June 14: ET Catches Up with Jason Hathaway!


Post to coast in Canada across north, America, and around the globe on the World Wide Web. This is race line on the waistline radio network presented by Subaru and race line is driven by the twenty hundred thousand Subaru wrx wrx sti the a typical sports cards by the Subaru. VR's add the attainable sports car. That's fun to drive and by general tire anywhere is possible. It's just another. Another Subaru. Candidate presentation of your National Radio, Motorsport Authority race, Line Radio Network I'm Eric Thomas. Host and anchors still laboring in the Home Studio Will Weber our supreme commander, and Race Line Master Control Jerry Liuyang with pre production Andrew Holland assuming control of the network this week. The very latest Cope nineteen effects on our sport has things are easing up just a little bit more, we. We have the latest news and most of the NASCAR race results around this pandemic. The health threat has inflicted major damage on our national stock car. Racing sanctioned the NASCAR PNC, series or NASCAR. Canada as I call it. We finally welcome back series veteran Jason Hathaway for his take on what's happening or in this case, what's not happening plus we have a few more entries and comments for. For the Subaru race funny. MAILBAG Trivia contest another chance for you. At the grand prize pack in the race Rap News Nascar starts to let fans back in at Roger. penske says if fans aren't allowed in, you'll postpone the Indianapolis. Five hundred again super race fans everywhere powerful sport powerful radio. It's her twenty eighth year on the air across Canada. This is the race line radio network. Is Lewis Hamilton and you're listening to race radio. Thomas Race Line on the line radio network latest news and opinion on the race line race rap here is the latest results in news package together around Covid Nineteen Nascar Cup mid week at Martinsville Virginia their smallest and a half mile, fighting off lane, entry, penalty and the oppressive heat. Martin True Junior grabbed his first one of the season twenty, seven, th of his career, taking away from Brad. Brad Keselowski with one hundred and thirty laps to go and holding firm the rest of the way, Sunday the fourteenth Miami Homestead Florida with something new to just see him. Yeah, fans, a few city invited spectators, soldiers, and frontline nurses allowed in around C nineteen more on this in a few minutes, the Miami Cup tilt of course too late for the prerecord Cova deadline. Cup points into Miami Harvick. Harvick leading Lugano by Twenty eight expedient trucks at Miami homestead, as well Harrison Britain when the xfinity goal. That's his second of the season Quebec's Alex Labbe Twenty-fifth Dale, Earnhardt Jr. his one off finish fifth, and who else Kyle Busch one trucks. He's won eight of the last ten his teammate last week. Show Gas Canada's Raphael. LAZARD was eleven. Stewart Friesen fourteenth more NASCAR news. They found it necessary. Necessary to ban the display of the US civil war, confederate battle, ensign, full stop, and so far no reported covid nineteen cases. That's good so little more easing up on the health leash leading some fans back in the stands as we said at Miami, they'll do it again. At Talladega June twenty-first, all fans admitted will be screened before entering required to wear a mask. Stay six feet apart and. And there is no access to the infield. Let's see this goes into other series adopted and follow suit you know one of the best things about Kevin. HARVICK's win at Atlanta was his salute to legend, Dale, earnhardt backwards victory lap, and three fingers held aloft out the window. You see back in two thousand and one. You most likely remember a very young. Harvick took over the lauded number three. Three at Richard childress racing after Dale, was killed at Daytona and Kevin's first. Cup. Win came just three races later at Atlanta. That was the first win in my career, and to be able to do that and pay tribute to today was was pretty cool. I've been waiting a long time to do that. We've had so many days where we can do that here. I just love it. It today's drivers respect the sports, history and stars of the past that has Karpin. T series report brought to you by general tire anywhere is possible. Go to general tire DOT CA and click on the NASCAR banner on the homepage to find the best generals for your vehicle Nascar Canada postponing events including the Western swing, and they're still no announcement when they're going to start the season, no. No updates on their website I know that nineteen is still a fluid situation, but some kind of news on a projected season's start from the higher ups would be nice. Wouldn't it coming up in our guest? Segments series veteran Jason Hathaway on what the nineteen pandemic has done to our national stock car racing sanctioned indycar off until race to of their delayed season July fourth on the Indianapolis. No fans for that one and along that line Roger Penske says if see. Still will not allow fans access by August. Twenty third day will not stage the one hundred Fourth Indianapolis. Five hundred on that rescheduled date. We've heard taught. They could postpone the classic again ahead to October if they have to, and they might have to indy lights. The captain wants to fix them. Not running this year as you know, penske will have discussions on a new rules package maybe in time for next season. They just need to get more. The INDYCAR teams to commit to at least. Least One light century to get the car. Count Up to where it counts. Indy lights needs to be on that road to indy ladder right now. It's just India pro. Two thousand more on this next week with Canadian series star Parker Thompson from red deer. Alberta Formula One starting July fifth in Austria, but the rest of their condensed schedule outside of Europe keeps changing as Abidjan signalling for Japanese Grand Prix all officially canceled as the twenty twenty calendar continues to shrink because of see nineteen. Figured for a while those GP's, we're not going to go anyway. With the street events at Baku and Singapore creating huge, logistical and prep time problems f one, though still confident. They say they can run at least eight rounds required for unofficial championship, and why am I, still hearing talk on reversing F, one qualifying grids to spice up the show artificially making the fast guys workup through the slow. Guys don't do that. Don't do that, please. It's a gimmick. Leave the Gimmicks to other series. Yeah, the rally news presented by Subaru. wrx wrx Sti the Atypical Sports. Sports cars even more Cova damage here. The Rally Great Britain, now the six round we dropped from the World Rally Championship calendar the first time a WRC will not run in the UK. The whales based event which to host the second last October, twenty nine. A member first joins Portugal Kenya. Finland and New Zealand on the list of Brown's called off in the wake of this global pandemic on the Canadian. Championship side presented by Subaru. The rally defeat in September has been canceled now leaving five rallies left to run, if allowed October through December will keep. Keep you up to date. When we know world of outlaws X. NASCAR, runner Kyle Larson is tear ended up sprint cars. He tallied his fifth win over seven days a sweeping, the world of outlaws weekend at Knoxville Iowa. That's Larson's third victory in seven outlaws starts drag racing. Yeah, some of the NHRA teams admit with one thousand nine events starting with back to back. Weekends Twelfth at Indianapolis Raceway. Park going into November is going to be grueling to be sure, but as they say you gotTa, do what you gotTa do bikes. World GP firming up a revised. Revised schedule comprising thirteen rounds in Europe with five venues, they'll resume the season with back. toback runs at Jerez, Spain, July nineteenth and twenty six faces in the pit. Sad to have to tell you. We've lost fellow Canadian Motorsport Hall of Famer Legend Epi wheats congestive heart failure in his eighty second year Egbert ftse was known came to Canada with his family from Holland in one, thousand, nine, hundred fifty, when he was only twelve EPI career featured sports, cars, and a Trans am championship to Canadian Driving Championships in formula cars as a formula five thousand and And two starts in Formula One, he was inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of fame in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, three, definitely, one of the good ones Godspeed EPI weaknesses, and what an amazing run by the man they call Aj. Slide ways sixty three year old Johnson Middlesex New York. When a dirt modified feature, recently outlaw speedway and Dundee new. York that marks the forty sixth consecutive season the Johnson the scored at least one feature in a season he started when he was only sixteen, jumping directly into a big block modified over those forty six seasons. Seasons and escort close to six hundred ends at thirty nine tracks in seven states and two Canadian provinces along with five super dirt series titles for Mr Dirt Big Block, four three fifty eight crowns and multiple track titles at We'd Sport Rolling Wheels Canandaigua Brewington Fulton and at six ten CK DB's coverage track titles at ransom villain merit speedways as well many of Johnson's wins, including his most recent came at the buttons of Bicknell modified built by fellow Canadian Motorsport Hall of Famer and Multi. Time tracking series champion Pete Bicknell, of Saint, Catharines, Allen, Johnson and And his younger brother Danny have vastly different driving styles, but they both get it done allen a smooth and consistent easy on equipment, Danny, three years, his junior, more flamboyant, running the high line in thrilling, Danny, known as the doctor has scored over six hundred dirt modified wins himself both are hall of Famers, a superlative racing family. They are, and that's her for this week on the race. Wrap your questions, opinions. Comments on headlines of the news are always welcomed. Let's hear from Y'all as you continue to stay safe and sensible. Share your thoughts, your theories and And your ideas with fellow race, fans and gear heads across the entire breadth of the country could win you the grand prize in the Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest. We play a little later in the show all right well. Let's pull down another pitstop up next part. One of our interview with Nascar Canada veteran Jason Hathaway on the damage. Nineteen is inflicted on our national stock car racing sanction. This is race line presented by Subaru for more Info News on wrx. wrx Sti NBR's said Click Subaru DOT CA. This is the race line radio network. I this is Mario Andretti. Graceland radio returns in a moment. We are Canada's National Radio Motorsport Authority we are the race line radio network I'm Eric Thomas Nascar Canada or the NASCAR series was thrown into a state of seizure with cove nineteen restrictions. The start of the season delayed that still in limbo, several events canceled or postponed including the Toronto indie weekend, and the Western swing through Saskatchewan and Alberta, including Edmonton for tsn twelve sixty, and at this point, nobody knows when the season will actually start. It's assumed they're waiting to see where provincial see nineteen restrictions are going to allow them to run without fans with fans, whatever examining the situation welcoming back. Back a series veteran who was anxious to fire them up as anybody is, he drives the ED. Haskins racing team three Orange Kubota. Canada Fast Eddie. Choco Camaro. It's Jason Hathaway. Part one on race line radio. Jason we start off every interview as we work with the COVID, nineteen pandemic, and we're still wrestling with that. Is that you know we trust that you and and Jamie in the family is well and You're you're staying safe doing what you need to do to stay in business to stay functionalist. Keep the lights on, but the family is. Trust is okay during all of this. Everybody's doing well and doing what we can Stay at home, self isolating doing whatever we can to stay away from people but We got some honey. Do List jobs. And that's always important. Yeah, that's always good. The honeydew jars usually full of stuff there but i. mean that's good. And of course you know your your father in law and hacking son, who was put into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of fame along with yours truly here and you know and he's he's doing well. He's he's well on his end. He's doing. Doing Great yeah, that was pretty pretty special eight to to have had an get inducted in yourself. You know everybody that hadn't what a great night and lots of family and friends over there and see a lot of people, so it's always always fun. Thank you and talking about the schedule changes around covert nineteen. Good Lord you know, Nascar. Cup and trucks and Xfinity have just refired. Formula One looks like they've got at least the first eight races of their schedule nail down the one series. You guys are close to with with team three read, and and you're right in your family is the fact that the Nascar Canada or the NASCAR series? Whatever you WANNA. Call it Their schedule has been ravaged by covid nineteen cancellation of races the Western. Western swing has been has been done away with for this year. You know that's an abrupt adjustment as as a veteran in this series in two halves to different areas really with yourself. How do you adjust to something like that? When you know you have sponsors lined up. Your idea lined up. The schedule lined up and suddenly. That's not what you're GONNA follow. That's gotta be a big adjustment for somebody like you. You know we're. We're for the last fifteen years straight. We've been to Canton motorsports park may long weekend racing sell right You know that was a big shock to. Myself I think I think my wife's been there for twenty years straight so I think so. Even crazier! She's crazy I am. We all know that, but that's okay. You know what we you know it's the the hard part is the unknown. You don't know when you're GONNA. Run and where so if they just told us you know it, August. You're GONNA race here. At this time in great, that's what we'll focus on, but right now it's It's so up in the air that nobody knows what's going to happen and we're all waiting for you know for for the safety factor to be released so people. Can you know get out and get doing some things? Things so The main thing is the unknown part now we are GonNA. Are GonNA to test at the end of June at see, TMP you know just just to get out and get some. Get some racing in Get The you know. Get the cars you know. Shake the cars down and make sure we're ready to go. Whenever that time comes, but it's It's a little tough, you know we've got sponsors on board and not ready to do battle for the summer and the. And, we've got nowhere to go and no nowhere to promote promote Kubota in fast eddie and Choco and everybody that is involved in our program, but it's You know the good thing is. We've got great relationships with sponsors and. You know, we can do some other things along the way in the social media side that helps out Hopefully. Maybe we can do so my nose television. They're working on some television stuff for the series that can maybe help out some of the sponsorship staff makers, replaying some races or things like that on tsn so You know we gotta do what we can do to keep the key people talking and keep the. Sport Rolling through these times. Jason Hathaway drives the team three reds number three Chevrolet in the NASCAR. Series, our guest on Race Line Radio, the family, of course good friends of ours you know not having the western swing is going to seem a little bit odd mean. It's very expensive endeavor to haul everything out there, but you know it's supposed to be a national sanction and the national series, and the fact of the matter is covert. Nineteen is not going. Going to let you guys go out West I. Know that you've been involved in that. As and and so as Jamie for a long time, and suddenly not having to pack everything up. You know someone may say that might be a bit of a blessing in disguise, but that part of the schedule is is always been important to you guys, hasn't it? Yet is it's a big part of the series to to capture the national national side of the series so You know to nocco there this year. I think it makes sense. As far as the Kobe nineteen pandemic deal going on financially for the teams I think it makes sense as well for everything that's going on because I can't speak other teams what they have for sponsorship But you know what when it all comes back. I think we. We definitely need to be a west and I. Think we actually need to be back out east to which I'm GonNa push for strong until people listening so It's we need it and we the teams always like going out there. There is part one with NASCAR candidate series veteran one of. Of their favorite drivers ours to Jason Hathaway back with us on race line radio part two, and what's happening to the series around nineteen restrictions comes up a little later in our second guest segment all right well. Let's click off another pitstop ahead. The world renowned Subaru race line email back trivia contest hand a brand new question to investigate this is the race line radio network. This is Damon Hill. We're coming right back a race line radio. 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Don't put a gap in their race slum radio. Dot Ca Eric at radio DOT CA connect as well by facebook and Instagram the address their race line Radio Network all three words right there and on twitter at. Line at et race line with us now go to the mail bag. And get some interesting comments. This one came in a while ago, but I never did get to it. for various reasons, but it's okay. Because Keith Baxter has been a long time listener in Toronto on Sports Net five ninety the fan he sends this Eric as you mentioned in your conversation with Norris McDonald it is noticeable that the Toronto Indie. Is is an Indycar make no mention of the race returning in two thousand twenty one, but that is probably because twenty twenty was the last year of an existing three year deal with promoter in the city, and they don't want to announce anything regarding the future until it's renewed, the promoter may WanNa. Make sure they have all the necessary sponsors in line for this race to continue with financial trouble caused by this pandemic, there might not be companies willing or able to support it. At least that's my opinion Keith Baxter. In terms of Keith. Always appreciate your your notes in your loyal listenership. It goes right back I guess I am remembering of course me being as old as I am my memory. Ain't that great sometimes, but yeah, I think he has been listening since day. One and we do appreciate that Keith, you you. You might be on the money, but you never want to assume these things I did. Send a message to the promoters Green Savary, asking about the status of their contract. Contract with the city, and unfortunately as of right now I have not yet received a reply, so I would be guessing as to what the status is with their contract with the city of Toronto and know and sponsors. What have you? We know? They have a very solid sponsorship package with Honda. That's why it is. It is called formerly. The Honda Indy Toronto and I don't have any rumors or anything to make you think that that partnership would not continue regardless. Regardless of the fact that sadly the race has to dark in Twenty Twenty Lincoln did in two thousand and eight, but You know they may be waiting for that. I don't know, but as I say I have sent a message to the promoters savary green, asking the status of it, and they haven't been able to to get back to me, and and that's unfortunate, but there may be reasons for that, too. However, whether you think the race needs to stay. Stay there and not to be eligible for tourism money. It needs to whether it needs to move out to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. They need to deal with the city. Just couldn't swing it this year, but hopefully the race and I have every every confidence that the race will be back. come twenty twenty one just not able to do that around the pandemic and staying safe because of the end of the day. You want to make sure that. Health of people comes before profits. Send US your contest entries. Comments US. Eric at on radio DOT CA the. Do qualifying question. Twenty twenty two Subaru wrx STI reported to come with added horsepower. How many horsepower is the next Gen wrx STI projected to put out? Okay, let's work on the stop. Wilbon part two of our interview with Park Canada's Jason Hathaway. This is race line presented by Subaru for more on the VR's Ed sports-coupe. Go to Subaru DOT CA slash ers at this is the ranch line radio network. THIS IS JIM SALAAM! You're listening to race, line radio. Canada's National Radio Motorsport Authority are twenty eighth consecutive scenes of only air across Canada. We are the race line radio network. Thanks for spending some time with us. As we all stay safe, responsible and sensible. We heard him in part one, NASCAR, series mainstay Jason. Hathaway and what's going on with the schedule decimated by the COVID, nineteen pandemic at the moment resume even up projected season, start and schedule start, and as everybody guessing as to what the heck is going to happen next, so here is part two of our conversation with the driver. The ED hackensack racing team three Orange Kubota Canada. Fast Eddie Choco Chevrolet Camaro good. Guy Jason Hathaway on. On Race Line Radio. The other big hole of course is that the Toronto India's not GonNa go this year because of Covid, nineteen large events being you know their permits being pulled further. You know the balance of most of the summer. Really you know you guys were there for the longest time and did a lot of great racing a lot of good entertaining. It went dark there for a little while, but but came back relatively recently, and the fact of the matter is. You're not going to be running in Canada's biggest city and that's a deficiency, too. It's unavoidable Jason, but that's another whole that you're. You're looking at as well right. Yeah exactly and and I think I think everything everybody in every sport and racing as well as looking at all of this, too, so it's going to be adjusted schedules. You know, shorten. Seasons might think everybody's GonNa. Have to take it on the Chin this year a little bit. Just hope we can. Everybody can get back to normal shortly, and we can focus on next year I. Think it's real important to build early this year for next year. You know I don't think we should stick with the same plan. As is what we've done in. The past was waiting for releasing schedules and tracks, and so on. We got all this downtime. We're all working Let's start you know. Know let's start working on this year, but let's start working on twenty twenty one to make it successful that that's a very very good point, and and yeah, you're right is is maybe you know look ahead. You can't do much to fix what's happening this year, but you're sure you could do some some legwork. You know to get stuff prepared for twenty twenty one. So guys have a chance to you. You know. Get a solid schedule nail downright and get those sponsors pointed at it, and you know exactly what's going on, so that's a very very good point Jason. What do you? What do you do in the in this time I? Mean you know you've got your your own life to live in the family and everything and the and your and your regular business, but when you're not racing, what are? Are you doing to stay sharp? Some guys are on simulators. Some guys continue on with their with their physical fitness, and all that kind of thing. What are you? What do you do in the gap You know what honestly I haven't done much That's why I wanted to get to the tracks and get some testing at the end of the month. Just want you back in a car. I feel him in decent shape. I'm not a gym, rat or anything like that, but. I want to get back into the car. I'm teaching great one and I in the mornings some days and Babies and chasing kids around. But We've got grandma talk to open the pool. So that's going to get exciting around here in the next couple of days, so we're not doing without having fun in. We get lots of family time right now, so there's always positive along layer you know exactly exactly exactly did some trucks in two thousand seventeen? Of course now we have to fulltime. Canadians ended in Raphael aside from Quebec and he's done some stuff as well and of course Stewart freezing, who's a very? Very prolific on the dirt side with sprint cars, and and with a dirt modified as well. You're just came back into the series. You retired for a little while and came back. Do you look at those other series and think to yourself? It's still would like to do some of that other stuff. You know what I mean. Yeah, for sure I would. I would love to truck race again. and I would say that's probably on the agenda this year if if. Come across the border and get back to see tm in September, so that's that's definitely an agenda and I think. We need to make up some some racing for our sponsorship if we can where it's possible as well, so let's definitely on the agenda. If we can make it happen, but I'm always looking for other things to do. I've had some interesting. Some. You know some dirt racing I've had a couple of guys asked. If I'd be interested to test a few times, yeah, just get some time getting ready for him for the indies ray so Honestly I think I've got more opportunities that. I've got time truthfully. It's a nice problem to have, isn't it? You're right the dirt track plan for US weaken speedway and they've done some business with us over the years I mean that's a whole different deal. I don't know how much dirt track experience you've had. You know like the the the NASCAR truck series with their stuff at Eldora. It's it's something to investigate his. Where we live down a dirt, modified and sprint car country, so we'd love to see on the clay. Bonafide in Grandbaby, and that was my very first dirt race never been in a report, and that Iran where else around run south boxing, one nine dirty model, six hundred fifty horse there which is a lot of fun. We brought the NAS car hauler in and did it a bit of an autograph. Session Southwestern Ontario which which I know a lot of people down that way so. but it was fun. I would look at doing. You know a couple more times if I can no cup, the right team and get involved and get some dirt experience before before we get going with our deal, I mean the car's probably aren't going to be too similar, but I mean. I ask us if anybody who who dabbles both in ashphalt racing in dirt racing. Did you find it a bit of a different deal? I mean there's some guys find it to be a very very abrupt adjustment, an tough adjustment because you can't drive around the corner is you've got to sort of you know as they say in the movie cars. You gotTA. Turn right to go left and break the back in and do some of that. That's not easy for some guys to adapt to. What about you know? There there's nothing similar between to above of them. It takes a while to get used to it I was lucky enough to have a couple of guys that Iran West that had lots of experience is able in I was able to lean on them, but ensure was a lot of fun and I can see why guys WANNA run, dirt? You know it's. It's less expensive been some areas, but it's. It's a lot of fun, too. So you know the whole thing is just smoothing consistency or where the dirt is. You gotTa Manhandle. It sometimes you don't like it. That's. Our special gas, our good friend Jason. Hathaway drives the teen three red number three Chevy. Car Canada or the NASCAR. Series also did some cannon pro series in two thousand twelve. Just see a notice that you just sold your your late model. I'm big fans of those cars and I think you know that and and you guys are to know that that that asphalt late models side is a big tug on a to, isn't it? Yeah, we did. We have that car. We built that car. We Ran SHORT-TRACK NATIONALS UK-US open up the first time there and won that event. DOUGHTY's twice ran. The I W K to fifty Riverside Nova Scotia a lot of fun Yup I mean truthfully. That's why built that car was to go and try to win the UK to fifty so. There's great competition of their great series in. It's not easy to walk into that place and try to win so yeah, we sold that car. It was just honestly taking up space in the shop and we didn't. We didn't air focus was on the NASCAR, Brett Taylor with us now with the HR a Connor James Coming Board so essentially. We got three NASCAR teams now at of out of he hr stable were running out of room for cars. To move in a couple of other selling one of the things I wanted to ask you about is. Is You know an out of every cloud? There seems to be a silver lining in Kozlovsky was talking about this after the some of the exciting finishes that we've seen you know without fans at on the Cup side. Where there's no practice, there's no qualifying you get in their fire it up no rubber on the race track. Get out there and race, and we have seen guys sliding making mistakes because of the situation, but. But it seems to have made the racing veteran guys late Kozlowski. A really liking that. What? What is your head space around? Something like that I mean you guys do a a certain amount of practice. You certainly do qualifying. What about that? Just jumping in the darn thing cold and going racing there seems to be benefits from that on the show seemed to be okay. What you're you're thinking about not having all that prep time is a good a bad thing. What do you think Jason? I think the Cup sided and. They can get away with you, know they? They've got the simulators. The same rigs and saw off clothes off the trailer that the practice is really probably more for oil leaks, breaks and the driver. You know for us in our series I think we. We still need practice not a lot, though don't think a lot I mean it costs US money, right. You Know Limited practice which we've done a good job I usually practiser down like forty five minutes now. It used to be an hour and a half. We practice more than we raised so. Limiting the practice for our series, you know I think made for good racing and and our hair. Oh, our product on the racetrack in the NASCAR fans series is, is competition wise is. There's zero wrong with that with the show that we put on as the race and goes in. It's it's. It's tough competition. There isn't anybody that's walked into this series and then ran away with races. I've been around quite a while, so she in the talent. Wise, it's in. There is by far in stock car series. anyways in Canada's is by far none over anything else. That's out there, so there's some tweaks we gotta make in the series to make it better than this like anything else. You can always make everything better, so it's. It's good. It's got a great car. Great teams very impressive when we unload, and and it's where we wanna be yeah, and it's the national series and. And that's why we pay close attention to it because it is the only national stock car racing sanctioned that we have in the country and the product in the circus that the elephants are always good and always very entertaining. You're a big part of that. Along with Jamie in the family and everybody at at team three read out of time here completely hope we can get some sort of semblance of schedule for the series back here running before we're done with this season because this covid nineteen is really thrown everybody for a loop, but glad you guys are okay, and we'll get back on the track sooner than later, and we'll chat with you again that happens. Thank you Jason. He explains the situation so well. It is what it is, but it's got to be frustrating for all the NASCAR. Candidate series, teams, drivers and sponsors, not knowing what the season's going to look like around this covid nineteen situation there's Jason Hathaway back with us on race line radio always good to have the lead on with us the Hathaway, Atkinson family at and Jamie and yours. Yours truly go back to day. One with race lend radio good friends. They are indeed all right well. Let's wire in that final stop. Men were back from slapper next week. Guess, lineup and more this is race line presented by Subaru powered by the heart, pounding wrx Sti for all things wrx. Go to Subaru DOT CA slash wrx. This is the race line radio network. This is Ross fraud and you're listening to race. Line radio. Eric, Thomas, it's race line across Canada the race line radio network. That white flag means one more to go soul. Here's what we're planning to glued together for you for next week with Indy Lights canceled around nineteen. That leaves Indie two thousand is the only road to indy series in operation. This season we'll get an update. Therefore from series standout Canada's Parker Thompson from red deer Alberta on preps to get started on their shorten scheduled on the card with Indycar. How are these guys adjusting plus more entries and comments for the? Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag trivia contest, but when checkers fly, we say goodbye unanimous waistline. Thanks going. Going out to Jason Hathaway and Ed Haskins racing. Kevin Harvick and NASCAR MEDIA UCS WHO's always to supreme commander will web along with Jerry Lewis Yanga Andrew Allen for operations in pre and post production, so from all of us. Race Line Radio I'm Eric Thomas Reminding you to use your head to stop the spread race line coast to coast and the race line radio network presented by Subaru has been driven by the Subaru wrx wrx, Sti and be ours said You can learn more at Subaru. Dot Ca, and by general tire anywhere is possible. John Again next week and we'll do it right here on race line radio. I?

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