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ESPNLA Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis HR 3


For riday one doing on right now. And not all of it is good news. Obviously, there's a lot of fires in and around southern California in particular up in the Thousand Oaks area. That's why key is not here. He was in here this morning and had to run out because he lives up in that neighborhood looking at the news, and there's a fire that's going on in Griffith park as well. But the worst fire is just I mean, it's going crazy just evacuated all thirteen thousand people in Malibu pretty scary. Yeah. It's really really frightening and anybody listening to this right now if you live in this area do not attempt to be a hero do not attempt to take things in your own hands. Get the hell out of there. And the Rams who practice up at Cal Lutheran, which of course is right in that part of the of the city as well. They've canceled practice. So they're they're not surprised away out as well. So we're thinking about everything on the heels of what happened a couple of nights ago as well. It's been a time Ruutel brutal period. No doubt, no doubt. But we're gonna door show. We're going to talk about what we talk about. But we're certainly thinking about everybody. That's that's up there right now, dealing with a whole bunch of very very serious stuff. So yesterday, we found out that Bryce Harper and his agent declined or rejected a three hundred million dollar offer from the NATs to offer that at the end of the season, which means he expects to get more. He expects to get more than thirty three hundred million dollar ten year deal thirty million a year. You could not have gotten me to sign that thing quitting. Signed in blood. It speaks to the like the unique station these elite guys in their sports or in because I remember when Russell Westbrook, and like he was holding off on signing that two hundred something million dollar extension like the idea that just like you have two hundred million dollars in front of you. And you don't immediately just jump all over. That is insane. We take an incredibly disciplined and self confident person to say, you know, what I'm no good. I'll wait for four hundred from that guy. Yeah. Somebody's probably gonna offer maybe not four hundred three fifty three twenty five three seventy five. Just one the three. He just like, I'm good. I'm good. I'll drive it over to the office myself. Sure that everything's in. The dodgers also tried to trade with the NATs at the waiver deadline for Harper. So clearly the dodgers have some interest in Bryce Harper. If the price is north of three hundred million dollars in you have to believe that it is if he said, no, let's he just wants out of DC. And he never seemed particularly unhappy in DC. It didn't look like he had a acrimonious relationship with management there. So it looks like he's just looking he's hunting for dollars. The dodgers. I just I like Bryce Harper's a player. He's a really really good player. I think that this year was a down year and even a down year. He put up some pretty good numbers not paying anybody three hundred million dollars to be on my team. It would speak to something interesting. If the dodgers ultimately did because this is the type of deal, they typically don't give out in. And granted there. Aren't that many scenarios where they'd even be thinking about like, you don't get presented this often? But if they say did decide to do this with Bryce Harper. I wonder how much more they'd be willing to be flexible about as far as front office philosophy because you know, they, and maybe things changed with Zeidan not there. But just in the way that they've, you know, they've come up with all these different mathematical probabilities in the way, they determine how they build a roster how they put a lineup out there the decisions that they make. And I think they've decided that in ninety nine out of one hundred cases a three to four hundred million dollar contract. What it does to the rest of your roster makes it cost on offensive if they decided, okay, we're going to do this with Bryce Harper. What else are they potentially willing to change? And have you heard about player and player b? No, no. You have the numbers of. You did you kinda come in for two seconds while I go to my briefcase. Hang well, we oh. Yeah. Briefcase. What's white people have really does have a briefcase look at him. That's not sat on what Sheila. So we were looking at the number. Okay. Here's where I just went to listen to these numbers in taking to account what they make as well players. A and b okay we'll start with player. A this is just just last season. This is not career this last season player a to sixty three batting average thirty five home runs seventy nine RBI an of nine seven three in a war of four point two. Had three hundred and ninety five at bats. Okay. Player be to forty nine thirty four home runs. One hundred runs driven in the Nope. Of eight nine a war of one point three. At bats five hundred fifty so one hundred and fifty five more at bats than play. Okay. Player a has a better number in every category. With the exception of runs batted in. Again, he had one hundred and fifty five fewer at bats. So that explains Honey me he made last season five hundred and forty five thousand dollars. I can afford that player b is looking if something north of thirty million a year money K play max Muncie. Yeah. I mean, it's a bit of cheap. Because Bryce Harper is a better player than max months unequivocally. But it does speak to getting what you pay for and how much you're paying to get blank. Like, you know, if you're talking about a ten year three hundred fifty million dollar deal. That's a long time to put yourself in a position where you can play the max Muncie game, right? And that's it. It doesn't have to be MAC Muncie. It has to be max monthly issue. Right. And max Muncie might turn up next year. And instead of hitting thirty five home runs hit twenty five he might hit nineteen. My also might hit five. I think he's I don't think you could thirty five home runs and turn around hit five can. But it seems very unlikely. Now what I take Bryce Harper or max take Bryce Harper one hundred times out of one hundred until you factor in the money and like you were saying with the roster flexibility. And I just don't know if at that price. If Bryce Harper's the difference between the dodgers winning the World Series or not the dodgers have been in the World Series. Without this mega star player at that price. I mean, but Bryce Harper could be the guy that maybe pushes them over because he can hit, and you know, generally not last year. But generally speaking he can hit for average better than most of the guys the dodgers had in their everyday lineup. And if there was a real fall to the way, this lineup was set up is that it was incredibly one dimensional. Yes. It was all or nothing and feel like for all. All for all the flexibility with this roster defensively and being able to put, you know, seven or eight guys on this team in five different positions. They're incredibly inflexible offensively. This is why I think that you're right that Bryce Harper is not a feast or famine guy typically last year, he was and if we're if he's trending in that direction, and again, this is not an argument that Bryce Harper's anything other than a great player, but that dollar amount it locks me into something. I don't I think they slap Manny Machado on the back and say, thanks. We got close. Good luck and work for you. Go. I think Bryce Harper's one of those guys you talk with. But in less, you're making a radical departure in the way that you go about roster construction. It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense because I have that a high strikeout high home run guy at a fraction of the cost. You got a lot of them actually Bellinger. Is that guy Segers not that Turner's? Not that the rest of them are basically that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they've gotta be they've gotta make some alterations in the way that they go about roster construction, regardless. I mean, whether you're talking about bringing in somebody huge big name like a Bryce Harper or other guys around the edges they need to find different ways to generate offense than the way they've been doing it's to hit or miss. I mean home runs are the they're like the most all or nothing thing in baseball. And they got a lot of nothing when they go into slumps, the I think that they need to come to some sort of half-measure where what works over the course of six months doesn't work over the course of a night or even a week. That's the problem when you have no flexibility. That's what I'm saying that you need to have a guy that can go up there and Bunn guy over you need to have a guy that can go up there and hit a ground ball to one side of the field that can get a fly ball. Puig and Bellinger in Peterson Taylor all these Hernandez. All these guys are nice players, but they're all just swinging out of their shoe. That's why that's why I like that they re signed David freeze. And honestly, I think they should've played a more during the World Series at one of the big mistakes. I think they made was not just having him in the lineup every day. He's splits were pretty good against any type of pitcher. And he was actually hitting the guy who was hitting their so pathologically devoted to the math that I think it blinds them to some situational opportunities that you just have to say bleep the math. I'm not I'm not changing this right now. And there's there's no better example of when they took Pedro Baya's at a game one that they decided they wanted to go with a left-hander to get this guy out of the and Pedro by hadn't gotten touched in two weeks. He blew to hitters away hundred miles an hour, and you bring in a guy, that's a human meltdown. And he melted down end it because the math tells you to and I don't even. I've come around on this. I've reversed field. I was really down on Dave Roberts during and after the World Series. He wasn't making that call. He's he's looking at it in line. Twenty two of the spreadsheet says when this guy comes to bat we pitch this guy in this inning do it or I'll find someone else who will one of the World Series games. I don't remember which the ones it was at Dodger Stadium. I was talking with a couple writers who are very close to the team they're around day in and day out. And they said that this front office there the way they are that slavish to the numbers and the data really does get in the way of everything that they do not that it doesn't add anything, but it gets in the way of flexibility, they have no flexibility, and they don't know how to improvise and sports requires you to be able to improvise because you don't know the outcomes you can plan for zillion different outcomes. But you don't know what the actual outcome is going to be in. Inning by inning. I can tell you that the outcome is going to be this sixty two percent of the time over a thousand situations, but I need to win one situation right here and ninety you you need to be writing for the one percent not the ninety nine. Absolutely. All right. It only took them two-thirds of the season. But it looks like USC is finally starting to focus on the right part of their offense. We'll talk about it. Next ahead feeling. This is for you. I don't know. What's going birthday Scarface? Scarface L Pacino in Scarface. Happy birthday. Roxanne shante. French montana. You worked in his hood. I already said this. I know you got it. But oh Travis. What? Houston. Word on the traffic the candlesticks burden. I don't know who this is Scarface. Oh, I thought it was like, maybe the movie Alba chino or the ghetto boys, boys. Right. Oh, happy Scarface forty eight years. That's what I thought Scarface like, I don't, but I'm thinking scarfing movies out. Forty eight years old close sitting there. Hurt that scarfing thirty five. I think Eighty-three. Yeah. Right. India movie. Scarface it is. Yeah. Scarface birthday is brought to you by Jaguar Land Rover, Newport Beach. I bet they're thrilled about that. The movie Scarface remember when we did that big viewing party years ago. Yeah. Yeah. And a party and said, it'll is we had all all you on theme. Chris I had the suit. Yeah. It's not exactly what I'm. But most enough. The answer is. Yes. All right. So anyway, bought to you by Jaguar Land Rover new per to off the Seventy-three towards the visit Land Rover new per beach dot com. Lamb Rover, Andy it's above and beyond. We also like Chris better on quail ads. All right. This is where I need to. The Trojans finally got something right last weekend. They went up to Oregon state. They won the game. And it wasn't just that they won the game thirty eight to twenty one. They won the game by pounding the ball on the ground. They had over three hundred yards and. They're focusing now on running the ball. I thought Malachi wear and car really ran the violence between the tackles. That's clay Helton. It was great to see that running game going over three hundred yards. And yes, it makes playcalling so much more easy because you get the one on one match ups and those are easy reeds for a young quarterback. I don't know what took so long. I mean, you have to think that this was an issue of clay Helton out of loyalty and friendship to t- Martin giving t Martin way too much latitude giving him way too much trust t Martin is a quarterback and also too. I wonder about how much the staff was kind of fallen in love with what JT Daniels not just can do now. But just sort of the thought of him moving four building that relationship with him moving forward. There are times JT Daniels. Throws an amazing deep ball. But there are other times where he doesn't connect. And they haven't spent enough time just having throw short passes getting him into a rhythm. But also to just milk. The fact that you have three really good running backs. And now, I think with clay Helton fully in charge of the play calling coaching a lot of ways for his job. Or even if you believe Lynn Swann actually, do believe him that all things being equal. He wants to keep clay Helton. There. You still have to give me the reason. And that play calling is going to be among the reasons he decides to do it. Yeah. I've really mixed feelings about this. Because clearly clay Hilton knows what he's doing when it comes to calling the plays. And we saw what they did organ state. They just pounded the bottom. I have borne states terrible terrible desens-, and it does help. But it was the right thing to do. At least. He was shrewd enough in student of to say, okay. I got bigger stronger better players here comes and just running atom over and over and over again it worked like that. They're going to continue to do that to your point though, when you talk about Klay, helton's, his loyalty and his friendship to t Martin and letting him do it. Yeah. Those are wonderful traits to have in your buddy. Those are wonderful traits to have. In your brother in your best, friend. I don't know if it's the best trait Avs head coach because he clearly knew what was wrong, and he let it rot. He let it sit there and get to the point where USC is a five and four football team. The Pac twelve is wide open this year. There's not a good team in the league. And he let it get to this point where now okay now, fix it. Will you should have fixed a long time? I don't disagree. I mean, Chris HALE, and I host the first two hours of our pre game coverage will be doing it from three thirty five thirty tomorrow heading into the cow game. And that's something Chris, and I talked about. Yeah. You noticed when it just? That's something Chris, and I've talked about all year with Boches the play calling and what's been going on. And and how clearly t t Martin has not been the right guy for this. He does not have a feel. I think for the overall game plan but also to making Just's during the game. But you could feel that this was Klay helton's instinct anyway in the loss to Texas when they went one two heading into the Washington state game clay Helton all week in practice was more involved on the offense of side of the ball. Then he typically is or certainly more aggressively involved with it. They ended up beating Washington state that the only team that is beaten Washington state this year, and it feels like clay Helton knew that this is where needed to go. But because he is a genuinely good guy too. Great trait to have human being it's not a great trait to have as a head coach something we've talked about like, the I know does clay Helton have the ability to be not the nice guy when it's important that he isn't whether you're talking about the way. Deals with his staff. You know, dismiss Neil Callaway their offense of line coach and essentially demoted team Martin. And frankly team Martin was not so important with their recruiting team art might lost his job to. But also to just in the way USC has underachieved at times during the season. And clay Helton has never really expressed disappointment in it. Yes. Like, you can be disappointed while still believing in your players, you can be disappointed because you believe in your players and Klay helton's natural instinct to spin everything into positively. I don't think has served him. Well, this year is a head coach. But I also think to his credit he's recognized that things need to change. Yeah. I just. All of that is true. It's just too late for me. Because to your point I think the stop and do it like this. If UC is still considering itself, and I think that they should but it's getting further and further away from this. If USC is one of those programs a national program a program that competes with Ohio State now Obama and Oklahoma no sorts of places you need ask yourself. Do you think urban Meyer would think twice about getting rid of a guy? If he wasn't pulling his weight on football. No, no would Nick Sabin for one second think about hurting his friends feelings he thought he'd made one badly premise with the premise with that. That's wrong, Nick Sabin and have friends. Okay. Fair enough. But a coach these guys are ruthless. You're going to be at that level. I think and again, I don't want my neighbor to be like that. I don't want my friends at all my family, but my football. Notre just has got to be a middle ground. I mean, like Klay held can't pretend to be a bigger heart asks than is. And you. You don't wanna guy pretending to be the disciplinarian that he's not. But you got to find a middle ground and again Klay Helton firing Neil Callaway that's hard for him. Like he is described Neil Callaway as like a second father Neil Callaway coached for his dad. So you're seeing signs if nothing else of what clay Helton has finally come around to having to do and that is clay Helton moving forward. Then maybe he moves more into the role that USA needs buddy of mine sense of really funny, and I thought pretty insightful US fan, and he said after the Texas game where USC got run off the field thirty seven to fourteen and he said, my greatest fear is that clay helton's worried about the kid's feelings instead of lighten him up. He's worried about them being a hit guys. It's okay. You know, what happened? There's some instead of saying, hey, what the hell was that? We're not dude where USC we don't get pounded by people like that there. There's no question. That's that's legit fear to have with Klay beavers do up in Oregon state. Keep going not just pretend you didn't hear it. But but again, it is it is something though that we're Lee seeing signs of clay Hilton getting past I hope so cows not a very good team UCLA cows got a great defense a great the, and that's one of the if they lose that game. It's now going UCLA's awful. They should then Notre Dame's really give it to the run in this game. Because Callum, particularly they disguise defenses. They make it really hard to pass against this game that you have to be running the ball Lakers. Get the Sacramento Kings tomorrow night at staple center, Tyson Chandler, is in is everything. All right. Find out next boy healthy, I'm gonna try happy birthday, nNcholas Shay. Wow. How about that? I'd never gotten that. Yeah. I love cliche. I always check nNcholas forty five years old today at ease to be married to one of your favorites. Yeah. Just simpson. She's still got it. I mean, she's a little bit more. Rubenesque bud words off Tig. She's off got. Yeah. No. I'm not sure I'm you it selling its past tense. It's not past tense even Rodgers guy after that attractive woman. What does she do? Now. Pictures on Instagram doesn't shea host one of these shows. I don't know. I think it's Rams pre. Jared Goff, y'all. That's right. I should have her on a guest. Should we can do that? Happy birthday to Nicklaus. Shea forty five years old today. All right. So Lakers off again tonight. They play two games this weekend. They got Sacramento coming up on Saturday. And then you've got the Atlanta Hawks back at Staples Center on Sunday. I I'm curious Andy to see what happens because Sacramento, Atlanta are two teams. And even though Sacramento's a better team this year they've been in a while or at least they're off to a better start. If they struggle or lose to either Sacramento or Atlanta, whatever reprieve was given because they beat Portland and added Tyson Chandler against Minnesota. You're gonna be right back into the middle of the is Luke gonna get fired. Is this a good team or not? I mean, look think of all the drama that went on with the Kobe shack Lakers, and the Kobe Powell Lakers, and how much everything became a live and die scenario with those teams and things will get dissected to death. They were championship winning teams. I mean, you don't think that's going to be going on with Luke? And these guys they figure it out. This was inevitable. This was an you. And I remember talking about it or right before signing and right after signing LeBron James that this idea that magic has been saying this idea that rob Pelinka that everyone is hey, it's two years. Guys. It's a two year process. Don't get hung up on what happens right away. We're in the process of building a championship team. You can't just snap your fingers and be on the warriors level. It's gonna take some time. But this feels where we are right now is exactly the scenario that I thought was going to happen, which is a slow start where the team is just kind of floating through it where there's knows about Luke's job security, where magic as a moment where I don't know if impulsive everybody in patient with the results, and you're looking at a roster and think okay, do we need to move one of these pieces for another star that this is the scenario that I saw coming and it's a bad one. What's funny about this to me is outwardly and for most of what you read about. What's being reported internally the pressure doesn't seem to be coming from LeBron. No like LeBron seems to be exercising. Some degree of patients. It may be because he recognizes to be perfectly honest. Some of these fourth quarters. He's been dropping the ball to like LeBron has. Not been playing well enough in the fourth quarter to start really throwing his weight around. I mean, he can if he wants to. I'm just saying it's bad look making get away with it. He's LeBron do whatever he wants. But just the idea of starting to really throw that weight around during fourth quarters where he's miss shots or he's miss free. Throws magic is the guy that is just seem ANSI for the sake of being ANSI to really the surprise of no one. No. I mean, this is magic is. He's self described as impatient. Right. He here here Stephen talking about how magic is not going to be patient with the squad. Magic Johnson is a lot like LeBron James described himself on the broad James said the week. You don't wanna be around me when I lose my patience member when he said that is to absolute Gaza on his truth. You do not want to be around. Magic johnson. When he loses his patience. I never had much of it to begin with this part of what makes them great. He tolerate it. He walked into MBA determined a win any left determine a win. And he's going to be that they way as president of bath. Operations paces ain't going to be virtue of Magic Johnson. Tell you right now. I think he's right. I, but I don't know if magic being impatient in this scenario is necessarily the right move. I agree that he probably is impatient right now that he does want because as a player I can smash my foot on the gas and make it happen. Because a Magic Johnson. I'm the best player on the court on the best player in the league. And we're going to do this because I'm that good. But when you're a couple layers removed from what's happening on the court. You can't say I full speed ahead. You need to let it cook a little bit. And I'm not saying you give Luke an endless supply of time. And just say you'll figure it out. Take your time. There needs to be some sort of pressure put on them, but eleven games ten games in the season. That's quick especially eleven games where you didn't have the entire roster because they're the three and four games spends for Rajon, Rondo and Brandon Ingram. It also just depends. If you're magic, what are you being impatient? About like are you in patient with Luke Walton because you see? Him making decisions that you don't like. And it feels like they're repeat decisions are being made over and over. And you're like, okay. Why is he not learning from this this scenario when this happens keep reacting this way, why keep doing the rotation? This way, we've talked about it keeps going back to it. If it's impatience with that. It's one thing if it's general impatience with the results or the defense hasn't been good. You gotta start looking in the mirror though because this roster. I not only could have told you you look at the stuff that I wrote for the leading my brother, and I covering the team for the Atlantic. I said this is going to be a lesson defensive team because you got rid of your best. If not defender, your best interior defender in Julius Randle and your most versatile defender brook. Lopez was an underrated part of what helped them be better last year defensively and you brought in guys like Rajon, Rondo and Lance Stevenson, my Michael Beasley, these are all minus defenders. You know in javale McGee can be a plus in a very specific way. But he's not versatile as an interior defender. The way Julius Randle was it was pretty obvious to me. I know I wasn't the only person that this team might likely take a step backwards defensively if that's catching magic by surprise match the problem in that scenario, but that's not going to. I mean, he's finger pointing back at him is probably not going to have an look you bring up an important point. I don't know what the points of emphasis given to Luke have been Luke and the team and magic know that we this is what we want to work on. So to your point if they're saying we're doing ex- too much stop doing that amount of X do more why? And he's still rolling X. That's that's a legitimate complaint from management saying this is not what we wanna do we wanted. But if it's just the other thing, then that's because as I look at it, and I watched what the the Lakers are doing. I don't get the sense that they're losing games because there's coaching mistakes. There's there's there's coaching issues that are taking place. It seems more of roster construction issue. And just the fact that it's not baked yet. It needs more time to figure out exactly what it is here. Here's an example that I would give for a lot of people listening right now Koby and pow fit together instantly like the first game that they played together. After that trade. Kobe empowered looked like they've been teammates for twenty years. There were still issues in the fourth quarter about how that dynamic work. You know, how the other guys, you know, Andrew bynum, Derek Fisher Lamar Odom guys would played with Kobe for a while. They're still were awkward dynamics in the fourth quarter and those guys played at a championship level for years. You don't think there's going to be these type of dynamics after eleven games, especially with a lot of these young guys or even somebody like, Michael Beasley who's never played with Beasley maybe unmet exerted rotation. But a lot of these younger guys Casey p who've never played with a star before like this. Not going to be solved in eleven games. It look it didn't get solved in eleven games with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, right? It didn't get solved in eleven games with Kevin love other all star players. This Laker team right now has no all-stars other than LeBron Rondo and he's new too. Well, and Rondo is a long ways off from his as I mean, there there are certain decisions that Luke has been making this year that I would question his second unit that he's been running with lately that is so small that Casey is essentially playing the four spot. Like if that's something magic is looking at going. I don't get this. What's this about? I'm with magic. Like, I don't understand. I would play Kyle Kuzma off the bench because I think it creates more of an actual second unit things like that decisions. Like that. If magic wants to question them fine. If it's just simply a matter of results ain't there yet. The gotta give some time the numbers say yes to. The question that I'm about to ask LeBron's points per game is a half less than his career average his assist per game are actually up by about a half his rebounds per game or up by about a half. Have we gotten the full LeBron's? Have we gotten what you thought you were going to get because he's he's been good. He's been affective. He's been the it doesn't the impact that I expected him to have has been something less than I want to hear what you think about that. Plus the idea of are the Lakers better now today this year with regime. Rhonda the Lonzo ball that's coming up next. Happy birthday loofah rig. No. What? No, hey, man. It's another shot Verde Scarface. You guys need to come to the cushion that I will never get this the scar. The Scarface and the equivalent there of this Scarface with to pock. Oh, no. To pock, but skull, you know to pockets. If you showed me say, that's too. Yeah. Or just seem walking around. Well, he believes believe that's true. Some people believe that's true birthday. Scarface. Happy birthday forty eight years old for scars, man. Yes. Scar man. I didn't know maybe, you know, sometimes they take on names that are not gender specific just the voice should get him. He was like, the Rangers rain goes. You never really know. I like to cover all my bases. So what do you think? Have we seen the full abroad? Number say, we're getting exactly what we were going to get his he's right on his career averages above them in some but not by more than a half. Either way. Have we gotten full LeBrun? I hope not because defensively LeBron is understandably and predictably in coast mode right now, and I get it. He's coming off eight straight finals, he is thirty three years old closer to thirty four and thirty three and he's going to have to pace himself, and you saw bits of him cranking up the defensive intensity against Minnesota last four or five minutes of the fourth quarter. Lebron was good defensively. But he's been doing a lot of coasting. And again, I'm not saying that to bag on the Braun. This is something you need to do out of necessity and self protection sixteen years. Yeah. But you always want to hope that when April rolls around. And then the playoffs he is capable of game in game out playing the type of defense at the Lakers will need so you hope that this is not the full. I liked the word coast. I think that that's probably because he does he he's such a gifted player. He's so good that he can kind of put it on cruise control for periods of time pointing and still get exactly what needs to get done. But I that that's a good word for. I think another one that. I might pick is I think he's instead of coast Modi's almost an evaluation mode. Oh, sure. Just kind of like what what are you have over there liberated Ingram? Go ahead. I can take over this thing when I need to. I'm not at the point where I'm word. We're gonna miss. I'm not at the point where I know that you can't do it. I'm at the point where show me what this is exactly Josh Hart show me what you are show me what you are Kyle. Kuzma, he knows what Rondo is. But he's kind of just waiting to see I think the same thing could be said about Luke Walton he's kind of evaluation. Do I do? I like this do I love this not like this. I think he's just kind of taking the temperature of the entire organization now as well as should be. I mean, the the coasting is really defensively offense ity, this is information gathering and also to you wanna get these guys. Like Brandon Ingram Kyle. Kuzma, Josh heart. Lonzo you wanna put them in a position where they feel comfortable not always deferring because that's also gonna make LeBron's life easier like the more. Lebron feels obligated that's one of the reasons he came exactly if he just wanted to carry a bunch of dudes he stayed in Cleveland. I mean, that's what he was doing that last year that offense lived and died with him hit him want to repeat repeat of that. So the only way to avoid that is to put those guys in situations where he steps back a little bit. And so far it's been a mixed bag results. It hasn't been great. And it's it hasn't been a disaster either. How long the valuation Motamed, I guess almost in every game win or lose? That's meaning they've gotten blown out once they've had one blot on the good side. One blood on the bad side. Everything else has been right there. Let's go to the I E and Ernie Ernie. You're on with Keyshawn l z and Travis and Andy what's going on morning doing? All right. What's up? I mean, I'd have to say, no, we're not getting the full abroad right now. But I feel like all of what you're saying is true evaluating he's kind of pick it to the spas. But I wish he would just assert himself. More often during games when it games we are in the game. I feel like he's he's not being assertive enough who control quarters. We let quarters get away from us. And he he kind of just watches because he is evaluating thing. Instead of like, a okay, we can't let this channel run keep happening every quarter. I think it's it's an interesting point. I think it's done intentionally. I don't think it's done where he's just he wakes. Oh, they went on a ten or run and got away from. I think it's done. He's so good. He's so good that he knows that when he does go into fifth year that they're going to be in the playoffs. He knows when he goes in the fifth year that they're going to be dangerous in the playoffs in right now. Even at the end of games, he's still saying show, even if we lose I have enough runway left that I need to know what Brandon Ingram in Lonzo ball in Calcutta more and you do evaluate that now in November and December. So wouldn't you think though that he would also then kind of step in for Luke a little bit in front of magic and say, hey, I think we're good like if that's the case he would kind of take some of that monkey off of loops back and say, no, don't worry. I, you know, I think we're good. We're gonna be okay. Instead, he's kind of quiet, and it makes it look like he doesn't know what he's doing. I mean, it's a really. Good question. Really good question. It feels in a lot of ways like LeBron wants to stay out of this. Because he knows he has that reputation as a coach killer like he's aware of it. Whether it's fair or not LeBron knows this. He knows for that matter that he has the reputation as every teams real GM, and it seems like he's trying to avoid it. He said good things about Luke. And he's also said from the beginning like Luke student great job, or you know, like I remember he was asked about a practice one time, and he was like Luke's running the show. So I think he's trying to stay out of this. If for no other reason than if for no other reason than if things do go sideways he wants to make sure that they're enough receipts. Where it's like LeBron staying out. Yeah. He hasn't been directly involved. He's staying out though is in and of itself a opinion on the situation. It could be it could be that's better. But if he were looked Luke Stewart a great job he can say that. And whatever heat magic is applied to him becomes less. Lebron? I like it. I think he's on the right track. That's. Different than because look I'll be to be fair to Lonzo when Lonzo did not advocate for Luke last year. I thought that that said something so that that LeBron's doing the same thing as when lavar lavar and everybody went, whoa, whoa. Whoa. What's going on Kaku came out? It was very adamant in his support allu-, quota, branding and branding to and Lonzo was applied for whoever the coaches, and it was wo and that. And as it went further. It was kind of like look he's just saying he just doesn't want to get sucked into the middle of this. But by not picking a side, you're kind of picking a side, no not necessarily. I mean, picking a side would be saying or looking like, you're picking a side would be saying play for anybody. Because at that point. You're saying you want fire Luke Walton fire Luke Walton staying out of it is wanting to avoid a headline that involves me LeBron and LeBron s-o-f-i can tell you is somebody who's been around the team largely looks like he's trying to avoid headlines. I mean like he looks sometimes miserable. As he's talking with us. Like it seem, you know, things I think seventy five eighty percent of us are bunch of bows. And he doesn't feel like answering claiming a little low. He's aiming actually it's been. It's really speaks to the number to start with a nine. No. This giving us anything that low. But like, it seems like he's just trying to avoid if you're LeBron you know, that anything you say will create a headline. So the less you say, even you know, obviously, what you don't say can great headline to at least you can't put a coat on it. The evaluation to has to probably include from LeBron's perspective. The Rondo Lonzo evil, and again, he's been highly complimentary. Lonzo he absolutely has. But the the eyeball test isn't everything, but it's not nothing. Either watch Andy my eyeballs are telling me the Lakers play better with Rondo than they do with Lonzo. I think it depends on the situation. I mean, if you're looking for like you saw in the fourth quarter, you know, especially the last half of the fourth quarter against Minnesota. They're going to look better in parts with Rondo because things slowdown in Rondo is much better. At running a half court set, the Lonzo I mean, this is something actually my brother, and I've debated a lot on. On the post game show after every Laker game that we host the best. And worst thing about Lonzo. In a lot of ways is that he's a low usage point guard. And it's great for involving everybody else. The ball doesn't stick. You know, if they're moving up court, Lonzo finds that guy. Extremely well. But it also speaks to a lack of total comfort really running offense. Like, he's not that. He sometimes he's a little too untraditional. Yeah. I think for the Lakers own good because can't shoot. Well, he can't shoot. But also just the idea of if you're running like if you were just running a half court set you need somebody in that comfort zone in the fourth quarter of a game when things sometimes grind down. And that's not lonzo's bread and butter right now flip side though is defensively. I'd rather have Lonzo out there. He's a much better overall defender than Rondo it's interesting. It just when you listen to people better shooter. So far this year. He's a he's been shooting. Okay. He was shoe. He's shooting better. But man, the last two games were. Woah, boy, it was the last year's Lonzo where they were not just misses. They were bad misses. There were there were moments around the hoop where he just I mean, there was a moment where jail got an offensive rebound and launch had to go up and drop it in the bucket, and he's looking to kick and it in. I mean like his instincts are not to score. Yeah. And other than Jack up threes. And you know, he's been doing better shooting thirty nine percent and three this year. He's been much better. But he he needs to sometimes again like his his instincts. His style of play are the best. And worst thing about him. It's interesting to see the way that he's perceived to because when he showed up he was the saver. He was the guy was gonna put people in staple center. We know what magic set about him and bright on down the line. But when people talk about especially from people outside of the bubble, and you know, you're you're with the team every night and people here in the town, we watch every night. We're watching the Lakers we care about the Lakers. But when people from outside the bubble talk about he's left off the list entirely now, it's about LeBron. It's about Ingram. It's about coups. And if they do go to the next guy it's about Josh heart, and it just feels like the collective NBA. Maybe the the real basketball heads still think that lonzo's the guy that's going to be. The guy basketball basketball Twitter for what it's worth like like the writers on Twitter still pretty high on Lonzo. And for what it's worth you're talking about the shot that he passed onto the rim so far this year lawns. Oh. From basically around the rim issued ING about sixty seven percent and that's up from last year shooting under fifty percent, which was shockingly low. So he's actually getting better in this regard this year he shooting forty four percent from the field overall. Last year was thirty six percent. We already talked about the increase from behind the arc. He is getting better offense ity, he suffers from some of the same thing that I think is a criticism of Brandon Ingram is certainly criticism that I have Brandon Ingram is that there are periods of time. And Brandon Ingram. I think is a really really good player that is going to be potentially an excellent player. But there are periods of time where you just lose him out there there you almost never lose Kyle. Kuzma when he's on the court. You know, where he is? You know, what he's doing you almost never Lou. Josh heart. You know, where he is? You know what he's doing with Lonzo and Ingram their own. Yeah. He is out there. But you know, what the commonality though is when you're talking about Lonzo in Ingram versus Kouzmin heart. Lonzo in Ingram versatile players and the gift and the curse of being versatile. Is you can do so many different things, but you also have to figure out when to do them. And how you're going to do them, particularly when you're playing with somebody like LeBron who's the most versatile player in the NBA. And maybe Anthony Davis. That's the only other guy you could even put in that argument. Lebron is one of the most versatile players ever zoo bots zoo. It's LeBron Anthony Davis, it's zoo bots, and then the list ends, right? It's done. That's the list. Anybody else you bring some ridiculous. So if you're somebody like coups MMA or even heart like figuring out what to do is much easier. If you're Ingram, and I think to a lesser degree, but still tangible degree Lonzo, and you can do more things you have to start figuring out when you do that large of. Variety of things, I would love to get a peek inside a magic mind and inside of LeBron's mind. And know what their timeline is for the evaluation. What what is they've been saying two years. It's to your process. Don't forget this isn't just a one year. We got a whole he said at the key. When key interviewed him before the season that were back right now. But we're going to be back back back in two years. Do they buy that were is this one of those? I'm gonna give it to Christmas. I'm gonna give it to New Year's. I'm gonna give it to the all star break that win win to the guys that get to make these decisions. And that is Luke not not Luke it's LeBron. And it's magic winded there. I would say, okay. I know what this is. We're going to roll it. Or what this is? And we gotta make some changes. I think it doesn't come until wanna say it's December fifteenth because that's the day that Casey p is eligible to be traded. And I don't say that just to pick on Casey p because he's been underwhelming this year. I mean because his contract becomes eligible to be traded. Like you listen to Caspian, Los Angeles. Listening to k SPN less. And I think he I think he does have to give approval for a trade. But either way the Lakers can't make a big deal until Casey p becomes available because they don't have contracts that that you could move for say a Jimmy Butler just throwing him out there. They decided you know, what will bring Jimmy Butler try to sell them on our culture for a year. They can't make that deal. Now, the contracts. Yeah, I it's. More than any, obviously, there's logistic things that go into the money and the time and all that I'm talking about emotionally when they decide you know, what we have what we need. We we're we're in a pretty good spot. Now, let's start like to. I'd like to think that in less. It's just an absolute disaster. They way on the side of letting it marinate because you wanna get the best possible idea among the kids who you're going to keep who you would rather trade, but also too ill like if you were going to be this quick on the trigger. Then why didn't you just give up a bunch of the kids to get Colli Leonard? Why didn't you do some of these moves if the answer is simply will will get them in free agency? Well, let's see what's happened in Toronto right now. I mean, look that danger was there with Paul George when you did it the first time, then you saw what happened with Paul George, and you did it with Leonard. At that point. If you're still willing to do it. That's your L, then either your era that or you're lazy in terms of what you think about this stuff being serious. Yeah. Because I mean, that's that's just sort of the lazy way to go about doing it or the era Ghent way of going about doing it just expecting Laker exceptionalism to take over in. It has the gut lebrons. So that probably got reinforced to a certain degree. But if it doesn't let's let's be honest, if the Lakers were still in Minneapolis magic in closing that deal. Yeah. I mean, there are a lot of external factors that brought LeBron to the Lakers that had nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with locations. Sacramento. Lanta go to know, everybody's cool for on her way. And if it's one and one to Luke is going to be here in his name if the Lakers go to and heading into the minneso- the next Portland game because they apparently only play Portland that's on Wednesday. They lose to Portland we're going to hear all this all over. No doubt. No doubt, y'all smoking crack not today. Not today. Another hour to go orderly. Levy on bell is going to rejoin the Steelers soon because he has to he's gonna come in. He's got to get it done. But by next Tuesday. I think it is right. He's gotta be in by Tuesday to get a year of service. This teams to have been a clinic on how not to negotiate a new deal because they offered him a franchise tag, which is worth about fourteen million bucks. He didn't want it. He thought that he could squeeze them. We thought that he could get more out of it. Here. We are going into week ten and the Steelers are really really good. And you wonder whether I would give me more money for the Steelers. I wonder what the value is it because it's still little here again. Okay. Here's play player be both through nine games. And I'm pretty sure these numbers are I'm pretty sure they're right. That mattering. Mattering? These numbers are either. Right or they're not or they're eating the next seven or eight minutes to holy meaningless talk. This will either set up a really good point or it's just wrong. The other player a has rushed for seven hundred seventy one yards. It's an average of about four point seven. He's caught passes to the tune of three hundred eighty seven yards. He scored eleven touchdowns. Some key number eleven touchdowns player beat seven hundred sixty yards virtual wash an average of four yards per carry. Which is a lot less than four point seven receiving yards. Two hundred twenty two. So you're giving up about one hundred and sixty s yards in that regard touchdowns five Levin touchdowns to five thinking where we're going with this play James Connor player be lovey on Bill living on Bill. Just Jesse did. Because he's not no matter. What happens with him in the Steelers moving forward? He's not going to get the offer. That he reportedly turned down as a running back particular running back that is missed games with suspensions. You know, that obviously is willing to alienate his team at at a position that sucks to say this. But it's true is treated as disposable in this league. Well, we thought we thought that he was one of the few guys that wasn't. We've thought that living on Bill and Todd Gurley were guys look. Yes, you can find a guy in the draft here you can find Alvin Kamara later in the draft. You don't have to go and pick him in the first round. You can you can find value somewhere else in less. It's Todd Gurley in less. It's a Levy on bell. Now, maybe girly still falls into this category. But the Steelers went out and got James Connor whose brand new and putting up identical. If not better numbers Laking value. We have value here. We have the great Keyshawn Johnson vacuum. But he had some opinions. He wanted to share with the guys. Of course, he's things with are you with firehose where were you key lobby? I'll be back. I have had to evacuate. Wait the Calabasas area because fires within I dunno yards out. I wouldn't will be like Travis people stand on a roof with little cream water. What might people? Why is it my people? I've never watered my roof. I'm sure if you go back you look at some footage from back in the day. You'll see Europe. The water trying to put out a blade numb with key on this. Pretty much shakes out. So key. How much money has Levy on bell cost himself ever be able to recoup any of it. You know, he will not ever, you know, you lose money Travis you never recouped because if somebody if you love twenty million somebody gave you a hundred still off twenty million because you can have one hundred twenty so you'll never be able to recoup it, and I think it is. Male even his hand. And I would fire my agent for the bad. If I did mmediately like that. He sold terminated doing even be funny. But you know, maybe Bill gave him the marching orders. But even steal your agent is supposed to be smart enough to be able to tell you do what are you doing? This is the wrong move. Let's play a different cards. Yeah. I made a key. It just it just feels like if you take a look at the way running backs are stationed in this league. And you know, what David Johnson got an extension. What Todd Gurley got in extension. What Levy on Belle reportedly was looking for just wasn't realistic and somebody needed to tell him that if he couldn't figure it out for himself? Okay. First of all, which why do talking to talking to any? Okay. New of another white guy here. But I didn't know who you don't know the voice yet. Well, you Brian and Ican been a millionaire, y'all. Would you look at it the deals train that that he's gonna get from who've ever gonna pay him? If he gets paid by somebody is going to be the same deal is a lot of see when dealing with this agent stuff. And they gotta be smartest TJ educating you on what to do. It can't be always about money because whatever team page you is going to basically give you the same deal. Pittsburgh was going to offer you if they decide that you're worked somebody may say, you know, what he's not worth eighteen minutes. All he worked pin in somebody else. He's only worked nine somebody. Will he's not even worth nine. He's worth seven and a half. You could miss play your hand. I don't know if you guys are old enough to remember the air right situation air rent situation to Tampa Bay many years ago when he missed quite withdrew rolled out had him hold out. For mobile low the money that he never got. He was hold never got his money. Never ever. Never got a big deal. He miss great advant lady on bail commits play hand. Because at the end of the day James Connor for four hundred dollars. Whatever he's making is way better value. And do it just as good if not better Levy on build it. So what's it like for him key? If he does come back next week to go back into that locker room to put back on that uniform would how teammates treat them. How does Mike Tomlin treat him to show up? Like, it's nothing. I mean, James Connors plane great you just dropped him back in the lineup. How to use him how teammates react to them? They don't react. They just look at him and laughing in couple of militaire doing, you know, you'll have with the hill. You do do you have a few? Do you have a few say man, we miss you in? That's pretty much. You're gonna have he's he's going to be the butt of the joke. I promise you. Oh, they're gonna have jokes point. He's not going to get off easy, especially with contemplate good. This isn't the Emmett Smith situation if it was the situation, and they were. Three and thick. Then you'll be like damn we needed you. When now they like quietly like man, I ain't going about his business. That's really what they think. He may not want to. But that's what the players are saying. Like, we we we find. Now, you don't need. We just hung fifty two points on Carolina. Carolina panthers. If. Do they use him? You try to insert into lineup because he's. You're not gonna certainly less. They say, you know, Bob him. We don't care we go sign, but we go the activating every game because we don't care we go teach him a lesson unless they just do that. So I probably should have asked this first, but everybody's safe. I know you gotta vacuum. Everybody's in in a good spot. Right now, you and your family. Oh, both dogs are good. Kids are good. The cold and the pitchers and everything else is there. And again, we're not gonna spend on the roof with the waterhole like your people try to you. It's not gonna happen. We're going to get away and let the people that are paid to do the job in government take care of business, and hopefully things will be back to normal and a sharp period of time. And if not then we'll still be evacuated, but it's a it's a horrible mess. Go along with what happened in terms of the shooting the day now in the fires. It's just like it's a lot. I have like the big if it's like I was wit Rosh with three nights in a row drinking. I have the biggest headache right now. Did you know Travis these things called a lot of strip do not only with you personally. Just family members. I got family my brothers and sisters, and I gotta figure out that. And they gotta figure it out. And then fan, my wife and her friend, and thanks can people, and it's the Grammy, Twitter and. I had a little lightweight argument. I said don't tell me anything about what nobody else again, we're leaving. I don't want to year about somebody as it's a few miles away. We're Levy and by the way key. That's that's the advice. And that's the mindset everybody who is in your area needs to take don't be that idiot. Who stays back thinking it's going to be okay. Or you know, everyone's panicking everyone's overreacting get out. No. I'm not going to stay there and burn the Chris. It's not gonna happen. No. I'm already pretty dark right Rosh pretty much, man. It'd be bad after that military right now, I'm not trying to stick to the walls. Nope. Not not happening. All right. Stay safe, and we'll cross our fingers hang in there. And if not I'll be down either Manhattan beach, Redondo, whatever that area is most covert city Pasadena Laguna Gail, I'll be somewhere by needed like a bunk. You can. Come on down. Where your flip flops in your shorts fit right in? No, no, I got I got kingside, man. You've got room. We got being the wife. You know, those opens do that. Okay. I'm coming. That's enough. Good lucky. Yeah. That's he's at one hundred yards from his house. Yeah. He did. That's crazy. Probably should've asked that. I I'm gonna ask them questions. If you saw him at the marquee razor run one hundred yards. No, ma'am. That's on the fire. I genuinely feel terrible did that. Yeah. I really did. Raj made the joke that you didn't ask him how he's doing both for I'm used to Raj. But both and I try to be responsible zone actually human being I failed as again. I mean, if it I mean, so you're aware it sounded every bit as bad as you're picturing 'perfect in really you can redeem by pulling back peel back the skin that's coming up next.

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