Deadline Fallout


The. Is that game misconduct podcast with Don. League-record? Not welcome to the Tuesday of game has gone duct. I am Don McGregor. It was no sense in doing a show on Monday. There were just too many moving parts too, many trades. So I wanted to try to get a show that can encapsulate everything that happened at the trading deadline. So Jay was nice enough. To Breda come on Tuesday with us, of course, EJ known for his work on NHL now Monday through Friday on the NHL network from four to six eastern and did a stellar job yesterday with all the trades. How are you buddy? Thank you very much. We did our best. I'm doing good. It was it's been a busy few weeks in the lead up as you know, there's all this speculation. And then in the end, you know, we find out what happened. And there was a lot went on. Just not nice thing that was. Crazily surprising. But no a lot of action right up to the end. Well, I think the overall theme for me is the Columbus is all in on this season. And and I think people need to look at that. Because I'm talking to a lot of islander fans that are upset, you know, we had to have done something we're in first place. But look what Columbus did they're going to be honest. Columbus is in a different situation. They're trying to win while they have Panara in Arab rob ski, I think Lewis thinking a little bit more long term. I don't think Columbus can really look beyond this season because two of their biggest pieces may walk out the door. Plus, they might want to try to convince them to stay with a legitimate run with some of the players they acquired. So I understand that you look at it now and say boy, the might be in trouble. Because of what a Columbus did maybe steal the division away. But I think Columbus is just in a different boat. Is that the way you look at it? Yeah. I totally look at it that way, I mean, they are the franchise that we're talking about. And then never wanna play out. They haven't pretty good team there. They've got some really. Good pieces on defense that you've got some good Ford's got the mood young players, and they have Pinera Nebraska. And if they were going to trade, those guys last summer, I mean that would have made some sense, and they could've got a couple of you know, some players that things that would help them be good now when you trade when you try to trade those kind of pieces at the deadline. We saw what the market is. It's draft picks conditional draft picks and unless. You can convince a player sign with your team as Vegas was able to do with Mark stone and subsequently they were able to get an a plus prospect and Eric Brunson of the defense minister playing in the American League right now the Swedish kid, I mean, those kind of prospects don't change hands. I mean, you saw the Ryan mcdonagh deal last year. Go back to that for ranger fans. I mean, the Rangers got picks and players off the second. You know, the second tier prospect list of the Tampa Bay Lightning. They didn't get Cal foot. They didn't get any of the really top top prospects. That's the way it works. And you know, if the jackets were going to trade those guys should have traded last summer, they didn't. And I think they did the best when they can do their situation which was to try to add pieces and really make a rug Ford. And if they win a couple of playoff rounds, and you know, who knows maybe they can convince Shane or two singles to stay. Maybe both it looks like roskin parent or leaving. But at least to have some pieces going forward. So I thought under the circumstances. I think I've really applaud. Eurotech align. And then they are in in Columbus because they really they're betting on themselves. And I always like it when teams and people do that in life. Now, I feel like I'm playing the role of Allender fans, they'll say, well, let's see we got Abberley and Lee that are free agents. Why aren't we trying to stockpile to try to win while we have them under contract? But I think looks at those guys is as sign -able. I don't know if Columbus can look Pinera number Brodsky assignable, right? I think it's pretty clear that Canarian erupts you're gonna go to market. I mean, and there's you know, you never know what's going into in someone's heart and their mind, but they obviously have some thoughts in their head or else. They would have just signed or they would have done something else. Right. So, you know, for me, I think that Anders Lee will be. I'm really surprising is not signed yet. I mean, I thought he'd been day he was named captain. It'd be the same day that he would be they'd be announcing a contract extension for him. But you know, I'm not privy to negotiations. And I'm sure that you know, the player wants. One thing the team wants to offer something else they've got several other guys you mentioned ever. Leave Brock Kelsen, Robin, Leonard. I mean, they've got about seven guys, but those are the kind of frontliners to that group of UFA's. So you know, I think Lou is gonna look at these guys as they move through the end of the regular season in the postseason. You don't he'll make his moves at that point? But I do think, you know, certainly in the case of Lee, and I think also in the case of the Leonard I think those guys both would like to stay ask forever Lee and Nelson. I mean, I think we'll have to see where they view themselves and where the team use them, you know, before you back to the trade deadline since we're on the topic of the islanders. I've never been a big believer in two goaltenders in the playoffs. Do you think we'll see both Greis and let her play in the postseason? Do you think these last twenty games? We'll begin audition to see who ends up being the starter. I think whoever's playing well down the stretch will end up being the star. But I get the sense. We'll see both guys I'm going. I think that you know, the islanders are not gonna team that are going to be blowing teams out. Right. So really closer games and goaltenders kinda go up and down. And I think it could be a good thing. That's the way they played it all year book cutting to work well with one another. I think one guy he'll get an opportunity to start when we opened the playoffs. Obviously, they'll pick one guy. And then if he plays, well he'll continue to start. And I think if if they struggle or if the goals enterprise while they can be very comfortable turning to the other guy. Then the other guy will get the opportunity to run with it for a while. So I get the sense. That's the way it will roll. And you know, berry trots will will watch over these last twenty games or so, and I think whoever's playing well at the end is going to be the starter. And then it'll go game by game. And I don't think that's such a bad thing for this group. They seem to be very comfortable with either going. All right. So we got a battle for first place in the central and there was a battle of the deadline yesterday between the jets and the predators of trying. To get things going. Did you get a sense of who did better than the other? Oh, I liked. What would have picked did better? Because it was it was a definitive need. I mean to go out and get Kevin Hayes as a second line centre-left shot Centerman like much like last year. They added fall that it was a left shot betterman this year. They've had Kevin Hayes. They're different players. I think at this point his career. I think compared to where that wasn't last point and his girl. I sure I think as might have more upside, I, you know, I think he does that more upside that extends he's a real smart players. So he probably has that advantage. I think hate certainly a bigger player. I think he's got more physical tools, but, you know, south news was a crafty guy is a crafty guy. So they filled this particular need it's like little back in three hole serves as gives Palma reach more options in his top nine to kind of move guys around. So I think it fit a particular need Nashville. You know, they're looking to really help their power play. They are person foremost, and they they they're kind of all on today as they probably should be with their roster. And having Simmons was a good net front guy that again knows Peter lobby lead played foreman. Philly can bring a certain amount of snarl to you know to the lineup. I mean you go against Winnipeg. Eventually they got some big players on that team. It's the big guys on defense. You gotta be having guys wanted to get into those areas and with grantland for Seattle. Interesting part of that was the Paul was obviously someone that worked for the national predators and David Poile for a long time. He knows the LA helped draft. And I think he's looking to make his Mark in Minnesota in ways that he can you know, we had DeNardo per coil. And now, he's added the Allah for grant for grantland. So, you know, from Minnesota I think they're just trying to trying to get a little younger and little bastard, but for national I think they're open brand like become help on the power play. Just a shame. Those two teams will probably have to meet in the second round because they're really going at it and battling and Saint Louis in the conversation to yes, they are. And I thought Dell's Ottawa's was an ice pick up for them. But you can't rule out the. Possibility of the blue spoil in that party at the top of the central. Yeah. No. Because you know, the blues knocked off the predator or something back to back games. Only a couple of weeks ago over the weekend on the Saturday and Sunday bunch of couple of afternoon games. So lose we're playing well. And if they continue to play at that level, they'll Bill they will be a a more difficult opponent in the first round. Then we may have expected of you know, Nashville is is in first right now, the circle as we speak by point. But they've played three more games than whenever they end Saint Louis, and you know, it's not out of the out of this world think the Saint Louis may be able to sneak up and catch Nashville they're not playing well. So they're seven points back, but they do have three games in hand. So time will tell but the blues have been on a really good run. The question will be you know, are they going to peak that run and are they gonna come back to earth a little bit where they gonna continue to play the way they've been playing. I guess we'll know the next, you know, couple of months here now without Vegas. They get stone. Sign them. You know, and you know, and I've heard some people say well looks like the philosophy changed their we in Vegas where there were stockpiling picks another role in wasn't this part of the plan to begin with that they put themselves in the position that if they were close that they can make a deal like this. Yeah. I mean when you think about it there. I, you know, draft pick was was Cody glass, they had two other first round picks that they that they were able to use to turn into other players as it turns out. I mean, they think Zouk you to the Canadian in return for patch ready. And now they've taken Branston and sent him, you know, to the senators in return for more than they subsequently wherever the sign March thrown into that to along. I mean, a very lucrative contract. Eight years times nine point five million, and and also in place, whether it's a you know, what you've no state tax. I believe there it Vegas that the Hollywood that contract is even higher. So, you know, I mean, yeah, that's the plan. I just wondered on this. I mean, I thought Vegas was such a great story last year. They were entertaining team. But the thing about him was they'd played fast. They were in your face. All that was that was who they were. And they had a real identity now since then they've ad and the patch ready and stone. And yeah, those players are all we can, you know, debate back and forth. How good we think? Those guys are. But they're all really legitimate jealous. I think marks donors terrific glare. But are those three guys guys that are going to help you push the pace and play with that temple that you basically would like to play with I I'm not so sure so I guess at the end of the day while they have added players that you would say are better. When you look at the roster on paper. I don't know if this is a better team right now. In fact, I don't think it's a better team than the one. They had last year that went to the Stanley Cup final any time will tell, but you know, it's one thing to pile up. Really good players. It's another thing to create a team and to fulfill the, you know, the philosophy of your coaching staff and the way you wanna play. So I'll be curious to see how it goes. But there's no doubt that marched on is a terrific player. And you know, what the fact that they were able to sign him to a long term deal was great for all we'll because they were able to add. Branston was a really in a prospect a left shot puck moving defenseman. And he's two years further along and development, if they would get a first round pick, you know, they there's no guarantee of who they would get, and they would have to you know, they'd be behind in development for the senators get a guy that looks like a really really high in prospect that to your point about a Vegas as far as where they stand now as opposed to last year, and I'm not to take anything away from what they did. Because it was a miracle run. Nobody expected it. They went to the Stanley Cup final. They were the best team in the west. They were the best team in the Pacific. However, they're able to take advantage of I thought of division in transition. You know, now San Jose in Calgary or clearly better. I mean so way better than they were last year. You know, so you look at them. They're not going to catch San Jose wr Calgary. And if they're not careful, you know, you gotta team like Arizona. That's only six points back with a game in hand. I mean, so Vegas is not in the same situation that they were last year. Now, I think San Jose with the addition of Carlson they just playing better than he did last year Calgary. Is really come together. Those were two teams I didn't think that the worry about they had a fading kings team. If you remember, you know, Anaheim is certainly fading. Now, you've got teams that have risen beyond them. And they're not the best team in the Pacific anymore. Yeah. No. And you know, look at the. William Carlson, for example, who is having a good year. He's not having a bad year. But through sixty three games he has eighteen goals. Now that's on page school. What like twenty five twenty three twenty four. I mean, he had forty three goals this year. He's a minus eight right now in the mind is what's mine that does not the be all end all but he was a plus forty two or something like that last year. So it just goes is that this team is is not playing to the level. They were last year. And then the, you know, the critical thing to is Mark Anri. Florida's played in fifty three games already. And they present is just over nine hundred ninety seven. So you know, he has played a lot. And you wonder if that's going to impact compla- come the postseason. So while adding Mark stone is a terrific benefit because he's a really good player. Does he really was? He really the thing they needed both Brian based on the fact they already had acquired as the and country. I'm not so sure certainly the short term he's a real talented player, and he will be a guy that plays. Well, but they have committed a lot when you think about trading way in eight plus prospect of defender puck mover, and then respond signing this player to a nine point five million dollar against the cap contract for eight seasons. So and we very interesting to see how that turns out over time avalanche. The only move they really made was getting up getting thought which I like right because he he's got a ton of experience in the postseason. So I think that was a nice acquisition for Colorado. Well, it'll be define situation for them to he'll be a second center. There won't be in Pittsburgh like where he was third or sometimes sportscenter he'll get his minute still use of an offense that situation. So I've every reason to to succeed and to play. Well, we'll see if he can do it. But he had a goal last night is debut. They ended up losing in overtime to Florida. That's the bad point to lose at home. But you know, the right of the mix it kind of the way things have shaken out now over the. Last two weeks. I mean at one point there was a lot of teams there. Now, it looks like, you know, maybe it'll be you know, those last couple like Minnesota, Dallas, Colorado. Maybe we'll be the three teams that are playing for playoffs about maybe our Zona could continue to stay connected to the pack. Maybe back couvert, but it has opened up a little bit. In fact, Chicago made that push at one point. I think was in a spot. You know, now sits there, I think it's five points back. So, you know, certainly, you know, things can change quick when you have the. Type in in the bottom of the Western Conference playoffs. Standing. Now, you had first place teams that were rather quiet when we talked about the islanders not doing anything. Tampa didn't do anything. That's explainable by the fact that they really don't need anything. Calgary was interesting Fanton Berg, they got to help the D. But there were relatively quiet for a team that possesses a three point lead on San Jose. Would were they active at all? And just couldn't get it done. Or were they kind of cool with the other team is. They were interested. I think they were really interested in March though, and they couldn't get done. I think you know, I don't know if they were able to you know, weren't able to satisfy his contract. I think they did have an inside track. There just when you think about Kelly mcrib who was the assistant general manager Vegas. I mean, he was the general manager in Brandon Brandon with the Brandon kings of the western Hockey League and marks Staal played junior there, and I'm sure that that's there's a there's a pretty strong connection there. So they might have had the inside track because of that. But Calgary was certainly very interested in Mark zone. Couldn't make a deal happen from what I understand. They were just in Wayne Simmons than Wayne would not waive his no trade to go to Calgary ended up waiving it to go to Nashville where he has Peter where we play for before. So I mean that was just a one of those things that I had heard about one hundred percent sure if that's accurate, but that's I haven't heard anybody that hasn't happened or didn't happen. You know? So I think they were in the next couple of these guys just didn't play out for them. And you know, this is still your this is still a really good team Calgary. And you know, they added fat and Burke who's day, you know, a back end left shot defenseman. I mean, they could use him in that third. Pay on the left side behind your dad of you know, end behind no Hannifin. So you know, they didn't do anything. But you know, it's funny. I don't like to be too critical teams that don't do much because sometimes that's the best play for your. We're gonna Asian is not to do anything to up and the apple cart. I mean. The islanders chemistry is really good this season. So maybe it's best. They're getting lad back. They're gonna Hickey back. Just think of those guys that deadline acquisition, Tampa as you said, it's not a lot. They could do to their group to make that much better. I mean, this is a really strong group as we can see by the standings. And you know, the Calgary Flames to I mean, they were interested in some things they weren't willing to pay a price. And in the end, the decision not to pay those prices, maybe something that's really beneficial to them. So so time we'll tell all right. Let's go to the tweets, shall we? All right. Let's go toady says in your opinion. What is the most impactful trade that was made the season? So I guess he's going beyond the deals that were made yesterday, and he'll call so glad force on his talking to you. Hopefully, he unblocked you. I don't know if you heard my fours land story. No, my Forslund story. Sorry, if I'm repeating myself any listeners out there, the the John Forslund, the voice of the Carolina Hurricanes does great job on NBC as well. Phenomenal human being does a great Chuck eight, and unfortunately that doesn't matter anymore. But anyway, I digress. I noticed that the NHL broadcasters have a Twitter handle, and they they follow like one hundred people, and they just started following me. Because there's a way to kind of get in touch with us because we have to vote for the jackass atoms. So I was looking to see who am I not following among our broadcasting brethren? So I get the Forslund following. But it just clicked on John profile, and it says that I'm blocked like why would John Forslund block me? So I saw him in Pittsburgh last week. And I said, listen, this is kind of embarrassing because it really doesn't matter. But I'm just kinda curious why am I blocked and you saw the color drained from his face. He's like what are you talking about? I don't even know how to block. People long story short. I guess it was an accident. So we got that resolved. But for secondary was kinda concerned that one of the nicest people on earth didn't like me. But that's not the case. So everything would say this John is not that night. Okay. Of I think he very old rated I I think that you know, in some ways, you could save the troubled guy and. You know? And I don't think that he's I don't I think that he was very absolutely aware that he bought you. So I look into this more deeply sounds like you're going to get walked. I couldn't be I couldn't make you know. I like, John. It's got a really good that. I hope he takes better the way if he hears it. It's the way it's again this please don't get on this understand. But it'd be blocked me blocks me. No. That's it. He says he doesn't know how to do it. Yeah. But you know, the signed out. Well, we got an education on blocking me. So now, maybe he knows how to do it and starts blocking everybody else. He's he's a good guy. Jotted down a really good. So what has been the most impactful deal so far this season? Good question. I mean. Impactful? It's hard to. It's it's too early to say, I mean, don't we have to see how things play out, of course, of you know, I mean. Why it's just a, you know, like Jake Muslim going to the Leafs. That's like three weeks ago. Nobody even remembers it anymore. Right. It'd be but that could end up being very impactful deal. When all is said and done. It's hard to say. I mean, you can you think of all the top of your head w say, that's that's probably the these are all just took place means zuccarello got traded. And he got hurt. Yeah. That's that's that's incredible. But giving going back like I said Brisard to talk to you. I know a Bill, and and your why he he I watched the first I watched the first part of that game. And like, you know, I was wondering how he's gonna fit it all these guys they go place you how he's gonna fit in. And he was absolutely buzzing. He had three points on he could've had six in twenty five minutes. I mean, he could have a goal you like all kinds of opportunities. It has dawned on me in his career. He has never played with a player as good as Tyler taken. Sure. And I mean, all of a sudden, I mean, they were just it was it was I mean, it was a real magical kind of start now against the Chicago. Blackhawks who play literally no defense, right? It's. It's maybe over, you know, maybe I would've had to see him play in different, you know, a couple of board games, but it's really unfortunate for Brazil Carello. And for the for the stars to see them get hurt like that. Now, he was buzzing. He was buzzing and listen every ranger fan the world's open. It's a lightning star Stanley Cup final. Because all the conditional picks that they give for both teams of that were to happen. The raiders speed. They're making pick after listen Zouk scored eleven goals in the postseason for the Rangers. Right. And I still think they might have won the Cup had he not gotten hurt in two thousand fifteen. So that's something that if he comes back, and he's healthy. And it looks like it'd be if he's out the month. You'll have a he'll have a few games of the regular season in the postseason to make an impact. You know? We didn't talk about Boston. You look at coiling. You look at Joe or ain't nothing that's earth shattering. But if those guys contribute to a Boston team that I think can be very dangerous in the playoffs. He'll we can look back and say those trades were great meal if haggling and Jensen do something for the capitals, and I think agenda got right into the lineup and and gets a contract. So. You know, we're we're focused so much on the jets and the predators and the blue jackets because from a bulk standpoint from a splashdown point they made the biggest impact. But I always go back. You'll cover me. Oh following the devils. You know, who thought that Neil Broughton would have the impact that he had on the devils ninety five's. Ron right? Is it was a deal that they made? It was a nice deal. But the next thing, you know, he's scoring huge goals and helping them to win a championship. So it's like the draft. Right. You got to see how it all plays out. And we'll see if any of these guys end up impacting what happens in the playoffs. That's right. And like last year. I mean, Michael Kathy goes to the capitals, and nobody was thinking much of that. I mean, the Blackhawks just couldn't wait to unload, the minor piece, and he ends up playing quite a bit and helping the Washington Capitals a lot of times it's those little small pieces because with two months left in the regular season as opposed to hard to plug in big pieces and have the ball fit. Sometimes you plug them in. And then it's the next season that they've kind of fit into your group and. Help you to have that ultimate success. But you know, time time will tell him in the air at Carlton deal that was this these that's a pretty impactful deal. We'll see if that how that plays out. There's been a lot of trades. Now, you think about around the league this, you know, going back to the preseason and into the regular season. And you know, time will tell Joseph says I like what Ray did with the devils. Now, they have a stockpile of picks who were some potential players. He can trade for in the off season. Well, you know, the the funny thing is that that Kincaid deal. You know, they got a fifth round pick it. Oh, that's good. They got a fifth round pick. But then you look and it's like twenty twenty two. I mean, that's like running like, I don't know how like in the negotiations. How does that happen? How does I mean? How do they get? Okay. I'll give you a fifth rounder. But what year right? Like twenty twenty two. You know? I mean, like where it's like it's like they spin the wheel of nothing, but the truth. Oh, look, I got a fifth rounder at twenty twenty two. Let me it's been it again. Oh like upper bowl seats in a Florida panther game. I mean, like the it's the bag of nothing. So you know, it's weird. But the you know to get back to that who could they trade for him. And it's a lot. There's going to be a lot of fall out in the off season. We have a bunch of guys. I mean, Pinera and goes to the market that'll be a big fish for everybody will be in on. You know, if Duchenne goes to market, there's another big guy that everybody will be at on teams will be looking to remake their teams with different pieces. So it's hard to spend on who will be available right now. I think the biggest thing to things to keep an eye over the devils as first of all, you know, Taylor hall. They shut him down for the rest of the year. And I think they probably should at this point. They're not gonna. Be playing meaningful games or out of it. So there's no sense in for me to risk your, you know, the most important asset of your team, and they've got to consider whether or not they're going to re-sign him to a long term deal. So that's going to be on the table for them soon. I think one more year left, and then the other thing is we don't house Corey side gonna play down the stretch. He's playing very well. Right now I had about of nowhere. And it's almost you know for fan perspective. It's almost ill-timed because you know, with the devils kind of fading out of you hear the last twenty games fan perspective. We don't really necessarily want the devils winning too, many games and moving up the standings, and and kinda further out of the sort of Jack use sweepstakes. So, of course, not or played very well a couple of years ago when it was the two thousand fifteen draft with mcdavid ankle, and I've always been one to say that question or floated the devils up the standings about six or seven spots higher than they should have been. And you know, who knows maybe he'll do it again. With his play down the stretch right now. But I think they have to know what they have at him or have. Yeah. For him because he's a terrific guy. And you know, it's been a really rough stretch for us. I'm happy for him. But it may not be so fortuitous for the devils. You know in terms of that. But if they also if if course Faulk continues to rise in the off season, they wanna cut a make over there goaltending. Then they would have they would have a piece that it would be tradable again as opposed to worry was, you know, two or three months ago Delhi wants to know how important is it for the Rangers to extend Kreider and avoid another Hayes zuccarello situation in next year's deadline. Well that is a decision. They're going to have to make. If they see Chris Kreider someone that's part of their long-term future. Right. And it's going to depend upon what we're Kreider wants and in term and dollars, and I would suspect he's going to want to, you know, six million dollars or so maybe warrant he's gonna want to, you know, six seven eight years in term in term, and that's going to be up to the Rangers management group and decide if they want to make they kind of commitment, you know, being in a rebuild. But that's it. I mean, they may have plans to step up for Panara on July one or two step up or any other free agents. You can excel right? You're rebuild in this league. And you know, so I think those are all considerations. The Jeff Gordon is gonna make. But bottom line is this, and I would say the ranger bands. If if Chris Kreider goes into the season without a contract that would tell me that they are likely thinking about moving them a deadline. So I'll be very curious to see if that's their plan. I think really they might be better said if they think that they're going to move on from Kreider, and he's. Part of the bigger picture. Maybe trade him in the off season where you can get a bigger return where a player has a full year left on a contract, and it would get at least that out of instead of being just a rental. So that's a big decision for Japan. Not sure which way is going to go. I like him. I I know sometimes he's a little inconsistent. But barring injury he's going to have his best statistical season ever. He's never scored more than twenty eight goals. He's got twenty six now with twenty left to play. He's been a part of the hottest line in the National Hockey League. He's he's become more of a leader a go-to guy in that room. He speaks Russian. So I think he's he someone that can communicate with all types of players. And if they look at him as a future, captain of this team and get it done, you know, but you know, like with as in zuccarello, you know, those guys they couldn't get something done, and they were forced to trade him. So, you know, everybody wants to kill the Rangers. Even on the case shows like why they get rid of Hayes. Why didn't they extend them? It takes to Tango. I think they wanted to extend them. But doesn't mean they're going to give them everything the player wants, you know, so. You know, that that that always factors into it too. Right. I mean, well, of course, I mean, there's I think there's a lot that factors into it. And I think they saw Kevin Hayes as someone that was just swing in his game. You know, if they sign a long term, you know, one of they getting for those years, and and you know, they're going to get the guy who's gonna come in night after night after night, you know, be that guy for you. I think they just weren't convinced that they were and I think at the end of the day, that's why they'd ride movie. Movie mostly what happens with Winnipeg? Maybe he becomes the more consistent player, and it come July. First, you know, they'll have a chance like everybody else to to sign to a contract eight hundred grade spot. Yeah. Here is playing with some really good players. And he ended up getting a chance to play with Patrick line. And he'll wanna eat, right. There's a guy that can score goals. So they got a good team when when they're all healthy. So he should be. It should be a really good opportunity for them fit is always interesting chemistry is always interesting. So we'll be watching that closely or Kevin plays. Well, his value will go up and who knows maybe because the July. I I mean, the Rangers could get back in on what you think about it. I mean, the Winnipeg Jets it'll probably be much like it was with pastas they last year because of the number of contracts they're committed to they likely won't be able to resign Kevin Hayes, and he goes to market, maybe the New York Rangers ended up residing full tower that case as well. That's always a possibility. Chris says hi guys are flyer fans like myself were a little concerned with Ryan Hartman was a first round. Pick which icago traded away after his first full season where he scored nineteen goals than traded by Nashville who gave up a first round pick for them. What's the real deal with Hartman? I just think he hasn't reached the expectation level that some of the teams have form I remember from the two thousand thirteen winner a world junior championships for team USA was part of the gold medal team there, and he's an abrasive player. And I think probably a little inconsistent. Sometimes, you know, not always in tune with what the coach wants. And you know, I think he's got to learn to play better away from the puck. And and try to be more consistent like a lot of young players. But he's definitely a guy that is you know, he's a player he's gonna play in this league. And they get him. You know, someone that's like a younger version not as good as wings. But a younger version of that kind of guy that's going to go in battle in the courts and battle in front of the net. And kind of be abrasive many might be a guy that Philadelphia fans take to if he continues to develop and his game. It's kinda like, you know, lesser to a lesser degree. Brendan Lemieux who the raiders picked up in the deal from Winnipeg. I mean, he's another abrasive player. He's closed the you son, and you know. Really second round pick a couple of years ago, and he went from buffalo and Winnipeg and now Winnipeg to the Rangers the bottom six guy, but he's one of those energy guys that fan bases tend to like so be curious to see how the fans take the both of those players. And I think in Larry Brooks wrote about this too on Sunday. And I think it's true. There's twenty games left to be played. You don't wanna get pushed around. So maybe you can just be that guy because you let mcquaid go McLeod win. So you do have some younger players and you want to protect the heat in the Anderson's. It got really nasty. I thought on Sunday in Washington and the Rangers stood up themselves strong got into a fight. But you also don't wanna get pushed around for the last twenty game. So maybe Lemieux if they decide to dress them and certain games against physical presence can be a little bit of a protector for for some of the younger guys of the rest of the regular season. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he's definitely he's someone that is comes to the rank to play. He plays with an attitude. So we'll see we'll see how it plays out form with the Rangers. All right, buddy. Thank you so much. I know it's been a busy couple of days for you. So we'll try to reconvene on Monday. That would be wonderful. All right. We'll talk to you soon, buddy. All right. That's that's the great EJ Radic because he does a great job. And that's why I call him the great EJ. And if you want more of them all you have to do is turn on NHL network Monday through Friday from four to six eastern does a great job on NHL now games tonight sharks? And the Bruins from Boston. Bruins have lost regulation. Really since before the all-star break thirteen games. There are thirty six seventeen and nine goping the sharks where thirty seven eighteen and eight flames of the islanders from Brooklyn. This is an interesting one flames didn't do very much. They added some defensive help at the deadline yesterday. I didn't do anything at all. But they've got the capital's creeping up just a couple of points out of a playoff spot. So the islanders trying to maintain their sabres lose in Toronto to be in Philadelphia tonight to take on the flyer sabres on life, support senators and the capital's capitals with an excellent chance to win against the senators team that traded off twelve their pieces, but senators have come to play give them credit. And certainly the capitals have been a little up and down. So that'll be interesting kings and Carolina Hurricanes in the same boat. Desperate for playoff position. Pittsburgh's on the outside looking in right now, they'll be in Columbus to take on the blue jackets all these deals are made now. So the pressure comes on Columbus to see if they can't cash in with all these players that they traded for because they didn't do it just to make the playoffs. They did this to make a run at the division. So a great test revolt. These teams I think that's going to be an interesting game second back to back. So the Canadians they lost to the devils at the rock. They'll be in Detroit to take on the Red Wings and Canadians trying to establish playoff position blues and the predators as we said the central divisions up for grabs. Right Nashville may deals Winnipeg made deals the blues the hottest team in the NHL that should be fun wild. And the jets jets make their move. So they're ready wild have been hot as of late trying to sneak into the playoffs Panthers in the coyotes. Cody still have a pulse stars. And the Golden Knights to is Dallas without mat-su guerrilla now for the next month try to make things work on the road versus Vegas, all these games. So vitally important the. Trade deadline is over we now know where everybody is your rosters are set twenty games left in the season. For most teams. Let's go out and do it back with you again tomorrow to recap the day in the National Hockey League. We didn't get to your tweets we'll do them tomorrow at Donald Greco hashtag game misconduct. This has been the Tuesday. They should have game has conduct. Listening to the game misconduct podcast. Looking for more dumb record? Hear him on the Michael can show weekdays from three to seven pm on ninety eight point seven ESPN in New York and worldwide on the ESPN app. I don't forget to subscribe to the game misconduct podcast on the ESPN app. Google play music apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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