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Google's BERT Update - The Long Tail Of Search #696


Google's new burt. Update is really all about the long tail of such certain readings from Saint Petersburg. The trip home starts today. So I thought I'd throw in a little bit of local scenery before I go Jason Isaacs Cathedral. The in the background and Google has just announced they rolling out bud. An update to their search algorithm birth stands for bio directional in coders representations from transformers. I think but B E R T which basically means that it processes words in relation into the other words either side of the around them so it kind of using this natural language processing kind of system whereby they understand the whole conversation. The whole context the whole sentence rather than just woods. Which of course is what we know Google for these days. So what that means is when it comes comes to the search instead of typing spa in Petersburg. You'll be typing. WHAT'S THE BEST SPAR INSULIN PAGES. Berg much more the way you would actually speak it so I guess probably what this has to do with apart from just making search easy to type is. I think it's also about trying to make search easier for voice. You've heard me speak about voice search before and the way we asked people questions is natural language and so I think this change in the Google Search Algorithm to the book where it actually processes woods relative to those around them and they use more these natural language kind of process. I think that's really all about setting it out more for search in the future. So no idea what that's gonNA mean in terms of your seo tools and the process and the way you do it. I've really no idea. I'm I'm sure the SEO experts are going to be jumping out with all the latest tips and tricks to try and work the algorithm in the next few days. so that's it google. Burt Be Arta. You're not going to try and say it again because forget anyway. That is it for today. Thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow. Hopefully from Malaysia I think by now.

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