THE NERD ON! UPDATE - Mulan to Disney Plus, John Wick 5, and MTG Creators


In In The sheeting update. degrees. To. One. What is everyone welcome to the net on update where we talk about the nerdy news that were excited about from the last week, and then we answer questions from you guys the people be. We don't introduce ourselves in the show. We just go straight into the news the TOM started us off. I'm starting at off Caitlin. Okay. So this is what had happened baby so Tell me about it. Normally, the DC boy as per usual Yom, means area. As per usual the DC what the DC. Y.. AK. Here we go. Now I. Understand I need to have people who are listening to us for the first time understand what I was saying, and then they'll catch on. anyways. So we cared about them before with that but. It was introducing it introducing at first and now I'm like okay. Well, now here it is. Okay. Proud you know like Iran, wanting come up being just like, oh Universe, we have to just then everyone now other the like we don't have to. It more so Why don't talking about today though is important because in my realm of interest of TV film. All that jazz. Something interesting happened in the world of cinema and talking about what's going on with our pandemic and everything and America's still shut down for the most part wherever the country's gotten their shit together Disney has decided to pull the plug so to speak and just commit to a course of action, which is to launch release premiere showcase, whatever it is stream Mulan, the live action of reimagining of the Disney animated classic that's purely from the marquee. Oh, they call it onto Disney plus or as some would say dizzy plus plus because it's going to cost your sweet booties thirty dollars. Nine dollars and thirty seven cents or something like that. There's some tax well to to watch that bad boy and that's just to rent it. Or tying it. I think it's to just wash it to stream. So yeah, I guess it would be. Oh. But they're basically traded treating it like a digit like if you were to go to the movies, it might cost you for two tickets thirty dollars. So okay, exactly. But I don't think he would own it which is interesting. and. It's you know like I said like I want to make sure that people are supporting things equally and all that stuff and everyone's just up Disney's hold because the happiest company in the world, but also their brand new to streaming. So it's like they're going to it is it is thirty dollars to watch it as many times as you want as long as you keep your Disney plus description. So it's like hunting owning it. It's like having apple music, right? It's. If, you don't pay any more than buy baby but that also talks a little bit like. You know the Internet's funny place where a lot of people can air their differences and thoughts and a lot of people did not understand why movie theaters were so upset and I want to talk about just perspective. I don't own a movie theater but I could. But I'm part of a business of a podcast understand of when a big company that is primarily. Part of your res, your income large on your income to at says that we're going to release in theaters and we were expecting that the theaters to destroy the screen it and then pull it from our the rug and tell everyone at the same time publicly that were no longer going to theaters You're now telling everyone at the same time that you. Know cheated on their brother. You know that's what you pretty much dead like instead of telling them behind closed doors like, Hey, we're not gonNA do this. We're gonNA tell this to the rest of the world in about three weeks. So I want you your you and your companies to prepare for this So Kevin. Matt Grain of salt in mind a lot of. People are saying like Oh. What are you talking about? Everyone's been doing the schools businesses, sports entertainment everyone's in the why was it so man it's it's boggling for theaters because Disney's been able to play it both sides say like, Hey, you have to be understanding to us because we're pandemic but also we don't have to give you heads up because we're in a pandemic. So, it's just really tough because I'm assuming standard kind of thing. Hand, it's it's shooting on the grazes that they built like obviously, the theaters wouldn't be where they are successful without Disney films. But also when you're like well now it's everyone for themselves and we're just going you know cut our losses and we've put millions of dollars in the marketing campaign to say in theaters you know we're not gonNA, make any money on anymore we've lost money. So now we'd have to make as much money as we can get. So there is a little political because you have to see like both sides of the of the argument where of. Ends and business you know inch introduces itself but that's not only thing to happen streaming news Harry Potter which is a a water brothers I. think it's a new line cinema as well under one rose will no longer be on Hbo Max Tober they are going to peacock which is weird because it's everyone has universal studios universal NBC Universal. Why is Harry Potter World There Because Warner Brothers licenses to universal. So it's interesting to see the play of where licenses go because. Unlike and I mean I say this in a very. Benign way unlike Disney where it sounds like they. Want to take all of their rights back and keep it to themselves. We're seeing a little interplay between streamers. Yeah, and whether it is a licensing agreement because a lot of DC films are now moving to to net flix and so some DC films that were on maximum longer there. So if you're like what's going on, obviously, you know behind closed doors curtains inside baseball wherever you want to call it licensing agreements happened before the idea of the advent of watching streamers so. Again it's GonNa be like why is endgame on Netflix and on Disney plus where it's like well, give it a couple of you know more and then we'll get it back. I know that Disney is making a huge push they hit their five-year Disney school within eight months. But keeping my like the pant they didn't obviously plan on the pandemic. So no, still my God. Yeah. So it's interesting to that the Harry Potter all eight films will be on a peacock which peacock I think has quote unquote. Gar garnered some of faith just because it's free medium and where you can join for free washing things. But you want you know quote unquote premium product than you had to pay. But one thing that I'm really excited about and this is now type of information at all but coming this September. Really Scott Original TV series will be coming out raised by wolves. and. That looks baller. I don't know if y'all are into the SCI FI world and it looks like if walking dead met Westworld like that's what it looks like. It looks baller AF. And I'm excited that's that's all at. Its September. Release Guy. to regional story. There's no source material at all and I think it looks really recall at. Times excited well. Joy in Tom but also released Scott is a hit and miss sometimes so I don't know. The truth this. Is the truth although some exciting news came out this week that John Wick five is happening and it will be filmed back to back with four I'm excited because I like the John Wick series so far you like Yano I like Jano Yeah doesn't he's a good human and to support him But also what I think is interesting is that there's this fan theory that the John Wick series is actually it symbolizes the five stages of grief Oh okay. where it is denial anger anger. Bargaining depression and acceptance, and the span theory is like even before the V movie was announced, they said there's going to be five movies and it's going to be this and it's very interesting and I'm like, oh. What if what if it is if you like because there's a few breakdowns of how it how it does follow that kind of like the first one is about denial the for the second one's about anger the third ones and they break down the scenes of how this proves. This is very interesting. So it's So. That's the case that means that John Wick for is depression and John Wick five is the acceptance portion of I'm very interested to see how it goes if if it is actually at all the case, but it seems more like anger. As Zoo Lotta anger back I love the idea. But yeah, there's not a whole lot of details I one. He's denying he's denying the death of his wife or he's the nine that he's back. He's like, maybe that's it. It's it's little. It's one of those things. Like. Yeah I've read into that. His is denying his wife stays denial guns these not getting her star. Are True true true true. Call it deaths and troy together they're. out to Iraq. But like in John Wick three bargaining e actually pleads to a higher power. He asks the high table for a stay of execution. So it's like there's little things that you like it's kind of a stretch, but and now he's infected our audience with this fan the. It's interesting. Those are fun. Yeah Hall Andy and at Toy Story. Oh. Yeah. Come on and the end of the world kind of but Yeah. That's my newsroom next. Yet Mines Quick we have officially joined the Coast Creator Program. Fashion, that's so cool. It's official I not know that. So. Look for a slew of content don't have much sooner to right now but look I through content coming your way join me on Mondays for some streams will be given Magic Mondays. We doing either ladder climbs deck building or playing against people like Josh Shelly Kimmy call it the triple m magic Monday madness. Oh. Three Guy Fieri. You know what? I'm saying like. Triple am I mean I? Think that's the same. It the same as another stream marines me of something from anime from like love live. I was GONNA say I was like all the other you. Know. Like nevermind watch the enemy anyways. Speaking of animated things I have two pieces of animation news that I'm very excited about. Guys the maniacs are coming back. Yeah they so Like. It's been Twenty, two years since the final episode. On November twentieth on Hulu. Steven Spielberg produced reboot is coming. So they're they got a two season series order GonNa have the ACA Wacko Dot, Pinky and the brain the the. The second season is GONNA be coming back in sometime in two thousand, twenty one but that's kind of like all. That's really known as far as I'm aware but Spielberg is on it Sam Register is also working on it as well with him. So it's you know I mean thinking the brain do yeah. Yeah. Jakko Wacko Dot Pinky the brain the. Yeah. So Bag. If I don't know about anybody else it just as Yakovenko Dot, picking the brain. Okay. If you if I ever respond to you with Cu. It's from the the good feathers. Cu. Cu. Also the other thing. You guys remember when I talk about this. I know. So has been hotel. the There was a music video that came out called addict and that was like maybe three weeks ago and it blew up I think it's like twenty one million views at this point. Well as of a couple of days ago, eight, twenty four. Announced that has been hotel is going to be coming out through them. And for those of you who don't know much about twenty, four they keep cinema. Pretty Weird. So it's a pretty good spot for them they. Worked on under the skin tusk Swiss army man it comes at night lady bird, the lighthouse uncut gems pretty much. Any good movie you've seen in a lot of great stuff you've seen and for for those of you who are uninitiated with has been hotel. It is set in Hell it flat out. Charlie who is like the kind of the Princess of Hell and and her girlfriend of aggie and? Like trying to make a place to reform the damned so that they can go to heaven. So the overpopulation and Hell isn't a problem so that they don't keep murdering a to keep population under control like there's a purge every year essentially She's trying to undo that and then it's like the crazy things that happen because they're in hell and there's demons everywhere. But it's amazing and I'm so so so excited and there's not much more information we have aside from that other than has been hotel and twenty four working on this thing but that's very, very exciting stuff because that. that. Like knowing that Internet projects and working on something like I know Vivian Madonna has been working on this tirelessly for very long time so many people involved. and to see it like get picked up his just. So awesome. So one of those like keyboard on your dreams keep fighting, you can do it. Anyway. So for the next part, Josh? Yes as for the last. Call Casey. Onis Kennedy hone as Yonis for the last part of our show. We answer questions from you at the audience and if you'd like to submit those questions. There are a number of ways that you can do that. You can send an email to questions at nerd on dot. TV You can go to a nice handy form that we have nerd on dot IO backslash questions. Also, if you are a member of the discord, there are channels within there that you can ask questions, and if you are a member of the nation you do get. A nerd on nudge to have your questions answered. I. These. Questions can be anything like Jeremy M asks. who was your favorite beetle and why? Urge Harrison George Harrison George. Harrison? He wrote he wrote songs. Yeah. Weaves. Something here comes the Sun Yeah. His album all things must pass was just oh, it's a beautiful album back. There is a great song. Sweet Lord. Is a phenomenal song. Also ordered film like one of our favorites Monty Python. He basically budgeted the entire or produce the entirety of a holy grail because he just wanted to see it. Doesn't get much cooler than that or do like the case offering go start though he's also. One of the few Beatles who didn't hit his wife which I like Oh one of the few you mean one of the three. Of the four what? No No. No. It was like him Ringo Paul and John both known. Got It especially fuck John. Other than sales I do like Ringo Starr and how how nice he always is bring a dog at the most fan mail. But all I just think of the Simpsons episode where Marge. Flashback and she a letter to him, and then she doesn't get the letter back until she's like in her thirties and she's like. This one thing that I wanted a child now has solidified something that I'm doing adults. So Kaelin does like the Beatles so actually like the Beatles but. There's sort of a backstory. Dime like now ashamed of as an adult. But when I was young I, I had a thing with I love music and I would like go drive hours with my friends to go see live concerts nauseates. No the So whenever I would go to a concert if I met someone and I learned their name for them as a person, then I would like remember it an associate them with their music and everything. But if I was just listening to if I was just listening to a CD or an album or something I would only want to associate the album art and the number of the song with the music. I didn't want to know what the look like on remember names were and didn't want to know the name of the song. So it's like one of those things where like the Beatles I like the Beatles. I like their songs. IHEART like I only know their name because it has been like showered on. Try Pop culture. You try to the celebrity out of it yes. So I don't really have a favorite beetle because I wasn't ever focused on them as people. I only ever focused on the music. Wa. Wait what are your favorite Beatles songs? Hey. Jude blackbird see like Paul McCartney. As a writer yeah, that's that's daynuss. Favorite. He writes all the poppy pretty love songs well, I'm about that. Shit. Yesterday. All right I mean. All. I also remain there. Lennon McCartney wrote those ones I also remember when Kanye West and Paul McCartney this song together and everyone's like. Paul McCartney is going to give them a career I'm like. Happens. Right next question. Next Question Comes from Black Devil Mamba Shoutout mounds garments Mama If there was a show book or video game, you can save from failure what is it and how would you save it? I've Constantine got to. Yes, the Constantine. TV show. I. Would you say? Air. Joint know why it Diet right because they why? Because so they shot in west and now it was highly marketed. They died in mid West town in the thing that really kind of came down to was when you shoot not in California because California's sucks tissue things other states will give you a tax credit. So Ak when you use services in employable. Your your company will get paid to employ people to do that thing. So the sound stays that they're using on swamp thing they flooded the sound stage to make an actual swamp. Yeah and it was like seventy feet deep or something that was a huge endeavor and they had a constructive from the ground up and then one like after they shot like five episodes of seven. Production found out like the state had revote what they were going to do, and so they're like, okay we'll actually that fifty eight, million dollars that we're going to say we're going to give you you're not know. So fucked their entire schedule and they and I think they're twenty episode season like will down to thirteen episodes or like ten episodes. and. They're like not feasible for same thing happened to Constantine concentrating I. think it die because of ratings. Constant, not swamping. Constantine Oh so I knew about swamp thing but I would think I would say the Constantine TV show it'd be the one I'd WanNa save you can't put on Friday you can't put it on Friday a better time slot but also. 'cause prompting was marketed Constantine was not marketed that well. It's one of the truth adaptations from the Comic Book Shop Boom Night who also had great conversations with about this. And if you it has one of. The most loyal fan bases. Quite released the Snyder cut loyal but pretty damn close like heroes level. Yeah. It's still to this. It's the reason his fan base for that. Constantine Show Matt Ryan Fan base. And that shows famous. The reason he was brought back for the legends of tomorrow and swamp thing because they know there is a fan base for it. They just don't know how to market show correctly, which is ridiculous. What you need to do is put it on something like. DC Universe or be oh and make it in R. Rated Show, and you'll have a huge fucking success in your hands in a positive light of it I. Remember like that was a big fan of era and I'm big fan of Stephen. L.. He's really fucking stand up dude and when the announcement of their cancel it, he hit facebook live instead like hey, if it's like, Hey, cw if we bring constant in then he can guest star on the on the show and Like what introduced him into the show guested on era in such a fucking baller move of like how powerful Steven Steven L. became on CW. Yeah. Like how Greg Berlanti and the rest of the team were just like. All right. We're going to do what the Audience Wants Yeah and Matt Ryan to be fair has gone onto voice him in in a few movies and animated movies school and he's I think he's kind of still tied to anything they might be doing next but. I know Guillermo wanted to do a justice. League. Dark movie with Matt Ryan attached but I don't know what happened that went into limbo. But that'd be my show I would save. To, say, that should be we'll see CDC Phantom saying Hbo Max do a do a dark series and have constant swamping It'd be great back maybe and Lucifer can fucking shop wants by and. Bring dead man onto that show please Boston's springboks builder. Yes. Please bring Dover on his Boston. Ceylan Josh. The the one thing that comes to mind right now is a video game that Korean I were actually a couple years ago really excited about overkills the walking dead by the same company that did payback payday We had a great time playing. It was a lot of fun but it just it. I I'm not sure what happened. Something happened in the release and it got pushed and pushed and pushed, and now I just found it on a list of like the worst commercial fails video games in the past few years and it's like it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun I would have liked to have seen it come to fruition. Yeah but it on sky bound entertainment revoked their rights ruling. The Game Yeah. So is available to play for three months. Skyvan said never mind. So they had to shut down servers. And overkill didn't have enough money to fight it. So that's what sex hail. Yeah. Is a great game. We played it at eighty three. It was a Lotta Fun yeah. Kaylin. I mean. The one Jackie Chan. Animated show. That's my answer. I mean I would want to be. hand-drawn rather than. CG. But actually the one I was thinking firefly. Okay I would. I would fix it. That's the thing that I'm not as sure about I. Mean they aired things out of order. There's like a lot of things that you'd have to like. Ret Con you'd have to recon stuff. Oh. Yeah there's a lot of things I would change, but it's one of those things where it's like. The there's so many things. To to adjust and shift around and put more budget in here and there, and and that kind of stuff that it's not like just one catchall answer of like I would just turn this switch sure dial or Knob or whatever, and it's going to be perfect. Now like you guys are much more entrenched in like the back end things to say that NBC. Airs the episodes of the right fucking order that would have helped probably. honestly I think Have someone else show run it. Have someone else show it would be probably the main one I got. I. Got. I got to Boy, hold on digested. You have a way to fix a overkills walking dead. Have skype not re tracked their rights. Yeah. Know that's the only way to pick out. Some people have skype a little bit because it was a great game that didn't need. You didn't need to change. It had a lot of. Remember how excited you guys were. It had a lot of potential and I think that check out the cinematics if you haven't seen him. Yeah. They had a lot of potential of in game mechanics that could have been really fun. But yeah, the only way to save it would would have been like them working out the rights. Numb a video game would be any of the sonic. Video Games. You fix it. Oh No. Make your like fuck in launch week or announcement date like three weeks after announced. That's coming out like the Hell's wrong with you. Out The games immediately I get it man I got fast but sometimes not doused lowdown baby just. Pule Glitzy walls, I'm saying. A show one show specifically game of thrones the last season. or just the whole show altogether. You know you have you don't and you don't mean how you fix it you take out at. You put a MIC G or Jeremy Carver. McKee the the the minds between behind US supernatural. Why? Because they have no qualms with running show for fifteen seasons? Yeah. So you may lower in quality but also got to flesh out your characters as they know how to write characters without source material. True. That or they just be like, okay. What are the audience which? Show owners again thrown didn't know how to do. That was their big deal just like we want to do star wars yet Dan you're still in this one baby shit stars will still there just watch things. And then. The last one will be Avatar legend Cora. How'd you fix that To. Give it a good. Like airtime. Eric off the air and just put it on Nichols website and it was super hard to find it. Yeah which. Asphalt's faults in itself like the show like. Withered into the hated security is ridiculous. The fuck boys who? Are Ruining Avatar D- Can go give up Camp Feeling strongly today I feel strong about that show I. Think it was a great addition and I don't understand I can't comprehend the amount of hate gets can figure it out I. think it's just like a sexist totally misogynistic thing I. think it did more to expand what Avatar? What the Avatar is than the first show. But the first show has a better quote unquote story are but then the second shows like arm exploring the world that you set up an in in a really wonderful way. So and did everything to your expectations I was like this is this is good subversion ice. All right. Last question last question comes from Spencer Shoutout. Suspense what Mt Faction do you identify with up to three colors? He has broken it down for US organization white curiosity Blue Self. Black emotion read instinct green, I have one. Here's the wheel go ahead corey. LEAD OUR ZODIACS WITH? Stories. Out of all of us Tom, let's start with Tom I think tom would be. White and black he'd be or off. It's a it's kind of an order and making sure that basically if no one else can do it, I'll do it myself. I was GONNA say just how I see the world in black. Of they tax their big thing is is in the RAVNA guilds is to tax people but the way the mechanics work white and black together it's It's kind of like. You sacrifice a bit yourself to gain a lot. Creatures kind of what kind of things are there in there we'll black Ken black is mainly vampires. They went vampires as well, but it's a lot of areas a lot of the way the black and white mechanic works is there's a lot of like whenever another creature dies gain one life in your opponent loses one life like if you sacrifice a creature, you gain all this life and they lose all his life and then when you gain life, they lose more live. It's. Sure that you're in control of what you do and no one else is really. and I think Tom is very good at that. Let's see. Tires. I guys. In Kaelin next I think caitlyn would be. Green. And Red Eye rule. I think it's a lot of like I'm GonNa kind of push through this and I'm going to it's a little. I don't mean this in a negative sense. It's a little chaotic energy like let's let's get this done. Barrel down and and aim for my opponent in just let's get through. A chaotic good energy for. and but you do you do have a very with with green energy. It's a Lotta select like making sure what you would be doing in it. What do you call it in magic as ramp, but really it's using the energy of of the to nurture. what you need. And you have been working really hard to do that with yourself making sure you get what you need to make sure that everything's good. So I think gruel read. Josh I think you might be our. Color. Yeah. I think white. House like Josh. White and red. Yeah I think. I think you would be boroughs. Because there with the Boroughs Legion has is there an army of of? Like basically order and passion. Emotion. They're they're basically like nights and guards of their towns in their people and they watch out for the people who live in the towns. and. They do respect order, but there's there's room for passion within that you can still be passionate and organized all at the same time I. think that's Josh. I think that's That's a very josh. And I think. I'll do all these since he's not here. Think. Would be. Always tougher. Green and blue. Cemex Yep. Motion on on instinct. How I mean it's all about. It technically in the revenue could. Biochemistry like they create creatures but but the way he meticulously works on graphics and when he comes to our meetings and this is a little peek behind the curtain. When he comes from meetings and he wants to talk about something he's working on he makes the most beautiful graphics we have. No reason whatsoever, no one's going to see him but us for that ten minutes in that meeting. It it for me. It's just like you can tell that he sits there and he works with it over and over and over again much like the simic work on creating their new creatures and evolving their creatures, and he's always trying to look for with our graphics. What's next? What's bigger with? What can we do? So I think that would be I think he'd be simic. Think he'd be Blue Green I. Think I would be. Read. I think I would be I think I might be a three color. which is red white and blue. The AS I. Do things a certain way I do have a emotional scale that. Can go up and down with red and blue I like to think things out. Like a maniac before I purchase things especially I will I think before I got my camera. I researched a for a year and a half I. Could about it? So then from taken. Just, I would just guy does is it's a lot of The mechanic in the actual game is when you cast like non creature spells, it's all about. Knowledge and using your. Basically, what you have in your gained more when you can Yeah. I think just guy would be or just blue and white. Always used to blue and white is what I use all the time the Nasdaq I like knowledge I respect knowledge sheet I'll tell you. The other day you told me to checkout, mono, green and interesting deck I don't have enough wildcards to get a a really solid stompie baby. Killing it but. I don't have enough wildcards to do it. So I did I found a budget one that's still pretty still pretty strong start playing and you'll get more goal gamma wildcards. MD Arena. Not sponsored. Hashtag it. That's my answer. All right. Well, I'm cool with that. Yeah. That's pretty pretty accurate across the board Nice Nice. Everybody home. Thank you so much for listening to Spencer Mamba and Jeremy Thank you for sending in your questions. Answer. What do you think? Yeah. Yeah. Because Spencer as a MTFG content creator. So check he is an aficionado and also on our discord do check out this court. There's always a lot of really cool conversations going on in their anywhere from Gosh gardening to food to commerce anime there's caused play. Now we finally added that but yeah, check that out on dot I o. backslash discord check out our patron do consider joining that because it does allow us to. Grow, does allow us to get better all sorts of really good stuff that comes with a lot of great benefits nerd on dot. Io backslash Patriae on stop by rate reviews wherever you listen it does help us to grow because we see that feedback and we take it seriously and it really means a lot to us when we get that positive feedback as it affirms what we're doing and we work really hard on this show and it's always nice. It's always nice to get that. That feedback from straight from the audiences mouth or keyboards. Warm Ho. Warm? Hug. yeah, that is it that has been on update. Thank you so much. You know the drill as always.

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