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Condemn water on the goddamn huddle. I'll tell you when you get a water break. Welcome to the buccaneers observer podcasts as rob phillips. Today is august twenty second two thousand nineteen seventeen days to kick off. Oh my gosh is right around the corner before we go and whoop forty niners all downfield. It's going to be a total beatdown. It is we're going. Garoppolo has played bad but their offensive line is trash josh. He's gotten so much pressure on him. He's throwing bad throws because he keeps getting hit. Is that what it is on twitter that he just looked like garbage not as bad as nathan beautiful. I mean now. It's been as offensive line so we're just gonna chew them up. It's gonna be fun. I'm looking forward to so yeah. We're playing in the browns tonight. You're going to listen to the podcast friday morning or friday playing the browns friday night seven thirty tomorrow night. We just got finished watching and the panthers game. We're actually still watching it. Got it on mute. We'll get to that emit a i in fact checks and follow ups fact check. Sammy straddles a wide receiver for the blogs not a tight end. I think i knew that when i said i put a qualifier on what i was like. I think it was a tight end. He might have been a wire receiver. Maybe <music> i'm. I'm not sure in my head. I should rewrite history. I can't remember what it was. We brought up with hill. It was a kick returns the trade though as a kick returns for touchdowns. Maybe think so so yes cam newton played thursday night. I have one fact check back now. This was from joel on twitter's. Thanks joel. That's a in the last podcast row said shock barents full name was shaquille o'neal neil barrett he is named for shaquille o'neal but as medellin is a keen not neil he was named after hakeem olajuwon. That's where our team comes from so his namesake's shaquille o'neal and chemo low john baseball players if you're not aware i wasn't i had to. I think we'll just go with that so thank you for the fact. Jack saves us some work you some work. I don't do this jackson. They did that one now. Somebody else did it for me. You're taking credit for us. Thanks paul. I see how this works. Today's game doing play thursday night in the third preseason game for the carolina panthers and allows going nowhere. This year who i'm worried about are are the saints both their preseason games have been great doing all the way down to their third stringers. I think it has a lot to do with consistency. I mean they've been building this for years and it's not like they're consistently band or consistently <hes> jacqueline they keep all those parts place and then more than when i come in and eliminate roster spots there are like the patriots players. Don't get it the patriots for nothing that we've got left tackles on our team that are starting that shouldn't be be with the backups are even worse so nobody. There's really liked fighting for their jobs and it's just like what are you gonna do bench me for how boozer sir call boozer jerem played now. He's wow this has got to record four minutes minutes. He played last week to you for a series or two and he played this week for pro about four series. I think he went off the field for a while and then came back on with like they were are doing some different looks almost four three from what i saw but he was on the rich eisen show the other day and they asked so. You haven't had a really good preseason yet. They haven't flavor while he was like well. You know it's just that doesn't wayne yeah. He played against the patriots who have one of the best offensive lines in the n._f._l. And as usually just get get slaughtered. There was one plane golan. They hit him in on goal situation which i was like right away. I'm like but running adding may did twice the first time the guy came around the back got the run back from the back in the second time they earn ryan mccoy and he the runner didn't cross the goal line yet in mccoy gave up on the the play started walking away all other plays he was getting pushed out of the way and ran at you know he was always yards away from wherever the ball was up and i'm sitting there getting. I was like jealous jealous the t._v. and like are you seeing are what what is he doing. The molly said you know he's not on our team anymore. It's a good thing he's like. Oh yeah yeah. I was like i should have it years of that. Why are you so mad at the man loved them in any now that she pointed out his campaign you like having like an enemy now enemy so the bitch about we'll thank god i've got donald smith y- which if you're mad about gerald mccoy being cut be mad at donald smith because his money that's where jeremy money thought of it smith an upgrade. I don't think so who donald smith over mccoy pants you know well. You know i mean that's really a toss up but let you know donald smith is more more detrimental to james ally and bill any yes jerem mccoy getting pushed out of the way is he's not going to hurt our quarterback right establishment. Thomas smith is going to get killed. It's bad and did you hear this this week. They came out be said that he went to all the position groups and ask them how much they wanted to play in the offense of wines that they wanna have love and was like i don't think you do we'll see around that so be hasn't said whether they are gonna play the whole house but i almost think it might be s and play the they voted to thanks trying to get publicity their plan that long they need to the only ones that have not played poorly is johnson and kappa of all looking people a more fat had one bad play any place jensen slamming claiming that quarterback when james waste went after the run it was good now. The no more pet normally doesn't have these slamming into the ground power our moves you know he's a very solid blocker. Campus had some pretty decent small stuff you know just field awareness of being able to recognize denies when somebody needs help and he can help he's getting off double teams very well with that. He's doing great with run. Blocking following through not missing people kid that everybody needs work. They could use a half things. Obviously we're not playing mike evans and now he is hurt back. Then quad injury that field he slipped would try to catch that pass last week. I feel a sloppy and a mental to look up. I heard that raymond. James stadium has one of the best drainage systems in the league. I would think it would have to but how can they do. I mean they can't dry out they didn't aren't they didn't put a tarp over the field before it started raining. Be kind of gave them hell for the he said well. Hopefully this week rains. We'll have the tarp over the field before the game. They call them out. Get for him. It makes a difference in the same thing with the equipment managers yeah. Everything's game inches. Man can't screw up anywhere. Click our special teams. We had we had a guy. We had a play with. No guy return specialties coaches laugh at on the sideline online. Everybody kind of lies that there were nine player what was everybody everybody and then on another plane have like twelve. They're trying to make up or guess who's our special teams. Coach do remember his name. The guy armstrong from and lena i have heard of that doesn't mean anything is just out there and just go say 'cause. We're talking about it but he is like the worst. Special teams in the league is like a joke no from what things i've heard around the league my sources which are public forums and crap like that and i don't know anybody in the n._f._l. Do you know anybody in the n._f._l. Now did you know anybody that knows anybody in the n._f._l. Let's do the kevin bacon three snaps kevin bacon six degrees of separation with kevin bacon. I know i know people. I could contact people that i know no people on the n._f._l. I my new johnny unites. That's right. That's right. You're going to ninety seven years old still going strong. I think he's it's almost ninety. Six ninety six old school man good data like you. It's only person i know that knows the money that was in the n._f._l. All of men plenty of n._f._l. Players don't know him could could mccollum option six degrees of kevin bacon. Yes the panthers are going. It'll be bottled <unk> of our division it's going to be it's going to be a real dogfight between them. In atlanta we're going to be fighting the saints top of the division. They just look so good and i hate saying that you know it's scary is that you put teddy bridgewater or ties michelle and they're just as good maybe not just as good but not much worse those those are starting quality quarterbacks and then they got to the surrounding players back up sucks. It just been building that for years ear so so they just have depths yeah. I really don't want to say good but they're not really good. They're lucky let's go with that. They're lucky they've it had the same coach the same safety and i think made the playoffs. How crazy is it now. Quarterbacks are twenty two years in the league. Let's rothlisberger when he come in two thousand six or something like that. That was two thousand four so he's been in the league fifteen years. I will be as fifteenth year. Tom <unk> twenty years eighteen. Somebody to two thousand one right so eighteen years ridiculous to dick nicholas. They've definitely made the game safe for quarterbacks. I would say and the quarterbacks are really safe. Guys in the buccaneers haven't had a quarterback last four years years. The longest we had vinny testaverde was quarterback for five years in trent dilfer quarterback for four four years but he was with the team for six but besides them we rotate quarterbacks and that's not long. Maybe we can have one stays around for a little while. Why isn't he better than these scions. Janus is seen as better than them. Yeah yeah i would. I would stat wise you know he's he's beaten on reception stuff like that but he any taken by the playoffs overdid yeah really. That's what matters yeah. We got some news out of camp this week. Take dustin evans is drills. Kinda helmet on is running so i wonder if he'll play probably not making this roster if he ain't never been on the field yeah there's no way where do you think they'll put him in good question. I don't think they're going to put him in with the first stringers as practiced so pudding yeah. They probably won't blue. Maybe a little bit and move fourth third fourth now. That's what i do just gave a little bit of action out there. I guess but does he know oh. Is he in condition enough to be able to go right. We've mentioned our offensive line earlier. Jason lights that he's been getting calls calls for caleb benach for trades rankin. Shut me okay that a bad man. He was putting the situation last year is step up to when he's not elite yeah. I think he's young now. He's a tackle right. We've paid playing playing guard orla last year so there is a dearth of tackles in the league. That's why we have done smith. Currently i've heard there's this general dearth of offensive lineman in the leak. Thank apparently a lot of people lacks depths teams except for the saints and the patriots the cowboy same all the good ones because they'll how to build lanes this year in free agency like ones that would be available by teams around the legal province of wineman. There's a shortage after calling and asking for ben and knock you know to get film in this preseason. Has he not really no but he he hasn't put a bathroom. Either have one kind of the play that maybe to take it. The steelers gaming playing left tackle on all yes he did and the steelers game but the again walked not like coal boozer and a call boozer man. You know i'll a hope probably end up being good. You know he's not getting the buy things you can't teach like strength so what issue appears he's a little slow thinking <music> out there and he was getting beat by speed ninety well all different types of moves but he was just. He was just like oh watch. It happened the speed speed in the game. Yes that's what i think that he's been on the team for few years but this never taken any schnaps in a row game. Yeah garoppolo played last last week. We already talked about that yeah. We're going to be the best yes been embarrassments for. The forty niners a good stepping stone for us. Have you watched. I am in the preseason at all. I watched the first preseason second presume game not that impressive no the i would just think they haven't had a whole lot of time to gel. I don't think we we signed a defensive lineman so this is really weird. I i don't know what to make of it. They waved saved shane bowman. Who we signed not long ago that played at washington with vida he got weighed on an injury set with an injury designation using nation and then we brought in this new defensive lineman alagic walls and he played with vida at washington to bring good friends zan lonely. He's like he's like teammate from washington state so they can get the guy breaks away and goes like that. That's not the one. I was talk of the other guy so they're going through all his team. In the next one will be have car wash owner operator never went anywhere after college that these guys might be really there might be some really strange gavino way really strange guy needs like a huggy with marino comfort blanket a service dog the service his friends. I mean he might be a real like i need. My friends. I mean lives in washington right yeah. That's where he's staying so he. He just comes out here to work. Were he commutes so he probably doesn't have a whole lot of friends on it here. Maybe he's one of those people that just needs a friend. It's homesick. I mean we've had a guy that brought a blow up. Doll airplane with in count nido chartered cut his dad's weird revisited anytime you get two thousand allegations against a weird one. I'm not saying he's weird. I it is strange how they got two of his teammates back the back but bubba was injured injured. I didn't know that he he got introduction yeah so he just came in collected a paycheck. Maybe beat up there. It was like hey hey do me a solid. My buddy is kind of hard up for money. The yoga signing for a couple of days waving makes no injury. Injury designation shouldn't read a lot into just one little well. I was just thinking that would be good to have someone's gonna hook you up with the job coming for three days with the paycheck owner undergrad just for being my friend was a guy's name illogic walls yet but he used to play with panthers in the ravens. He dan me was drafted by the eagles. Aw he's their sixth round pick twenty seventeen. He wasn't a starter so he played six games with philadelphia in two thousand seventeen and play with anybody else so say i i wanna go back and look at some of the game footage on him. He is number was number ninety eight. He's number seventy with us. Donna pens number seventy. Yes he was cajal molly retire. It wouldn't for number scrub disrespect one of the grace to go back. Look at some game film number ninety eight eagles. Two thousand seventeen played in six games weeks. One two you three two three four five eleven and sixteen go check that out too got any skills about him. He kind of looks like eh dot or the civic island or looked him yeah a little bit you ready to get into this cleveland game. Yes you sound doozy ethic the house. It's like a husband mowed kicked in where you're like. I have no idea what she's talking about. Let me just agree what you said. It's going to be held at raymond. James stadium seven thirty p. l. Is this ms rain. It's always supposed to raise florida in summer the easiest job in the world the weather may data florida. You just don't care resilient that fifty percent chance of rain all day all the time you. You probably do that with hurricanes to just get on there. That is a fifty percent chance a hurricane wrong in a bad way. You're if you're wrong about calling for hurricane people get upset about bread water board stuff up liking out either way if you don't get our hurricane and all this extra food yet against so darius taylor rubino lager and he's starting preclude snowstorm. Nothing's a second-string job. This is one of their storylines newburgh to the linebacker core. It's like a battle ruler. You're there's a really good article is browns wired dot com by jefferson and it's talking about the linebacker battle they have of to what i sure starters joe <unk> schober and christian kirksey so they're safe but all the spots behind cam and one i think the weakside linebacker position that one still open the team has to decide how much depth they want their whether they wanna keep five players or six and so there are for sponsor program's potentially a darius taylor they like him because he's got special teams but he's just kinda get outplayed by everybody in practice everyone around him. It seems like they're just a smidge better than than he is. He hit that one good preseason game back with various glanton. A remember backward dearest taylor used to be thurs clinton and then cincinnati related to do everything was kind of bad but he just was not good yeah. That's kind of the feeling i'm getting from here from the browns source like he's probably insane but he could be on the bubble. Mac wilson is like a surefire. Definitely gonna make the roster. He's their fifth round pick in. He's right it behind christian kirksey on the <unk> char so that's the middle linebacker i now. I'm gonna budget in the name of the thing that i think. Is that sean or ars that seon say it so i won. It's terrible tacky tackiest his last name japanese i know why are there no japanese football players. I want to play football do they. Preferable louise got every nationality representatives about any gas. I bet you can find one japanese player. They're like in the history of the n._f._l. I don't know as far as not available one javanese football player ever in the league rookie nakamura aw he played for the ravens and the panthers two thousand eight hundred thirteen. That's just off the top of my head yet. Japanese's don't play football gloaming <unk>. Hardly any asia pacific islanders defies silly of size is saying the ages davitti is kind of small. It seemed like they'd make good would like wide receivers of quarterbacks nab probably. Are you ready to give back to the browns. Both i still have this name. I can't say surrounding really <unk> ticky tacky tacky tacky techy techy to you a. k. I t. a. k. I in any case he's been their best blitzer on the team and he's a run stuffer but he's had a lingering hamstring injury. So that's the strike against him would <unk>. He's a re-sign where they brought him back for special teams but he's also <unk> improvement in his run defense so he's probably safe but you never know and and then they've got the bottom tier guys willy heartbe undrafted rookie although he's shown flashes of ability on tape and <unk> a._t._a.'s but he's probably not going to make it. Anthony stobbs is another one. He's basically auditioning for the last spot on the practice squad. He has really gotten on a whole lot of chances either and then dietrich young undrafted rookie. He's almost definitely ending cuts but so they have this big battle with their linebackers backers. There's lot uncertainty there and then they have the scottish hammer. Have you heard about this guy nickname. Yes okay calm. The scottish humor either punter that they brought in a compete with colquitt coke leads thirty four just a little bit i think and he was an undrafted free agent and supposedly it was courted by up to twenty teams so he's a punter kicker supposedly recorded by two thousand eighteen. Yeah i think so probably like five or six and then he chose the browns he nobody chooses the i the browns choose you for life of misery basically but he's english raised in scotland so he's got a scottish accent and his dad is in the royal armed forces so got stationed over in maryland and so he came over and went in heightened house in high school he went to college and he literally flattened balls like when he's kicking yeah yeah he went through yeah but it seems like one of the ones that he's working with a lot but so it's like a myth knit yeah what kind of basic he is not in the kicking competition like there isn't really one but fans wanna see him kicking a game because i think it's kind of another the other thing like matt gay where it's just the lore. Everybody wants to watch him so that was an interesting parallel that they had to our team. I thought they're they're similar in a few different ways like baker mayfield young and kind of trying to make his place in the n._f._l. And they have this signed entity can a young high powered. I think excited energy. I feel like browns. Fans are excited. Browns fans capacity to get excited citing lower just now walking dead. I love media that i read on them is really like up. Be that's exciting title browser. We'll hope yeah bic. I think he's he's pro. Probably the real deal. He seems to be driven leader natural born leader or at least a good good leader. He's always in the press. Though i don't think that's his fall fall in rural and now like at a baseball game they showed him shot ghanaian beer and everyone believe that that kind of balloon while was when they were doing the quarterbacks <unk> beers closely yeah. I'm probably tom brady he did he did. He did well as late night. Shows can't remember which one the watching but i saw the clip to bear bam you go tom. Relaying <music> feel like he has like champagne taste good one of the other story lines as freddie kitchens relationship with b._i. He worked for b._a. Down at arizona everybody's worked with porter number so i think it's going to be a fun game. I'm excited to always exciting to see the boats play especially play well yeah. I think they're gonna look in. Who are you going to be watching out for in this game. I want to see if they put david caning <unk> for more apps. Maybe even with the taylor. The second stringers definitely want to see more of the secondary. I was just fun. I'd like to see some more defense. <hes> who am i going to be watching dolphins of line. Donald ed smith well. Then thompson has johnson new to gray said a few few muff plays himself but at least he's st louis feed the plane less than twenty snaps. I'm pretty sure he's been on the ground four times that i can think of this twenty percents sooner or later but the bears seen you of one job one one block where the guy just goes in and kloppers james in the smith didn't balk anybody he's washing and that was his guy walking. When i also feel was confused used evans plans. We'll get to see a lot of paran-. I think scott miller in a downside will the first years the first i there's yeah probably not who were going to have these perriman godwin we ask is we're gonna have three start web. Servers and destin watson probably right yeah go to see. We're definitely gonna keep four tight ends. Yeah we we. Did you know i mean they might try to. We've been running a lot of tiny formations three tight. Hide-and-seek titus is full bag. Two tight end sets quite a bit so i think they're trying to use these good tight ends. We've got no we got three yeah. There'd be awesome portrayed value to especially left tackle. I should say the not one. I don't want you off the team. I just want you to hi better. Yeah holding accountable buddy. You're a good guy like you just want you to help my team win. Football games not watch popcorn as you watch the quarterback. Get destroy roy like it's a movie called boozer. He ain't any better he's just worse in a different way. I think it's stead of giving dom smith all that money. We should have gotten like seven left. Tackle just played when you say you don't have crap gets stick. No chanting chantant brought ten left tackles in the camp. We wanted them has gotta be gotta be better whereas good cheaper enough donald smith bashing we are excited about the game yet tweeted year predictions. I like doing that beforehand. It's fun. Nobody is going to predict that we the browns now. I don't think so browns fans really want to win. This game brown's media browns fan media especially. They were where salty that we beat on last year yeah. We looked good in that game yeah we could. We could beat bad teams last year. You know that's a thank we we we we say last year saw before that everything but now the past three years has not been bad football. It has been super inspiring for sure but isn't bad yeah. It wasn't like we were getting blown out like we did with lovey all those games kashiwa man and it was hard football to get through or you know dry humour in two thousand eleven. Is that total meltdown. I mean it was pretty good entertaining football for the past few years so you know we're not a bad team. Is things have galler way bad luck about that well. We did have the most injured defense in the legal so there's that i think way lead that in every year i know we talked to that category and perennial. That's going to wrap up for us. Quick shout out to treat for his predictions on twitter last week and then also allen they were both wrong but allen had some sweet jif action to get jeff so tweet us your predictions noah spence gonna have a good game. James can throw four touchdowns. How many tackles on special teams all of them. I don't think he has not been in tackles on special teams. You guys on the our special teams are going to be funny this year we did it. We don't even put a guy back their return. We got a lucky bounce on that too. They could have been bad those rookie mass. They're all righty till next time get lax.

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