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WWHL @ Home: Ellie Kemper & Daniel Radcliffe


Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast addition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen she's a mole woman and he flew on the back of the hip grip. It's watch what happens. Live at home with Ellie Kemper and Daniel Radcliffe. Now Hey everybody. Welcome to watch what happens. Live at home. I'm Andy Cohen with two guests. Who are making me. Feel alive dammit. They're co starring in the interactive special unbreakable kimmy Schmidt Kennedy versus the Reverend streaming on Netflix. Now that is a great title. It's Ellie Kemper and Daniel Radcliffe. Hey you guys. Hey so ellie. You're in your parents in St Louis. Right yeah But only because of a quarantine. Yeah perfect. Well that's why I'm wearing a cardinal sweatshirt. You and I are both from Saint Louis of course so I got very excited when they said you were there and Daniel where where are you I am a New York Yeah go ahead just before the all the flights shut down and the travel ban the UK happen Play over that and then just when that when that closed. I dashed over here and was able to Corentin with a girlfriend. Thank God I being I being crazy and well but you chew like has it caused you to be even more meshed into one or is it annoying. No I think we've pretty Lake Yeah. I think we've pretty mashed but I think this like I'm definitely one of the people that I feel sorry. People who very late extroverted rely on a lot of like social activity too. Kinda regenerate else. I know right yeah. I laid a lot of time with sort of good excuse not said no to leave. The House is is is. I'm I'm I'm doing okay. Very good by the way so it's really cool. Youtube played love interests in the New Testament. Yep Yes yes I am. I am Kinney's new fiancee. Prince Frederick who is a very honest and quite stupid At the distant at to the throne in the UK. Good love stupid royalty. Well I love Schmidt too and Kimmy Schmidt can never get enough candy. But when it comes to Eli's preferences what does she want more of and what makes her say that sugar Elliott. I'll present you with pairs of people places or things. Tell us which you'd rather get with. GimMe men okay. So what would you like more of new episodes of the office or real life office cast reunions on real life office cast reunions? What would you like more of long? Hugs or long. Kisses a lot long og. Did you say long. Hugs hugs. Okay now what if I throw eggs into the equation? Would you prefer USPS hugs or kiss? I want a long Long DO INTERESTING. By what would you like? More of Rob Robert Pattinson taking photographs of himself or you taking photos of Robert Patents of Rob Pat. I'm married but I'll take some photos of them. What would you like more of Britney Spears instagram posts or Leslie Jordan instagram posts? Britney spears. Love that girl okay. what would you like more of Joe Exotic on TV or Carol Baskin on TV? I Guess Joe Exotic Aright very good. I love your opinions Daniel. We all know that your life has been full of magic but I wanna get specific about what went down during a few of your career's most reeling chapters. I'm going to list off activities. If you've done them say well. I'll be damned. So have you ever gone out in public in disguise? I'll be Dand. Yes wow I went to fight amount of COMECON once and then also every Halloween is a good time to go out wearing actually like oversee the current situation with a Lotta Moss says. I'm getting a lot of face time. The full when it was noble. Holloway was a very good time to do that. Have you ever let someone call you Harry in the bedroom? No no no I would say I would say no ever and everyone trusted that that yes have you ever had a crush on a co star. Yes my girlfriend who I met on and then with Mel Blaker of. That's a lot more. Have you ever met the Queen No no I. Between What is the highest royal. You've met I think Matt Lake Princesses Eugenie Tryst at the US poker. That's the highest Jeff. You played Harry Potter. You haven't met William Harry or Charles. No no no no I. I guess I haven't you know haven't sought it out either but again. Okay now I know I know riddle me this. Have you ever waxed your balls? No that's where I that's where I drew the line of Waxing the one time I waxed I I couldn't. I couldn't imagine that kind of pain. I got my. I got my states down and that was that was about my limit. I was like I don't. I don't know how people because we did. I mentioned ex- acquiesce to you before the show because we did all sound you totally naked in on. Yes yeah that happened. I very often people in the first thing. They say also us. I'm oh well right. And that's really funny all right. Thank you very much. Daniel Elliott Daniel. Your new special. Lets viewers choose your characters storylines but when it comes to making choices to you to have a special connection. I'm going to ask you both questions and I want to count down one to Kim three. And then you'll say your answers at the same time. Okay let's worse being a bad tipper or not holding the elevator one to Kim Rate. Being about okay. Excuse me which would you rather have and in visibility cloak or a pat owl one to Kim three. I think I would take the cloak. To which spinoff would you rather watch? A game of thrones spinoff or a big little lies spin off one in three. The Wow Daniel did you watch? Game of thrones by the way. I sold I came in and I had never seen any of it and then my friends who have like Ewing Policies Philosophy. The white jumped in for those lost to enter. And I kind of wish like getting into. Game of thrones twits for two episodes who's really funding and made me wished I'd watched more of it. But yeah it was. That was my that was my exposure. So funny okay. Back to the back to the compatibility. What are you more guilty of cursing or complaining one to Kim three lie? You don't complain. You're playing. Her did fight scenes. Jon Hamm well pregnant. You don't complain and complain about. It looks all right. Who is the true? Who's the true queen of Pop Music? One to Kim. What no options. It's just own. It's your own music for you all right. Well then yeah I feel like fiance must-win eventually okay. Last up. Yeah. Who would make a better wing? Man Prince William or Prince. Harry I mean the only royals that Daniel Jimmy. Why don't you Kim's three Prince Harry Carey? Yeah undoubtedly. Okay dropped the France. I was so familiar with much. Like Harry okay. We have some burning questions to get to L. E. John N wants to know how exciting was the recent office reunion on John. Kaczynski's online show. It was great as it could be. It was all virtual so I do. Naturally you know it's it's of course. It seemed people presume as we all are these days but it was as good as I could've hoped for. Those guys are the best right. Daniel Jennie O. Said Church huge top chef fan. Who Do you think's going to win it? All and who've you been surprised to see go home? Are you up to date on top chef? Yes I am The yeah I mean like. I have been surprised who surprised like there's a lot of people that have gone Eric. Like some very strong people went home. Very early on a knee Like a bunch of Berry Berry get people and then I feel like Melissa had like a little bit. Shakey week this week but she seems like the kind of I duNno. She seems like week after week to be like very very much impressive. So a good by the way Daniel Terrible. I don't Cook. I'm the worst I have. No that's what I watch is. It just seems like that. It's the it's the most incredible skill and then on that show where they just like. Make them do the craziest Don't give the foods equipment ten minutes to do it. And it's great all right. Well okay. I'm not GonNa ask you to cook me dinner then. Kimmy Schmidt may have an iron will but the character's you both played in bridesmaids and Swiss army man definitely did not have iron stomachs. So we're GONNA see how your real life experience with nausea compares. This is possibly a new hallmark. Watch what happens live game? It is time to play. Have you puked there okay? The name says it all. I'm going to places where you may have say. Yes or no and of course. This is enormous two characters. You both played in the past. Have you ever puked at a movie premiere? No now okay have. Have you ever puked in a public? Park all bubbling. Can I just? I'm just going to go. I'm going to bet on the side of. Yeah you're going bet on the side of us on a commercial flight. Oh yes yeah alley. Did something that was it. Was It really bad. It sounds memorable. I thought I forgot that a lot of people often probably experience air sickness and get sick which is widely. Yes I on and I had to be escorted off by firefighters. Say Wow that was recent. It was years ago. No one would see hydrated. Have you ever done a roller coaster? Nope yes you have Elli. Of course the six flags like a stone is going to be six flags six flags over mid America. Yeah I was like. She's puked at six flags. Oh my God that's funny. Have you ever puked into a New York City trash cap? No have you in a handbag. No no no. Daniel have ever carried a little man bag. I think probably like yeah when I was like When I was like fifteen I had like a sort of sexual affair. I was thankful myself. I mean that's what this actual puked before an audition. I cannot believe how long this game is and I have no puke like on. I puked onset once But not on another notation in trailers. Okay we got some viewer questions here. L. E. E. how Awkward Brett be wants to know how awkward it was. When you had to stick your finger in Daniels mouth during the Kimmy Schmidt special first of all I would love to do. I wish that were sakes do now. I would like to have dollars to be able to do that now. Dan I'm sorry but I would thank you know your finger in someone else's mouth right now. I think about it all day long off the night. I don't know you did. Did you puke when Ellie stuck her finger in your mouth because that would be the time to Pew Grinding? How eight eight it was. It was more of it was more like a fish hook into the side of the cheek more than a sort of puking gone. Yeah it was it was. It was about of Leah Ascii. Mailed Daniel have you spoken to Rupert grint? Since he welcomes his first child. Yes I text him actually being like yet. I mean you know I'm I'm so happy for him and I it's it's it's very very cold superweeds for me. I think that we all of the age where we are having children but we definitely are. We're all I'm sure it all just the terrible yardstick by a member like went on to the a lot of people in my life already depressed to find out about that and I'm sure Elie Grace t texted and said. Can you give us any details about the new home alone? Reboot your end. You get to scream your son's name while you're playing the mom. What can you tell us yes so I hope I'm everything. Keeps going smoothly? We were in the middle of shooting in Montreal when everything got shut down so I hope when it's safe and appropriate to go back to work that we can but basically what can I tell you. I don't know it'll be like a lot of fun. I don't think all right. That's good Daniel. Lexi are wants to know who was the most random person who checked in on you after the fake rumor came out that you were the first celebrity with corona. Oh I like I guess. It wasn't random but like the producers of the show that I was in I had to be like I don't have corona like please don't panic I got a text from. Yeah I mean like family members. I feel like actually might go friend. Got More about it than I did. But like Yeah that was that was that was a that was just very very strange and who knows I might still get it and and now no one will crack is that it'll just be like well you. He's fine he's got antibodies. Yeah I'm not falling for that again. Ellie Jesse texted and said do you think. Bj Novak and Mindy killing are meant to be that is a question for the two of them both extraordinary individuals and my good friends. That's a really good answer. I would vote for you for you. Should run for office. What's the first thing you both WanNa do? When this whole quarantine thing ends Ellie I well I wanna I just Wanna I mean Hokey just want to hug the people that I love and haven't seen less than what was the sweetest answer. Anyone could have given good luck you to see bigger. Dan's mouth. Dan What are you want? Do I I honestly just go outside without stressing about it and like you know I still feel that when someone starts talking g that you have to lean away a little bit or you know just lay those also when things do go back to normal and I really am. GonNa find it very hard not shake people's hands because I'm sorry. I'm compulsive hanger and I feel very rude not doing it but I guess we're not going to be doing that for a while so I'm just GonNa feel like I'm being horrible. Okay all right. Well we'll see wouldn't even shake my hand will these days. It's easy to feel like we're all lost at sea so for Rights Roman Amazon. We're checking in with although deck mediterraneans Captain Sandy and finding out how she stays grounded. Taken away captain. Sandy heavy wine. I wanted to share what I'm doing while I'm staying at home and how. I'm staying positive and optimistic about the future. I know this will pass and what I do is I find myself stocking people on instagram. Facebook take talk and twitter. It's so interesting. I never really did that. Before until lockdown. The other part is I actually tried to do. Take Talk Leah showed me some dance moves but I think I need a little improvement there. I'm a Szeswith that take talk to be honest like I love watching it and I mean it's Hilarious The other thing I do is you know. I like to play the DJ. Can I say Secretly I think another life. I wanted to sort of DJ. I love being a captain. And I keep thinking about. Oh my gosh. I can't wait to get back to the sea and I watch a lot of Bravo and I'm so happy that watch what happens. Live and everybody's getting creative on how to stay connected. That's what I do. Thank you very much captain. Sandy and I WANNA thank My Guess L. E. Daniel. We'll see you tomorrow night. We got Amy Sedaris and Leslie Jordan at ten fifteen after the vanderbilt rules finale. Hey Everybody Sandy. I'm here with the stars of unbreakable. Kimmy Schmidt kimmy versus the reverend streaming on. Now we've had terrible connectivity issues during the show so we're going to see if we can bang out a little bit of an after show Kimmy. How long have you been in Saint Louis with your family? I've been here since mid-march so we were. I was working in Montreal when everything went out. And so yeah. We've been here for a while. We thought. Oh we'll stay here for two weeks and then two weeks of course for everyone turns into two months until maybe two years. Wow Daniel Marci emailed and said Is there a role that we would be surprised to learn that you went out for but you didn't get proably? Oh I mean like I mean the. I auditioned for a few light years ago. Oh dishes for film could equilibrium with which was Christian. Bale Action Movie And I did not get and because they didn't get that I was able to do Paul to which I was also at the same time so that worked out really worked out last question Savannah be texted Elliott. Who's more Delfi and Ellie? Who's more Delfi in person? Steve Corral Jon Hamm starring more guilty dill fee. I answer that question well. Because she won't answer also. Because wasn't Jon Jon. Hamm was your teacher at burroughs right. So yeah so but I mean did you. Guys have crushes on him at that time when he was your teacher. I mean it would be hard. Yeah of course so. It'd be hard to yeah it'd be hard not to. He was like this handsome man teaching theater like artsy handsome man. Yes every but I want to emphasize these very good teacher. I feel like that's always gets lost in. He was a good teacher very good we. You're both good teachers of how to be patient. During a show with poor WIFI connections. I want to thank both of you very much. Thank you E. Thank you Daniel Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt give persons the reverend streaming on Netflix. Thanks guys thanks. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four? Pm Eastern time? Make sure you're subscribe to have a great rest of your.

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