Jeff Bezos pledges $10bn to save environment.


Coming up on five minute Nimes. Virginia Rejects Assault Weapons Ban Bill. Uk grapples with severe floods storm. Death toll rises to three and Jeff bezos pledges. Ten Billion Dollars to save the environment. It's Tuesday February eighteenth. I'm Anthony Davis Virginia Governor. Ralph northerns push to ban. The sale of assault. Weapons failed yesterday after some of his fellow. Democrats balked at the proposal. Senators voted to shelve the bill for the year and ask the State Crime Commission to study the issue an outcome that drew cheers from a committee room packed with gun. Rights advocates four. Moderate Democrats joined Republicans in Monday's committee votes rejecting legislation that would have prohibited the sale of certain semiautomatic firearms including Popular Aaagh fifteen style rifles and banned the possession of magazines the hold more than twelve rounds. Virginia is the current epicenter of the country's heated debate over guns as a new democratic majority seeks to enact strict new limits but gun owners especially in rural communities of pushed back hard and more than one hundred counties cities and towns have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries vowing to oppose any new unconstitutional restrictions on guns. The proposed assault weapon ban has received the most opposition gun owners have accused the governor and others of wanting to confiscate commonly owned guns and accessories from Laura abiding gun owners northern and his allies have said repeatedly they do not want to confiscate guns but argued that banning new sales of assault weapons and high capacity magazines would help prevent mass murders an estimated eight million a our style. Guns have been sold since they were introduced to the public in the nineteen sixties. The Senate has now rejected. Three of the Governor's eight gun control measures a study. Compared the number of people hurt or killed in two hundred and forty eight active shooter incidents from two thousand through twenty seventeen using FBI data. They found about a quarter of all those shootings involved such weapons whereas the rest involved handguns shotguns. A non semi automatic rifles in total. These shootings wounded almost nine hundred people and killed more than seven hundred. The analysis found a shooting involving a semiautomatic rifle was associated on average with five injuries versus three. If a different kind of gun was used. Similarly the presence of the semiautomatic rifle was associated with four deaths instead of to Britain issued. Severe Flood Warnings yesterday advising of life threatening danger after storm. Dentist dumped week's worth of rain in some places. A woman was found dead after being swept away by the flood waters. The storms third confirmed victim to the East Dennis Gale Force winds also left nine people injured in Germany as their vehicles crashed into broken trees littering roads and train tracks flooding and power. Outages were reported elsewhere in northern Europe by Monday evening. Britain's environmental agency issued seven. Severe flood warnings in the central English counties of Hoffa. Cheer Staffordshire and Worcestershire. Some four hundred eighty flood warnings and alerts were issued across England on Monday. The highest number on record the agency said the weather system brought winds of more than ninety miles an hour and up to six inches of rain to Britain over the weekend. Some told stories of fleeing for their lives. Britain's environment secretary said climate change was making extreme weather events more common. Jeff Bezos the Amazon founder and Washington. Post owner announced yesterday that he was donating ten billion dollars to save the Earth's environment barely a month after it was revealed Amazon. Threaten to fire employees. Who spoke out about the company's role in the climate crisis? The new Bezos Fund will start distributing the money this summer the multi-billionaire said in an instagram post. To his one point four million followers the announcement appears to contradict Amazon's actions towards employees speaking publicly about the climate crisis basis. The world's richest man with a personal net worth of one hundred thirty billion dollars according to Forbes has clashed with US President Donald Trump a frequent climate change denier on many occasions notably after the US withdrew from the Paris. Climate Agreement. Anybody today who is not acknowledging that climate change is real that we humans are affecting the planet in a very significant and dangerous way. Those people are not being reasonable. Bazo said last month you can subscribe to five minute. News with your preferred podcast. App asked Your Smart Speaker or enable five minute news. Is Your Amazon Alexa. Flash BRIEFING SCALE VISIT US online at five minute. Dot News five minute. News is an independent production covering politics inequality health and climate delivering unbiased verified and truthful World News daily.

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