The Morning Briefing: Thursday, August 13


Halloween Danny Boyle with the briefing from the Telegraph. It's Thursday August. The thirteenth and its a level results stay in England. So like usual a level students in England today being given their marks. What's unusual? They didn't say it any exams instead, their grades have been count curated by a statistical model. Critics want the government to follow Scotland's example students there will receive grades predicted by their teachers before the pandemic bought Education Secretary Gavin. Williamson's warned that inflating grades, risks, devaluing exam results. He's written a piece for explaining why he's refusing to perform a U-TURN. And Results Day can be stressful for all involved. Of course, this year's comes with its own set of concerns. We've asked a series of experts to answer the ten most common questions and we've got a guy to the options for students who aren't happy with their grades. Investigations underway after Britain's deadliest rail disaster in sixteen years three people died when a train hit a landslide and derailed in Aberdeenshire yesterday experts are examining why the service was allowed to depart tool. The driver's has been named. He died along with a conductor and passenger. We'll have the latest throughout the day. And Britain's now sizzled through its hottest week, it's nine nineteen, sixty, one temperatures reached thirty four degrees for six days in a row for the first time in sixty years and spite thunderstorm alerts for almost the whole of the. UK. In the coming days, we could still face many more tropical nights. That's why the temperature doesn't go below twenty. We've worked out the best ways to sleep through them and stay focused the next day. I can also recommend some other articles to including inside the Glamorous World Harry and Meghan now home and the hidden secrets of England's most underrated county. I'll send you those links. Now if you're listening on what's up, you'll find them in the show notes if you're listening on spotify apple or wherever you get E podcasts, that's it. You're up-to-date Chris we'll have your second briefing of the day this evening.

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