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OnEducation Presents: #FlipgridFever with Ann Kozma & Adam Parker Goldberg


The presenting sponsor for on education is class craft. We're excited to announce class new story mode which makes it easy for educators to harness the power of stories episodes one and two of season one are ready for you and your students play today and it's completely free to learn more about class craft and the new story mode simply visit fast craft dot com slash on education and installing he's GonNa because there is more to come data. Welcome to another episode of on Education presents on on education is a member of the educational podcast network and we're so happy you've joined us. Flip Grid was already taken classrooms by storm back in June of last year when just a week before they announced that they were bought by Microsoft since that time it's been nothing but up for the company we're here with an Kuzma and Adam Parker Goldberg Berg from flip grid to talk about the secret to their success what drives them and exactly how many flip good videos. They've done their left time. Welcome to the show guys. Hey everybody. We're so excited to be here. Thank you so much. I'm already a little bit nervous to ask those numbers in my head to be here. Thank you so much but for having us and thank you so much for the kind words. We're super excited to chat so you guys are rockstars like like legit rocks all over the Internet. Every every time you guys are somewhere. It's like crazy. What's it like seriously being like the faces of one of the biggest most popular ED tech companies out there. What's that like I our community is our heartbeat and the educators not only in the flip fever community but educators everywhere bring the heart art in hustle the classrooms all the time so it is a giant love fast. It is a celebration it is just it's like family. It's a connected did family of people who are passionate about amplifying student voice and it is it just fills my heart every single day to echo that it just like such a huge honor and British award with so many incredible educators we talk about all the time we're so lucky that when we go on these trips to conferences or flickered bus tours through school business sporadically it really doesn't feel like worth because we like and said we're meeting with like our extended flip good family friends who were excited to see and genuinely thrilled to be win and celebrate and they celebrate. Sharon showcase like the incredible. They're doing with their amazing communities. You know scholar. Philo educators family members numbers so it's amazing. I love it love. It absolutely love it so we get to see video images social media of your of your travels a window flip grid people show up at a school. It's a major event so what does getting out to classrooms do for you. That's different and how is it framing your work at flip grid so incredible things is the educators using flip grid. The students using flip grid folks using the platform everyday to share learning to provide pathways to deepen understanding to synthesize. You know this is is my workflow. This is my outcome to celebrate that learning journey. It drives what we do with the product so we talk all the time about the feedback we get from students. It's in the classroom from tweets. Educators are putting out on social media from the feedback we received via email all drives what what our development team can hit shift can remix can completely build from the ground up in terms of features but it is all inspired by the community and it's totally like to Echo just celebrate the because we have this like amazing privilege with with the Internet and the World Wide Web and all these things I mean that for flipping leads right but also just the ability to communicate with especially educators every day on is amazing but we don't don't always get to have that first percent contact with students to hear what they're thinking what they're doing and so for us to be able to go into schools it kind of works in that we both want to share the story reapply grid because not even really about like what flippers about this idea that two people had this cool idea developed this platform announced by millions of people around the world and we love them. They're special and unique but that story is not unique and students everywhere. We want them to know whatever their dream is. WHATEVER THEY WANNA pursue they can do the same exact thing and like like answer to get that feedback from students and also it's like a little bit of Monsters Inc at the end so so it's not the scaring. It's the laughter that like it like every once in a while. It's good to just get in the school environment so we can kind of soak in that like student energy John John and then bring it back to our office and let it explode energize all our developer and the rest of our team and and that's something too because we do get to the experience a school campus or a school community or go into classrooms work with educators we get to bring that back and share with the team here in Minneapolis share the vibe thrive off of the energy and after seventeen years in my school district in ten years ten in years in the classroom and beyond that energy of a classroom and the even flow of what it looks like and what learning looks like it is busy. It's constantly influx and it's this positive excited energy that that we thrive off of so I love going into a classroom. I love working with teachers but it's incredibly special as members of the engagement team to bring that back and share with our larger team here as well. That's awesome so I mean I mean these. Numbers are stupid. especially the like since August the numbers are stupid. Hundred and twenty over one hundred and twenty thousand new educators have signed up for flip grid since since August across one hundred and seventy six different countries over one hundred million videos have been shared since August. I it's got to be more than the service being free right. Obviously I think so. I think it's a mixture of and we're incredibly grateful that Microsoft has enabled enable us to make free because our mission has always been to empower every learner to share their voice respect the voices of others and when we workweek was it was difficult to have that mission because while it was our mission you know the paid aspect led some barriers there so Microsoft really enabling us to fully embrace. Our mission has been incredible credible but what it comes down to is an answer this all the time in authentic use for antic audience and using a tool in afflicted. We talk about all the time. It's just a bunch of lines lines of code and really the magic of liquid is scholar sharing with their communities and finding like it's not even to share your voice but it's finding your voice in its that re-recording process in figuring out how you WANNA position what you're sharing whether that's a book talker a math lesson scientists minute ride purposes. You know whatever it may be. It's the the the experience of building out what that is how you want to present that information with your peers. which to me makes me think of pathways. It's a learning pathway so as you figure figure out how to how to utilize a tool or utilize a platform whether it's as simple as using the camera and recording style video utilizing sizing the new features like the digital inking or the whiteboard blackboard mode to create something that was previously inconceivable. It's it's transforming teaching and learning experiences and providing new pathways in avenues for people to share their learning and that builds it builds confidence in yourself which is away that young scholars everywhere can develop will not only development explore and develop what their unique voices and Adam Adam mentioned mentioned it but I absolutely feel so passionate about this that it is helping people share their authentic voice for an authentic community in that means different things things with technology. A learning community does not have to exist within four walls of a classroom. It does not have to exist on one campus as as part of a larger school district global communities in global classrooms exist because of the power of technology that really you can you can use and you can you can use as much or as little as you want and that's the beautiful thing it can be as simple or as complex as you want. I love that flip. Grade provides the freedom for people to have all those learning pathways into that same point as well that voices not just spoken word right. I think we've because of the dictionary definition of voice we come to kind of think of this thing is it's spoken word but as an mentioned especially with the new features in especially the ways that if liquid educators students have always used liquid. We know that that student voice is not just spoken word. It's it's expression through your dancing through drawings lying through all these creative means of sharing. You know what you're thinking in. What a what you believe in what you're Russians are so I'd like to follow up on the Microsoft questioned. Microsoft obviously gives the power to make to make flip grid free which is huge what other types absolutely bandages does that partnership offer so one of the first things that comes to my mind is a Microsoft learning tools like for example the immersive reader which was brought into the flip grid platform which not only provides a visual supports audio supports as well whether it's like a high contrast contrast low contrast. There's line focusing you can toggle on solidification you. Can you know have a parts of speech lesson while Oh you're utilizing them are reader. There's a picture dictionary embedded into it as well as translation tool. So something like that is a very simple simple thing to say was another natural benefit of that partnership because it's empowering people and that's that's what Microsoft believes in empowering he will so a tool like that is a beautiful thing to celebrate as part of our environment and I love sharing it because as a former first grade teacher with pre readers emerging readers that was such a powerful tool in our co founder Dr Charlie Miller when he said if if folks folks are not understanding the flip good topic or what's being asked of them whether it's a language barrier are reading you know barrier. This is one tool that can empower for them to participate It's non stigmatizing. It's welcoming. It's very user friendly. I love that tall and it. We're lucky to have it because it's part of Microsoft's to mazing and I'm sure that Microsoft you know one of the one of the huge advantages oranges has got to be the ramping up of development tools and abilities like shorts for example flickered shorts is like my new favorite thing because I think I feel like in the past like if you wanted to make video it had to be part of a board and it had to like there was some requirements that wasn't really wanting to do especially in my role now where I I'm not in the classroom but I do want to make an awesome fun cute Kinda cool little video. Oh fluker shorts does that for me in a way that I probably couldn't do before you know it just thinking about this. Mike that the reason why you love it so much I just because it's explained everything on steroids. You guys have heard the podcast before. Mike's favorite tool of all time was explained everything but now it's passed by the clippers. Now is my jam. I use it like just in the last week or two of us in about five or six times to make just little videos because that's what I needed and it was the perfect tool for that. You've got to be seeing really cool. Oh like opportunities for development as a result of being part of Microsoft but also you know the uptake on the stuff is really neat as well so so what are the things when you when you say flip bridge shorts you think of the robust camera and our team built it completely brand new from the ground up this summer that whole camera experience but the power of storytelling with shorts is it's like endless possibilities and what the coolest things we've seen educators do off the bat. Kathy personnel ski is an Awesome M. I. E. Expert from New Jersey and she came up with this flip. Moji seen challenge where you create this entire reality based on the tools within shorts and the flip camera utilizing those emojis are importing your own stickers amusing the camera tool and she's creating these wonderful scenes whether it's a magical equal seen we saw educator from Malaysia create this mad scientist scenario there. Are I mean it sounds. I don't WanNa say that I'm just repeating myself endless possibilities for the way that you could use shorts to showcase but beyond showcasing. I think it's coming back to giving people the opportunity to create right and nats opportunity shifts the meaningful like aspect aspect of a lesson it shifts the engagement level of a lesson. What really truly is impacting the learning rights? It's making these meaningful rich learning experiences when people are creating I think they're more engaged in more likely to retain the information so it's just to repeat myself when it's a pathway right. He's a pathway deliveries because there is more to come dot dot dot that was they were about the drops in here that that that's all. I cannot continue at this. Okay so what's what's. The coolest thing you've seen kids doing flip grid. That's over to Saudi something that comes to your mind okay so I just did a training in California for San Gabriel Valley Q. and I shared an example and I said this likely is one of my favorite videos of all time and it was a student who used a piece of the paper and a pencil to sketch some little characters some speech bubbles but what it turned into a stop motion animation simply using the pause baton and then became this entire china-made video of multiplying fractions so it was super cool because she simply manipulated the paper use the pause button and then have this whole like animated feature and it blew my mind another incredible example we love to share is three high school students Tennessee right. I believe they were in Tennessee and they they were standing in the hallway with their whiteboards and they had drawn about circuitry and they were rapping about circuits and it literally was Whiteboard Board Expo Marker and was like two years ago before block where mode and the prompt was not create a song. It was just students being incredible that the educator said we're GONNA use foot grid demonstrate to me that you understand the concept. We went over circuitry at epic song that sometimes we'll be walking around the office then we'll just a little a little line. Don't forget about the light little dude this amazing song. I chose to completely like analog examples samples from there's all these possibilities. I Love Flip Moji. The flip mode gee seen challenge. I think there's all kinds of possibilities with that. I also love of the inking right like I come back to primary examples. I one hundred percent believed K to CANTU and so even our youngest scholars can share their learning whether it's talking about you know add plus added equal some and drawing with the inking tool whether it's creating flip Mogae seen whether it's importing warning your own video one of the things I think is so cool as you're seeing a lot of students import customs stickers which is literally a photo file from their camera role so that completely redefined how they do like a book talk I mean there's so many examples that blow our mind every single day. One thing that really inspires me is when we see students using American sign language or signing on flip rid and on just incredible examples of an atom mentioned this that voices different for everybody in what you share is different weather. It's spoken or non spoken but like tears in my eyes sometimes when I go through twitter just because of incredible examples coming from around the world is amazing we we've spent some time talking to Claudio Zavod about singer song and so that's like a an incredibly credibly cool way to use flip Grad and I'm wondering if there are other ideas other folks out there. You've excited. Maybe a couple already but folks using flip grid for things other than a teacher with kids in their classroom. What are some some other other people that you can think of that are doing things like Claudio and that kind of thing in flip grid overlay there the first one that comes to my might as we've seen like book talks at the appeal level right so I know Trevor Mckenzie did like one of his inquiry mindset book talks over the summer. I think either last summer the summer partly both but not even necessarily at the so that was obviously global at a global scale but even at the local level having schools collaborate across the district in this a synchronous or that right so they don't only to be at a certain location at a certain time to have a meeting they can collaborate with one another just as liquid allows whenever it's convenient for them so I really cool example I know at the university level. One of my friends at the University of Central Arkansas was using upgrade to get like educator practitioners in the classroom to provide feedback for folks who are in in her pre service teacher program so to match up somebody who's in school to become an educator and hear feedback from practicing educator was is a very powerful thing for them. things like that inspire me another global example. That really has kind of blown. My mind is with our global. We'll classroom Joyce Bronwyn Melinda her Michael. It's three educators who have just empowered a lot of conversations related to the sustainable development goals and giving kids a global platform to have meaningful conversations about what's what's going on in their world and that has blown my mind and then still one more. I was looking at the data they pronounce the last name correctly Kerley Knock Asuka. told us when we visited her school that she even uses liquid with her family's thinking family reunions right so family all around the world or even all around like I grew up by dad's parents were one city over my mom's a couple of states over and the idea of if we could have connected on foot grid back when I was growing up. She's doing it with her family. She's she's amazing. She does somebody cool things but just another village of Algebra slowing us her family grid of I saw a tweet recently about a gal who is doing doing like story. Read aloud like a reading aloud a book to her niece who lives in a different state so for him to bring up like the idea of connecting families or the families sharing sharing experiences. I'm sure I saw a tweet last year about who were saying. We should flip grid to everybody buddy. Give an update on their life that way we can get into our family reunion rather than spending time catching up. They wanted to like enjoy the moment so it's different for everybody and I think that's one of the beautiful things about it our car our colleague. George is known for saying if you can think it you can flip loop grid it. You Know A. K. Twelve scenario higher education corporate or enterprise even like your family. If you can thank you can flip grade and I think that's incredible so Adam. How can people connect with you. I know social media. You guys are very active it. Can you give us your social media connections. We are so on social or on twitter specifically. I am at Adam short shorts. I enjoy wearing shorts year round. Even even though we're Minnesota Minnesota August my twitter handle is at Adam short shorts and mine is at an COSMA seven to three. I'm connected on all the social as well. You can always find us at flip grid as well but beyond that I we didn't bite folks to to connect with the community which which connects through the Hashtag flippered fever so if you were to search Hashtag flippered fever whether it's instagram instagram whether it's twitter there's at facebook community were pretty easy to find on social and we love to say that you know conversations shins that start today don't have to end today whether it starts on a digital platform or in real life. It's the beginning of celebration on a friendship because as we're passionate about the same thing in Cozma and Adam Parker Goldberg. Thank you so much for joining us on the podcast today today. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. You're awesome. This has been amazing and we're so excited the cu soon yes thank you so much. Thanks for listening to on education. My name is Glenn or even my co host is Mike Washburn on education is part of the education podcast network you can listen to this show and many others by great educators like Jennifer Gonzalez Matt Miller and many more by visiting EDU podcast network DOT COM WANNA. Get in touch touch with us. Check out our website at on education podcast dot com you can tweet us at on education pod. Mike is at Mr Washburn on twitter and I can be found at IRV Spanish. You can find us on facebook by visiting facebook. Dot Com slash on education pod were also on instagram grab at on Education Pod. If you're enjoying the show and think others would to we would be thrilled if you shared it with them. Please leave us a rating or review in Apple podcast. The Google play store when you leave rating gives our rankings boost. This helps others discover the show. 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