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podcast listeners, we are amazing avenue, the espy nation New York mets site. I'm Chris. McShane and every week, Brian Salvator and I discussed the current state of the mets. Automated. Avenue Audio. The show we try to look at the mets from a somewhat logical point of view and not get too deep into panic city. We also answer your emails give weekly music recommendations and try not to get too frustrated with the team. You can find the show on apple podcasts on stitcher. By wherever you get your podcasts and let's go mets. Hello. Again New York giants fans, and welcome to a new edition of the Valentine's US podcast here on Biglou radio part of your SP nation family of podcasts. I'm your host Ed Valentine of Big Blue You on today's show I had planned an interview for you with offensive line analyst Brandon Thorn Brandon. I did that interview went through a lot of questions about the giants offensive line. Line and about an hour later, giants offensive tackle nate solder announced that he would be opting out of the twenty twenty NFL season a due to the covid nineteen pandemic and his concerns over his his family's health and the well-being of of his community. So are unfortunately, I went back, I listened to the interview with Brandon. We talked about nate's older so much in about. About. The idea that Andrew Thomas would play right tackle and be paired on that side with Kevin Zeitler. We talked about all of those things so much that that I really found that that I just couldn't salvage that interview will try again with Brandon at another point in time. But Unfortunately, what you get today is you get just me talking mostly about eight solar and. And covid nineteen pandemic listen you know when it comes to nate solar I had been saying for a while that any of the giants were going to opt out that nate soldier would be the most likely giant to do. So soldier is a guy who has had his own personal battle with testicular cancer. He has a five year old son who since infancy has been battling. A wilms tumor, which is a rare form of kidney cancer His son, Hudson, is still undergoing treatment for which he takes nate and his wife take Hudson into Boston every. So often for treats treatment for that cancer. So obviously, there are serious health concerns within his own household that that soldier had to consider with the with the pandemic continuing to rage, and he chose to to play it safe and to to opt out of playing in the twenty twenty NFL season, I want to quickly read to you just part of what soldier said in his announcement that he that he wouldn't play in twenty twenty. He said, our family has health concerns most notably our son's ongoing battle with cancer, as well as my own bout with cancer. We also welcomed to new addition to our family spring of baby boy with fear and trembling. Trembling, we struggled to keep our priorities in order and for us our children's health, and the health of our neighbors comes before football. We fully recognize that being able to make a decision like this is a privilege. Listen I. Give Nate Solar all the credit in the world for making this decision. I. Respect his decision I. Respect Nate's older as a man I've had the opportunity to talk to him on a few occasions he. He is not the most talkative guy. He is not the easiest interview because he really doesn't like to talk to the media. He comes from the bill belichick school where he gives you as little as possible when you talk to him unless, of course, you WanNa talk to him about some of the things that he does off the field to help underprivileged children and to to help people around the world who don't. Who Don't have things as as good as he does in as good as many of us do here in America but I give soldier all the credit in the world. As I said, I have a lot of respect for him. Listen in people who, I. Don't have respect for are those who took to twitter when the initial reports came out. Yesterday saying that that soldier was expected to report basically rooting for him to reconsider and. Saying that that they wished, he wouldn't play or or those who are actually happy about the fact that he's chosen not to play listen, this is his livelihood and he's chosen not to pursue it. There's nothing there to be happy about in that sense. What I'm happy about is the example that nate's older is setting the fact that he is putting his family, his neighborhood, the people around him health and safety I, instead of putting his own desires, his own needs and his own pocketbook, I? So I give him. Him All the credit in the world, and those of you who are happy about soldiers opt out or who were rooting for soldiers opt out the only thing. I can say shame on you guys, I, just I. I have no respect for for that kind of an opinion I'm sorry. You're you know the the constitution says that you can have it, but I have no respect for for anyone who who, who has that opinion. So you know the other part of the equation for the giants now is what happens. Happens on the field. All right. Shoulder had a huge cap hit, and it's it's my understanding as of as of right now that that his sixteen million dollar cap hit will come off the books, his contract tolls, which means it basically pauses until next season because he's a higher risk opt out, he gets a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar advance on next year's contract, but his contract which was scheduled to expire with the giants after the twenty twenty, one season now rolls through twenty, twenty two, so he'll carry. Carry. If the if he remains with the giants, He'll carry a nineteen point, five, million dollars, cap it next season, you know that's down, the road remains to be seen if the giants will keep soldier in twenty twenty one. But for now, the question is a, will they use any of that sixteen million dollars that they're clearing to to go out into the free agent market signed someone like to Davey and Clowney or Logan Ryan or a center like Justin Brit someone who can add some experience and some? Of course, we all know that that pass rush has been a need for the giants and even with the. The expected signing of Marcus Golden, who should be signing his his free agent tender any day now? Pass rush help is always always appreciated. So so perhaps, clowney is back on the table, that's not a move I would make necessarily but but who knows what Dave Gettleman Joe Judge will decide to do? The other option is to just hold onto that money, roll it over into twenty twenty, one in use that to to go into the twenty twenty, one off season with more flexibility to to make moves in free agency. Remember that the the salary cap because of covid nineteen, the salary cap is actually likely to go down in twenty twenty one. So perhaps, the smart play is to hold onto that money will have to wait and see what the giants. But, they did clear some money. The other question of course will be what happens with the lineup? Will the giants take Andrew Thomas First Round pick fourth overall, and move him to left tackle. That seems to be the thing that makes sense because the two players most likely to to end up as the the replacement in the lineup for Nate's older veteran, Cameron Fleming who the giants signed in the off as a swing tackle with seem better suited to the right side as would nick gates who played A. A little bit on the right side of the line. One game at guard. When game at tackle, last year played some left tackle in the preseason. But Gates is is really a right side player especially at the tackle position. So it would seem to make sense that that the giants would move Andrew Thomas to the left side. We do get an opportunity on Friday to hold a video conference with giants coach. Joe Judge will ask him about that. He probably won't tell us what the plan is but I. I would guess going forward. The Thomas would probably go to the left side and that either Fleming or gates would wind up as you're starting right tackle, I wouldn't anticipate Matt Pert, the third round draft pick being a guy that the giants would want to use as day one or week one starter. Most of the people that you talked to including per head coach at uconn Randy Edsall. Believe that per needs a year of development time before actually being ready to be equality NFL right tackle. So I. I would think that the giants would try not to have hurt in the lineup initially. So but we'll see where that goes. We'll see how it all unfolds an interesting interesting development for the giants, not really an incredibly surprising one. All right giants fans to be honest. That's really all I have for today, the the solar news being being fresh and being interesting, and and of course, leaving the giants with some decisions to make as always. Thank you for listening stay safe, and we'll talk to you soon. Bye. Bye. Hi, I'm Brian and I'm one of the hosts of the Amazing Avenue Network of podcasts each week day, we bring you a different podcast that covers the New York mets from a different perspective. Every Monday, you can hear me Steve along with Kenan Lucas on from complex mcleans where we discussed the mets minor league system, every Tuesday, an unforgettable join me rebel. They look back on the career of a less heralded minute. Hi, I'm Alison along with Maggie and Linda Pot of their own each week. We look at all things, mets and social justice issues in baseball. I'm Chris and you can catch Brian me chatting about the current state of the mets Amazing Avenue Audio, the show every Thursday on Fridays. We Have Amazing Avenue and conversation where I talk with interesting people about the New, York? Mets. So check out the amazing. Avenue. Family of PODCASTS. You can get us on apple podcasts, spotify Stitcher, or your podcast choice. And as always, let's go mets.

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