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Gab and Juls: Where's the Premier League's Plan?


The jewels it's the govern Jewish show. And it's Monday and the sun's shining and guests. I feel positive so positive. In fact that later on we're GONNA have to bring us back down to an actual depressing. Obviously we'll have quick the alphabet. Leathers but I want to tell you I am positive and why I feel pretty good about this okay because I was gonna say I was going to congratulate you and the whole Marcucci family for what you did this weekend. But maybe that's the point that you want to make way while I didn't want to use this platform but yes we we did. Raise a four figure song for Parkinson's research by Making two thousand six hundred twenty six baskets in the course of a day which left me. Some pretty tired arm's no weren't put backs. It was just me standing under the basket but now the reason I'm happy and positive is I woke up with a different feeling this morning. I look around Europe. Germany are saying look on Wednesday. We're going to go to a multi. Multi means no multi means mummy in Germany. Exactly that's anglo-america Ola. Going to give the green light and then may sixteen off. We go he. Bundesliga is back. I feel good about that. Good my prospects in that I feel better about the prospects in Italy. Where is the most of what they call? Phase Two of the lockdown. If gone around that nonsense about how players could train individually or could train likely whatever a now virtually every club in Virtually but more than half the clubs in Sadie on it's going to be done region by region but are sending people back to train Oviedo in the weird arsenal type. Training were reopening is a good news. You're there you've called the players back the ones who were abroad. Cristiano Renaldo is on his way home and his private jet Gonzalo they found Gonzalo. Somewhere in the trump I suspect that's going to be more of a slow burn right. And then in Spain you know after reaching steel between Tabas in the Ministry of Sport and And the FA there that they're going through an intense phase of testing this week. They seem pretty. Bullish scored right good. Your is good. I mean I think Italy because the government's and you know they they voices coming up from that. I be more skeptical. Maybe than what the League and the clubs want to run everything but I think you're right. Gemini will be the first one as we all knew would happen and expect kids would happen. There would play I because they this Sunday make under control. The first is so well organized as you would expect. They have so many tests and everything. Everything is ready. That protocol is super details. Very reassuring if your player. Although as we saw this weekend in Cologne things didn't really go. According to plan. Yeah so three people Cologne. It was a member of the backroom staff in two players tested. Positive one of the disputes. I think everywhere is what you do. If you have a positive case do just isolate the person or do you have to isolate the whole team boasting say this right now if the medical authorities say that if there's a if there's a positive test you have to isolate is according to the whole team point in restarting because then you're talking about two weeks for the entire team possibly their their opposing team as well. You just GONNA run out of time to finish the season. I mean that's nonsense But a German either saying now your opinion as far as you know we just isolate. People Quart the people who are sick. We keep testing everybody else. Is it yet? And there's no longer those. Those players have been very small group of four five going training kind of together with the social distance thing. So it's not like if they were in the middle of thirty man squad like being together all the time so there was there was less risk. More people were contaminated by. That's a really good point and it shows you that when when we were talking about like the you know having people play in a bubble and isolating from everybody else in Germany. They don't do that in Germany. They You know the players still live at home or or whatever. I'm on the kind of trust the players to look after themselves. When they're home it does mean the possibility of contagion within a swan is a lot less. Obviously so I think that's something that that they need to look at Z. Defender Burger restricted At Cologne he was quoted saying. Oh I think it's absurd that only players getting corn gene. We don't feel safe Blah Blah Blah. That's a lot of headlines. He walked those comments back. Said while I was misquoted. Kinda of bad translations from Flemish wedding. Now this guy speaks it. Looks like it's all under control so I don't know I'm keeping both leaders crossed for Germany that they can do this. I mean spaying. They they seen really really determined and they seem to be working very very closely with the government. Yes and we can like tobacco. No and he's certainly hazard off flows the as as the head of the League like a League we took with with very sooner by the Premier League not not showing any kind of leadership for reason or another that with Tobias. You can certainly accuse him of not leading this operation if you want and okay. Sometimes it goes over the top and sometimes you know is is really annoying and you go at least the leadership. Is Dan whether you agree with whether you see. If you think you say safe enough or no Assured the way of doing it and and I think Spain will would grow by playing well and I think they will have again. That protocol is is very strong. They they seem to everything blade. It seems rather government with them and again for being so important in Spain. I think you'd be a very positive thing. If they can manage to go back lane the picture again I feel like I've said this. Every week will become clear in the next seven to ten days but again. I do feel like the tide is turning a little bit show to back down. Let's talk to Augie before that. I wanted to introduce you to my special artifact of of the week yeah similar weights Mitochondria. Similar to what you've seen before but it's one of these horrendous little figurines can you end by reason? It's relevant is because it looks like young. Augie is looks like augie before the beer augie backwards used to play with on. The same team is all schools. Got Markova Mas. All your good yes. That's right it is former arsenal star. Marc Overmars enough of that from little miniature augie to the real real with the beard. Not Coming back jewels here. E as early. I told you I'm feeling marginally more positive. So to balance it out and bring you back down. Let's talk to primarily with Mark Audit Mark you're smiling so you're happy. I may seventh cartoon. If I'm on here jump in May seven which is Thursday. He government will be announcing the next steps. In the lockdown. The following day the Premier League will meet again and presumably. They'll kick it down the cat again for another towards getting presumably then we'll have something concrete to hang our hats on. Yes well maybe seventy right. That's GONNA be the unlock down supposes while they look on Friday. The permanently wouldn't confirm the last Friday. The there is a whole Main votes on restarting a project. We start the season now wants to issues to resolve as far as we know in the main thing is neutral grounds that the primary have been told by the government by the police that if the seat is to start getting hostile ashby completely neutral ground. We sound like a strange unique scenario this last time it is. You know the Won't get a license to play again this season unless they accept this plan with you being kind of imposing it supplied neutral ground now. This is from a public order perspective. I thought originally thought Blizzard a health and safety BRASCO after the other awesome but most of it has to do with public order in the idea. That fans will gather outside grounds. This thing here and I'm just going to lay this out and Utah me. No other country in Europe. Have we had this debate? Oh bingo combat. Nobody's raised the issue of of having it in neutral ground. Obviously you don't want somebody you know living in a Kovic Teams who who stadiums have into being Colbert swamps fine but apart from that nowhere else has this but I have never. I haven't heard this from any country in the universe. 'cause he difference between Franz filed. The reason why this season is because they knew that if they'd games behind closed doors you would have had two or three four thousand fans outside's like we saw the PS Dorman game. So I I can see why okay thank you don't want. Let's try to avoid that by doing your bit differently. The answer start arresting people are just not going to happen secondly the Dortmund game was a couple of hundred thousand deaths ago. Okay let's bear that in mind as well that was back when singles day the way they thinking about this but what. I'm not I completely not clear about why the police have been so adamant about this They're basically saying that we can't police are stadiums. And secondly and I get the point that you know if Brighton avoid relegation if Liverpool win the title whatever fans Michael Out on the street to celebrate but why would fans go and but one fan. Just go outside the stadiums in general to go and make noise. If you're so concerned about this especially into let's remind yourselves of all the crap that these people got wrong. You remember at the very start when they said well. We can't have a lockdown. Let's go with his immunity modeling garbage. Because there's no way the British public would deal with a lockdown for more than two weeks maximum. So we might have to do that later. Well you know what it's week seven week. Seven of the freaking markdown and most people have observed it. So why should I have any faith in what these people tell us? Well I think didn't help certainly helps punt while the situation play each of the mayor of Liverpool Lost Jonasson Salkin about the the risk of disowned with games. Were played unfilled Goodison Win League. Now I think this is. This is the number of the there is a concern that when. Lavar confronted Potentially ten twenty thousand new punts to mass. I don't feel if the game was played outfield. Don't get hot dog house. The there were two quite certainly high profile fifty but I do think that the solution is quite extreme solution because you are talking about less episode. Napping played when the stadium all the because this is a long way from supposed says it's advantage. It can be policed. It does seem to be a sledge. Him kraken talking about well if I give him home advantage will. That is the joke as well. Because there's no home. Advantage played no funds. When you you know the pitch better you've got your dressing room standardize pick sides and I mean they have the eldest Slow from the pitch in some really small changes. Everything's standardized now. The little put away and they copies in full voice. And that's suppose that gives an advance to Home Safety Planet Price. And there's nobody. It's just a pinch. Is it true that they would tell the players the teams on the day of the game where they would play so they take their own cars and drive? The I mean what can I know? We never be the same at least for a long time. If that's GonNa food what he's done that I mean that hasn't been confirmed on Day. Think there will be no secrecy in it. I'm not sure place known So that the team will be split into too much publicity so that you could have social distance on the located just talking fondest here on some of these some of these ideas and I can see why the police might want to do it because it's the police. The groans book. The football funds tend to all the team blindly and I think that would be a loop fund. I'm potential let's talk about. Let's say villa verses. I don't know seth on following a lot of support would turn up for whatever reason I don't know there's no reason to say play against each grounds. Yeah it's also way of saying like Oh look I have no control whatsoever over my country I mean I just find this thing. This thing Absurd I think usually element of this. I think this is begin to become a bit of an execution of things that will well. Everything's in the strain. Dna strain in Simpson strength. We can't do this because it's on the straight. Well read a piece of the way. The nuncio hospitals sense pump taken votes patients so the strain is thought it would be so the hops people. Some people hide behind the fact that we can't because we do this instead you know. It's a mess. Absolute MESS LEAD FOR. Sharma was with his with the. Let's assume that you know they're the cops are the ones who so they get to decide. Let's assume that it is neutral grounds The stories this weekend were the a number of clubs are very unhappy about this. I think Brighton. The only club with the goal is to actually speak up in public about this in for that. I got off my cap to you Paul Barber because at least you have balls hiding behind your finger and this is another thing which will get you. You're giving level talking about this as well. I think it's shocking. How you know other than Paul Barber in Steve Parachute Joseph? Pilates got a history within like less less of him actually but The idea is that if you it is all about the integrity of the League. Obviously having games on neutral ground will penalise certain clubs and favor other clubs simply because of the opponents. They've already played where they got home. Games against teams in the face away games against teams. The story today is that some people have suggested well. Why don't we just scrap relegation now if we're going to do that so that nobody has is disadvantaged by this? We're going to scrap relegation as a condition for the clubs or against the neutral venue blind to go vote in favor. What the Hell is the point of playing the wrestling? What what what what are we? What are we doing here in terms of league integrity if the bottom twelve clubs have absolutely nothing to play for? Except for one or two extra million pounds which won't get anyway because it's all going in wage reductions it's all self interested in government. There is a magic word that solves everything full of the money. And I think let's you said quote and I will let last season for Liverpool top of the League beholden fistful million pounds on the prize. Winning hold Israel with ninety six million pounds. So maybe they say we're GONNA get rid of that. Everyone is GonNa sign me. So is a hundred twenty million pounds eight. So if not get relegated The nicest twenty-five independent the bike to help them get colby. Cut You right you kind of notification because it would just end the season for thirteen faulting clubs a non talk about next. You don't keep promotions teachings to the championship so laser the from next season apparently to bounce out of five hundred if you're making the permanent Five teams early season the same clubs that would apply via on the championship. Teams going to prevail neutral. Ground. Is when will this? Nobody's mentioned this a Chi- during of grandma's to stay till these normally these F. L. but leads from it. Leads were big club so leads are Liverpool in a different league so if one needs with promotion the problem that people were that Liverpool happily leads so plan on Games. Vons Leo. Don't test another planet Ellen Rodeo wherever the place so you can have one way of playing one finishing the premier league season and another way of finishing the championship season. Why they have to do the same thing. Otherwise really stupid if you allow them to play a home owner the normal game is beyond grows those another pro and the premier Beyond I can neutral venues. Yeah I was GONNA happen. It may take two weeks off and I think we're going to answer point until three weeks time league. One elites will end the season because they can't carry on playing behind closed doors because it means that play football having to pay way he's played bonuses with an income coming in so it doesn't work for them remains long time ago. There's no point in these guys continuing creepy championship. I think a lot of jump ship lives in the same boat. There's other to fix in the championship. It can sustain plane behind closed also. Tv money's money by not playing make much of a difference because the TV deal in a five hundred sixty million pounds in five years. Divide that by seventy-one clubs is that doesn't much longer and it's not even equality. I think it's something I work. Yeah like in the last quarter of the season would have been a hundred fifty grand for League two clubs so he's been housing it's GonNa Creep Along League by League. Domino effect is GonNa get consoled and decided by average points and I think the premise full of three or four weeks. Time like you get upside. You'll gene searches cutoff. Point where it just doesn't work if GONNA vote against player at neutral grounds. What is excellent? I think we might get to the point soon while the lights were the League's council because they can't play them medical issues. Yeah Yeah Okay. We'll get to the medical centers that's a whole other issue Modest solution to my friends at the police department and Richard Masters how about if you're so concerned about people people assembling outside how `bout shouldn't say is there's more than X. number of people within a accordance of the stadium then you automatically forfeit a million pounds and you automatically lose the game. I don't know I like I. I can't believe play that in that case if we have to go down all those conditions. Now don't do this. Leave leave in the morning of the game in your own kind do this and do that and no one can earn. If there's more than thousand people outside you lose again and your team is fine. 'cause like a million quid. It's not play argue. Why am I want them to play? I I don't I just don't understand how they're going about this. I'm not the only one minute I'll be wanting along is how we had very detailed very detailed medical protocol on again and I know when comparing to other countries I know censor different but everywhere. They've had a very detailed medical protocol. Here that's been circulating around here. All we've had is rumors and briefings and behind the scenes stuff from from clubs. Gary Neville took to took to twitter saying that penalties communications in this has been absolutely wilful. It's almost as if they don't want to announce any kind of proposal apart from this behind closed doors nonsense which means Donald Papers. That's not even there says that's the police because maybe they think that if they do that it's going to be shot down. We don't have a medical protocol yet and I find that absolutely grotesque because that is something that they have to make it. It's something you could have made before you could've made it two weeks ago right and then submitted it to scientists and medical people and maybe the ones at the government as well to say. Oh yes this is good or maybe tweak that why haven't they done that when you don't that several this one the Play when people say you should really be planning planning Italy in Spain? And they said. Oh we're waiting for the government and the government wouldn't get in commission. I think same situation again. Where both the government of Premier League awaiting for the other side to announce the protocol friendly go a little. We can't read it until the government say safe to do. They saw no. That's not true. That's not the way visit if you want the government's job okay isn't to go and Babysit superclubs isn't Babysit. The third and fourth biggest. The way that the most you can answer the government is saying hey government if I go and I design a safety protocol that I think is safe to safeguard by players not put a strain on the Johnson emergency services and all this can I design a protocol and then you comet approve it please. You can't ask the government to go and make a protocol for you and more important things to do nothin' the permanent piggyback. However the government decided he's safe all society. I think that's what it is. The government is going to design. The government's GonNa go issue sort of rules for what's safe in society and they're also going to have a little thing in their. Oh by the way if you happen to be a Premier League footballer then you need to follow these rules as well. Nothing dependable adult of provide but like the government is doing this in any the primary justification for weights Nobody's taking the leap. I agree with that. Nobody's taking anything from antiquated premier league. Ever an IT's just they allowing all this noise to come out from from clubs from chief executive plays from also so people aren't happy with those ladyship and why is he went wild wild against food or more. Come back and fix it every week. You said this program with the absence of protocol is the players are scheduled. The players failed playing field going back playing and stuff and this is for me to see the teacher. And we've all hard. I'm sure text from players current primarily plays this weekend on the last week or so all of us and other people as saying like you know. I don't I don't know what's GonNa Happen. I don't want to go playing. There's no protocol I don't want to go by playing. If I'm not sure I safe enough for me. And my family are the ones who playing the messed is currently is and that's the biggest for him and I knew Gylfi Love Club saying they're going to ask the players and have a chat with the planet but what can save. There's no place you search grew and you're going to sit down and say okay you want to play. It goes like okay. Tell me what's what what would be a day scenario and we go. I don't know so so I was like okay. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA get their sticks. How many times to get tested John? Jules saw the listen is there's a flip side to this. I be speaking close people certainly in the north while the same the plane they feel the love. This noises can from clubs in the bottom. Six in relegation trouble plays you. Don't want to be relegated to play at least talk lobster. I'm not giving away with all the close in the end of the table. Who wouldn't be classic talk a little bit? Just WanNa get planning it so this split within football as well maybe of those minority here. That don't WanNA play. The place is going to get a plane. I don't dispute that at all. Although what's interesting is why have at the Pierre. I feel at correct me if I'm wrong here. And maybe they're secretly Gordon Taylor cheaply speaking to Richard Masters but it feels as if the PSA were involved when they came up with Thirty percent across the board wage caught and they had a big row over it and the PSA went away and nobody's talking to them. Arnie actually speaking to each other. Well in question because again the path and don't communicate very well it's also the Minnie's he's been left with the clubs and the players to decide isn't choice. Afl come in last minute and veto it. That's what they use the. Do you agree with Gary Neville? Then that the whole communications aspect of this has been has been a car. Crash don't agree with our novel questioning. Well I don't know I agree with Gary Neville. You go and finish the season abroad. No Hey Gary said some things I don't agree with. Let's take it to someone they can play this. I don't know what what he thinks. That will be Belarus. Just simply clarity. What we need is a figure head of the primarily to communicate what is happening on a on a regular basis Is some friendly? Tom Denied that the hasn't been a visible face. The pregnancy the premise is one of the biggest bronze and they keep being told from the biggest bills familiar runs in the UK. House will what do you know? What what what is the message from the Premier League haven't seen up nine hundred so I agree with that in us but the the permanent needs to be more visible but in the NFL the FAA him. Behind a rocking. This we're not we. It's really not fair to compare the EFL or the FAA genuine in England. Gout is hiding behind the rock of whatever? Yeah no that's fine but I mean look. Vfl has been dysfunctional for many many years. Yes the FAA. I mean I don't want to bring up Samson and then all these other Weirdos an and the blazers that's been dysfunctional organization may have improved in some ways right but now the three hundred million in losses surprised but the premier league was the gold standard. I'm not talking about football on the pitch me like A. You may not like it. But the whole world looked at primarily. And we're so impressed how they spoke with one voice. Were show divisive? You got all these Alpha males and stuff to go and reach saying she. They were so organized. Now we have this situation which which I find a Pommie in the point Jones made about the protocol. I'm sorry People are going to want to know. Do you know if I were to ask you if they do. Come back to play. Are they going to be shocked? Up In some quarantine bubble hotel for eight weeks. You're not do we actually know that Madonna. Now we don't know that I've heard we've hard we've heard right. Yeah exactly route. Even people who don't know the phase one phase is appalling. How can how can somebody go make a decision? And they'll keep are in different ways in Germany. They're going to go back to their families in in in Italy they're going to be sequestered. How can somebody make a decision whether they WANNA play or not? How could somebody feel safe in safeguarded if his own employer can't tell him that that is the part? That's absolutely apology. You make it sound. As if the privately expect the government to go and tell them. Oh yeah you need to stay in these gorgeous hotels? He's everyone talks about being a gallstone. The bill didn't ever have to deal with the crisis. Crisis Management is when you find out about organizations and people in the FAA up. Plenty of those trusts fail. The permanent is not easy to deal with things going. Well what he's going bodily all when when the vacuum that's when an organization shows merits permanently fall down. They haven't actually tell by well because they haven't been visible. Julius WanNA get your view. I need you to tell me that. It's all going to be fine. And they're going to give me a percentage jewels an Oscar. Same thing so okay. I don't think they would pay in June anyway. I think they can play again thou being July because then there's no ready to start again in six weeks with all issues that we just mentioned in the shambles that things are currently so I think if they really want to the season and plays later remaining ninety two matches. It won't before July so and after that you just need to reassure the players like we said on Thursday right now the place of course they all want to play the will to see for by the love of the sprayers. Top was second half of the table. It doesn't matter really not sure about what's going on and what will happen to play again so I think the first is please protocol together and you would you would gain easily twenty or thirty cents more playing if you have a place of Europe to the stage. Emmys a neutral venue. You get tested before before you even go into the dressing room. Everything that the the whole place is sanitized and disinfected. And all of that. You'd be tested after the game as well before you take your own car to go. Whatever the protocol but you have to put something together police and then I'm sure the players will be more on board without but I personally don't they in that by June. They would have done that all arguing. Culture assump- up not none of US football laboratory. It feels like you know. It has to be X. Y. A. Tapes now if the government says to society in general the a safe to go back to doing this to a certain level. I think football has folding line. You can't say to a bus driver or shop. Work Construction On football you'll different. You'll specially even uneven high stunned if he's safe for people to football's after folding lighter. I think never ever risk free environment in any leaving before this risking visit. You know again because my cross there's so many things in life you have to be a pat take risks now. Getting back to the question does do I think the football comeback. I'm beginning to think it won't I season will end up. Being decided by police began. Because there's so many issues the vested interests that are just thinking I just think it will get to the point in June or July would give up inside this call. I hope you're both wrong. I will leave this quote from Steve Parrish who says de Steve Parrish Do. Jewels is a history. They're playing football. Will be safer than or playing. Football CARRIES LESS RISK THAN Than being in a supermarket your shopping. And he says this and I think he's right because everytime Steve Parrish goes to a supermarket his. He's sprinting through the aisles. His whole his heart rate is up to one hundred sixty five and there are people going in tackling him and people marketing and sweating on Bravo. That's a brilliant. Joel's to lift US up in a legal way of course after that conversation with there's nothing better than the love it and it was like gene which is as we predicted. Probably the best letter alphabet for your football team. We said there would be a lot of choices a lot of players. Well very early on. I think we identified 'em and you guys have been really creative with 'em tombs which is fantastic to see knows of answers against the story for the ones that get mention and went on for the ones we do. Let's start with the Vera. Who had the under twenty three Olympic age? A ruse of an MTM is gone merit in Gold Michaela Meteo mookie. Naima Warsaw at the back Mark Tohmeena Marino Madison in midfield and then bubby load Martinez and Melon. Franche amount of modernity could also have been in the team. Ceo Marcucci translates a Marino and coach Marcelino. Which I think we have Nile with an all Irish MC team mcdonagh McCarty McGrath McShane McLaughlin McCarthy musketeer. My Goal Drake Mageed Cleans and another might go. Drake listen pointing out now. I'm assuming that I know like there's a very limited pool of actual Irish name so some of these guys might repeat but when it's McCain. He doesn't moving. Paul McShane is retired and it's a different chain. Yes well I think he's the poor. I think Paul McGrath Paul McShane Justin Mcateer better you. Don't you imagine there's multiple because you know there's only so many Irish names? Yeah you're right you're right there. We'll give him the benefit of the dams friend sixteen who's always very creative as a counterattacking. Mc Team we the WHO still all playing and McGregor in goal and other McGregor from binion's at the back with my Qena the to my Kenna's from Hamilton and McLaughlin. Mike McGregor Callum McGregor from sensitive Jenny McGrath from Saint Mirin and McLennan and then beating my guy and McBurney of Franz and Makuuchi. I guess Senator with old Serbian eleven. Oh yes briefly. Savage in Gold Maxima Vich Milankovitch Mitrovic. Macedo vetch at the back from Basel. Manuputty milivoy in which the other maximum wage and Milinkovic savage the other one in retrieves an affront lezama coverage and Alexander B Twelve which. Were done lecture for that We also Ha- before we go into the old women eleven we also have a over thirty MTM from another thirty over thirty MTM. Sorry with mundane goal. Milner Wes Morgan Heavy Martinez and Ma. Silla the back Luke mortgage and mock ot in midfield. We believe you over thirty. Surprisingly and then murder Messiaen met officers years when in Monza which I think is pretty good and then we've got Usual teams we also have A former player. Eleven which is pretty listen to me. This was releasing to me. Is that my goal Migraine more Mulvaney and Masilo at the back mottos and Mazurkas in my cell. Who's not actually a former player? Okay no true. Let's kick which is a justice and put my main man the matrix the legend in his mouth that outside centreback move parliament. Dini's Alaska back. Oh solve the Marcelo. Accrued this one again. Coach goes China's. I'm GonNa just demand your team with with with God's demands so my own goal Migraine more much of Ozzy and Medina the back Muslim and Mathausen midfields modern messy in the three creative positions and get murder upfront As the manager. Yeah that's pretty good. Isn't it yeah pretty good and then for the current price? You obviously had many options for. God bless listen to yours before we go to mcgann's and Sophie's Women's eleven are so we've had a big problem in goal because I really like Ottoman Ganga Dynasty but also like I ended up going with Steve. Monday's not gonNA be around that much longer. At the back I had him Babu at right back centreback. Of course see Greek. God that is Costas Manolas He's alongside the guy who is the opposite of Costas. Manolas and of that of course would be ben meet simply because of the way he looks. Left back is Marcello again good hair nice contracts. Again we spend the ice stopping bed me now My holding midfielder little guys have ems. Gernon and I go back. I interviewed mustard. I know I went to see him a car insurance when he was eighteen years old. And now the jude nearly retired nearly retired ship stuff like that really really ages. You let me tell you so much. I know I've gone with the bulldog the little big man Gary Majel not mediocre. Eleven in the world cost us. Manolas MAKES I've learned from Costas. Yes and it doesn't get much better. Georgia looks partly because game. Having the judge we love waking up next to him in the morning threesome merchants just so whole shot out to my man. Gets you better? Believe me the guy who goes threes. There you go there you go. That's IT center forward player. Obviously in McBurney hang on. I'm up as your last thoughts. You know he's not in outweigh mine. Minute McBurney is kind of photo negatives of Imbaba I think he would just Gazal opponents with his with his alabaster skin plus. He's a big. He's a big lump of mattis season. Scores goals you play actually and then. My third went up front. It's not about. It's not messy Ella. Mtm has to have multi million it because the other ones retired. I've gone with Daniel gene to complete my front street. Wow Okay when my team is an all Parisian eleven of course all those plays born and bred in Paris like me. It was very easy. Go Mike Menial in GODE little cheaper. I've got not Mugello from. I'll be right back by the way I grew up right by where I grew up giving me from Napoli. Indeed move from left back to centre box really believe that's his future for him up. Fellow Mendy leftback SWYTO. May He did from Torino away. We monkey spring school bus. Four fullbacks team no way McCreary centre by mechanic. Investments MARGARITAS is intelligence. I'll know that's shoehorning here guard. That's one thought he got to inspiring movement so may differ from Torino as holding midfielder blaze. Much really of course lew but as his dad with McCain go from Nissan loans to lose and then my phone three of his right players on the Ryan sides on Tony Marcial on the left hand side and Kenya Ego there. You know that does it. We have some ladies eleven to go through four. We we finish this and by the way to listeners. This doesn't necessarily need to be A weekly head to head between Galon and Sophie Lawson but. I'll go associates team. Because she's got a Casey Murphy in goal at the back. I'm Oh margery Balk faced Michael. Maron Me Elda Mayfield. Of course who Jennifer Marivan obviously right With some use and the legendary Marta. A front Alex Morgan Vivianne Madonna and Katrina macario. Now I'm not an expert on women's football but the fact that I've heard of more than half team suggests to me that this is probably also the N. Rules applies to the ladies teams. This team is a strongest team. You tried so far right. Yeah I agree. And Miguel Mega Gone for. Miguelito is going to be let films are finished with this team. Because it's not it's more gun there's no Marjorie There's a lot of other of the big names that Sophie has that he doesn't have so he went full. Malaya in goal. And then meanwhile the Mendez Minami Michaela. More commend this in the back. Five three midfields From Italy Minna head from Belgium. And My y'all got from Argentina and then it yet to each and Mata from Brazil so usually got quite a few similar names between them too but this time it's quite different so but what's worse me living out messy in Imbaba or him leaving out me day. Mine Alex Morgan. I know I know I do. He's rich ago these original. I know all right good so obviously soy for the others that we could not a name but there was plenty of named that. We haven't mentioned to Miss Mulas Yamani and not others. We know thank you again for all your mentioned great and on Thursday. We'll have the next letter the letter N and is Nigel and is in Norman. Natasha yet all name or name. I suspect Jules enough and that it's time for that moment for as it's now we know that despite the stoppage in France Fish Ainley will try to keep fit me back for the champions e if and when it returns please update me on what they've decided to do with the league in the lawsuits whereas we explained on on the last show on Thursday In the regulation says that you have to take the last table available. They'll also because some teams have. Let's get the ratio of a fund average points per game to decide who was from. I two to twenty two bochum. They also voted for relegation and promotion. Which meant that issue. A champions we expected and then the team followed. Masa was straight into jumping dig and would have both for the second qualifying round. Then you have Lille With us a niece or so going into the European league straight straight away all through the qualifiers and then the bottom to Amazon to lose who obviously not happy will go down in las loyal will go up and as you say. It's some of the strap no happy. Yawn Amu- to lose. I've said that they are thinking about going to court with it. They haven't done so yet the thinking about it and not happy don't have like three points. Yes Sir Evelyn. Cry GAMES IN BLOODY SEASON IN. You know in all those matches so there. There's there's two things one as we said he's seen the regulation so good luck to them to sue the League and if animation and to also and that's why the Federation and the League is saying to everyone this is a case of force measure. This is this is exactly the words from the president my home and in case of force measure you if your decided of something you can almost think that you want because you allowed to. I the French law so I don't think if people want to sue they can buy. He's not going to go in this argument about lawyer showing and stuff where we talked about. Differences PRIMARILY. Just does my freaking head and your feelings about lawyers some Kinda Weirdo privileged castes. It gets involved at a screw. Everything Force Missouri carries more weight in France. Because it's actually a French term. Honestly I hope these cockroaches all not all lawyers are bad but man Matt. Why as long as a whole generation of people to feel contempt for the law have lawyers go and judge the law seriously and of course you know I it was fast possible and of course some people would not be happy with the outcome. And you you understand that. In those extreme circumstances I think people have to to understand and just go for this time and try to go back up when the following season starts again Kevin. The bryner setting an interview in Belgium diet much cities bond is up heads. And he's two years you may have to consider his future. What you make of this job so a couple of things here I your first instinct is like Oh woes. You're going to be disloyal. We'll Manchester City have problem so. I'm pretty sure that we will not get a decision from cast. I could be wrong but I think it's increasing. It will get a decision from casts this summer. Which means that the soonest Could be banned would be for the twenty twenty one twenty twenty two season and the or two years the twenty two twenty three season so that means by that point That'll be. You'll be turning thirty that summer at thirty years old with a kind of salary that he's one of the five highest paid players of the champions eighty five Manchester City. I probably don't mind so much if somebody comes and takes him off my hands now because he's not a great player he is. But you know you're GONNA have all this shortfall in Champions League obviously and you know you're going to have a guy with two years left on his contract who reminded you missed most of last season through injury and who makes a ton of money. You'll hassle phone. You Have Bernardo Schiller It's really not the of the world in fact they're almost wonder maybe city looked at it and said you know what we don't mind him saying this because maybe it sends a message to other people and we can kind of gauge. What the interest in In Kevin Durant might be. But it's not a knock on him but yeah I I choose to put a positive spin. I like this. I like your rezoning there. It's positive Monday. I like these guys are Berbatov has urged Harry Kane to join Manchester United Jewels. You must be absolutely shocked that he would say that completed. I mean Barrett's of why would say. Oh Yeah of course. It worked out pretty well for him when he actually did the same Dinnie. So you know. We've said many times on the show I think as much as hurricane law spurs and it's been a great clip for them and etc one of theirs and Blah Blah Blah. I think you know Brennan has some going if he wants to keep growing as a player and you could do these by staying as though problem if you want nothing to row quicker and more importantly win more things than I think you'd have to leave the club in go somewhere else is United States. The Way and the answer is not for me to decide but baboots updated. Thanks to a good idea. I think that's a good idea. If hurricane has the opportunity to leave and go to a bigger club then you should know you. Shouldn't you should stay where he is if he loves the club and if he wants to stay and I go back to this and they go back to the dumpty quote one titled role a Role Model for talk Is Worth ten titles of mentioned tonight but I on the used to work at this one? You've answered director football. Patty says the market would be tough. We see more swaps and property loans. Since when you can't afford to buy your rain. Is it right. That was quite good interview. By the way it's a really good quote right Idea to a point and it's more like an accounting thing because obviously when you take players on loan you know you still have to pay. Loan fee used off to pay their their wages. You can't amortize them in your books I think what will happen is that you know those clubs a little bit more money Can Go will be able to go and take players on loan from from clubs debt? That needed that need to raise cash right. So you get the guy off your books and there'd be goes replace somewhere else. You hope that year down the line you can. Maybe we'll give you some money for He kinda describes a pretty weird dystopia future some people wouldn't suffice to say look will become like the NBA with player slops stuff that might be needed initially with equality in the short term but long term. I'm really not convinced by this year. Old Budding Pol Pot Brownies in the news again. And this time he's linked to remove danger. Tell you right now. I'm not buying this at all are you? I'm not buying although I guess the reunion between him and Kante who was very important Inventors might be a good idea although there's no way there's no way into could go. I don't think there's a weather into could afford them anyway. Because as a focus on the show talking to Credit Barry if if g don't don't keep moderate Coty Utah Mead certainly. Not a done deal yet. Then all of a sudden ended there like seventy eighty million euros short and they gotta take this guy's wages back pauper's wages are very bigger and bigger than God these wages and also behalf Christian Erickson Bindel. They have the Bras Stamps Day from the same knows what. Yeah I mean. I'm not saying publish worse than those guys. Shortly they've got greater issues of need Allow teams of course has a clause is contract. So let's go I don't think will come but ABA interesting some for Intel big when he county. Yeah please keep please. Please keep these people. I have a word that other words why it's made a fourth today. Garbage means is the seventy first anniversary of the super guys. Tragedy wound up the Great Torino. Team God what. We people be doing a three minutes five this afternoon. Yeah I refer those who who who don't own really should your your history. That team was arguably the greatest team ever assembled in in Savion. They won the title once before the war. Four Times after the war interrupted between pie safe to say they would have won those titles to on. I'm doing just Wayne lately. The you know the average more than three goals a game. The broke all sorts of records in tragically on May fourth forty nine or they were going to go. Play a friendly against Benfica The plane crashed shortly after. Take off Hill overlooking terrain and every year during fans. On this day they all go in together was players and team. They are going to Cobra Mitch up to the spot where the plane crash. There won't be doing it this year. Because of social distancing so At that time of these open windows in they're playing a song that commemorates it to a touching song by it's crazy to think obviously we didn't panic now but You know the perils of air travel and obviously the Munich air tragedy tragedy salsa Zambia Chain Bischel. Many that have hit over the years and As we remember Tony Notes. Remember all these other teams as well on a different another week. Another misbehaving non-social distancing footballer this town Gills is Marcos Rojo or Rocco as some commentators in this country calling for no reason the Who is unknown Theresa Johnson in Argentina? And he's been a lockdown over then last week already voted plan for the park with some people who clearly he was not self associating with in his house and this weekend was even better. It was playing cards having a barbecue smoking in his garden with people again. He's not self-isolation with his brother. With a good idea to film it and put it on social media and deleting it but clearly for Marcus Rojo who is our convenience of the week after others. The other ones were out training come also. Playing cardinals really was our training. Mostly Cain was not how training. Sorry I was Walker right boy. Yeah good point. I was referring to all those spurs in arsenal players. He getting busted in a park but yeah at playing cards. When you're not supposed to spread it on this thing with gloves I imagine he wasn't. I don't know not smart. Not Smart or the equal pay case with the US women's national team and the US Soccer Federation thrown out in court. Got The issue of whether women face discrimination in terms of working conditions goes on Gab. These stories is complicated but was it was a bit of a setback. Bobbins Week. I mean obviously is. It's always a setback rate for For Women when the court says you can't do this. Essentially they said unequal pay portion of the lawsuit. They said well. You signed this collective bargaining agreement. Your you can't then afterwards go back and say no is story because you you negotiated the other part. That says that you know they were given. They were discriminated against because there are conditions. All national team will different than the man's that goes on obviously The US women has sent to. You know they're going to appeal this. This story is going to go on and on and on. It's not a good time obviously for for the US Soccer Federation given situation in. You just hope that there are some positive resolution. Jack wilshere another old buddy. Yours gave in which he said he's determined to come back and doesn't want people to think he's a waste of space jewels. Your thoughts well. I'm I'm GONNA be biased. Because I like Jack La as you said. It was Long time I think he's a he's is a great guy and also Greg Player. I think the injuries are a secondary toll on him which I think he's a real shame. Maybe because some of it was he's Ford for no looking after his body and looking after him as whereas should have done maybe in the past especially whether it was young. Let's not forget though that I started really young. And he's game the way he plays the game he would get alarmed knocks. You will get a week so this is. This is not someone who. Why are you raising your eyebrows? As like saloons James Milner Earl started at the same age and he still around so yeah but I think he's a different sign of of player different kind of prior. You don't play the game again the same way back like I said. How's he started around the age and plays the game in a similar way and I know what doesn't read with the board and take on people like obviously does in the middle of the park used to run the ball and take people used to as a winger. I right so again. It's different. See your point. I just think he said he's not a waste of space and has never been a waste of talent of course because I think he's a supremely talented player and I think it's just a shame that he has not been able to fulfill all dot talents before. Because I just really that is above all felt like this is a really. I don't want him to be a really unhappy unfulfilled. Koran overseas been unlucky with injuries I don't I don't want them just as a person to to come away from this depressed to go back and sale. It could have done this get frustrated in whatever I hope would. We can come back to anything like the player he was or not. You know at some point he's going to have to cope with the rest of his life and I hope he finds some levels balance where he doesn't go in his continuously reflect reflecting back on on what might have been shown someone who cares and I think some of the issue during the during his career is that he cared so much tighter fed. Really Dan when you could not have the team when he was injured for for any length of time and that was also an issue. We'll finally got Authorities to continue investigating former president said Blatter after the Attorney General dropped his case in the state of the TV rides. Are they right to keep going after him? So this case has dropped him again for those remember. The issue with this case was that he sold the value of TV rights to Jack Warner who was a big powerbroker in obviously for president in a seat executive committee member. I should say the Caribbean these rights. I think he sold six hundred thousand when these rights were sold on for twenty million supposedly they had some sort of profit sharing agreement but we never followed up on it and they've had all the evidence her five year. They've had all the documents they didn't do anything with it. I think a lot of people are disappointed. There's an argument to be made. That laughter is eighty five years old. And you know He's out of football. He's been banned from football for spangles on until I think winter. Twenty Twenty One. So why keep going after him but I think you should go after him because there's also money involved on your fee for suffered monetary Gombrich in May only be three four five six million. I dollars but you know it's funny that can be used especially now And also the other thing is still the case against laughter is still there. The one involving is payment to Michelle But I can't even spend years and years and years. How long does it free throw? Yeah I mean some people suggest that it just have no interest in building a case In which case I do not see for consumer immoral or take it somewhere else again. Your feelings about lawyers but I think it's pretty embarrassing. It's embarrassing to frankly. The Swiss legal system is can't even bring a case against the sky when the other names the others as they are at least put on the standard and they can answer questions all right enough of that. Should we do this again on Thursday Yahoo go go by Thursday is going to be? Hopefully after would g. Angela Merkel is in Europe is in your hands. Please union betting against Cologne Bichon hype and show and for the Bundesliga. By the way we may have mentioned. Just coming yes. I'm plus next year. I Jos catcher Thursday GEICO gets access to licensed agents twenty four seven which means that. Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you like your wife when forget your keys at work and you get my text. I am looking for the spare house key. Maybe I can get through the window. Turns out the alarm marks works fast. You should probably call me back. Always there for you with savings and twenty four seven access to licensed agents.

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