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Urban Legend: Attempted Abduction & Mutilated Boy


Due to the graphic nature of this urban legend listener discretion is advised this episode includes depictions of child endangerment and murder her as well as discussions of childhood sexual trauma. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen this Clark this episode of haunted places was written by Lil deridder and Jennifer Recherche. I'm Greg pulsing and let us know how we're doing reachout on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoyed today's episode the best imagined then diving into the history of the horror like it or not each terrifying tale contains a grain of truth find episodes of haunted places and all other park has two originals free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream haunted places free oblivious but sometimes it is as bad as we fear the child has gone perhaps carried out the door before we realized suburban parents the family of child abduction urban legends that the attempted abduction and the mutilated boy comes from praise on natural and yet not fast enough an employee nervously approaches his paws holding a small blue jacket your little and share their stories this episode is part of our urban legends. Halloween special every day for the month of October representing our spooky spin on an your kid has gone the doors to the store are locked codes sound over the intercom minutes tick by tortuously slow down the aisles reveling in the joy rebellion your frustration flares in these moments you love your child but at this brief second some time on spotify just open the APP type haunted places in the search bar at Park cast were grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we loved or museum a Code Adam will be called over the intercom employs immediately lock or block the doors collected description of the child and begin on in a public place and the next time he turns up he's been hacked to pieces by an unknown individual or they're left in the store bathroom shivering frightened barely alive after an ordeal they will struggle with for the rest ever since nineteen ninety four when a child goes missing and a large store Mall Amusement Park hospital any ugly part of you hates them so maybe you roll your eyes look away get distracted when you look back down most of their lives Frankie would be the first to admit she wasn't decorate mom Christopher was a sweet kid but he the system I search of the building often it's nothing little boy hiding in a clothes rack or a little girl playing the newest video game Demo Choi Kelly for a quick snack don't even think about the mall or local big box store it's even worse when your kids at runner the kind who likes to sprint screaming hey to help is to leave a five star review where every listening today we examine urban legend with a complicated history steeped in the paranoid fears wants jacket it was on the floor of the bathroom he says but the child it's nowhere to be found while I'm Greg Paulson every Thursday we take you to the scariest most haunted real places on earth love very much really just kept growing so they headed to the land of cell phone kiosks and Orange Julius in search of learn now the little boy pouted but he kept walking beside her they entered the toddler boutique. Frankie would be very glad when Chris Spring not too loudly but loud enough to be heard with some deniability how very sad that people don't spend time with their kids anymore the ANC Siamese while occasionally filtering them through the more ugly and bigoted side of paranoia. It is the story of what happens when you lose sight of your son kind of miniature jeans and button-down Combo he needed a daddy in me look for the investment firms company Picnic Frankie didn't want to be Frankie couldn't keep up the mall was the worst she tried her very best to avoid it as much as possible move the little stinker whom she was Kinda smarter than her it was awesome it was also exhausting she and her husband James for trying to be very Bohemian with Mr First Upbringing Montessori preschool affirmative parenting lots of emotional self awareness they could afford for her to stay home so she needed both hands to search the racks so she glared at the Judgy moms in the corner and handed Christopher her phone she told him to hold onto her pants defer was big enough to shop outside the cutesy sections if she had to over here one more conversation about how early was too early to let your kids out of those parents who put their kids on a leash but she was sorely tempted Christopher like to explore when he explored he often forgot his name and leg and not let go he nodded his is already glazed as cartoons dance to cross the phone screen the Judgy moms were still she stayed home the good thing was it was making him independent and precocious the bad thing was it was making him independent at precocious moms who quickly agreed to help the blonde one took charge towing the clerk that she needed to initiate a Code Adam when the clerk protested but enough to remind him that they needed to be safe he wanted to go to the Lego store but she told them they needed to take care of errands I to haunted places apar- caster and there was no little head of Red Brown hair leaning against her upper leg Christopher was gone all Brunette didn't even bother to argue with the clerk stepping around behind the counter and hitting every button on the stores phone until she reached security Mr for pointed out that dad had people to do errands for him Frankie told him that was because dad didn't know how to do errands and that Christopher heated pride disappeared in an instant she called his name flicking the hangers to the side hoping he was just playing hide and seek she called to the judge have colors and sounds all too loud and too confusing the intercom blared door shut guards gathered from every and resentment they appeared in from every rack and display some looking down from the upper levels frankie knew she shouldn't have cared what's a cool mom she didn't need this and Christopher didn't need this either she stepped over to another rack shielding him and most of her from view that they expect Netflix to parenting for them Frankie side telling us to brave she wasn't a regular mom she screens she was going to viscera the nearest oversized stuffed animal and force feed it's cotton insides to the offending parent or at least it should have she couldn't feel his little hand pull her pants anymore she couldn't hear the soft music of his show bleeding through his headphones the blonde mom who had moved from judgy to fully concerned and comforting and ask for her cell Frankie didn't breathe as it rang eighty Franken Brunette rushed out of the store to meet the Mustering Mall Cops still calling Christopher's name the mall was awash they thought of her but focusing on a little bit of social embarrassment was the only thing keeping her from crying in the middle of a mall hallway she tried so hard I'm baby she thought come on world it went to voicemail Frankie had never hated her own voice so much she saying that she should at least look around the store I the other woman glared turns out she hated insubordination. More that screens it was up the escalator somewhere she sprinted for the moving staircase a guard called after her to wait she didn't care winging door coming up we find. Christopher a little white figure enclosed by circle of blue the men's bathroom she inhaled quicken deep then rushed through the up and dialed again this time listening for her ringtone a sunny little tune cheat kept only because she couldn't figure out how to change it crowds gathered at the entrances wondering what was going on there was no movement on the second level aside from one door at the end of a short haul crowded mall why hadn't she read more of those books. Frankie realized very suddenly that Christopher had her phone she ran for only three bucks it's perfect if you're a little hungry or a little curious or a little scared of commitment order one I forgot his name it was very difficult to find him it wasn't enough to ask them to hold your hand she had to hold his wrist not tight enough to hurt him sound finally her eyes fell on the source but trash can was ringing she tore the bag apart the chill parent to show Christopher that the world wasn't a scary place that it would generally take care of him as long as he took care of it the mall it should made Frankie feel better but all she could see where the featureless faces of the other shoppers collapsed in a blur of frustration inquiry blue light to the through but where was Christopher the long white walkways on either side of them were empty now as the or a couple they're made with freaky fresh ingredients order a three dollar littlejohn add Jimmy Johns dot com or with the Jimmy John's APP available she looked around her environment trying to see the world the way her son side the Lego store wasn't incite and she wasn't sure if he had the spatial his mom tended to get upset at him when he went exploring so he let her lead him around even though he totally knew where he was going thank you very much his mom Christopher was a smart kid he knew how to answer her phone he frequently picked up calls from James's clients if he didn't get there I come the ring got louder louder finally she found the foam a massive cracks spiderweb to cross the screening allowing doc button on her phone and headed off to do some exploring he wandered out into the main thoroughfare taking no notice of the swirling crowd of adults reasoning to get around the corner and into another wing of the building on his own she had no idea what the benchmarks were four four year old when it came to being lost Tennessee now back to the story Christopher was a smart kid everyone said so latte participating locations eight when he felt something on the back of his neck like a cold wind you pretended to ignore because you'd already told your mom you didn't need a jacket pretty big little news Jimmy Johns shocked introduced the three Little John It's a skinny mini version of any original sandwich tended to get nervous at the mall and so he tried to reassure her she could be fun when they were at home she seemed like she was going to be busy for a while so Christopher hit the levels in Super Mario he wondered if there was a game store around here that would be dope he was looking left and right him they took no notice of him after all why should he worry about them one of his favorite parts of the mall was the mountain Carousel Mall right in front she mounted the steps two at a time yanking yourself up and onto the second level her eyes darting from corner to corner ears listening for Christopher turned his head slowly there was a man watching him about fifteen feet away broad and tall with thick Harry Potter glasses had she doomed him no she couldn't do that right now she had to focus on finding him the self hatred could come later escalator. Christopher have been taught what to do if he was lost he had never been lost before and he didn't feel particularly lost now Christopher was the kind of kid who liked to talk to strangers he was curious and cute so people generally liked answering questions or waving back when he waved at the the baby store even though he wasn't a baby the carousel carried Christopher up up up to the next floor of the mall like jumping man what's not he was rough and sharp like a pair of scissors and sandpaper and he was standing between Christopher and grocery store the scissors sandpaper man wasn't that kind of stranger this was the kind of stranger that made his mother hold his hand his mother's phone had slid forward on the tile straight into the path of his pursuer Christopher jumped up finally tearing just scared he knew his Mama's she never went far when he was wandering but the CICERO sandpaper man was between is from the man and running for the gray swinging door he slid into the bathroom barely able to keep himself from falling again as Velcro sneakers failed find purchase on the imitation marble under the counter was too obvious a hiding place it had to be toilets then he crashed into the her when they were on a crowded subway the kindest dad made cold I contact with across the playground fighting a battle Christopher had never understood until this moment he was supposed to stand still and wait for help he knew that or look for an adult but the only shelter Paul Farthest from the door Christopher hopped onto the toilet squatting holding his knees close to his chest he wasn't close enough to help him before the scissor and sandpaper man reached him he was still coming filling the hallway like a mountain the end of the line opened he wasn't a baby he wasn't another stall door open closer this time frightened her soft hair was shoveled escaping your ponytail and coffee colored Strands Christopher knew that tired look anywhere as he heard the bathroom door swing one more time footsteps followed he could see the scissor and sandpaper man to the gap in the door mommy he ran to her frankie enveloped her son in a hug crying muttering baby old and fell backwards hard hard enough to bring tears to us is to make him on a yell for his mother but he wasn't a baby and she for and over and over Christopher let her say it let himself hooker with all this might as she lifted him up into her arms he would disappear and appear behind him but Christopher couldn't watch the man and see whereas feet were going at the same time he tripped Christopher wasn't a baby but he wanted his mom and his dad and his cartoons he wanted to go home he tried to stay quiet it but as breath was started to catch as tears slid down his cheeks the footsteps got closer a stall door two weeks later Adams severed head was found in a drainage canal near Vero Beach Florida the rest of his remains were never recovered convicted serial killer though too will eventually recanted his confession Adams case was closed on December sixteenth two thousand eight when the authorities announced they believed tool was audits tool claimed responsibility for Adam's murder but the case was never prosecuted after key evidence was misplaced by the police his doll door swung open a woman was standing there her face on her brown eyes possible. Adam's father John Walsh has become an icon in victim's rights advocacy while he's popularly known as the host of America's the Code Adam procedures were developed by Walmart in Nineteen ninety-four in react his clothes were crisp like Christopher's Dad but well is dad was warm and soft like a teddy bear in a Tuxedo this Walsh's mother left him playing with an Atari in the Electronics Department and headed a few aisles over in search of a lamp when she returned to the spot he was gone action and safety act the loss tablets should national database convicted child molesters and increased penalties for sexual and violent offenses against minors it also established precedent for offenders to be prosecuted for conspiring to Commit Child Predation Adam Walsh's case was a water I wanted Walsh also took action lobbying for the creation of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the passage of the atom walls child I'm a security guard told her that an argument had broken out between some older boys over who could use the Atari next and they've been told to leave the store into the murder of six year old Adam Walsh who was abducted from a sears department store in a Florida Mall on July twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred eighty one that moment in American culture and while it resulted in many important safeguards it also partially prompted the development of the attempted abduction and the murder but someone else finds two guys we've got some and turn back towards the door he saw it was still swinging scissor and sandpaper man had anaged back into the mall these crimes are thankfully staggeringly rare but it only takes one chilling instance to panic the caregiver it all of us be altered the victims appearance in a bathroom this includes a change of clothes but also serious alterations to the victims hair often botha sheets related boy urban legends in the attempted abduction the code and procedures prevent the kidnapper from leaving the location with the child so go ahead and oddly the use of a wig luckily the criminal forgets to change the child's shoes a store employee recognizes the then paid off to prevent the crime from hurting the store's business the mutilated boy is the even darker counterpart to the attempted abduction footwear and they're prevented from leaving the more cynical version involves the child disappearing with police and security at a loss the parents under may be the least of your worries if your social circle contains a wolf in sheep's clothing some kids are runner attempted abduction and the mutilated boy make vague anxieties concrete and give parents specific thing or person to fear and a tragedy is dumb lock let's hope the odds are in your favor as part of a gang initiation rite statistically speaking very few of the child abductions reported annually in the United States are committed by strangers to stave off that fact to give us a concrete threat to fear and plan for but sometimes the line between an innocent mistake or by someone that child didn't know well went from forty percent in nineteen ninety seven to just eight percent in two thousand eleven when you have a kid you're never able to just get in and out no quick errands no popping down to the shop this others wander off. Parenthood is often a series of mistakes we hope we all learn and recover from we tell these stories too it externalize is the threat of a kidnapper so one doesn't have to look at acquaintances or family members with suspicion letting your child this is likely a result of the increasing role of technology in children's lives. GPS and cell phone data were used to solve two thirds of the kidnappings in the report a follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network until tomorrow don't believe some of the things you hear Donnelly's spotify already have all your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all your favorite podcast rituals like haunted places free mark it is produced by Max and Ron Color with sound design by Kenny Hogs Production Assistance by Ron Shapiro Joel Stein Megi Admire and travel most child abductions are carried out by a family member or Acquaintance Department of Justice report found at the number of lethal stereotypical kidnapping thanks again for tuning into haunted places. We'll be back tomorrow with a new urban legend the initial Code Adam details the same but the little boys found in a pool of blood having been castrated by group of older boys. He wasn't a baby he wasn't another stall right beside him. He wasn't a baby he wasn't and and on Thursday with a new haunted place. You can find more episodes of haunted places and all other podcast originals free on spotify aw was the scissor in sandpaper man. He began backing up into a hallway keeping his eyes on the man. Somehow sure that if you looked away it from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream haunted places on spotify just open the APP and type haunted places in the search bar and don't forget I believe all of them haunted places was created by Max Cutler is a production of cutler media and as part of the parkhouse net.

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