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Ep. 2,834: Derrick Lewis and Vincent Pastore


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The lights are on. And the Mike sir hot it's tied to get your MMA fix junkies. Take it away. Big John, gorgeous, Jordan goes are you ready junkie? Compute it all. From the fight capital of the world inside the Mandalay bay racing sports book. You're listening to the enemy junkie radio show. The only show the matters. I'm your host gorgeous, George with me as always is decent dastardly goes east coast to my left. It's the fight analyst, Dan, Tom producing the show. It's the iron man, Josh Friedman. He's going back to back, man. The iron, man. I mean that was very impressed. He was you know, we're catching the of MMA tonight with RJ and AJ, and I can hear Josh doing his thing there and just the same way. How in about sixty minutes, we're going to tell you a hang in there, man. It's just a sixty sixty second. What do you call it? The the top of the company our Brock. Yeah. Top of the hour. Whatever that's what Josh gets. He literally says by guys and booms us alot to us. So that that right. There reminds me a little bit of what an Ireland is that what I'm doing really is feeling out a few different nicknames. I think it should be in there. Jolan Josh on the fights. He's been jumbo Josh with us for while. But I'm gonna toss a few out there. And we'll just see if one sticks. Okay. I like the iron, man. So far listeners feel free to weigh in on this too. By the way, xactly Josh what I want to know how to you is first of all you must have to take a colossal piss, right? That's my mind's at two here early because I'm always thinking like that. So I always sympathize with them if that's the case. Yeah. I mean, if you're probably, you know, he's probably drinking water all day. I've been to the series six studios. I got coffee got all kinds of juices and drinks. So that's probably not answering me. But anyway, now, I mean, I I don't want to interrupt. But no, I time my urination. I generally go around seven thirty seven forty five eastern if you want like I could periscope it. You know time at though that way, I don't have to go during your show is gonna rival Adam sandlers, the longest Peter's deep reference there. As long as the microscope it, then you all right? All right. So I got to ask the question here before ever made tonight. What do you do then you do another show, or is it just two shows that you're involved with this as lead producer? I actually produce busted open, the Luke Tom now just kidding not before that is Luke. That's that's usually Mike Russo before that, you know, getting getting set for the day. You know, getting audio ready for you guys book can guess heat. Yeah. We've exchanged quite a few texts throughout the day. So I know he's out there hustling, but yeah, that that's very impressive to just produce on then turn it around in sixty seconds. So we'll see if the iron man takes a lead in the race for for Josh's nickname today. Like, he said he did book a guest. It's Vincent Pastore. Hey, he's going to be a guest of ours. No most people know him as big pussy from the sopranos. And if you've been scouring the satellite dish channel guide or the or your cable systems, you've all had noticed that HBO is just been pounding the sopranos these. The last few days at least for me. And I mean, they're on HBO HBO west if you'll Latino they're everywhere, and I was like what the hell's going on? But it turns out it's a twenty year anniversary of the soprano. So so we're pounding big. Who is just a matter of time. All right. Yeah. Fans, and you're dancing. It's getting it's getting hot in here, though. So yeah, you the lot of these stars have reunited, and they've been doing a lot of you know, spots everywhere. So Josh booked Vince impressed on our show. I don't know. I don't have a friend who's never watched sopranos. And if I do. Never watched. It was down. Josh nichols. Josh, I definitely didn't. Josh. Do you have a friend day that like, okay? I mean, I'm obviously partial because I love the gangster flicks. But if I step outside of that, I can honestly say that was really good writing and television great actors. I mean, people used to have like a Sunday night dinners to mimic, what Carmelo soprano would do, you know, the Sunday dinner, they'd have that they always have the, you know, the Italian Fiat friends that really really got into it. Woody. And I and the squid we would call each other like I think at aired at nine pm our time Pacific around ten you could expect your phone ring. Hey, would you think that we would just kind of do that golden era? Yeah. Exactly. We'll talk about why did she get wacked or why did he get you know, I wish they would have done this. We used to talk about that. So we all really really liked it. And of course, you get the quotes, and they had great characters a classic ending. But. You know, there's just a twenty year, Jan generational gap from people that may be saying late leg, Dan, Tom or somebody else going, bro. I I'm lost. I don't know what you're talking about. Well, I'm here to tell you you have to go back, and it's easiest it's easy for you guys. Are you to do is go back to for one H B O, but they're on Netflix? They're not hard to find all the episodes. If you wanna start from season one you will have a blast. I am very confident. And I will sit here on this show Monday through Friday for two hours. I dare one of you to call me and say, I gave it three episodes. It sucked you suck. If so then you're fucking liar. You go. Hey, I can't stop you. But no one will do that. Because that was an amazing show. It was great. I think it made other shows step up their game. And it really did. I thought I'd evolved television, even TV critics evolved like Showtime. They started putting out good shows. And guys, what do you think led to all these other shows that you've seen the Ray Donovan, you know, a lot of the ones you've seen on TMC? What what's the one? We were watching the other day the bad bed break breaking bad. You know, what do you think led to all that it was like the sopranos on HBO, and they took it in another direction away from the networks. The networks are handcuffed a little bit, language and nudity. And. These guys weren't in. And they had some really really good star. So anyway, mitzvah pesto he's going to be at the end of the show is going to be in the second hour in the first hour. We got the big man Derek Lewis. He just signed on to fight. But you need a Santos coming off a loss to Derrick start to Daniel Cormie at UC two-thirty. They were in the headliner. Daniel cormier was able to hang onto his belt that night before then they're Lewis had a nice run. To get himself into a title shot and. Now, I'm sure he wants to start a new streak and see what what's out there for. Maybe. Maybe now that goes that he's got some of that money stacked up that he's wanted. He wanted to take care of his family. Maybe now he'll have different drive to the quest for gold. I don't think. So because I thought the last time we were at that. The last time we spoke to him at the time when he was to say, you know, guys now that I kind of have a taste for it in front of me. Okay. You got me. Nice. Nice to truly really didn't care. What? Banality in around cash, the check. Yeah. I don't know what I'm saying all that. Finally, then he stepped in kind of on a leader notice. And I think eventually we push them and push them. And I want to say we did some math and somehow figured out that he was at least getting a mill. Well, sats life-changing right there because that's enough after taxes whatever to pretty much pay off your house if you want and don't forget this guy's a heavyweight. He's been getting paid for well for a long time stack of paper. Yeah. He's very very active and. So I bet you is really really at peace. You know, where maybe now money's not at the forefront gave, but the more money you make the more money you spend, right? There are some fighter's that number Djilas on one time. I asked him if you got paid a good amount, but you fought the same fighter every single time. Would you do it? And he said, yeah, I rather do that just do it over and over. He goes to that. I don't care just want the money here. Certain fighters are just wired that way, not a daily debate question. But maybe a show show question. You know, five five matchups you wouldn't mind seeing over and over again, if you had to gun to the head you're forced to see these guys fight again and the different different outcomes, obviously like natural era like when they like Lewis and on you. Are you saying a fight that didn't pan out? But I think it would suck. It doesn't matter. Really? I mean, I mean, I I don't know if you'd want to that's even more of a gamble like, for example, like Sunday seem like because I thought I misinterpret I miss her, Dan, I thought he meant a fight that didn't live up. But you think the second time would be gangbusters because God who came back on blades that was the old in new and Louis came back and fought a great fight again or Greek comeback against wolf costs. I can't see that fight. So I guess I meant more like an God forbid, I would not want this fight on either guy because it just seems like it killed them. Whether it was getting to the scale of the fight itself. But you L Romero verse Robert Whitaker, I feel like you. Compare those guys up every time. And you're you're hard pressed to get a bad fight, you go super hipster like I like to bring up Matt grades Dennis Bermuda's a lot. But that was just an incredible. Those two styles just seem to complement each other. Turn out. I was always a good fight when they locked up then in Anaheim, California, Grayson Bermudez, and I cannot my my notes in front of me down written down. I it very well been though. Yeah. That you might have been an MGM grand one. Okay. So what's another fine? I'd wanna see oh how about the as in daily again. I feel like even though short I feel like that's a great bed. I feel like no matter all different ways out could go a little bit Hearns haggard Jimmy have a conversation. Oh, yeah. What's Hagler way? And we said it couldn't be a fifteen minute fight because they only went three at a twelve round. So I had to be a fight that kind of like didn't get out of the first because that's all. Maybe like a little bit out of the first. Yeah. And I threw that one out. I think goes liked it. Right. You approved which one Paul Daley versus Nick Diaz. I threw out a, but it wasn't UFC. But it was a Palomino engaging that because that had a finish in it. And they did battle for a while. Yeah. Yeah. I like yours, and I've seen it brought up Hagler Hearns. I have no issue with it. Although I will say in my round of the year article actually compared Hagler Hearns to the one I had chose which was Cal. Go saunters. Jimmy, Mon Mon Manno are very similar maybe around the difference. But the the the story was set in the first round Hagler and Hearns a little opposite. Where you had the longer the longer precision puncher getting hurt in Manu is opposed to Hagler getting hurt by the longer precision puncher and Tommy Hearns in their fight. But there were clinches Richard Steele didn't really allow to work in the clench. But still yeah, Richard Steele was was refereeing. Hagler handle that the th that similar kind of narratives the fights. There's a lot of clinch work in the break of the action. It was it was kind of different because Richard Steele, wasn't allowing them to clinch. Ironically, in boxing, we're in were then animated, of course, they're allowing them to clinch more. And these guys were getting a little respites in there. But yeah, man, the other guy ends up turning it around. And that was just a forum. Right. The last year of c Santos in. That was Toronto Canada, thirty one. Yeah. The main cow those guys hit each other. I remember I remember those guys hitting each other. We were just like Dow's Crosby open it you. Yeah. It sounded like just fleshing was in bones or crack in Valent Hagler is probably one of the last guys that have never met in person. That would make me have the reaction that I had with Roberto Duran. Well at think, I've met pretty much almost all of my heroes. I think okay. He's one of my favorite guys to play my favorite, super, Nintendo. Game legends of the ring. You could be more of an active Grazziano, Jake lamotta. Yeah. I would I would be Hagler a lot or I would be lamotta Hagler Mata where like my main two guys. I think. All right. Well, those are two guests and the first ones early in the first hour. In fact, it's coming up soon. So probably be breaking pretty little earlier than usual. And then between the two guests, you know, five twenty PM Pacific eight twenty eastern that's Louis and Pastore six forty PM Pacific and nine forty pm eastern. We have a huge pocket to talk about the latest news, which there's not much of. The latest fight bookings. And all the controversies in our sport that are they never get old or whatever whatever's on your mind. Eight seven seven fighting eighty three or eight seven seven three four four forty eight ninety three that's the same thing. Eight seven seven fighting eighty three's easier one to remember. But the one you want to lock in your phone is eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three call in and the iron man will put you through iron man's gotta Hagler story. You wanna hear sure? So all right. It's not a low condense it. A little long story short is. I was supposed to you guys. Remember when the entourage movie came out and turtle was like if I last around in the ring to Rhonda, then she had to go out with him. So I tried to I tried to do that. With like a hot chick boxer didn't work out ended up spying with Jerry Cooney, and realizing I essentially had no balls to be a fighter. So I was telling that story to Marvin Hagler International Boxing hall of fame. He looks at me. He's like man you too pretty to box. That's my store test. I agree with them. I actually heard the the sparring how that went as well. It was with j Cooney I think it was a couple of jabs of the knows kind of like the end it, right? All two of them. And then the year at Kuni, and I saw said Kuni, and I saw Hagler again the year after he was like man, you got a good. No, not like Jerry look at his because Jerry's is a little. After Marvin said that to you jumbo did did did Marvin put his hand on your or what what does he when he when he called you pretty or how does that was the follow up to that? What happens in the boxing hall of fame stays of the boxing hall of fame that happens. Dan, Tom what in San Francisco? Yeah. In San Francisco, I went to the nineteen Ninety-four NFC championship game. And yeah, I never heard this. I really thought I said it on the show. Long time ago that I don't mind we telling you because I know we always have new listeners the mini lines. What happened? I went to the forty Niners versus the Dallas Cowboys. It was the NFC championship. That's the year we had beyond Sanders, and they had kind of been taken it to the last few years, but we kinda retool the team reloaded the team, and we had an awesome here. I we fly up myself and the girl I was dating at the time to San Francisco, we just figured we're going to get tickets there. Whether we have to pay a scalper or because it was sold out. But we just wanted to be there. We got lucky we are actually in the hotel that the team stays in. So that was real cool. And that was not planned, by the way. At least, I don't know. I can't remember at this point. But I know the team stayed there and they had a breakfast there. And a lot of the another way we got lucky was the. I guess the booster club of the Niners. They have a big breakfast there. And so what that allowed was they had buses to the stadium because those about a fifteen minute drive. So we were able to hop on one of those buses. So that was cool. But airy let's get to the game was on a Sunday and Saturday night, and we're just kind of asking around see who has tickets trying to figure out how we're going to get into the damn game. And a guy goes, I got these two, you know. All right, cool. It wasn't an outrageous price. That's why we bid on it. I think you had he said more. Maybe we would have like I mean, it was nineteen Eighty-four. There was no scanning barcodes or or nothing. You know, you said to take someone for their word, but we were on our toes knowing that. Hey, this this could be faked being tickets. So we go and and she actually bought him. And so I thought we were set. Now the next day. I got ready and all be downstairs at the bar waiting. And then, you know, the girls take longer she was going to come down. And so I'm at the bar. And this guy is one spot there in this, dude. Older guy was just like, hey, you know, are you from? Yeah. From Orange County fluid for the game. All cool. Cool cool, but he's having a few. Okay. And he is starting to become a name dropper. You know what? I mean. He's just doing all these big names. And I don't even know named driver was a term, you know. But I was like, well, you sure know, a lot of people I think is what I told them. And yes, he he said, yeah. Yeah. And he didn't show me a cellphone this one thousand nine hundred four he showed me his nine even like a black book or kind of like, what do you call it, Harry? You'd wanna photo. No, no, no, no, no address book. Yeah. Yeah. But a bigger one, you know, like a bigger address book planner. Yeah. Exactly. And he was showing me, you know Ditka. And and Simpson or whoever, you know, all the big names that he was throwing out there. And I was like, oh, okay. You know because for a while there used to Renault a lot of people. But I think I gave them a vibe like you sound like a bullshitter. But no, no, no. And then he was drinking again, another round and one for my friends. So now, I'm like, all right? He's buying good. You know, that will save me some dough. And he does look like he out all kinds of dough. Because he had rings and everything and do all this. I think he thinks we were hitting it off hitting it off. Right. But we are like I don't even know if the fist-bump was in then so we were high five inch jokes. Whatever he here's here's what made him kinda interesting. Do you remember in the late night in the late eighties and nineties when a team would win those little cartoon t-shirts every team would like the Lakers had there's and right? So he actually said he was in that business of peril. Right. Okay. And he goes in, and I didn't believe in many actually showed me the prototype of what the Niners one was gonna look like and the Cowboys one was going to look like or whatever. So he was showing me a lot of stuff. That's I knew he had a a big place in in the NFL. You know, whatever he was doing. And he told me that he had a sweet. So when I heard that was like boy assure we'd be nicest give a Saab story and CV says come on up to the sleep. You know, what I mean that was my angle and so as we're doing shit, we gotta get the Derek Lewis. So anyway, fast forward, we're drinking and. I'm kind of saying you got these dumb shit. He sees while awas. And then all of a sudden, he whatever was he said to me, and I'm rushing to the story. I'm not gonna be able to remember. But he said like what are you doing after the game means over and put his hand on my thought? Jumbo Josh same thing. And I just went oh, man. I froze part of me wanted to just punch him. Right. Just because I froze, and I didn't know like, you know, like sometimes of a personal lean your see Ray Lewis. He's always doing it on on. I was like what is going on? And just Ed Michelle ex-girlfriends, save me. She goes he's going to be with me. She had just walked up. She goes he's gonna be with me. And he kind of went like thin, you know, he's a hand off. And that was it. And she Grammy. She goes, let's go and all's I I was in shock. I I didn't know what to say nothing was coming out of my mouth. She pulled me away. And she started taking us to the bus. I ten and rice, we're all gonna party. Would you look at Michelle settled down or something like that the dice a little bit? I was frozen goes. I was frozen. I didn't know what to do you take a shower? I for the game or no. All right. We gotta get out here. The stick this quick break. It's I'm gonna make radio on fire nation channel nine threes. They close we are back with Derek Lewis. Sure. Who? They were kicked off the settle the fast and the furious for being too loud and too good. Looking once again, here's gorgeous Georgia goes. Derek Lewis is theme song. Fantasy sports radio is helping you grow your sports investments from this week's NFL playoff matchups and Super Bowl odds. Tonight's NBA schedule featuring the thunder and the Spurs your picks predictions and analysis to help you benefit on fantasy sports radio series to ten x seventy seven Xuming on your series, accent map and at home. I'm connected devices and speakers. All right. So we're going to have Derek Lewis on in just a bit. We had a slight slight slight problem, but he'll he'll be on. And we'll talk to him about the recent fight booking March ninth. He is headed to Wichita Kansas to fight junior dishonors at UFC fighting night. Sorry, e UFC on ESPN plus four. Fusing man that I wish they would just stick with the fighting night in the miracle. Where'd you hear that news George on? There may junkie got broken on every major. Yeah. Hopefully figure it out soon because I know internal internally we've been going back and forth in these titles. They're still listening it off as UC fighting night. It's yet numbering off ESPN plus events. I here's the four different ways. You can call it UFC fight night. Louis versus dough Santus or you'll see on ESPN plus four or UFC fighting. I one forty six and that night, they're going to call UC, Wichita all over the place. Anyway, let's talk to the big man himself. Derek Lewis was sub d how you doing? This is old doing housework are y'all doing. What were you? What were you doing brother? The curtains. Hanging up curtains. All right, hanging up curtains, that's acceptable for a man in his position these tall cleaning gutters or something. Like that. Now, he's passed that now bringing home big Dimitrius Johnson used to cut his own lawn. And then I think he won the world. No he actually had a couple of title defenses. And then finally it enough. He started hiring to to do the. Yeah. Yeah. Damn still cut my own grass. Are you really? Yeah. They'll come guard. Why workout is the workout? What's wrong with just a workout? Whereas where we're either. So I like cutting mown grass. Let's the countdown. You have a really really nice crib? Is it? How big is the backyard though, like is it a is it a lot that you're cutting? Is this a lot? But I just moved into my new home last week. All right. If you even bigger so they've been building since June. They just finished two weeks ago. Congratulations. Do you have what's often referred to as a man cave? Your own little spot to get away from everybody. Yeah. I got mankind. Media wrong office in my kids got three bedrooms, and my master bedroom. So basically, our guy take some rooms. Yeah, they're guestroom. Or you think he's a member in Tony need place crash. And we come over that's going to be doesn't nineteen. Now. Asleep at the Holiday Inn, though. Okay. All right, by the way. You can't get that big of a workout on a riding mower. You get that. Right. Yeah. Right. Keep my phone there. All right. Derek solicit. We're talking about you earlier because I have a theory evolved and said I fight for the money. I wanna take care of my family, but guess what you've been making a lot of money, especially in that last fight and being so close to track my money and more. How much I got paid less. You know for the year. Okay. Hold on. You got we estimated I'm gonna give you an educated guess carting coming up too. So let me know how much I mean, I forgot he fought four times in two thousand eighteen to Bora in gone, new Volkov and cormier. So I figure can I make him a bet while while you're doing that show on the Matthew he gets within two hundred thousand Eric will you put a picture of him up in your man cave. And you can never explain that. It was a bet people ask you, just go. I just like the guy. Who he's got to? He's got to get within two hundred thousand of George in your man cave. What I made. Yeah. Okay. That's all right. So I'm gonna guess the average was he he made two hundred and two hundred. So that's four eight one point two. I see that he had a bonus in the Volkhov fight. That's another fifty. So that's one point two v five, and then we trapped his ass when it came down to the title fight house, asking them questions like seven figures, remember all that kind of a little bit. And I think he made about a million there. So I'm gonna guess last year in two thousand eighteen you made two million two hundred. No, two million two point three million in two thousand eighteen no way. All. I'm hoping I'm too low. Dave make two main news. There's no way you. Okay. Look if I'm off I'm off. But there's no way I'm way off right? It might way off. Where your job r s or what? Because. Because. Money. Listen, it ain't gonna take a genius at the IRS just go. He fought three times. Let's look at the commission and see what they report. But anyway, all right. Are that way? Here's here's here's what I was getting that what? Now that I know that you you just by yourself a huge house and used to fight for the money. And now you can take care of your family because you were so close to title now that you start on a new journey in a new win streak with this JD S fight is now the road to maybe where some goal Dirk did anything change because of that fight because of this great year you had. This year right now Eric investments, so everything I'm open up new business, and I'm more holds and running in the mouth. So that's what I'm doing this you. So it's still about second paper. The title doesn't really mean much. I don't mean anything, you know, a living more they were it was last year. But still I don't have to have any time. You know? Well, look how they just signed a new contract on two days ago whenever they announced the fight. So I got okay. I'm. Killing good about this fight to in. And I'm real happy about my contract that just. And so, you know, everything's looking up even I'm coming off a loss, and I'm happy him satisfied. And I'm still got still got the hungry me. Man. I'm so glad to hear that as a Derek Lewis fan. The fact that he wants, you know, he wanted a little bit more than he did prior to the title fight. That's great. He deserves the new contract because he fights frequently see you can always count. I just named off four fights in two thousand eighteen you can always count on. You know, your your guy fighting. There's too many fighters are sitting on the shelves, and Derek is very very active. So congratulations on all that Derek. You definitely deserve. It man. Serious Europe for sure, you know, but you try begin their fight in January. The twelfth. Sometime in Jane, where they wanted me to fight on the I corps of the steam corn to be mainly. Now. I'm like this are already like three weeks after the Cormet fight narrow return offer me a fighter. Excellent two weeks. After the committee fight in was trying to offer me the fighting, gene where the first week of Jingwei first few weeks of gene were wherever the first call is in on ESPN. Would they offer you? I'm sleepy. Okay. And. What was it hat was it? Hell, no. Because I think they're a little out of line. Like, I say I wanted to some time all, you know, I guess whatever I want time all that really know here. What else say whenever I say that they don't hear me right now. I still like to fight feet that you know, it really didn't matter who I'll fight. But I just wanted some time off because I just had fought for the title on short notice. Anyway, you know, and I still wanted to time off because I wouldn't play the molten this year master anyway, and they wanna pop met with on DC and say, okay, I fight by stay. I wanted time all before they're fighting. And I definitely wanted to come on after the DC fight in. So I believe I had enough time off now. And in a way, I would've fought in Zine where though. Maybe what I hear you. But for sure I'll fight in more. Yeah. So anybody that's listening here. I mentioned he fought four times in two thousand eighteen but three of those fights came in the second half of the year and two of those fights were like less than a month apart. And I remember in New York he was saying, I really didn't want this. But all right. I'm stepping up at the title shot. But what I really want is time off afterwards to tell you the truth. I thought the JD signing was like, I couldn't believe he was fighting that soon I think we're gonna see Derek till the summer of two thousand nine hundred, but I was happy because I love watching the dude fight, and the fact that he got a new contract out of it makes me even more happy dick last question for me. And I'll turn over to the guys. I know you fear no-one on this planet. But do you feel do you fear a style matchup like, you know, whether it's a wrestler or cardio king or this or that. Or you know, somebody's got the reach are there. Certain matchups where you're like. Oh, man, this one. This one's gonna be tough. No, not at all. No. I'll believe in myself. Not care what kind of style that. They're unbelievable that that all I have to do just touching one time. You know? And I I have I have a shot. I haven't changed no matter if they got way more experienced than me are not, you know, I believe them always in the fight. You know, even a few seconds for supplementing into it. I always son in front. Derek Lewis is our guest here on MA junkie radio. He has just signed on to fight former U of C heavyweight champion junior to Santo in the main event at you have see on ESPN plus four on March. Ninth in Wichita, Kansas goes, what do you ever Derek Lewis, Derek? I was just thinking about you the other day because you know, we were talking about. Me like, they're young. They will call me earn comes for Christmas. Change your number like every every two months, you have a different cell phone of every every time I've ever booked him for the show. They always say and here's his new number now every single tire. But, but this is why I was thinking about you whenever I hear John Jones say I'd like to test myself at heavyweight down willing to go up to heavyweight because you're not a guy who's really interested in the bell. You liked to stack that paper? Have you ever thought about being the guy to say, hi, I'm I like to welcome you to the heavyweight division, Mr. Jones would that ever interest. You because I think that'd be a fun fight, man. Oh about it. Doesn't matter. You know? I like John I like his file like is fighting on like watching the fight though. So I'll fight anyone in our fight. John. As far as junior to Santus goes when you look at the resume that he brings the stylistic matchup. Where does he rank on the list of opponents that you faced? Oh. The right number seven eight. Got him. He's the seventh or eighth top spider. You've ever based you show. You got you show. You didn't miss here. The question why is champion? I mean. Oh me. Foaming Chapman USC division that doesn't mean anything. Man bloggers are top at the bit at that quote. Wow. Okay. Say. It's going to say you have CS Lewis, and it's going to have the semi colon. And I'll say they'll Santos seventh or eighth. Toughest fight. Hey. The articles. Some bullshit article. And be like, oh, yeah. They're just talking shit. Oh, there's wanna fight John Jones and oh Dariga saying shit about on day DS. It'll probably be followed by a car that says Derek Lewis said this on his sixth or seventh favourite show. Yeah. Really where we were. All right. Go ahead there. Hey, derek. I was surprised. You didn't mention when we're doing the money talk as far as your earnings for twenty eighteen you didn't mention any or incorporate your TV show 'cause I'm looking at your Instagram. And it says I e you film was December seven so I got to imagine that qualifies. So does that qualify you twenty eighteen earnings more? But more importantly ki tells about this TV show. Oh. Sip a free. I would have stayed in my contract. Are you supposed to put it on it for certain amount of time or what? The TV show. Don't be on on CW Chevy, airing. Maybe next month. Season three of the TV show that I'm doing. So you gotta stay tuned on Instagram. You know, I don't know if I say, I forgot what my contract says so signing two different contracts that same time won't for people. Don't we won't quote a movie, then I'm few minutes everywhere. We, you know, we're not trying to get you in trouble or anything, Derek. But I did want to ask you about that movie that you just brought up because you you you mentioned it in your post as well. And I looked at I m db and you're listed as rumored, it says rumored note as Tully in the movie pop rocks with Mikey ruckus is that is that fake news, Derek? Or is that real news? Oh, what ferry crews to limit? This is Mike ruckus listed, and it's a it says your rumored is as totally I don't think the update update update this too fast, though, it's official. So yeah, they only got two listed right now. Yeah. That's my name in the movie coming and do, you know, what the movie entails what yet the prep for this kind of role or anything you could share in that front? Oh, really be myself, really home. She'll be a real good movie nominee cited for I missed studying, my notes, it's still not the final script that they sent to me. They going to send me another script. We'll see which one I really fit my carrots. Dick, but the filmings in February. So the question obviously comes up here. How does that interfere? If it if it does at all with your camp. If you only knew what I'd do Campsie will be like no way in the world is guys aren't going to in the world. And this is the way he trained and decided prepare for fight. So this door to move their whatever not even a little bit compared to the stuff that I've known I swear I should be doing and my fight count. But I don't. All right. Let's say. Yeah. No, no. I am thinking about it. But see we have you on quite frequently. And every time we have you on you always tell us you turn the corner and the trainings getting tougher and you're getting more committed. Are you still saying though that even though that is true? There's still a huge ceiling in terms of how much more you could give to training or your camps. The last two fights. I really did turn it up, you know, at home and since my last night, I really lazy as hell. I ain't a lot. So lazing I'm doing that. But this weekend. Yeah. This weekend today, or whatever. Training hall. How's your weight? Derek? Oh, wait is under two eighty usually. I'm almost two ninety right now. I'm a commend to seventy something right now. Okay. That's I should be easy. I mean, you're still two months away. Yeah. You're already to eighty five to ninety eighty since. Yeah. Well, I'll tell you what heavyweight is is going to be exciting in two thousand nineteen. It sounds like cormier either bows out, you know, retired some some sometime in March. And it sounds like maybe him unless they've got something going on. I don't know. But either way that things are going to be pretty wide open. You know? So do you feel like you and junior? Whoever wins occupies a spot for the vacant title, unless lesser takes it from from DC, but if DC wins and just kind of has let it go because he retires. Do you feel like this? This fight is so important that you should get one seat at at the table. Thought about but. Fuck pull the went off. Of course. Let me great been another shot where if not and I'm not bad. I'm saying like that complaint on it is what it is. Derek? When you got back from New York, what did your family and friends? What did they tell you? And was it was it tough taking that loss. I mean, you know. DC's a great fighter. You know? It's not like there's any shame in that. But what was I a tough one for you, a tough one for the family or or or is there more like a proud of you dead. You know, type of talk from from the family versus anything else. Just saying that, you know, look real good in there. And all. You know, I believe myself to that. I was in straight and largest got caught what else mission that us something I never got caught with before and the I guess being mixed martial arts. You got to be prepared for everything, you know. I was real hesitate of getting up the way I did use it if I get up, but I usually get up a little quicker than what I did. So they wouldn't have a change the c- can that we're making choke? But get up to find a way. Yeah. Two of them stood up saying what? Derek Lewis is our guest you're gonna junkie radio. All right. Let's finish up. I think Dan, we're back with you. Would you wanna finish up with? Oh, yeah. Just just one question. Derek and. Yeah. On that note. You certainly you're get ups are are deceptively tough. I think anybody knows what they're watching those that you're very formidable challenge. I don't think anybody doubts that. But just a quick note. Derek you said you would be surprised at what you do between camping. I got a follow up on that. Does that mean in exercising your free Popeye's? That is all I want to know Georgia's over here asked my money, I'm curious about that free food deal. That's where my head's out of that says anything how how's that been going? Derek? Told me I gotta go to that location and pick the car up. I really eat many busy. You know? I haven't picked my core up yet. I haven't been Popeye since the fight. Did these guys I don't believe that no way. These guys are myself included would have been there. The next day. Give us backs come on. My wife home. Two weeks ago? Bushy pay for I'll tell why you pay for. She's told them. Because you haven't gone to pick up your card fool. Is it sixty minutes away or something? I mean, I can't be that far, right? So half a mile away. Oh my God. I, you know, it'd be cool. I can go in the low. I'm writing the law more, can you Instagram picking it up, but but can you Instagram you picking it up? But the way you were dressed that one video that you did we win around your house. You had the the bow tie. And all that stuff. Go that way. Clues and pick it up like that. No man else. Controversal? You know, the where he finds came. We talk about stuff like that. Nobody will work this year last year and all got worse. I can talk about stuff like on the more everybody. You know, that's is everybody sensitive now. They're all right. All right, man. Well, listen, we are really stoked that you're back in the game. Again. I thought you were going to take at least six months off. I thought for sure July in Vegas was when you were gonna come back. But I I am excited. I think it's a great match up. I would politely and respectfully disagree. I think he's probably your top three toughest matches. But hey, you're the one in there not me. But either way I know it's going to be a great deserves to be the headliner. Zone tougher fiery compared to me, and I never even fought him before you say compared to the guy that Fornari. I haven't even fought him me. So maybe I think going in though fighter ever I think oh said on paper on paper like going in. You gotta have like a feeling. All right. This guy is somewhere here. But you know, no one's in an address is afar. Like on, you know, I'm completely different than any other fighter that any US emotional guys are mixed. Most shows I'm not a mixed, Sean. I'm abroad. Shares a bad ass mother fuckers what he is. Derek don't play. Diggs got Derek's got twenty one wins in the AFC. He's got eighteen of those by KO. So not only is that a high finishing rate. It's a high extremely high KO finishing rate and then look at the streets. He he's had in the man, and he's that's really really nice streak sorry in his career. He also hit a nice ninja arm Bondra team. Cleveland back in the day. I'm still waiting for Derek Lewis to bust out those skills, again, they're trying to play it off like you just know how to brawl. You know what I'm talking about? My bell water. Thirty minutes ago rewarded in code? Award is cold. So. All right. Mojo water two point three won't cover there. For the time. D good talking to you. Right. All right. Thanks. I see. That is Derek Lewis one of the most entertaining fighters in and out of the octagon. He's got an Instagram that most fighters say, that's my favorite Instagram. But the Twitter handle is at the beast underscore, see the to the Instagram handle, which we usually don't really throw out there. I guess did the show before the Instagram craze started. So we never really got used to. But I gotta throw it out there. You gotta follow him there at at the beast UFC. All right. So we're gonna take a quick break here. You're listening to enemy junkie radio and fight nation channel ninety three. Stay close. We'll be right back. I've heard people say that. Too much of anything. Good for your injuries. Forced them to a tire undefeated from MMA with a record of. Oh, oh, they are gorgeous, George and goes, and this is MMA junkie radio. All right folks about twenty five minutes ago. Russell Westbrook in the Oklahoma City thunder. They started their duel with tomorrow Rosen in the San Antonio Spurs. You want to listen to that game? Then be a radio series two seven x eighty six streaming on your phone and at home on siriusxm connected devices. Speakers. All right. I wanted to do the daily debate. I think we're going to be a little tight on time. So I think to be fair yesterday. I was roasting. My buddies a little bit, and I'm going to give them a chance to roast me back. Yesterday. I was talking about my buddies Woody and squared the Cowboys fans that just decided not to go to go to the game. They had don't come back what am had dome. Come back. One of them says this coming from a guy who hasn't been to UFC or biller to show in five years. That's just made up right seen. That's a dump comeback. It's not even close. It's not. Yeah. You're right. Because that was the last California to make your show. I was at that one. That was this past summer. I saw Lima lame McFarland right defender title that night. So that clearly was there. And then I was with you at me Oton coronary. So that was this past summer as well. When we go into a couple fights. Yeah. So I just I was I looked at that. And I go really like come on. Now, I do want to give Woody credit. He had an awesome bag the other day. This is all about when you have a great comeback throw it. And if you can throw a quick even better. When you don't you don't force it. You know, what I mean don't force it if you don't have one you just live to fight another day squid? You know, how the C? Yes. Shows in town Sumer electron IX, well, attach the Consumer Electronics Show. I think is the awards and so- squid was showing us a little promotion of. I guess you can get tickets to the avian awards and so- squid joked around. He goes, I already confirmed my tickets how about you guys. So he's implying. He's a porn actor, right? Right away. Like, this would have been impressive. We were just with each other right away. Squeeze. What are you going back? He goes are you up for fluffer of the year? Oh, man. A good one. Now that is hate that. That's a good one. Squibb took it. He didn't say like. Oh, yeah. Well, you know, I seventy mom. Like that take that one. He's a pretty good. Pretty good. But that one about you haven't been Nobel, tore you've seen it come on that you know, that came from the same guy. That's panic mode was a genius in one instance in terrible in the here's what they roasted me with I told them big pussy is going to be on our show today. So let's hear the best joke. And I won't give the names. They just one guy writes, I thought you were on every night. Good. What will they have? So the audience can tell you apart. Pretty good. It's as close as GD's been the pussy this year. Yeah. It's really good. Dress in black and tell people it's big pussy and buckle together. Again. Take a photo for the website title before and way before. In the last one big pussy sitting next to big Ponsa. I like that one. All right. We're coming up on the top of the hour break. We'll be going for about sixty seconds. And we'll be right back. If you want to call in and participate in the show at eight seven seven fight ninety three or eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three locked out one in TIMMY. Junkie radio. Doing. On the other side of the tracks. This is Sirius XM. They were forged from the same bowl say but actors though, they've never met. They are the brothers Garcia gorgeous, George goes. All right. The second hour of the ever made junkie radio show. We were talking about. Well, I guess that story that I mentioned I got rushed off a little bit. I want to tell you a quick part to remember I told you we bought the tickets the girlfriend came put me on the bus. We went when we got there. We got inside the stadium. We got to the seats and waiting for, you know, us to we were a couple, right? And there was about ten other Georgian Michelle's. What what I was dating? Michelle ten other couple standing there. And they're all kind of arguing in discussing when I got there. I'm like, I didn't even have a chance to say excuse me. Like, I'm going to you know, row J four and five chance because they go road J C four and five. Yeah. Come with us. Oh scam. We got scammed and they just use the same ticket. So I guess the guy went around and just sold the same specific tickets to as many people as he could at least at least twenty of us there. Ten tickets. So we all went down and at that time they're going starting quarterback. Eric Davis starting we're getting the game time. And so we walked down. And luckily, they said we save some tickets for problems like these, but we had to repay. So that guy did get our money, but we had to repay and like it was another two hundred. But we did good to run up there and watch the game and not even like a half offer something not then man. Our problem. Same up. There wasn't like a great seat. So technically if you had bought shitty see and that happened, and they go now, you got this. Because remember we had a problem at me whether Guerrero, right? Yeah. Yeah. No problem. It wasn't a scam. But it was just what happens is certain tickets aren't clean. They put back into a system. But sometimes there's just like a one minute crossover where there's extra tickets flowed out there. But that's what goes, and I we actually made our way to a better seat. And we're with rob cortina's Andrew Simon for that event. And that's when that's two different tickets. And we did that's the one time we went to an actual Mayweather fight. And I remember in the eighth or ninth round Mayweather had easily shown us that. He was the way better fighter. We already knew going. He was the better fighter. But by now, he would he had banked around. Even with the fans felt like could have been finished. And he wasn't doing it and his own people were booing his own fans. We're born they were leaving the stadium. And I thought that was a little sad because I thought God come on Floyd like you, you're better than this guy. Put them away that was a chance to really put someone away and he didn't. But that that's what happened that that. Will that one weekend San Francisco? That's ex-. Yeah. All right. Did you have your story or you want me to debate? I don't know that I can tell that story. It's really long. All right. Well, you change your mind. Let us know. All right time for the debate. Now, you can go ahead. All right time for the daily to brought to you by the junkie radio team. Here we go is John Jones guys is even now that his UC to thirty two drug tests came back clean, and for those that don't know he was tested by the California State Athletic Commission post fight and those tests have come back clean here choices. Yes. No. But it's a little bit more little bit more specific. It's yes. One hundred percent. So no doubt guys know he has more to prove or fall into this category of doesn't make a difference for system. I think I'm gonna fall under doesn't tough. I wanna say doesn't make a difference. Because. It's one hundred test. It's not going to be difficult. When we're talking about his legacy who he is at the end. It doesn't make a difference for this particular fight. I buy that. That's what they say. Then that's what I'm good with that. I mean, he didn't do anything. That's good. But if we're talking about in the past or my feelings towards them in the future. He's still got a lot to prove. And I don't know that there's just no way it won't tarnish. So man, I almost feel all three of them. But I guess I'm gonna go with has more to prove. All right. So the question is John Jones vindicated. You're saying he has. He has waterproof. Yeah. So he's not vindicated in your eyes. Yeah. I wanted to go. He has more to prove and I can maybe site things why. But it's tough on similar lines as goes. But usually if a warrant more lions, I'll try to, you know, look at the results and not too much of that. But the results seem to mimic might might torn this on this topic from these two options because I'm gonna end up siding guys with doesn't make a difference because the pulsing or whatever we want to call it whether you like it or not what you with it or not whether you understand it or not that is what the you have see the Commission's John Jones and. Jeff Novitsky is going with guys. So the fact that it cannot show up and then show up again, it's going to lead us in some kind of rigorous rigorous Merle some turnaround. And we'll be back asking us the same question again. And I that's why say it really makes no difference. However, I would like to add that I would say people not are aren't wrong. But they're not crazy for saying. He has more to prove guys because I believe that he was making digging his way out of the whole community to fourteen but those positive tests what you know, let us today. I think is kind of dug even deeper hole. I would argue for John Jones in that regard. He doesn't approve of skills. He's a skillful fighter. But he has to prove that he can just show up and fight without any controversy. I'm with you, Dan. And I guess I'm contrary to goes here. I'm I'm on doesn't make a difference. I'll tell you why. Because of the previous problems that he's had. And so if it was one time like JD, we ride his name earlier when we talked to Derrick Lewis. He was cleared. He still had to finish a sentence. I guess our quotes, but he was cleared. And I think anyone that you talked to is not going to have a problem on tainted supplements. And we all feel pretty good about that. But see John's had a couple of different incidents and. This one for me doesn't vindicate him. I'll probably need about another fights with strict testing, and for this little pulsing affect or these people grams and not come back, and then maybe then can I rest easy. But the only reason this comes up, honestly, I still think he's a great fighter are great champion. Yes. He's in the goat talk. It only really comes up when we're talking about go talk. Yeah. And we're talking about this premium court of fighters, the Ps the mighty mouse is. DC's all those guys. And we're splitting hairs because they're all outstanding title, defences and everything. You can always go back that little shredder doubt on the couple of those dudes and that Silva and John. Those are Mohawks big deal. It's nice when you're talking go talk to not have to point any of that to look at USB and not have to say. But did he right? That's a big deal. If you have to do that for anyone then that guy shouldn't even be in the talk. But that's only go talk because that's. John jones. Great fighter. Yeah. He's one of the time. Right. I probably say something that I have to say that. I don't have to say that with some other fight. Yeah. I'm going to need some time. I'm gonna need about five. Probably a good two thousand nineteen and twenty five fights. And then I'll probably be able to circle back to this and say, yeah, I think I think we are good because John Jones is own silliness actually serves him, right? Because he's made these silly mistakes these terrible mistakes in his personal life where you can go. Yeah. I could see John not reading label and goofing up that way versus other athletes who have just really wanted to get that. Here's what's crazy is if you were to ask me did he need to do that to win. I'd probably say I don't think he did either. But. Then he wouldn't have done it. Right. So I think we agree on that. But but parlaying into the results guys. I think the issue if anything I have is the option of yes. One hundred percent that came in. Yeah. This one bit at the results actually were very close. It was doesn't make a difference. Got thirty seven percent. No. He has more to prove thirty six percent. And then in their place was yes. One hundred percent that was twenty seven percent. And that was over fifteen hundred votes that came in good job junky nation, our readers of the site and our listeners of the show. We love you guys. Thanks for participating in the daily debate that shocks me because we don't do that in real life. If you have a kid and your kid came home late, right? Curfews eleven pm comes in at eleven thirty and you scold them. That's not the way it's supposed to be can't do that. And then the next night he comes on late again, and you go Yay. What time we talk? And then the next night he comes on time from there. You don't go. He's probably in bed because he would never do that again. Like, you still kind of go. Well, wait a minute. He's done this a few times, you need to kind of prove that you can do this the right way a lot of times before somebody could even take that out of their mind. I don't understand. One hundred percent just on one test. Speaking of Anderson. So this story, I haven't read the I read the headline. But I read the story yet Anderson civil wants to rethink stance against TRT, which is replacement therapy. Now, look, I will say this. I've never had a problem with aging fighters just wanting to be able to recapture a little bit of of their youth. I guess. Especially because they're supposed to be levels. But what sucks is pushed past those levels. And then cycle off just below to beat the task therefore. I don't think it can work. That's the problem for him to suggest it somebody should have stopped them and said, they're not going to do it. Don't even suggest it just leave it alone. Whatever heard about people who take that stuff is that they're not once they start it. They're not the same without doing that. Again, even emotionally the way they act all that stuff is gone. Yeah. And so to me if you need that to compete, and yeah, that's not fair. Yeah. Looks like failed. Assan Joe's in Santiago Avio are green to fight via Twitter beef starting to like Twitter. Well, it makes them makers job easier. Right. Yeah. It's kind of like it's being thrown out there. The fans are basically giving you a small sample size of. Whether most fans will like it or not, you know, however, many people are. Chiming in liking retweeting or sharing or whatever. It's a small percentage, but still it's an important percentage. It gives them an idea of whether this fight is. You know, they're pouring ice on it. Or if people are liking, it can tell you this much standing stating from. Let me see knowing that would lease facing us one. Coby Coby Covington doesn't want to fight anybody. This might make sense. You're catching a guy coming off losses though. So positive is willing to do it. Then I guess we got ourselves a fight. But I really thought ponds and Avia would be the one that go hold on a second. I've been winning a lot of fights. And you've actually lost to figure last two. I don't see how. I don't see how this really makes much sense. But if he's willing to do it, you know, I think a lot of fighters got to start considering that the maybe not catching someone else coming off a win. And staying busy I figured as management would say no to that fight. I mean, guys just catapulted off your back for a title shot you really going to let the next deserving guy. Take a match up with that guy and play along with that Kaga. It'd be that cog in the machine unless I'm mistaken in. It's not like I follow up on every fighter, but he manages himself. Oh, yeah. He was with all e- explains. And they part of ways maybe about two years ago. And I don't think he's got another one we mentioned he saw he negotiates his own contracts, and I guess makes his own calls. And so from his end like I said, I think he's catching a guy that's on a run like that. And that guy's willing to do it. Then we actually pulled off a caper. I don't know if I like that matchup for me. I remember his last fight at the end of it thinking, I don't that seems like one of those fights were you don't come back from it. One hundred percent while the Covington Bite Fight the the Ferguson fight in Mexico. I mean, RDA's bins wars. And I'm glad he's not getting arrested. But you just mentioned that Ferguson fighting Mexico in Ferguson was able to piece them up with the jab. I. Navio as much more mobile and smarter version of not version, but smarter fighter than Ferguson in. That regard. Don't big Fergus advantages saying it's tough match-up. I could see that that that rearing its head. Now, here's a fight that sorry. Fight fight news. Right. It's a little disappointing. I like Jason night. Okay. They call them hick. Yeah. He actually has fun stand up to watch. He's aggressive. He loves a fight. Growing up fighting with the money's actually got some really really good you to he's very flexible even in losing efforts. He he doesn't have a boring fight the promise he lost four neuro prior to that he won four in a row. But apparently he's looking for new home. You've see Jason night a parted ways. He right away took to Twitter and said, Bella Tor one championship rising. Throughout another one. What's up? I was thinking maybe PF L race was already come up with his list of guys are not a week away from announcing. Right. So that's between them. I I don't know what raise looking for. But. That's that's kind of what what I thought. I guess that was the last organization that was kind of off the tip of our tongues bell or finish strong with the Hawaii shows. I obviously rising did have a couple of aunts rises like twice a year. I don't know won championship might be a spot for them. Who knows Peter Yang Sunday new contract. And he already announced his next fight booking. It's John Dodson UFC. Prog don't ask me what fight night it is or ESPN plus number. It is I don't know. I know it's in Prague at sometime this spring, but that's going to be a fun fight guys. Yeah. You can kind of see though, like the way the matchmaker are leaning in this one. I don't know. John John Dotson, man. I was giving shine today. We're talking about we covered top five. Biggest fights big FOX saying Dmitri's Johnson. John John Dodson one is an underrated fight. It was pretty fun. But yeah. And you feel the momentum swings. Dimitri cheek that believes so that could have been challenged by because meet still had that unbeatable or at that weight class at least, but John Dodson can slope some fights men, and we'll make it a, you know, you know, he is veterans savvy. So I don't know if he's going to give Peter the same Douglas over the on the high little fight is a deserve vitam excited. Both guys deserve the respect. But I don't know if it's going to be an action barn burner. We'll say Jason night bummer. But you look at it. Coming off losses in a row last one came against Chas skelly at UC to eleven may thirteen twenty seven wrestlers are just grinding them. You know what? I mean, he can't seem to stop that. That's that achilles heel. Where no matter what Harry exciting. You gotta get up tack and start creating submission attempts or get up. You can't just be throwing elbows or you're not really mitigating too much of the damage from the bell tower is a better home from because in that PF L format when have you not seen at Jason fan or fight where he doesn't take the he takes good damage, even when he wins. I don't know that he could do that over and over like that with that schedule would be too taxing. Take some calls. If you want to join these guys or follow these guys and gals whatever they might be. I don't even know eight seven seven fight ninety three or eight seven seven four four four eight nine three. Who do we got goes? Let's go with Joe from each town. What's up Joe from each town? Good evening, Joe unless you're in Asia. Take these myths I wanted to talk about. Morning. I wasn't that. Saying that for like five years, take it easy with a. A whole bunch of stuff. But you guys brought up name. And I need to ask you a question about I e Belaziz, no Kobe. The other day said that he was doing favors for the UFC. And you guys didn't really ask him about that. So I'm asking you guys about that. What do you think he's talking about? I asked him to reiterate that personally I was the one that asked him about it. And then I even asked him to reiterate on that. But, but I mean, I, I guess, you know. Lee. Here's as I spoke up. You know, I think the criticism is not, you know, not one that Kobe just alone lobs. I think we've heard that. I mean, I'll I'll I think we've gotten we've been lucky on the show. Have you guys agree as far as the version of Ali? We we get a very honest and forthcoming, but yeah, I think you're alluding to the criticism that he gets on the other side of it Joe's that we are alluding to year to or did you want to say, well, I think I know I can't say with one hundred percent what it is. But I would imagine when he says things like that what he means is like if I'm the matchmaker. And I go all we need fighter to turn this around and fighting in six weeks, all he'll probably say let me talk to him. I'm pretty sure I can get him to do. But you know, what we need to get fighter be over here. One of my guys he needs to fight. And I need you to make that happen now on this card in the matchmaker. Prices are right. Let's do that. All right. I think there's a little bit of truth to what you're saying. I don't know that they would ever admit that. But yeah, I do believe it because I've heard from other agents that it does. Does work that way. Right. But that was the narrow about five eighteen years ago. Okay. All right. But I still feel like it would totally makes sense. It's probably never be that forthcoming with it. I think what happened was I did catch it. And Kobe glanced over it. But the problem was we had had him on. On for quite a while. At that point. And Kobe was just on fire him. You know, what it was Joe from each town was he said that there's some upcoming litigation that he believes I'll Lee helped out the UFC. Now, remember, the got stuff going on with the monopoly thing, whatever at all times or more the union stuff, or so I think there might be some litigation out there, and maybe Ali was may have been called in. And this. These are called words he said it's going to come out soon, and because of that solid maybe the did him one. But that's an IRA call becoming talking like, we don't know what how much truth there could be two something like that. Now, we know that there is some litigation going on. And I don't know why would be called called into it or whatever. But that's kind of what I got from Kobe was saying. Yeah. Somebody actually sent me a link to something that I think you're right. I think I think you're right somebody semi link to that. But hey, I got a personal question. If you don't mind I like going to ship clubs. Okay. All right. What? On. I have a wife that don't like me going to serve clubs. Okay. All right. I recently. I recently went behind her back. Strings. I made it work without her fun. Now, how can I convince her to let me go to ship club? That's my question to the inmate junkie radio guys. All right. Thanks for the call. Joe? Let me answer it this way. I would argue considering going to the ones that have female stripping. All right. So. Look go with her once in show her that it's not like you can grab a girl by the wrist and say, let's go bone that ain't happening all is is just an area that's more secluded. But nothing's happening body parts aren't aren't being exposed in any way, the girls just suckering the guy for more money, but all she's really doing maybe getting a little bit closer take the white one time. And if she's totally against that go behind her back and don't tell her if that's something you really really want to go to I have a pretty cool eighty I've told her every single time I've come back because hey, I know there's no way getting around the glitter on my forehead. She knows what am I going to do man. I'm just gonna go in there and tell it bunch of corny jokes have a couple of drinks watch the damn game and then bounce. So it's just got to go back to trust strategy. Here's what you do. You have to tie it in to making it look like it's you could be advancing in the workplace. So whatever your manager's name is just go. Yeah. Kevin said his bachelor party. And right. I gotta go. Because if I don't go with the boss and a up, and maybe he'll give me the shitty ships come home later. You don't want me to come home. That's got you got to be firmed with what you're saying and not wishy washy because she's going to see through it. She's going to smell the bullshit. So whatever it is whatever it is game plan, you come up with just come straight with it sound confident get one of those little sniffs, what's for dinner, change, the subject. That's it. That's that's the answer. And that's it. We're not going to discuss it any text every twenty minutes home. Yeah. That way it looks like. I think I really want to be there. You didn't see me texting you board. But you just kind of program your texts stupid things. It's crazy here. My strategy been why here why here at twice that's my point. Is you're going to hear you're going to hear it when you get home. Let her bitch that one time when you get home start doing all these calls or whatever she's going to nitpick. Why aren't you home? You know, you promise that an hour ago. What you're hearing it more than once. That's why I say why here at twice just here at the one time when you come home and don't show any weakness to the next day. Wake up go run three miles or start mowing that lawn and show her that that hang over did not affect you. She can't say see you slept in you missed the trash they came by whatever. So you gotta tough it out. Now at some point you're going to be pretty tired. And then that's when you squeeze in your net. But but she can't have any. She can't hold anything over you. If you're showing her that it didn't affect or you can be like one of our other, callers and just fall asleep while you're there and be like, I'm asleep in there. Anyways. All right. I'm gonna play devil's fan. Advocate real quick for a second. I think another thing you could do offer to take her like a male strip club and just never do it. But just keep that dangling that out there. You know, what did she say? Oh, yeah. You come up sick that night. I don't know what to tell you. By the way, one other thing. Sure, have you guys ever seen those packages that they have glitter and they explode. No. You could send it to your buddy. They open it and glitter pops out everywhere and ruins everything. Well, he's delivers packages. So it just get glitter sprinkled on one of them dumb packages. Again that way whenever you call them with glitter. It's not a we got you what the pack. Yeah. Markelle from Waco. It's to help Marco. How you doing? I know we can ask you what you would do your wife runs that show. Right around the corner. Shut up. Here. We will. You guys doing on the boat. The guy is gonna get wrong to become the weird, blah, blah. What about you again or run out of leaking retinal lady, or you know, whatever is. Puffing for field. The fighting kit. This. You about. Or people that never got for you go, but he may not on the line. What? There you go. Thank you. Good ones. One more caller we connection, but that was a good call talking into a funnel or thing. So. Yeah, he said Lawler and McDonald. Yeah. Those Dan ten yesterday fights you wanna run back? Okay. All right. One more call. And then we got to go to break. How from Chicago. How are you doing that? Yeah. Hey. Got jokes. Hey. Dana Colby if you want to get them back right now, you're immune. And you really wanna throw them off was the guy you give them. If you want to pay for. Yeah. You want him to? I think there'd be a big. Oh, you gotta make them pay. No, he's well. Well, happy explaining yourself, your Dana, white, and you wanna make this guy pay for his remarks. You wanna make them happy? Bitch, and I wanna match up with with a high risk low reward guy. Oh, okay. All right. And he's forced to take it. So then, Dan, you're probably best there who gives who who seems to give a tough time. Already tried to do it, man. Those Kamara Oestmann, I think that that was that was the match up to be honest. I can't think of. So I think what I would do is give them a guy that maybe you don't make the main card with that where he can't make very much money. The only thing I can think of because he's right. You'd want pair them up with somebody like. So in other words, guaranteed. No, no. But somebody that you could put them where you could put them. Maybe the, you know, the Fox Sports one going in something like that jumbos got a good one who jumbo. What do you got? He's got to fight coming up, obviously. But what about Ben Askar? And I think that would have been highly intriguing. Ooh risk there. Because that's what people are going wanna watch that though. I mean, but the guy that people aren't going to. But he means I give them a chance to lose their if if he doesn't commit to give them Darren till because I don't think there would be much back and forth. Really like Darren says stuff that isn't saying much. I would want it to get buried in the shuffle. That's the way I would bury house getting is someone that can make him possibly lose go away. Right. Yeah. Question gets his question. Hey. I'm really just call. 'cause I want to know what my credit score is. All right. I'll take care. Thank all, right. Thanks. Over fell asleep in the strip close. Like, it's got to be minus what four hundred forty months fell asleep by talking guns and roses. So the noise don't stop them. All right. It's radio financial channel threes. They close we'll be right back. In threes. Forced them to retire undefeated from with a record of oh, oh, they are gorgeous, George and goes, and this is Emma may junkie radio. All right. This is just past the cut off. But. Tipping off right now. Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City thunder. They're dueling demar derozen in the San Antonio Spurs into the game on NBA radio series. Two seven x six and streaming on your phone and connected devices. Speakers who that's bad ass Hong for a bad ass show. That's right. It's the twenty year anniversary of the sopranos if you have HBO like goes, and I it's been all over the place. They've been playing that. Of course, you can catch the show on Netflix YouTube. It's everywhere and joining us right now is one of the stars of the sopranos. Visit pass store. Hello. How're you doing? Radio. Is going to be talking to serious again. I used to have a show on their low Stephen produced. The white guy show. Okay. Very cool. Yeah. It seems like you've dabbled in a lot. I was reading up on. You have a meal. You have a band, you're doing comedy now, of course, acting coaching young actors, but mentoring you're all over the place. I was talking to my friend killer. Joe's got a band, and he's also my students at school that h me studios, and he said US, you told me you weren't happy, and he decided to do things you wanted to do and it's year later, and you're happy. I said, yeah. 'cause I said to myself, I'm seventy two years old, and let me go I want to do. And I started teaching. But I love it. I love I love peaked given back to the students. We got this twenty reunion pop up somewhere around with Michael stoops ripple stray, we're going good federal. Or ninth doing Westbury in may we go, and we have abandoned homes for first and that we do queuing a it's so cool. You know, we just did the count Basie theatre. So that's happening. And I run around with my son go by Johnny and we'd do comedy my next trip is up to Canada with that. And basically do comedies staging and have them do seem from sopranos and stuff like that. We have a lot of fun with that. You know? That's what I'm doing my life. You know? You know, what are your fondest memories of the soprano series? Yeah. I was at the first two years. I was at the beginning of the beginning. We had this event last night on the twenty third street. Bitter sweet and Jimmy so much. We didn't realize. On wall together. We couldn't grind talk. Or is this kid was Michael wife was the sister was there. Right. All right. So I'm not sure. Yeah. Of course, you talking about the I know you're talking about the great late, James Gandolfini. I wanted to. Right. My first question. What are your memories of the taping? When you were there the first two seasons of the sopranos playing the character because he. Bite into something that was brand new that was being written for me. Being written for us. So be ready for. Steve, you know, was amazing. You know, we will go to work with scripts and they were writing stuff for us, man. You know? Style as you want on TV show new against this off show right from the beginning from the pilot and. Oh after the pilot really get picked up and then after the frame season, we're going to have a second season if the second season third season, and that's our vision, you know. So, you know, one thing that I found really cool back in the day when I used to watch it with my buddies is we'd all talk about it. You know, -mongst, my friend, my circle of friends, and then at work everybody would talk about it. But what really thought was cool was hearing other actors talk about it as well. Like they look forward to Sunday nights nine pm eastern. You know, when the next sopranos episode withdraw what what kind of interaction, do you remember having with another actor famous actor that we might know that told you the same thing that they enjoyed the series of sopranos. His name Kiefer Sutherland. Oh nice. Okay. Down in midtown rural roast them. Dennis leary. Keep an eye on the day. You know? Night came up to me because sopranos that's why did twenty four. He says. Guys want him mainstream actors one don't. Oh, very sopranos. I took on twenty four that was that was pretty some. Compliment to Jimmy FICO came up to me listening, and I know Jimmy from day one we have movie. Deuces wild that. He says to me a over. We did. Now, I took my name off the credits. Not just say that. I said, well, you know. That been looking here now. And then he said to me in Utah. I see you do the way show this year. So it's been like crazy journey that just before a lot of my friends this whole acting. You know, will of my family's proud of me. And you know, he's just got a nice I live on city island in the Bronx. I got a nice house, and I got great friends and journey in last night was the way time in the city that HBO through for us. Vincent Pastore, our guest here on ever junkie radio. All right goes, what do you have four Vince best? Dr vincent. Is there an event that maybe could have moved you in a different direction sometimes in our world in the fight worlders fighters that'll say came really close to take this job. And it would have led me in a completely different direction. Is there anything that happened in your life that could've taken you in a different direction away from the sopranos? Before a club owner for twenty five years in Westchester, Iran, rock and roll clubs and discuss and I got some trouble. But I only way life forty two. So, hey, I suddenly go study acting so started taking some classes, I was driving a limo. And I started getting work. That kinda was might change from that life. I mean, I say myself, I'm seventy two now if I stayed in the nightclub because I be dead now or alcohol, you know, I was doing I talk on serious. I was doing a lot of drugs. The. The and and acting. Where's my therapy to change my life? Try to do this. And I would try to do. I would take a class. Oh, some bone started to take offers long. I was doing jerky boys those doing America's most wanted. And then I landed Godley for HBO sopranos. And then like I said last night on stage. That's the finals became my call and card so people began to know who I was that I was able to get jobs without dishing, so. I've had to life sorority. I have had you know, my clock life, my active life. Combined it now because I got a band, and I have been musicians from my club days Mme gangster squad. We're going to be at resorts next Thursday night seventeen and and I have musicians from my club days playing with me we have a blast blissed. So it's kind of full circle. Yeah. Yeah. We're we're we're in Vegas. So we love that type of entertainment is the gangster squad going to be in Vegas anytime soon. You get somebody to book me, I'm coming out. No heartbeat. All right. That you know, you brought up James Gandolfini. I was thinking is that you keep trying to out then. You know, he would be in some of his musicians. And then, you know, but it's hard. It's hard to try to convince the casinos is, hey, they liked us to go on to meet and greet me to go with full band. They don't know when we sound like I always do. Classic rock. Gotcha. You brought up James Gandolfini, and I had a conversation with someone coming in. And you know, movies, let's say like Batman you. There's been plenty of people that played Batman and some of them do great some of them don't. But that role of Tony soprano. I just honestly feel like there's nobody in the world that could have played that role better than James, and nobody that could even come close. Played differently. Magic Jimmy was able was an unknown acting. He's don't count to work was tremendous was in crimson tide. He did a lot lot. A lot of. Co-starring roles. But that was big ship that was his plate, you know, towards the end. You know, when I was Jimmy Lai undershot go down once in a while and do play goes to something, but we would go out to meet and greet together. Jimmy said the moment, I can do them. All we'll take a break. You know, then there was this show that he develops HBO. And and he did the pilot, and then he died and then Johnson come in and. Anymore, and they were chasing minute less stage that. Running on a story. So that's really in the show because of Jimmy and David. All right are the partner in crime. Josh Tilton Joshi's in have he's got a question for you. Josh, what do you have for Vincent Pastore? So Vincent we Steve trip on MMA tonight earlier, and he talked about how the cast would always get the new scripts look at them and see if their character was killed off. And he said when when people would discover that their character was getting killed off that sometimes they would get a little bit upset and now the big pussy character. Obviously was only in the first two seasons of the show. I think could have been a much larger story perhaps for that character. But within the first two seasons. The ark was pretty drastic. It was it was a quick ending almost. So what was your reaction when you realize that your character was was going to be getting killed off? Season. But then television, you don't know how long these these shows are gonna last so everybody was going to year. So you know is going to third season. So he decided that killed, but he didn't know who's going to go into those until the second season. That's what happens so he didn't have contract for for for six episodes yet. I mean, the actors had seven year contracts. Your contract. Two out of the seven. But that happens on television a lot you know, they changed the storyline. But I killed two for instance, second season, and I says, yeah. Okay. That's and they give you some great great scripts. Because I was going to be third and fourth and fifth sixth season. Nobody else did. Yeah. That's best stores. Our guest here on MA junkie radio. And folks are celebrating their twenty year anniversary you can catch it on HBO. There's been tons of replays. HBO feel the Tino, it's everywhere. You can't miss it. And our guests plays the part of big pussy. You can catch him. In those first two seasons of the episode one last thing here, Mr. Pastore, first of all thank you for your time. We are. Mixed martial arts. And we all love the sopranos. A lot of our listeners were excited. We're having you on. Does she convention at the end of the month? Atlantic City Transito. Chuck Zito's, a mutual friend as a real good friend. Have you have you ever been to the fights with them? Are going to be on. There was it. Okay. All right. So so you're you're fight van the boxing and mixed. Martial arts. Chris I love that stuff. No cage. Right, right. I go watch the fights. You know? The big sports fan. But I go back to go back to boxing. You know? I grew up with Jill Gillette cavalcade of sports every Friday night. My uncles that were fighters, you know? But right. That's raging bull. Our you know, what I mean, Jake Lamade and all that stuff to do any boxing in the navy now I did box in when I was in the voice club. But I was okay. But it was a boxer from about eighteen to seventeen years old. I was in the navy. I didn't have time for FOX. But and then play football. High school became Rockin opened up my nightclub in the you know, who goes to the gym when you run a nightclub. You know, what do you think of MA, you know, the the fights that you see in the you have there for a lot of people even bought fought boxing people. It's two rods two violent. What what are your thoughts? What's your opinion on on that sport? When I was a kid. You know, you had a fight with somebody on the street you do anything to win. And that's right. That is you know, what I mean? To use your feet. Biting right now. It started off that way. But they had to clean it up a little, but yeah, you're right. It's pretty much a streetfight except with with rules in a cage. And and yeah, that's the way it started off. All right. Well, hey, listen, it's been an honor. And having on you on the show. We're all big soprano fans and we're excited about this twenty year anniversary everybody getting together. And a lot of people that I know have already started consuming the show from from episode one of season one again. So it'll be nice for you guys to touch other people the same way you did us twenty years ago. It was really really the all time greats series. Five days. A lot of people watched it a lot of people who watch it. So you know, we had a great time one the today show today and big article the New York Post. So I mean, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. But today was a great day for all of us. We appreciate the time Mr. Starr, hopefully, we can have you on again, if you're ever in Vegas. Take care. We'll see it either. You have folks Vincent Pastore who played the role of big pussy sopranos season one and two and thanks to the ironman. Josh Friedman for lining that one thousand I surprise, thanks. Josh for doing that. Of course, man. It was a pleasure. All right. Let's take this last break. And then we'll come back and close up shop. You listening to ever make junkie radio on fight nation channel eighty three. Stay close back. You can you. Please tap that rather large fellow on the shoulder and tell him it's time for more junkie radio with gorgeous, George and goes, thank you. All right. Definitely don't wanna forget again. Thanks. Josh were lining up the Pastora interview. And I gotta give a shout out to myself for lining up. Derek loosen gorgeous, George. Tomorrow. What are we looking at tomorrow while a scrambling today, I had so many fishing lines out there, and nobody was biting those interest toss out a time or whatever. And then it was getting scary guys because they had a lot of invites out there, and they just kept falling off. But had they all come together. This would have been like an eight guest day. So but it didn't. And you know, I have a little bit of experience with this just that's the way it works. But look I can't tomorrow. I don't know for sure. But I think we're going to have I think we'll say a top five lightweight in the world, maybe co hosting with us. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. That should be cool. I'll let you guys minds wander. I know Mark rats have seen the VP of regulatory affairs for the ultimate fighting championship. He's going to be our guest co host on Monday. So I should be fun. That's great. It's like we don't have to show up for work. We listened to him tells him tell stories. Yeah. And then we have mecer Tate co hosting on Tuesday. And then we have another one that's in the works. Another highly touted coach in the works for later in the week possible world champion on Monday shows. Well, so again, we we're casting those lines and we're seeing what comes up, but it's been a fun week. So far, I'm not dissappointed least bit, and I really really enjoyed these these primetime shows. I mean, listen, we were eleven and a half years show morning show morning afternoon to these coasters, but basically mornings for us. And so this is just a complete shift in our life picture picture. Your wife coming home and saying, you know, who I leave at eight and come home at five. Yeah. They just offered me the night shift. She's a nurse or something. Now, I'll be going in at ten and coming home at six like literally kind of like that is kind of what it felt like for us a little bit. Granted it's still sunlight we're still working within those confines. I guess. So even before the show, it's like our jobs. We're usually nine to five so trying to figure out what the cutoff might be. You know, for, you know, still kind of trying to get a little familiar with that seeing what the news stories are the new cycle. So, but it's been fun. It's really been fun and refreshing. And we're glad to all of you are sticking to, you know, adjusting your lives as well. Maybe catch us on your way, home on the west coast, maybe on the east coast already fed the kids dinner and put them the band, and you're just you know, getting ready to knock out yourself catching part of the radio. We appreciate it. Remember portion sorry, if you've only caught a portion of the show the whole shows available commercial free and in east equality on the series exam. Ab I always recommend that because you can get the other shows on fire nation ninety three like busted open. The Luke Thomas show MMA tonight at the fights. We come strong over here at fight nation ninety three. All right. We gotta get out of here for Josh goes. And Dan, I'm George nice evening, and we'll see all tomorrow, eight eastern five Pacific with another of MMA junkie radio. Go out there folks champion. Join us on the other side of the tracks. This is serious XM by nation channel ninety three. Hey, you with the rhinestone dog collar between us dogs. I convinced my human of grade to a new home with the twelve hundred square foot bathroom. I think she called it a yard with Wells Fargo's three percent down payment on a fixed rate loan. My Uman realized new home was within reach learn more at wellsfargo dot com slash. Wells Fargo home mortgage down payments is three percent on a fixed rate loan require mortgage insurance has a home mortgage consultant about loan requirements. Wells Fargo home mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank NA equal housing lender. NMLS Alrighty three thousand nine hundred one.

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