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This is the best moments of the Barbecue Central Show in ten minutes or less ever wish you could listen to your favorite interview or segments. Do you enjoy doing older shows for the first time in years but my parents moments of the barbecue the accused central show in ten minutes or less. He's just would you need. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show greetings everyone welcome to this addition to the best moments of the Barbecue Central Show in ten minutes or less. Today's show is as a double header both for May twenty two thousand thirteen both segments Brad Orson. The head shed head is in visiting with Gregg. They're just coming off the weekend. FIRES ALL HOG win at Memphis may at this time and they're gonNA talk a little bit of shed so let's get right to it. Here is Greg and the head shed had Brad Orson for May white thirteen all right helping me closer show show out tonight a guy whom I was introduced to the Kingsford Invitational Championship at the end of last year a successful barbecue restaurants who are seller of succulent sauces and by the way brings energy like you've never seen before. Let's go ahead and race over to the hotline outline and welcomed the Ted Chedda head first time to read orphan joining me here a brand. How are you yeah I'm doing that? It is like a too long to finally get you on the show man I appreciate yeah you're right. Hey a world championships induced. Thanks for people hey man. Put you on the map. No doubt about it so a big weekend to get your take on. We'll do that here in just a second bread but for the folks maybe not familiar with the shed and in that whole deal. Can you give us a little bit about you and how you got involved with the business yeah. I'm the founder of the shed where a little barbecue and blues joined down in South Mississippi <hes> been around about twelve years competing impeding for around porn and it's a family food drinker my my mom and dad a little sister and brother and we're all on the payroll so it's a family family event every day. Read Orson joining is here on the show <hes> the website by the way the shed B._B._Q.. Dot Com if you want to check it out here while we're talking you know when the business started brad did you guys have aspirations of getting into contests or is that something that kind of evolve over time we were opening about tw- two years before we got into our first competition and <hes> it was actually a mobile Alabama <hes> K._C._B._S. competition and and <hes> we got really lucky because there's network was there filming and that was the first time that we got a shot at <hes> at television when it comes to barbecue and it was our first barbecued competition and granted we came in sixty seven place overall so we just you know we thought that was cool. You know we're on rally fifty seven off of ten. We said okay fifty seven well the next year we went back that same competition because the best food weeded could come alive and that's what came in if so we caught the bug and we've been doing it ever since for sure no doubt about it and you're not just obviously taking with a you know a K._C._B._S. or your this sanctioning body or that sanctioning bodies like some other teams. You are kind of spreading the competition love around right definitely <hes> you know we've done take C._B._S.. <hes> there's an ICBM a. m. b. n. m. i. a. m <hes> yeah. We've you know we've tried to spread the love C.. Which one you know it is definitely a niche market? You know if if you're really good at K._C._B._S. and N._B._N.. Usually adventure game we just try to spread it out and you know we've been. We've been definitely successful when it comes to the N._B._A.. N Because we get to put on a show it's all we cadet joining me here on the show the shed of the head shed had the shut dot com the shed B._B._Q.. Dot Com is the website will shed do a lot of events as far as competitions concerned over the course of a year you just do a few big ones usually do four to five big ones and this year we're hoping to get I'd say this year <hes> really in twenty fourteen. We're looking to nail down about twenty five of them so we're really going to hit the road. Road for first time on the circuit <hes> in January next year this year we still still got about three that are tentative right now. I'd Kinda like get up to that <hes> Kentucky Q. Festival and <hes> Walker to others. Is it mainly about exposure for the brand when you're out there competing or do you really WanNa kick some ass and take some names out there. Were there to you know we're GONNA hit a number over one kid staff and just like said take some names you know we always have a philosophy like a hundred people in the compensation we tend to ninety nine and that means somebody got there for there you go one person did no doubt about our goal is never come in and <hes> and we also are there to for marketing. We definitely get to our advantage thousand foot all these competitions applications and were there to you know hopefully get in in our barbecue joint WANNA be Brennan Orson joining the here on the show all right so let's go back to this past weekend Brad you. The shed offers a whole hog which has been dominated over the last ask three years in a row by Delta Q.. What was the mood like when you were told that you had made finals in the hawk? How does the camp feel? Oh Man I'm thinking are you kidding and my thought was throughout in there and when I saw yes he does Melissa and I mean the baddest Caroline Barbecue when I saw we were going head to head I said man. This is GonNa be good. What so what kind of hog do you guys use something that I can go run up to johnny the pig farmer or is this something special? It's <hes> it's something special but you can run up them. Calm part. It's a the complex family farms out of Minnesota and if they do rock hog that we cook for these competitions so they say rhetoric is better but <hes> you combine them. You can buy the ribs. <hes> you know every cut of these hogs <hes> you know it's premium premium car so you've gotta pay a little bit more but the family do it right world championship hog they also sponsored <hes> from sweet swallow minds V._X.. Per hand world champion so we seen meet sponsor and also com part families sponsors <hes> boards night out team in the year this year no doubt the year old haw and world the shoulder champions compared Dirac so you make the finals and it's like to competition to a certain degree has started all over again. You Guys Cook in like two hogs for this context. Do you cook more than two. How many you cook we could to and the way that we cook these hogs? <hes> been there in the standing position of the running position pretty much slow. We actually cut there's three onsite judges so week. Cut One side per judge and those are all free of the prettiest then that fourth side that's less is for the finals so but we always put the best. Ask Food Out I so we're dealing with what we got. When it comes up finals bed go ahead Buddy <hes> we've just had you know we've saved food before like Oh? This is better we'll save David finals and then the chef put the best food I one of the biggest things to kind of master as a team I would expect is onsite judging in which doesn't happen in a lot of other sanctioning bodies if you can't speak well you're probably pretty much screwed. You work off of a can speech or some type of dealers this off the top of your head to put in your request for future show. Please contact John Solberg word via email and John J. O. N. at the B._B._Q.. Central Show DOT com. Hey guys sorry so it's not like you don't hear that five thousand times a day forget. I said that we get into the second second today. Following the big barbecue central show on social media it is much appreciated and easy to do it is at B._B._Q.. Central show on instagram twitter and slash B._B._Q.. Central Show on facebook. We give the big shop. I'll very much appreciated. Let's jump into the second segment now with bragging Brad Orson for me in two thousand thirteen. You're probably pretty much screwed. You work off of a can speech or some type of a dealer. Is this off the top of your head. It's you know you got fifteen minutes to make these judges. Believe what you believe about your product and <hes> yeah you definitely gotTa have somebody that they can let it roll. You know because you WanNa make them laugh. You WanNa make them cry. You WanNa you want them to leave like they're a family member and they believe that is the best privacy they've ever had roughly. Take Sake say take take some energy but I always go into it. We don't have like you can't beach or anything like that. I go into it and I try to read the judge and see you know it's raining outside or if it's money or if it's too hot you know we really try to find out whether from trying to connect with them as much as we can read Orson joining me here on the show the shed B._B._Q.. Dot Com the website. If you want to check it out bread the shadow seen some time I'm on T._v.. Over the years <hes> in competition shows and the like this having that experience under your belt having to do the retakes and having the camera in your face and producers as you all kinds of stupid questions and meet deadlines give you an advantage when the pressure is on for the final round Audubon say judging at something like a Memphis yeah definitely in we always say we're when we're about to get a box to <hes> you know man. We work on this and it just means that we're you know we're we're presenting our food and our team in our present persona as if we're going to be on T._v.. Every time and we're not every time but that's the reason why we've gotten lucky. 'cause we present ourselves as if hey if there's a camera guys hey over here we're supposed to be on. We've got really luck but we also grew up. I mean my mom was a perfect Latham so we grew up on sort of stage so you're ready for that bright light when it comes to shine exactly we never really think we off but when you get lucky and things just happen and you got your Mojo working. <hes> you know you gotta be there to win so we always show up when the category winners are announced. Do you think you had a real shot at getting through or is it hard to think like that. When given the success of Zeus had over the past three years in a row I knew how to shot at it because our hog was Oh lush ously tender and she's the imperfect hurt fit in this just beautiful color? I knew that shot I took when we had all four judges sitting there and we had the table decorated and we always prevent on a huge cutting board <hes> I took the whole shoulder off of two hundred pound comfort do rock hog. The holy shoulder just came right apart laid it on the table and I promise you there was I mean to courts of juice at just poured out of the shoulder. Even the judges literally were like Oh my goodness it <hes> it was surprising and it was it was awesome so yeah I I knew I knew I had a shot and I knew it was the year it was going to be this one. Is that a hog that is like you know once in a generation or is that something that you think you could replicate you know every couple months we actually <hes> this whole hog that we got the two that we had some this they <hes> hundred seven towns and one hundred four so I think that's really are sweet spot in cooking over two hundred and going like to a five to ten but I'm really liking this one ninety two two hundred range <hes> so I know I can duplicate <hes> the N. as in the hog but the cooking process and whether the air is dry wet or if it's raining or what the temperature is outside. I could never never <hes> you know. Never guess what that's going to do so it's awfully different. It's always kind of crap shoot but. Doc did that hog and <hes> we know always saying we don't know how many years drink but we'll figure that outlander no doubt about Brad Orson joining me here on the show Mark Lambert from sweet Sueno mine ends up winning the whole thing being the tip the cap at that point or something that you can physically go back to in the agenda and the cooking process and say we might have left a little something on the table there from winning it. What do you think <hes> not WANNA mine line? He's always been one of my barbecue mentors and you know he's he's the bad ass I mean he wanted in two thousand nine and think about that shoulder category though it was sweet so on Mine Yeah Chris Lilley hand <hes> rebel rose to review. All those guys ever had one like nothing world championships so that category was a monster category boy. You got the Delta Q.. I mean do that was going to be builder. Take I fell my dog was the but yeah you have. I mean he's on it. He took it we he won for our category and <hes> and also we have the same meet sponsor so it works really well for both of us yeah no doubt about it <hes> as far as the overall sense <hes>. Do you know where you guys finished out. I don't I haven't seen them yet. <hes> I just saw the preliminary where we came in. I think we took third overall. I think it was actually a RIB team that second overall or so I meanwhile I know we've lost. We lost a world champ. We lost a sweet swath of mine by three tenths of a point that close yeah three tenths of a point and big Bob Gibson are Chris Lilley lost sweet swatter mind by four point. It's only grow only like six months not even six months into this competition season and there's a number of competitions have literally come to tents hundreds thousands of appoint separating grand championship in second place. It's <hes> it's pretty spectacular. It is it's awesome. I mean I'm rating. You know I'm waiting on the Olympics. Come up on waiting to be in there because I mean I mean I got a bunch of stupid sports and you know what Barbecue is not the sport so I think we're in two. We need to call Greg. You GotTa know somebody man you know me. I know top men in the industry and I'm going to be taking it to task starting tomorrow Arrow at Eight A._M.. Look how yeah so you know whether it's second weather third place overall. I mean it's this out of however many teams that you're finishing ahead of will you as a businessman at the shed all your different locations. Will you see a spike in receipts seats at the stores after finish like this or do those two worlds not really meet up in any sense they definitely will because our customers that are on our facebook twitter feed that and they go oh. I've been telling people that for years so it we always see a good spike in <hes> he had an amazing amount. I mean like twenty thousand hits on our website on Saturday after it was announced. <hes> you know just it's it's barbecue. It's hot right now. People are paying attention to what we've got going on and and it's great when I go to these competitions I see all these people filing and take time to their family home and that's why I it's really really refreshing to be part of this barbecue world right now Brad Orson joining me here on the show. He is the ahead shed head of the shed shed B._B._Q.. Dot Com is the website and they won the whole hog category this past weekend at Memphis and may break congratulations on the finish. Thanks so much for coming on tonight to talk about really appreciate it. You gotTa Keep Terrell. You got got it going to talk to him to no doubt about it. That's brand or from the head shed. There's Brad Greg He'd been at role in from eight twenty two thousand thirteen. If you'd like to hear this complete show there is a lot other great guests on May twenty two thousand thirteen head on over to the B._B._Q.. Central Show Dot com there will be a link in the best moments show notes. Take you to the complete episode while you're there. I know I asked you every week because it is important. Please please subscribe to the barbecue simple shelby a podcast. You will never miss an episode of this show or they're really big barbecue show again until next week on the best moments of the Barbecue Central Show in ten minutes less I am.

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