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Trump loses his bid to toss out emoluments case potential cases in the flint. Unmasking right wing conspiracy Richard Burr steps down as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee amidst an FBI investigation into alleged insider trading. Dr Bright testifies before Congress the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns. The governor stay at home orders. Judge Jackson Orders Trump and the office of management and budget to hand over Ukraine scandal emails previously blocked all in a New York Times for your case and a key former F. B. I. Official casts doubt on the Justice Department's case for dropping the charges against Michael Flynn. I'm your host Ag. Hey everybody. I'm flying solo today. First of all I wanted to say thank you. So much to all the feedback. We received about yesterday's episode. We had a epic interview with Frank Figliuzzi about the unmasking scandal and I recorded the b-block own and I was pretty angry. But it seems as though Combination of Angry AG and good news and Cortin Confession AG Jordan is the perfect combination. A lot of people say that have told me that my interpretation of the news was emotional for them. And so I just wanted to Thank you for listening and tell you that I appreciate your feedback and your support and that despite me seeming angry and maybe angry is a strong word passionate about what I'm talking about the news that we're discussing I very much love doing what I'm doing. And bringing these stories to you in a way that I think is manageable and straightforward. And so I just wanted to say the mountains of feedback that we got on yesterday's show was just very I'm just I'm humbled and I have a lot of gratitude for everyone's comments so thank you for that also. Today's happy hour. It's going to be today Friday unless you're a patron and you're getting this Thursday night. 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Friday May Fifteenth Eighties themed and We look forward to it. So without further ADO You heard you could tell from the intro. Today is an absolutely bananas. Newsday and we have a lot to cover and I in the block. Here we're going to have Jordan. Go over Dr Bright. That's the whistle blower from Department of Health and Human Services Director of Barda his testimony to Congress today and and she'll have all that information for you and then of course later on in the show we'll be joined by Amanda reader this on this particular show to go over the good news block and our quarantine confessions. So it's going to be a great show. And we're interviewing former federal prosecutor law professor and candidate for District Attorney Westchester County. New York Mimi Roca and her and I are going to discuss well. I'll just let you listen to the interview. It's it's it's not something that you WanNa miss because there's just so much going on right now but it has to do with judge. Sullivan's new order in his he ordered. I'll tell you he ordered Judge retired judge. John Gleeson to be an amicus Curie. We remember I translated his minute order from yesterday. saying you know what he meant and basically he made a call for amicus curiae brief saying hey. I need I need these or I'm requesting them Do but it's not a free for all judge. Jackson said it's not a free for all so don't be an asshole. I have sole discretion which is sort of code for Bill Bar. You can't stop me and Judge Gleeson filed a heat. Will he put out an order for judge? Gleeson to be amicus Curiae and just last minute breaking which. I didn't get to speak to me Rocca earlier about He. Also which we put beans on in which I was hoping for has made Covington burling an amicus curiae and so they will be providing an amicus brief to the court in the Fillon case those are Flynn's original. Og lawyers the ones who set up the guilty plea and that you know were. They were his reasonable lawyers before Sydney Powell came along. So you want to be here for that interview with Mimi Rocca for right now. Let's get into the news. Let's hit the hot notes notes all right without further ado. I'm going to hand it over to Jordan for the testimony of Dr Bright. Hello everybody welcome to Jordan. This corn beans. That's quarantine beans. Take OUT THE TEEN PUT IN A BEAN. Jordan's cord beans not corn and beans. Which is what a lot of people thought I was saying this whole time. I couldn't possibly think. Oh maybe corn now I was GonNa say maybe you thought? Corn was like a like a really insensitive truncated version of corona virus. I just call it corn. Now cornyn beats. It is corn beans. And I'll probably just stop saying it this because who needs to think. I'm talking about corn and beans when really talking about the very serious things. I guess that goes for everything on this. Podcast but I'm coming to you for my living room today of a new apartment which is very exciting. Thank you everybody for the good wishes. He sat on my move Everything went very smoothly and of all settled here and I like the new space a lot. So thank you for reaching out and being concerned I appreciate you guys a today. I'm going to be covering rick. Bright's testimony to Congress. So rig bright he was the guy that got ousted from the health and human services departments. He was deputy assistant secretary. And essentially what he was doing was file filing a whistleblower complaints against HHS. And he's trying to stop the transfer his transfer to NIH and he's trying to get his old job back he spoke out and pretty was was pretty obviously like over his position because of speaking out he was speaking out against the administration's pushing of a drug of that didn't have really any sort of scientific backing at that point in time. And that was the hydrochloric win so when he spoke to Congress today he was asked a lot of questions obviously about the time. Line of the administration's response certain decisions that were made His his opinion on you know sort of where we're at where we need to be. What's IT GONNA look like in the future and it was long in really illuminating? And I WANNA open with the CLIP OF HIS OPENING STATEMENT. Because it's like a lot of these opening statements. Really powerful so. Let's hear that today. The world is confronting public health. Emergency unlike any we've seen in over a century we are facing a highly transmissible and deadly virus which not only claims lives but also disrupts the very foundations of our society. The American healthcare system is being taxed to the limit. Our economy is spiraling downward and our population is being paralyzed. By fear stemming from a lack of a coordinated response and the dearth of accurate clear communication about the path forward Americans urine to get back to work to open their businesses and to provide for their families. I got that however what we do must be done carefully with guidance from the best scientific minds our window of opportunity is closing if we fail to improve our response now based on science I fear the pandemic will get worse and prolonged. There will be likely a resurgence of Kobe. Nineteen this fall. It'll be greatly compounded by the challenges of seasonal influenza without better planning twenty twenty could be the darkest winter in modern history. First and foremost we need to be truthful. With the American people. Americans deserve the truth. The truth must be based on science. We have the world's greatest scientist lead US lead US speak without fear of retribution. We must listen. Each of us can and must do our part now on. Tuesday Dr Fouled. She delivered a message in voice. This clear and trustworthy as the encouraged us to act with caution as we return to our daily lives we should listen to him and other scientists sharing their expertise while waiting for a cure and the vaccine which I believe will come. There are things we must do immediately increase the public education about the basics washing hands social distancing appropriate face covering their simple but critical steps by valuable time until there's vaccine we need to ramp up production of essentially equipment and supplies including raw materials and critical components shortages of these increased the risk of our frontline healthcare workers and they deserve the best equipment to protect themselves. We need to facilitate equitable distribution of essential equipment and supplies and finally we need a national testing strategy. The virus is here is everywhere we need to be able to find it isolated and stop it. We need to have the right testing for everyone who needs it. We need to be able to trace contacts isolate. Quarantine inappropriately while striving to develop a cure. Initially our nation was not as prepared as we should have been as we could have been. Some scientists raised early warning signals that were overlooked and pages from our pandemic playbook. We're Nord by some in leadership there will be plenty of time to look back to assess what has happened so we can improve but right now we need to focus on getting things right going forward. We need a comprehensive plan that everyone knows. Everyone participates in. Congress has taken important steps to support the response. And there's much more we can do with your help. We can get through this crisis working cooperatively cooperatively with our global partners. We can and will succeed in finding a cure for cope at nineteen but that success depends on what we do. Today we will either be remembered for what we did for what we failed to do to address this crisis. I call on all of us to add to ensure the health safety and prosperity of all Americans. You can count on me to do my part. Thank you so incredibly powerful a lot of the stuff that he said today Was incredibly powerful. He went on to answer a bunch of questions. Say a lot more really revelatory and important things He said that the hope that a vaccine is going to be ready even between the twelve to eighteen months time range is one that only exists pretty much if everything goes perfectly he said if everything goes perfectly then that's when that twelve to eighteen timeline really becomes a reality and he goes on to say we've never seen anything we've never seen everything go perfectly So this in combination with trump going out there and saying that he thinks we're going to have a vaccine by the end of the year that seems to go against you know every model of vaccine development. We've heard referenced in her talked about I. Myself Am not an expert on vaccine development. I have no idea all I know. Is that what the facts that I have been hearing for? Scientists and doctors is that toys eighteen timeframe for anything to happen sooner than that You know we hear increasing about a commentary saying that that starts to increase the risk on the vaccine not being as effective as it to be or efficient or just it winds up being it could wind up being worse if they roll out a vaccine preemptively that hasn't gone through the correct amount of levels of quality assurance basically Bright also talks about how he he warned the trump administration about the shortages of PP and he pretty directly false trump and the people around him for minimizing the outbreak early on and how that contributed to that limited amount of p supplies and he said that he thinks that that happened possibly with deadly consequences. So I'm GonNa roll this clip for you guys talking about that with proper leadership and collaboration across government with the best science leading the way we can devise a comprehensive strategy. Time is running out because the virus is still spreading everywhere. People are getting restless to leave their homes. When you look at the first four months of this year would you describe the governments and the administration's response as a successor of failure? I believe we could have done better. I believe they're in critical steps that we did not take time and then around a similar topic just talking about He was he was basically asked like. When did you realize that things had things like really gone wrong? And he was asked to sort of describe what that revelation was like and he said something that you may have seen headlines already because he curses anytime a politician drops ship while they're testifying Congress. That's a pretty big deal. It's usually a chamber. That's held to decor standards. Like no other so for for him to use. That word was very intentional to convey the amount of Shit Shit Store Murray. That was brewing around and very quickly. And I'm going to throw that clip for you guys. 'cause I think it's going to prove to be pretty historical looking back on all of this. I am sure there are specific. Conversations e-mails moments in time that you remember like they happened yesterday the inflection points where if the response to your warnings have been heated. Things might have been different. And I'm sure they haunt you. Keep you up at night from January of this year. Tell me about just one specific moment when you had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Because you're not seeing the response that you knew needed to happen. I'll never forget the emails I received from Mike Boeing indicating that we are we are mask supplier in ninety five respirate supply was was completely decimated and he said we're in deep shit the world is and we need to act and I pushed that forward to the highest levels. I could in. Hhs and got no response. From that moment I knew that we were going to have a crisis for healthcare workers because we were not taking action. We're already behind the ball. That was our last window of opportunity to turn on that production to save the lives. Those healthcare workers and we didn't act at some point during the testimony. He wound up talking about the process of procuring. The supplies room from other countries in he pointed something out that I had actually seen pointed out by a friend who works in the medical industry and she sent me a video basically. The point is the way that they were forced to procure supplies from other countries. Made it so that. They're receiving these pieces of equipment. That didn't go through the same. Sorta or didn't just have the same manufacturing standards basically so they were to get he said. I'll just restrict quote Not only that. We are forced to procure the supplies from other countries without the right quality standards so even our doctors and nurses in the hospitals today are wearing ninety five marked masks from other countries that are not providing sufficient protection that a US standard and ninety five and ninety five mask would provide them in the example that I saw. If this was my friend had like yes and a video of her boss being a video taking a mask out of the box that had come from China and she puts it on and then she does the test where you know you like. Try to blow a lighter out with the with the mask and the mass from China she can easily blow it out and then she puts the mask on from the US. It's like the exact same product. Looks the exact same just wants made in China and one in the US and she couldn't blow the light out and so she was basically telling all employees. Make sure if you're going to procure these things or or just you know you wind up with one that was manufactured in another country or just just check anyway honestly but especially when they have they were forced to go to those other countries like bright was talking about. That's that's scary In his video she like doubles up on the masks but to make the ones that are less effective more effective. But even then it's like the whole point of this is that we have a shortage. So then what are you gonNA start like buying double of everything to make effective? I don't know maybe that's something. They should've dynasty. But the point that he's making is the level of unpreparedness that went with all of these first steps happened. You Know I. The level was unacceptable is the argument that he's making and it happened too late one of the things that Alex as our came out with against bright testimony today because him and trump in tandem basically just like shed on everything But HE ALEX was saying. Alex doesn't more disrespectful. And a first name basis of a high level official. Alex was telling me he was saying that everything. Dr Brides you know bitching about basically is stuff that was already. You know it's long gone. It's already resolved it's like old stuff. Essentially is what he said. And it's it's not. It's not old stuff if we still have people in hospitals right now using the only gear that they could have procured that's ineffective that's just one small example but it's such a bad argument that he's making but here's his quote. He says everything. He's complaining about was achieved. Everything he talked about was done every single thing. He told that to reporters on the White House. South Lawn Trump trumpet said that he watched them rights testimony and he said he looks like an angry disgruntled employee. Who frankly according to some people didn't do a very good job that's what he always fucking says he always says. According to some people like no. You're fucking staff dude. I don't know. Or maybe doug admits everybody that you don't know them. I feel like I would just as a citizen. Moving forward any future presidents out there. If you're going to pick people to like run the fucking country with you if you don't really know them or know if they're qualified or what. They're like in their jobs. I don't know tell me that I'm just GonNa keep I'm just GonNa believe that there's more quality control come in from the top down on that one. I off second off. Obviously this is an entirely different story. Dr Bright got fired or moved because he spoke out against something that trump wanted to push. That happens over and over and over again. I don't care what side of the political spectrum. You're on all of the facts show. If you speak out against him your likelihood fucking speaking out against trump is like the CO morbidity of the illness that is serving under this president if you do that. Shit. You're done. That's just how it works. You can look at it without. She found she walks on eggshells constantly as the only thing that you can do. So when he bright didn't do that he got ousted. That's no coincidence. Like please please try to you know. Have any of the people in your life that may be are saying? That's like a ridiculous conspiracy theory or something like give me give me any other reason. You know you can't so. Their response is predictable to what he said. But it doesn't change the power of what he told Congress today There's so much content in there I tried to give you all some clips if you WANNA look at more. There's really good coverage all over from all these different news agencies you know taking different clips and everything and making it more digest making it more digestible for you but check it out if not this can for now. Suffice for now suffice that sounds like something. Trump would pedal to the people without it being tested for now suffice. Take it for now okay. Everybody I hope everyone's doing okay as always and were always here. If you want to reach out I've been having a really good time interacting with some of you. Dm's and stuff. I'm again I try really hard to get back to everybody I promised eventually I will get back to you so me up at Jordan's confused on twitter if you WANNA chat or at daily beans or at Miller Shiro. Agee's right there and she also likes Responding to fans listeners. I should say fans presumptuous other than that heavy good day and take care of yourselves by everybody all right George. 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We'll see which one develops as I read what I've already written for myself. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has overturned that state's stay at home order issued by Governor Tony Evers calling it unlawful. And unenforceable in a high profile win for Republicans who I guess once everyone tonight This was a four to three decision along party lines or along ideological lines. It was Wednesday and it says the governor overstepped his authority when the State Department of Health Services extended these stay at home order through may twenty sixth. The ruling comes after legislatures. Republican leaders filed a lawsuit last month arguing. The order would cost Wisconsin residents their jobs and hurt many companies. Asserting that if it was left in place are steep would be in shambles. They said And of course it's the stay at home order not the virus. That is the cause of the state being in shambles. The suit was filed specifically against the State Department of Health Services Secretary Designate Andrea Palm and other health officials who made the decision in mid April to extend the state's safer at home. Emergency order not stay at home safer at home at the same time. As the extension the state loosened some restrictions on certain businesses including golf courses public libraries and arts and crafts stores but the justices wrote in their decision Wednesday that agency cannot confer itself the power to dictate the lives of law abiding individuals as comprehensively as the order does without reaching beyond the executive branches. Authority in a statement released separately Wednesday. Night Governor Governor Governor. Excuse me Governor Evans. Governor Evers encouraged people in his state to continue to stay safe at home practice. Social distancing limit travel because he says because folks deadly viruses don't wait around for politicians and bureaucrats to settle their differences or promulgate rules and he's very correct on that so much for states rights right. It's only when it benefits the Republicans. Do they argue for it? And the actual CDC guidelines to reopen the country have been released. These are the ones that were shelved. We've we've reported on this Trump put out a seventeen page thing. Cdc actually at sixty pages April thirtieth. They said this will never see the light of day and they put it in a wherever they put shit they never want to see again And the actual. Cdc guidelines are far more detailed than trump's plan however they are still really watered down as I read them and this is as compared with normal things from the CDC normal guidelines from the CDC are much more straightforward motto covered this extensively on on the Rachel maddow show asking she has. Cdc Are you okay? Because their reports after investigating outbreaks meat meat packing plants became as she said mealy mouth. She looked at a report from April Twentieth. Which was like the og CDC? There were like you must do this. You have to put hand sanitizing sanitation with the doors. Employees will socially distant. You must distance from each other. You must wear face masks employs. We'll stagger you will do this. You will do that. This should happen. This should happen but on April. Twenty second two days later in a report after an investigation for an outbreak. Inist another meat packing plant. The report was wimpy. It was it was the recommendations were. Hey if you feel like it. You should wear masks if it's feasible as long as you know. These aren't they even go as far as in their report to say these aren't required these guidelines. We just consider them. We appreciate it if you if you could if you if you wanted you could put hand. Sanitizing stations at the entrances Maybe you could take temperatures if you you know if it's feasible if it's feasible and matter was like what happened in those two days to the CDC to make them such wimps and what happened to change their language and now looking. I remember her reporting on this very well and now I'm looking at the. Cdc guidelines to reopen the country. The ones that were actually you know quashed by the trump administration and they're the same kind of quote unquote mealy mouth language soft recommendations. If it's feasible type language the whitewash shit that came in the April. Twenty second meat-packing investigation outbreak coup. Cdc report so the language isn't normal. it's a lot of soft language. It's a clear departure from how CDC usually talks well again these CDC reopened guidelines are are the same way as that meat-packing one. And I think it's of the utmost importance that we find out who the. Cdc is taking a pen to the language not just in these guidelines to reopen but in CDC outbreak investigation reports as well like the ones in the meatpacking plants brought to our attention by motto so who at CDC is whitewashing these reports was it done at the behest of the president. When was it done? When did it start? Was it done under a direct order from the president or out of fear of retribution? From him maybe a direct order from czar or somebody at health and Human Services or somebody. You know Dr Redfield and why when Wi who what where. How did this happen? This is sharply gate all over again but with words and he's endangering our lives. I mean Scharping. Eight also did but I don't know I spoke about this yesterday. I'm staying home. I think we all should. Unfortunately many of us have jobs that you can't stay at home from we but and that is why we need mortgage relief and Rent Relief. Why we need a universal basic income until this is over. The Republicans have abandoned the middle class. They go back to work and die or stay at home and starve. Wreck your credit. Ruin your future. That's your choice. Choice also gets a little bit better news here pivot out of this. Amy Berman Judge Jackson. If you're nasty is back in the news. She has ordered the White House to turn over those twenty emails from the Ukraine scandal. That trump blocked these are directly relating to president. Donald Trump's decision to withhold congressionally appropriated military aid from Ukraine the appropriate military aid the Gao determined was illegal to withhold violated. The compound control impoundment control. Act Excuse me. The administration has refused to produce those communications. Thus far as we reported way back in January January third I think trump claims. The documents are protected from public release because of did white privilege. I mean executive privilege and this all comes from a freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by The New York Times which sought those communications between Michael Duffy. Principal Associate Director for national security programs at the OEM MVP and Robert Blair a senior advisor to then acting White House Chief of Staff Mick. Mulvaney and respond. That's the crux of communication right. Everyone was saying did trump himself order. This hold on Ukraine and that set of emails is where everybody thinks. The answer probably is because that's the connection trump to Mulvaney to Blair and then Blair over to the office of Management and budget who who we have seen the email where where they were told to put that aid on hold but they couldn't link trump to directly but in response to court order to produce the requested records trump withheld twenty documents contending. They were covered by presidential communications privilege. Wherefore exempted from public disclosure laws the Times challenged the exempt classification of documents claiming. The government failed to provide any evidence that the information in the emails fell within the privilege which requires quote. An actual advisory relationship between the president and the staffer asked to the specific document. So without knowing. What's in the emails? It doesn't you know you. Can you can contest the characterization that they are covered by presidential communication privilege. And that's what the New York Times is doing. They said we don't believe you. Leave your ass. So judge Jackson decided instead of relying on the government's assertion of the privilege. She needed to review the documents herself in her chambers ordering the government to deliver them within one week her order reads quote in order to assist the court and making responsible to Novo determinations in this case including any determination for purposes of the presidential communications privilege concerning the nature and extent of the relationship between any particular communication and presidential decision making and for purposes of the deliberative process privilege whether a particular communication is both predeceased and deliberative the defendant office of Management and budget directed to deliver copies of the documents that have been withheld pursuant to exemption five two chambers for in Camera Inspection Honor before May Twentieth Twenty Twenty. Now if you remember these emails were between Duffy and Blair. Duffy was installed as taking over this job for his subordinate mark. Sandy who was a lifer not not a political appointee mark. Zandi did testify during the impeachment and e mails. We have seen as I said. Indicate the between Duffy and Blair Malvinas chief-of-staff would indicate if it was trump that ordered to hold on the aid to Ukraine. And even though the DEM's called for Mulvaney Duffy and Blair to testify. None of them showed up under orders from the president will now judge. Jackson is going to review these emails and see if they fall under executive privilege or Presidential Communications Privilege. And as we know. There's something called the crime fraud exception. Which says you can't invoke privilege attorney client privilege. Presence communicate any kind of privilege if it covers up crime. The crime here would be ordering the office management and budget budget to withhold aid to Ukraine violating the impoundment control act which the GPO found he already or whoever ordered it violated if they can tie trump to it. That's not covered by privilege. And it's judging Berman Jackson. That's going to make that determination as a lot. Like Reggie Walton not trusting the reductions bar to the Muller reports so he ordered them to hand that Shit over by March Thirtieth. He could review the reductions for appropriateness. Doj complied with his order. They handed it over on March thirtieth and he's reviewing that report unredacted. Mullah report and he's got a hearing scheduled for June eighteenth. I assume since the DOJ complied with that order from Walton the O. M. B. will likely comply with this order from Judge Jackson's who put some beans on it. I think the NBA will hand these emails over by May twentieth unless the Department of Justice tries to file. I don't know some way to stop it. To order. And Senator Richard Burr stepping down Senate Intel Chair amidst the FBI investigation into insider trading day. But not so fast. We learned yesterday. The FBI confiscated his phone under a search warrant pursuant to him selling off shitload stock after receiving a confidential corona virus briefing from the intelligence community in January. And it wasn't just him his brother his brother in law sold a bunch of shit to burst says he's not going to resign from the Senate and he's totally innocent but he stepped down as the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee because of the possible conflict of interest. Or would be a distraction or something so we know Burr has angered trump allies and trump. He was involved in helping issue subpoena. For Don Jr. Back in the day he's the one who has been releasing all these reports backing up. The intelligence community assessment of two thousand seventeen in January saying Russia helped trump win the presidency and interfered in our elections. And when Manu Raju asked if this was if he thought he was being retaliated against if this investigation was retaliation for his work on the Intel Committee he would not comment. We should watch who replaced with at head of the Intelligence Community Air Committee. It could be Tom Cotton. He's on the Intel Committee. He's a trump lackey. But you don't even have to be on the Intel Committee to be put in there as we know that Jim Jordan made that shuffle back during the impeachment could be Marsha Blackburn. Could Be Cornyn. He is on. The Intelligence Committee. Could be Ted Cruz. Could BE CRAPPO. Crepeau I come CRAPPO and what will become of the sissies report that is due out? That's the Senate Committee Intel Committees report that is due out on Russian counter-intelligence. We've been waiting on this as a nine hundred and fifty page report. It was in the editing stages. It was done. Is that GONNA come out or is that going to end up in purgatory? I don't know I don't know if I'm on board yet with the concept at this is targeted. A lot of people are saying Kelly Law for hasn't been you know they. They haven't executed a search warrant on her. 'cause she's a trump ally. They're only going after burr because he's the one who could release this report. Laughlin has refused to say whether the FBI has contacted her. So we don't know Dianne Feinstein says she was contacted by the FBI. So it seems. They're all being investigated and it wasn't until we learned that Burs brother-in-law also sold stock before the crash I don't think trump I don't think any of US thinks burger isn't a criminal It's just unfortunate. That trump hires only criminals so we can expose them if they go against him. That is why trump hires criminals it's very moby and from Josh Gerstein Politico the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is allowing emoluments case against trump to go forward the Richmond based Fourth Circuit. Court of Appeals voted nine to six to reject trump bid to shut down the lawsuit the governments of Maryland and the District of Columbia have brought alleging violations of the constitution emoluments causes. I assumed trump will ask for a stay to Block discovery in this case while he appeals to the Supreme Court again. I mean at what point as a trump supporter. Do you have to look yourself in the mirror or don't if you if you can't but at what point do you say to yourself look at this multitude of Shit? Trump tries to block and say to yourself. Maybe he's the asshole maybe he's the asshole it's a fucking call all I. How many times do you have to get punched before you're realizing you're getting your ass kicked? I wish I could help you know I'm trying. How many how? Many Supreme Court cases are how many appeals? How many stays? How many times does he blocking testimony documents releases of thing as tax returns Finances House Ways and Means Committee Tax Returns Molar Report Muller Grand Jury Materials. It's clearly because he's innocent that he's blocking all these things and from the New York Times former. Fbi OFFICIAL BILL PRIEST UP is casting doubt on the justice. Department's case for dropping a criminal charges against president trump's former national security adviser. Michael Flynn during an interview with investigators last week and this is according to people familiar with the investigation. And this is a bombshell on. It's flown under the radar. I'm not sure why. But the Department of Justice Interviewed Priest. Step two days before filing their bullshit motion to dismiss the flint charge and they did not mention it and they did not tell Sullivan about Mister Priest. Apps interview a couple of days before their motion was filed Justice Department official said that they were in the. We were in the process of writing up a report on the interview we would. We would filed it. We would have. We wanted to get that motion to dismiss in their first before we gave you that little piece of Brady Information Brady Information exculpatory. Of course he is the accused so I don't know if that counts as a sculptor information. But it's certainly less than honest. Yeah everyone we talked to that. Said that Our our our assertions were bullshit. We'll write that report up later but for now everyone who agrees with us. Here's what they say. And please dismiss the department's motion referred to the notes that Mister Priest step wrote around the bureau's 2017 questioning of Mr Flynn Flynn's new insane lawyers said Mister Priest APPs note suggested the FBI was trying to entrap. Mr Flynn and frame him and that Bill Bar said the investigators were trying to lay a perjury trap psych. When I go to go to the grocery store I mean shoplifting trap love that joke was that Scott Anyway. Somebody on twitter said. That wasn't me Mister. Priest APP told the prosecutors reviewing the case that their interpretation was wrong. Their interpretation of his notes was wrong. He said this is from the interview two days before they filed the motion to dismiss he said the FBI officials were trying to do the right thing in questioning. Mr Flynn and they knew of no effort. To set them up me. Reports about his notes misconstrued them according to priest up. This is a lot like Mary. Mcchord coming forward with her up in the New York. Times saying the Department of Justice mischaracterized her notes about the Flint Interviews. Back in two thousand seventeen and everything to. Department of Justice conveniently leaving out the priest APP interview from a couple of days. Ago Isn't going to Piss off Judge Sullivan. You are sadly mistaken. Flynn's crackpot lawyer. Keep SAYING BRADY. Information exculpatory information. That Muller's team failed to hand over. Because they're all corrupt and it's a deep state and Blah Blah playing trying to play on Sullivan's long record of he's really all about Brady Information and getting skull information forward and here we have the Department of Justice leaving out information that goes totally against their argument. That Flynn's lies were immaterial. Which is the crux. Why they want this to be dismissed. So Watch for Sullivan to be really pissed about this. And as we know bill bar tasked the top federal prosecutor in Saint Louis Jeff Jensen earlier this year to scrub the Flynn case for any mistakes and Mr kristaps notes were among the documents. Mr Johnson found the prosecutors already on the case Mr Jensen's team and the FBI all disagreed about whether they were sculpt Tori and should be given to Mr Flynn's lawyer Sydney Pal. Mister Johnson prevailed and gave them to Miss Powell who declared they were they would exonerate her. Client people familiar with the events Are who have told The New York Times this so bar decided priest APPs notes from two thousand seventeen we're exculpatory for Flynn but left out. Mister Priest APPS recent interview got it Mr Johnson and officials. Tim Shays Office pushed to give. Mr Flynn's lawyers copies of the twenty seventeen notes and other documents they had recently found and Mr Van Grech and Dana Ben to the FBI. General Counsel argued against it so watch for Ben Tan to possibly be called into court to answer questions about this and definitely expect Sydney Pailin Tim Shea to be called to the carpet to ask why they left out. Pri steps recent interview in their motion to dismiss and other Flynn News. We have another amicus. Curiae ordered today. I think I brought this up at the top of the show and that's Covington burling so next. I think it's to be back. Maybe Dana Bent. It could be asking for the all the underlying evidence as judge. Gleeson has said and OP. 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All the workouts attrition information all the support totally free again just text daily beans all one word thirty thirty thirty alright. Everybody welcome back joining me. Today is former federal prosecutor from the Southern District of New York law professor. Msnbc legal analyst and candidate for District Attorney for Westchester County. New York. Mimi Roca Mimi. Thanks for speaking with me today. Thanks they did so good to be back with you. It's been a long time. We've we had a little bit of a hiatus doing all all this stuff that we're trying to accomplish right now but I'm really really glad to speak to you again and I'm glad to be here. There's certainly a lot to discuss right now. And the Legal Front yes and I want you just give you a heads. Up are pretty well caught up on what's going on with. Flynn all the way up to the minute. Order asking for amicus Curie but I wanted to speak with you today about first of all. Here's a brief time line with this order. So the Department of Justice we know filed a week. Saas motion to dismiss the case against the case against Flynn and then may eleventh retired. Judge John Gleeson. I believe it's a John. Penned up ed he penned an op Ed in Washington posting evidentiary hearings and amicus curiae worded. In this case since neither side was opposing the motion to dismiss like. It's now it's it's bar versus. Flynn and their friends. You know Eh But then Judge Sullivan issued a minute order asking for amicus briefs and then yesterday he issued an order that Judge Gleeson retired judge. Gleeson would be assisting the court under amicus curiae meaning. He's got you know things that he can. Information could provide the court that the parties boot. Representatives aren't providing And he won't. He's GonNa assist in weighing the motion for the depart from the Department of Justice. So first of all I put out a tweet. Their new. You had responded and that's why I wanted to talk to any. Have you ever seen anything like this? Have you ever seen anything like this? Yeah no and I jumped right in there because to me. The answer seems so Kind of obvious but also important which is no I have not. I mean doesn't mean it's never ever happen but in in my experience sixteen years Federal Prosecutor And watcher you know for the past couple of years very closely you know I. It is unusual to see a judge in a criminal proceeding invite amicus briefs And even more unusual I think to sort of say That they're appointing one one person in particular to do that. But we've never seen anything like what has happened here with Bill Bar and the Department of Justice dismissing a perfectly legitimate and even important criminal prosecution after the person's guilty twice so You know it is it is. The answer is haven't really seen anything like this but have never seen anything like this attorney general. I think what the judge is doing is recognizing that the interest of the Department of Justice as an independent institution with a political motivations is not being represented by bill bar. And and so you know you Brady and People for you invite amicus briefs You you allow amicus briefs when friends of the court to Ruppert when when all the interests are not being represented and and you know I. I know that the Trumpian will disagree with this. But any objective observer. Who's watching bar over? The past couple of years cannot say that he is representing the interests of the Department of Justice he is representing the interests of Donald Trump And at NAT is not what his job is supposed to be. And I think this is the first time this you know where someone in power mainly a judge has said. You know what? There's something I can do about that. Yeah and you know. I think you're exactly right. An unprecedented motion to dismiss calls for an unprecedented reaction Right and so and just I guess I would say one other thing while I think what the judges on here is. Highly unusual to there are similar procedures in other cases that are now against so. It's not like he just made this up. I mean we have amicus briefs in as you know well in you know. Supreme Court case says dealing with all sorts of issues. I mean it. It's not foreign to It's not unusual to have these kinds of briefs Filed is just somewhat unusual in individual criminal cases. But not but not where there are bigger legal principles at stake. Which I think is really. What's going on here? This isn't just about Flynn anymore. It's about the principle of an independent department of Justice making lawless decisions. Yeah and the beauty of it is. We have seen like you said in the past few years we've seen the Department of Justice under bill bar weigh in with amicus briefs in Supreme Court cases on multiple occasions. And so it's not an argument. It's it's nothing that bill can stop and we'll get into that in in a second but I wanted you to tell us who is judge Gleeson because I feel like our listeners have a little bit of an indication they know some of the cases he's prosecuted some of the people he's brought down In his in or you know presided over and say brought down in his years as a as a judge who can you just who gives us a picture of who is yes. So Judge Gleeson was a federal judge For many years I actually Clerked for him meaning. I was one of his law clerks back in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven right when I was fresh out of school and he had been on the bench. I think for two years or so so it was a very young judge. He was a in Brooklyn. I'm United States Eastern District Court for the Eastern District of New York He had been a federal prosecutor for many years before that in the Eastern District Us Attorney's office and You know did kinda cases federal prosecutors like like him like me do But his sort of claim to fame. I think the the thing that he's most well known for is that he successfully prosecuted John Gotti senior Who was known as the top line dawn because he so many times had been prosecuted and was not convicted but then a judge Gleeson in a very well tried case Was able to successfully prosecute him in and and that one man crime spree With the Gambino family And so he after that I think he was acting. Us Attorney for a little bit of time but then he was appointed I believe by President Clinton to be a federal judge. She was pretty young for his. You know to to be appointed a federal judge. And I will tell you though both from my experience you know working with him for a year which means I was with him every single day. Every minute of the day you know in court outside of court eating lunch with him talking with him and he has remained a friend and a mentor. Onto this day. He is one of the most brilliant people not just lawyers but but also a brilliant lawyer that I know I mean truly has a brilliant mind. is Really not sort of a cookie cutter person in other words I. It's hard to fit him into one mold or another so he was a prosecutor for many years I think came to the bench without experience but pretty quickly. As a federal judge became very defense oriented and actually became very involved with The Criminal Defense Organizations Federal Defenders in particular and really kind of before criminal justice reform was sort of popular thing. GonNa term people you know talked about in the way that they do. Now he he was really at the forefront of that and and Really tried to help reform sentencing federal sentencing guidelines which he thought were too high he really was a judge who looked out for Sort of the most vulnerable people in the criminal justice system and and tried to work on early reforms to thought our laws and sentences were too harsh into high at the federal level amongst others. So he's kind of a really independent thinker. He doesn't fit neatly sort of one box or the other. I think he really knows the Department of Justice inside and out and knows what it is supposed to be at its best But also knows the dangers of it and and overreach and how that can work and has not been afraid to stand up to that even in the in the past as as A judge and now he's a practicing I would call a white collar criminal defense lawyer at a firm in New York. He did step down From the Bronx recently But he's he's a well known voice in terms of Speaking out for what? He believes When he was a judge he did several Political redistricting cases that that made a lot of headlines He's just a very kind of smart and independent banker. Who Does what I think he thinks is right. Whatever box it fits into or doesn't fit into and so I think that's part of. Why is the perfect choice with us? Yeah teams like his experience. advocating for the every man I it seems to be relevant in in his OP. Ed glazes op ED. That came out before Sullivan asked him to to join the case he was urging Sullivan. Seemed to to you. Know really think twice. About just dismissing this case and talked about having evidentiary hearings perhaps listening questioning calling into question you know bringing in the guys from Covington which Flynn's original lawyers re possibly bringing in former prosecutors who worked on the case who have since left like Kravis I would assume So or was it van. It was Kravis was van. Van was yeah but who but he still works for Department of Justice. As far as I know van crack does so I think and this is what I I was personally hoping for. When when you Flynn filed a motion to dismiss. We were all sitting around. You know me and Glenn Kirschner and we were just sitting around. Gosh I hope he has evidentiary hearings. I hope he just doesn't dismiss this case. And so now I think we're we kind of see what where gleason stands what his background is in. I think we can sort of see where this is going. And it's is it fair to say that the Justice Department and trump can't do anything about this. This isn't something they can ask for a stay for or oppose or file a I mean they can file a motion to I. Guess disagree with it. Yeah and and I think if I'm keeping up on this fast moving news. I think that he has. I think Flynn has filed something saying basically. You can't do this You can't you can't invite Amicus briefs in A criminal case You know that's that's not going to go very far. We'll know and it. It explains why Sullivan put in his minute order. I was like why is he? Putting case citing case law about amicus in his minute order. Oh it's because he knows we know he say hey I have sole discretion mo froze and so come at me. It's not a free for all though quoting Judge Jerk Jesse Jackson. I'm like what is he getting out. What is he getting at now? We know yeah yeah exactly. He's he's I mean this judge don't solve it is it's very smart and very independent himself you know and And which is not unusual. I mean federal churches. A lot of them are and they don't like being told what they can and can't do. They have a lot of discussion for a reason and how to run their cases in their courtroom. And I think here You know I I. Don't I mean I know Fox News is going to be screaming about how the judge should be shouldn't do this. But I. I don't know what basis they have to say that And if you look at the history of federal judges having discretion in sentencing in motion practice I mean the dots their job And of course he shouldn't just rubber stamp this so I'll be halls Rod Rosenstein. Frankly I mean yes you could call from other people but you know I mean Rosenstein was the member of this administration that signed off on this prosecution. I know he wasn't there at the beginning but he absolutely approved it and he's completely I'm at now. You know as as they say that this was all a big political conspiracy by quote the Obama Administration. Yeah and IT'S GONNA BE INTERESTING TOO. Because by now normally we would have heard trump tweeting Oh biased Obama. Judge Blah Blah Blah. But here a judge Sullivan was by H W and so yes. Exactly and so. But I don't know that necessarily has stopped trump from going after people before and calling him biased so I I'm assuming that we're going to start getting some misinformation and propaganda about gleason and Sullivan being biased judges and badges. I'm assuming we'll start seeing that sort of thing come to light. I'm surprised it hasn't already happened. We'll tell us before I let you go. Tell us a little bit about your campaign where people can find you where people can donate to you. I don't work for the government anymore so I don't have to go down the Hatch Act. I can ask for donations for your campaign Thank you thanks for asking. Yeah so I'm running for Westchester District. Attorney. Westchester is Right outside of New York City So important and big District Attorney's office that has cases that can affect you know even far beyond Westchester County and My campaign is going really well. I'm running on a prop warm Bringing ethics reform and integrity to the. Da's office something that. I think your listeners will appreciate wherever they are and You know really the need for building institutions at the local level That are counterweights to what's going on in Washington and to the trump administration and particularly when it comes to the Criminal Dotson system keeping the politics out of our justice system. That's something I've really been talking about in. The people really respond to and also pursuing public corruption cases conviction integrity. Making sure that we are not prosecuting. The wrong people and that we are having not having wrongful convictions and I have platforms about bad about human trafficking. That's a big priority for me gun safety and all this people can find on my website. All of my issue papers. I'm kind of listed out. It's Niimi Roca. Rotc eight H Four F. O. R. D. A. DOT COM. You Need Roca. Four D. DA DOT COM and You know hopefully people can look me up and happy to have people help. Make a do foam. Baking can do that anywhere in the country and make donations And you've got on our mailing list. We do weekly updates our interview. People on zoom about important issues. So Yeah that's that's pretty much a summary but I hope you check it out. Thank you thank you so much because these these are the steps. These are the crucial steps. That we're going to need to start taking to rebuild Integrity in in our institution equal justice under the law ethical guidelines. Giving some teeth to these things and moving forward to put back. What trump is taken away in being able to trust our our legal system? So thank you so much for joining me today. Your list of of of credits too. Long but law professor. Msnbc legal analyst former prosecutor from Southern District of New York and candidate for Westchester Da. Thank you so much mediocre. I appreciate you coming on today. They great to talk to you. Ate The alright. Everybody stick around right after this quick break. 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I feel like if I was like a children's show host and some sort of beans themed kid show. I don't know why my brain went in that direction. Then nine my name would be mandy among it is really kind of look like the kind of look like a little teletubby with their head stuck on this big round. Green Bean. You look like Green Momma until it. You know those guys. It's not a quarantine confession but just a general confession that I watch teletubbies until I was too old to be watching teletubbies. Okay but yes. Uh-huh bean picture is very funny. It was really good I do have. Let's see I do have route before we get going. I have a little bit of Schadenfreude all right so on Tuesday trump appointed Iowa trump appointed federal judge threatened to dismiss Devon Nunez's defamation lawsuit against hearst magazines the publisher of Esquire and journalist Ryan Lissa trump appointed. Us District Judge Cj Williams and. He said he'll throw out the lawsuit if the family doesn't specifically in precisely say how. This article in Esquire magazine. Inaccurately portrayed the congressman and his family. The lawsuit lawsuit involves the September thirtieth escort. Article called Devin. Nunez's family farm is hiding a politically explosive secret. And the article said Nunez's parents and their brother covered their tracks after quietly. Moving the family's dairy farm from California to Iowa Sh we don't want you to California farmers suggesting the family had tried to hide the farm's relocation the article also alleged that the farm had used undocumented laborers collectively. The Nunez family filed two lawsuits. Twenty five million and seventy seven million and they were combined into one lawsuit at at the end of April. But while the Nunez family suits cited sixteen statements that it alleged were defamatory. They didn't provide any facts or evidence. In order for something to be defamatory it has to be ally let the judge was like. Where's the lie? Bro You need to prove this is a lie. You who all moved your Farm California to Iowa and didn't tell anybody and hired undocumented workers God golic anyway. That's just brought me a little bit of joy. I thought I'd share that with all y'all because I feel like it might have moved you as well. You know what brought me join today was because I know I should admit this because I work on the show. I listened to the show most of the time but not every day and some days. I miss it but today when I was listening I listen to your full rant on Thursdays. Beams and then the interview with frank and I was like Yes yes. I'm so mad. I'm right there with you. You know I think which one you're Yesterday when you were when you when you had like a really good rant and then also you had the interview with Frank. It was prime angry. Ag and I was like Yes sitting in my office listening to being like. Yes yes bitch. Yes that is so interesting you brought that up because at the beginning of the show today. I mentioned in the discussion area of the show that I got such a huge response from my some people said rant. I call it a B. Block yesterday saying God I love angry. Ag or passionate ag or whatever and then followed up by the Frankfurt Caluzzi Feisty Flus floozy and then bring it home with the good news. It was like the perfect Combo. And you know I don't think it's fair to call your passion monologues angry because they don't think it's good to equate women's passion with anger so maybe not anger. Probably my fault. Passionate guy was the one who said that. That was a really great with frank though. We got a lot of really really great feedback on that. So so yeah thank you everyone for tweeting out us and thanks for coming on it was it was a it was a really great interview. Yeah and wait until you hear. Today's Mandy we got Mimi Roca on today to talk about Judge Gleeson being brought onto the Flynn case and who he is and what he's done in the past so we look forward to that but we are here to talk about good news we are at. I have some. What do you got a couple of things I just wanted to say? Thanks everyone for studying them in. If yours doesn't get beecher please. Don't try to take to personally am we're trying to keep them timely but also get as many good ones in as we can and I think I have sixty So that being said let's jump in this one is from an. I hope I'm saying your name right Francie. Franz he says I went to starbucks this morning for only the third time since March fifteenth that is. That's that's very strict view. Well well-done I splurged and got lachey and several baked goods when I got to the window. The car in front of me had paid for my order. Aw That's nice. I like when they do that. I knew Meteo but during this time it really just hit me in the fields. Luckily by the time I order was ready and other order was taken and I paid for that and I hope it continued for the rest of the day. That's nice pay it forward. What a cool thing. Because you're you're going through. You're getting coffee and you're given a money right but you're also at the same time paying it forward. I think that that's just absolutely wonderful. Only one person gets stiffed at the end of the day. Although imagine if that the person in front of you was like yeah I'll pay for your order that's nice. I'll pay it forward for the person behind. You get like a fifty dollar order and you're like Oh shit I'll pay for one of those appear for one of their coffees. Yeah all right. This one's term. Diane Diane says Good News Year Quarantine. Confessions of the other day on the episode. Shit show Lullaby had me laughing so hard red bull came spewing out of my nose and all over my computer when Jordan mentioned how funny it looks when dudes cover up their junk. Oh my God. Division Guy was. Some guy was out the he missed the recycling truck and so his wife was like honey the recycling and he's naked any jumps up and he grabs a tiny towel that has dogged bones on it and covers his dick and he's outside trying to drag drag. The can down the street after after the truck and he's trying to cover up his junk and it was just a really one of the best visuals. We've had really good. I have to admit that I've gone down and check the mail in like in like a state like I hear. I hear the mailman dropping off package and I go downstairs and like what can barely be classified as shorts to be honest and you know like no bra like tits flying everywhere as I run down the stairs. My neighbors are like who is this bitch. Put on a robe or something. But I don't care anyway. Nowhere should you. They have. They have allowed children. So you can have floppy tits true true floppy tits fly free. God damnit this country for trade just be like I'm an ex PAT. I'm earned it. Yeah exactly listen. This country doesn't have a lot of things but I can be free to anyway. Moving on Mr Frisk. This is for Ms Chris. Thank you Diane for that. One by the way and that was great. I hope your computer is okay for Miss Frisk. I have been suffering from gallstones just like our friend the notorious RPG but for the last over the last two months today. I got the notice that is scheduled. Operation is happening soon. The bladder will be long gone. Hooray Yeah it's tough to get elective surgeries right now. But that's a painful one so really glad that. That's I'm really glad that's taken that that's going to happen. I've never had a gallstone before but it sounds Shite so I'm happy for you all right cool from zero. My husband has a small guitar pedal business. I've always been on his case about how long it takes them to get orders shipped out. But since I've been at home these past few weeks I've started helping him out in the workshop. He's taught me how to soldier and I am now building pedals with him and damn. It's not easy now that I have a better understanding of his world. Now I have a better understanding of his world and I wouldn't have had the opportunity to get to know my husband more if it wasn't for Washington state. Stay home order so although these times are incredibly stressful for all of us I actually. I'm thankful for this time at home. Plus now we get to listen to the daily beans together every day we work. Thank you ladies for helping us through this. That's Nice Awesome Rad. Let us know if you're on twitter or a citizen email. Let us know what your what. Your husband's guitar pedal businesses. That's cool all right one last bit of good news but I think this is also a quarantine confession a little bit. But I'll let you guys decide. This is from Natalie. She says We purchased an older home a few years ago and are slowly but surely working on updates on the house. I love that I know that sounds like such a fun project. You know just like buying something good bones and then just like chipping away at it to make it your own. Bring it back to life leveled houses and very very east coast like that all right. The next big ticket project in the house will be to replace the sighting on an edition which contains my where. I've been working for a year now. The current citing is some old wood panel with lots of holes and opportunity for non human habitation. Which has been annoying to us. But not right now as I was sitting on my computer day in day out. During lockdown the constant tweeting of a family of birds nesting inches. Away from me in that wall is keeping my spirit's stuff. Nothing like this out of happy baby birds to keep you going so. I'm glad that you've made peace with the birds who live in your wall better better than not better than not survive this win. Our editor Mackenzie found a kitten living inside of her wall and she adopted it. Actually I wonder how that can do. And we need to check on that CAT O. The cat is great. They're best friends dude. She like she just goes everywhere with her on a little leash and everything. She goes to the beach. She goes on road trips. She's like a dog basically. But in a cat's body they are best friends so so. I'll have to tweet a picture. Mckenzie's cat to the daily beans pod twitter but she found it in her wall and live texted us as it was happening. That was cute. All right that has been good news. It's now time for quarantine. Confessions Kickoff the confessions here. This is from anonymous Anonymous says I'm one of six sisters brothers. One bathroom yes. It was crazy on my God. I feel you. I have many sisters also and had the same experience. Recently one of them moved into a newly built home after retiring from one of the intelligence agencies with her husband a West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran with COPD so my husband and I along with two other sisters technically violated. Virginia stay at home order and travel done to North Carolina and in about thirty six hours. We packed every box for them. Arranged their furniture organized their doors and closets painted a turntable pictures and and set up to she vs. We also broke down the boxes and under the cover of darkness. Toss them into a dumpster of a nearby construction site. I feel equally guilty and proud. My sister would have taken months to get settled in and would have gone completely bonkers with the amount of chaos but we wanted to help her out to be more comfortable during lockdown. We slipped back into town with only one guest stop. We've all been quarantined before. And after this and hope to have a close loop in order to protect the vulnerable whatever the penance is I will do it. That's that's that's really nice. That's that's something that you did to help out your sister who otherwise would have had like a miserable time. Being stuck in a chaotic house during lockdown so agreed agreed. Yeah that's Nice This is from metal girl in North Carolina. Good News I've been working from home since March thirteenth. I have not used a hairdryer since March ninth. Same I also have not made my toenails since taking off the politics of Polish. If weeks into lockdown my main confession is secretly trying to turn my whole family individuals and begins without getting permission from my family. Since I am the only one who goes to the grocery store so far all is going well. Good good job. Getting a lot of confessions from people who are like I'm only when he goes to the grocery store so I just lie. All right cool. This from Melissa Melissa says my parents and I were supposed to be on a Mexican beach vacation in the middle of May. The trip was postponed for obvious reasons. What whatever reasons so instead of getting slathered in Sunshine and Suntan Lotion? My Dad decided that we my parents and I by the way I'm staying with them should travel the world through various movies so far we have been to Paris bruised Vienna Budapest Greece. Tuscany England Rome and then back to Tuscany this week. We plan to go. Isn't it? This week we plan to go to Africa through three movies the English Patient Casablanca and out of Africa on the English patient I haven't seen that remember win. That won the Academy Award. I think it'd be the color purple and everyone freaked out. I'm going to check on that to me. Wards go ahead onto the next one while I look this fact up all right cool all right this winter anonymous and they say in the confession segment the other day. We heard about a family who plays fetch with their toddler. We don't play fetch but we did recently buy a laser pointer for our to foster kittens which we took on at the beginning of quarantine and our five year old. Human Child has been demanding that he returned to chase the red dot. He also climbs the shorter cat tree when we aren't looking and he wants eight a kibble before we could stop him and declared a delicious. This is a kid who refuses most people food unless it's chicken nuggets fish sticks. Were pretty sure he's actually part cat. What's the verdict on the English patient? I was wrong The English patient came after who won best picture in nineteen ninety five. Sorry I'm such a such a trivia person. I like what was it? Oh we should totally have a trivia themed happy hour sometime or we should host a trivia thing in the future. That sounds fun. Ooh I like that. That's a really good idea. Yeah political obviously and maybe some gen-x movies. It was Amadeus I. It was Amadeus. I haven't seen that either. I didn't to watch so many movies. All right. This is We have a couple more here. This is from Danielle. Danielle says the confessions. I fill them so much but I think I'm the opposite of the Non Mommy listeners. I actually really lose myself. My kid play. We have the best fantasy play the other day. My two babies their age. Ten and six setup. Pop-up showers in the driveway with convenience items and snacks. The currency was spearmint leaves. We had growing in the garden which they just eight one handed to them or rocks for the larger bills. Like five dollars ten dollars and while I'm outside working most days they play along and I was able to buy some refreshing water soda and snacks right in my driveway shop. Of course all this play means I'm lacking mealtimes and clothing choices. Like pajamas are outside pajamas. Outside okay now and the meals have sort of become healthy. Free range snack items. They can get themselves so traditional breakfast. Lunch and dinner has basically got out the window and at the end of the day when my youngest says things like I didn't have lunch. I have to explain that all together. The food he ate during the day made up lunch but still those words. I didn't get lunch a reminder that I'm not really in a routine that I've been desperately trying to attain. I'm jealous of all. You organized parents out there. Who INSTRUCTS HITS? They get shit done while. I'm over here spitting my tires because gestures the world anyways. Thank you ladies for your tireless work on getting us our beans. It's so helpful when I can't or refuse to chase down real news because it's exhausting. Our News is real. This is real. This is real news real news. I'm real real real news. Growing up news lady cool on me and I. I didn't put on a suit. I'm wearing Jimmy. I actually watched my face today. Put under yoder and a Bra. Because I was just. I looked in the mirror this morning every couple of days. I get sick of myself and I'm like get it together. Put on some clothes. I wear clothes for day or two and then I go back to wearing pajamas for a run. I went for a run this morning because I was like. I got up on him like you. GotTa you gotTa fucking run today. You have to you have to and then maybe. I'll take a shower. We'll see how it goes but I want to stop drying my hair too. I have that kind of hair. That's really like sort of thin and and so it only takes two minutes to dry so convenient so I don't walk around with a wet head I just dry it real fast because it takes but I'm like I bet. I Bet I could get real healthy if I stop. Blow drying it. I don't have to make any appearances anywhere. Except for our Friday. Quarantine happy hour meet and greet at four. Pm Pacific Time. Which is today if you're listening on Friday morning and it's at four PM today if you're listening on Friday the fifteenth and the theme Nineteen Eighties. And if you're not a patron become one and if you can't afford it findings on twitter and we will share the link with you awesome. I'm excited Yeah Michio. It's Super Fun every week. People seem to get a lot out of them so yeah. Thank you for joining us for them. Yeah and we're doing a thing from now on. We're making it so the first hours for patrons only but for for those of us who can't afford to be premium subscribers even at three bucks a month which is totally understandable. There's a lot of shitty times right now. A lot of terrible things going on we will tweet out for the second hour of the of the meet and greet to the public so that everyone can join in and that would be a five. Pm Pacific Time. Sweep love that also. I'm doing something similar to you where I'm just like letting my hair go crazy like I'm in desperate need of a cut and color. It's so wild but I'm basically just like deep conditioning and letting it airdropped until this until salons are open and I don't know we'll see if like a last that long but I'm just experimenting with getting it really healthy because no one has to look at it. Yeah that's sort of what I'm saying like. Oh I might as well not blow dry this shit if it's bad when I don't blow dry it's not even like a cool like super curly mass. It's just dumb. It's just you know like if I don't blow dry my hair. It's just SORTA HALF CURLY. Half FLAT. Frizzy weird like I get these weird cow licks and I. It's just it's it's it brings me back to what it was like in seventh grade. You know I actually like had healthy hair when I was younger. And now it's fried to shit so can't relate. It's my hair is awful. Now was Cuban. Okay shall we do? Let's do one more one more quarantine confession. You're going to like this one. It's to do with one of our advertisers clearly. We pick good advertisers. Not Anonymous says my husband healthcare workers. I'm critical care pharmacist. And he is a retail. Pharmacist You guys for working on frontlines so thankfully we're both still working but between working in managing home life with her two teenage sons. The dog and the cat. I'm feeling more stress than ever these days. So here is my confession. I am on level nine hundred and fourteen of best means. Oh my gosh. Wow I'm on like one seventy or something yeah. I shudder to think of how much time I have spent on that but my sanity is intact as far as I can tell so. That's good right. Thank you for making me laugh. I walked the dog. You ladies are fabulous and I love you nine hundred fourteen holy Shit. You know what that's with animal crossing so same. Same though totally. I have so many little projects that I need to get done. You know we may have to have. Maybe you enjoy all need to put out a bonus episode for patrons where you just talk about animal crossing. That might be fun. I thought I've thought about that that that could be a lot of fun talking about your villagers. Who who you like. Who you don't like and you know you're you're all of your favorite things about the game We've actually had a few people a few patrons who've been like I got the game because of you so and people who've shared a few of their favorite games with me that I'm going to check out. So thank you for doing that. And then you guys were submitting all of your quarantine. Confessions KEEP SUBMITTING THEM I. It's the pin tweet on the daily beans pod twitter and also updating all of our instant replies on on the Muller wrote facebook the daily beans facebook and the emails and stuff so that you should get if you ever email us trying to make good news. You should get a reply with linked to that form just to keep it streamlined. I'm trying to put it all in one place because in your faces. Yeah exactly. It's it's we have gotten such an overwhelming response for quarantine confessions. It started out as this Little Fun Cup. We got a couple of things at the end of the good news block and its own monster now and I absolutely love it. It's my favorite monster absolutely. And honestly we're getting probably like seventy percent confessions and only thirty percent good news so I would also which stands to reason given the current times we're in But I would really love also If people would send in good news that's related to political stuff if you think there's any good news stories where you are that you think we've missed or if there's anything you doesn't have to be related to you know. Corona by specifically just anything. You think that is good news. I love more of that as well. And Yeah if you're looking for the submission form for the good news and The confessions and you can't find it. Just let us know and we'll send it to you yet all right any final thoughts before we before. We are bail. Just if I if you are a patron or or even if you're not a patron anyone catch the second half. I look forward to seeing those of you who are available at four. Pm Today for happy. Hour I'm excited. I'm so excited I had. We've had some of our patrons say that they cast us up to their big screen. Tv's and it's like we're all hanging out in the in the room. What am I going to do for nineteen eighties theme you address as Baby? Because that's what you were. No you were born in the ninety s. I was conceived in the eighties dressed as a sperm. I always say that well because I was born in January of nineteen ninety so just at the start of the nineties but so I was. I was cooking. I was in the during the eighties. I experienced it on the inside and also nothing stopping you from dressing from the eighteen eighties. Just saying just throwing that out there. Yeah you know what? That's well you just throw in a whole other angle to this. Now you could do seventeen eighty s and have to consider that you could do twenty one eighty in a star trek uniform. It's just the eighties. I could try to find like a farmer farmer address and put my dog and a cow costume and be like a farmer from the eighteen eighties. I don't know we'll figure it out you could or you could be Victorian where a powdered wig. I could be Beethoven in the background. I might put on. Maybe it'll go for. Maybe I'll go for like for like an eighties club kid by they'll see what I can russell up in my burning man a little different. The nineties club kids stuff is a little different from the Eighties Club. Up punk is always good. Punks always a good way to go. That is true. Maybe I'll maybe I can just really like Gothi that's close. Here's what I say you have because you have the colorful hair you take and make little buns like little tiny buns all the way down the middle of your head like a Mojo. That's intense. I'll give it a go. I'll give it a go. See what I can do this. Because it's easier than putting product in your hair to make a Mohawk just make little buns little space bonds but in a in a Mohawk shape. I wish I still had my Christopher I do not but I wish I did I do. I have but I mean it's amazing and deep waiver. Oh my God you know what I will share though to the daily beans twitter or maybe our instagram page. There's a picture of me when I'm I think in the first grade and my aunt did my hair. But I'm from Rural Nova Scotia so even though it was the mid nineties it looked like the mid eighties and she teas the shit out of my hair for my school picture. So that's GONNA be my present to the patrons tomorrow. Oh that's very kind of you. Oh you're welcome. Yeah it's it's the worst picture ever taken So I would like you all to enjoy it all right. Well everybody look forward to the cocktail hour. Thank you for being patrons. If you can't thank you for listening just subscribe. It's free to do. We appreciate you so much. I'm so humble. It's everyone. Please take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Take care of your mental health. Take CARE OF THE PLANET. I've been AG. I've been Amanda Reader and the beans. The daily beans is executive produced and directed by AG. And Jordan Coburn an engineered it by Mackenzie Mozelle and star Burns. Industries Are Marketing Manager Executive Assistant Production Social Media Direction as Amanda Reader Fact Checking Research By AG Jordan Colin and Amanda Reader. Our music is written and performed by. They might be giants. Are Web design and branding or by Joel reader with moxy design studios and our website is daily beans pod dot com.

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