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The Pom Pom Mom (The Wanda Holloway Story)


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I'm telling tonight I don't know for sure yet. Like one hundred percent but I feel like I'm going to be an absolutely bat. Shit crazy mom just basically based off of the way. I treat my dog so I just wanted to ask you. What kind of mom are you? You got to be a little babies are you. Are you shell? Are you more of like a stage? Mom like what's your children like. Not a word often ascribed to myself. But I would say that my I'm much chiller mom. The hurson feel like motherhood chilled me out and made me patient. That said I'm like a mom and a parent and I'm not saying like I'm amazing. And just zen but like. I'm not really staged mommy. I say that although my my friend told me that sometimes when I show videos as actually my little one doing something I'm out so I guess maybe no go. That is the old. That's like amy poehler in mean girls totally except I don't ask her to things. It's just like a random video that I think is hilarious. Do you know what I mean. I am obsessed. I love that so much. Okay well guys. That was a nice little teaser. Russians eight onstage. Mom It's a nice little teaser for today's episode. I know I've said this about previous episodes but this one has been my favorite to research. I may have ordered a vhs through this journey that. I don't know what I'm going to do with it once it arrives because I do not have a vhs player is all makes sense. I can't wait so today's story is about a woman named Wanda Holloway Aka. The Poem Paul Mom. I just got real excited chills. Let's call her passionate a passionate woman who loved her daughter but loved cheerleading. Even more her dedication to the sport ran so deep that when it was her daughter's time to hold those pompoms she would stop at nothing to get her on the squad even if it meant dabbling in some shady as illegal Shit Wa King K. This podcast is usually about the NFL NBA Ronald Jazz. But I am here to tell you. No no no no no. If we find a good story that has to do with sports even just a little bit. We don't do it and cheerleading. Is a sport you sex's Mojo if you don't think so go to Texas say that out loud and then see what happens? Yeah. I'll never seen cheer watch five minutes of it. She's hard and that is where our story starts in Channel View Texas where the shoulder pads or big but the perm hair is even bigger hunting. Wanda Holloway. Our girl was born in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven and lived on the south side of the one ten which is the rougher stretch of channel view a fact that she was always ashamed by and she felt like people look down on her for like. Oh girl you're from Channel View. Yuck from south of the one ten. I don't think so I only associate with people east of the one ten much. She grew up in a working class very religious family with a very strict conservative father and in the small town of Channel View. Religion wasn't just about going to church every Sunday. You also worshipped in the Church of football if we've learned anything from retinas tree poisoning. Podcast last week. It's that football. Is Everything in these small southern towns. If you want popularity to be accepted you either play it. You love it or you cheer for it as a teenager. Wanda was your typical Christian Texas girl. She attended church every single Sunday. She played the piano was an overachiever in school. She even took business courses. Yes Wanda Wanda was like. I'm getting north of the one ten. Fuck someone say she thriving some would say she thriving but secretly all WanNa wanted to do was be a cheerleader when she finally got the courage to ask her dad for permission. Her Dad forbade her he saw. How teeny tiny. Those skirts were to sexualize an insult to their conservative religious beliefs. You're like Ho Wanda. He did not say but I definitely thought. I'm sorry are you channeling? Wanda's Dad Mr Holloway. You're going to look like a wall. Said Mr Holloway. Yes I like it. Perjury GMS were crushed retina. And so was she. She decided to bury her head back in her books. If she couldn't hold those pompoms she continued to pursue an education in business instead. What a hard left turn. My grandma guys are two choices. There's business or cheerleading. Those are the two choices. Pompoms or a calculator in nineteen seventy-five. Her dreams were derailed again when she turned eighteen and married Tony a childhood friend and he did not want her working at all which is super lame. He just wanted housewife plain. And simple just gross. Just quick question yeah. She like agency in that choice right like she wasn't arranged to Tony like she wasn't a range no she derailed her own plans She definitely agreed to go along with it. Tony no I'm in business school. I have a calculator Tony. Listen I'm either going to Cheer Ramona? Get my MBA. So he's like you're to do neither of those things. She's like cool. Yep GotTA gotTA gotTa go so her dream to pursue business ended and another dream down the toilet. Tony was by no means wealthy. Which is like then bitch. Let them work. Yeah that's the woman. Help double that income. Tony came from a family that was wealthier than one does. Bought a modest home right. There and channel view still south still side and Wanda was gifted her mother in law's car a Cadillac which she was disappointed in because she wanted a Lincoln. Towncar but like Oh. That's so funny because for like Indian immigrants when I was growing up it was like. Oh that Bitch Cadillac. She made shortly thereafter. She started dreaming about having babies in particular. She wanted a daughter. I one name shame. She was whatever four years later. One to finally got something. She wanted a baby girl. Someone that could fulfill her dreams dreams that were squashed before they even began. Wanda's a real Texas cheerleader. Oh man when Shayna turn three Wanda her husband. Tony decided to get a divorce. One got the house. Tony got the water skis. Seems like an even split that is the most Channel View Texas story. I've heard you can have the house but I'm taking them skis. Wander went on to have two different marriages both with older wealthier. Men which Wanda's GonNa get North like she always working her way up and it costs quite a stir in the small town. Everyone was gossiping about the marriage. That stuck was to a man named CD Holloway. He owned his own oilfield company. How and was plot twist twenty years her senior girl? Okay I would. She didn't care for them. Oilfields Rachel would do any. She didn't care 'cause now retina she got finally drive her dream car that towncar. She got though Lincoln she north of the one ten. That's all I'm tracking honestly. She must be she must be. She must be CD lives north of the one ten. Let's just slip that information in. And now she finally has moved into a home north of the one ten so she's got her towncar she's north of the one. Ten is just that cheerleading. Tim So everyone kind of thought one scandal. Oh so young mom. Mary's older wealthier gentlemen things were starting to get back on track for Wanda. She was content but things got even better when her daughter turned five because that meant her daughter was old enough to cheer or at least wear cheerleading uniform. I feel like five is a little young but at five years old. Wanda Purchase Shayna her very first cheerleading uniform. She needed to get those pom poms in hand asap important to note very important to note. Actually it was revealed later on in life. Shana was never really into cheerleading. Like just like went along with it because that's what her mother wanted. Hey we've all been there before. Okay I had a bowl cut for a good portion of my life because my mom it was so yeah so. Shane is not into it. She's five she gets a uniform. I mean she doesn't really have say at this point. Her daughter's lack of interest didn't stop Wanda. She took her stage. Mom role instantly fast forward a few years in one thousand nine hundred and nine. Shaka's entering junior high wanda decides to amp things up a bit and takes Shayna out of channel view Christian school and instead enrolls her into the public school system. Do you have any idea? Why is it because the football teams bigger? 'cause you can't cheerlead in Christian school or else you'll go to hell. I don't know if that's true. But it was so that she could be on. The Cheer Squad wanted transferred her daughter to Alice. Johnson junior high so that would be eligible to try out for the school's cheer team. So here's where I want to introduce you to another mother. Daughter duo named Verna an amber heath like Shayna amber is also transferring from channel Christian school to Alice. Johnson junior high. So she can also cheer Gotcha Verna Heath is also a cheerleading. Mom extraordinaire but even before. They found themselves at the same middle school going after the same dreams. These two families go way back Ambra. Shayna went to the same gymnastics school and learn from cheerleading teachers. Certified by the National Cheerleading Association. They took this really seriously. Jim was the real deal K. Shit was like super competitive. We've been talking about cheer thus far picture this okay. Parents sacrificed an enormous amount of time and money for their kids to attend this gym. Mothers including Vernon Wanda would sit in like viewing area and watch their daughters practice and they were there all the time they like lived at this Jim. This is where their friendship and kind of rivalry between the two pumps began. It was honestly like more intense sometimes in the viewing area than it was down on the floor. They were yeah. We'll shane is like I don't even give a shit about this. Why am I here or you really putting one hundred percent effort in and her mom's like in the viewing area like motherfucker motherfucker? They're like wincing their daughter. Flubbed a stunt hearing when they nailed their tumbling sequence cheering on cheerleaders which is hilarious it all while judging the shit out of everybody else. I'm sure but this is this is this is bless her heart culture and their disdain for each other was mass with friendliness and a smile. Oh Yeah love it. The most evil kind of rivalry love that. This is totally giving drop dead. Gorgeous Vibes. Okay Yeah despite this silent rivalry Wanda and Verna were for all intents and purposes pretty close vernice husband even said Vertebrae one does hair one time which is funny to me. Because they're complete grown women. It'd be like something you should maybe stop doing. At a certain point Wanda and VERNA had a lot in common and so did their daughters were also friends so it made sense that they you know connected in their communities. The moms were both known to go all out for those girls and their daughters were known to be all around superstars. They were honor. Roll students both pretty popular talented. Gotcha when Shane was elected Vice President. Ammar was actually elected president so literally growing up. They are neck and neck side-by-side also. Why do I feel like the teenage villain? Girl is always named amber always. It's always amber shouts tour. Ambers out there listening. You get about where I feel like there. The new Courtney's eighties. It was courtney or heather. I guess I'm sorry if you were like. Hey Rachel you want to meet my friends courtney and amber and I'd be like Oh not really. Yeah everybody's like CAIRN's getting a bad rap. Well let's talk about this. Court is in a real bad rap deserved probably parallel but Wanda always took it. One step further. She had zero chill like most stage. Moms do regionals. She chain and private cheerleading lessons. Okay listen to this. She made her go into this modeling program at the mall. Which can I just say? Those are absolutely awful. I had a very brief moment. A little brush with the modeling world. What I was young I went to a school name. Barbara Zahn as if sitting in a chair and Barbas. Well I went there and it was a terrible waste of money as if sitting in a chair is GonNa make more beautiful. Yeah so the line. Between Shane is dreams. And Wanda's were very warped. There was almost no distinction between one is life in her daughters. We have no idea what chain is interests are up until this point. WanNa probably has no clue as well I know. I'm just like filling the gaps in my head. This is horrifying. It's terrible. I really want to get to know. Shayna. I just want you to know. I'm spiraling about you connecting me to Wanda because of okay. So up until this point in the story Shayna Amber Verna Wanda. They're all super close vernon they're still breeding each other's hair. Okay so there's Friendship. There is competition there. So there's the background on the friendship. We can now get back to one thousand nine hundred nine where Wanda had just transferred her daughter to Alice. Johnson junior high for the sole purpose of having her join the cheer team. Gotcha what she didn't know was that Verna her. Bff Her gal had a similar plan for Braid Pal. Do what she didn't know is that Verna had a similar plan. Verna also intended to transfer her daughter and even though she didn't finish the paperwork in time she got special permission from the principal to let Amer- try out for cheer so Shaneco. Is there a way early? She's Dallas yourself in school. Verna may be heard that they were doing this thing. They're like Oh Shit. We're going to do the same thing. So now the two daughters and indirectly the two mothers were directly competing for limited spots on the cheer team. Gotcha to twist the knife. A little more for Wanda Verna. An amber arrived to this new school in style and with a plan immediately vying for a spot on the cheer squad back in the day. You campaigned for yourself. Which makes no sense okay. It's almost as if you're implying. The cheerleaders have no talent. You could just vote them it which is not true. They clearly don't know insane even before enrolling officially at the school amber was making the case for herself handing out flyers with her face on them with peppermint candies attached asking people to vote for her. So real quick. I want to see things from one. Point of view one nine Shayna. They've established themselves at this school. Verna an amber show up out of nowhere. Basically copied their entire plan. And then came in so strong peppermint candy like it didn't come up while she was breeding her hair incumbent. Like oh we're doing the same thing. That's a betrayal. That's hair braiding time kind of conversation like if year my hair. You're telling me you're also coming to the same school. Yeah would be hurt. Don't you agree? Yeah sure I get that so as Russia is doing right now about being stage. Mom Wanda started to spy RAW. There is nothing more thrilling and also terrifying about a stage mom wronged. I cannot wait to tell you what happens next but first a short break hall of shame is brought to you by Literati With Library. Schools in bookstores shutdown. How do you keep your kids learning and growing books from Literati? The number one book club for kids are the best place to start you guys. I got a box for my four year old and a box from my eleven year old so good so interesting a varied assortment of books and my kids are luxury right now for doing all the home schooling. 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Go TO BETTER HELP DOT COM SLASH. Shame that's better dot com slash? Shane talked with their fist online. Okay we're back so WANNA feels like Verna friend fellow Pum pum. Mom has double crossed her which has set one off. WanNa instantly turns her back on her old friend. And like the Karen. Or the Courtney or the amber that. She is demanded immediately to speak to the manager. She went to the school board at totally. She complained to them about the outsiders. Which is what she started calling. Verna an amber. She did like an anti campaign against amber calling other parents telling them not to vote for her cuts on the fact that like Amherst. Shane's like I just WANNA do my paintings. I'm just like creating this whole life for shame. Shane is a working on a sculpture. That's like hidden in her closet. This you can only work on from like three to four am. Shane is like secretly the next Michelangelo. But no one will ever know. She's like she's like solving the world's problems in her closet nice. She's like carrying cancer if Wanda hadn't pulled this shit. Shane would have the vaccine to renovate cents sadly for Wanda all of this. Anti campaigning was not enough amber. Amber she is made the cheer squad. Shayna did not. Oh I know. This left Wanda devastated. Meanwhile China's probably like celebrating behind her back. She's like I can get back to my my art and science and everything be a normal kid now later in an interview. One Administrator said if the school hadn't allowed amber to try out Shane and would have definitely made the team which would have fucked me up if I wanted. I'd be like put that on my tombstone. Also what's school administered doing? Just trying to stir the pot like what is the point of making that comment as I'm sure you can imagine wanted did not handle this. Well she had to sit there and boil over this for an entire year before she was able to try out again next year. Shayna gets another shot. Wanda is doing everything in her. God Damn Power. To make sure she beats out that little menace amber WANNA starts to campaign again handing out flyers calling parents. She even called her ex husband. Tony to help them out and then. The ruler incident happened Wanda and her ex. Tony handed out rulers pencils. That said vote for Shane on them. Like how embarrassing. I would be dying. Imagine like the person to who gets a pencil and they're like I'm on A. That's the convince her. What kind of life do you lead the pencil with? Somebody's like the presidential elections. Come Up. Is that what Joe Biden needs to do. Trump's names on pencil I wanna go with trump. Hey Alert Joe Biden's team start handing out pencil here we go. That's the ticket. Yeah so the rulers in the pencils get confiscated put principle because apparently that is against the election. Code But peppermint candy is absolutely fine. Which calling bullshit on Wanda was like screw that kept handing them out and that a parent council was called. Guess who's on the Council? GonNa Guess Verna Verna. Shayna gets disqualified fallout kicked down. Shane GA two years in a row. No Cheer Squad. Wanda is horrified. She begs the council to reconsider to no avail. Portion at this point does not care and even tells her dad's she doesn't want to be cheerleader. We know that we everyone knows Wanda's just ignoring her years. Three rolls around Nineteen ninety-one. Shayna like made a replica of the David in her class. WanNa Trust to play the slow game this time around and she waits for Shane to get another opportunity to try out. She infiltrates the system. This year she gets a job at the school. Doing some work for the band director eventually asking some staff on some tips on how she could give. Shane a leg up next year. I love picturing her in Lincoln Ring Room like coyly sipping her coffee like a little cold today. Anyway at this point was over it. She's GonNa need to think outside the box. Play a little dirty by a little dirty. I mean completely illegal. She goes for a drive one day and finds herself parked outside of her ex husband's brother's trailer. Terry Harper has always been like a little bit of a bad boy about town arrested for drinking and driving a few other misdemeanours. He was Wanda's last hope. Because I feel like the only criminal that she knew right. Gotcha unlucky for her. He had saved himself devoted himself to the Lord promising. No more cussin' DRINKING AND GOING TO CLUBS. He was no longer a bad boy. Wanted didn't get the notification that wasn't posted on facebook or anything so she knocks on his door anyways. She tells him she needs to but they can't do it there. They made it a convenience store called Bose. She gives him the pitch. I need you to kill amber. And her mother Verna rouser. Like what a left turn you go from handing out pencils so like fuck it. I'm just going to kill you know what I tried. Obviously he's a little shocked. He's I don't do that Shit. I don't know anybody that would do that. Shit you want me to murder a child. No one that doesn't push the subject and she leaves Terry. Didn't hear from WANNA for months also can I just say even if he hadn't found God the difference between being a bad boy murder like that. Chasm is having a couple of beers and driving home as a lot different than committing murder. Wow Wanda Terry didn't hear from one to for months until Christmas. Eve rolled around Shane celebrating that year at her father's house. So obviously al-Tairi was there too in the middle of opening presents. Shayna pulled her uncle. Zaid with a message from her mom. She handed him a number on a piece of paper and said my mom wants you to call her. Like my my own. Just can I go back to my painting. Can I just unwrapped my presence lease? So Terry Calls Wanda. The plan is back on. She meets to find someone to take out this hit and she needs to find them. A S Terry tries to reason with her. Why doesn't Shane a tryout? And if she doesn't make it she doesn't make it also. Shane a dozen WANNA be a cheerleader. Maybe just like a one does not having it. She tells him no. Poor Shayna is going to be two devastated and never try out again cuts Shayna. She's like I'm fine. Be Be outside bad freaked out by the seriousness of her request. Obviously Terry when his brother? Tony wanted sex husband and said hey man you maybe need to like come and get your girl and Tony told him to go to the police and so he did at first. He actually had a time convincing the police that this was real. I mean it does sound like kind of story so like honestly fair. Who would really believe that? A mom was that desperate to see her daughter. Cheer but I guess. Never underestimate the power and determination of unfulfilled Texas woman. Eventually he convinced the cops and they put a wire on him for when Wanda when inevitably call again and of course she did now working with the cops now. He agreed to help this time. Gotcha but said hey heads up. It's twenty five hundred dollars to kill Verna but it's five thousand to kill amber well in K. That's just like a little too expensive for Wanda who's apparently a cheap ass. When it comes to murdering people she malls it over at feels cheap for murdering feels. It should be like fifty thousand dollars those cheap for taking a human life. She thinks it over. She's thinking if I only killed Verna I could make my point and Amer would-be too distraught to want to cheer that year opening that spot for my daughter Shayna. I could save that money. Finally get that car radio. I've been meaning to install in Lincoln. Perfect idea so it was decided she agreed. That was the Best Plan. Interior would execute hit. I'm getting hot. Yeah this is isn't steamy. They planned today for the money. Drop off in Wanda agreed that day. She drove Shane Church. Which is whole Larry? Just a good Christian girl you know. I'm GonNa do something bad this afternoon so I better drop you off so you can at least talk to. Jesus Terry met her at a motel room where she handed him to one and a half carat diamond earrings as a down payment. She said I couldn't pull the trigger. But I can definitely do it this way. The cops had seen enough at that point and moved in. She was arrested the very next day. I want to imagine verners reaction when she found out like obviously the police probably went straight to her house and was like. Hey just FYI. I spy like running tumbling drills in the backyard until their daughter throws up just FYI. I someone was trying to kill you for a cheerleading. Spur a cheerleading spot. I imagine Verna would be like. She was interestingly enough. She was kind of like understanding. Wasn't this God has watched over me when someone wants something for their child and they don't achieve it it. It hurts a lot but nothing is important enough not this anyway. I mean Verna seems chill. Obviously the news went wild over this story. The channel via woman charged with hiring a contract murderer to kill the mother of a middle school cheerleader. At every hearing swarming people's homes Oprah had a crew. There everyone came out. I remember the story. Yes it was crazy you do. Yeah people were ambushing. Verna with hidden cameras in their clothes. It was a mess. The Girls Amarin. Shayna lost all privacy. Poor Shane if she wasn't already embarrassed and just like wanting to stick to her oil painting my God girl Sheena. She's like first of all. My Dad. Got Me watercolors instead of oil. So he got totally wrong so and then second of all. My mom tried to kill my friend. I don't even want to cheer people were even buying yearbooks signed by Amber Shayna somewhat for fifty bucks crazy Wanda later. That year was put on trial and sentenced to fifteen years for soliciting capital murder. Sure sure yeah right. But the ruling ended up getting overturned after a jury member was revealed to have been on probation for felony drug charges in her second trial. She pleaded no contest was sentenced to ten years of which she served six month like. Let's just what that seabed that set. What is up? Yeah well with the justice system these days. She's a white woman crazy. She was released in March nineteen ninety-seven and she was also sentenced to one thousand hours of community service. I feel like I was sentenced to one thousand hours of community service for stealing perfume from hollister. Like how is that? That's some wild wild discrepancy. She did her time She got out and Shannon never tried out for the cheer squad ever again nowadays. Shayna has said that. She salvaged her relationship with her mother but stays away from becoming a stage. Mom She's like I know people like Russia I don't want to. This story is so fun. I have no one got hurt so I can say that. It's fun it's crazy. But there's a big underlying bummer. Here and come with me on this journey and don't judge too much. There's part of me feels for Wanda Wanda's biggest insecurity was never being accepted. She was from the wrong side of the one ten. She was always looked down upon. She thought people were judging her Cadillac. Not sure how that panned out. She thought becoming a cheerleader would solve all her problems and she wasn't able to do it for herself wasn't able to do it through. Her daughter wasn't able to go to business school. I kind of feel for her in that sense. She has her dreams that she was probably thinking about all day long every single day and then all of a sudden a perfect amber in Verna come along and take it all away this be the first time in the history of our podcast. I couldn't have less empathy for walk me through outside of her parents. Not Letting her cheer. Many of these are self inflicted choices. She married Tony. Who was like? I don't want you to work. She made choices as an adult and she also got a lot of the things that she dreamed of right in the ways that she got them and at some point to me all of my empathy goes to. Sheena one thousand percent. This poor girl who like you know just half finished paintings somewhere. I cannot relate on any level to wander my voice. Is that what you're saying? No I think you're not evil because you have empathy and I generally feel like I find empathy pretty easily for people and I'm having a hard time on this one. I feel what she's a piece of poop like. I understand that I mean she tried to get people killed but I feel like we don't. We don't know how she grew up kind of sounded like maybe she was like a little besides driving a cadillac. Like no she had a hard life she was from a shady town shows an accepted. She wanted to do the one thing that she thought was going to make her. Accept it and for some reason that just like in her brain for her entire life. She has mental health issues. Like I think we can establish that. I have empathy for that and I'm sure in small town. Texas mental health isn't too huge business. But I think as a mom that bums me out so hard like all of that up until her putting it onto her daughter. I'm with you and then I'm like that's just so fucking I really feel bad for Shayna. I agree who knows how many experiences she missed out on as a kid because she was like forced to wear it's cheerleading. Yeah and that being said I think every parent brings their garbage to parenting like just the deal media like. How do you even avoid that? No you can't you know your triggers exist and then when you see your kids whatever but you know what okay. I have a little empathy. I don't force like you're not joining me out of empathy and I'm talking you into empathy. I we land somewhere in the middle. I think there is a piece of us that can understand is certainly when mental illness plays a part. You always yeah have empathy. Because that's you know it's tough. It's an illness I just feel like the real tragedy might be that the thing she thought would make her life better ultimately her demise. Yeah it's it's like A weird at a piss story but instead of a mom it's cheerleading. It's like when you just think a thing is going to change your life. It's like you're not doing the real worker all Wanda. You're not doing the real work. Whoa did one. The teachers have valuable life. Lasagna it's never cheerleading. Just a totem. The real work steeper than you're focusing on the wrong things just like live your life and hopefully those happinesses. Yeah come your way. Oh come. However they're meant to an all of a sudden. The real work would have been to not meet cheerleading unless it came organically. Yeah so I will leave you with this. The Wanda Holloway story was immortalised in a made for TV movie starring Holly Hunter like Sudan talking to beach called the positively true adventures of the alleged Texas cheerleading murder. Mom I feel like they could have short nine for Jane. So that was the story of the POM Pom. Good one right. Yeah what a wild. It was a wild ride. I can't think of anything in life. I've ever wanted badly enough to kill someone for I hope. Do I not have aspirations? Do not have bullets find from that. I don't really want to kill somebody just like. Lazy Dreams was in guys. We hope that you have goals out there that you're willing to kill for. I think Rachel. Ninety to get shirts that say Wanda and Shane an amber and Myrna. I'm making that up right now. All right guys. We'RE GONNA be back next week with another story. We hope you will tune in. Thanks for listening. Hall of shame is a product of crooked media. The show is produced by Carolina Reston. Alison falsetto are executive producers. Sarah Guys Mer and Steven Hoffman Engineering and sound designed by Kyle Seguin and Charlotte Landis. Our Theme Music is by Takayasu Zaghawa. Thank you to Sydney and Brian. Semel for production support every week.

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