the reporting. So that's what had happened such as kind of crazy. So yeah, like you had said, avoid the scene if you can. If not, what are the alternates to us? They have one lane open now. So they weren't offering alternates. So they said it's a little bit more open. It'll be fully opened within the next hour so it should be okay and there's a lot of. Close to Kerns in West store, and so there's a lot of side streets so you should be. Okay. Yeah. But just try like that immediate area avoided if you can So it's passive aggressive Tuesday. You know what? It's all about. It's a chance for you to get it off your chest instead of actually saying something to somebody you just text us at eight to nine, four, five, keep it one, hundred, fifty words or less or characters I should say one hundred forty characters or less hd in front of your message, and we've got a lot of people wanting to get some stuff chessman. Oh It's good today. It's good I. Think I think. This one said if I invite you to an event for my business, you confirm to show up it's rude not to and it wastes my time. That if you're, yes, you know I know a lot of people especially on facebook like to do the maybe thing but if you're a yes and then you just know show that's really disrespectful at least say, Hey, I'm not feeling well or ham having social anxiety like just say something communication is key right? And there's nothing wrong with saying no, and that's where people say frayed to say no, and they say. And then they feel and then you get people that are pushy and that's the flip side. I'm not saying that that text is but I'm just saying people that are like, okay and they push other people just say no, it's okay to say no true true. Yeah. Yes or no I don't like the baby's this said, hey, people when you're leaving a business or a side street, there's a stop sign for a reason you need to stop and look both ways don't get mad. At me for your stupidity when I'm crossing the street and It's lit up the sky on the fourth of July. Hilarious This one said to everyone on my social media please stop saturating an acting like you're activists they posting about social injustice where was this energy six months ago? It's like every everybody's writing a trend in you know what me and Kevin were talking about this yesterday and I said it's great to bring awareness to different things because there's been such a change in our world in two thousand and twenty, which is awesome. And more voices but put your money where your mouth is like. Are you peacefully peacefully protesting? Are you donating to these causes like? Throwing something up on social media doesn't create change I. It's Great. You know people know where you stand, but you can do more than that. So I totally agree this one said O k t you are a horrible person and my dad died because of you boy wow Let's see telling me I'm going to be an aunt isn't an apology nor does it fix relationship? You're still a selfish Brat. Dear Co worker. I'm on my way into work to do an hour job when you easily could have found cover it's frustrating and you're letting everyone else down. this one said, mark you're very sad human being you hurt and took advantage for the last F ing time good luck not working for over two years. So there's lots of marks out there. So I thought I'd just put that in there. The very top one because that looks like I don't know that many. That many people with that name. Funny at work quit being so unprofessional. quit showing favoritism and quit saying stupid stuff. You were a supervisor star start. To, see that see the second text now no down you. So you go from the top I posit and go from the bottom because I don't want to miss the earlier tax. So I worked my way like from the bottom to the top. So I haven't even gotten there yet. Yeah. So it's kind of a specific. I. Don't know I think I know one person with that name so we don't want to name because I. Was Pretty. Specific, it's not a mark where John Nor. Bob You know yeah. Good call. Okay. So this one said I also had co bid my very best friend never once asked me how it was doing or I needed anything and because you know she knew my symptoms weren't more than sinus infection she just figured it was no big deal. She said that was very frustrating. Yeah. That's not checking in on your peeps like rude This one said don't bitch about people asking me if that's your new girlfriend. facebook with her and basically kissing PDA and calling her your girl. Hashtag attention Hor. A coworker. That takes. Frankie. Say His name his name is blank LLC? It's GonNa. Back. You're killing me not even there yet I can't wait to see. Coworker who stocks my tiktok my video was a joke. I was drinking orange fanta out of a wine glass. What wine is orange she really needed to tell the boss that I was drinking on the job. I thought we were cool. But you clearly have an agenda to take me down Oh rap. Let's see. Just gave my two week notice. Don't give me a huge project to do before I'm gone when obviously it's way too much to get done in two weeks Let's see. This one said, Hey, to quote unquote best friends really cool of you guys to go on a trip together without me. The real sting is that you went out of your way to keep it from me. Oh that sucks and like I said, three's a crowd man three is a crowd that sucks Let's see. Oh, the hypocrisy of our world if I. See One more personally garbage on the ground or don't put your cart back and then drive off and what does it say Oh and you have these certain bumper stickers I'm going to scream how `bout putting action to what you preach. You know who you really are shines through when nobody's watching very, very true. Wonder what the stickers are what they say yeah let's see. Oh, this one said so annoying when you walk in front of when. When people walk in front of you in a store don't say excuse me especially if it's a small space and this happened yesterday so I won't say what story went to they went got my nails done and after I left and I think your wife Tammy got her nails done yesterday to. She got them right before you did. Yeah. They're so pretty. So we've got my nails done went to the store and you know. Everyone has masks on and we're trying to socially distance, and so I've got one mom with three kids like block in the one, the one end of the lane. So I can't go that way, and then there's this woman who is like all upon me she was all up on me and it's this little woman and I'm just like okay. What are you like? Kylie. Ones, he was. Shorter. So she she's like this teeny woman and she's like shelby. It's beautiful. So I texted him this morning when I got that message I'm like are you still there? For the payment to dry out. It's kind of funny. Let's get into the late edition of Hollywood headlines for your Tuesday and it's brought to you by uptown cheapskate this morning love that place. Okay. So these are weird couples from the early two thousands and some of them you'll remember and some you're just like Omg I forgot they dated that is so random. So we'll start from they did like a top eleven because there were a lot of weird random. Couples in the early two thousand. So remember when Gwyneth Paltrow was with Brad Pitt I do. Yes. So they were they were kind of the tail end of the nineties and then he married Jen Aniston in two thousand and then he got with Angelina Jolie in two thousand and five gs and you know and it's funny too because going paltrow she's definitely come into her own but she is one of those. Girls and she's talked about this before and she kind of would morph into like her boyfriend right? Like remember Gwen and Brad had the same haircut. They'd wear the same clothes like it just is weird like when people guys or girls because I know Brad Pitt even has morphed into whoever he's with. He's definitely a chameleon that way. But if you're morphing into somebody else because you're not confident in yourself like. It's time to call therapists from Canada. It is weird when you see that and that might be you know some couples or together and you may certain qualities you might take on you know that your spouse has but yeah, they're taking on their identity like visually like dressing alike and same here. That's I'm with I'm with you. That's weird. Isn't that weird I forgot about Mandy Moore and Wilmer Valderrama Handy Manny. Forgot about that. Yeah. Long. Did they date? Did it say in that article now it doesn't say but I totally forgot that dated in the early two thousands and then of course, he was on an often on again with Demi Levato for many years and Demis engaged to somebody else and he's engaged to somebody else. So yeah, it's just crazy how everybody in Hollywood like passes each other around one known a writer and Matt Damon. Right. Yeah. Totally. Forgot. Totally Forgot Carson Daley and terror read. I think I do remember that one? Oh my God together like how does it say how long? No it doesn't say how long but I think that's when he decided. He was maybe going to become a priest after. Actually before he went into. Radio and TV. That was he's he's a devout Catholic and he is. Seriously, considering becoming a priest, you're right and he's got what four or five kids now I think. So he's keeping the right along the Catholic line. You know. Ma Ma wanted him to be a priest and I think that's what he was kind of going down the road of. Let's too funny J. Lo and Ben Affleck and remember they were engaged because Ben gave her that pink diamond ring. That was worth millions will they did that movie? Julie Together? Right Terrible Yeah Terrible and now she's obviously engaged to Alex Rodriguez and so Alex it's funny because these evacuations with different celebrities, Alex has always wanted to be with J. Lo i. mean he talked about her interviews and Pat and past years they've played those on ESPN and the past year and a half or so like how he's always had a thing for Jaylo. But he was always with other people and she was with other people like I mean, we talk about Kelly Preston how she wanted. To Be Withdrawn Travolta and how Katie Holmes wanted to be with Tom Cruise and they ended up hooking up with those people. Now think about if you're in that world and let's say your spouse, you're married to Jaylo just say it and like in your just average guy or even behind the scenes maybe you've got, you know where you do something in the entertainment business but people don't know who you are and then you have somebody like an just sit. Yeah like a Rod. In interviews saying that he's all about even though he knows that you know she's married or whatever with somebody else. But he's all about her that would I don't think I'd be able to take that now like I. I mean I don't I would be hard for anybody right? But if you had somebody like a an a-rod or a Brad Pitt or something like that, that's extremely good looking extremely powerful in their career right and they're they're saying on camera and interviews specifically for your spouse, your wife or your girlfriend like they're all about them I. Don't know if I'd be like this. I don't think this is the world for me I be with you because I can't I can't take it. I. Don't I I mean what relationship would you know what or chick would be able to take that now that's when you get to the point where you hide your kids. Had you. GotTa get up out of there. Think about it to like we talked about it last week like your celebrity crusher whatever and it's like it's a it's a far off dream. It's most likely never ever ever ever GonNa happen but like you said in that world and other possibilities will and with where we live, we talk about that sort of thing what Sundance and I know it's the now with the pandemic you know next year Sundance probably not gonNA be like it was Even. This past year, but it might change for the next bit but it's very possible when you say you have a celebrity crush or you've got one a year would you like a list and it's kind of the list that you guys have between you guys the celebrity list like it's the you have a pass a celebrity pass like you've got to be careful with that where we live because that it could come true here with all. Over Utah you could run into somebody. Yeah. It's true. I mean here or la like absolutely but I'm saying like like you said earlier when you're in that world I mean it's definitely more of a possibility than not yeah it's different well and even J. Samoa. So he said this a couple of days ago and I thought it was. A. Here's the twenty, six years of friendship. Not One of you remembered my birthday just said you selfish dirtbags Oh that sucks. You know that does suck it. But I've got I've got some good friends back in in Michigan than I can never remember like my buddy Keith I can never remember when his birthday is I can I. I know what? Time of the year but I never remember the and it's the same thing with him. He'll reach out be like don't miss your birthday and I'm like. Dude it's okay. You know what I mean. I think it's different with guys and I've got another couple of friends where I know their birthdays, July, I always seem to miss it. You know and then I'll text to maybe a day or two later and be like, Hey, happy belated. But I definitely think it's different with guys than it is with girls and I think you're right and I think it's cool that you in. Keith. It's kind of a two way street you're like okay. Cool. All right. I mean this is. I know like rate around the timeframe of when it is and I've known him since second grade and you think but it's just I don't know there's there's only so much space in my brain for certain things and I don't have any hard feelings when when he'll say, Hey, you know he he misses my birthday I don't care. But yeah, thanks you know at least you're thinking about me. Yeah, that's true. You know what's weird. I don't remember birthdays. That are over the twentieth of the month like something with twentieth and up I don't remember if it's the twenty first or the twenty third or the twenty eighth like even my dad's birthday which I've known for forty two years of my life I can't. If it's over the twenties I don't remember. Isn't that weird? It's a would day is your dad so are you saying you don't remember Your Dad's or just take you a bit to gun GonNa go. Really. It's like it's February but it's like February. I think it's the twenty fourth of the twenty seventh, but it's in the twenties. So I don't remember how funny. Yeah. Now we're the number thing that's. Making your your brain, not not compute. Block this text eight to nine five hate it when you remember everyone's birthday and do things like presence and lunches for them then you still don't remember acknowledge mine by the way. Today's my birthday. Love you guys from Cindy. So at sounds like some of her friends or forgetting her birthday. So we love you Cindy Happy Birthday Cindy Let's see. What else do we have. No Ono. What is this to my passenger helper today stop farting and thinking it's okay. That's probably a kid. Like our little boy axel that kid which we were just in the in the store the other day grabbing stuff for pack the pods on Thursday right for back to school trying to help the kids in the Granite School district. So we had a bunch of back to school stuff that we bought more checking out. And so I'm in front of the basket he's off to the side and and Mumma. So tammy is in front and she's kind of putting the she's handling the the stuff and putting her little. Your her number and you know the alternate number to get the the points or whatever at Smith's and I smell I look at him and he's not he's wearing his yeah he's wearing his his underwear. So I look at them and I'm I'm like, did you poop? You know have a big problem because you don't have a pull up on or diapers you wear your underwear and he's like, no, I'm like are you sure 'cause I'm leaning down and it's yeah, he's like no like. farting and he's like, yeah, like dude, knock it off as it stinks it spill. So maybe they're talking about their passenger as a child or not maybe it's an adult. There's only a few people in the car one person to people in the car and you're like It's not me it's gotTa be you. And the thing with little kids man you know that just like smoke rises farts rise. You just all of a sudden it hits you and you're like what the F. and I've had those combos with Cooper before Mike. Do not do that in public. That's fine. If we're at home, are you around do not like I get so mad because dude kids stink he's like I learned it from watching you. Okay. Learned it. Seriously this one said people have forgot how to use their words. I always say that after I pass route people so they're laying calling him out. It's passive aggressive they're just like you could be nicer. And that goes to the whole thing when we were passing people up my wife Tammy pointed it out and I can't stand it either. But when you say hi to somebody and you just you know you're trying to be nice you know we were hiking on a trail and it was a nice of wide trail and there you know we're giving them distance and and we looked up and and. Each individual family member, and this is a couple few families that this happened two different families and you say, Hi and they don't say hi back it's like hello and you just want to turn around me like we said, hello you a whole. Yeah you're right. there's a I think it looks like Oh. Here we go. This one said there's no way you don't hear your loud barking dog he barks all might please shut him up. So the neighborhood can sleep and that's the worst thing with the whole neighborhood thing because you got people their yard is junk or they leave the trash cans out or their dogs are barking all night. It's just like please please. I do I have to tell you to please be classy. In the dog barking and that is not cool if you're not getting sleep man sparking in the middle of the night. So how do you? I? Mean maybe leave a an anonymous or something so you don't want to get confrontational but yeah, maybe just leave a note or it looks like a ransom letter out the little letters from a magazine so they can't piece together your handwriting. Gloves yeah. Use Gloves and doesn't trace it back is so they can't trace it back to you but just say, Hey, your dog is you know please your dog dog is keeping up the neighborhood just please keep your take your dog in you know. All right. Let's get to some more of those maybe coming up in the nine o'clock hour. Because I've got a couple of these because we're running a little late on time here dirty little secret. So this is something that we do every other week here on our show and that is we go to post secret. So this is a website that's been around for years, and this is a website that I'm little postcards people can post secrets. So we kinda strip off some of those to get it started and it looks like some of the people are texting in here some of the listeners wanting to get off a dirty little secret off their chest. So we'll start off with somebody posted when I get depressed I put up the Christmas tree it's been up since April. Yeah somebody posted this. I didn't go to the Psych Ward because I knew my parents would have blame themselves. I think yeah. You think about that like you know. With your parents, there's a lot of people are a lot of parents that just you know that they take the blame with things. Poland Syndrome thing that I have. So I was born with with without my pectoral major and minor. So I was completely just not born with it was one of the house any you know cases with effects, men and women, but mostly boys are men but I remember when we at the age of eight when we went to a muscle specialist because I went to my my my doctor, my general practitioner when when I was a kid, he's going to send you to a muscle special. So as soon as he looked at it, he was. Like it's called Poland Syndrome. You were born without your your pictorial and I remember my mom going Oh my gosh I didn't drink coffee. I didn't smoke during pregnancy and it was just one of those where I think parents are so quick to blame themselves and like Ma I'm not blaming even to this day she'll say that I'm forty nine years old and she'll say I didn't do anything I'm like Ma it doesn't have anything to do with what you did or didn't do during pregnancy. It's just one of those those things in nature you know. Somebody posted this here. So we're talking dirty little secrets. I. WanNa have an affair with our infertility specialists Oh Holy F.. Oh, how and then speaking of of doctors and counsellors this one here I have no idea what I'm doing sincerely, your future therapist. So somebody yeah is going into that world and they have no idea what they're doing. Store has been the maybe even scarier been doing that for a while. So what is your dirty little secret that you WANNA get off your chest we're giving you a chance to do that. You've been listening to the ninety seven, one St Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. Somebody texted and said, they agree about people being unfriendly on the trails used to run memory grove and hardly anyone acknowledged you or said, hi, back had a friend on facebook make a post about the same thing how unfriendly other hikers and runners are. So it's yeah. Connection with passive aggressive Tuesday's share on that and we my wife pointed out and I have noticed it I, just. I don't think I. I don't know I just don't say anything but you know I'll say somebody or as they're passing by and we noticed it quite a few times because we were on a trail on Sunday as a family and it was just a really popular. I mean everybody had the same idea as high up little Cottonwood Canyon as you could go. So we were up there by. We hiked up one of the trails and were album Bob bear he starts to scream, and then that's what which you. What you should do is make noise and scream like that and yell, and that's what happened and the bear took off but here's the clincher the bear now owned your friend because the bear on your friends. So that's but that's a pretty good story, right? Oh. That's good. Ed. That's Yeah. I mean you thought it was raining. It was bare Peoria. Leaking in the tent so that's the thing. So those old canvas tents were notorious for leaking. It's it started leaking. So the P. was coming inside. So that's I. said You know technically this Baer owns your buddy. So Oh, I wonder like how Bad Bear pee smells and it's not like you can take a shower I mean I guess you could get in a lake if you're near one and you stink like Bayer p. and that that's what's hilarious about those tents it's a tent. From the the environment and and everything else that they're known for leakage will they're known I remember that when we had a tense when we were young if you touched that was the thing, you can't touch the ceiling of the tent because whatever it was sealed within sudden that where your finger would touch, it would lead. But yeah, this sounds like they said, it was an old like vintage World War Two tent. So those things yeah. Those things probably leaked really really bad but so yeah, the P coming in I can't imagine but here's a little dirty little secret for Ya. Every morning before I go on the air, I put a little bear P. Right just behind each year just a little bit. Yeah and that's when I start my dad. Actually Win I, don't know if you know this. But if you go hunting hunting for elk deer that people they actually sell like the deer. Yeah. I remember my dad putting that on before he went hunting. And that's where I got my barrier and I put it on just a little bit we. Just, before going to start my day so people, what is it that you're wearing I'm like. Well, it's a secret a dirty little secret. Secret. In the mornings I'll be I'll be right back. I have to go to the bathroom and he's putting on. Oh. Yeah. Getting Ready to get that day started. We're talking dirty little secrets here. So let me just I've got a couple more leftover from that post secret leaves. There's some good. This is crazy like. This one here. So this is a website if you don't know post secret and we've talked about them and actually have the creator on years ago but we use it when we do dirty little secrets to kind of start off the topic somebody posted this on there said the boy I love told me that that that he murdered someone. Oh. Yeah and it said they went on to say it doesn't bother me at all. Why is that? Okay okay. That's that's like she's had. A topic that I wanNA throw out or not. But I'm going to circle that just to the side that's one I remember. Yeah, anyway. So we'll go onto the next one here Let's see here when the doctor told us this is a horrible. It's a sad one when the doctor told us that we had lost the baby we both started crying you were crying tears of sorrow. I am so so sorry I was crying tears of relief somebody posted that. We're talking dirty little secret somebody sent spent my entire pregnancy worrying that I wouldn't love my son as much as other mummies because he was conceived what the donor egg. What a waste of time in brain cells my love for him blows my mind I know that you know that that my wife Tammy because before when we were talking about because we went to RC and then you know we had the conversation of when she realized that she wasn't going to be able to you know in the traditional sense trying to get pregnant. So we went. Down the road of the donor egg and I remember that was a feeling that she she was like she just didn't she was confused and. You know obviously, you know having Axel there is I mean we would not go like if we could go back in time and change, there's no way we would no way. So I mean he's just like the best thing that's ever happened to us. I can kind of relate to that somebody posted this year we're talking dirty little secrets. If you betray me again, I will tell your family, your friends, your boss, and the irs everything. Oh. Yes. this is one I lost my best friend over implants. So she always stressed that, I needed to accept myself in my own skin. She couldn't understand why her altering her body to feel beautiful. Hurt me that's interesting. That's a good topic. We should throw that out because talking to my nail girl she was telling me something yesterday and like how did you lose your best friend? Because that's a good relatable topic because I know a lot of people especially this year that are going through that right now I like it maybe we'll do it hold on here bf I'm just writing down maybe. We'll do a little later on this week. Okay, and then this one here is a good one to end on as far from the post secrets and I know we've got some dirty little secrets that have come into the show at eight to nine four five from some of our listeners. But somebody posted this. When I'm mad at my grandparents I give them tap instead of filtered water. That's hilarious. That's Hilarious I. Wonder How many people actually do that in the restaurant world like a waiter or waitress you the customer pisses them off like you're getting tap water you're not getting your bottled water. Yeah. I. Think I. Think it's primarily tap Mike I'm good. I'll have a diet coke. This is awful crunchy. Are you sure this is filtered water all right. So we've got some good ones at eight, two, nine, four, five. Yeah. This one said I'm engaged female but so in love with my lesbian married best friend, all I do is fantasize and dream about being with her. Yeah. This said, I. Want to have three people in the bedroom and I think I'd enjoy having another woman more than my husband. So there's that. Wow. Yeah this one said I actually liked to wear the masks because it keeps me from biting my nails and I don't have to wear a much makeup. So that's their dirty little secret. Well. That's a good one and then so because somebody posted tone.

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