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Part1: Randy Moss


The Sirius Xm forts presents with Steve. Big Wigs egg becoming interviews. This is Adalina stupid race fans Sirius. Xm To a one sports on nine sixty four. If you're listening to Siriusxm online at our website as well Steve Dot Com and right now a kind of Nice here in upstate. New York gotTa look ahead to as we say that look ahead to how the whether shapes up in Grand Dial Nebraska. Because we've got another other exciting. Pick five force out at finer. Nick tomorrow will be here. Nick and I'll go through it if you haven't looked at it yet and you got time because the advantage of honor is doesn't start till five o'clock eastern and the sequence today races five through nine and it feels like it feels like it's approachable like we discussed yesterday with Johnny about ticket building and and the way a sequence hits you as a handicapper when you go through for the Maltese and the race. That is murder is the feature and the feature the eighth phillies and mayors ten thousand claiming or non winners four lifetime very tough field and one two three four six eight ten. I don't know that horse Indian roses who we kind of sniff out the last time we had this discussion Indian roses back again in this spot and Prices dropped from the teens down to five to morning. Line one thing and you know what Randy Moss will be with us after the first break. I promised Randy Moss and delivery unit Randy Moss and I have a bunch of there was a bunch of Randy. Mosses the juice from I choose I choose. I ended up choosing the one that just kind of kind of kind of follicle challenged. I went with that one randy. Moss will join us at the first order of business with Randy. The the figs from from Saturday. I wanted him to talk about it because I think that it was a very interesting exercise. And I'm also going to get ready because it invariably you know he does the Oakland numbers and invariably you better be prepared to wait until fairly late morning. I you know sometimes when it comes to Andy and Mark Hopkins and some of the other you know Dick Dick Girardi Nick. Tomorrow IS GONNA be on today to the sometimes they. Do you know right away that night other times first thing in the morning early the Oakland numbers usually come out. You know about eleven eleven thirty Sunday boarding so I was playing around myself with the Wien links and the charts and looking at the times and there there was a lot of interesting things I reached out the. Cj mccaskey told Johnny yesterday from time for him. And I asked him ask Nick and And Andy Serwer Eddie Sterling will be here today to third hour The it seemed to me that the track slowed down a little bit the second half of a card and you know one horse that we only touched on and Happen to happen to to speak with Richard Klein yesterday. After the show last night and break-even really snapped back and clearly. She's a -ffiliated absolutely wants to wants to lead. She got a ninety two buyer which other than the two stake winners. That was the best fig of the day Kirwin rules in eighty seven in the nightcap and and Desmond an eighty five in That race that started the sequence in the pick five So I want Randy to touch on on the FIG making and I think it it's a. It's a good exercise. And he knows he knows that attract obviously inside out and one of the Nice things about oaklawn when it comes to discerning splits and and you know closing times and that kind of thing they they run a limited number of of configurations. So you know on a day like Saturday. With eleven races you had the mile the mile and a sixteenth in the six furlongs. And so you know you can look at the conditions and the levels twenty claimer than a maiden twenty-five thirty than twelve five maiden the allowance with Desmond the steak with more the allowance with break even the great one with CC and then they allow that claimer with With Carlin rules and one thing. You know it's funny with with the guests today and John White in there too. Got a very got a very interesting. Sometimes these things I think of them ahead of time sometimes they just pop in my head. It seems to me looking at the finer races today to kind of pull this back end before I go down a rabbit hole. One thing that that players have been frustrated with in recent years is the the hybrid conditions the optional claimer slash starter allowance with the timestamps six months and this and that and obviously the racing offices do that to Dr Phil Races and try to you know get courses within a slightly wider range then very specific conditions you know twenty five non winners of two lifetime the finer conditions and I certainly was going to bring this up with Nick Today. The fodder conditions are a really pretty distinct. And it makes you do something you don't do as much really any more in the in the the main track horseplay the Eureka. Through like the first. The first leg is three ups which have not won three races in two thousand nineteen through twenty twenty you get the opportunity under those conditions to go find a horse. Potentially that it for one reason or another didn't win last year. Maybe missed a swath of last year now is come back and maybe I don't know third off the layoff for instance elusive blue boy. Last seen at Columbus last summer for instance and now comes back and he's third off the layoff hot blooded song the nine for Dalton debtor a waste in September. And you know you count the ones you know they. They won a couple of races last year. And and they haven't won a you know didn't win a third but they might be awards that just you know for. Because the circumstances they were you know didn't get a chance to run and so you you kind of comb through the PP's and trying to find horses that may outclass in a very nuanced way. The rest of the field you know just because of circumstance and it's fun. I mean I it. It makes it a treasure on. Essentially I mean which handicapping is in general so I. I'll ask that question actually of all four today Randy Moss. Nick Tamra John. White Andy Sterling and see about their reaction to it and and also their own personal player development when it came to understanding conditions. And how that you know. How those sayings have shifted. It should be should be interesting. We got the the sequence again as I said It it's this. Feels like another ticket building exercise and then having to try to narrow down in the eighth. Fabio very anxious to see if nick has got a distinct feel because the more I scratched at the surface. The the more difficult did it got you know including including. I'm a barn cat who a lot of people may remember From the early part of her career Michael Tomlinson Hatter and claimed away from Wolsey and kinder- The breeders for thirty that was at Keeneland in the fall and Carl Broberg Hatter for seven races and then taken from her by Jerry Garneau try and and that was a little deep water. But I'm a barn cat who has speed actually and there's you know there's a few in here that could end up. This is six furlongs. There's a few here that you know that might contend upfront. So there's some fun some fun things to do in this group of five races today again. Six forty eight eastern tonight. Get your going and you'll be busy until eight thirty six. So there's the evening portion. I also of course Got the the will rogers experience for earlier today so trying to keep you busy teen in yesterday? Actually we actually had what would constitute a fairly normal day because I had to go to Saratoga on a common Erin thing and And then you know because we're following up on. The kitchen work made the mistake of suggesting that the upstairs bedroom the bathroom here you know needs with needs work. I mean I I put that in. I don't Know Scott. It's your twenty years and shower shower doors a little little screwy and the spigot it goes from you goes from comfortable to scalding. You know we've with no reason. No teen is not flushing the toilet trying to burn me although although that has happened a couple of times but it just it sounds anyway so we we actually put on our masks and went to see our a consultant ruby out and brought Alvin so we drove all the way through Saratoga and then had like a fairly normal and there and there were. You know there's activity not a lot of the things are still sedate but I tell you what was busy was lows the parking lot at. Lowe's looked like and I think I think all of us right. We're all working on the house and stuff the yard it's GonNa be. It's GONNA be like a garden tour. I think right nationwide everybody. Everybody is clean their yard. Picking up to Brie and team to team is going out here after rains. She's GonNa put down Weeden feed. So yeah it's GonNa be. It's GonNa be a banner year for for the House looking good and we're doing very steadily. I working through this office. I cleared out. A bunch of stuff. Sent the the number of people some prizes and so forth that You know I called for if anybody wanted to get these programs all these derby and preakness Belmont and travers and Readers Cup. The programs and more than some people made donations to charitable things. And I'll send you make a request if you're I did get I did. I did cut into it. I cut the the program stack down. I'll tell you what I've got is just way too many. I've got racing forums. I've got newspapers from momentous events. I've got sports included. The world series a the reds reds. One Ninety got that I got. I just got boxes and I must have six full boxes of racing forms from breeders cups and triple crown and Sara. I've got I've actually got a boxer too in the back room downstairs and how many how many raise your hand. How many do that have this? I've got full summers of Saratoga. Full Summers all thirty six days. And then forty two. I like a lunatic. I found actually I found A. That's okay case. Go ahead a notebook that I kept. Sounds like it. Sounds like there weren't computers either. I don't I don't know what I was but I I'd clippings and trips and unbelievable and then I've actually. I gotTA stack this help. I think I think a picture some of this and people people love seeing this because it's so much so many of us do it. I mean it's it's so typical of of the horse playing mentality. I've got these stacks of the results. The charts. This must have been before. I really you know. This is early nineties. Yeah so from the racing form the previous day you know. In some cases they were like two days behind right before. The the the charts. And I've got well thirty six and then forty whatever I I've got them all. They're folded each one. You know so that all nine ten races all the charts bio chart book the way Andy talked about clipping charts. Those couple of years that he did it. Some believe but David Arrigoni has been putting up. If you've been follow David David Zeman putting up. His Dad's got a huge collection of programs of typically of the The Pocket Program. That HAMMER LOVES HAMMER. Loves A POCKET FOR. I like the pocket program so funny I believe. I don't know where where we went with this but it it just spills out so randy. Moss Tamra John White Andy Stirling. I'll probably slip in a couple of horsemen visits. Yesterday was funny. I fully expected to. Have you know a full complement? And just the way things unfolded extended visit with Ron. Quite which people just loved the people love? He's said national treasure. Ooh right. Isn't he US great yesterday? That stake at final. The final part special. How `Bout Ye Be judged. Good name Judge Bill Gelding Landis stable home bread and this is my swin Marissa's black winning a twenty percent under Jake Alesi AC ye be judged to one out of out of a divine park near Park. Chuck Simon Parke going. You'd be judged so that. Was they got more today too. We got the will rogers to I. GotTa get catch up on. Let's take a break though randy. Moss starts us off at the racists. They with us with Steve. Big on Sirius. Xm radio develop by horsemen. Were SPILLS DOT. Com is a cost effective time sitting environment friendly paperless revolution of how Equine Industries Bill and receive payments vendors rape will generate electronic invoices for each horse whose owners can pay the same website with just one. Click Saket Bodies Tax Invoices handwritten checks and postage costs easy accounting for all parties with the highest online security measures get started freed horse bills dot com simply registered with your name email address redesign up no subscription piece until the first invoices sent. Bronner's you with a free account. Comprehensive Dashboard with information on all horses owned billing records. 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Aftercare cannot be an afterthought for the industry to learn more or support the mission visit Thurber aftercare dot org now back to at the races with Steve on Sirius. Xm Radio Skull the skull got phase. We're back at the races arcade fire. I was smiling because I think randy via been on the line and the first thing he heard was his own voice read the voss joins US good morning. How You Doing Steve. I'm good. Did you come on early enough to hear to hear you voicing the Arizona at no I did not? I didn't even realize I voice in Arizona ad that shows you how long well it it still it still timely in it still sounds great. Good to know. There's so many things that I thought to reach out to you about. And that includes the figs from Saturday on what looked like a not a not a tricky day to make figs and and certainly when it comes to understanding the speed and things and the numbers when it comes to Oaklawn. You're the you're the GO-TO and couple of other things. Though that video i WanNa talk about the video. I did which was just wonderful. I put I told people to go. Take a look and it's really kind of funny and there's a hook in it about your first day. Evert Oakland Yeah. The my late uncle used used all his savings in the late. Nineteen fifty and bought one of these Kodak Video cameras for color. The CODA chrome color video cameras back in the day. When those were Kinda hard to find and I would. I just happened to be Talking to to him and his wife my aunt four or five years ago six years ago and he mentioned that he had a box in the storeroom filled with all of this old film that he had taken from his camera and didn't know what to do with it and didn't want to throw it out and I saw heck I'll take it so I had it Developed and turned into DVD's and went through it all. It's like a treasure trove of family stuff. And I came across a video of my parents at Oaklawn Park in Nineteen fifty-nine one. My mother was was pregnant with me and I just joke with my uncle. That was obviously one of if not my first trip to Oaklawn Park and it was beautiful color footage of the race track. You know of of of my parents who had passed away. I mean what a what a wonderful thing to have you know and then Just about a week ago Peter Rotunda of the Breeders Cup mentioned to me that America's best racing's doing a thing about win asking people to send in little clips about when they became hooked on horse racing and I thought I thought that would be a fun. Little thing to play around with. So that's what I did. It's terrific and including the screen capture of the stretch drive. And then you mentioned something. I've referenced and I use constantly. It's not cheap. But a subscription to newspapers dot com. Oh is unbelievable. Oh my gosh I mean if if you're a guy like me to loves history and that can go down Rabbit Hole. Spend hours looking at stuff. Oh Yeah I love. Newspapers DOT COM. And it wasn't until I was putting this little piece together for America's best racing. I thought you know. Wouldn't it be cool to see if I can pinpoint the exact date that that video was taken and sure enough? The first race of the day for two year olds ironically in March back when they used to run to your olds at Oaklawn and they had the prices on the board and so I just started going to newspapers dot com and doing a search for race results and it turns out the Detroit. Free Press was the Go-to back then in newspapers dot com. I went day by day by day by day and look at all of the results until I found prices matched and it was Monday march tonight. Thank t fifty nine. I just tremendous and died there. There's even a moment where the as the horses are coming down the stretch it screened caps. And then there's the you know the the prices that are superimposed out of the free press and it just Is just great and the imagery you know I. I've actually got a similar box right over here that my my dad gave me. And it's all the all those brownie eight. You know the Brownie eight films and we want to do the same thing and I got some kids and yeah and transfer them on so I'm GonNa send out that For those that didn't see it. You'll really enjoy it and especially you know when when the hook because I knew when when you said you know. How did they sneak me into the racetrack? Because you have to be eighteen at the time and I realized Oh boy there's his mom and so there you are I I come from a long line of Horseplay degenerates basically. I guess you could say Steve. So from my My parents do my. My father always told me you know he taught. He taught me how to read the racing for him. He said I taught you everything you know but not everything I know and my uncle both uncles I mean I was there all crazy about the worst. Were well people need to see it? it's really A winning five minutes six minutes. Whatever it is it well done. And we'll actually. Let's let's use that as a segue into figure making and I've got some other things I want. Ask on the back end. But you know we're being treated randy to these Saturdays at oaklawn and not that Gulfstream and Tampa's Saturday action is engaging. It's fine but you know the the prime part of their winters is over but to have a day like Saturday where everybody is just eager for for some quality to have that apple blossom and then to have a horse like whitmore. It was a tree. Oh and then you have break even in an allowance race you know writing between the Count Fleet in the apple blossom you know and then you get Desmond winning an allowance race right before that You know I've I've been around Oakland. Obviously a very very long time and I was actually handicapping per newspaper in Little Rock when I was thirteen years old. I was the youngest newspaper. Handicapper in America at the time and under somebody else's name so I've seen a lot of races over the years at Oaklawn and the heyday. It oaklawn in terms of quality of racing always a sweet spot in the early nineteen eighties. Like eighty three to like maybe the mid eighties When you had bobby Frankel had a string there. One year woody Stevens had a string there. Neil Drysdale brought a little string in there for one year and they had tremendous quality of racing back then. It's even better this year. This is the best quality of racing that oaklawn has ever had and it. It started off good this year before. All this cove. Nineteen popped up because they had all that casino money you know. Ninety Thousand Dollars Maiden races ninety thousand dollar almost two hundred thousand dollars allowance races so they had a lot good California outfits to begin with but then when fan either closed down in New York close down and cane. One didn't run. All of a sudden oaklawn is the go-to in the quality. You just incredible and it's GONNA keep coming hopefully knock on Wood Po. Quantites able to keep running until the end of their meeting. May the second The original Kentucky Derby Day. And of course you never know in this environment right now but so far so good. Wait till you see The Arkansas Derby obviously he's going to be huge. Fantasy Steve. It's IT'S THE KENTUCKY OAKS. It is it's going to be a and it's funny because the other day. I saw where Jan White had put out a daily missives on the press release side and it talked about Vinas work and I thought Oh my God forgot about Bella Vita like. There's there's just no one after another that are and the same thing is going to happen this week and it through the weekend as horsemen really in Florida and New Orleans make decisions about shipping in and they owl work yesterday and turned in a very impressive work where he inhaled the workmate now in the last eighth and then you know in typical baffert fashion galloped out another you know another three eighths. I mean he. He worked officially six furlongs. But he you know for all intents and purposes it was a mile workout last quarter and just a little bit over twenty three flat and the in the city real then E Clair who hasn't run this year yet but Won the Golden Gate debutante Last year so not a you know not a top horse but but certainly you know not a on a nickel claimer or anything and Charlotte and also work yesterday. Seven eight in one twenty five and three. I thought he looked better than Sharpton. So now. Bob's Kinda got a decision to make and it's all going to boil down to whether or not oaklawn gets enough entries to split the Arkansas Derby They're GONNA draw Next Sunday and it's it's it's really close right now. It's a really close call in terms of whether they're gonNA get The the the twenty really that they need in order to make to To ten race Arkansas. Derbys I think twenty is GonNa be the magic number I think they're probably going to get it. And if that's the case then I think Bob's planning to send both a doll and Charlotte and to the Arkansas Derby and run them You know each in in one of the divisions and I think I think we can expect and I haven't talked to anybody at Churchill downs but in my opinion I think what Churchill is going to do in that situation if the Arkansas splits is to award the full one hundred and seventy points to each division even though the purse would be five hundred a piece I think instead of seven fifty the normal Mo for Church would then be to reduce the points by a third but this year obviously is a very unusual situation With the San Derby not running yet the blue grass. Not Running yet. It'll probably be July for the BLUEGRASS but I think we can look for. Churchill to probably give full points divisions if it splits. Ah The interesting thing about this discussion. And of course charlatan would be on the outside looking in If if if there's if there's one fourteen horse field the issue is not the issue but the the dialogue out there seems to be that wouldn't we wouldn't. We be better off with one really elite Fourteen Years Field Arkansas. Derby as opposed to kind of keep watering this down and then kind of the randomness of the two divisions and. I don't know I I'm let's see what happens and of course. Don't forget that you know. We thought that the rebel was shaping up the same way and then you know then it it. The dust settled. And you know we had one conventional addition of it Talk about the Saturday and one of the things randy that I floated earlier. This morning. When I said you were going to join us was the consistency of the configurations. And and the you know the the race distances that are run at oaklawn and it provides for you know for real consistency with the mile in the eighths the mile six furlongs and it seemed to me as I as I was waiting for you to release the figures Sunday morning I kept looking at beaten lengths and I was looking at the charts and looking at the times and the question arose in my mind. Did the tracks slow down as the day went on and it did okay and it's and it's something that you don't see that often at Oakland on on good weather days And Oklahoma had a lot of bad weather days this year and last year. They've had a lot of off tracks. Saturday was a was a beautiful day was fast track from beginning to the end and yes oaklawn is one of the best race tracks in America to make speed figures at for one one for you know for a couple of reasons. One of them's the one. You just mentioned. You have a limited number of distances. They don't run that many five and a half furlong races. Most of the most all of their sprints or three quarters of a mile and in to turn races they're almost all either one mile with the short stretch or a mile and a sixteenth. So you have about three different distances deal with and the relationships between the three distances rock solid and then there's no turf course so all of the races on a day are on the dirt and you get a really good line as to how fast the racing services And it's typically very consistent but yeah. I noticed and I was keeping track of the figs as as the day was progressing last Saturday. And then we got to the to the apple blossom and thought I guess maybe. Cc Just didn't quite run as fast as she did When she won the race Out at out at Santa Anita and got the one hundred Beyer speed figure and I thought well. Maybe that makes sense because Ali's candy who was beaten you know just a lip in there by CDC ran unbelievable race twenty two and one forty five and two dueling for the lead was still there in the stretch so maybe it makes sense that you know that the race the final fig wouldn't be all that as fast just because of the pace but then in the last race we're seeing curling rules one Fifty thousand dollars claimer and that was a very easy race to make. Number sources were very consistent. They ran like they should have run and then it became apparent when you looked at the time that race that the track indeed slowed down for at least the last couple of races. And that's why we had to make two different variants and there were there. Were a number of horses that it's very funny. The way things work because there were some horses like mount brave and hedlund behind break even and ever fast and to some extent locally owned behind Desmond and the more the more I was looking and looking at the you know the cause I just project I don't I don't make figures but I you know I've looked at it enough to realize you can't expect horses. That are running in the high seventies to suddenly run ninety two You know just because they're running behind a fast horse and a and a steak source and so I kind of realized early on. I said boy. There's not gonNA be any triple digits here and it didn't seem like the day was all that fast wondered what how the track had played into it and so. I I appreciate you know hearing the the details ready deliver a little bit more. I've had I've had anti buyer do this. Of course and and Dick Girardi you know frequently over the years in the form has you has written pieces it for you talk about your you know your figure making and you know. Obviously there's the formula and there's the beaten lengths adjustment but the nuance and there's some things about you and I've talked about John White. Who's going to be on later? We've talked about it. You know oaklawn famous. You know the the water running the water running up the stretch with one of the famous some very interesting things But talk about your you know what you think. People should understand about the figure making exercise grab one of the nuances at. Oaklawn with that downhill. Stretch run is that went. Oaklawn runs a mile and a racist. Like the Arkansas Derby and the oaklawn handicap the things have to be tweaked just a little bit In compare compared to the mile and a sixteenth raises because they're running now an extra sixteenth of a mile downhill. So it's GonNa be the mile and an eighth races are going to be just a few points faster than you would expect at Oaklawn Park. Because that's just a little extra time. When running the way to water flows down the stretch Other than that there aren't that many straight nuances that are unusual at oaklawn You know I think one of the things that I have to correct people about all the time That don't know that much about about speed figures Someone might say you know. How could you you know how could you give the the ninety eight in the Apple Blossom? Or how could you give more a ninety six And then I had a question of the other day about shooters shoot the horse. That's GONNA run in the Arkansas Derby of Peter Tin's that Ran into an unbelievable race against blackberry wine right and allowance race at oaklawn about a week ago and they went like affirmed. Analogy are basically all the way around the racetrack. It was just incredible race. Watch very fast paced race. He was a mile. They hung in there all the way to the wire. They finished the photo but because the pace was so fast. Those two horses you know didn't finish as strongly as you might have ordinarily and and the thing was just a little bit suppressed just a few points not a lot but people were questioning that and I'm like look big making you. Don't give a horse something right. They got what they got they got. What's a right? The final time indicated they would get based on all the other races run that day. Not just that one. But it's all one big picture that you look at you don't just take one wraith out and say okay. I'm GonNa Give Whitmore Ninety six. No it's what did what moron in comparison to what break even ran thirty minutes later. So what sky value ran in a maiden claiming race to what lady WHO Stole Ran Anders. A to claimer all at six furlongs. You have to take everything as a whole and assuming whether didn't change the racetrack didn't change In most of the Times it doesn't it's just where every race fits into that puzzle on the entire day and it's not just one race in particular and that's something that I think maybe some people don't understand and I'm curious when when you were going through this card and and how do you. How do you approach a day like this you chronologically or do you look at at a group of of distance? One two three four. We had five races at six furlongs. The do you do a group of distances first or do you go through the card now what I do is I start with race one and I. This is not just at Oaklawn Not just Saturday. This is any racetrack figures at started race one and look at the past performances of the horses and I look at the chart and I looked at the horses previous figures. We have a program A Beyer speed figure program that gives us horses last five numbers but of course I can look at formulator and you get the horses lifetime numbers and you look at the way. The race was run and the figures. The horses had been running going into that race and then I even look at trips. I look at You know when a Horse Ranch last figure was at a rail trip now today was he stuck for. Why did he get another rail trip? How am I bad? I've impacted is number and I make a guess based on past performances in the way that race was run in the margins between the horses. And I say okay. I think the first race was likely to be run in a sixty five. Don't look at the time then. I move on to the second race. In the second race was a mile on the sixteenth on Saturday. I do the same thing in that. I make an educated guess as to how fast they should have been run based on previous numbers based on the chart. I do every race that way all day long day. Then I go back to the top and I look at the actual figure raw time. Beyer speed figure that that grace got and I do that all day long and get of rudimentary variant at that point. Then you look at the at the at the distances gay if you have a day in which you have let's say five six furlong races in five to turn raises in the six furlong races. All bunch around a variant of minus eighteen minus nineteen minus twenty and the to turn races all seemed to bunch around minus twenty five minus twenty six minus twenty seven. Then on that day the route races were faster than sprints. And you make two different sets of numbers and that happened actually at Oaklawn Park. This meeting it's happened quite a bit that you had to make different. Variants for sprints in rows. But that's in a nutshell. That's the that's the beyer speed figure projection method for making numbers. I appreciate it and it's always worthwhile to have the conversation and there's you know there's always people that are hearing it for the first time and of course for those that have never read and these and these book and picking winners and all of that these books the methodology and the way he arrived at the formula in it. It's all it's all there and in fact we've got a wonderful conversation with Andy from the fortieth anniversary of Picking winners and He he discusses it aside. I I knew that Saturday was a was a a very useful template for this kind of a discussion and from a handicapping Perspective Randy to spend a couple of minutes Before we wrap up I brought up this morning. As part of the today's homeowner pick five force out how how interesting it is looking at their conditions. And you know we're looking at a racetrack sure. A lot of people are looking at a racetrack like will rogers like fodder for the first time. Essentially and there's some real nuts and bolts handicapping in terms of class nuance when you look at these. Low level climbers and what is really a seat track. We understand that and here again i. It's it's to basically two three configuration in terms of distance. Six six and a half a sometimes a little shorter but There's real consistency to the racing. It's a bull ring but reading the conditions and it got me to thinking about asking because I got all handicapping guests that how long it took you and and you talk about being thirteen years old. The the nuts and bolts The the the the time Ainsley the way Ainsley broke it out You know in in in guide to Essential Guy Day capping and I think we all in era we we kind of think those those conditions the conditions we kind of originally. If if you're of a certain age you grew up with that. We don't really have that but looking at the fodder raises. I've really I've really felt like it's it's the nuance of conditions. And I'd love for you to speak to that. And and how a fledgling player we got so many people randy that are looking at racing for the first time given how little live sports is out there and this is one this is the most basic basic. There is understanding the conditions. Or Yeah I mean. Believe it or within his books as betting thoroughbreds books yes We used to really hit hard on the the subtle but very strong class differences that these conditions can bring about at minor league racetrack. She can have Thirty five hundred dollar claiming race for non winners of two and then you can have a thirty five hundred dollar claiming race For non winters of a race since October. And it's a huge difference because in a thirty five hundred dollar claiming race in winters of two lifetime. I mean you've got the dregs of the dregs running there Horses that might be you know one for thirty five one for twenty eight in these other conditions like a thirty five hundred dollar claiming courses. That hadn't run had one since October. You can have a horse in there. That as one fifteen or twenty races lifetime So it's a gigantic class difference in sometimes people. Just don't know that much about handicapping. We'll just look at the form and they'll say okay. It's a thirty five hundred dollar claiming race all thirty five hundred dollar claiming races or the same and they're not Been so all the little subtle nuances like that At minor racetracks are something that people need to pay a lot of attention to. It's IT'S FORTUNATE. It's a good thing for handicappers now that those conditions are printed in the daily racing form. You talk about what? I was handicapping when I was thirteen years old. You know I used to have to save all the charts. And I I clicked all the past performances and put them on index cards. And things like that because back in the day Especially the midwestern editions of the racing form where I live. All Allowance. Races were listening to form is a L. W. That's it could happen. Outrace waiters to all claiming races were just listed with the price. They were no conditions or anything like that. There was NO MUSIC NATION FOR RACES. For three year olds or racist for three year olds and up that was in the charts. Only it was not in the past performances. So the people back then like me. That used to do their homework. And you still look at all these conditions when a handicapped had a big edge over the people that just looked at the form nowadays. At least you can see all those conditions right there in the Equa based past performances or the D. R. F. Past performances. And it's a big advantage very much and in fact some might even argue that we we've got so much at our disposal and you mentioned formulate earlier And you know you. You contributed a a a pace product a pace innovation to the form several years ago. That we you know fleshed out and discussed It's it's well worth exploring. Actually if you think we're you know. Is it easier or harder now to find winters because it just feels like some of the edge? Is that the people that the real prospectors. The people that You Know Doug and and and you mentioned you know keeping the charts in going back and having some finding some edge and randy. There's so much available to us. Ed even down to workout videos what. Xp TV is done is remarkable you know and then you fold in a wider proliferation of clock reports The this was an edge. I mean the last thing we got left or the shoe guys that used to sit by the paddock and look for shoot changes that the that had gone unnoticed. That's about the last thing we got when I was when I was newspaper. Handicapping way back in the day I used to hang out in the press box in the mornings early mornings to watch some forces work because there were no workout videos I used to clandestinely pay the guy from Tel Aviv racing patrol in the video truck at Oakland to videotape for me on VHS head on replay. The head on replace there were there was there was no place else to get them except live and then it was kind of touching go and I would stop by every day on my way out of the track and and he would hand me. Vhs Jack Young or IP. And I would go home and make trip notes off of those You know nowadays. You've got all that with the click of a mouse is so it's much easier than ever before to find winners but it's harder than ever before to find value. Yes as everybody else also has the same capability so the competition out. There's a lot tougher absolutely and you know. Then then we fold in the computer assisted wagering and there. There's a tougher and tougher. You got you know you got a lot of cases a takeout structure that is is onerous and it's very hard not to mention the figs. I mean back in the day when I was handicapping. Even beginning in the mid nineteen seventies. I was handicapping based on speed figures. Were any speed. Figures published in the daily racing form. People thought I was some kind of a savant you know. And now you've got got the Beyer speed figures for those that want them. You've got you know you've got thorough graph. You've got rags and you can look at track. Master Equa base time form. Us all sorts of different speed pig. Your options that never existed way back when very much and and you know the it every I mean there's every potential angle that that people had at one time. I mean I've discussed that as I you know as I kept reading and at trying to add layers of of comprehension I got to. I got to Bro Hammer. And that's as far as I got. I think I read it three times and I just I. You Know Physics. The physics of it just was beyond me and so but at the same time. I mean you ended up developing pace product. And then you fold in time form and what it brings to the Party and so even even that area I is an additional when people people call themselves you know speed handicappers trip handicappers and now pay sandy kaffirs. Because it's so much easier to get a handle on understanding a race. That might have an extreme in one direction or another and that wasn't always readily understandable. Yeah that's still probably I think. Steve the only remaining area where you can occasionally get a really strong overlay that That people don't really readily catch onto and it doesn't happen that often but it does happen. Occasionally it's the it's the pace figure angle So they're still. They're still a little goal to be mined and then martials but not too much of it. What Randy Moss is with us The instantly recognizable and you can follow Randy on twitter and Randy is is very accessible and answers a lot of questions in any you know in any arena and of the game and it also of course the other sports coverage what. What's your schedule? How what what are you. What are they keeping you? Busy with Don't you know you've really been tweeting? Stay exactly right. I know what it's like to be retired right now and You know we're going to crank up a little bit Jerry and I are going to. Of course we've been doing some little A little videos we call them racy hall and posting those on twitter and on the NBC. Sports website We talked to hot air. Cast Alonzo Bob Baffert get Craig last week. We're GONNA have driven van. Dyke can David Arora from naira this week. So we've been keeping busy a little bit like that Nbc's Air Re Air The American Pharaoh Kentucky Derby from two thousand fifteen on Saturday the second the original Kentucky Derby Day. It'll be prior to the Arkansas Derby earlier in the afternoon so Jerry. We're going to do Going to do a little bit live from our homes on zoom as part of that Part of that telecast and Jerry and I might even make it a little cameo on TV jeez Arkansas Derby coverage a little bit later in the day. So we're trying to keep busy but Not much to do right now. We're sheltering in place right and you would. You would have been part of the Olympics coverage you know. Yeah yeah the Equestrian Olympics coverage definitely? Yeah I am doing a little bit of Did a little. Nfl draft video for NFL network The colts prospects and the draft That's GonNa air this week so I'm I've got a few fingers in a few pies but for the most part I've just been laying low and ready to get back to work. Well I'M GONNA send out the link to the video which is just Just wonderful and Randy. I happy to happy to take forty minutes of your day and I can't thank you enough. Everybody loves hearing from YOU AND WE'LL WATCH For for all the for all the various Outlets and We'll see you. You know we'll see you somewhere on the road. I F- The fall. Probably the way things are shaping up but The stay well stay safe and thanks so much more. We all get back on the road Pretty soon it's going to be a weird year already is obviously for horseracing. When the triple crown shakes out whether it's the Belmont Derby preakness or preakness Derby Belmont GonNa be it's GonNa be weird but Things get back to normal as soon as possible. Well talking about racing and handicapping and and playing the races. Whatever we've got out there to keep us occupied I think has been a huge really a huge outlet for people and then of course there's the matter of a lot of sign ups at the Ad Ws and really you know got new is on the game that we we saw the you see those stats yesterday. The compared to last year's coverage up to one hundred percent In terms of viewership. Where we're at right now. In horse racing is so odd. The racing post in London on the front page of the Racing Post in London is a basically a video primer on how to handicap will rogers downs out. Ever ever see that in the future. But that's where we're at right now. I Love Randy Moss. Everybody Randy Underscore Moss underscored TV twitter. You know where to find him Whether it's equestrian NFL and NBC and very frequently with his entry mate. Jerry Bailey Randy. Thank you for this appreciate care. Randy Moss outstanding. Let's take a break top of the hour upon us and we'll talk about those conditions with Randy's buyer associate associate Knick knacks the races with Steve on Sirius Xm radio develop by horsemen burst. Bills DOT COM is a cost effective time to the environment friendly paperless revolution of how equine industries bill and receive payments vendors rape will generate electronic invoices for each ors whose owners can pay through the same website with just one click say goodbye to his tax invoices. Handwritten checks and postage costs easy accounting for all parties with the highest online security measures get started free at Horse. Bills DOT COM simply registered with your name and email address redesign up no subscription fees vendors until the first invoices sent for owners. You get a free account. 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