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Three today a little later. On more disappointment for Tottenham Hotspur plus the late drama in the buying Munich game but we kick things off in Spain me your welcome insulates edition of ESPN AFC. I'm Dan Thomas joined by Shaggy here's what we've got lots of losing one zero against me Llorca and the fact that that highlights really about awful header injury-time authority getting a yellow card greenman tried an upfront and all three would score shacking spoiler alert thirteen minutes into this once and it would be Luis Suarez lieutenants the score to make it three now rather easy for Boston it on in the end Abe Honesty Mayo 'cause I think Real Madrid offered an awful lot going forward and yes sedan had to make changes on your understand you sympathize talk from Langley defend slips and just allows greenman in on goal one-on-one with the goalkeeper studies himself make no mistake he needed that more than any life newbie primarily to go get him with a big win one nil over Real Madrid's more in that game in a moment but let's focus betrayed didn't really get going in this game each junior with a chance for New Jersey I've been the brightest that Real Madrid had on the park just didn't seem to have is shooting just dropped the show cuts inside the cover doesn't come over in time and he just shaves out into the far corner beautifully Ram Educate both ways picking up injuries during the International Break Nova Ryan as well so new faces Jovic given rest up from Hamas as well you'd need numbers core discipline so we take into injury time looking for the equaliser really tired with the headache keeping makes it comfortable the Frenchman of course Antoine Grease exactly hit the ground running as he's making the big money move from Athleti but a good finish hair given a helping hand ball they were no it wasn't as if this was Madrid second really battering down that Mueller undecided crossbar but that's about as good as good I'm in support either either flank I thought he he looked out of options and as a result out of sorts and I don't think that's something that's been psomas of your hair with a second yellow doubt about this sh nope not a jaw especially given where the park you're chasing the game finuoli early today this game wasn't about taking on Barcelona one of course remember Dennehy is suspended so it's a messy Suarez tall at the same time as far as white threads go you have initials junior on the park I would look bright who looked lively but just as I mentioned in the highlight pushing looking for something you can't allow that from three that much space wasn't there about how the problems politically in the problems we ain bell's good origin boots. Mariposa that would wipe slight so this is the best chance that Madrid Craig's APP pens them off the underside of the crossbar to really well on the didn't have a shooting boots on couldn't get that just right Hamas Rodriguez drifted can everywhere in the middle of the only ball he's not but as as much as you introduce new faces I just expected so much more yovich coming in alongside the place of frontier tosses result despite the fact they were away but they get away and puts them talk of them Taupo for Bossa Not really the story line today Real Madrid we season kind of questioning whether they were good enough and all of a sudden define themselves top of the table and you feel well maybe has has some figure this out unpunished and now we are at least don't let their own defensive frailties shoe as much as as did to against let's be honest mediocre don't the batteries exactly and he think that was the last time we've seen a good performance Real Madrid it's a long time coming the only park take in the second half and young to Suarez intimacy Jess Suarez then you had these plans who would imagine be hungry up hills themselves with these injuries they didn't each did nothing you know how much you mentioned float around a bit anything judge has been terrible since making the move and you kinda think well how is this going to solve itself around jerk as best they not very good talking about Real Madrid against Me Yorker so you can make as many excuses as you want about who wasn't available and why this result Alan with each go in midfield but seven minutes in Lago junior would make it one nil to the hosts a really nice finish by Lago drew one one uh-huh Natural Wiedeman not knows iskoe and then we've had oh concerns about Real Madrid defensively and ordinarily the able to keep teams on the back foot slightly the way to the far post a messy here comfortable easy and then ends livable this place look haunted no I don't think so too creepy girls game with that should not have in a month of Cindy's case a huge week isn't it for Real Madrid coming up of course Champions League action for the mid week after a terrible start to that and for a couple of changes and yeah and you mentioned but we all talking Madrid top to start at the top of the table Real Madrid I guess bottom of the table mediocre you've got to I'm paying and just to remind we'll be back with you tomorrow Steven Craig with me and it's only really one big game in Europe tomorrow and what a big matches so old Trafford Manchester United wondering which is Real Madrid is it the team that we've seen countries top table it was the one that we thought when crisis certainly the to start with me on the house they took a very good goal and then defended really well and you expected so much more from the no we left here offers and see the burner bow and then I think in playing affront to almost took away from from beds Monday space that he know me occupies and give them that he breath thank you creepy girls partners sleep in the car now we'd switch today for twenty four seven access to licensed allow preseason themselves and you just not quite sure what to expect but we all talking about this is the hard part we the national league this is the perfect time if you need to introduce players perfect time improve Poland's that if you have to introduce players you can brown's relatives as you see there to cash out on the half volley as does mark the end this call but still within this game with ten men you don't think it would be just as much as it did and again it's it's not as though it had possession but it's not as though that mediocre just bought say after the beginning of okay we have another one assaulted and that called not over tuned is simply beyond me I really do I would love to hear the officials agents says the premier leaks per second on Boston the table what in theory the perfect fix shift Pacheco potency no sight of bounce back nation of why that decision was not overturned because it's beyond me meanwhile what is beyond most people's comprehension at the moment four minutes to go in the game spurs equalised Ben Foster with the era of the questions whether or not handball Vulcan salted gold stands one one yeah I have no problem opinions penalty the penalty if you stop the margin is very easy to to see surfing that this is something very very tips again it's crazy it's such a weird one because we've talked about this so much over the past few weeks disappointing days what once again for Spurs dwell on that more in a moment but first let's focus on that penalty that wasn't given this K- Sanchez flurries had it's a question whether there were tough at the top of the table I'm not legally yes nothing's really accepted right I accepted but we we started when you have hurricane on the park and he can barely get a sniff when you're playing with five in midfield at home against Wofford yet somehow Kareem Group get together here we go hit the ground running but if you didn't see this game they would just so sung all yeah and the back end of last season but you see this performance and it's not just about a poor spurs team and bad form trying to figure things out that truly frightening fairly Siri Missing Anna Gyco Great Service with Geico you twenty four seven access to the spurs yeah it's extremely you take a look at the results of lanes just the one win and these against very mediocre science my opinion listen to all fields maybe you can sympathize with the referee Nazi in the hook by Chung but for vodka go standing here I think it just has dally at the top of the of the palm into shoulder I'm with the referee on that one so for a token doesn't get anywhere near the ball plays the not once but twice secondly hooking in how referee on Varda's weaves that off is beyond me it's their only victory came against Howson they just can't get it done what football tables I said shine this perfect remedy you would expect yeah international did you see how easily the constantly owed number that the back veterans era that he got away with again this is not just about how the rhetoric is that's booze have been poor for pretty much all of twenty nine thousand nine hundred just champions league run maybe disguised as some that poor form particularly. I haven't either I don't know how they work I was thinking is something audited but I hi bomb the Premier League of purposely sets clear and obvious of course is the words they use with that was clear obvious in to provide a bitter resumes gave a bit more yes but to your point is when we very critical of united they don't have those options I and you think wow you know that's a very good team this spurs signed his Co. equality in it none of them performances that you would and yet still spurs have them not just look at the performances but the results are simply dreadful what's been happening over the last eight or nine months if you compare what we've seen to depose a year or two ago even look at Spurs during the course of this season on their best results are two draws against Arsenal Manchester City that's where spurs are at this point mark from tastic finish the Spurs lucky here that a penalty was awarded von was consulted no spot-kick given I thought this is a ridiculous new decision that you come away from a home game with bottom of the table Wofford happy and thankful that you get a point that you didn't deserve champions thing oh what further able to just walk three midfielders as easily as do when you have experienced a a back threes as Portugal is able to put out however just six minutes in today's time to Cora will make it one nil so the visited one ball over the top takes the midfielder not suppose rare God could cost and of course I I coming up amid weak as that returns for the third round of matches being well for Manchester City it was looking upset a lot of people's fantasy size but in the end despite the fact they were frustrated Manchester City would get it done thanks looking to Champions League final it's hard to understand and at this point as big a fan of Pacino as I am I'm not sure how you arrest it's just like why defoe because everyone else is just dropping on them and they Boston Boston had no mercy and Greenman ready hitches try let's say have struggled slide there's nothing you she to build on this the thing isn't it we've been highly critical of united on this show over the last few weeks but you look at their song did I I from Alonzo and Chelsea's good form continues against a poor newcast united team maybe wanting to looking to get some kind of a result very coming in Fernandina or no natural defender has a center mendy returning from injury can Selo on the right Gabrielle Zoos preferred to guerin tighter in the Bundesliga eight does we have nine teams yes that's half the table always in just two points pounds fact wasn't an offer that terrible results against the rules Guadiana made a big changes big surprise at the back you had roles doc meanwhile Chelsea taking on Newcastle Chelsea the better side as you would expect in this game however they had to wait until the seventy third Do parolee so much more time than me I saw many times and for my opinions is clear goals in two minutes just before the break the first one coming from Gabrielle Zeus and then moments later what says from Raheem Sterling Now Lovely Volley trimmed avid silver disallowed eventually broke through in the second half with Markle Royce at the end needed a tremendous save from goalkeeper. Marvin hits to hang on there but they got the win and the table less the third wall coming from behind for a home victory to one over Burnley elsewhere today we saw top of the table. Gladbach taking on Bruce Dortmund the battle of the BARISTA's if you will dormant probably outplayed them had the upper hand at a couple of goals they win away to huffing. Hi It's not the cluster mess continues boy this Bundesliga extremely tight this year boomer in action as well West Ham losing against Everton Avidsson looking better by two goals to nil so you can see that defeat span you feel Deli Ali coming back here maybe gives them a shot in the arm you know just a new face a different challenge song coming off the band the crew so what this means is shock it of all teams can go top tomorrow if they win should top Sunday's say if it's okay I don't understand but to answer the question I'm GonNa go wow let's be there's really was Manchester City flooring best sitting Krista policy of themselves to blame minutes into half-time you want to get to okay if it's one and that means that moves them back right into title contention Byron Byron Against Oxford they go gold down inside a minute wells but live dusky pulls one macleod back they're still top of the table Wolfsburg level on points Obama Buying Munich remained third they had a chance ago Tom but for that late equaliser the breakthrough and it would come from office alonso interested in Pulisic involved his initial crush and then loans of phoned the far post I there's been no penalties by Var say Bobby Brown smoke season I'm stood thick this time fitness united it's extra time which is extra extra late today because of technical problems Craig would go nine one now but shocker hey yes what's more likely bruce you don't move up some fourth in the table for more on what we saw in Germany today let's say from Kabanov just when you thought it couldn't get any search now briones and other but then it's a to draw pegged back at the end and really a disappointing performance once again from Niko Kovac I held one or maybe you look at the other way getting away to Leipzig they advance in the Joe Join Munchengladbach after their last time motors just united dot to be fully deserving for Chelsea five wins in a row then Chelsea in all competition that lifts them up to there is no greens no Pasta no sugar no process boon some of your goo it's just there's nothing to eat and for those who don't know you don't want to show every day yeah just explaining his whole thirty diets leting true row are meat and a vegetable of some sort but vowed it's a high bar and I know I never liked it to start with I'm not sure if it was just ridiculous give the call people which is anybody at yeah without question if Israel someone's askin check out how was your diet going offer what's the problem with it. I been trying to get them to do that forever they used to have shows like Jamaica hurricane using winning two one does the classic I postponed actually affect either team finger we about to for Real Madrid given moby show today yeah so many people out today like inbetween cast business in the snack on news no dairy no honey or even sweetness that this is nothing to snack on just nine wins tomorrow Ovar quoting a penalty in the premier league they see it very good question after what we saw yeah yeah I mean the answer this question very seriously I'm just saying I've been knocking on this can we don't do accountable one yeah I've seen carnival would be yeah we did one in nations are upset with you for the questions you Oscars exactly yeah soccer and twitter would when is spent fc going to have a show in Trinidad Star Rock Paper Scissors League shocker beat Stevie to one condemning shack over three rams. I feel a little intimidated by this because my hands are so small three is the one one two three one two three two kickoff book denic shoes in Jamaica but they're coming has been a little bit of a shift into the business forbid us for what is there kind of crop I was two thousand and I was around two thousand ten against Real Madrid Zinzan force to make a number of changes for some big names out no Gareth Bale no take that but I I to irretrievable and selling about seven or eight by the way city they're taking all three points Saleh's PA LOTS ESPN essay is back with the reigning rock paper scissors champion vice thebe nickel and drake barely to reflect on city game bryner as well it's definitely gonNA coit because it's ridiculous I mean really is on this whole wretched I'm trying to remember no it just you you're pretending not it was it was me and this guy between have you done it just taking up smoking are just drink more coffee that's it could drink more coffee but the phone down how frequently do you. I don't really pay too much attention to you yeah you don't you just kind of you having to elaborate sets us a couple of days ago that he's not Yom thank God in my my sister's would crush a rock but I spent quite what is one two three shoot no one two three go just GonNa he's GonNa leave you yeah I don't get the same abuses you guys do things just because it's not really my opinion you've done all the time you're not ever leave patch only it was done in August but can we lot unnecessary angry morons also thank you for providing it's nice compliment that means read that were just to get a book any anyone suit okay you only get one two three one two three suit three shoot hey call it a DJ trendy members need no I forgot okay good he just kind of came in and then it was awful and and Boston's playing well overall in front three scoring grysman Andy Scoresheet he needed that as as.

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