Waiver Wire! So Many Great Options for Week 16 (12/22 Fantasy Football Podcast)


This is fantasy football today from cbs. Sports it's time to dominate your fantasy league. Here's some combination of adam. Dave jamie benn. Well we hope you did not start. Ben rothlisberger if you did. You're moving on gradulate. You're probably one of the few welcome to the week. Sixteen the ad championship week. We made it waiver wire show. Hey not only we make it dave. We've got one of the best waiver wire weeks of the year right. It's you qualify. Just in time for eighty percent of the people who play fantasy football to not have the chance to pick up these guys. Yeah probably yeah not not great. Timing die jamie Waiver out waiver arbiter zero to ten ten meaning. You have potentially two starting quarterbacks for starting caliber running backs. Yes other fevers. Aren't exactly great. But they're they're very good number three receivers and a couple of starting tight ends so it's pretty exciting to to really great options in jalen hurts. Toni ballard if the especially pollard if he gets a chance to start obviously hurts based on what he's done. Yeah and this is the first week where i began while where there weren't fifteen wide receivers that That i found interesting. So it's oddly kind of week week for wide receivers but it's pretty good everywhere else. Yeah thank you like. You should be running to the running backs but it's week why it's a week week. All right forget your head in the lesson do segment new segment just for today. It's called the we hate the steelers. Tell me how the steelers screwed you. In a fantasy batch shave burleson wrote in and said non-ppp talked into playing juju. Even though he already whoa wait a team in my league. It wasn't him okay. Thank goodness j. A team in my league got talked into playing juju even though he already one just in case there was a stat correction. He lost by three or four. Because of the fumble oughta. that's horrible. Oh that's terrible. that's we hate the steelers for sure. Jamie adp league thought you had it locked up man. I did to celia the athletic and he was the to see the three seat and He was ahead by. Twenty points with tyler. Boyd rothlisberger ebron. So obviously the ebron boyd was negated because both of them had zero fantasy points with their injuries. So i thought okay rothlisberger. Give me shot. I was down by eight When the steelers were trailing twenty four ten. I thought okay. He'll get a touchdown in one of these two possessions that they'll get in the steelers i thought would rally and potentially time the game So when benny snell ran went on like okay. We'll get the ball back and he'll throw one in and sure enough. They went four now in the bengals Pulled off the upset. Very frustrating for For me in that league. Congratulations to jake butt. based on the email that you said i haven't checked i'm gonna go look but i was up the team. I share with my brother-in-law we were up with only rothlisberger to go. I think by eleven points hoping was not some screwy scoring in that i don't know and he said a he was actually on a trip him and his family and my wife and kids for this weekend so i called my wife l. Kyle my brother-in-law that we won and he goes. Oh no no. don't say anything. This burger has negative eleven. Points thankfully okay. He scored eight points right now. I believe so. Yeah yeah how about you. Do you hate the steelers. No i love the steelers. Oh you better hugs. Hugs and kisses to the steel city The only competitive game that i had left going to monday night was against jaime and it was a half pierre league. Jamie diontae johnson. I had mike hilton. And mika fitzpatrick and i was up twenty and i finished winning by about twenty. You know it's interesting not one day. Because i've now and all i know i was. I was thinking my team team is awesome in this league. Yes completely ravaged by injuries. This season michael. Thomas kenny golladay christian mccaffrey. There's a fourteen. This would have been my third time in. The finals. In four seasons had beaten dave and really good but i was. I was this. Was my running backs for this weekend. Including flex zack moss. Mike davis and jamal willing the boy. And i really thought you know. Let me take a shot on. Benny snell of one of those guys. But i'm like you know. Williams will catch passes. It was a favorable matchup. I thought maybe knows in garbage time he would play. Well he gets hurt Ozzy doesn't doesn't finish the game. Moss wasn't as he played well but obviously singletary broke off. Throwing had i played snell over to mall williams. What would the point. I don't think you would have won. Because johnson wasn't that great twenty and a half. Pr was johnson. Johnson was pretty good yesterday. I still i still would have fell short. I thought as williams with three points and snell was eighteen. So i'm so glad. I want to because i started. Kareem hunt over tony pollard. And usually when. I make a bad decision like that in a playoff game. It bites me it bit me. Last week with miles sanders going on my bench and a. I'm glad i survived and i guess i guess one of those being one of the thing that i did consider dave which would have put me ahead was i was really torn between drake. Want smith and michael gallup. And i played drake with the upside of starting with with. He got hurt too but at least gallup scored first. So if you had gone with gallup sniper gallup's now which i consider you would have you caught me. Well thank you congrats. Dave loves the steelers johnson. Benny snell came through johnson. Eight catches fifty nine yards and a touchdown a little tired of people killing the andre johnson for his inefficiencies yards per catch whatever the drops you can kill them for but like i mean th killed killed you. He did play catches. You gotta get on. Juju to and ben ben roethlisberger. Who was really awful. I guess what we'll talk about it a little bit more later camp leak that he's gonna play in twenty twenty one when he was a forty four hundred million dollar it on the table. Yeah that was That was a really bad performance coming off of that report but anyway the person who probably hates the steelers the boast is big steelers. Fan ryan wilson. Check out the pick. six podcast. He made a bet with john breach that he has to get a tattoo. That breach will now design if the steelers lost to the bengals. which of course seemed unfathomable. But it happened and ryan. Wilson is going to have to get a tattoo and this is pretty amazing and follow me on twitter. It's hysterical check out the pick six podcast. Top waiver wire priorities here. We go jamie. Gimme gimme a few names. Who were looking at. Jalen hurts and tony politics. Two stars hurts again. He's got five upside this week. he's in my five. I think there's a great opportunity against cowboys with what he's shown you as a russia. We talked about this last week. I was really excited about him last week. He was he was starting quarterback for me and starts it and he was really awesome. Forty-three fantasy points. So he's he's a star in the league winner and tony podcast. The same thing you know. He had twelve carries for what was it. Sixty yards and a touchdown are twelve carries for whatever yards the six six catches for sixty three yards and such. I'm sorry he had two rushing touchdowns and six guys for sixty three yards on nine targets. So he did a great job. Filling in for zeke elliot. He's been much more explosive than elliott is dealing with the calf injury and other great matchup against philadelphia. Struggled running backs late. So those are the two standouts by far. And then after those guys. I hope jeff wilson southeast dealing with an ankle injury. He's got a chance to be a starting fantasy running back this week with his matchup against the cardinals and the same thing for savant. Akhmed if myles gaskin is out so those would be the top four guys. I think shown you enough in the three times that he's played without gaskin Especially with this match of the suit against the raiders. He's got top twelve upside So hopefully gaskin sits out one more week. Okay first of all let me go back to pollard. The eagles do give up a lot of touchdowns but they have a good run defense and pollard. He had a forty yard touchdown. Dave talked about this on sunday. Four yard touchdown run other than that he play about eleven carries for like twenty five yards. I remember the stats right off the top of my head so i don't know if are you concerned about that and then the eagles are really good against pass catching running backs. So there's that there's also pollard wilson med. They all could be number two running backs on their team. You know zeke could be back. You never know with mustard and And gaskin i thought we were expecting gaskin. A comeback So it's hard to say when they're placed on the covid list we don't know that's true What so so. Yeah i mean how aggressive. I guess it's kind of a different question with two teams left but dave. You know what. I'm saying like do you seizure downside with these running backs the only the only downside beta i see in terms of adding them to your rosser forgetting about like what they could do for your fantasy team is is. If you're if you're debating getting them versus jalen hurts like if you need a quarterback and running back maybe made your final with ben roethlisberger and james robinson and and now you are going to feel good about going with either of those guys. How do you prioritize the list. And i think you've got to play it really safe here and take the quarterback who you know is going to play for the running back who and it's for all three of them. I think pollard would be the starter. I think he showed plenty for for the cowboys. Say okay we're we're going to let zeke rest. He's our future the position. Maybe let's just let them rest. Let's see tony pollard can do. And maybe pollard will be the future at the position. Wilson good running back capable of handling below against arizona. Let's let her with his ankle. Cool off Shut him down. Maybe for the rest of the season. Same thing with madden. Gaskin of gaskin isn't ready. But because there's a little bit of uncertainty especially with the first two guys pollard. wilson. I would prioritize hurts. I and lock in those fantasy points for the championship game. Is there a case. This data was it was fascinating on pollard. This is from an nfl network producer. Tony parker has as many twenty. Plus yard plays from scrimmage since week nine as ezekiel elliott has his last three hundred and forty five touches. It so going back. It's it's like and it's a good sign for pollard too. But i liked the reason. Why i feel okay with pollard. Even with that match up. Adam is because of the receptions and yes philadelphia is good against pass catching running backs. I still think. Andy dalton will lean on him in the passing game and there's potential for him to have another five catches unless they give up touchdowns they've allowed to running back to score again at least one hundred total yards in six games in a row. How about a lot of touch or running back and all but four games this year. Yeah so this is philadelphia. We're talking about and that's powers playing but this is a huge game. Every team is still alive in the nfc. So that makes me feel. Like if zeke can play they will they will bring him back. They are not going to just rest him. They're not auditioning for the future right. Now they're trying to win the division right but if pollard is their best player but do you think jerry jones is treating it that way but and they they they are in a tough spot because they. Here's what's going to happen. Playing if zeke playing. It's going to be both of them. Yeah there won't be one guy said percents of the snaps. It's going to be both of them in and out of the lineup. And that wouldn't be good so i guess. Could you make a case. That darrell henderson is the best waiver wire option. No because he stinks every time he gets an opportunity. Well that's not true. He was pretty good earlier this year. The samples is from the beginning of the season through the middle to the end and the lakers took over as was miserable. Yeah no i i think. He started playing poorly after the miami game when he hurt his ankle. I think it was his ankle. And i don't know if he's heard or not but he's been pretty bad since then and cam. Akers has taken the job but he was a pretty reliable running back You know what the situation is with seattle. You gotta score so you'll be okay. He scored against them in the first meeting. He had seven carries for twenty eight yards in that game. I mean just the track record for me is he's he's a flex at best so i think there's much more upside at this point in the day said you know we're talking about two managers for the most part in every fancy league now. There are people that are competing constellation game in some cases there are leagues appointed seventeen. So it's probably a little bit broader the scope that we're talking to people here but for the most part is just winner versus you know The teams playing for the job. So if you're starting darrell henderson. You're probably stuck these other guys though. Have so much more upside if they get those jobs. So if you're looking at henderson versus wilson versus pollard versus. You went through a benny snell in there to obviously with what he showed you last night. Also tough match-up. But no i just think henderson's behind those guys. Okay and dave what. Benny snell needs to be mentioned as well. Maybe connors back next week but smells been pretty solid. Three of the four games where he's got a lot of work. What about levy on bell. He's seventy three percent roster. I believe he is out there to you and pollard and wilson and prioritize them. Third if you can still get your hands on levy on bell like i'd rather have pollard wilson with the exception being that if you just absolutely have to play it safe and you want a guy who you know is going to play and have a good role bell will. We can say that about bill on tuesday morning. The thing the thing about levy on that makes me a little nervous as they are clearly going to the playoffs they are. I think locked into the ones not mistaken after pittsburgh loss last night because buffalo has three losses in pittsburgh to win this week. Okay so you have to win this week They just saw edwards helaire go down. They don't know what his status is for the play offs. Are they going to run. Le'veon bell into the ground. In this gained mix and match with their williams. Yes knowing that they have to have someone of a guy who they can trust including trust bell over williams. So i just don't know how much work bell we'll get in this game and maybe even next week at all they play so i'd be a little bit cautious about levy on bell after watching quite over hurt and plus. We just saw three weeks ago. Clyde edwards helaire was out and bell stunk but They've been running the ball a little bit more lately. So that's a good sign by the way. Jeff wilson said. He's fine. there are no issues. He did have an injury so if you take him out. That's that's a great side most out. Then it's a good thing for him. Obviously if you need any twenty points from your quarterback this week you're worry. I rallies burger. Maybe you're worried about russell wilson or something. Maybe jalen hurts isn't available. How about this. The all these quarterbacks are set up for at least twenty points baker mayfield. That the jet six last seven quarterbacks to face the jets scored twenty three or more. That six point for passing touchdown by the way trubisky against jacksonville. A quarterback scored twenty or more against jacksonville in eight straight games. Stafford's hard to trust. Because he's really injured but tampa bay has allowed nine hundred ninety nine hundred more fantasy points to eighth straight quarterbacks and twenty nine or more to four of their last six so they've been horrible against quarterbacks lately the bucks and to its song by low of five of the last seven quarterbacks the face the raiders have scored twenty four twenty one or more fantasy points. So it's really just loaded at at at quarterback loaded at running back not bad at tight end and wide receiver. you know. there's there are always wide receivers. In mentioned dalton. Also who's got a good match up as well given the state secondary looks like and he scored twenty or more and three of the five starts mates coming back. Yeah so we'll give you your news and notes and we'll give you more waiver. Wire names will recap that monday night. Game but cbs sports westinghouse are teaming up to give away ten prizes for the holidays. That's even better than the waiver. Wire is including a curved gaming monitor and a portable power station. Perfect for tailgates. You want one of these gifts people go to. Cbs sports dot com slash. Happy holidays to enter. We'll get the link in the episode description. The contest ends on christmas on december twenty fifth. Go to cbs. Sports dot com slash. Happy holidays. and ben. You're gonna have to remind me to put the episode link in the description because i know i'm on okay but i'm not going to forget about twitch tonight at eight. Pm our No not our last. We're gonna do next week as well. I assume but waiver wire tuesday night. I shouldn't say that i shouldn't commit to that sorry commitment issues anyway. Twitch eight pm tonight. Let's just do that. No twitch thursday. Right ben notes which thursday twitching sunday and the next tuesday will have season recap. That'll be our final. Which i knew it. I knew it all right so tonight at eight. Pm we'll see their twitch dot com slash f f. Today cam akers is out for the rest of the regular season with a high ankle sprain and zeki elliott might play. James robinson is an ankle injury. That's not exactly a situation where rushing grabs backup clyde edwards helaire same situation as cam akers christian. Mccaffrey could be back this week. Wouldn't that be. Nice george kittle. Could he be back this week as a chance. Oh my gosh. The blue say waiver wire seventy one percent rostered. Eric ebron tyler boyd. Left early. they did not have catches ito. Smith is atlanta's lead running back. Anybody want ito smith in kansas city. Obviously the falcons do their other choices. Absolutely suck yeah. He's been the best guy lately. There's no question. Yeah but their best guy is like the worst guy for fantasy. you've got to be super duper desperate to go with ito. Ito seattle is going to get greg olsen back this week. They could get josh gordon this week. Big game against the huge game against the rams you stefan gilmore is out for the season. John brown is a name we haven't mentioned yet but he could be a very popular waiver. Wire pickup and stefan digs hurt his foot. We know that we're expecting him to play that true. Yes okay the expectation is yes but they're gonna monitor it and other situation. Where how. How much will buffalo press him if he's not one hundred percent knowing that they're clearly headed for the playoffs yet but they've got a they've got a real chance to see. I don't know how much that matters. They're not getting a by anymore with a two seat but it is a nice thing to have they are. The two seat are better. Watch them are the to see right now. You should look at that. But they random tuesday right now. Yeah they took over They are eleven and three. Pittsburgh is eleven and three but they beat the pittsburgh steelers and when the steelers lose to the colts this week and the browns beat the jets. That's going to set up a week. Seventeen showdown right browns and steelers Now what happens if the steelers get ready for the nfl affleck's second. What happens if the steelers win this week. And the browns win because the steelers beat the browns earlier who'd get the tiebreaker. If the browns beat the steelers in week seventeen we know the steelers have a game and manage. Well their game up now so if they both win they go into week. Seventeen if the browns beat the steelers individual record. Who who's got the better would both end up at six two or six and two of that in that scenario. No no no. I'm searching the steelers would have the better record. So i guess that means the steelers clinched the division. If they win this week sounds rate broad desks. They do gotta win one more game to clinch the division All right let's go back to the waiver wire top three each position. Let's get some more names out there. Dave quarterbacks jalen hurts and hurts. One trubisky is to mayfield is three in. You only asked for three. So i won't tell you that mario's four so you said mayfield to know business into okay jamie. How do you tag. Jaguars it is. Jalen hurts one baker to trubisky through. Guy's gonna say hashtag jets. It may mean both of them have really good match ups but i baker is on fire. He's absolutely playing out of his mind looking like the number one overall pick from a few years ago Just fantastic reforms against giants. Obviously they were down several guys in their secondary but Four straight games of solid production fantasy wise and three straight games of just excellent football. He's playing very very well playing rhythm throwing well good accuracy. But i i think trubisky might have a little bit of a higher ceiling because the jaguars have a better chance of staying in it than the jets. No because i think the bears are willing to throw it either way and trubisky will run it a little bit more water prediction. The jaguars are going to win. And the jets are going to be so pumped. That's the you want that for the jets fan in your life. I don't really think that's going to happen but i. The jaguars are better than the jets. They might win another game. The jets not ours are actually smarter than the jets at this point. They got their win. They realize how stupid it was and now they're playing their worst quarterback gardner minshew all running back so we talked about. I don't know how much more we wanna get in. Let's just throw it out there again. Jamie running back priorities Let's put put levy on bell. Let's say bellboy now. Now rank them. Tony pires one. Simone akhmed is to jefferson's three levy on beltsville. Okay and so you're big concerns about baylor the workload. I just don't know how much that he'll actually have to play in this game. Because they typically throw to score they throw to win and they run when they feel like it. Plus le vian like good. Best game of the season was fourteen. Pbr points Obviously no edwards helaire. And the falcons run. Defense has clearly been better. Since we're he. Morris has taken over but they have allowed some production the last few weeks they did allow two touchdowns to another retread guy that everybody hates winter for net. So we'll see different offense different different animal. But i just don't know of lebanon's gonna walk walk in and get twenty plus touches in this game and have the success. I think that people are hoping yet. Twenty plus touches would be very surprising. Because daryl williams was definitely gonna have a role and you just don't see all you don't often see these running backs getting that that much work All right wide receivers. Dave who the top wide receivers this week. My top wide receivers russel gage. Whose given good pr numbers. Each of the past. Three weeks emmanuel sanders is right behind him. Higgins right behind him. None of these guys would be any better than the lowest of low and number two fantasy. Wideouts jamie's got a different name atop the list right. Yeah john restore for me. If digs out than john brunton an amazing role in john playing great before he got hurt. And now they're taking on the patriots team without stefan gilmore. That's clearly packing in at this point. So if way the josh allen playing if you telling me that the vaughn is out and john brown is in. He's number one by far is not clear. What if he doesn't sound like that's going to be the case. Though it sounds like digs is going to be okay. Taking chances with any of these guys like russell. Gehlot start higgins a lot as well. But i think if you're taking the most upside of any of these guys. It's john brown by far. Could you say. I really needed a receiver. I'm said everywhere else. Could i wait to pick up. John brown because i'm figuring that the one to three other fantasy managers in my league may not be as keen on adding brown and i can go and get i mean you can on or would you rather get brown. I knowing that gauge sanders higgins superstars. You could double back for them later. Brown ends up playing or if digs does end up playing. There's no superstar of this group. Gauges played well. But we know the chiefs have not given up fantasy points receivers all season long however fluky. Maybe it is. What it is higgins gets the jets great matchup. Will they run. Will they throw why. You're a little down on baker mayfield. As opposed to starting trubisky. You said the same thing about jared goff weaken that back in Back they play into proving itself wrecked by the jets performing the way that they did But i mean you know if if you think that. You can't get john if you think that you have to get one of those other guys to get guaranteed production than short. Don't take john brown. I but if you're looking for the most upside i don't see anybody genre. Well i think the other thing is john. Brown has been really good. Even when digs is played played every game. Young john brown. He still could have a really good game. Russell gauge at the chiefs is very interesting. Because the chiefs have allowed ninety seven yards or a touchdown to six wide receivers in their last six games. I'm sorry i'm just not buying that. They're against wide receivers. They yeah sometimes. Good wide receivers disappoint. But i'm just not buying it and those stats. I just gave doesn't even include lynn boden. Who counts as a running back in. Cbs scoring and he was pretty good against them so and then emmanuel sanders. He's i think he's a must start. When emanuel when healthy and michael thomas isn't he's a must start he had a seventy five yards and they and drew brees had a terrible game and now he's facing minnesota. I think you know. Seventy one percent. Roger opportunity i mean he just not in the range of the guys that we are we talking. You don't think he's in the russell gauge. No no no. He's running the percentage. Oh okay okay. If he's available sir. Sanders should be over john brown. Now second okay all right. So those are the prizes at least. It's john brown emmanuel sanders. Russell gaijin rashard higgins. Who's at the jets and the jets. Twenty second against wide receivers. What's what's the latest on. John brown like is it likely. He's activated off. Are he was practicing last week. But not off the list yet. So he's eligible. Does the same thing to kill. Okay so we. We don't know that he's for sure coming back. There's no guarantee there's no guarantee plays again. That's why it's to me it's up. It's an upside play if digs is out and if he plays then you're looking at him as a starting wide receiver where these other guys to me. Aside from emmanuel sanders. our number three receivers. Okay i just want to check one thing here. Because i want to see if he's in the projections so if you go to he was it. Yeah okay so if you're looking at wide receiver. Because the reason i bring it up is if john brown nod and the projections then he might not get picked up. People might not think to pick him up and that means. Maybe you should prioritize russell gate or something ahead of him if you're in a cbs league. I don't worrying right now if it's your title game you probably have multiple players on your bench that you know you're for sure not starting right so you can go and get both of them and if you wanna put brown i on your waiver wire priority system so no one else in your league can get them or whatever then go ahead. Then you've got to receivers than you. Just start the healthy all right. let's go to jamie. Who are the best tight ends to pick up this week. It take hooper for me. You know you saw both of them score last week. Both have very good matchups this week. Higby scored into his last four to his last three. So maybe he's getting hot at the end of the season again like he did last year. I don't expect it to be the same thing because at this point last year was amazing taking on seattle defense. That's really been bad against that. Couldn't stop logan thomas last week. So he's in a good spot and then who gets the jets. No they've been miserable against items including higby last week so both guys. If you want to gamble have good opportunities to beat up on some defenses. That have really struggled with tight. Ends all the jets are like the cardinals now. There are that bad against the. It's really amazing. So you like hickory. Better than hooper. i've gone back and forth on both. I think just a little bit more. Involved in his offense hooper so touchdown boss. At this point it would not surprise me scores but that could be two catches for six yards and a. That's just kind of that line. That he's been giving completely helps. That acres is out because of that. Run game can't get going they're gonna have to lean on other guys to help move the chains and hippies a perfect one for that yet shrager. Just got me tyler. Heavy snap count snap share last three weeks. Eighty three percent or more Three straight everett left last week for be. He had a concussion. He was checked for a concussion. He passed the protocol but it doesn't matter it's three straight weeks. Eighty three eighty seven. Eighty four percent snap share. They are going more to tight ends lately. But i think some of that is a byproduct of them running the ball more. Yeah i'd like to know what his route percentages. Maybe shrager can come up with that. He's pretty good at this kind of all right We'll see what about a third guy. If i can't get hooper higby at the bengals have been batting. Instead ends for the majority of the season he just add five targets so hopefully he has opportunity here once again to be a target Being option for shawn watson. It's not a great week for for the guys past those two because the other options the that stands out to me would be would be five just in case. There's a chance kentucky's out. Because the raiders about against tight ends but in terms of like the guys that are under sixty five percent now. Obviously george kills should be picked up just in case he starts. You still see. Logan thomas was out there and one of our leagues. I was shocked. Our magazine league. Logan thomas available week so people may drop noah fant as well coming off a strong game great match against charter so there are some guys that could be available in terms of that range but in terms of the rain that we simply talk about me hooper and really nobody else. Dave do we like any streaming this week. The cardinals are my favorite of the ones that are available in more than forty percent of cbs leagues. If the bears are still out there then you can grab them available in thirty eight percent but cardinals. I'll take the chance on the texans against the bengals offense chargers panthers arizona's my favorite's the forty niners especially if there's no Mullins under center right. That's a possibility it might be better. If moans understand maybe he maybe yeah very turnover. But i'll i'll colonels either way. Forty niners are giving tons of points to opposing the. Sat's are there any dsp's that we'd normally start that we would start say the bears or the Or the cardinals over. Yeah steelers against the colts. You start the bears and would you start the cardinals over the ors. Yup i would interesting about the steelers about the rams at seattle. I've got the rams one spot behind the steelers and so cardinals. Aram sorry cardinals. Bears are rams. There's and who do you like kernels. Steelers rams for me. It sounds like jamie likes the rams over the steelers. What about seahawks while behind them. Not too far behind but behind them okay. It'd be interesting to see what the seahawks they've had such an easy schedule lately. See what they do against the rams. I wish they would flex that game but tennessee green bay. Good for sunday night. That's not bad we'll take that's actually awesome. That's a great game should be fun. Got some teams are really stepping up now. Tennessee there's going to be who who check their fantasy scores going into sunday night. And they're like yes. I'm up fifteen. And then they look. And they see hit star henry and aaron rodgers. I done not excuse me. I was down in the league. That's pr with very heavy scoring for dsp's. I was down one hundred points going into foreclosure games on sunday and S we have jalen hurts. Jalen hurts miles sanders. The andre hopkins and travel kelsey. But i was against the rams defense. This was this was factoring. One hundred points. We start with twenty five points on defensive scoring. And i'm like there's no chant the rams are gonna slaughter the justice. I'm done And so i didn't look through the first half knobs down watching the game. So i'm seeing her do well. I saw kelsey score. I see hopkins doing okay. So halftime i check. And at that point i cut it to fifty and so i'm like okay. Maybe i got shot if this keeps up. There's no way hurts. Gonna keep doing this and hopkinson scored that point and kelsey kind of petered awful. But and then i check again after the third quarter and to twenty and so now. I'm texting with the guy who said yeah. This is a great and we're clearly like the semifinal off the charts. The other one is much more low scoring we both would have won easy and so i'm texting with him. This is a brett trustee. Dave it's a former. Cbs sports former sportsline employees. From way back in the day so texting with him. He's like oh you're gonna you're gonna catch me. This is awful and i ended up beating. My twenty was like hopkins had the long our reception. It was but down. The left sideline touchdown congrats. That's he's going gonna eat at him for months. Ashore chokes man. He should feel really bad about that. He did horrible hundred points. I was like oh. My god get me. That's awesome any kickers to pick up. Yeah ryan suck up. You know because a lot of people dropped him. Detroit is a lot of production and kickers. If you're willing to risk it cody parkey deaths. I think our number one fantasy points allowed to kickers least they were last week and fairbairn taken on the bengals home game. Don't worry about weather. And you know that. The texans offense will probably move the ball against cincinnati defense cool. I we'll take a break when we come back. Cincinnati twenty-seven pittsburgh seventeen and more waiver wire debates for a here on fantasy football today. We have time. We'll try to read some e mails as well. Be right back. Cincinnati with a ten point. Win over pittsburgh. I think it dawned on me i. I don't know. I still kinda felt like at halftime. That the steelers were gonna win. I'm not for sure gonna win when they came out on fire in the third quarter when the johnson called the touchdowns i okay. It's over. i was so bad yesterday. They were so what you do. Never count out. Ryan finley's rushing abilities defenses so beaten up pittsburgh. It's like going into week. Sixteen when i saw a few of my my championship teams thousand. And i'm like. Oh well john taylor is gonna have a good game but not a great game and then they lost another linebacker and it's just like they can't stop anybody against the wrong. Well i'm to be fair. They did pretty well against the geneva. Twenty five carries for eighty three yards. He scored two touchdowns. Let's talk about giovanni bernardo because he might be available. Yes let's talk about you guys doing all the work and he's at houston this week. That's a not match. Come on so talk about you. You don't have to love it but you have to talk about. Yeah he's in the flex conversation you know. I would take all the guys that we're talking about here over including benny snell. Including darrell henderson. Guys that i have a little bit tougher match ups because at least you know their workloads will be consistent. There's also turned approximate. You don't think giovanni bernard's going to have a bigger role than darrell henderson. He probably will but mixing mixing returned to practice last week if they decided to play him. Who knows i just. Don't wanna trust the bank. That's kind of what it comes down to. I'm sure dave product does bernard is just a a guy who's led us down more times than not very surprised performance. You know for for the bengals. Obviously buffer bernard mostly and part of it. Is i think them playing with the lead helped. I don't think there'd be playing with league texas even though the texans aren't great. Yeah it was definitely a surprise performance and trusting the bengals a good fantasy strategy. How 'bout dave how about trusting the steelers. How many of them are you going to trust this week. Against the colts. I'm okay with snell. Connor doesn't play it. Sounds like there's a chance connor could play. So you got to keep an eye on that and you just gotta wait and see johnny. Johnson is clearly ben rothlisberger favorite receiver look at the targets even last week when he was benched for almost two quarters. He seven targets in the game so he's an easy start especially in having juju. Were claypool at this point though. Could be a little bit tougher. I guess judy you could probably make the case for a low in number two receiver and claypool is a boom bust. Lacks all right. And that's that's the end of that chapter. There was so many good movies on last night. So i wasn't higgins and boyd. I'm sorry higgins. aj green. If you're completely stuck higgins better the two by far but avoids out the concussion. That's a miserable secondary that they're playing and probably chasing points. And so you know if you're desperate for a number three even deeper leagues reflects option. I would look at higgins if he was dropped and even degree and i talk about talk about movies and brought it back to fantasy football. That's ridiculous but now this is my. I hate the steelers. I would just really wanted to watch. The dark knight rises. I cannot not watch that movie is on. I have to watch it. No but i just. It's so it's so. I'm gonna i'm gonna set you up. You are a manager your fantasy manager. I can't do it anymore. I cannot do impressions. that's been working on my elbow. You listen you listen and you do what i tell you. You're a fantasy manager talking about talks whose kids charge. Yes there you go your fancy manager and your brain and you're staring across the steelers. Who are batman in the dungeon and whatever it was. Yeah yeah i do. I can't it was good. But i was. I can't i can't do. Just what might bring back is if you just the line that you say i was waiting. I can't do it. I i was wondering to get there are no. I can't do it anymore. i'm sorry. I can't say i was wondering i was wondering what would break first. Big ben rothlisberger spirit. That i can't do it. I just like i don't have it anymore. I used to be good at impressions. Just not good anymore but somebody shattered your confidence. No i don't i can't do it anymore. What do you think about my elmo. No this is going to hurt. I can't do it anymore. I just like just nervous about elbow. But i've been doing a lot of alamo and it's pretty good and cook cookie while as well and that's that's my life a lot of bunch of orioles and there have gone because of me. All right waiver wire drew brees. Drew brees is available. You picking him up or hurts or is hurts ahead of everyone hurts everyone. Yes all right is hertz. Top-five this week for you. Yes i currently have them fifth. He may fall as far as seventh. Okay so then. Let's do drew brees versus baker. Mayfield mitchell trubisky. Who would you go with. I currently a breeze. One spot ahead of trubisky and three spots at mayfield. How many of them would you start. Oh i'm sorry. How many then would you start over. Russell wilson as hurts and i started brees and considering baker. I've got hurt. Sprees and mitch all ahead of russell wilson. And i'm considering baker over russell wilson to. Where do you have wilson. Something number is the number for me. is thirteen. blackie thirteen now about to sing the number of the day song from sesame street all right. What if Philip rivers available at pittsburgh any interest. No to a tongue i low. He just doesn't throw a lot. But you know the raider stink so thoughts on tour if he is back. He's much more interesting. If because yucky and parker play but like you said they should be able to win. This game with mario on the other side and i think this is a Not a huge game two but a game. If you're stuck and you need a fantasy quarterback he's okay in that regard to or rothlisberger. I'm rothlisberger higher. That's one. I'm going to look at this week. Too far rothlisburger is falling for me. Yeah what about any dalton or rothlisberger. I've rothlisburger i'll probably stick with that. Okay so is rothlisberger rankings updated right now minor not. They're not okay then. Never mind all right. So mariota is also an option to the dolphins are really good. They've fourth-best against quarterbacks. Mario was fantastic last but hard to hard to expect that. But that's who you're turning to. If you're in a deeper league in hurts was already picked up trubisky in mayfield. Were already picked up this. Who's left is mario. Yeah i would take doll novarum. I would take over him like you said adam. They've been amazing against quarterbacks in their last five games six gives me Only one quarterback over eleven fantasy points now as mahomes who had twenty one so down renfro already it's Down rugs vs not able to play. There's there's much mariota can do in this matter. where do you anticipate ranking matthew. Stafford if he plays against tampa bay still low. Not top twelve. But i had a roster. He's just he's just too much of a liability to leave the game early just so injured. What about gardner menchu. You know not. why not. Because they think he's he's like a solid twentyish. He scored nineteen points against baltimore. That's not bad. He's scored twenty two or more points and five of seven starts and the bears. They're not that good against quarterbacks so now it's not interested in to back super flex lease. You're starting documents you in one quarterback league if you've got this far i'd rather play mario. I feel like andy. Dalton is safe for eighteen to twenty one so he's been right around that pretty much each of the last three or four games kind of think when she does have a little bit more upside than dalton all right. Let's go to the running backs if you see zack moss. How would you feel about that. Dave richard i'd say hey zac what's up. Yeah dapper them up see if he wants to go. Get a bite to eat or something like that. Because i'm always eating. Oh you're talking fantasy. I think he's like number three running back not somebody. I'd be super excited about if i could take a total detour. Here thing about dave seeing someone. You had a very nice tweet about kevin greene and i did. Yeah would you like to share sure. Kevin greene came to one of our fantasy football shows. He was a guest. He was a speaker there back when we were doing fantasy. Shows jamie love those like four or five year and he loves football and he even loved sitting in front of a bunch of some sports bar and miami dude talking football and was coaching them up on. You know the differences between three four and four three and you know what would he looks for in a good defense stuff like that but he was totally engaged into it and smiling and taking pictures with fans and like for a day. I got to know. Kevin greene a little bit and it was exciting. I watched this maniac play on sundays. When i was a kid and fast forward to going to the hall of fame two years ago for the king classic draft and his bust is unlike any other bus because of his hair. And it just it stands out when you're in the gallery of heroes so was cool to meet him. Cool the norm for the day. And i'm really sad. He's gone he. He was somebody that made a difference in in pro football what. I didn't realize that he only played three years with the steelers in my mind. He's like a lifetime. Steeler actually played most of his career with the rams finished with the panthers hall of fame. Linebacker kevin greene very sad to see the news yesterday and that was a good man. That's young yeah terrible. All rights is also a good wrestler. Yeah that's right. Wcw had a match with steve mcmichael. That got a lot of attention. This he he lived a life man he lived life. It's a lot more said he's gone as far as the running backs. I you know sony michelle if you know against buffalo if damian harris is out would rather have sony michelle or the s the other guy. Darrell henderson tennyson. But i'd still rather have henderson if we're in a deep league jerick. Mckinnon daryl williams. Who's better way. The upside of darwin's unless wilson's out. I go back to moscow second though because you see what new england's defense has been the last two weeks and the last i these two teams met. He went for eighty one yards in two touchdowns against them. So you could do. Worse than zack moss. This week how about the jaguars michelle how about the jaguars running backs and frank gore going up against cleveland. That like it's honestly been three pretty good games. Recently for frank gore and a ton of world war was that i go gore over a jaguars running back. But would you gore over darrell henderson. No nope okay. And we're not interested in nato smith right wide receivers so let's take a look at the guys who might be available in your leagues but they are rostered in more than sixty five percent of leaks and tell me who you like. Tell me how much like them. Zero to ten. On the ato meter tee higgins going up against houston. Five curtis samuel at washington. Six five markey's brown against the giants. Seven sounds good. Nelson agholor against the dolphins six three point seven. Yeah without mario. I don't know it's not as good or with mario. You mean without without car car with mariota manual seals the throat and he got a time apparently he said eight targets against Against the chargers just wasn't good with them emmanuel sanders going up against minnesota on christmas. Seven jamie say number nine. Nine kiki cutesy against the bengals eight six point eight all right so it sounds like sanders marquees. Brown and kikuchi are our favorites. They're markey's brown's been on fire. Three straight games with a touchdown then. He didn't have one last week but had ninety eight yards against jacksonville. It's not an easy matchup per se. But i doubt he will be shadowed by james bradberry. So yeah he's looking good right now finishing strong going to give us a lot to think about going into twenty twenty one. That's for sure other than that. We got john brown. We got russell gauge. We've got Lynn boden and chad hansen. They've been good jamie. How do you feel about voting enhancing. If there's no parker koseki grant. I love limbo in this week. Because the raiders. Think and so. It's a great opportunity for much easier matchup than he had last week so you know flex because he could play running back as well so keep that in mind for stuck at running back to but The nice thing is you'll know about the dolphins status earlier because their game is on saturday so many decisions for your teams on sunday. All right talk to me about the giant talk me. Sorry about the washington game and carolina. I if i have robby anderson. Am i starting russell gauge starting john brown. My starting chad hansen over robby anderson. I think the first thing you should it brown plays especially if digs is a engages. Well dave i tyler lockett. What am i doing this week. You can consider other options. But i probably just suck it up with lock it. Sorry the we're talking about in the correct answer is you are sitting out and watching football because you are no longer in the fantasy you the team and still have tyler lockett on play advancing a couple of weeks with lock it now. I'm just kidding. But lock it against the rams. I mean who've boy he's been bad for most of the last ten or eleven weeks and sherpa. Wilson is going to be sensitive throwing at jalen ramsey and if ramsey's on decay metcalf that should mean a lot of targets for lock it. What did you last time. i don't remember. I don't think it was very good wasn't an arizona game. I know that let's see. Let's check the game log here. What was it five for sixty six. I don't like it one of his better games recently. Eleven points give. Give yourself the option. He did have ninety nine targets if the eagles are gonna if jalen hurts going to be. Our top quarterback obviously is going to run but the cowboys have given up Ninety two yards or a touchdown to a wide receiver in every game. Who's gonna be jamie for the eagles. Well jalen jalen rigor to keep an eye on that if he doesn't play and regular lead them in targets last week. So then it becomes the mess of greg ward quiz watkins. And alshon jeffery. I would probably lean toward just because he had this to touchdowns and the targets were basically the same was like five or six each to those guys so i would just prioritize ward if you're if you're in a deeper league and then maybe look jeffrey and watkins as well but he seems to have a connection. Ward who also threw a touchdown to in. I believe the game. We came in for wentz two weeks ago. Yes that's true. I agree with you. But i did notice that alshon was getting a couple of like more than a couple. I think it was three or four deep ball targets. Or he's running. Aside sideline go route and drew up defensive. Pass interference on one caught another one. So there's there's appeal with alshon there to not that i would want to start him. He would be behind ward for me. Darnall moonies a deep league option. Jaguars are terrible against wide receiver. And then i got to ask you about kendrick bourne richie james got. Her and born only had four targets be caught all them for eight hundred. Zero horn had a hail mary on game. That is true. Hail mary catch on the last play kind of pump. the push. But it's really the richie james injury. And who isn't if doesn't play if richard you might get ten p. pr points out of kendrick bourne. Okay well. I thought we had to say his name. I'm glad we did tight ends now. This roster percentages are just so weird this time of year. I can't imagine there are too many leagues. Where mike sickie and logan. Thomas and noah fant are available but jamie just said logan. Thomas was available last week. And he's coming off a great. In one of his league's he's coming off a thirteen. Catch one hundred one yard performance. So how'd you sit him. Panthers have been horrible against tight ends lately. would obviously be a good start at las vegas. How would you feel about it at the chargers. this week. they've allowed ten touchdown to tight ends at third most in the nfl. Noah thank you. I was wondering where you were going with that. He stopped twelve. He is especially in. Pr was involved and drew. Lock looking for him with matchups. Good like you said so. You could buy back. Yeah he had seven catches for forty seven yards in the first meeting against the chargers. We like higby and hooper. If you can't get them you look at jordan. Akins and jamie mentioned. Durham smyth for the dolphins if cities out what about the guys who are the flavor of the week last week coal commit at jacksonville. Irv smith at new orleans and he interests there. Okay the concerns me about and you could obviously make the case with with baker but with trubisky. They're actually running the ball. And that's you know last week. Thirty two carries david. Montgomery was amazing. I see doing the same thing this week. Dawson knox dan arnold knox's at new england. Dan arnold has san francisco both teams great against tight ends. Are they sits. Thanks no thank you. I mean. I think at this point. It's kinda like you said it's super maybe if those guys are available and then you just kind of crossing your fingers with some of these other other guy's if you're stuck like irv smith might be interesting again if you wanna take that chance to go that route with them but the fact that they didn't feature more was little frustrating. Yeah conklin had too much work there. And there's one more guy. Zach ertz zach ertz at seven targets two catches sixty nine yards is facing dallas. They've been a lot better against tight ends lately. But what do you. What's your interest level on. Hurts sixty five percent roster date not very high he had. He had a couple of big catches last week but I i don't think he's ever going to get back to that. Main target role in philadelphia. Okay i should probably put him third. He nickens naked and it can get gets end zone and keeps dropping touchdowns the job to drop one against the bears. We probably be thinking about him a lot differently if he caught. Those and jared cook is also something like earth or cook. Cook cook earned. Dsp's bears texans cardinals. Bears are at the jaguars. Texans get the bengals This one really makes me nervous though because like houston has been so bad all year. They were bad against the jaguars. They were bad against the patriots. They were bad at the bears. They were good one time against the jaguars. But i don't know how do you balance this. I know it's a great matchup band. There's such a bad defense texans. All right well. here's the thing about it. And then the cardinals. Dave likes the cardinals lot. They've been good in through their last four games. They have fourteen sacks in their last two games against the giants and eagles. And the niners have been a very good matchup lately ryan suck up cody parkey fairbairn or your kickers. We have a little bit of time going to read some emails guys. If you wouldn't mind. I was not prepared for this. So just give me a moment. let me let me get those e mails. He's reading obtained voice. Please read into being voiced. Please read in a bain voice. So how are you guys doing. How are you feeling today. I'm feeling good. I just need like okay here. We go from christopher Jeff wilson jeff wilson tony. Pollard and g. jd mckissic. Pick to in our wilson pollard. Mckissic hollered wilson. Okay i'm pr. I'd probably put what. I put mckissic over wilson paula root. For sure be there. I think i'd do it okay. And a dsp. Rams browns cardinals. Bills brown brown's okay. Just like you knew it was gonna be at the beginning of the year. Let's see what else we got from ryan ryan from the home of of the walleye and mud hens so toledo. Yes that sounds very my year twenty plus year. Cbs league has used the highest scoring teams advancing to the next round and all playoff weeks. I think i like that. I think i like that happened to me this week. I was the second highest scoring team and moving on As chris stated on. Monday show that that should be considered as an option for leaks. No chris i said that. That's me baby say. I don't remember what chris said. I think chris and ben were anti. Maybe you were there you paying attention chris. Chris liked it. I'm against it's not. How any playoff system works any competition. You'll ever see if your fantasy league is points scored and you're not playing head-to-head each week. Then that's how your plan should be. But if you're playing head-to-head each week like normal fantasy league than social playoffs okay. All right wasn't really a question. They were just that comment for matt in toronto. No i don't wanna read this one. See this is what happens when i don't prepare. I'm gonna say this one for a later date. It's the question is what is your dream league set up. I want some starters sits right now. Let's see if this is starter set. Okay here we go. This is from travis in city and mid michigan dave. Oh god mid michigan. I don't know if i can come up with anything. So let's just go with grand rapids. Which is definitely not mid michigan. Dear brian kirk jeff. And connor michigan state quarterbacks or something could be maybe we'll senator tannahill. Is you get point. Two points for passing i am yeah tannehill andrews or hopkinson half pr. Anders andrews in parker dj. Moore's gonna take the three. Hopefully you can start. Tilting to travis is playing his girlfriend so big big week for him and he's gonna lose either way one more from bt. No this is not a question tonight. I was down by eight point. Three two points with the browns defense left to play. I didn't get into the last minute of the fourth quarter with a sack. The final was won. Sixty two point five four to one sixty one point eight six damn one on a sack in the last minute. that's awesome. Congratulations to be t at is big time bt. That's it for us for dave jamie and ben. I'm adam thanks a lot of the best rewarded. The browns rewarded people this week but left them disappointed. The week for refreshing. Yeah the the safety at the end of the game. Oh that's exactly. I remember now now that you provided the i remember all right. That's it everybody. Thanks a lot without the on twitch. tonight we'll talk to you tomorrow with the little dynasty. Talk a little tough call for week. Sixteen off the drill.

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