Ep. 646 - The Great Leap Backward


As the nation reels from a spate of attempted mail, bombings, Democrats and the media blamed, President Trump, President Trump claims media and the stock market tumbles. So it's good times all around. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show. A headline today that said that a man burned down his house because there are a bunch of spiders in his house and who's trying to kill them with a blow torch, and he proceeded to burn down his house. And I thought well that seems like a pretty good metaphor for American politics. We'll get to all the latest in just one second first. Let's talk about how you can best invest. I mean, I know that the stock market has really volatile right now it feels like it's up in now. But the fact is that they're still of money to be made in investing in smart fashion. And this is where Robin Hood comes in Robin Hood is an investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks ETF's options and cryptos all commission free. They have a no commission fee structure. 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Again, Shapiro dot robinhood dot com, and Robin Hood is giving you a free stock like apple Ford or sprints help build your portfolio this app makes investing really user friendly. And also really teaches you how to invest you. Don't get a lot of young listeners who are looking to get into the market. This is a great way of learning. How to invest Shapiro dot robinhood dot com for that app and special deal. Okay. So the latest with regard to this spate of quote, unquote, attempted mail bombings is that it is possible that the bombs themselves were not actually structured to detonate so Allah pundit over at hot air rights. Judging by some by social media, some glanced at an AP story and thought it was claimed that the explosive how. Her inside the bomb was harmless. Not so a package since CNN contained a pipe bomb and an envelope with a mystery powder inside it's mystery powder. That's harmless, the bombs themselves are supposedly workable and functional if crude although there are other reports that suggest that the bombs lacked detonator, and so this was either a test run or a hoax or something else. Like that. We're still waiting more information. And that is the key today. Awaiting more information, it's not the end of the world to say that we need more information and this will on every side yesterday. I said there were a bunch of folks who jumped to the false flag explanation. Now, I'm not claiming they you're not allowed to speculate inside your own head is to who you think to this or that you're not allowed to wonder whether there's enough information to one side or the other. What I am saying is if you are one hundred percent sure this is a false flag. If you're one hundred percent sure you went right there. Like right away. You just want to this is probably the Democrats hosting themselves. That's not good. Okay. You shouldn't be using confirmation bias as a substitute for evidence. And this is true in so many cases in our politics. I can't even tell you. I've been saying this. For years. I mean, I remember when with Michael Brown case, Michael Brown, black guy shot by a cop and enormous swath of the left the entire left, basically said, this is a case of police racism and brutality in which man was shot in the back because he was black. And I said, well, let's wait for more evidence. And then the evidence came out, and it turns out that wasn't the story at all. Well, here if you're jumping to either this is Democrats hoping themselves, or this is Donald Trump planting bombs in the mail boxes over at CNN. Let me suggest to you that you're totally full of crap. Hey, you don't know. You'll know yet. You know, how I know you don't know yet. 'cause no one knows yet. I don't know yet. You don't know yet, the press don't know get an anybody suggesting they know who did this or why it was done or what the connection is to any particular political party is lying to you. They don't have the information yet. Now, there's some indicators that something weird is going on this this person who should be put in jail forever. And the person who is doing this has now sent one of these packages to Robert deniro, I guess and sent one to Maxine Waters. And a picture of the of one of the bombs at the C N N bureau. Appears to have a parody of an ISIS flag. Taken from me that was circulating on right wing corners of the internet since two thousand fourteen according to NBC news, the printout appears to show a parody flag there places Arabic characters with a silhouette of three women in high heels and a middle inscription. Reading get her done, which is the catchphrase of Larry the cable guy Daily Beast Lachlan Marquis. I noted that an image that appeared inside the explosive package sent to CNN's Time Warner building and address to Brennan or a striking similarity to the black and white flag of the terror group. And then they confirmed that this was in fact in ISIS flag parody. So this is leading people on the left to suggest that really what this is is a right wing hoax and people on the right to suggest this is a left-wing hoax. And again, again, you don't know. I don't know nobody knows. But here's what I do know. I don't really believe that this is a person who sits up nights thinking, President Trump is telling me to go bomb people. And I don't believe this is a person who's sitting up nights going people on the left are telling me to bomb people. I think this person is a crazy person. I think this person is a lunatic. Who wants to pursue violence? How do I know that because they're sending bombs to Robert deniro, Robert deniro this? This is not somebody who's smacks of I may I may sophisticated domestic terrorists with the serious political agenda, deeply intertwined with the workings of modern politics. And here's where it gets dangerous. I said this yesterday people who are mmediately jumping to Trump's rhetoric caused this or the media's rhetoric caused this those people are undermining the first amendment because the first amendment basic guarantee is that if I am not inciting violence in my incitement to violence. I mean, saying go bomb someone then I am not responsible for your violent actions. You know, who's responsible for the violent actions? Here. The guy who put together bombs mailed them to people. That's the guy responsible. Not President Trump not CNN not any of these folks. Just as Bernie Sanders was not responsible for Bernie Sanders supporter going in attempting to shoot up a congressional baseball game. And just as Barack Obama was not responsible for a apparent fan of Barack Obama trying to shoot up police officers in Dallas, President Trump is not responsible for this the media or not responsible for this. And I don't have to wait for the out. Oh, come to know that you know, why? Because the sort of rhetoric that President Trump's us has used as much as I dislike it as much as I have ripped it on this program for years. He has never one said go mail bombs to my political opponents and shouting lock her up is not the same thing as saying male. Hurry bomb may raise the temperature. It may be bad for our politics. It may in fact lead people to condemn each other at higher rates. We talked about that yesterday. But it is not in fact incitement to violence the center for incitement to violence is extraordinarily high Indra Merican law as well. It should be or President Trump reacted to all of this yesterday. And his first statement was we all have to unify, you know, these are trying times, but we all have to understand that violence is not appropriate. I just want to tell you that in these times we have to unify we have to come together and send one very clear strong unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind of no place in the United States of America. Okay. Well, that's. Seems about the right answer doesn't it? That's the right answer. And what he really should add at the end of. That is listen I use charged rhetoric. My opponents used charge, Frederick, maybe we all should take a step back and tone that down. But the reality is that nobody not mean, not my political opponents. Nobody has actually incentivize this kind of violence in the United States. Nobody in the United States is inciting this kind of violence in mainstream political rhetoric, which is true. Okay. If you actually want to see mainstream violence being pushed by political agitators, all you have to do is look at actual governments in Iran where they literally chant death to America and call for violence against Jews. All you have to do is look at the government of the Palestinian Authority or KamAz actual terrorist groups all you have to do is look at governments around the world repressive governments around the world that make clear they want violent stunts their political opponents, even President Trump's worse statements where he's making jokes about Greg Gianforte, which you talked about last week body slamming reporter there is an actual difference. It turns out between body slamming a reporter and bombing someone now if somebody went out and punched reporter and said, I. It because President Trump was making the sort of remark about Regine fourteen making light of that. I would say, okay, there's at least some connection they're not going to say that there's a connection between people sending mail bombs to Maxine Waters and the president of the United States saying that Maxine Waters is very low IQ individual. We say that kind of stuff about each other all the time in a free country. Maybe it's not the best thing to say. But that doesn't mean it's an incitement to violence. This kind of stuff has to stop. It really does. But the media are not stopping it and President Trump fires back in just a second. The media obviously are not lowering temperatures amazing to watch members of the media claim that violent rhetoric began with President Trump or overheated rhetoric. Non violent rhetoric overheated rhetoric began with President Trump. If it weren't for Trump. We wouldn't have anything like this really reysen rayson was sent to Senator Susan Collins two weeks ago a year and a half ago. A Bernie Sanders supporter shot or attempted to shoot thirty six congress people in nearly killed the house majority whip Donald Trump junior's wife was sent an act. Toxic substance shed to go to the hospital for it is like two and a half months ago. No, this is not all Trump. No it didn't start with Trump. This has been true in the United States for a very long time. People use charged political rhetoric that does not mean violence is. Okay. But violence has been commonplace in political circles for literally decades in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies bombings were actually quite routine in the United States where they're not routine. Thank god. Now, we have an eye out for them as well. We should. But you pretend that every the world began spinning with President Trump is just absurd especially considering some of the rhetoric that is used on a fairly frequent basis by folks on the left about President Trump himself. So for example, today in the New York Times yesterday in the New York Times, there's an actual piece in the New York Times. It's a it's a fiction piece says five novelists imagine Trump's next chapter. If is in the New York Times, it's in their book review section, and here's what they say. They say our focus here at the book reviews on books and stories, but also on how the books being written and read reflect the world outside of books and one of the biggest stories out there, of course. The Muller investigation and the relationship between Trump and Putin. It's hard not to speculate about what might happen next that. And we thought who better than some of today's most talented spy and crime novelists one of these novelists the person Zoe sharp. Here's what Zoe shopper is in the pages of the New York Times book review K, quote, the Russian landed at Dulles after forty eight hours of traveling of necessity. He came from Moscow by securities route a long way with very specific task. There would be no return flight in the airport bars, the TV's were tuned to different news channels. But the story was the same. I the president's campaign manager, then his lawyer Republican congressman former aides family members, those who weren't invited were subpoenas house arrests had become fashionable. And then it goes on non about how this guy was basically shadowing the president of the United States. And here's where where Zoe sharp gets to the key. When it was time. He went downstairs took his place in the lobby before the entourage appeared. The hotel staff had been lined up to see their boss, the president go by a few of them applauded. Most did not the president didn't seem to notice. He waved and his desultory fashion. The secret service agents clustered around. Found him ushered him toward the armored limo idling outside at the curb the Russian waited until they refuse steps pass before he drew the gun. He cited on the center of the president's back and squeeze the trigger the Makharov misfired the secret service agents at the president shoulder heard the click spun into a crouch, he registered the scene instantly drawing his own weapon with razor edge reflexes, the Russian tasted failure, he closed his eyes and waited to pay the cost. It did not come. He opened his eyes. The secret service agent stood before him presenting his Glock. But I hear the agent said politely use mine, if this was printed in the New York Times the same day that the media decided that President Trump was the one who is pursuing violent rhetoric and was the only one pursuing violent rhetoric. He'll take a step back here. Everyone is overheated. It needs to stop a few things can be true at once one wait for all the evidence to don't blame nonviolent but overheated rhetoric for violence and three if you wanna take the temperature down you have to obey one into if you wanna take the temperature down wait for evidence and don't blame people for violent acts by. Third parties unless they are actively telling the third parties to commit violent acts you want a better country. That's we're all gonna need to do. And that means don't jump to confirmation bias as soon as humanly possible. Okay. I'm gonna get through the media's response to all of us, which is just agree GIS? And then President Trump's response to the media, basically, everyone is acting badly here. Everyone is acting as badly as can be which would become the usual state of affairs in American politics is really quite awful. But we'll get to that. In just a second. First. Let's talk about how you brush your teeth. 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He says allow me to suggest that. Flame is too narrow away to make sense of a series of attempted bombings aimed at precisely the people Trump and other Republicans spend a huge amount of time vilifying, we don't have to look for clues about whether the person responsible has Emag hat or what their party registration is. We don't have to assign direct blame beyond a reasonable doubt. What we can say is this given what Trump has Trump has done and said, this was absolutely predictable. In fact, it's wonder it took this long. So in other words, we don't need to wait for evidence. Right. This is a guy who's overtly making the case in one of the nation's premier newspapers, you don't need to wait for evidence. And if you wait for evidence, then you're doing something wrong. Instead, I'm going to jump to the conclusion I want to jump to which is that President Trump is responsible for all of this. Here's a Waldman says it's not just that Trump advocates violence against his political opponents, though, he does it's that everything about his rhetoric pushes his supporters in that direction. Even if the overwhelming majority will never quite get to the point where they'll actually commit this kind of act of terrorism. There are those of us on the right who felt that President Obama verged pretty easily. On promoting violence. Sometimes when he talked about what the police were when talked about how the police were overtly and systemically racist when he said that sort of stuff we felt like, okay? Well, you know, is that an indication that maybe violence is okay. There are folks in New York who felt that way people on the NYPD who felt that way that so much. So that when Bill de Blasio after ripping the police for months actually went to a policeman's funeral who was shot shots death. Members of the NYPD turned their back on him was build a Blasios responsible for the violence. No. He wasn't was Bronco bomber responsible for the violence. No, he wasn't. And you know, what you actually have to wait for evidence. If you're going to even make that case because that case is extraordinarily the the bar for evidence is extraordinarily high here. If you want to blame somebody for violence incitement, you actually have to have evidence, but the left doesn't care about evidence. They're not interested in evidence. And this prompted Jeff Zucker to sound off. So Jeff Zucker is the head of CNN. Let's all remember CNN has not been particularly measured in its rhetoric. With regard. To the president of the United States or regard to the right? Every conspiracy theory that has been promoted against President Trump has been actively pushed by the folks at CNN everything remnants Ventura years fulminating over supposed Russian collusion every day on the air nonstop a folks on the left they love CNN specifically because CNN has basically become a propaganda outlet in many ways for the anti-trump agenda by Jeff Zucker says that when a bomb was sent to CNN headquarters, the that's because of President Trump. So here is what Jeff Zucker said he put out a statement. He said there is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media the president, and especially the White House press secretary should understand their words matter thus far they've shown no comprehension of that. Again, I do not understand why Jeff Zucker thinks that the president of the United States is responsible for a bomb being sent to CNN headquarters. Just because the president says that he doesn't like the press or the press or the enemy of the people. I don't like that language either. I think that language is bad. But that is not language saying go Sunday bomb to the people at CNN. That's not a thing. The president of the United States in response to the media, basically jenning up outrage at him in at the right is I think not entirely inappropriate. So first of all I will say this president from his used rhetoric. I don't like at all his used rhetoric that I think is immoral with regard to the press. I think he's used rhetoric with regard his political opposition. That is immoral does. That mean again, he is inciting violence. No. And the press have used very similar rhetoric about President Trump does that mean, they are inciting violence. No, it doesn't heated rhetoric and violent rhetoric are not the same thing and to link the two means that eventually somebody's just gonna say censored. All the rhetoric because otherwise it's going to lead the violence. Here is President Trump going after the media, basically, the median President Trump can't stop clobbering each other. And I think there's some truth on both sides, and there's a lot of faults in on both sides. Here's the president saying stop with the media scares the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and oftentimes false attacks and stores have to do. No, I agree with the president that the media to a horrible job of covering the news and in response to President Trump. They promote even more falsehood and more fakery and more divisive politics. This is what they do. But is there any question that President Trump is trolling them? Of course, not because President Trump has used similar rhetoric about media, basically, this is to folks slapping each other in Napoleon dynamite style in the face. And then blame each other. When a guy down the street decides he's gonna go bomb the local school, not the same thing. She tweeted out President Trump. Estimations to come together and send one very clear strong unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind of no place in the USA yet. You chose to divide an attack America should unite against all political violence. Hey that is correct. That is correct. And I don't understand why President Trump is getting bashed for saying the right thing at that at that rally or at the at the White House, and then he is getting bashed on the other side when he when he goes after the media anyway in any case CNN demonstrating full-scale. That they are going to go with this narrative. Right. They never went with this narrative. With regard to Bernie Sanders. They never went with this narrative with regard to the the attempted attacks on Susan Collins, but they are going to go full-scale with these attacks on President Trump. So here's C N N's, Gloria borger saying, you know, Trump's targets is it a coincidence. President Trump attacked a bunch of people, and then those people get MIM bomb mail-bombs, you know, what we do in politics. We attacked people on the other side and their and their ideas. I tell people on the other side all the time does that mean, I'm calling for a bombing of their house. Of course, not and people who attacked me online or not calling for bombing of my house. That's not a thing. But here's Gloria borger blaming Trump. You know, these are names as you point out the come up all the time in his rallies. I mean, he's not particularly kind to Barack Obama either. So I think it would have behooved him to be a little bit more complete in about this. So now, we are going to conflict we're going to conflict President Trump ripping Barack Obama with President Trump calling for violence against Barack Obama. If that's the case then CNN calls for violence against Donald Trump every single day because CNN spends its days, ripping on President Trump. Now, we are conflicting criticism of political figures with a call for violence against those political figures. It's just this is bad stuff. You can you can condemn rhetoric you don't like without blaming it for violence, and yet as we'll see folks in the media and folks on the democratic side of the aisle are more than happy to you know, they like to use the word weaponized to weaponize politics in particular in this fashion in order to try and push for a ban, basically on their opposition. We'll talk about all of that in just one second. But first, let's talk about emergency. So emergencies are usually called emergencies because they strike without warning. Because you don't know anything about them in advance. And that's why you should prep now. 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When I spoke at Berkeley, their people outside chanting speech violence, that's basically, the chant that's happening and CNN headquarters here, but it's completely hypocritical, by the way, also because what the left and what the folks at CNN really mean is that speech is only violent if it is coming from the right? Here's an example. So Don lemon rips into Trump. He says President Trump is blaming members of the media, and he's being mean, and he's being cruel. That's not nice. He's blaming members of the media or really the victims in all of this. Well, let's be real. They're the victims of the bomber. But they are not necessarily the victims of President Trump. The media can stand on their own feet, and they are fully capable of fighting back against the president as they have been for the last three years here is Don lemon saying president from blame. The victim never to blame the victim tonight. He for him to sit there and blame us we're the victims here and only us is disgusting. And he says, you know, were the victims here, we're the victims here again CNN worthy victims, but not of President Trump not when it comes to this. This. Okay. President Trump was saying that the overheated rhetoric on part of the media are contributing to a bad environment in the United States. And the response of the folks in the media is let's overheat, the rhetoric even more and I'm sorry. But this is this is overdone. Okay. The Chris Cuomo on lemon on CNN hugging. Each other outside of CNN, you know in the middle of a segment here. Here's them doing this do better take the grace and take the opportunity to be better. I love you better. Thank you. Thank you very much. Be careful. You know, all all these folks who are acting as though there is some sort of existential threat to the media in the United States. I'm sorry. No. I'm sorry. No. There isn't okay. This bad incident. There's no question. It's a bad incident. The reason I have a little bit of lack of sympathy for this. We we almost died here routine is because this thing was stopped in the mail room with no detonator on an apparently, my Jewish high school used to be evacuated. Three times a year for bomb threats minimum three times a year. And you know, what it wasn't people hugging and kissing outside because there are crazy people out there. There are crazy people out there. But the way that CNN is treating this is that it's not crazy people. It's perfectly sane people who are being directed by the president of the United States to tack them. They're an institution under assault by the presidency who's calling for violence on behalf of his of his political friends. No, no. And you don't get to do this. I'm sorry. Don, lemon does not get to do this routine where the media are the victims at the same time that he is out there claiming that antiga is wonderful. This is just a. A couple of months ago. This just a couple of months ago. Don, lemon claiming that antifa. Actual violent terror group in the United States is totally fine. No, one can dones violence, but there were different reasons for tika and for these Neo Nazis to be there. One racist fascist the other group fighting racist. Fashions they're not that bad. I mean, they're just fighting racist fascist antiga. It's it's just again. Everyone is garbage. Okay. To moral of today show. Everyone is garbage including Chris Matt everything say there any evidence gap in the morning come out of the show Ryan in here. Get an Israeli jet rather round. I'll create lot. And then just talk about whatever pops in my brain. Thank God lane. Get me coffee says get your own coffee. Chris. I'd say, okay, fine. Then I come in without any convicts delays. He got got mission. Go Chris Matthews. Go the say there is no connection between what Trump has said about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Eric Holder, John Brennan and CNN and the thinking of the person who sent those pipebombs is full hearty. How do you know that you don't know that he doesn't know that because? He doesn't know things. And yet everybody assumes the worst on behalf of everybody else. And instead of saying there's a difference between heated political rhetoric and violent political rhetoric. We just jump in with both. The Democrats are even worse than the media on this because the Democrats are absolutely hypocritical. Absurd. So Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer put out a statement on this on on these attempted bombings. And here is what they said is Emily's and ATI reporting over at daily wire, she says Senate minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer and house minority leader Nancy Pelosi lashed out at President Donald Trump in a statement released Wednesday afternoon, the pair jointly condemned the statement from the president issued earlier in the day expressing his concerns over a series of suspected explosive devices sent to prominent Democrats they say, we listened with great interest to the president's remarks this afternoon, we all take an oath to support and defend the constitution and protect the American people. And that is our first responsibility. However, President Trump's words ring hollow until he reverses his statements that can own acts of violence time. And again, the president has condoned physical violence and divided Americans. With his words in. Nations expressing support for the congressman who body slammed reporter the Neo Nazis who killed a young woman in Charlottesville, his supporters at rallies who get violent with protesters dictators around the world who murdered their own citizens and referring to the free press as the enemy of the people. Now, I think president from a lotta bad stuff. Have I been on clear about this? But you're actually going to blame him for this bombing spate, this this is what you're going to do. Now is seemed from member somebody named Nancy Pelosi just about a year and a half ago who was asked about Steve Scalise nearly being shot to death. He almost died. Okay. He was in critical condition. He almost died. It's a miracle that he lived. Here's Nancy Pelosi saying, how dare you blame us or Bernie Sanders for heated rhetoric that could have been connected with the guy going onto a baseball field and shouting as he gunned down members of congress about healthcare. That's really what he's doing. He was standing there screaming about healthcare while he tried to murder members of congress. Here's Nancy Pelosi's response at the time. She was right, then she's not right now. What's the difference? Now, she gets to target right wingers healthier. They say such a thing. How dare they? So this sick individual does something despicable, and it was horrible. What he did? Hateful. But for them to all the sudden, BI sanctimonious, and if they don't never seen such a thing before it's just it's it's just amazing. So she's reverse. I wonder what changed oh, what changed is who is going to get blamed. That's what changed. So there is no such thing as a sword that cuts both ways, oh, we have in the United States at this point are a bunch of hatchets right blunt on one end directed toward you and sharp on the other end directed toward your opponent. We don't recognize that what we're actually holding his sword. And if you use it on your opponent, it can easily be turned back on you every sword has two edges, but according to the left, it's just a hatchet. And you can bury it in between the shoulder blades of your political opponents, Hillary Clinton does the same thing. So we former first lady Senator presidential candidate. She says listen as an American. I'm worried about the level of rhetoric. Say well as a person, I'm great as an American. I'm worried I worry about the direction of our country. I worry about what kind of world will be waiting for them when they're. Teenagers and young adults and beyond. Okay. And it wasn't just Hillary Clinton saying this her top aide Philippe Raines, who is really one of the most vicious people in American politics. He was on MSNBC, and he explicitly just blame President Trump's rhetoric for all of this. This is someone who has weaponized Trump's Twitter feed and made it into a hitlist. He is addicted to their response, and they are respond. They are addicted to his vitriol. Okay. So next time somebody who's a big Hillary Clinton fan decides to go and shoot up an office or invade a Fox News studio, then I guess we can blame Hillary Clinton because after all I recall when a minute ago one minute ago, Hillary Clinton was saying you cannot be civil with the other side his legitimately. What's the day today? Today is the twenty-fifth. Okay. So legitimately twenty fourteen days ago, fifteen days ago, Hillary Clinton said this you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy. What you stand for what you care about. That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and the Senate that's when civility can start again. But until then the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength. Hey, everybody is completely full of crap. Everyone is completely full of crap. We'll get to be fullness of the crap in just one second. But first, let's talk about your ancestry. So you may have noticed that Elizabeth Warren released the genetic report recently it found that she is whiter than any human being ever found on planet earth that she's as white as as the moon at full waning at full waxing. That's how white Elizabeth Warren is we wouldn't have known that except for genetic Cussing. Would you like to find out whether you're more native American than Elizabeth Warren? Well, then you should go. Check out twenty three and me. It's DNA testing service that can offer insights into your ancestry health, wellness and traits is actually a lot of fun. It's really easy to do. You simply spit into a tube provided in twenty three and me kit, and then you mail your. Dunk back to the lab to be analyzed the bitter taste report. And sweet first assault reports can tell you how your DNA plays a role in determining food preferences at hoped he change what kind of food you eat sleep reports telling you, if you're much more likely to be an especially deep sleeper, you can have the saturated fat and weight reports which tells you how your weight might be affected by saturated fats in your diet. He can actually change your diet and lactose intolerance report that sheds insights into how your genetics could affect your ability to digest dairy products. It's a lot of fun. And you're finding out where you come from which is cool order, you're twenty three and me health and ancestry service kit at twenty three and me dot com slash appear. Oh, that's the number twenty three to three and me dot com slash appear. Go check them out right now and bragged your friends about whether you are in fact, more native American than a Senator from Massachusetts who says that she's native American go. Check it out right now twenty three and me dot com slash appear. Go check it out. Okay. So again, everyone is full of crap including Andrew Cuomo and build Blasios both of them came out. And they said, listen, we have to turn down the temperature in this country, and it has to start at the top. Weird. I remember when Bill de Blasio was saying the police officers were shooting black for no reason. And I remember when Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York said that everyone who disagrees with them on politics should get out of the state. That is not an exaggeration. He said that there is no place in the state of New York for you. If you don't believe in same sex marriage and his views on social issues, but don't worry. It's just it. It's the rhetoric on the other side. That's a problem. Let me explain if you are sitting around today and are going to always the rhetoric on the other side that's problem by a freaking mirror by a freaking mirror. Hey, everybody has a role in Tampa down some of the rhetoric here everybody does. And that also means that blaming the other side and suggesting that the other side is responsible for violence is leading to a worse country. It's so funny everybody thinks they're fighting violence when they suggest the other side is responsible for violence when they just use mainstream political rhetoric, you're actually increasing the chances of violence when you do that because you are a heating everything up. You're suggesting the other side is so evil that the very utterance of their ideas is likely to lead to. Chaos and destruction. That is that's an un-american perspective to un-american. Bernie Sanders can say whatever the hell he wants no matter how wrong he is a must. He's actively saying go shoot people on a congressional baseball field that is not his fault and Donald Trump can say whatever he wants. And you don't have to like it or whatever Donald Trump says he has the right to say that's a long as he is not saying go beat up somebody right now go bomb someplace right now, we'll get to more of this in just one second. Plus a couple of other crazy stories that are worth noting. But you're gonna have to subscribe ninety nine a month. Get you the rest of this show that gets you the rest of the Andrew klavan show. Live the rest of the Michael Knowles show live. It gets you access to our Sunday specials this week we have on Scott Adams, which was fun. Also next week. We have a big name guest, and that one's especially funds. You're gonna want to check that out as well. And when you spend ninety nine dollars a year, you got all of those wondrous things plus this leftist, here's hot or cold tumble. Also, you get access to a male bed. So if you actually want to ask a question and have your question answered and your life, improved immeasurably, all you have to spend some cash, and it will make it happen. For you, go Gordie daily, wire dot com. And become a subscriber it helps also support the program, obviously helps us keep our otherwise unemployable staff employed. Go check it out right now, we are the largest fastest growing conservative podcast in the nation. If I sound weary of all of this because I am weary of all of this. Really? I mean, if we're going to have any sort of level headed conversation, we're going to have to stop blaming each other for every crazy person who does a crazy thing. This guy's a crazy person. Hey, this isn't somebody in the White House is in somebody at the DNC headquarters. This is a crazy person. By the way, there's a lot more connection politically between a guy who was an actual democratic staffer dachshund Republican members of congress like two weeks ago, then there is relation between this person and Donald Trump or this person and CNN enough is enough folks, really really let's stop making the country worst place. I don't feel like this is preachy because I think this is just common sense. And I think most of the people listening understand that them gross. Okay. In other news NBC news is actively hyping this Megan Kelly, black face thing. And it's really stupid. It's really stupid. So speaking of stupidity and politics, so Megan Kelly, we talked about this a length yesterday. Megan Kelly said on a show that she doesn't really understand why this woman who is in the real housewives of whatever. Why this woman was in trouble for dressing up his Diana Ross at a party because when she was a kid people used to darken their skin for Halloween costumes, and it wasn't a big deal and bunch of folks at well black-faced has long an inglorious history in the United States. That's insensitive said, you know, what I learned something today. That's insensitive. I was wrong that seems like that should be an end of the story. Does anyone really believe? Megan Kelly is a brutal vicious racist than actually believe that. Of course, nobody believes that nobody actually believes that Megan Kelly thinks black people are inferior genetically that. Black. People are worse by people are morally culpable at a higher level than white people or any of that. No one actually believes that but NBC and this just shows you that capitalism when used by bad people, you know, is not great. Okay. NBC wants to get rid of Megan Kelly. They wanna get rid of Megan Kelly because they tried to push Kelly into a box that is not properly fitted for Megan Kelly. Megan Kelly is an excellent interviewer. She's an excellent questioner. She's a former lawyer and prosecutor that is where her role is best. They tried to fit her into the Katie Couric fluff fluff morning news routine. And that didn't work for them. And so the ratings were not good. And so they had signed her to an inordinate amount of money. And now they're trying to push her out the door. How are they doing that by act by actively stoking racial resentment in the United States mean is ugly stuff? NBC news is now saying they're going to air taped episodes of Megan's show this week, and they're going to seek to terminate her contract based on her saying that she didn't understand what the big deal was about somebody darkening their face for a Halloween costume. Now. Does anyone really believe that the NBC brass is really upset about that? Or their boycott is on its way or that this was actually vicious brutal KKK style racism. They went actually think that no, of course, not this is just the NBC news trying to stoke racial resentment for purposes of being able to fire somebody or the the head of NBC news, Andy lack he openly lit into Kelly after she apologized ship holidays, and then lack said while there's no other way to put this. But I condemn those remarks. There's no place on our air or in this workplace for them, very unfortunate. And then Lester Holt covered her comments on NBC nightly news. NBC decided to eat their own by going after Megan Kelly. It's amazing. How convenient that is right? No, one on CNN criticizes CNN, nobody on NBC news criticizes NBC news, unless they are preparing to chop somebody up and throw them in the woods Chipper. And that's basically what NBC is doing here. I wonder why nobody trusts the media. I mean, this it really is a great media story of just how corrupt the media are. There's no question that NBC is just attempting to flame the stoke the flames here in order. So that they can make a move on Megan Kelly that they wouldn't otherwise be able to make contractually so well done over at NBC making the country at worst place. He can save some money on a host that you yourselves boxed in the wrong way. Speaking of bad stories, so President Trump apparently has been exposing national security secrets supposedly to outside prying eyes. Now before you say anything folks on the right before all my conservative friends, say Hillary Clinton emails yoga, I know it was bad. We chanted lock her up, right? I when I say, we not NAMI, but there are a lot of people who said that she should have been locked up. Now, I said that you should have been tried that she committed a criminal act. According to the evidence that I saw with that said that was bad. You know, what else is bad when President Trump doesn't what aboutism is strong in our country right now, here's the story from the New York Times when president from calls old friends on one of his iphones to gossip gripe or solicit their latest take on how he's doing. American intelligence reports indicate Chinese spies are often listening and put into use invaluable insights into how to best work the president's and affected ministration policy. Current and former American officials said Mr. Trump's aides have repeatedly warned him cell phone calls or not secure. They've told him Russian spies routinely eavesdropping on the calls, but aides say that the president who's been pressured into using his secure White House, landline more often these days has still refused to give up his iphones. White house. Officials say they can only hope he refrained from discussing classified information when he is on them, the president should not be doing this. Now, the president has denied the accounts. The president says that he has not done any of. This that, you know, this is all fake news again, it's all fake news. Maybe it's fake news. And maybe it's not if it's not Mr President, please stop doing this. Okay. Like, really, it's not good. And if we really believe that it's bad to expose America's national security secrets to prying eyes than we probably shouldn't be doing it on our side, either in other news. The stock market has taken a massive hit this month. It is now at a full walls for the year remember in October. So that means that all the gains of the last ten months were basically erased over the course of October. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped six hundred and eight points at twenty four thousand five hundred eighty three and a race to all of its gains for twenty eighteen the S and P five hundred dropped three point one percent to two thousand six hundred fifty six and turn negative for the year. Why while the earnings are down. So a lot of the tech earnings are down. And also there are a lot of fears about the idea that the economy was overheated in advance of the of the tariffs that President Trump has put in place against China. So people basically stocked up on products before the tariffs were set to hit. And that means that there are a lot of. Forecast that the economy is actually not going to grow as much next court. We have yet to see whether that is the case also the housing numbers are down. There's a lot of uncertainty heading into the end of the year, according to JJ Callahan, chief market strategist at t- TD Ameritrade and just it feels like people feel more comfortable spending short term rather than long term. Now, it is quite possible. Some of this has to do with the midterm elections. The feeling the Democrats could get into power, and then start stymying every possibility of deregulation that they could be looking to raise taxes again that could look to cut a deal with President Trump to raise deficits and to blow out the spending that's going to have some impact on the market as well. That's why it's imperative that if you like if you like your economy if you wanna keep your enemy if you like conham, you can keep your economy. But only if you keep electing the people who brought you that economy, namely, the Republicans in congress even more so than the president the Republicans in congress were responsible for President Obama not getting through his worst his worst legislative proposals. And they have been effectuation President Trump's economic. Policy for the last couple of years as well. Now, what are the chances that the Republicans retained the house? Well, they've been moving in the wrong direction in house. There's according to five thirty eight five and six chance that Democrats win control of the house. The Senate, however is a little bit different. So therefore casting that the Senate is going to be held by the Republicans in all likelihood, and they say that right now, the the Senate is about seventy five percent likely that the Senate is is I yet five and six chance Republicans control of the Senate, and they may gain up to two seats to three or four seats. They say that there is a seventeen point eight percent chance that everything remained solid. There is basically well within the bell curve that Republicans pick up anywhere from three three to four seats to four seats. So that seems the most likely outcome at this point, you know, all of that has lead people on the right suggest that maybe this latest bomb scare is some sort of democratic attempts to gin up votary. Age just before the election. But again in the absence of evidence, I am not going to go there. And I don't think anybody else should go there either. We should not be moving based on again, you know, evidence Lewis allegations at this point. I'm perfectly fine with waiting another twenty four hours to find out what the hell is going on. And I think everybody else should be too. If we want to have a stronger and better country. Okay. Well, let's do some things I like, and then some things I hate so things that I like I think that everybody likes cartoons. That's what I think I think America can unify around liking cartoons our country used to be a lot more literate with regard to classical music, particularly my kids know, some classical music specifically because they have watched some of the old timey cartoons. Now. A lot of people look at these cartoons. Like those cartoons are violent those cartoons are violent. If you really again, connecting speech violence, if you really think watching Tom and Jerry clobber each other is what leads to people raping people or shooting people. You're out of your mind. My kids watch these cartoons and. What they don't do slam the piano on each other's hands. Okay. Here is this cartoon actually won an Oscar. It's called the cat concerto. And what you're going to here is Tom TOMS, the cat Jerry's. The mouse Tom is going to be playing Hungary and rhapsody number two by list. Here's a little bit of this cartoon, which is just hilarious. So this is great this cartoon of his era that used classical music there bunch of Bugs Bunny cartoons that use classical music, particularly the barber of Seville. There's a very famous one. There is a there's a very famous one of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd doing a Wagner opera, which is pretty great. There's one of Bugs Bunny as Leopold Stokowski the famous conductor. It used to be the people actually cultured. You know, this is one of the great lies that was told in the nineteen fifties about the United States is that America was howling out. Our soul was gone. We were a bunch of consumers. The fact is more Americans attended classical concerts during nineteen fifty four. Then attended baseball games. Americans were going to Americans were were actually they're actually seeking to educate themselves in new and interesting ways. And the availability of new means of listening to music like this one of the reasons for that so worth checking out, and yes, you can show it to your small children, and they won't hit each other with pianolas. It's okay. Okay. Time for a thing that I hate. Left loved science when I say they love science. I mean, they really don't like science very much what they like to do is speculate about science, and then use the weakest possible scientific findings in order to push the idea that public policy should be shifted in their direction. The latest example is incredibly stupid. Okay. Latest example is from vox dot com. The great explaining website that explains nothing the pieces by Dylan Matthews and bird Pinkerton. Dylan Matthews is just awful. And here's what they write. How are drinking water could help prevent suicide? Some researchers think putting lithium in our water could save lives. It's they actually want to lace the water. You get from the tap. With lithium in actual psychiatric drug here is what he writes lithium is a potent psychiatric drug one of the primary prescribe medications for bipolar disorder. But it's also an element that occurs naturally. All over the earth's crust, including in bodies of water that means small quantities of lithium wind up in the tap water. You consume every day? Just how much is in the water varies quite a bit from place to place. Naturally that made researchers curious are places with more lithium in the water, healthier mentally. Well, there's a study in two thousand fourteen reviewing other studies they found four or five studies reviewed found the places with higher levels of trace lithium had lower suicide rates. Well, this would fall under the category of correlation. Does not equal causation buried deep down in the articles this news the size of the numbers that are being claimed should make you skeptical there. They're huge arguably implausibly huge effects the open philanthropy project, which had previously been quite interested in new research on lithium states on its website that the study makes substantially less optimistic two thousand seventeen study that traceless him really helps guard against suicide just this year. A study using healthcare claims data in the US found greater amounts of trace lithium in the water didn't predict lower diagnoses of bipolar disorder or dementia. So why hasn't it been tried because there's no science that suggests that it really works. Also, if you really wanna make Americans paranoid really start lacing their water. Good idea. Good idea. Guys. You wanna make Americans paranoid start lacing the water not with fluoride, which the crazies already think is controlling your brain start lacing it with actual psychiatric drugs to pacify the population. Good luck with that. See how that goes in America guy? Well, I mean, I guess we're all crazy enough that we don't actually have to. We'll have to wait for the lithium moral much at this point. So we'll be back here tomorrow, we'll break down more than ninety s and we'll do the mail. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show. The Ben Shapiro show is produced by send ya Villarreal executive producer, Jeremy boring senior producer Jonathan hey are supervising producers Mathis Glover, and our technical producer is Austin Stevens. Ended by Alexandra audio is mixed by Mike Kerr Meena Herron makeup is by just while VERA. The Ben Shapiro show is daily wire Ford publishing production copyright, Ford publishing. Twenty eighteen.

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