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Good Morning America. This is the catch roundtable chunk cats. Td's here Sunday mine. What's going on the Democratic race? Well it seems like so roller coaster. It's up it's down. People are ahead. Different people up behind and poor Bernie Sanders Bay get screwed again with us. This morning is when it most knowledgeable guys. I Know Dick Morris. He's a pollster. Strategist a commentator bestselling author and a guy with his ear to the ground a good morning out Dick Morris. How are you this morning? Hey I'm doing well to the right getting a little busy following the field you following. Well we had an Iowa which was a complete fraud. They played a game out there. I don't know who really knows what the game was. They had to Hampshire. Where Biden came in almost last Elizabeth Warren Who hasn't told the truth in her life came in and single digits and that Sonia how did you say a hoot and Holler away from from Massachusetts? A what say you Dick Books. Well I on your show. By the way are they. That's six months ago. I said that I thought I would fall apart. And if you never make make united February live and that's certainly is now becoming true questions now. What happens after I always say you have to treat the plan where he's trying to get the states? There's the quarter-finals the semi-finals the final goal. Now is for with finals. Of course Republicans against the Democrat November in the quarterfinal goal win the liberal quarterfinal or the moderate quarter-final and then going to the semifinal facing each other and the winner faces trump and in the left hand court you had Bernie Sanders against wants lawn and pretty clearly warrant as on that. What's going to be handed? So he will be one birth in the semifinal. The other person's more more open it could be booted. Gadget could be closer but not that is. It's very likely to be Mike Bloomberg instead because Bloomberg Would Louisville has managed to avoid being in the process. Avoid being debates to avoid being attacked and the dynamic is that nobody would dare say on their August stuff about stop and Frisk wonder. Food stamp recipients fingerprinted while he switched parties. And you and I remember how when it's coming to an end he reversed himself and having passed a term limitation got a constitutional amendment passed giving exempt from the Hugo Chavez would wasn't so But nobody's GONNA run. Camping is get on that because if he does they retaliate against and so sanders publisher and judge on not getting facilitating. Not Kidding Bloomberg. Because they've scared if you're from at them with a couple of billion dollars of negative ads ten days or two weeks before Super Tuesday and The still behaving each other trying to promote themselves and Bloomberg came to sneak right up the middle and run without anybody touching them and I think that they've limitless announced Monday vast for me which spend it which nobody else can possibly compete. Nobody else's in tenth of what he'll do each day one day. He'll do as much as the others will doing. Two weeks a lot of congressmen enforcing Bloomberg. And he's calling around the country at Writing Checks. I understand yeah and momentum because I just come. He's come on strong. Beat the Democrats set this up. When they fund ended this process so then candidate cancer choir the normal momentum insured get Durian empowered to be able to seep rates like Super Tuesday. Only someone Mike Bloomberg is not a conventional aircraft but one like a helicopter looking gained great altitude without moving forward just sitting right in one place. He can soar up to grace ice and be told him not to be able to handle the truth but the zone and the net there only two debates between now insipid juice. I'm not even sure being he'll be well but I'm not even sure about that. So there are all these negatives on Bloomberg if they came out he'd be clobbered but nobody dares to raise them. Because there's no time there's no money and say do that picking a one on one fight with Bloomberg that they can't possibly win so I think we're GONNA see Sanders against Bloomberg in the In the semifinal and forget forget shirt will be those two D- Democratic Party when it comes down to a choice between Sanders and Bloomberg If it goes to super delegates it's going to be Bloomberg. Yeah it would be will be will be but the super delegates when they're bound on the first ballot to both the same way their state does so we vote for Bernie the super delegates. That's vote for Bernie on the first ballot. Now there's some speculation party will change rules in screw Gurney and will permit the super delegates freedom to vote. It's like want the money that they have done to get. You Know Gases Bernie. Probably this is happening. It's something else going on gentlemen. Nobody's shocked that. I sat down and I added up the liberal candidates mother of candidates in New Hampshire and I Alwa- The middle liberal candidates in both of those races warn and Sanders got a total of about thirty five percent of the vote and moderate candidates by Jed clovinger All about that. That's fifty five percent of the vote so most of these voters voted to the left. Not For the right when you go back before the primaries took place in the pre polls there about even forty four forty four so. I think that what's happened. Is something really unusual? I think the voters listened to the debates watch the debates and saw Bernie Sanders and said. Oh my God I can't possibly vote for that and I don't think that can possibly when you election in the mall burden cameras on this program. The more people ran screaming. And that's it. So the unwarranted to and as a result of the orders less one and went to a clinic and a lot of voters. Let's let's just candidates And of course by then moved into booty but there has been cleared movements of the rights in the Democratic primary electric which is totally new. It's always been truism that the left wing candidate always wins the Democratic primary. Like now like that. Under the strength of the performance of the moderates in Iowa and the Moderates Hampshire coming in twenty points ahead of the lessons so I think the all that says the Bloomberg emerges as very strong challenge standards that that's going to be democratic final and let me the Bloomberg beat Sanders at Sanders says ways just campaign fantas wins on dental. Get some Bloomberg uses super delegates to win the Democratic Party will be split that has never been since nineteen sixty eight and forget about the election trump win a walk if you have appropriate convention any possible these Hillary Clinton Cacique in don't forget Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton had a private meeting before Bloomberg next. I think some possibility. Bloomberg has some negatives after Bloomberg blows publisher and out of the water and then people say it's be Bloomberg Sanders and then the negatives prior up on Bloomberg the rations stuff why he was Republican. How he rams Republicans stop-and-frisk all that stuff that's Hillary inconvenience as I'm Bloomberg without those negatives but getting awfully late in the process at this point John After Super Tuesday you need. Nineteen hundred and eighty five delegates should be non move and a total of about twelve hundred thirteen hundred was. I've been selected already I. It's very hard at that point for somebody to racing age people aside. We'll hillary has been on television and when he asked her. Would you take vice president's job? I think she did say never say never in line like the poll Ford appointed and I wanted to be vice president of anything right. Well Dick Morris thank you for your input and this time around I. I think you'RE GONNA be we'll right to wrong. That's true so I look forward to talking on new SARAGAN attack you. This is the Caltrans Table. Be Right back.

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