The Fall of Troy


Baseball tonight the PODCAST is the baseball tonight podcast for Friday July twenty six two thousand nineteen. I'm buster only Troy Farkas producing back in Bristol and we have only five more days to the trade deadline alright today the news and knows troy till Lewinsky announced his retirement. This is someone who had two hundred twenty five homers over thirteen seasons a five-time all star three times in the top ten in the National League M._V._p.. Voting now long after two Lewinsky's out his announcement University of Texas announced that he'll be joining their coaching staff as an assistant Paul indicating centers great note about Troy Lewinsky per one hundred sixty two games during his career his wins above replacement five point five. That's higher than Barry Larkin at five point two CAL ripken at five point two Allen Trammell at Five Point No pee wee reese at five point zero Derek jeter at four point three that tells you how good Troy Lewinsky was was before his career was drilled injury. We'll hear more about two Lewinsky later in the podcast. The raising outset left-hander Blake Snell is GonNa have arthroscopic surgery and his pitching elbow. He'll be out about six weeks and this is absolutely devastating stating for the raises. They try to make it to the playoffs. Joey Gallo has a fractured hamate bone in his right hand. He's going to be out probably about a month. The twins and the white sox played in on yesterday's podcast Roxy Bernstein talked with Nelson Elson Cruise L.. Maybe Rocky Bernstein was good luck for Nelson Cruz who had himself a night comes a swinging a blast left field deep that is way out of here Nelson Cruz homers again that one clear the grandstand in left field yielded foul on the concourse Nelson over now in four straight games and that was a tape measure blast a left one nothing twins resp- itchy launches this one high in deep to Center Field Adam Angle at the wall to homer night for Nelson troves to out to run line drive homer to center field back to back homers for Nelson his first to invest tonight and it's Wednesday three one lead high near Right-center field angles is GonNa look up that one is Nelson Cruz with three overs tonight. Stay Hot Nellie first time in his career that Nelson Cruz it had a three homer gain gene Dan gladden and the treasure island baseball network with those calls right after the Game Nelson Cruz spoke with Fox sports north about his great three homer night three home runs on three different types of pitches from a guy like Julia who does not give up very many home runs always scouting report. What was the game plan for you that allowed you have such an edge on him tonight? Just lucky just reacting peaches. You know like you say he's real patriot and any peaches a heated. I mean they can get you in trouble with the heater. This'll be able to speaking of offense. Speaking of home runs Red Sox Yankees at Fenway Park on Thursday night and Zander Bogart's came to the plate the bottom of the first inning against Masahiro Tanaka two runners on base the three one bogart's hit high in the air to laugh feel way back gone over everything over the monster seats did straight away left field a three-run homer by BOGART's and the red sox leave three to nothing on Zander's twenty-second of the year the Great Sean Mcdonough W. E. Ninety three point seven F._M.. And that rally against Tanaka would go on and on and on mookie Betts coming up to the plate for the second time in the inning Dan the pitch to Mookie Lon. I passed the second basement. Torres was on the left side of the infield vic so hard it goes on the ground around all the way to the wall to the left of the three seventy nine marker two more runs around on a double by Mookie Betts his second of the ending so let's cut to the chases what the rest of the night sounded like for the Yankees pitching yep you'll seem soccer Benny Hill because there were lots of runs and there were lots of hits and there's a lot of offense red sox winning this game nineteen three overall the Yankee starters of allowed forty runs over there last five games in the last six games that rotation has it collectively are a fifteen point five nine in addition to the nineteen runs the red sox also recorded fourteen extra-base hits both of which are there most ever in a game against the Yankees after the Game arab-owned the Yankees manager talked about what went wrong Masahiro Tanaka a lot of mistakes in the art of the plate. You know didn't really have a split <hes> in his in his even as fastball slider combination. It's been so good for him wasn't wasn't as Chris and Sharp <hes> after the first inning settled in look like he had a chance to to maybe get a going a little bit and get through the Middle Innings <hes> but we'll just have to have the look and see what was going on there. The fourth inning obviously started to unravel fairly quickly had Stephen Tarpley up early in that inning but stuck with Tanaka said just a matter of trying to get more out of them knowing you're limited in the bullpen yeah absolutely I mean we're just this time through obviously haven't gotten <hes> you know length out of the starters and just being up against it like we are down there just trying to trying to work through as best we can right now. Twelve runs owns allowed by Tanaka in three and a third innings. It was ugly and you have to believe this is going to increase the urgency for the Yankees talent at help before the trade deadline. We talking about that with car ravage coming up Indians took air business against the royals. They went five four with help from Jose Ramirez Flynn's ready the left he S- pitch and it's hit a ton deep left field back goes Gordon still going back near the wall. Jose Ramirez has hit his eleventh and the Indians take a four to three lead here in the fourteenth boy. Would that be a big boost for the Indians of Jose Ramirez can get hot speaking of getting hot. Paul Goldschmidt is on a roll right now the cardinals win over the pirates six to three with with help from Goldschmidt. The one delivery to Goldschmidt is hit hard into center field back goes Marseille to the track to the wall. It's Gone Paul. Goldschmidt has homered in every game this series and it's now flee to one cardinals. The mets in the padres Todd Frazier got a big hit for New York to one now the pitch frazier lines one the left center here comes Renfro he dives. He can't get it rolls underneath Nathan goes to the wall at the three seventy. Mark Alonzo is scored canola around third. He's GonNa come home score standing without a really throw and on its second probably scored at double at two runs batted in his todd frazier however they score it hop aboard Mitch Three in the padres. Nothing and the padres would never recover that call from how Heroes W._C._B._S. mets went four. Nothing behind Jacob degrom the rockies in the nationals a tough game for the nationals they they were down three or early and they came back they were down five three and they took the lead Matt Adam seemingly building a sturdy lead in the bottom of the seventh. Here's a long drive to write back on it. Black men to the warning track to the wall aw with a towering solo homer awful lefty that's his sixteen to the year nationals get the insurance run lead seventy-five that from the nationals radio network but you know the story about the nationals this year. They got a lot of great parts of this team but their bullpen is an issue they gave up a run in the eighth and then in the ninth inning Fernanda Rodney tried to close it out in this happened pitched Murphy Bouncing being ball towards third rundown goes to second for one on the first time and the run scores. The rockies have taken the lead. I would win eight seven that call from from eight fifty K._O._A.. The day the game of the day no doubt about it out in Anaheim more than six hours orioles and angels in the atop the ninth inning the oriels took the lead again eighty. I go back and show you that got exactly what he was Gary Thorny Jim Palmer on mass but you know what happened. Bottom of the ninth inning angels tied the game and that is out to it and they would play on and on and on that call from the angels television broadcasts the Orioles sales would score three runs at the top of the fifteenth but then the angels tied the score with three runs in the bottom of the fifteen they went onto the sixteenth inning and this happened three the top of the fifteenth of angels get three in the bottom of the pitch swing in a hot fly ball rightfielder deep Calhoun is back on it and that it carries out of here Jonathan V._R.. With A to run home run and the Orioles had the lead back at ten eight wow Jim Hunter working hard voice getting scratchy after six hours at the microphone on one Oh five point seven the fan in the bottom of the sixteenth inning the Orioles called on Stevie Wilkerson to get the stave and you know what this is a position position players center fielder and a lot of times when you see position players coming in pitch they'll kind of ratchet up there fastballs at try to slow show off a nasty breaking bowl Stevie Wilkerson slowed down he was throwing as low as fifty de miles per hour and this is what happened to deliver on the way Pelos waiting on it. That's shallow center field at Santan. Darren Persson gets the same and the Orioles have awarding ten eight more game in Sixteen Innings Stevie Wilkerson Center fielder gets the first save since the save role was put into effect in nineteen sixty nine amazing stuff. Let's get to it. It's the Raby tray with Carl ravage ravage host baseball tonight of course play by play man on a lot of our broadcasts and the Raby train right now is in for repairs Ravi. What's going on slave repairs were ten day I l but with all sorts of great optimism for returning for a big September October push little league in August <hes> had a partial knee replacement on Monday and have been to physical therapy a couple of times already and it's interesting after ten years buster after A._C._l.? Surgery ten years ago actually lift a leg up straight as opposed to putting it from from the outside in of retraining my entire left leg and it's it's been interesting then. It's nice to look down and see a leg. That's actually straight now and you mentioned to me before we got started that you will be at the trade deadline show on Wednesday next week which I think think going to run from two to four thirty in it. <hes> you know you're a Gamer your grinding through thank you. That's part of the obligation and you want to be part of. It and let's just hope that things are a little more active than they've been up to this point. It's been pretty cool though watching you know when you were removed removed from it on a day-to-day basis you got a chance to observe a little bit more believe it or not and it's <hes> it's been kind of neat to see what the nationals have done and how the National League East has changed over the last couple of weeks so I you know I hope it's going to be interesting to so there are a lot more teams that are I think in it and a lot more interesting teams. That aren't necessarily you know in first place right now that has the legitimate chance and I'm sure we'll talk about the orioles last night but boy that Yankee Red Sox that Yankee twin series combined you thank you got some work to do when it comes to starting pitching if they want to compete with the Astros yeah no doubt about it and I've definitely have some trade stuff that I wanna get to with Tampa Bay rays with the mets. <hes> you know what we're hearing from teams about their intention to move Noah syndergaard and the Yankees were there blow last night. I do want to start with that Oriole game because that was that was so fascinating as we talked about in the open the Orioles score three runs in the top of the fifteenth in a game that lasted over six hours and then the angels tie the game of the bottom of the fifteenth and then the Orioles retake the lead in the top of the sixteenth and then Stevie Wilkerson becomes the first position player ever to get a save and Carl. I loved his strategy like every every position players ever pinch basically goes in there looking to show off the fastball they had in highschool and look into to do damage with that great breaking ball. They've been thrown at teammates on the side. Stevie Wilkerson slows it down. It's like he's been watching Homerun Derby that I've been part of when you see all the hitters talk about how they liked the pitcher to throw the ball firm he slowing it down to fifty fifty six miles per hour and you've got great Major League Hitters Coal Calhoun Future Hall of Famer Albert Pools uncomfortable not knowing what to do with pitches that slow any against to save. I can't drive fifty five and I can't hit fifty fifty five. It's got a mess a lot of people up they. They don't know what fifty five looks like as a hitter. Certainly somebody like Albert tool so yeah we've seen it before. It's a really cool thing to watch. These are the things that you know you in Tim coaching believe or integral to the future of baseball we love having sixteen inning games and all the things that come a bit and you have the headline that no one's <hes> since the stat became a stat in nineteen sixty nine done something like this but <hes>. Yeah sure for those two teams and incredible thing this as my man Bend McDonald's tweeted out grab a cup of coffee. You're on the east coast. This is oil team on the east coast. It's out west imagine how they're feeling at that hour of the morning <hes> trying not a win this game and sure fifty five is great next time I think in the end you end up seven somebody feel underhand. Try to get these jobs but it was it's great to read about. I wasn't one of those that decided in the thirteenth I need to say up and watch out this ant read about in the morning. No and I do think look that game we had in Fenway Park two weeks ago with the dodgers and the red sox requiring five hours and forty minutes to tweet to play twelve innings that game last night that is only going to I I think enhanced discussions push long discussions that something needs to change with Super Long Games because teams are worried about their pitchers being hurt but we'll table that for another day. Let's talk about troy to Lewinsky who announced his retirement fireman yesterday. Here's our friend Aaron Boone talking about too low. What I'll remember is obviously a great player and and a guy that played shortstop a great shortstop the plate in such an unique Gwei and with a flare and you know the way he moved played on the run through from different angles you know watching him this spring even so place that I the way I put his he he looked at home out there playing shortstop and I know he loves this game? We certainly wish them well. He's he had an impact. I believe on on this organization in this team this year with the way he was in spring and Kinda him helping been set the tone for our culture and a lot of ways and I know the guys in their loved him and you know hopefully at some point this season will allow we could see him again but we certainly wish him well and and even though injuries cut him short a little bit it was a great career and Ravi. I think also anytime thing people baseball fans think about Troy Lewinsky in the future. They're always going to wonder what could have been because he just so ravaged by injuries through his career. No doubt about it remember him in Long Beach State back in two thousand five and he wasn't wasn't in the Minor Leagues Very Long. I think it was like a next year. He's in the major leagues performing <hes> I I think I think because that people forget ah you know we talked a lot about hall of fame guys <hes> Sandy Colfax of course <hes> Pedro Martinez and you always afraid to get in the idea of how long did they do it. Were they at the peak for how long were the best player in the game and if they were for how long were they for awhile <hes> he was at the top of the shortstop class and I think because of the injuries you you tend to forget it and then it became a lot about hyperbaric chambers and try to stay in shape but that was sort of the narrative around Troy Lewinsky but boy because of where he played and the offensive numbers that came with it. I think a lot of things are used against two Lewinsky's opposed to prop him up where his war is one of the greats <hes> for a guy to play the length of time that he played for the period where he was so great. I think it's over look I think <hes> you know if somebody were asked me given the great era of shortstops that we all got a chance to joy during the nineties and <music> early two thousand and even today you know where where would he rank and would some people forget about troy to Lewinsky and my guess is <hes> if prodded they'd probably remember him but when you think about the Larkin's <hes> the a garage viviscal's the Garciaparra is an all those different guys that were that were constantly mentioned in custody battling Jeeter for the American League shortstop position that the National League you remember the hall a Fan Larkin. I think you'd be hard pressed in some cases to remember too low and that's that's not right he he is he is on that same line as those guys especially when he was playing at its peak. We got news yesterday. A the blake snail of the raise the race and of course the two thousand eighteen American League Cy Young Award winner needs to have a lose body removed from his pitching elbow. He's going to be out at least six weeks and let's face it. If the raise fall out of the playoff racy probably not gonNA pitch again this year if they are in the race and mid-september then yeah and everything goes well with his rehab. We could see him again but boy. It just feels like another body blow for this race team which let's face it. There's not a lot of margin for error there when they're competing against the big dogs like the Yankees the red SOx have a lot deeper pockets Carl yeah the body blow for the raise becomes greater because they don't have the financial wherewithal the depth the ability to make a deal for for somebody likes now you know in watching the Yankees the last couple of weeks here you gotta realize like they're doing this without Luis Severino think about teams that could lose their Ace and maintain the pace that they're on the raise or one of those teams <hes> they can't do that. The twins would be really hard pressed to do something like that. The braves have dealt with some injuries but but take away one of their best pitchers hard to believe leave over the course of a month and a half two months where you've got a win as many games as you possibly can to compete with other teams and your division and Wildcard. It absolutely feels like <hes> like it's unfair to a team seem like the race but that's the that's the that's the world the rays have lived in forever. They don't enjoy the financial flexibility. They don't have the depth and again. You know you'd take Chris sale off the red sox. I would be honest you Bueller Hulu Ross the dodgers. They're not going to be as good as they are right. Now you take no off the Phillies <hes> the Yankees have done it without Steph Reno. The raise can't do it without Blake Snell especially the way that other teams that are competing with them are playing right now. They can't do it. Yeah remember the raise and how great they look back in April with that was with Blake Snell in tyler glass now and tally glass no being great and glass nails out with an injury and now Blake Snell is out and you know two or three weeks ago. I had a high-ranking executive with another team say the raise. They're going to do something aggressive like they're going to do something big. They were in the conversations on Craig Kimbrel. They clearly we're looking to upgrade this team and now it would be hard to justify it'd be hard to justify going out and making a big expenditure using a lot of resources with the issues that they have with their rotation. It's really too bad and you hope that they can find a way to grind through and make the postseason but that that really hurts them to lose Blake's. Now you mentioned the Yankees. Let's get to it they. They get absolutely hammered again last night. The last six starts their rotation has a collective area fifteen point five nine and I think a week ago the talk within the Yankees Organization. Was You know what hopefully hopefully we if these asking prices and guys like Marcus Stroman and Trevor Bauer and Robbie Ray are too high we can hope that Severino comes back or hope <hes> this Guy Garcia gets called up minor leagues we can plug and Phil along the lines of you're just referencing and now after what we've seen again from James Paxton after Tanaka gets absolutely beat up I mean to me not only looking at rolling out the last third of the regular season but you have to look at the Astros in what you might face in October and matched up against the Burland Garrett Cole what you might see from the Oakland athletics if you phase them in the playoffs what you might see in the Cleveland Indians if they're the team you have to pay the extra price to go get one of these guys because because this team is that good and it's worth that kind of investment. What do you think I thank watching these teams? The twins <hes> the Yankees and seeing how the nationals are currently playing knowing how the dodgers are playing watching Orlando and coal set strikeout record after Spread Cup record every time they seem to step on them out and <hes> I think there's a great separation <hes> and if Domingo her mom pitches greats for Chris sale all of a sudden returns to Chris Sale Great Form <hes> then those teams are more legitimized than even they are now with all their offensive numbers that they're putting up home runs runs scored and bill the twins little smashing records season all those those things in the postseason when you're looking at the likes of assures or Anna Strasberg <hes> go away when you're looking at coal and you're looking at Burland or and even Miley go away when you're looking at review and Bueller incur shop they go no way and clearly teams like the Yankees <hes> teams like the twins in their bullpen. The Indians are legitimate because of the starting pitchers they have it would be it would be really frustrating if they as an Indian fan word where to Trade Trevor Bauer you have a chess you know the goal is to get into the tournament and if you get into the tournament then you start to look at teams like dodgers and teams like Astros and realized there better because of the guys they can start the game with their better better than the Yankees right now. They're better than the red sox right now. They're better than every team in the American League <hes> right now the Astros are better. The dodgers are better but Washington national's can compete the braves have legitimate chance to compete the phillies on their best day because of their pitchers can compete but you've gotta have starting pitching and maybe because they've dealt with the great offenses that the twins and the red socks out but as great as that Yankee lineup is they're not as good with the starting pitching pitching the way it is currently and they've done this without their race. You built the team with Luis. Severino was your race that they would legitimately be considered the same as as Houston and L._A.. And everyone else but I think you look at them right now and they're not that I don't know how you consider them that without the guys to compete against the frontline start as these other teams have the up over the next five days a big questions going to be in some of these the asking prices for guys like Stroman is who's GonNa Blink first last year for example. The Yankees stared down the Blue Jays eventually. It was the Blue Jays you blink. I in this case I I think the Yankees should blink because this team is good enough to justify that and let's look at the best case scenario. Let's say you trade for a Robbie Ray or you trade for Stroman and let's say Severino comes back all of a sudden severino being right a Robbie Bobby Rahal Marcus stroman. Maybe Paxton going you got Tanaka. You know is the number three number four but the front end of the rotation right now is a big concern for the Yankees. I I'd say this. There's no chance that they get Noah syndergaard like I know that they've had conversations stations with the mets about Noah syndergaard and I talked to evaluators with other teams yesterday who tell me that the tenor and the tone of the of the mets now is they talk about Syndergaard is now no longer hey you can we'll listen and but you have to overwhelm with an offer they say that their absolute perception of the mets now is they're going to move Noah syndergaard and we'll get into a moment why they would do that but the Yankees are not going to be that team that gets in because has you know Carl. Mets ownership is not good not going to create a situation where you might see Noah syndergaard dog pile with other Yankees in the Bronx in October. What do you think no I it would it would it would depend to me on what I could get back? The idea that Syndergaard is dog piling with C._C._C. Tabatha and the Bronx <hes> would wouldn't bother me as much as <hes> it would have. We got nothing back. I if I you know I I've been really bullish on the mets for a a long time. I thought they were going to be legitimate contender. I didn't love the deal that they made giving up their young players to get Canola Diaz and E._S. proving to be disappointment but I always thought similar this conversation when you have no starters and degrom showed it again yesterday on a day the degrom either didn't feel great or didn't have as best off. It was unbelievable that you're going to be legitimate team and that division. It's proven not to be the case. I care less about syndergaard dog piling just because he played for the mets because if I'm if I'm real honest with myself you know he he hasn't been part of a group that has really threatened in my opinion to be consistently great so okay. I don't give them away but I'm getting two or three guys back then in two or three years I'll be done piling and Syndergaard of the Yankees may not be that that bothers me less than than the concept of trading him to the Yankees versus some other team. If I mean proving myself dramatically <hes> so yeah I I guess they wouldn't do that. I wouldn't particularly care about that. If I were one of the group I I don't. I don't get caught up and where he's going. If I'm making myself better more power to the team that just traded form. They thought he was more valuable than I did so be. It worked out for them. <hes> that's great but I I think the other thing buster at this time of year you know this <hes> how good is Marcus Stroman. How good is Robbie Ray? Are they good enough to compete against the Burland or coal. Do we overvalue somebody like that. This is why I you know for awhile when the giants weren't great Madison Bumgarner has all sorts of credibility with even in a year in which he hasn't been great there is at least this feeling come October. There is another level he's performed at at that level. We'll we'll stroman and ray and these other guys we're talking about. <hes> haven't been nearly as consistently good as Bumgarner so sure you need to bolster. You're starting staff. But what are your both during it with. What are you both during it with <hes> is is there anyone out there? That would be available <hes> that you could throw in a game too if if you're if you're injured domingo her mind if you're into Chris Sale who's the guy that's GonNa Pitch in Game Two mortar Rodriguez enough in Boston Austin <hes> do we over doing end up overvaluing just the arm because it's healthy and a sad a decent year and remove the perspective of will who's going to be pitching against in what environment in what game <hes> and in what series Gosh I think sometimes we lose sight of that because we've got to make a move and we're I'm making the case Yeah you've gotTa make a move yeah and just doubling back on what you're saying about <hes> you wouldn't be bothered by Syndergaard having success. Obsessed with the Yankees if you're in the mets shoes you're thinking is right in line with just about every team in baseball. Now teams have gotten much more progressive about their attitudes the same as yours their belief being that hey if it makes us better. I'm not gonNA worry about what the guy does with the other team but we saw situation two years ago where Sandy Alderson the former mets general manager range the trade with Brian Cashman the Yankees G._M.. For Jay Bruce who's not a star like Noah syndergaard is considered to be a star a centerpiece and mets ownership pull the rug out from underneath it because they didn't want Jay Bruce October in Yankee Stadium and that's what you're dealing with and I disagree. I'm totally with you there. The reason why I think they're two reasons why the mets are considering moving not only noah it was syndergaard but also Edwin they know that syndergaard for them it just hasn't he hasn't realizes potential and they know that other teams still value him really highly and they would love the opportunity to try to get syndergaard syndergaard translate for them. Whether it's the San Diego padres or the Houston Astros and the second thing is look the mets are a big market team but they don't have a big budget and when you look at the structure of their payroll and where they are syndergaard making making six million this year he's in line for big raise and windy as making close to minimum wage this year. He's GonNa make seven million dollars plus next year when he goes into arbitration so not only could the mets get really good prospects if they were to trade a syndergaard to the padres are traded D. as to the dodgers but within their realm and I don't agree with where their budget is but within their budget they would get ahead of the payroll management. I think in the off season in addition to adding young players what do you think no. I think I think you're absolutely right about that and I think both having lived up to the expectations and I agree a hundred percent of the case syndergaard that if you are <hes> the Houston Astros and you've been able to turn guys around you then believe if we can improve on syndergaard every single physical tool <hes> to be a phenomenal pitcher is there. He's one of those guys that you absolutely believe if we get them into our system and we have the right pitching coach <hes> whether it's a picture whisper or at somebody who's GonNa proven track record we can make Noah syndergaard the face of this franchise and be the ace of staff so hundred percent agree with you on that <hes> and also <hes> <hes> and probably a Non New York met fan from from birth who gets frustrated by the idea that they are playing in that city and don't have the payroll that is that is even in the same <hes> <hes> Ballpark as the team like the Yankees. <hes> you know the angels to some degree if has shown that they're willing to spend the money <hes> maybe not to the levels of the dodgers are but you don't hear this generally don't hear the same argument against the angels when it comes to the other team in that city. Is You with the mets and the Yankees and yeah it's a it's a frustrating dynamic and it'd be really interesting to see what <hes> brody does here over the next couple of months in the off season two two again. Try to reestablish reestablish himself with somebody that can do this and do it well because this this year did not did not turn out well the move and backfired yeah and I gotTa Tell You we've talked about how the dodgers are looking for very high Diane Elite Relief to augment the seventh and eighth inning set up in Edwin would be a tremendous by for them. You know mets fans of worried about well if we trade the as now because he hasn't pitched well he'd be heavily discounted. I don't think that's the case because everyone everyone sees the stuff is average fastball velocity still at ninety seven point three miles per hour as it has been the last three years. You know the teams are lining up to say we'll fix them. We got him with the guy who just six months ago was considered to be the best closer in baseball so I do think think the mets would get something good from the dodgers in order to to make that trade last one four year Carl the giants Begin three-game series tonight against the San Diego padres. Basically I think at this point it's just about a done deal that they're going to hang on a Madison Bumgarner the only way that I think that they would actually consider trading bumgarner at this point would be if they got swept by the padres this weekend and then lost the phillies on Tuesday night but besides that and I talked to someone who's in the know yesterday and I said where where would you assess the chances of a deal and goes about ten percent because the feeling is with as well as they're playing with legacy pitcher legacy manager and Bruce Bochy. What are you like about that well? I you know to me as much as it is about Bumgarner th this I think and again you can get caught up in the history onyx and the legacy but yeah I think I think in some ways without hammering yourself in the short term or or even long-term you always to the free world series titles you owe it to Bruce Bocce. We've you know we often are critical of front offices. When eighteen plays itself into a position to be competitive they've been to get into <hes> the postseason and you have Madison Bumgarner as your guy? You probably have a greater sense of of realistic accomplishment coming coming to you then you then you would if you hadn't been there recently recently and he hadn't done it and I don't think that by not trading bumgarner that they hamstring themselves for for the next five to ten years. I think if you're going to be critical front offices that don't do anything when the team it does everything they can on the field. You've gotta be critical of them when they do make moves like trading someone like that even if <hes> in the privacy of their luxury suite they look around and say look. We're not the dodgers we gotta be realistic about it. <hes> we got to trade bumgarner. I still think that there's an obligation to the players and the fan base to try when you have a chance to make that happen which is your point about. <hes> the Yankees having been so long and not having one nine you you've got to you've got to look around and make the move. The players have put themselves without the Transition Severino in this position. What can we do to increase our chances? I think the giants are in that Ah same position and I'm I guess it's just a weird world. We live in when you were going to make a decision based on three games in a season that last one sixty two that those those don't really equate in my world like wait a minute so they lose to three now. We're going to trade him. I if you one two or three you weren't how is that. How do you square yourself with that? I don't I don't particularly understand that but that is the world we live in. I don't train them. You know I keep them and I look I go out and try to make a trade. I try to improve my my team. I think so as guy I go. I'd go get Vasquez from the pirates so I'm looking for bullpen. Help <hes> more than Diaz or anyone else that guy is is the guy I circle hundred different ways and I know the pirates are willing you know they're. They're a willing dance partner. Yeah and I'm sure that that's one of the guys at dodgers are talking about <hes> yeah the giants from what I understand if they I mean assuming that they don't trade bumgarner they're gone the other direction probably wind up adding and I don't think they're gonNA be aggressive. Big Ads before deadline they're going to be they're going to be improving so I hope you're feels better. Carl and I look forward to seeing on Wednesday. Look forward to about effects before we get to with Jessica Mendoza quick word from light stream where you can get a credit card consolidation loan with rates his lowest five point nine five percents A._p._R.. With auto-pay so what else you can get alone from five five thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars fee. No application fees no origination fees transaction fees no prepayment penalties. The rate is fixed so we'll never go up over the life of the loan plus. You can even get your money in your bank account as as soon as the day you apply. The online application is so easy you can apply right from your phone. Just for my listeners. You can apply now to get a special interest rate discount. The only way to get this discount is to go to light stream dot com slash slash B._B._N.. That's L. T. S. T. R. E. A._M.. Dot Com Slash B._B._N.. Subject to credit approval rate includes zero point five percent auto pay discount terms and conditions supply and offers are subject to change without notice visit livestream dot com such for more information does ally with Sunday Night Baseball's Jessica Mendoza Uh Sunday baseball this week will originate from Fenway Park where we have Yankees in the red sox the Yankees looking to put the Red Sox away once and for all and basically cement the American League as Jess how you doing today oh wonderful summertime one best time of year trade deadline right around the corner dog days of August coming up. You're kind of weather. That's for sure before we look ahead to the red sox the Yankees this weekend I want to look back. We just saw the nationals and the braves and it's funny because right now the braves with a sturdy lead in the national yeast and they're looking like the team. That's going to win that division but I I found myself unbelievably impressed rest and had a good impression of the Washington nationals have been playing great of late after their win on Wednesday that meant they want thirty six out of fifty one since May twenty four. That's one hundred fourteen wind pace over the course of about a third boarded the season and you feel like that if Mike Rizzo the general manager adds a couple relievers before the trade deadline and I think he absolutely will and maybe Alice column of the White Sox should be good fit there. Maybe Jake Diekmann is a left-hander data. Their bullpen that to me is a really dangerous team. Perhaps the most dangerous team to the Los Angeles dodgers standing as the best team in the National League. What do you think that was? That was my answer to your poll question that you had last sleek. was you know who's going to give the dodgers you know the biggest competition you know it's of course we're talking October and you know you talk about the teams that are hot now because you can't really understand who these teams are even GonNa be after a week from now when there's going be so many trades so many things will will change but the nationals even in their loss and we had them on Sunday. They lost the brave but I think seeing them in person after not have seen them for over a month <hes> everyone that's healthy their lineup. I mean really really just looking at the top three especially trae Turner outta meter sorry top portray Turner Atom Eating Anthony Ren don't and then one Soto and then you got Victor Robe listen the aide whole which I feel like he's been coming on so hot and it's just kind of that sneaky threat threat. It's at the bottom of their lineup and this is a team that on paper of course you starting pitching I mean how many years have we talked about. You know how good this team is the potential you know but I really believe buster. This is the team that will win a postseason series and it's not I just don't give the dodgers a threat but the fact that this is a team you just don't WanNa face in the postseason and and I I just feel like the hype has finally caught up so what they really are having fun crowder Paro you and I talked to him and talked about you know how much he's he's brought just life to this team not so much pressure. They've always had talent but buster. We've been around them in the past where they're just so tight because they know how good they are and when they don't perform they freak out this national team is is playing and they were reminded me. A little bit was happening across the way with the brave like just how loose in fun you know the Ozzy Albee's and Ronald Junior. I feel like Harada par has brought that because its nationals team and to me that's been the missing piece because we've been talking talking about how talented they are for years and I just felt like even though they lost they still seem like a team that it was I it better team but also just the team is enjoying themselves. It can go out and compete with anybody no doubt about it and now Max Scherzer back in the rotation. They're in a better spot. You talked about a missing piece. I don't think there's any doubt when the the first person who would say the missing piece for the Red Sox. This year is Chris. Sale would be Chris sale he would. He's been so critical of himself in the role that he's played in the red sox not really playing up to expectations this year but there are signs that he could be better down the stretch I mean historically. He's really struggled in August August and September but he's sliders still really effective you see spots in when he pitches where his stuff's really good when we last saw Al score the they had Chris Sale just pitch against the dodgers the day before and Alex City one home that night any watch video of the game and he watched video and the next morning you know what the stuff there and they're just waiting for him to put it all together. Absolutely I mean that's the thing that I saw I went to that game that Saturday night before Sunday game and I was like I mean Dang and amy could just feel for him because he he's an intense player and you know you love that about the players that you see I feel like he also can turn that intensity negative quickly and in that I think it was the first inning he had struck and if he struck out sue batters stuff was amazing. could he gets a swimming bunt hit the Chris Sale Kinda just took too long to get rid of like took too much time basically cody bellinger <hes> beating it out and you could just see help his off off. Chris sale was at a at himself and of course the coach after the game with how you know he he'd beats himself up but the thing is I feel like in game he can turn even though the stuff is still there. It's like he just you can see it in his demeanor the way he argues with umpires early on and again you love it about him but I also feel like this is a guy little get double digits strikeouts on any given night but until like he can actually go out there and I feel like not control some of his emotion because I think an impossible thing for Chris sales but just keep the negatively at bay like honestly just have this like ability that you've seen with him where it's that pace and just that overall like I'm GonNa take this ball and I'm gonNA shove it up. You know where every single time and that Chris sale is there but I feel like it turns negative too quickly now and what I hope to see Sunday even though it's against the Yankees and this is a team that he can find out dominate but I just feel like it's going to all be predicted on how he does early on if he's getting the calls that he wants the. Calls it feels like especially in the righties to play off of that slider buster. You're talking about if he gets that fastball called off the plate just off the play into those righties I feel he's going to have an awesome night and they're going to win but it all depends on how the game goes for him early on with convenor now by the time we get to Sunday night. This always happens the context in a four game series can change so dramatically and one of the possibilities is if the red sox were to lose the first two games doubleheader lose bulk games at double header on Friday and then lose on Saturday they could potentially be in that spot that Alice Chorus spoke about when he talked to reporters on Monday at the beginning of the week he goes look we know this time of year that front offices do their thing and if they assess that we don't have a very good chance of winning and making the playoffs then they may go and move into different direction than maybe we anticipate and I think that one possibility that the red nightside could be sellers would be if they were to lose those games on Friday and then lose on Saturday and lose on Sunday and I wrote a piece about this this week on E._S._p._N.. Dot Com about what a red sox say would look like and there's some obvious pieces that you might move Rick Portillo Mitch Moreland because the free agents in the fall but one of the guys who wrote about J._D.. Martinez was an opt out and his contract at the end of this year he could walk away from the last three years the deal which pay him about sixty six million dollars and you know what what if I'm sitting at J._D.. Shoes considering how good he was last year and even this year while he hasn't been as good you would think based on the fact that last Winter Andrew mccutchen about the same age got three years in fifty million dollars to winters ago. Carlos Santana got three years and sixty million from the Philadelphia phillies if I'm J._D.. Martinez I'm not averse to taking that gamble opting out of the contract and seeing what's out in the marketplace because I bet you he'd get something relatively close to that if he was willing to go through that process again. You've gotten a fuel for J._D.'s personality. What's your what's your best guess is we sit here in late July about what he's going to do? I feel like he's GonNa you know wait until the season see outplays out to see if this is especially because of his agents got worse. I just feel like this is something that like to completely get rid of thought. Now is not something that I feel like they would do but knowing J._d.. Martinez and knowing where his concentration concentration is on his game and how he hits and studying I think he's distracted by this. I mean how could you not be and if I were Jaydee. I would absolutely make this decision today to not opt out and just no. This is my team unless there's some reason that we don't know about that. He's just absolutely unhappy in Boston which I would be shocked out. I I really believe that this is something he's off of his place because it just doesn't seem like he's enjoying the game the way that you know he you and I both I know that he can and a big part of that is just the decision and knowing that there's a lot more money on the table this year. If even has the year that he has last year he could easily opt out and make more money but just going through that process and knowing that free agency is a whole all different ballgame so it's not like you make that decision at the end of the season. There's some sort of answer I mean he went all the way up until almost season when he made this deal with the red sox anyway I mean it came down. I remember hosmer going to the padres and him going to the Red Sox. It came within twenty four hours each other and so late and I can't imagine the stress and and for him he just wants to go out and hit flat out work on his swing day in and day out and this has been a distraction so I wish he would just make the decision. Don't opt out and stay but but knowing away that this seems to go especially with sports clients. I just feel like they're gonNA wait so just as a comp I remember when Nolan are not assigned his multi year deal with the rockies last winter in the winter before he became a free agent based from what I heard about Nolan. I was like relief for him like Oh thank goodness that he gets it off his plate and he doesn't have to worry about it every bad if every every day when he goes hitless and what is batting averages and that whole thing so you feel like in some respects expects it would be good for J._d.. Just come out and tell reporters look I'm done. I'm settled him staying on here for the next three years and nothing to worry about it anymore. Yes absolutely and I think just mentally even if he didn't make it public like even like that'd be the ideal even if it was just for him internally with his people his agent his family to say you know guys. I'm staying and I'm committed and this is what I'm GonNa do and just know that all right now. I'm GONNA lock in and get back to my swing. Um You know how many hours and how much time he spends on what he does and his craft. This is a distraction and I think for player like him. That doesn't need to have any more our spin on anything else. Make that decision now especially because this deal is free. Damn good the way it it. It would be interesting to see if the red sox got swept over the weekend. If the red sox front office would actually take J._d.. Martinez into the trade market because one thing they could do <hes> would be to market mark at him and get a piece back in trade and then they wanNA pursue them as a free agent and try to resign for next year they could do that also real quick before you go d._J.. Lemay who is at an amazing season this year. I think everybody would agree. He is the best signing of last asked off season what two years in twenty four million dollars from the Yankees and he is not GonNa win the M._v._p.. Award I think in the American league but he's going to be in the top ten. What are you seeing him? When we talk a lot and I know a lot about you know launching an exit velocity watching guys and Bat pats and you know I love it because it's a big part of the scientists hitting now and you can't be involved in hitting in two thousand nineteen and not having understanding about how guys are changing their pass? The ball just really hit more underneath the ball all and to be able to get those power number's up but then you look at D._J.. Mayhew and it's like he I it's like watching the swings of the nineties like early nineties eighties seventies. I'm just these wider swings more contact just understanding winning a situations how pitchers pitching you you'll see from him. Different swings depending on different situations and you know different how you know how you know how hard the past all is what kind of breaking pitches he saying <hes> you know sometimes it's a sixty percent swings <hes> sometimes it's eighty percents you rarely see a MAC effort all out wing and miss you know I'm doing all or nothing that you see so commonly in the game now but the biggest thing is is in the day and age where launch angle is such a trendy word word. He's very little of it and his entire philosophy is is something that I think we're all we're taught you know back to the day the t-ball hit the middle of the baseball and you know whether it's swinging not even so much down on it but just getting on plane early on to be able able to be on a path to be flat with it to be hit the middle of it and just line drives line drives all over the field and that's what Digi Lemay he does perfectly. It's not easy to do that but it's Kinda refreshing to because we'll talk a lot about different different guys that get underneath the baseball. She cody bellinger last week. I mean there's all these beautiful unique swings out there. <hes> it's nice to see one. That's still traditional and is getting the job done yeah and you talked to evaluators other teams. He's a big part of the reason why they think that the Yankees right now are the best team in baseball you hear the dodgers. Sometimes you hear the Astros. Sometimes sometimes you hear the Yankees but it's always impart built around because how the Good D._J.. Lemay has been jess. Thanks for doing this. I will see you at Fenway in Boston. Interesting creature inhabits the flat arid planes of many an automobile dashboard the bobblehead it's most agreeable and will not along to anything despite having no brain function but when the bubble had here's how GEICO no not only saves people money but also gives you access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. You're not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because yes switching to geico is a no brainer easy publ at easy. You can get whiplash bleacher tweets. It'll on is a twin superfan note on twitter's Rena Banana and read it before we get to the bleacher tweets that you've picked out for this Friday. Please give us the details on and how were you reacted when Errand Hicks made that incredible catch to end that wild fourteen to twelve twins lost the other night because that was one of the great heavyweight fights. We've seen a baseball this year. It was such an interesting emotion. Because of course I was jumping off the couch you know throwing whatever was in my hand but at the same time at least it was this incredible catch and not you know just a fly ball to center field that any other outfielder could've made so yeah. It was a mix of emotion mostly the anger you know I'm glad around me for that but it is what it is yeah when when I worked with Aaron Boone on Sunday night baseball and he would watch his Alma Mater U._S._C. and football he wouldn't watch with anybody else because he wanted wanted to be alone in his room. Whatever hotel we were in to react the way that he did without anybody seeing it because he just didn't think it would be very it would be received very well? What kind of response did you get on twitter <hes> to to that defeat for the twins well the night of most people left me alone which is probably a good idea but then that's a lot of really great tweets out there tweeted me asking if I was okay you know how did I sleep was recovering? Can I go to work the next day like did they need to take a six days so great response the next day little quieter the night before which is good. It's exactly how I wanted it right like Buni. You wanted to be left alone. I think <hes> when you're when you're teams plan all right. Let's get to this week's bleacher tweets. It's sounds great. Let's kick off the bleacher tweets today with this one from errands seventy at ASEM Eddie. I know it's a long shot but said the dodgers try and trade for both kindergarten Diaz for top prospects rubies and may plus other mid-level prospects. It seems like the big splash. This team needs to win the world series Aaron. I would agree with you that the dodgers are great match Fred when Diaz but I can't imagine that they would pay the huge price that would cost to get both guys is because if you look at Andrew Friedman's history running baseball ops for the dodgers he hangs onto his best guys. There's a reason why they have cody bellinger and they have cory seager because he basically fended off the request of other teams for the top prospects. I could see him trading for one guys but not for to Montgomery at M j Bob Twenty four with a lack of clear and or overpriced trade options or starting pitching could the Yankees look to one of their long relievers assertive starting pitching option. It seems that some of their long relievers such as Cortez or hail have looked better than their starters as of late yeah and they've got some internal options with guys coming back from Injuries Luis Severino Garcia pitching well in the minor leagues but I gotTa say an arena you know this because you just watch the Yankee stores and they got beat up by the Red Sox last night. If you Brian Cashman you're watching that saint now we need help one way or the other. We gotta get help for the staff absolutely absolutely P._k.. Steinberg at P._K.. Steinberg four and a half years into mixtures tenure with the nationals. Can we say that this is the best free agency signing of all time. I think we gotta wait to the end of the his contract P._k.. But I agree with view that it's been tremendous so far and it's why early this year when there was a lot of speculation about whether the nationals might market Sherzer and try to dump the contract <hes> before the trade deadline when the nationals are really struggling. I just didn't think there was anyway that was going to happen because he's he's been really good for them and he's sort of the center of everything that they're going to be trying to do this year and moving forward next. We've got Brian Simpson at December twelve o two seventy four. Hey Buster. Is there rumor that the rockies he's looking to trade. Charlie black men shrew most recent contract. Yeah it was a huge contract and it was one of those ones when I heard it. I was like wow that's a great deal for a player who at that time I think Charlie was thirty thirty one a lot out of other teams in the industry weren't we're beginning to sort of shy away from guys that age and giving those great contracts and in that case it surprised me that the rockies being sort of amid budget team would make that kind of investment it would make sense for them. They try to move the deal but look defensive metrics have been going down as performance on the road hasn't been great and although generally speaking he's still a really good player. I don't think anything would take on that contract. The rockies would have to pitch in a lot of the money they did with Lewinsky when they traded. I did too low to the bluejays less than at least we've got Vincent Hannam at V._S.. Hannam I watched Major League for the trump team time recently and thought about how catcher Jake Taylor talks matching batters in real life to psych them out. I often often see this in baseball movies but does it happen in real life I you know I don't think it happens that much. The funny exchange I heard about recently <hes> you remember when they had that bench-clearing incident between a Willson contreras and tyler flowers hours Wilson was upset that tyler flowers framing pitches well and he looked back at the empire and said really second inning. You'RE GONNA start buying into this guy's B._S.. In Tyler flowers is laughing one of the other stories and hurt. I remember Aaron Boone. I'm telling us the JOE. Girardi used to constantly talk when you were at bat to the point that Aaron turn to him and said Hey joe stop talking like I'm trying to concentrate and I suspect knowing Joe that he probably was trying to get in his head a little bit awesome whether you're a first first time listener or a longtime fan remember to send your tweets in all weekend long using the Hash bleacher tweets Rena before we go. What's at the top of your wishlist for the twins before we get to the deadline? I want Ken Giles for the twins I do you think that they shouldn't deplete their entire farm system for someone like Noah Syndergaard who I believe it would might have been you or some other tweeter mentioned that his value mostly lies and what he could do moving forward and so I really want want someone who's a quiet but released study reliever and the bullpen of course I would love some sort of a starter as well but right now Ken Giles is my number one guy yeah and it feels like that's more the twins speed like I can't see them ripping up their farm system to get syndergaard but that's not really Derek works I think he he believes that he can find better values in that and jobs would be someone to help them right away Rena. Thanks for doing this. Thank you for having me. That's it for today. My thanks Serena Dharavi Digestion.

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