Seeking Opportunities by Discontinuing Services Within Your Organization


hey there i'm kevin daisy i'm eric olson join us on our journey to the building they one hundred million dollar company hey hey this kevin today i got some really cool stuff to talk about we just continue their service recently which doesn't sound very fun and it hasn't been necessarily but it was a service that we just didn't wanna have anymore in without going into details about the service i'm gonna say that we had thirty clients that had the service the total revenue per month from that was eight hundred ninety one dollars a month so out of thirty customers we had eight hundred ninety one dollars a month by discontinuing the service we had reached out to each of these thirty customers in let them know that were discontinuing they had options they could upgrade to they different service or we would refer them to illiberal a company that could help them out and so summer upset some were worried 'em but it led to an opportunity to wear weaken upsell some of these customers and give them a better service in the result was instead of having thirty clients we now have three clients in that category and we went from eight hundred ninety one dollars a month to fifty two hundred dollars a month that's a four hundred an eighty percent increase plus instead of having thirty clients the deal is with all the administrative work headaches impossible issues that could happen we now only have three clients the deal was so there's been a huge thing for us really excited about it we do feel bad for some of the clients that we had a let go we did the best help them out antic get then transitioned but take a look at your business look at me services services that are on the low end that just aren't worth your time in or not making you any money and see if there's an opportunity to reach out of them an upsell of course in arcades were just continue in the service which kind of forced them into that conversation

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