Popgram Podcast Episode 73


Saint Graham by at seventeen nothing. Nothing I've got to say. I think Koby basically sucked out. All My stupid-ass quips. Don't worry I'm sure. Have something in the next two podcast but before we continue. I think actually I know why I think it's been rating and reviewing enough. So I think he's they're written and reviewing. I may have something interesting to say when we stopped the next podcast. Just trying to do it. I know I'm GONNA by and I'm teaching all right. This is is this like a third or fourth broadcast during this. These are certain times the days into each I don't dig could be blessed day in and so I know is the third one right council. Because I'm very proud of the last a podcast. Posers very clear. Deny ourselves like it sets in classic our producer did Teddy Riley. Our was was tight on hope for his tight again because the first time obviously was a little bit so those are members the photo with figuring out good now. We figured it out exactly. Yeah exactly an who edited the podcast. You know I think it was a joint efforts of Bush. I know as you said it's not recorded at said it's to be together just instead. Well the producer entertaining none of those. She's right but I saw once. My corporate is a credit like bill. Say because if I did not give you file there's no way spun gold cowl. See what a and give them accreditation. Luckily got it all right. Let's continue shall we say Okay so let's go first of all Hollywood and everything. This is just an industry news as well. Okay so did you hear about what happened between universal and AMC cinemas who owned sickly Odeon. End Sending world here in the UK. I did did yes. So Y. Love is the way it's phrased in the scathing letter obtained by the Hollywood reporter. Amc's CEO and president of the name is them. I don't know why but his name is. Adam he said am soon gonNA be playing any universal movies going forward after everything is over and this is because universal due to the humongous success of Troll troll troll something on toll yeah patrols on toy hundred million dollars. Yep Sequel to trolls Basically available on view DNA. We talked about about a couple of weeks of good. Movies are available on Video D. and stuff and I think because of their love kids stuck at home and you know I think stuck with the kids who exactly parents stuff with their kids. They basically go for this movie and so they've gone look man. We've had such a huge success that we're thinking that would just go to release movies going forward concurrently and send them out and of Ud and AM C. Of didn't like this idea that felt that they were messing with the industry model and have threatened. Well they said they will not play any universal movies. Going forward and universal has come back and said well that's fine go global will continue with our new plan because the landscape has changed now on. I read the story. I was in two minds because I thought well. These are unprecedented times oppressor terms times. Thank you yeah So that's why they're having such a massive success like this come when we the cipher self-isolation ends and everyone's allowed to go out. How many people will be watching movies? through Vod. How many I think parents would be more likely. Take that children outs that. Keep them in the house. I don't know so. But the point is they're saying concurrently because then yeah that some people don't go to the cinema so they're saying what was the hurt in releasing in the movies and if you see they WANNA buy it. It might be very small amounts but it was still auto for them because imagine if they're selling a digital tickets if you like four hundred twenty dollars or whatever the stupid high prices because the only reason and can all that money as you say it's because people are still at home so they're going onto the curly. I laugh at that because of the fact that all these people were very quickly on Netflix. Two years ago when they were saying that they wanted to release staff certainly. I thought it was very interesting then. On top of that I think universal is going to. I don't think that threats is going to carry forward because universal in charge of Austin furious. Philosophy has been delayed until next year. -ext share on the depending on AMC cinemas because fuster Villes those very well in the cinema on and MC house cats Bond Russell movies at the moment. Do you know what I find odd. I doubt going happen. I think McCain long-term strategy doing a crisis is very idiotic thing do you? How can I be see of a company and then decide that O- whilst we don't know what this is going to end up like this is when you make far-reaching decisions about the model of your company there now? I think it's actually also shows a lack of integrity by the CEO of universal. The reason I say that is this the only way and I not want to an industry. I'm conversation the only way that would make. Amc react so violently to this and not just an setting another would owners of Odeon and cinema world in the UK and I think EMC owned. Is it Odeon Yeah. Amc owns audience. Any world hair estimate what it. Okay so dollywood there you react that we as another company is the fact that you think that the company lacks integrity to me. It seems there was no conversation had before universal mid and discussion all it conventional has had an emcee wants to said we do not fuck with this and they did come out and say that they serve the needs to be a window. Six Week window between it's been released in the cinema and released view the fact that I'm in and I'm still supposed to that. We actually brought forty two billion power on Donna's last year to the Hollywood industry coffers and if universes said he wants to work walkway from that that's that's his pearl but what we said what we actually said in our last podcast was also the fact that there's a lot of noise in video on demand you are good get lost in it so there's some fantastic films that a lot of us haven't which because either prime or is on. Hulu or somewhere else so if universal has decided that that is where they want to compete in then they need to take the consequences. I think is a very very stupid idea of universal and if I was shuffled. Universal are calling the right now and given a verbal lashing over the formula social distance in an because this is not the way. There's no how you run a company. Robot remember the doesn't refer to just streaming rinsing is a bind the movie so local people paid whatever it was to actually by indigenous copy of the movie. I understand that but a lot of us are. I really. Don't see this as the best way forward for Universal I. It's not at the cinema. I am not in fast and furious. Full Stop I think a lot of the time. Now this on lockdown and things like that it was my mindset is shifting but clearly this on physical locations on the high streets no one wants to see their community decimated with this type of things you know with maybe retailers closing down or Restaurants Cruising Down Cinema Susan down that Blights your community and north live in a community where there is no amenities and to my mind. This will make me up to universal. We cannot have had this. Come out with really really bad economic situation and then the whole high street of your local committee. Nothing on it in Britain's climbing up to your ear and looking at it. I think you're even too worried. That's not gonNA happen limiting. Why look I I've been reading on? I'm watching my own tech because fossils tech hot topic and people were looking forward to be. Put out books tickets already. People had made plans days. No way that's why I said that's mentioned for sincerest. Because they are they have position Nessie. What happens two months before I comes out? They will change their mind. Can maybe negotiating tactic. That maybe they want some of the more key to be shown in the cinema and less marquee ones the want to be able to have the opportunity to do that. Viewed this that's that's what she should have said. I don't agree I I I agree with honey. I own got we you. I said when you started because I just think oh this is based on the Force Academy people have more money in their pocket now because they're not going to restaurants and they're going to any other hobbies outside that they do they can use that money that maybe they use for the cinema to buy the stuff from Vod now most people probably have a senior Walpole. Most people have passes for the cinema here in this country so I don't think you'd expect people have positive for the multi goes to the cinema and also then buy stuff from Vod. When when this whole thing ends I think not not thinking past all the circumstances now. What people are spending their money on. This is the economy the same way that more people are spending money now on food shopping than they have in the same same time last year. Yes so saves become say. Oh man well. Let's now give you more slots for delivery going forward. No when this thing closes people but going more to the saints results of food supermarkets. Dan Actually doing. Deliveries is all based on the circumstance. Okay this is this is even though I agree with the view. This is actually where differ from view. I do think things have changed. I do think that you'll find a happy chain to order. Online more people are going to buy stuff online because they have because a lot of people have ready Committed for instance we viewed with Strewn Services Would Disney or displaces. I think that's the next marvel movie is GonNa Take Hits because people have already paid for Disney plus again those coming. No no no. I'm going to say my Sir I'm just trying to. I'm also trying to bring a different perspective because I've been reading a lot of things in terms of economics and finance which is why I went economic elliptic of composition previously. But there's this website called to set of twenty cents two cents or something is under the whole Gorka Brennan and we're talking about. This is the time to start budgeting and lots of the commenters. Were talking about the fact. That different shopping has risen by twenty five to fifty percent and that is unusual for them. It must decided they didn't start concert subscriptions because they're looking at the economy. I know that in those countries. It's because this is Kgo comedies America. They're ready. Thirty million people on imploded. So lots of people actually now making the reasonable adjustments based on a future. They're predicting youth so to that. When you bear that in mind when people subscriptions come to an end then what's opportunity? Is there for anyone to see? They're going to spend money on video on demand. Oldham actually going backwards because people are not spending fifteen twenty dollars twenty pounds for a movie. If they're thinking well hold on. It's eight dollars. Nine dollars for me. Subscription subscription a muscle schedules reduce was went to spend twenty dollars on a universal movie. At home where you can spend twenty dollars universal movie in the cinema because remember the universal on the reason that they're so blown away by it is because they don't need to be a cuts to the cinema or any of these things that is not just not part of the nets absolutely. Sorry because there's something else I'm thinking I'm saying that I think that universals or sinners are going to do deals that are going to jump on the streaming services at some point when everybody's when everyone's budgets because realistic and go hold on a second. I can't afford any of stuff and I think that they will be scrubbed. I think they'll be to me. Maybe two streams commodities with subscriptions just because right now everyone is launching this different topic. Bedrooms launched own subscriptions. I don't think that's going to work. I think people are going to choose. The one that gives them the most options for the best value Yes but all the university is also at the music industry. Because he's user yardstick you see spotify you see the the way they're nickel and diming eighteen. You go is come on. You've already seen the demise of the music industry into what it is trump. Come with something that works not just for yourself but for your industry. I agree but with this way if anything the cinema chains would have to react because I do think that it also dinosaurs. I think that the charging I did do particularly stupid in America. They don't have subscription services as an example we have it here is still too high. You Mean Cinema Cinema Paseo Cinema. That'll have one. That had dry because he said he does face down. But it's interesting information. I think it's going to affect everyone. And as you were saying that of changing the way changing of will lead to some inevitable changes like the Oscars excited put upside. His qualms opening is opening. You know is competition to movies. Stop Depp in debited on streaming services also shaming platform and on demand however they said not all streaming platforms eligible to be nominated. Movies would have had to be in would have had to have a schedule to schedule. The APP theatrical release before dwelt on biscuit before the covy nineteen so for instance Emma which had like a cinema release. Just two to three weeks. Everyone went into lockdown. That will be eligible because of you know through no fault of his area streaming but movies that just purely going to view the like. Maybe trolls would not be Yeah undecided how soft had assured for at least one week. Emphysema for things. So I thought again. I was very interesting. Dispel bug must be punching the air. I mean dude. He was so against this them. All and now they're like actually you know stuff streaming. We have to let that in because if not we're not going to have a ceremony next trip because who knows how long this is going to go on for. I know so. We get to be released by the end of the year. Only obviously by their rules in lots of movies would be exempt ineligible Julia. That's very true south. That was the main problem unum hyphen about your skills. Actually kind of bullshit now. Going to a usual crop So this is. Let's let's call this next two stories. That's quite a theme of rich people and coverage unusual behaviors that they're exhibiting Madonna. She tested you saw this. She has no always Yes Oh let's just still continuing fight citing a couple of weeks ago. Madonna was in her bathtub talking about how covered nineteen is a great leveler. I mean completely tone deaf message just this it just stupid like cut this rich person talking. She just it was stupid then last week. She basically came out and said she tested positive for nine nineteen antibodies. So she's nuggets. Go outside and enjoyed the covet nineteen air now. I thought this story was actually saying. I tested positive for the antibody. So I'm going to go and see if I can donate plasma or something. I thought that was what the story was but no she's like no. I'm just going to go out now. 'cause can go out because of. I'm I'm basically invincible. Analysis thinking is this woman high or I don't know why she shared this with us. Oh is she losing the plot slowly? It just seemed very dumb is also extremely slow. Fight is attention seeking and he's not even that I think. Look maybe I'm just Been cynical here. I think at this point in time what she was supposed to be going on tall and also and also she's become irrelevant when it comes to pop culture so I didn't where we know exactly. No one's joking for her on her stupidity now that in the public arena this to be focused on. Cuvee jets so some people have decided that Well any publicity is good publicity so she might as well commercials cuvee deeds and Sure everyone how idiotic she is. Mike issue here is the fact that she has back children. And the fact is we've known in America was sitting in the UK. That black people seem to have a higher propensity to dying from this. So my view would be. She should do her job as a mother and keep our children safe. I agree I know leave was well. I think it's interesting that you know. She said that because she has antibodies. Just GonNa go out to enjoy the air but what annoys without statements. What that means is that Dan catch. Even though you don't die you can also pass it on. Someone else doesn't buddies. So that's I said she's also being very selfish very Stupid it was on social citizen home. He's an idiot Rich person number two Elon. Musk okay I know I know guys. I'm sorry I knew that you guys huckster action. I guess you know his own is here's one is beyond corona action and cuvee been. He's always been any deal. It's in the states film. Everyone knows city. I one was him putting on twitter. That and the need to free America now That was the tweets And obviously these fucking idiots who are protesting. Obviously seeing this. Oh look so when agrees with us? Obviously this all ties back to business and also is a selfish move because of the two states that are basically very rigid about lockdown California and New York and there's a way his His plants are based Manufacturing Tulsa. Tells the 'cause so he's going I'm losing money that's what I'm thinking. So He's going well. They should free America now. There is no. There's no evidence that covered nineteen thousand Bullshits he did go back injury. Well Apologize Sir. In air quotes later on and said well let them do their necessary Protection in everything but still he believes that people are still being unlawfully lockdown. Yeah that's what it was the first one which I was like okay. He's just talking shits and then did you see here about the second tweet tweet yesterday where he said that he thinks that the the price of tests the stock price is too high in his opinion in the and I 'cause I think of fourteen billion what's for yesterday was on Friday. I think was the Friday Friday so I registered. Yeah and then the Wall Street Journal Hudson. Email him to go hold on. Are you being serious or Disa- joke? Actually they said he said no because he said that he was going to sell all his physical possessions and he will own no house and his girlfriend. The singer grimes is mad at him and I was just going guy smoking. Ref- Oh is this guy doing hard drugs or something. It's just still fucking weird. Well it does all those actual tweets so it wasn't that it was in conversation with Hollywood reporter. He tweeted no. Yeah it with all this stuff. Look the the whatever did Exchange Commission so obviously the second time the first time. He went for fraud when he said he was going to take your private or something that he had secured funding. Okay so I'm always in two minds about this and please do calligraphy hypocrites. So he's deal. Its nest look songs to basically slapped him with stick with social distancing when it comes to the company I think this is the thing if an investor UNIX knew who you invested in vest is the one who is bored. Line CRAZY. You know you know. Okay he may be genius in this aspect but he's an idiot in this aspect the bumps the Ruffians Minneapolis. I guess is no breaking the law though the SEC. We'll see about that unique to accept the fact that as Warren. Buffet said you're the pick accompanist good company. That's an idiot run. Pick a genius with the company so the points. It's up to you to decide as an investor where you want to actually put your eggs and has done this before and they just. I think you just need to get used to it. Because the reason investment in companies because they want to make money out of his brain he's bringing housing. Well that also comes to a few defaults and and you just need to go with the flow at because I do not know all those puts industrialists of the positive of quite. Yes just normal one SEC Have said temporarily at least with the freshest insights and sewage of look. He didn't gain he didn't he didn't he. Didn't give any heated right if it's anything from it They'll say he's he's He's a well. He's fiduciary responsibility to he's investors is that's going to be. The thing is kind of like well you as the person who's running this company have you put the investment of your shareholders at risk? We abide by being regulars. I think that it showed as the debate. Yeah it's good Guinea game 'cause I was GonNa say the second thing was before this tweets happened because of his because of the quarterly results tested. Very well they sold. I only Common Function American actually sold Colin than everyone else. Because we see shoot they he. They made stupid. The the share price was according to what I've read used to bid so obviously as maybe as a person I don't know what's going on his head in hypocrites that's ridiculous and tweets and then it went down but the loss is actually not is is less than the game if Amir so basically he so it. It's almost like solid saying well. We did very very well which I should add me. Be a ten percent premium on the share price. Unfortunately the show price on trumped by fifty percents. So then that doesn't says you're not on an industry you can't countries to be shipping and then the four maybe the fourteen billion dollars to be a twenty percent drop so you still have gained from the profits. That's was announced. Circe right what you don't get as much but still on tickets away. That's why he says he has no personal possessions. Maybe they have taken his phone away. Have no house the other pregnant girlfriend so good look the way. Yeah because he house owned by That's a Hollywood legend. Whatever his name was and he said he's going to sell. It is not happily as I. It's like it fits of I think sometimes people don't get the fact that one you work if you're very much into counter intuitive or the counterculture your bread is going to definitely work perceived the world in such a way guys also if you don't sleep enough because he doesn't sleep enough as well because as a couple of business. I don't think he has enough downtime. And then he also has individual characteristics and traits. That are not always positive. Okay that's my well my view. I'm telling you right in two years time is that he has the same supplements Kanye West. I'm because it's looked down. There appeals and grimes has a strong go find pills for his head. I mean look my same something. That's I liked that because no consumers is the grinders pills into his smoothie every morning. Because let's drink kava drink or whatever. Yeah he's fucking crazy and Who's made last person in my well? I thought this was sweet. I didn't think he was coveted yet. All bless him honey. Please remind me his name whose name The design for bomb on the Viel Olivia Rooster. Every day was about him making X. Yes I thought it was cute. He's never cooked before. It is like but due to self-isolation he's had to cook and he was like I'm not making eggs for the first time as like put way too much on the first of all the fire the The amount of a fire on the under the stove was way too. High actually thought that it was it was burn a fire and then you put like almost like a glum full of oil into the frying pan but he did. Friday the eggs a bless rich. People that you know have never done anything for themselves which led me to that article. The IR sensor during the week outs rich people who are like. Oh my God. I don't have to clean marble. Like wow there's a demographic out there that taking this whole thing in the way differently Johnson. Just just to thinking on that sorry. Energy should also jif overall oprah trying to put the of onto the fact that I think even in news personality is what you did you off do was another legit you out do something. I mean I. As an individual in the Veta- Devika fight quite challenging balance. I know how to get done. It looks I would look at Oprah number one was holding. The camera helped actually whether for individual on the bay. I'm sure steadier job but it so interesting fascinating thing. People don't know how to do those things it's weird. I was just going to say the article is a good one. I can't remember where it was from. Remember was from concern for the moments but basically it's it was an article about this agency that normally supplies a staff to very rich people in the UK and it's went into detail where Sunday Times the Sunday Times in the UK and went into details about little things. That's the reach Clienteles. We're complaining about from data not to deal with the kids. They've never some of them had never really spent time with their children. Do I that. The woman has a lot to do with my kids and I do the laundry and they advice gave us like okay so just dude game. Let me have any separates? I was so cute when one of the clients hidden my God. I've been taking my clearance for granted. Really consider being more nicer than when during their shifts. Just pay them. More clients was almost in tears. Saying I've ruined my bathroom that what sustains in the mob. I know what made me laugh was like what did they say? That's actually considering that. Were going to sell assets in bedrooms but remember the conversation we've had I've always said if we ever become multimillionaires. I don't really give a shit. It's how rich I am. Who is going to clean the house exactly and because it's so British about this kind of stuff. There's always this guilt of. Oh my God I clean. Why would hey cleaner I've just it's just me just so because you have that it makes no sense to have all this space. Does Chrysler The lady say I just forgot about? That's in your. They had that side the talk about the other families of Adventure sense the help on training courses and they themselves disgusting because I just found something else that I wanted you westerly dieting. No that's the lady this lady works. She's not in the government she just works. It Works Job. High-powered job loyal. Something and she said. Oh I am piece because I'm not losing any money because I have folded my stuff and I will what I thought would. Businesses could follow this business. She could we business. She's such a craft says something of as a business to them firehouses stuff. Yeah her kids. Are those beforehand domestic stuff. I forgot ghosting very discussion. Because I watched that I was like what are you joking? There are people out there who are struggling and suffering in their normal. I'm flats and houses and you are able to furlough your stop and go to mystical Diana piece because losing any money during this period. That's actually what you wrote. Jace adventure but the suffer autism was suffer. I mean anyway the thing touch the American telecom that Iran I read on Julia Roberts are proposing is happened this weekend. The right now. Yeah so basically unites US thing I thought about was. Why are you asking for people to call in to donate money when you break it down? The thirteen million Americans on employed and the ones that are employed are obviously normally will lawyers Niff- people in financial institutions will make jurors e are in the central services and most of them on average and forty thousand dollars a year on average. You want to host the telephone to ask them to donate money when we know that billionaires a lot of billionaires have been getting richer during this period would he accents for them to sit down on. Call the rich friends on babies and embarrass them. So it's almost like you call them and say the minimum spent here is ten million. Denzel how are you call the right? Jeff Bezos how will you call them? He's made younger money destroyed. Spirit you and get them to pledge ten million dollars each why would I found it? So tone deaf and so astonishing depor now if the view is there is money of the poor people of America and then they go to match it. You know get much. Essential Medicine okay. We're GonNa much twenty percent of. What is each individual billionaire or multimillionaire? Thou makes sense to me. I don't I am. I'm so confused and a loss right now and it just feels strange so let me just so I did some research into it because I just wanted to be known as the right information so I think what happened was What happened was was There's a shutdown of people and those people will pick up phone calls. I don't know maybe it's from non people maybe not on do yeah and goal would perform something or do something right. I'm dead then. You are directed. Sue Money Either today American Nurses Foundation. Also this thing called give directory at give the directly or you won't now. I decided to check how much money had been donated. Any was roughly about eighty. Six million dollars right how much it is six million now. I thought to myself okay. I thought it was. Okay that makes sense right so if even if they ask people to donate at the very least if they said something like an will quadruple. Whatever but I haven't seen and celebrity information about about any of the nation's whatsoever by ritual. I looked if bloom. Forget about ritual for a second. I've looked at all of the partners. The in lots of partners can you say yes I think is because of clouds. They want to show yes. We're carrying just in back. Initially were parts of it even doing the could have been a couple on Cape facilitating payments. And this and that their contribution or something I exactly. I don't know if she goes. Hold them to fucking ransom. I don't get it on. I looked at the shed. You'll and I saw all these names and the one that made me annoyed was all this names. People by the way every single one of US liberties people They also gun Africa Africa and I do understand. Why Dot wasn't that list because these are called. These people receiving calls so gun. Africa gun country wasn't Right person so I got confused. Thank God now. Why because I saw the young people's chorus of New York City but when I saw Ghana I made a mistake is civic duty. Furniture Garden Condo but symptom. I still don't understand what this was about. Because this happened has at last night's and I just thought okay so there's no information on on exactly where big look at the end of the day right. I think money is to talk a lot right now and you giving money as a very rich people. I mean obviously the Clintons. I involve the bushes I involved. Does that soup? Past presidents says with Oprah Winfrey. Look at first time because I is is legitimate. People are in San and Yang is really big. Here you can act Shriver Roberts as an example also what is range to me is the fact that America is a different beast to the UK. Yes in the UK visit told Poppy Syndrome which to the fuck down. So even if you're rich I want to donate money. I can understand some secrecy about it. Even though in these times we can make an exception and I am still looking for the rich people in the UK to step up publicly and of people. But Hey America where been individual Benneteau. Toppy something I celebrated. It seems in this particular case. People don't want to that much of toppy now as I wanNA DRESS. Shoes bullshits someone. Well what's going on? I find really weird. These telephone things always make me uncomfortable because I always think that is rich. People just going. Hey I'm here but they're not actually doing well. The NACI contributing ritzy. And Yeah once the Chinese your money where your mouth is because I think those are like a level celebrities rates. We would be would what happened to say that writes. I 'cause I've been watching some good news. We junkers in ski and he is tiny. Youtube show has got quotes to contribute. Money has got eight. Cnc To suspend the phone phone plans and phone bill from bills for all of the the the social workers for about three months. Yes and that tiny shoe. And he he doesn't have as Oprah Winfrey doesn't even Guy Fieri who people make jokes about as basically Given up a five million and I'm just thinking well all you guys who are the rich people doing a guy living room the way I see. It's ease this should asses. If they're really really have because people don't understand how fricken tight money now how it'd be follows judicious behind minium would be more judicious if you don't show up for me. I'm not enough for you is simple. And there's people were taking their legacy just dragged in the mud. As far as I'm concerned very depressing their troy and this is supposed to be an upbeat happy. What cans so I'd show a competitive to something? Catchy include me in 'cause I've got three piece of news to hours his years before we started exactly. Well it is what it is. Is the phasing social distancing by you? Okay Hunting that was me punching screen. Casey wondering what that noise was. The resources are confirmed that. They're producing a live remake of Hercules so of Hercules the Disney cartoons the Russo brothers worker event. I so quite little couple of the casting should be for the museum because I you're talking about all kinds of place who play. Who So the moment people are saying things like the music should be Kelly? Rowland Kiki pomme Amber Riley a beyond saying I do look beyond say but I don't know should be amused. Yeah those should be Hugh Jackman Benthic comper batch Zeus Rock Who GO AHEAD JENNIFER? Hudson should be one of the muses To be one of the muses as well this was like Oh interesting so I was wondering what do you who do you guys think. Do you agree with any of these Muse users choices. That people are saying or do you have people in your head that you think play. I know that umbrella was trending. Yes cooking house and I totally. I agree I grabbed beret. Moos definitely has to be amused. I think Jennifer Hudson was general. Definitely for me has to be Muse. Then I leave the rest for the people to view at least those two after the if those are not in. It's not Nazi me. Was I hate these I I only Kevin Muses okay so I didn't really have the story before I didn't know about this so I if people who are listening to this podcast remember? I'm kind of sick to death of live events. So I'm I'm I'm not even there to think about the museum not even about the cost. I'm just annoyed at doing this. Because I really think that they should spend their time coming up with original content. I am tired of people of Disney tried to flow the same bloody hold so we already know diversity told us that look to do live actual remix of everything. So unfortunate you guys. I don't get me for the next five six I'm going to. I'm sorry because I go with the come back to him and tell him what the future looks like. So this look man anything Disney does right now was adult underboard Bob. I don't feel I have the right to question. And then this guy knows more all the features than I do. I kind of I feel like bites of Disney stock. My opinion is that Oh there live action films of crops. Oh for Yup. None of Cinderella was great so but the mid bank looking to make money people are going to go out there to watch it because they're curious to see how it looks in live action and we haven't seen that I know really for Mobile Cinderella Lund. Basically one that for her are the best of. That's kind of that kind of Stu of those kinds of stories say cartoon films. I can understand wanting to see that in reality. Yeah no I agree. I'm look slightly just because I know they change the story the other with with Alabam. Aladin ranking is the sense there was always yeah put. It was necessary but what I did like. Last two was how it's it's to me. It's a bit of a joke I personally but that's just me. I think there's some interesting live and some that they don't need to be the to me the only two that I would want to see Maybe actually did he. I wanted to see Milan and Cinderella. I've always liked Cinderella story and I remember watching it on stage as a kid. That's why I wanted to watch the movie of IT. Also because Kate Blanchett was announced by kill stepmother. I just wasn't prepared for how they did it. I just think the story. It's the way they did. It was greats and the moral of this fantastic. That's why I like Cinderella. Lots the rest of a puff of Milan rest of their like. Well we could have done without. This is what the cartoon I just don't understand. Why did Alauddin allergens fantastic? As a cartoon books. Robin Williams is the greatest the world. They didn't have to remake. You can also see the same in terms of Cinderella or hurt long. They're going to be people who see that. Think that for people who live there at the For people who achieve loved the actual cartoon film and they have a specific on the like Ariel so for some people the Little Mermaid Google can. That's done so dry. So people have their views as to which one wants to see. Live action is interesting. Bit like one of my favorite one is emperor's new groove. I would date. They're trying to make a live action movie. Because I think I think the problem here is that maybe you guys will guys on. Maybe you don't see my point of view but I do think that does some stuff that if we do right then completely changed completely. Don't don't it is like someone trying to reduce a proper classics like like winter. Transfer you do the Matrix. I'm like no. Don't don't try and do my agent my fair lady or Hollywood ever done that before they ever done. A shot by shot remake. I think they did shot by remake an ethics. So my point. Is You know it also smacks of of of opportunism a new creativity because that industry is all about creativity? No no no okay before we get souped up soupy that industry is about. It's called show business. It's about business this show. Does APPLES BE LITTLE? Bit of Sprinkling all-star. I agree but I agree but but a mouth penny that so many more stories that can be told that I find them to be very least. That's why like picture as times went but pixel only say doing sequels by Bloody Disney right but from time to time at least every two years three years the original content Disney bought Pixar so that can make some original contents because some of the original concept that have made recently have been the producers and directors from Pixel visit themselves. Not Original at all in my own opinion. What does he used to do was biscuit goal? What's very famous story or fable and movie? I would agree with you. I'm just saying that original in the frontier region on it. Oh sleeping busy yep I agree with you but the frozen his original frozen frozen nose is point. Frozen is and people from picks off of soaking vessels won't Pixar at the table some similar on some things grounding okay. I wish it a lot more like that. Look more on a fantastic cartoon but my my points is that you know I find it interesting that they're not trying to to to create content. That can may be mine with with with. Tv shows with merchandise with regrets for the next thirty years. What does that students go? You know what we're just going to Disney. Plus you know that's the best which Nikolov money in a way. Some of the blame on a Bob. Eiger to me is not that amazing. I. He's the business. Yeah someone to have. This show is fortunately I dabbled Kevin Feige Foam on for years and also because now they don't want to take big bets on lesser known on New Ideas Member that Disney cartoon. That came out was the one that was set in the future. That had Michael Jordan. Yes yes I remember. That'd didn't do well. Yes you know. So now they have Disney plus where they be all the new stuff because there's so much new contents on Disney plus like new shows and new. But over you're talking about maybe Cartoons that Halfon possible. Yeah Yeah I know that. Have cartoon shows like that kind of stuff? It's like they go. Dizzy is less of a risk for the stuff that will go mainstream on. Let's have a brain trust that basically make sure that we this is to be hits anyway. We'll have it destructors. I'm not excited about says. Let you shit. Well done okay. Mixed Dan obviously I will tell you what you can company when stories and stuff them just finished my list so the next versus this long. Oh Unit Eric Erykah Badu and Jill Scott Really. Yes yes next tomorrow Monday. And how do People Watch this? Because I still don't understand where it is I mean. What do this then instagram live? I I think this is a instagram. And instagram's where this is good to go down and at the moment things percolating they're asking brandy and Monica but both of them. I go say well people use as a potential just I to battle be. They have to be a confident as the Britian music because a comment sometimes can be you know and they said they'd been putting each other against each other for Says responsive they don't want to hear it because I stood so today for the life of me do not understand the whole brand Monica. 'cause brandy is on another level to Monica. I don't care what anyone says. Brand new shoe with that sometimes. I just feel that Achievements are always diminished. Because they're trying to actually elevate money. Got some good ball or no. Where ned what Barbie Cinderella you know to me? It's like if someone is not saying that Oh Beyond safety and Kelly Rowland should between versus. That's what it feels like to. And I don't want to deny the moniker. Did some great music but less twisted jargon. I think they need to find someone. Apprentice level to verses by the AD is definitely know Monica Vergara. That's doesn't even as being thrown around. Also blige faith Evans chose like rubbish. She laser like Bud Mary. J. Has more to me has more hands on those that you see the problem with these people. They're not. Donald actually is interesting. Because they're really talking about Biggie. They're talking about about what they wanted. They Faith Evans. I guess a guy like Evans and I don't know Who's the Guy Make Mary j? I met Mary J. Mary Jane. I'm thinking about that story. At the moment I was out Kelly before about bud I agree. That's no bird. I'll put married Kelly who I see because the joke of the bottle people think you would legend on Whitney Houston. A who who five is a little saga before likely soon when I saw some like okay. I mean if they're able to do something they could put. Britney versus Christina Aguilera. Like for instance. I mean Houston. She's my girl but if she was alive I would say Brittany and Whitney wrestles. Mariah is how that's because they're both legends and Jane. I think my is way more. I understand but that's more than level I similarly. I agree I agree. That's the level. I agree but I am almost like saying okay. An Thaw on e. Yes exactly I get. I gather everybody's won't be as bad. She has three major hits. You mean the one she's on with never loved like this then one she is with every day Yes what else you. We've got little jerry down. Go Br bring me a girl beef. Readiness Comb no drama. Young people are not getting it right. I think that the focus too much agenda they should put against. Who's on the level? It shouldn't be like. Oh Yeah two women maybe can be because it will come more with Russia. No WanNa kiss with show APP. This is not no no no this is not. I just I would at keys against Ease Asher yeah. Yeah no announce look at look. Those shows had two three good albums so she no. She's look why. Why did you notify Hijab? I dare evolution keys. Okay yes I agree now. So songs amy. It's got to be people as I am as well wave on thing of broken hearts Comma superwomen. Bad accident was no no no. Let's go back to the main arguments. You compare had three albums let's give. That's to ashes of so. I had my way it's seven. Oh One confessions confessions. I mean come on. You can start with. The doesn't doesn't matter. Was One hour. Almost every single song was a fucking hits the Utah U-turn U-TURN. We you come home on. That's seventy one so we compare him. Then Chris Rock Chris Brown because that's lazy arguments. I will see Chris Brown we drink yes yes. I would agree. Yeah yes I would agree definitely would agree because with those two singles albums singles. Really am I made to Lloyd? Actually Keesa is not too any but I'm not sure that that's entirely fair but it's not bad it's not bad. I'll give you that by the way within give 'cause I was thinking of Because I was thinking so so def when I said and I'm thinking about the Brownish Guitar Brexit would you with Oh Braxton Jensen because I'm not sure if there is someone I guess you might be able to able to bring synergy is Toni Braxton's Komo that was fire. Yeah I think it will p bits. I think she will be just a bit. 'cause Bob's thank you dance to blow to be is mother ballots here. Yes exactly's so there are some people that look angry anyway. So it's first of that 'cause I don't know if we just anything we discussed. This is all just in new store and this was the time of spray of that. Would you agree with the French Montana statement that he has more bulbs that Kendrick Lamar? Okay so let me just say this. It is almost like saying A McDonald's and I have lots of customers and then you emission star students. It's almost like okay. I can see where you're going in terms of volume but I would agree with you. That's very very odd. Diplomatically very good. Yeah 'cause I read you like keep this about cutting that because of all my bio for review of something you see okay. Let's get to that and I just have two more and then I have come to your rescue them so a Youtube A. He's one of your people just teachers theaters. You know him. I got some. Oh my good. You're doing that. That's the that you so people that this guy has been tricky celebrities and I use that word quite loosely. At least one person that is mentioned here into thinking that they've been appearing on the late late show with James Cordon so good so upset about two weeks ago. James Corden has been doing a show every day every weekday from his garage and everything. But he's undergone like some surgery air surgery or something so he's been off so basically you have a manager and they do research they will knew this but unfortunately with these people that are concerned. They got dates So the people. That's one of them. That got with Craig David. Youtube basically scraped together soundbites and You know conversations from all these past into using James. Corden has done enough to make believable. One sided conversation and tricks Craig. David's thinking that he was basically on the show he will quickly be performed. Did rise for so he did it through. Data is our heated. Nobody knew okay. Okay so I'm GonNa say this I think actually maybe it's because I am. I feel a bit emotional about this because I've always felt that critic. David never ever go the fuck deserved you. And that we have mediocre white manual be Williams and everyone is loading. But you don't worry be. Oh there's so much I can talk about in regards to that so it's really painful for me because I can imagine when he would have thought himself off got. Kobe undestand. Respect what I've done and for him to eat obviously he's funny. He was little. I'd Oh my God horrible of the Youtube and Josh Josh. I said it's it's a social hoping. And He's do who's hears about the actual you know an interview for real. I hope so as well I just felt really maybe nicky but yeah it's on his youtube page. If you WANNA watch it. He's doing it. He's done three episodes so was one on Friday. I'm had studied justice. Dilip notes studied justice for David. I'm surprised at the Khrushchev is demanding ticket down. I think Yuli editon Friday so we don't know what's happening known because also I suppose also is the front of that. I still feel a way in terms of how dividend can joke in this country because it's very difficult attribute solution to be successful in the UK and the fact that his whole career now is kind of like some dope with Bush selector use and it just felt is is always very pointed to medical selector and the fraught with the people that it targeted Michael Jackson. Melby and Craig David it always for those racial elements in did in terms of decrying. I'm basically demeaning their work even you going. We don't have them in successor is I mean except for the mill dividend mixed mysteries Liberal in them black but the fact is we generally don't tend to see a lot of people who are have some black Aji sentenced to them this successful soon. I took it particularly personally but analysts. Painful Yeah my heart sank when I read Craig. There was one of the others. Were like the tick Tock I think the white girl made that basically brought renegades down the one who stole your regional renegade genucel students. Yeah Yeah Yeah I think if but when I record dazzling oh come on like no I just liked. Tell you what you one. Nostril is quivering enough and the other is has drip. You're just weird. My brain doesn't know how to process this. So start laughing at the same time. I'm sorry I'm just bieber arena guerande at teaming up to do a single cold stuck with you benefits good. Kohl's are the proceeds from the from the from the streaming and the sales of this particular single going to the first responders children's foundation based in Canada in America. But you know that what they have come to wrong immediately. Said that yeah. A squadron production exactly what humidity said that just said is Hashtag to boom from nothing to do with anything other than the need for a possibly. Kanye West jump on the remix and that to me. You know what I actually thought. I didn't think it was because of your music genesis but I thought of the instagram fake adverts about them did you know when you know it was like ooh please the Dallas. I didn't do that with Ou. Our arena. She doesn't have to do our At the moment is so. Yeah Dave Ospel. The for people to in that graduation Videos because graduation season at the moment in America So I think they wanted to make some some of viral video or they weren't or make a video that goes those people share it to the people exactly which I think. Okay that's so I would think from school to run to me is always a bit because like a ram to obtain Taylor swift now and it is so irrational that sometimes even if the facts are more on sites. I need to be honest about my hypocrisy. I'm still going to look through a lens of what was the think about this. Just because I feel very uncomfortable about his vote and the story behind when Ariana left his he's management thing and then it's almost like also Iran had come back because there was some stuff going on behind the scenes. I just feel really uncomfortable because I know that he came from actually bean an intern for Jimmy. Dupree and the fact. They've got his in by infant tricks in the black community. Taking a leveraging all he learns using his white privilege to get away go to today so I find it. Sometimes it bits uncomfortable but I understand. That's my bias. This guy could be fantastic wonderful person but my bias. Zayid coming towards him. What has of Bonn and much about him. I just don't like okay so of Godfrey as house. Three of go Sue The first one that I'm going to quickly talk about has to do with So obviously I think I don't have mission. It's on the show because we don't cuss awhile. Obviously enthusiasm council just like every other events but he throws concert if he was cancelled on the very auspicious circumstantial. Suspicious fishes auspicious missions impotence. Okay suspicious great auspiciously suspicious. Sorry I thought it was just wasn't the way we so. I think I may have mentioned. I don't remember if I did. But Jeff Keely who normally does the introduction for the for the e. Three he quit. Whoa sermon wants three. Oh okay this is a good. Let's be round Eddie. Yes that's good. That was the reaction was don. Did that guy give him a job. Give him a job. What's his name? Gas Guy Taylor but he always does he. Three does sets in sort of pre show every year he Alzheimer's liquids and he said and he an Ese. That's a company who owns three. Do not see eye-to-eye Bubba Blah. This is a bit of old news and it was not interested in working with and that was it. Very interesting was a twitter post. Everyone was shocked. Okay then Ese. Then said you don't want this year. We're going to be revamping three. They didn't refer to to just Kyrie Irving beneath three company called. No no sorry before that Sony quits saying that. Donald doing three years because they didn't do last anyway and then if it puts a press conference on Monday on Tuesday yes they put the press conversation. Oh we have what can we? This guy called eight bits. I Abe is a company that do Sort of merchandise cool much video games right and they said we're working with you. Guys go to revamp. Eat three issues to be brand new thing by Blah. That's all they said. Everyone going hold on a second but just quits again this year on so there's movement issue because they went Sony quits. The numbers went down and then yes see. Vicente afternoon said Oh w tickets. I'm to talk too much about you. Three three basically over because a lot of companies such as beccles verse three three stops but before that happened and eight bits VIP people who they are. Now say oh they're going to producing either. You have changed formats quits. Two weeks later saying that's kind of reason I don't know what happened now. There isn't all that is important is because Jeff. Kelly now announced literally of Friday the Summer Games fest is GonNa take place from me to August is an online only events and I quote. It's a new industry wide celebration of video games that runs for meals August coach. Jeff Fisher News in Gimme vents unplayable content from the intolerance industry. He has panels interviews from people like to K division Bundy Namco Bethesda Blizzard city project CD extremes e playstation private division riot Games Square INEX- Steam WanNa Bros xbox. Then he now this I am a bits either producers of this events what's what's the AFC so not just that I guess if it was canceled Ese scrambled and said if it is cancelled we are doing an online events. And let's be asking all the developers of all the publishers to support us and then there were crickets. No-one said anything that yes says. Oh it looks like it happened this year. Then just comes over this. Wow Jeff Kelly. He was on the Hollywood reporter. I other places and apparently he had been talking to everyone for the last week also and I think that everyone basically have said like well. If you guys want to be on the video games I was. This is just me if not really get December. I don't know what he said what he did. He convince them. So that's going to be happening. The second news is a bit side soon needs to massively over the last two weeks one isn't ten to one is Sunni. The Sony one has to do with lots of us to to game was supposed to come out and there was a spoilt those footage. That was leads. You know the in game that was only identified leakers of the footage. The footage showed cautions. I'm gameplay including several pivotal plot sequences the youtube already over the weekend. That was last weekend as soon was quick to trump. Pull the offending material from all those Sites but damages don't download the data screen captured it so now on over the place spoiling las. Lots of US was supposed to come out this month but was delayed and I think has been delayed to June in lots of people who was of Muslim online. Saint I think it was a disgruntled employee at some Nazi dog that licks but soon as claimed known of the identity of the individuals identified the responsible while fleets with Sunnis Roxie. Entertainment's all not to dock itself. So they know who he is and we're going to hear in the next opening month how they're gonNA punish them. So that was the fresh freshly. The Second League is a little bit more serious. It's a leak of Nintendo's we source code designed files full documentation is seems like Nintendo was using a company called Right brought on where involved in developing the we hardware and software is seems cocker's rather than Hocken. Let's say more important things. Decided they were GonNa Hack broadcom brought on sorry and they got every. They got everything. They've got designed files because we saw code the team's got everything basically and doctors but why they just wanted to run like like yesterday. Twenty twenty isn't shitty enough. She'd say so. Sure is a bunch of fucking college kids well or something. Unfortunately so. Obviously that is going to respond. Maybe on Monday but recent. This is very interesting time. Because they tend Nintendo's quarterly results and don't be announced next Friday I so it looks like they may make a statesman. I may be swimming some people because because I'm not sure superdome bought me. Broaden did not adequately secure if you where if you misrepresentations that you go to YouTube dot. That's it okay so you go. Okay let's move onto because we've been recording for awhile now so that's little too stuff we've watched this week. Okay yes going to music videos that we also yes. Yeah Yeah Okay. Go real them off. Sorry you don't want to do this. okay music videos. Guess I knew I know I not music so the first one okay music. Megan stallions featuring beyond say Sat remix wasn't music video. It's just more truck. I mean I read. This is the thing I like the original B. also really elevated this on a really like her wrapping having savage. Why think who went on to be too long towards the end towards the end I just felt could have been a bit tighter but I suppose it doesn't help because savage was originally through and a half minutes so if you're going to put someone on your fetches cons all the extra joe and at the end would not required but I think it's a good one and I also like that see is not in her. Gruner shits and is able to feel comfortable. Swearing is able to talk about how great she is. Basically it reminds me of what Tillerson to secure about in demand video that she wouldn't be able to do comfortably with everyone coming for her as a woman. I just felt all of a sudden beyond the and also it does help with them black culture where swatter Braga dishes part of the entertainment to an extent so she was near that and I enjoyed it. I liked it. I'm also I also like the fact that a song who's been in the industry for quite some time to send someone a young girl. Yes I'm going to lend you. My Aura has more to do the fact that she's we rock nation That anyone else. I like that because Yondo see lots of times Huntsville out by someone who's already got an established position in the industry for the new person coming through and it also helps them making. The stadium is respectful of the come before her. So I think it would be easy to achieve that so by re I really liked the remix I need. I felt gets very savagery listening to it so did US big. It's I went But not big lit for me. It wasn't like a busy but it was good before I was big lit. Well I just Texan I use. I see I think I think it's a I I like. I like the idea of it and I like the fact that it's like everything just I completely agree with. I found like when Johnson was wrapping. I didn't even recognize that that was beyond say as an example I'M NOT OF NOT I. Don't medicine is not my thing but I think that song itself is cool. I like the fact that it exists as often okay. I like to as well I saw I like when she talks share anyway I mean it was slightly diminished by the fact. I haven't confirmed this. But I've heard that Jay z may have written nets. I mean. I know that even if he wrote she probably be 'cause she's very creative will probably given them ideas of what she wanted to say on that the first time they Jeez. I think because Jesus return wraps to his role as I don't want to say and just bitches is a shadow a ghost right so anyway so it doesn't really matter. I would say that before because I get the sense to. Women shouldn't be taking just because I know but you should let me observe fast. I apologize how other this Serene Rian Welter. You'd be because of where closed because they'd be ending because I I prefer no fan. I'm sorry please tell me what you well I close. I didn't say that I ten years. Okay digit cats featuring Nicki Minaj was released on the same day as well to say so. Remix pervious sorry. I think you okay. Yeah he doesn't anyway. I think honey I likes say so I if you've been doing in yeah but it doesn't really matter I. I think it's cool. It's cool. Summary wants it myself but I think the school yet summary. It's summary I heard the remix. It was okay I didn't think Nikki. Did anything groundbreaking? She was good now going into she was good. She fled very well. I wasn't like excited. Like I said I preferred wrapping it older songs even the flawless Remix at the Fed. Ratcheted there. Then once you did on this but I think I mean big story from this is the fact that supposedly the Bob's doing like cards because they thought that Do to put shuts was. This is almost like new new between Nikki Ado Jakart's and it'll be. I think the REMIX was okay. It's it's on par with the with their Su Some good self but I do think that was quite interesting about this. Is the same thing mega the value and I think of a focus particularly for lots of black woman is industry to stop behaving like fucking grownups because even to says to push it. I don't know whether she did she didn't but according to Does tend to see us to be sheets on twitter. And she's outgrown that. I don't know but I'm hoping that the way forward is a bit more positive. I mean so this technique nick match from always does which is the pressure to someone but do it in subliminal way that's Nikki petty petty ditch. But even that's why has seen so that's one thing and we. I think we need to accept in this woman who are problematic with do what they do. It wasn't it wasn't a bad remix semi that's exactly so he didn't read. I mean added some extras of Polish to the song. But bad I mean I mean I mean. Listen to this once or twice. Enjoy the feel of the song but I've not actually be moved to buy the me too. Yeah I agree that it's a summary Song but my summary on the momentum levity Oh yes yes Mushega booth. Don't quit the GIG young again. I want you levitating. Okay G. Eazy. Moana Future Jack Hollow. This was a video transfer many quarantine videos that coming out. Yes what did you think of this one? Why it's it's not bad. United is in bad enough. I even in quarantine people have take. A people are generally taking time to reflect upon their lives. Whipping are going. But you get some guys who are wrapping and just to all eligible rob Ron Rhyme somethin'. We WANNA so talking about how you talk about. Osama I mean and Missile Bama around. Why is it your five years fucking league? I mean how stupid is as he's ridiculous itself. No I feel that we're lacking constance. Do we go into depth of depravity. The only thing I liked about the video was the fact that we thought it was interesting. How it started with the safe file or you know the computer sir. What they call it. Oh 'cause obviously I sharing that you during this whole. That's the only thing I was like. Oh that's interesting. This is the reality thing. There that was bullshits absolute bullshit and as a modified defended. Let's it was rubbish. I G anyway of. He's just slightly problematic but I he's just all these people just someplace. I cool weather gatekeepers. These are the type of riffraff. Elizabeth get you know individual puff daddy who looked boss like they told him. Oh are you need to do just to say Moana into discrete was just going guys? I saw Angela. I'm Kinda of like coolies. Yeah on the gatekeepers to keep these ships out one. There's any I I I'm dope record. Bermuda do okay. Bye Radio on all stars time. That's funny I don't like the attitude because I thought it was a very good video. I think this I I guess I don't. I don't think it's it's it's I don't consider to be music. I consider that to be solved for my soul during this time of I like watching a video electric that so many Bob work together to do. I get annoyed with this at us on the charts. Personally I just feel like it was a nice. I enjoyed her real. Everyone was India. Own respective homes. I love the guy. The toilets going to be good again. Those that's deal now the Salton by video. Sorry recently I mean to do that face. I heard the song as to my I choose playlist when Xuemei walk and I was like. Oh they've Redone Times like these is done by the foo fighters came out in like twenty to eleven something so as I okay interesting that using it for these times and all I recognize some voices in my headphones was like I want to actually under contract. So what did the video? Oh so that was at Marie. Oh that was the guy from young blood interesting because I was actually listening for David Voice and I actually didn't hear daily grow voice when they heard it's by surprise. It was in the video by new Chris. Martin at the end I was like all of course does Martin like the Some Ben Blessing Song Interesting. Interesting idea was good video on all And I think it's also for charity but yeah it was good. That was good. I guess Ya UN. Did you like it did you watch. I watched it and not just failed. Felt very white. Good points rap. The rap was what that's why the face 'cause I remember the rand. The rapid to me was on the island. I just I felt if could source talent from across the Atlantic where this whom Thailand now. We couldn't have reached out to make this diverse casting. If felt very odd for me it felt uncomfortable particularly because this is ABC radio. And I was just going. Okay actually why not I mean it just felt okay. This is not for me but you know what I felt this that this particular demographic of people that want to appeal to and I was in the womb. So I just thought said I wouldn't buy them the music because actually the music was might. I'M NOT SAYING THAT. The music because remember for instance. I'm really into all of stuff from red. Hot Chili peppers is the music is just about the visuals book. Asia's felt alienated to me. Okay I am not. This is not for me here and so I found it. I couldn't kind of judge it because I just thought okay. Maybe because this is also the thing as well. I'm sure we'll get onto other things. There's things I want something about okay. Interesting I can't. We are not going to be able to profess something because it doesn't stand in me either. Intellectually emotionally so. I don't know I'm supposed to feel about this but don't want to make a judgment on it because I know how I feel that it doesn't feel like it for me so I just go okay interesting and I just carried on. They went to people of Color in the video. But I'm not surprised if anyone's going to pull out a radio one playlist. That is what I would expect to be honest so I'm not. I'm not surprised by it. That's why I don't dislike. I totally get what you mean. I get what you mean. Do I agree. You know if charity then Jim Something. Great for thing. Yeah those towards. It wasn't like it wasn't like waving that was very white They did the feed the world. One Tabar than is that also had an locked to do that. A lot of black autism nolansville appearance. Because the felt that's the average of Africa being portrayed is please and it's Africa a country. Thank you and you just go look. I don't think you understand what you're doing here. And I always find quite interesting particularly when the Bogota's of the world or the borders of the world tried to tell black people in dust for how it is they should perceive what they're doing for the continents that while you guys came here so you do. I'm going to be white savior because the problem is in your country could fix so. I've always felt bids on comfortable about. That's Africa's not themselves in the little white. Cvc themselves. But I don't think that this is listen. Listen that ilk is just more the fact that these are the people that are normally overdue one and then the sauce the people that do normally anyway and even in the UK they needs to be close to fact that this segregation in terms of music and entertainment regardless of how small different ethnic minority populations are and you know what it is. It is what it is Okay just two more a lot more. You know featuring Kerri your sense us. Y Ya Win for the next day. She said different going still boy a featuring Keri Hilson nominates. Yeah well I think it's free so you know I I watched it and I was confused initially because of the fact that I initially thought it was. Obviously it's for beat and I thought well maybe Jerem almost not actually in Asia and I. That's what I felt when I was watching the video. Okay so I just put in context because after a Bit Nigerian. Yeah during sonorous is so. It's quite interesting because people now think afrobeat is African thing as it was primarily Nigerian. Become from Nigerian. Fella was guys and also what confuse listen to the beat. The People's half of forbids half Jamaican Ragga. Some think it just sounded like a fusion and so and then what I saw the guy and I saw that had the African pendants identical confuse. Because then he was wearing jimothy callers as well so I. I wasn't sure where it was from. Funded actually Ghanaian. We found out later. Visit I go more confused because he was using Nigerian Tim -nology in her singing. Yes on the tone. Yeah because I was telling digital that basically she just lifted to US average type of years. She just basically just imitated. I agree it's salt. I think the reason why maybe people might put the is on. It was because curious in was featured in it. That's number one number two the video. It was weird Al Stupid. Hey Hey diplomat yard stupid. It was terrible stupid where I think yet it because you know it felt like it was a pageants of countries in Africa. One and I thought what are you? Doma treating Africa the contrary I have no problems. Let me just say something here and I know this is going to sound a little and I don't care because a lot of the Times some people say oh yes respectability politics. I'm going to look to believe me. I'm African I'm Nigerian. Respectability is not about politics exclusive family and we send you to school for reason but I think sometimes a lot of people don't understand that not every musician coming out of Africa is a digital meaning a middle class or class person and when it in music because look. I don't want to be disrespectful but music as a career in Nigeria is not something. Any responsible parent was the shelter. Wanted to be an accountant. Wanted to be a doctor so I think to an extent if I'm using the Nigeria Lens and looking at the near a Neil autism going. Maybe I don't know so. That could maybe explain his ignorance bucks. I know that Ganja or Gaza has an amazing on educational system. So I don't know where he came from that he would actually looking at Africa as a country or whatever stupidity. He was exhibiting buds. That's kind of pass on trying to give him for any constitute. This particular song is a massive passport or can do. Sometimes you've got to try root for everybody block north auditors. Swallows swear everyone but I think that Keri Hilson lift to a savages APP may have. What would it be better issues? Can we than artists who was over the Hyannis better caliber boat? I think this was a bit through for her to have been on. Do I do like the WHO You know that some. There's some I do like the fusion of the afrobeat and possibly the reggae down west Indian type of type music and I like that's biking that is an idea that could have been exploding unexecuted better. I just drinking this was it. You guys have actually said is our. I didn't like it because I like I I. I don't think yeah I like to but I don't. I don't think I want to work with someone who claims that the universe five G. Don't you think I think this would have been before that? I I think I think that I wish I told you that. The virus is it. It's IT'S A. It's a magnifying glass. On the person know carriers. I started way. That's what I'm saying before. That's what I'm guessing. That's why I said that she's already matic and I think that's why does not work with his son boy. I'm by the way we also thought that stone of boy as well but we'd last night boats identity of Africa Stove and I'm also going to go abroad on trying to get to music with certain artists to play on General Sense. I think it's because there isn't good. People actually worked with no good either. So why whistle? Time 'cause Gary Hilson did some yeah and now move on some believe. Oh and this last one. Is David Irwin Some Walker? The busing fats. That was trendy and g dull Chango Abana and I'm going how how on away console be problematic in general Chiang abundant. Now tell you these simple. Google says let's say something myself. A movable will be a hokey one hundred they are some Ms Indulge. `Gabon includes accessories amazing. I am not dining that accurate and if they had the sizes as won't so that's why maybe I would be like. Oh my denied their artistry as a as designers however yes just because because the old guard values the missing doesn't mean I am not going to through my people my morals my integrity to the side so I can actually advertise for a problematic on company that is resist borderline transphobic homophobic. Everything and these are also an interesting because this is a two-game one in this company. But they don't seem to have any self awareness of grace when it comes to other people on the choices the Nikkei allies who they actually own so for for divvy due to decide that he's go to make a video talking about how great is his equates in. That's the class of woman who wants to go out with. So maybe he's saying that he wants an idiotic problematic Ignorance woman maybe. That's what he's looking for. Maybe but it's just ridiculous and this is an and this is an educated upper middle class. Nigerian men so to me also is that more would see a bit so even the education experts that she spent the money he decided to use good threats in the gutter. So I can't comment on this music video of the music's shits idea like the music video either and then. The constant is lack of self awareness. Just means I have very very upset with this but not comfortable anymore because I don't have the energy often the energy. Oh that's fair enough. I didn't like it you. Yeah I'm just trying to find out if he knew about the leap. No you know he will know. You'll probably put on Bella Nigeria in eighteen dodge projects for went offensive ads. So you hit a Chinese audience binary it doesn't matter yeah. D- Has Rights. I doesn't yeah I agree causally I? He's an idiot. My problem with Iraq. People that we've talked about today is that I don't like them so I can't really talk about music because the music was not fire. What on amazingly enough for me to go. You know what put the music was good. It was Brett's so no okay and with that comes to the end of this portion of basically music that we listen to music. Watch so some things that we've watched okay. So this week stretching any of this week as I mentioned in the last podcast I am. I was watching Which Kenya Paris's show show of the net flicks one? Doing Research. Beforehand was doing some research on the show. What of the rights is talking about. A one episode writers always highlights was episode. Live at that time a student on episode wants to the episode. Fi. Yeah the best episode type thing and I was like. Oh it must be like pretty amazing. The key keeps getting mentions so I watched. It wasn't impressed by. It's actually felt episode. Six was better than episode five. I mean still a bit loose by episode six hundred at least to me bit anyway. That's better so I wanted to get everyone kind of like. I'm not just me and they're still to be interesting for us to discuss in the in the podcast because I think was running the subject matter. Experts say five is and basically what's happened in real life as well. So how'd he 'cause deceive very because because she's actually have an se summarizes because we doused thing is about his Safai basically Carey's is playing a version of himself in this and In this show is his family's has six children and his wife who in this Dr by lawyers will former lawyer? And he in this episode. He Ends Dosa who is prepared to go to the the University of New York. Nyu Film Program. They see he goes to see a film. I think yeah and movie. I'm done by black director. And in his opinion it's really shits but everyone else around thinks that it's good. It's a him. He only he and his daughter think that it's really bad. And He's thinking okay I I can't go out. And because he was panel on the movie and he was biscuit wrestling with the fact of whether he goes and tells the truth about what his opinion is this dome or whether he shouldn't do that because as a fellow black director he should just basically Brock back writer. He should basically help these people. Any black director come up rather than dismiss their stories because of not so many black filmmakers. They should be helping each other rather than anything each other. So that's basically. I'm not sure what the episode is the power. I really think I should start because I want to be just quick undone So to my mind What you told US watch it. We Watch that episode and then we actually watched the entire see series. And because because what I wanted to do was we view? Ag- my one episode out of context because I wanted to understand where he what's his art is if he's going to sit in judgment about other people's on how we would actually take it so with that in mind was the entire thing and to me when I say. Se just keep one's now in what can what black AF. I was thinking to myself that if the considers it. This is a sixteen seventeen year old between the documentary on their family. I think this is a possible endeavour. How this is Blackie F? But if this is supposed to be an established successful showrunner writing on disembark AF. This was not as episode but just as a show now show could sorry. I didn't have watched the what type thing well when. But we have seen you you. You Ain't good and watch it. So that's why I talk about the entire show all those a reason with it and just did that now. I just think Blackie is trash. And just going to see that of the part around so the air to me's because the premise of the show made no sense to dialogue is trite. The thoughts are not hootenanny. Just doesn't work and I feel that. Kenya should have taken who advice from episode five and actually? I thought maybe I get some feedback. Just open there for a second. The reason why we set watch the thing was are. You will work episode five. It was so bad. In my own opinion. Opinion sets think. Hold on a second but should he should be taking on a five we side. We can hold on the whole system because I wasn't sure we weren't sure if we're seeing things out of context presented. Now what's also showed to me? That has a very binary minded because of Mundi's but neither we binary because to me particularly is almost was sitting of Tyler. Perry as type of black. She'll make and he for the the black actually know Kenya. You're missing the entirely. There's so many different type stuff is definitely not for me book. Airbus is not for me even though Kenya Barris with his background. And what he does you have been. You think you'll be was me. No because when I looked at the person who I would say to my mind tells lacks therese in intelligence way that does resonate. Sweden Denver know that resonates with of middle class. People is when I watch Indiana yes. That's to me competes. Maybe not on the level of covey enthusiasm but you can actually see. I can see him. Yes yes chaos is no way fucking news story. I just clarify. I like the because I brought. I thought to myself this guy is trying to remember. It's and again so the problem because we had lots of discussions about this because I said oh I really like gotten lower. David and honey remained good. No you actually. Don't you just like the fact that you can follow? He's arguments of what he's feeling in Kobe of him because he's actually Dick now in his show. Yes cave is a Dick Sense. I've been looking at something. And yes it's almost like it's meandering and it's not unique. Quality control here units chasing. Okay to see what you're doing here and then we build it to me. I think he's the smartest person in his writer's room and that's the problem is because he is the pinnacle of intelligence in his writer's room. He needs a lot of help. But look I have always liked kind of like blackish. I don't think the best thing and kind of blockage. I don't think it's the best thing to my. Mom is actually rewatching backwards. Me Look I think there was Shuzo blackfish. Well one was shoes them blackish and I think that even in just felt like he was trying to do blockage to sway or Netflix It is so many wrongs blue and I've always felt the reason I've always thought okay back is okay but inevitably resonated with me because it's a show about white geese how white people perceive. Daffy and I'm going I don't care I am supposed to be able to live in my blackness without think about how I perceive me. Which is the reason insecure so fucking. Good 'cause it's a kids that I get you about the black kids until this white people are behaving. This is how I have doing this but it is not about how white people perceive because we have. Ulster's rough time for that shit. I fooled that for me. To achieve falls into that to the rue numerals. Cabal shows are racism. There's a distraction no gives a shit. What about black people even though we know that the social impacts our world but it just I felt very very frustrated. I told the religion toxic. And it's not even funny in terms of the toxicity. It just doesn't work because myself and did this to me. Feels that versus trying to talk about how difficult it is for hints acclimatized to wealth and that would have been a better way of talking about financial literacy understanding. How touchy of getting this species particularly because as warfare cheese most of the time you're not call as a black person you're not coming at it from an arts perspective. The lawyer your corporates. There's a different level of education. Have Gone into it. You may have been middle class. There's so many things I could have actually explode and this was just ridiculous now when I e consensus five particularly I am aware of the fact that as we never get fishy because That the travesty of people like Angela Bassett. Who's not to sign on the same level as you look at a career and she should be like Gabrielle. Union Julia Roberts will so we don't get Fashek however I just found it out. This is because if you take to the white gays you know what you black persons those like all is no sophisticated is not as you're not. It's not that but I don't give a shit. Because that is my traditionally understand and enjoy. I took their feedback from ypres about black shoes with a mountain of salts. Because they'll look at things from their own unique experience now to conclude when it is we do. Things is like the book of the phone cutting Moran of how to build a go. What about the fact that if you look at the situation you go would after the semi falls man? Then you can decide whether you're looking at something through the Lens of your prejudice bias or whether genda all resembles things that I tend to like to do that when I'm watching something going okay if this was directed by a white middle-class man if this was directed by that will see if this was directed by white person. Would I feel the same and I try to do that? I mean I must see that. I'm not biased. Books to my mind when I see things that guilt trip I think he's on the unpowered bridesmaids one. You know and I just think sometimes that we cannot always done on go over well if the white people accepted then of you grades because we know that that's not the case. Kanye birth really needs to take a few seats are really consider what he was trying to execute. I don't think he did dwell and I don't think he. He's a self aware as he put reasons to be exactly an block of Block F. is not it for me. I think about she would have black AF is because no he could do so much better. He really really could. And it's the Ray who's known is giving so much that wasn't go so good acrobats. Various dude come on anyway. I don't run too much about advice. I feel so disappointed in and approach on C. Sheets. I was like this was the stories that make Mike kind of people who want to support me. I remember that what's been Chitlins. Soccer's whose impetus town. He's already built his audience. But that's the reason why it was something like a deal white people after sometimes stuff that perturbing me because he just felt very much. Now it's about extending black to white people. I'm not interested Interested in so he needs to be honest and say Hugh Rather Mickey's money. Expedia COBB black to white people to make them comfortable rookie interesting because remember one. He'll talk about his call here. Okay because divide in this. This basically is part of the whole show where he is just basically shame. The fact that of rich or wealthy white person does their worth in different way to black persevere and obviously leads down to slavery and for the shoe they were supposed to be here so by spending the money and she named to Vitol. And you've got your expensive car your show that I deserve to be indicating that to white people as white experience. I know how to my way. Sirri is going to have done. That is like they think we're not supposed to be here as opposed to wear my white gays insecurity and coming to trump's be here he. I don't I don't think he executed as well as he couldn't. I but the dialogue is absolutely the last line was way goes that way countries have to fight each other to make a better world. Wars are not about fighting each other. Make a better world what took stupid trite uninspired on intelligent dialogue is that it's a fucking ridiculous drinking so this is what I want to say. I just decided to look out the rights and credits for Black Ish for blocks block. Because I think that's my suspicion was that I could see parallels booked shows because there are some over arching ideologies that impo ohs because I could see I could see that was his name Andrea the actor. He played a version of King of Iris and it was better balance. Slow the best. That's a balanced Dan King of ours himself. So I said okay. These and I saw that you know there. I only picked two because the law writers on on the show. But fifty one episodes of the one of four episodes of blackish was written by Leslie. Shockley or Lindsey Shockley and then two people narrow Brown Lisa McQueen McQuillan sorry route thirty six episodes each competitive blackish completely different people so combats adblocker deaf so completely different people so we're block it was an ESA Lewis route. All these episodes with cannabis which is interesting. I looked at as a Lewis and salutes had risen blockers f. One EPISODE OF BLACKISH. She'd written while brothers. Tv SERIES FOR ONE EPISODE. One episode right. So she doesn't have a lot of credit whatsoever right. She's been writing credit whatsoever. Then the other person routes was this Malik s six episodes and he wrote wrote something on neighborhood in Kevin Presents. The next level of that. I've never heard of very good. Meanwhile people like Naree Nick Jerry. Brown rodier white people the first season as an example roots blackish Mike majority of remember Jane. So what I'm trying to prove with that's analysis is that I think that's I think that's what you said. He has the core idea of what he wants. Then it's who you surround yourself with right because I can see that in black as he was lead because if the other person there was all eats has no rights in experience whatsoever. He wrote majority of the show. You are hearing his voice I think in some of his voice and this is you know. What's this because run of the Bernie? Mac Show yes and how Larry woman executed vagus. That's to my mind cause I room I wrote I. A blackish help is the ray we've insecure. It's like okay. Maybe he needs the room. I don't know but it just felt to me that guys we've seen people what always likable. But you kind of go for them. Particularly will if you know and I just thought he could have done it so well and even when Benny Michaels Ober angry how they now and would raise you funds just raise that that was kind of he was also trying to do in Kenya. You should stop because tonight will also looking good so well. Why don't you can the good stuff from the black? I let you go. That's what I want to achieve. He just fells on. I thought he was in Mississippi Tennessee. I mean when I watched it as was so disappointed with When I the first episode I was like what is this? This is not even a car with any of the you've written. I mean 'cause Kenny. Bears Roots helped write goes. Yes as well sounds expecting that. Oh you know now that he's not under ABC's like he can actually just rights. And then I was like what is it was do the best thing about black young even then. That's even Daniel. Even an appeals superficial level. Basically going oh I wonder what's that is. Oh those trainers hype beast. All that hair is really good. I thought the wife's character was terribly written. And yes we should use is yes. She actually would address. I thought I thought. She redeemed the par in episode six. That's what I was at least a position because the wife I was way was she will. I do know how the writing this interesting because time yet to people like that but we sit down at Midnight House. We really enjoy watching these types of things. Which is the reason why we're going. Oh my God this could be. And he's what I love any look coming to America too. I know he's going to come in America to he's doing. The witches Dorando doubt book. He's doing another version of that. Because I felt so shaken by this actually was like was blackish even ever that funny and I went by Prime the first season is amazing. Second see them watching now. Amazing still so what you said about these other women woman are the people that he surrounded himself with but the way they're writing. It's the dray events or the Kenya Harrison that is just more rounded than Kenya Barris. 'cause I understand what he was trying to do but it just didn't work and also very worried so many fees levels the private episode. That was like that so many things you can do with. This meant to be completed with the whole thing. I agree with you. You know what was annoying is that he's a good actor either. Know you had the guy that plays into justice. Just say you just having do it because he because 'cause I was like why do you have to because you have the same look and says dukes curious. I was uncomfortable without to act good access of when he doesn't drop the railway overly. It's another new relationship with staff because I'm going differentiates. Yes and that's meals a tunnel comfortable because maybe something. You could actually comment on the block. I working for white person even if they leads into the family still that barrier okay but he has his what is white employee's talked him. You know whether you fucking kidding were we. Let me all the way down to the lineup. I mentioned that before America. Forgive me if you if doesn't make sense to you. But the difference of stuff then he indifferent to everyone else the third he sees all the time so everybody gives us anything or does. Did you serve on four with people that is actually decibels doing a service and Saints Sir? But he stopped Sir and I thought that that's why you're confused us. Why you just felt it felt it felt very any the artists and I was like okay. That's a little. You know little introspective to how some of these rich black people spend their money and the this office is meant to be very popular around circles by. I just felt it was very relate to it. It didn't really bring anything to the story was like I don't know doors so many times there was no need for enough things. There were same. Love Story makes sense a love a love. The little things that he did was was useless was a waste of time. I think they could do. You could abuse the. That's what many missed opportunities. He could have a could that presented it but he's just not very good his. He's writing with their writing. Was really bad just ways. They could admit stories about all those things. You're going to look man. We're rich that we buy a black painting that has glitz on. It's big because from a black or that's what I like to eat this way that he could have done it even when he had like. You know all those black creates the show that Eve. Avon other guys. I'll say on team story and stuff like that could have been done. That could be. I was the only person that because I was saying Burgess like about each ray. Is this thank to post almost everything she does. She's never off notes. Yes this is going to act in psalms okay. This is a totally different character to me that that you can accept sub photograph of. I the potential watch that but what she's actually given a version of has self this an offense who spill mixed sense to me is that she's so aware and stances of passengers. King of berries be fourteen. This is nothing you know it. His Viorel blackness to me is so weird view credit. His views on marriage is so weird toxic and super toxic. That's why I didn't like that. I just didn't like the married appearing. It just seemed weird. The woman was just with character was just portrayed as dump them I mean yes. All types of black people dead. The dumb dumbs is wearing the airheads. But I just but this was meant to compete with rich because we have the rebound thankfully bronx of the world. An actor issue was issue was born if you should just born into Richardson. It's always been that great. But she was meant to have some substance so I was just always looking for the okay and are you. Can't you just seemed very relationship with kids? Love was not to me. Wasn't realistic and if it was to be a realistic then writes about your fish. Because the way he talks to kids sometimes was poor dealing so all of this on. I'm sorry I don't care how rich some kids might be. That will not happen especially with his claiming of how his background is streets. Okay the first generation judicial bells move fucking way. Look I did. He treated his name. I thought maybe that women no fucking way based on the fact that this on our own backgrounds and this is another thing we need to point out where African and as specifically Nigeria so. That's shit won't Fly Liberty White. I don't agree with that because look at what's type in his episode. Yes when he says he will look at Goes Really. You guys talk like that. That's Kenya being self aware Daska. Yeah obviously what State Tyler? Perry Book Kenya Zone. There has to win Kenya. Those lawyers writing. Sometimes I think because celebrate own voice voice. I seem right. Say there's no rights in Tyler Perry's dialogue. I personally think that's been some instances of the kids. I live read whatever I knew what he puts. Your don't insult your children if that's okay you're getting high like. Why is the pair? Winston sets you that blackish rights with all preserve writers. That's distilled his vision. Made more sense to me like that kid. I was sorry this too much about this. This show we also said I said I think he has a problem with his millstones because well there's only one day because the fact of the matter is that I could see that the Tucson's in black in black F is the same as the children in Blackish blackish better way of portraying to solve this show. Because look how you know the sensitive son you could see that being the young version of all the boy in brackish and I are you all his his soft his pussy his this and because of the age of the sun confined and also because the symbols of see that as an opportunity to believe I know like okay if the sippers are believe him fair enough but the way they resolved so I was also not happy with the pace because he reminded me of how in America you have to make everything lovey-dovey because the the the sticks were high up to episode seven wrapped absolutes. There talk the issue with his wife. The rats up they show about his son been soft wrapped up issue within the girls. Now wants you can't be you can't be tell me all the seven episode Jacoby Matic. You have a weird direction of going and Pacific. You have everything resolved resolve. It just didn't make any sensory. And although he said like say that own this on the shows he watched as a kid on your parents fights and because of that when he had issues in his marriage it was surprising to him because before me and also announced minutes. You have family there with their. You know raising that's number one number two TV shows us. Aspirational talk about show parents in the show. Remember their parents in the show young. And they'll enough in the end and that's confused because say this doesn't have Parazynski. Funny Sprints win episode five was actually true and we saw a visit but it doesn't or whatever it was. Yeah it was justified yet again. That's what I was with them. Unheeding talk about them talk. Show the relationship points April me I just feel I have two members what he said. This is a dial up. I mean. Obviously the story taxes from us from his wife so maybe it doubt version. You look at the reality then going okay. If this is how you guys fight that is not a great environment to kids. This isn't And it's episodes. You could your parents once it's episodes where you will you talk. Funny Lewis Meshal funding this show especially in the last episode with the White Bindi. Are you know finally I? I'm sorry. Look A blackish blackish at least Detroit to mention. His family member a bulls finally and his family so I was expecting if he says dialogue version of but also be bounced himself because he said things because I did see his wife's family bus home cousin who says they help. Yes yes each. I'm leery applause of episode five himself. Because it's quite interesting rates. That's why I was being here. Old The the blacklash against Black F. I think he himself numbers understanding no black. Just good for anything black. The roof was stories. Actually do we also was insulting in episode five black? Don't understand that then. Seeing Noah and black people and then people like him. You like New Delhi. You're not you're not. You're not the pinnacle of Education. Compare like I know a was bringing up to had nothing to do with the other ways that people were talking about tomatoes and then it talks about good for the world. What does the Black Equivalence and Block Godfather? Maybe that's what we talk. If you're talking about movies thank you. I you know in terms of okay. What's the best movie I mean so I mean this Comex Glory Think Oh God oh goodness it was? Just do the right thing. You're just what is going on here. You know in the hood the classics are you going on. You're telling me that all yet. We want us to buy Hicks. Guess when you broke up heat talking shipwrecks like dude? Just shut up dude and others a very during the one but I just felt that's look on that he decided to Esi into his own. It's an SMS. Okay might might my big back to you can address. I just WANNA say that's in case anyone's worried about comes America so Eddie Murphy's writes in the characters screenplay but there were two earliest compares to other people so police messed up too much us all. I really want to come into America's you came by. This is scaring me. Well I think most people go over his When I think when this much more sick people go over his exciting play. Ads Carter's because member Elgin's is like you know. Why do you know that actually stated that Jews for records who said Dude insult municipal correct stocks saw in previous version said normal doing this so exactly so i? I think there's more more people be going stuff. There's more poison control. I mean that's why. Abc had a leash on him. 'cause we're like no this? Is Disney okay? This research also. Have you guys been watching okay? So I discovered a film called Salem Sutherland spades on Amazon prime. I watched it on my own. And I'll tell you this I like black jerseys. It was interesting because of all the youtube shoes. I were all two channels. I watch and listen to a lot of young black. You're old content creatures because I feel like to hear it perspective other than my own and actually see what's interested in their world to just brought in my perspective so basically. Selana speeds is an Amazon. Prime is basically It's kind of like a push school. Lucky enough upstate. New York find different factions at the school and to me almost like a Mafia story and I just thought that this fever coming amid realistic artistic I loved it. I thought it's a very classic community with a focus on the seamier side pressure on the moral quandary of being a teenager and I just to me felt like a breath of fresh air. The black kids living than life. If there's no police issue north of racism even though we know racism exists is about yourself and also power plea and just search unintelligent for for me now. I'm not saying that this is the best in the world but I will say that this is going to find an equivalent. Whitefield is very much a bit like perks of being a wallflower for me. And then that's a bit Meggett me of the The one with the girl veggies. The blonde girls don't just size and then also invited to break the way. He made us what we levy ask because kind of good. What's going on here? I really really enjoyed it and thought it was a first time director as it was astonishing here. Noli that she wrote the whole thing. She was anti Russia Pope. She's a first time director and sheets so writing credits. She actually routes The the movie as well. So that's hopefully future star is actually adding. I mean she probably'll be untested. 'cause I watched it was like wealth because before was actually it was a TV show. When I found I was tremendous scowling. I'm not so sure but he watch anything so I knew that 'cause I'm more difficult convinced. What stuff but he's out okay and we watched it. I will in all the way it was presented and I was GonNa say that way was housing beautiful and nature and things and being very economical with the space and it seems that supposedly is a TV. Show in pre production of your. That's interesting but I just thought all my absolutely fantastic and and the whether we're talking about their bodies about control of art and winning the charity uniforms. That was great. I wasn't as about sex or look I look. I recommend this one hundred percent. I just wants a big up. The name of the cast because of them are known to me at not seen the Tila setup seller has socialist. Fantastic then just a couple of names so giral. Giron was maxine. The Guy Celeste. Corner was PALOMA The lady. I'm not going to the movie then. The tier offbeat poppy the blunt and then the wheel jatoric in this. Deal's your Jesse. Yeah She Chris well which is quite interesting because I look at it from a kind of like Mafia thin. It's like the MOM and the head teacher POPs so so in that that is highly highly recommend what get some games yes? I'm tracy remember what I played this week. I platinum degree. So basically I played great longtime ago on playstation talks about it on switch. I've talked about two years ago obviously is covered on board so I decided to buy on playstation and platinum dudes within one day which was fantastic plane down at the moment We played some something special a lot yesterday. What did we put streets? Great see like for everybody that if you're thinking of of rich four because out on so many platforms PC steam playstation four xbox switch funny enough and I don't know what magic discussions David but the switch version is the best version wouldn't in quality it is sixty firms. I notice those people is sixty frames per second matches British of four. He has Mahmoud Sunday xbox mode itself right and it is you can actually if you on dockets is still six minutes per second and the quality of the game is the same as appreciation for your Cairo. Place you're on the boss and place resolve which form if if you could go on the bus if you're gonNA boss trump and also it's fantastic. Yes no it's the. I thought main online with more because one hundred ten dollars Bush about exchanging goods. But with this you can just find the person. They didn't think those actually pledge fucking of exactly fantastic game we almost finished with rich like the last moments straits and there's lots of characters who can actually play all the characters from Ridge worser Suri's to uh streets of rich. You can also play all the bosses. Her sicher wanted to have reached three and more I found out that the you know those The power power extra power ups they actually exists but look old characters so you know when you press the button so amazing game and it is amazing. I love the CONTESSA game. I think that I have played. I think that's all I play this week at the moment is reward over. Just want you all sorts and watching frazier and definitely. That's notes and Americans this three kids. Let's call the covert watches. Watches my Kobe watching merv mentioned before. I'm watching back again still good. I didn't actually give a little credit to how good actress Oh what's what's going on is on Amazon kinison private season two really good a Dan. I've also most watching never have I ever which indicate links It's it's quite good. D- It's nice to see story about an Asian teenager and American Asian teenager. The only thing I have about it is that I think they kept us under wraps as surprise when you watch the show is that the main narrator is John McEnroe and there's a reason why is John McEnroe do when it was revealed. I was kind of like I know I still don't think because bit wet for white man narrates the life of a but the judges tell you what the reason because my sports. Because it's the top tellers okay. For people. In my opinion the goes to do it. That's my opinion I was like you hit better. If Serena was one interesting to me of why Pittsburgh meeting pork going more equal. They have something in common. But it's not necessarily the first thing that you think. Yeah that's what to me actually. Because it was to be about a young Asian girl on her story I find quite interesting that whatever. It was in terms of her alliance to if it's tennis reads at thing would be a white meal who peaked in the eighties. I mean I know the point that trying to make with it because he's well known for its butts. I I get. It was my one thing. I was But I do like to show its indicating and Lauren. Lanc people have written it. You can definitely hear many victims voice. I think her writing on kind of Barrett's has got better because she's not writing about herself but it was in a way. But it's it's a good show and the actresses is and guesses your Mahindra. So what's his? What's his name Moja? Was this is. What's because I've always noted that you've been really following indicates career basically look this girl and also because it seems from the fashion from the stories it resonates with you so I can understand why? Yeah I mean I mean. Indicating is has matic issues but then she has become a matic that I've gone dropping her. I do like M- indicating and there are some bits of her diary. I relate to I read to her books off are problematic as well. All of our favorite on Can you like do we do his life? It doesn't mean that if he doesn't have if something coming out I'm not going to at least frontiers waters. Where because that's the reason we went through deep into it because we think this. Newton could improve on so all. I think this is the thing nowadays because I know council culture talking about it and Oh yes problematic. Look after this whole well even not after before this whole thing. I think we'd already started evolving as people to just look magnier canceling to do one hundred percents but if at least I get some view that you are not pure evil and you could evolve and possibly change your mind if you get some more information. Okay I'll stick with it but people that there's enough counseled I'm not. I refuse to speak the name what I'm mentioning so yeah I am enjoying never. Have I ever think episode? And it's really quick as well. I think on something I think I think of a thirty minutes. It's really quick going. I think number one. Yeah well paced well paced and I like it. I like it so far. I'm finished. I can't give an overview like it so far I also one thing I've been watching it. I told you guys about this week. I'm watching this show. Cold couples world also called world of married. I have never been so tense in my whole life watching your show and every episode. I actually by BP goes higher. And I have looper pressure actually feel as though might be able to sheriff so is called couples worlds and he's also called the world of married. Don't read anything about sits at the moment it's as the highest is current drama. GonNa. That's better than yet. Also I have to the soul I do I. I don't I would save is on par. I. I don't know this customer. This is I wouldn't. I don't WanNa say everywhere couples or couples or what. The heck is a gift. It is a fucking amazing like I had. When I was watching the first two episodes I was just like. I can't sit through this and if I could sit through this but I ended up through a episode ten and you have came out last night. It's I'm actually surprised at how greedy and when this is all over we will watch. It's do I think we need to watch something happy afterwards? 'cause that's after being happy and carefree activates the Kudos to the rights of couples. Well you've done very well. They'll I know is based on the British. They've done the British. The biscuit revamp the British show. I never watched the show. What is because they don't want you guys to research it but very well done yeah? That's that's what I'm watching at the moment. Cool all right. Wow we've gone shown well lots of seem about. Who's appreciates longer podcast nowadays? I mean I I really do. I do. Listen to podcasts. No you don't buy thank you because I know when I'm working on. I'm doing like along reader something I usually have like. I'm listening right now to the SCRUBS Rewatch podcast but donald phase on Zach Braff and. It's like two hours something but it's somewhat soothing because it's like oh. I didn't know that happens while I'm typing away but I know what you mean. I listened giant Gumbo. 'cause 'cause it's always three three goes every week. Wow It's good because they're just talking. We actually put him back. So yeah. That's what I use in the costal. It's work but because you can stop and then just because for half an hour so that's sometimes take over the week because my and each day and then listen to company every week only once a week I need you know how many digestive allies have with because this so much. Podcast does music I to listen to me here. That's why can lead us into one. Kinda listing one radio show every week. I can't do the I used to before. And now it's because it's on demand. Listen to this show like every week but every other person is like okay. I've got some time now and listen to you but there's so much to okay. Listen to impress the woman behind. No we all just have to for three hours or four hours. A day goes all right. So that's it for this week Thing though thank you thank you I.

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