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If you're thinking about buying a French you'll probably hear the phrase discovery mentioned by the franchise who sharing with you about the opportunity year nephew right now I was thinking about marsupials vinod pouches and thank you for clarifying and now we'll get back to the main idea. What is the discovery and why do the kangaroo half to be Friday big and have that big old crazy. They need to have that path. I don't think so well listen. I don't know and furthermore I don't care because we're talking about discovery days and everything you would ever need to know about discovery that is cool but I also also like to carve out some time to good what founder Kangaroo makes because event the bad found found badmouth this this is the water the kangaroo soundbite by the bad found that of the of the bad people out there about the kids some help Matt. We're GONNA talk today. Sorry about franchising what on everything you could possibly be to know about discovering. We're going to be interviewing that. Klein with Oxford Franchise Franchise brand developer with foxy fresh with over four hundred locations throughout America. The oxy franchise system companies doing very very everywhere and now back to the program. You have questions America's number. One business coach has answers. It's your brought up from Minnesota Oughta. Here's another edition of clay anything on the thrive time business coach radio show. Yes yes yes and yes. Mr Clyde always looking fine. How are things going going in Denver today. My friend things are going great. have a really exciting week here. We have some New People here for training so always nice the meet the people we can talk and get him on the path to franchise ownership now my understanding. I talked to a Jonathan Barnett the CEO and president of oxy fresh the founder founder of oxy fresh today and John was telling me that you have. I believe off to people in town. Three people in town today for a franchise discovery Discovery Day is this. Is that correct am I getting right. We yeah so we have two groups Charleston South Carolina and then we have an area in New Jersey two different groups of people great franchise that Father Son Combo ones a gentleman. That's just moving forward on his own but yeah they're here got through the whole process validation they're ready to move forward and get their discovery and their training don this week what I wanted to do on today's shows I wanted to talk about about validation and the discovery day one a one so I wanted to kind of start with this because I think there's a there's initially a lot of misunderstanding about how the world of Franchising and works and I would like to believe it works. Matt and you can clarify that. I'm getting something wrong or missing some details. Essentially if I'm out there and I'm looking at you you know create time freedom or financial freedom. I can go out there and look for a business model like an oxy fresh. That's been proven to work and if the system DOC looks to be a go or I'm interested as a Franchisee I reach out to the franchise or so in this case I'd reach out to oxy fresh and then you guys are going to give me in over view but sometime during this process I have to decide whether oxy fresh is right for me and my family and you really have to decide if oxy the fresh is right for me is the Franchisee and we would call that particular process of validation. Is that correct yeah so I mean it. It is certainly you know both parties right. you gotta find that the the model that works for you in what your goals are and how that mom gets you there but we we also have to make sure the individual that is coming in Oxford victim all right good examples that you know we're a very technology driven company and so you know if you don't believe in technology and you don't. WanNa use computer which I've had this happen. That's probably not a good thing so that's a very easy example but also expectations really realistic expectation. I just WanNa make sure that everyone's going down the same path together so let's go. Let's kind of breakdown of the validation criteria here one does does someone's credit escort it all play into this to somebody's credit score in ability to have access to liquid cash yeah and that could be different forms so we don't do like the net worth type. Our franchise investment is not high enough where it's half a million or two million dollars so we want you to have the ability you to come to the table with enough funds. You're not underfunded so being able to either come to the table with your own funds or being able to do like a retirement rollover. Maybe spa loan route. We've had people like myself who've done home equity line of credit so how we get there. you're getting a traditional types of business loan. There's the credit is going to be important. The debt I have to income ratio is going to be important. you know who law involved the business or absolutely credited main criteria so let's get in a little bit more into this financing piece what percentage of the people by an oxy fresh franchise do you think are people that are going to get an. SBA Loan Small Business Administration listen alone probably about forty percent go through the SBA processing new SBA SBA express the the spa is an extremely good funding platform. You really have to have your you know your ducks in a row. It's the hardest funding to get. You really need to have a good in credit score. you'd have all the things that is the best because the interest rates are extremely low because you're a very very qualified individual okay so the SBA it would be a way to go for about forty percent of people and you mentioned a home equity line now. I know that you live in a palatial estate. You have sprawling pools metropolis Petropolis. You really have what forty seven thousand square feet on the first level Matt so not not most people can pull out seven million dollars to buy oxy fresh like you can't so what kind of money are we talking talking about to get into the oxy fresh game as it relates to pulling money out for from home from home equity loan. If you're doing it just completely wheatley on the Home Equity Line of Credit you. WanNa have about sixty five thousand something like that. those are also very low. in terms of interest are good ways used to doing it. I've had people do kind of a hybrid where they're gonNA have a home equity line. It puts them on that but then they also have like retirement so we kind of open the door and we have very very good partners that we work with not only that we'll show you what you qualify for but the implications of taking certain types of loans out but the lock. US worked very well so my brother and I are two departments that will be used okay so you you you would help somebody out there if they're looking to buy a franchise find the appropriate financing yeah definitely and I personally wouldn't take them through that because I'm not the expert although I've taken many many people through that process with our funding partners they are third party funders that are specifically burst in franchising that know about that very in tune with SBA SBA approved franchise franchise which helps it just in the in the validation of you as a person getting funding furnace than your own. What does it mean to be. SPF what what what does that mean listeners out there yeah so that means that you know the business that you're going with. Let's just say Ozzy Rush we have gone through the process with the SBA to be a prude business so we have a good financial standing for a certain period of time where they say yes. It's business is a functioning business that she continued to grow. We've also been steady in terms of growth so they look at our success rate. They look at our financial standing and say yes we have the SBA approved this business as a business that we can do that so in terms of what the actual actual individuals going to go through They don't have to do as much in terms of like If you open your own business got it right you didn't. SBA YOU'RE GONNA and have to literally go every piece of the process through You know industry reporting back to them. You'RE GONNA have to go through things like pro forma to a very instagram so a lot of that taking care because the model itself has already proven so what they're really looking for is if you are able to refunded in that proven business so just eliminate some of the steps because the business model i WanNa make sure that all the listeners out there know what the SBA is the small business administration ministration and back in the day two thousand seven Matt. I was Oklahoma's. Spa Entrepreneur of the year and you might say well why does the SBA recognize entrepreneurship entrepreneurship or why what was the SBA SBA is a small business administration and their job is to stimulate the economy and over the past twenty years according to Forbes a little little over sixty five percent of all of the jobs in America have been created by small business owners and Mo- small business owners need some access to capital to you start a business or to grow a business and so the SBA has teamed up with local banks community banks regional banks and what they do is if the SBA. Let's say that the your local bank lended me one hundred thousand dollars the small business administration typically we guarantee somewhere between seventy five percent and eighty five five percent of that loan so if I defaulted on the loan the bank's not on the hook for all one hundred thousand dollars. They're only on the hook for fifteen thousand dollars or twenty five thousand dollars so the interest rates lower. It's a super move so again. Just recapping here. Maybe forty percent of the people by oxy fresh are looking for an. SBA loan are typically using SBA loan madison correct that is frank and home equity lines would be what percentage approximately home echoed much much smaller than that that's less than ten percent about eighty percent of people that come through some form of funding and pay cash cash boom upfront upfront. Here's a check. Let's go twenty percent. less than a lot of people will do retirement rollovers. A lot of veterans will do they're rollovers overs because of their because their time in the service they have good stack of cash that they've accrued and they can basically if they retire the service they could take that and use that to invest a pretty the big one There's you know veterans like M. Five things that they're coming out with also though you know there's all sorts of as a very very big one home equity as a smaller one because you do need to have the equity in your home to make that a viable option right you know so you know retirement. rollovers are very very common. some people will you know take money out of stock market right because they're going to invest in themselves instead of the market that can fluctuate a lot as not happen a lot so you just kinda got. I put all your your chips on the table and figure out what the best most efficient way to fund your business and maybe something you're not even thinking about it yet but that's why it's important to have conversations with the funding partners I because before you ever start anything they're gonNA lay it all out there and you can basically make a decision on what's best so again after that initial call with oxy fresh then you go through this kind of validation period. We're oxy fresh. Make sure that you're a good fit. You feel like you're a good fit and then talk to us about Discovery Day Discovery Discovery Day in the world of Franchising. Is it yeah so this is where you tie everything together because previous to this discovery profit and we discovery where we fly you out to Denver over. You're going to spend at least two days so there's two parts of the discovery one in your coming out just to validate the phone conversations the the conversations have other franchisees. the documents that you read so you're basically tying everything together while you're here to make sure there's no red flag right. Make sure that you get along with the people people that are going to be helping you on the on the franchise side. Beijing is a good symbiotic relationship between you and the Franchising Company so that you begin can walk down the same road together so that process is essentially the last step before you become a franchise and it's an in person we're taking everything the first day is completely -pletely office related back office technology for US our scheduling platforms and how they integrate with our individual Franchisees it's GonNa go through marketing marketing and a very high level. It's going to go through the technology platform in the reporting software that we have on the back end so that is all business ownership related training and what we do the second day is off field training so you're gonNA see how boots on the ground the customer interaction in how mixed product how we go about our day how would you walk through pre and post jobs how he takes payment so when you go with the business part of it the first day then you go with the actual doing of jobs the second day after you've John All of that and you decide to move forward that is when we would go through the maps and lock everything in and that's typically when people would sign to become a franchise that discovery process once all done the next step is becoming a franchise which is the last step in the process so day number one where we're going over the back end of everything who's GonNa be leading me. Where's it going to take place in win. Is it going to happen. The time of the day sure yet so we start that nine. Am we read this muscle restaurant by by our office here in Lakewood Colorado. we just kind of go through an introduction big we bring our entire team. 'CAUSE YOU'RE GONNA meet our management staff on our marketing department. Hartman are Cleaning System Department or Development Department or off Department or Founder Jonathan or Vice President Chris. Everyone is there so we just kind of meet each other. Make sure everything's good. I'm usually have some laughs at that. Time we go straight into the train. We go first into the technology how integrates to the scheduling center which is right here so with your action to sit with our scheduling center reps as they book jobs for our franchisees across this country awesome and see how it integrates technology. You'RE GONNA go through the next section with Aaron Hogan. WHO'S OUR Director Marketing. You're going to do all the marketing techniques that we use all the marketing vendors that are implemented into our franchise and how these sorts of bases this is will help you grow in your local market. That's that's the second piece of it and then the afternoon is dedicated specifically to our founder and Josh Our online marketing specialists and talking about oxy fresh past present and future very important understand why we are here now how we got to this point what we're currently working on is a franchise and the roadmap six months to a year down the road because everything's changing so much so we're needs to be a clear understanding of what we are doing for our franchisees and the responsibility of our franchisees and what they need to do and they get back home right so at that point. We're not doing any heavy training at this point. We're just showing examples of everything that we're doing so there's a clear understanding for Franchisees of what they need to do. Not just a book switch and go back home and just start coming from the Scots. I it is full on this Dr Fresh. How much of your Discovery Day do you sit together and talk about feelings and motivation and then more motivation and more inspiration and how much time is about this specific steps. This is the system. This is how it works what the field training behind the seats as pie chart what percentage of it are you bouncing around beach balls and blaring. Tony Robbins and say you'll okay do it. You can do it. You gotTA sign up now. I mean what percentage of the time are queuing up the hype music. Are you telling people availibility left or you really in the pressure. What percentage of the time are you really hyping open it up like a good like a good time share sales. What what time are you really ambushing the people what percentage of the Pie chart do you vote to ambushing people with high pressure sales. Techniques makes sure that a hundred percent of getting wow we're we're. We're very we're very you'll see very laid back true. I mean it's extremely important for us. we will not buy sell a franchise or water franchise until someone goes through this process because you just don't know right a lot of the motivations. Ralph's comes from the individual their engagement with our Home Office true right. We've had people come in now. Say the word. That's very difficult because we can't really understand the goal so what we wanted it very open format. We're talking about how you specifically are going to be able to to to leverage the resources. We have an Aussie fresh to grow your business and it needs to be a give and take on both sides so most of it is just laying everything out there and making sure there's a clear understanding of what's going to need to happen to be a successful business. and it's also we can engage with you and understand your understanding ray so we. I need to have multiple conversations about one specific aspect. That's not uncommon. Not Everybody learns the same but we need to know that so that we can clearly show what's going to need to be done. Tom And adults can affect your business so it is completely exploratory. At this point we're going through at a very high level each aspect of the business and and and and making sure that there is a very very clear understanding because at this point the next thing happened. This has become a franchise so if we're not really at an understanding point now we probably need to go back to drawing board a little bit. And what kind of questions do you mind. What are some of the most commonly asked questions during Discovery Day like today you have. I mean people in from multiple cities. What kind of questions did due to to ask when they come for Discovery Day. Yeah a lot of people will say you no for my business. I WanNa grow whatever the numbers I want to be this big by this point. How much do I need to spend on marketing. That's a big one right and so what we're GONNA do is go into your local market arcade. We're GONNA see who your competitors are. 'cause at this point. Not Every territory has created the same the competition right seventeen google reviews might get it done in one territory. We're a hundred twenty might get it done and another. That's not anything that those aren't hurdles. We can't get over. It's just how much are you spending how much time you're spending and how quickly can you get to that hundred twenty one reviews news right so all these things are very easily manageable as long as clear expectations leads to be done so one of the questions are marketing. A lot of the questions aren't support right when I hire someone. How do I train them when I hire somebody or how do I hire someone. That's a big one as well right all these things we address and show the platforms you use to effectively get these things done whether it's hiring whether it's training whether it's implementing marketing programs in a given level and how that actual relationship works wchs right. Are you guys doing it for me and my doing it for myself. Are we working together so we're GONNA lay out all those things and we want people to come in as many questions fossil aw very scary. If someone comes no question and how much money are you going to charge me to come to the discovery that there is asking this question Jeez. What's IT GONNA cost. Get out there and you know what is charging people. A thousand dollars for the tour or is it free. What does it cost to do a discovery day with foxy pressure sure yes yeah so and and there's a lot of companies do this different. We have a very what I consider unique approach. We're not just flying people out that haven't gone through a very very detailed L. process with our development team prior so have you called me one day and said Hey. I've been looking at Oxford for a long time. I WANNA do this. Let's put the brakes on a little bit. I need to know about you. We had to go the process. This could take weeks or months by the way so the discoveries after a long amount of time in terms of or a short amount of time a lot of conversation a lot of deep dive into the material and having conversation our franchisees right like-minded Franchisees yeah so this is this is after we kind of Said Yeah. This is good for us is good view it doesn't we don't charge anything we want you to. I realize that this is a two way street. I have the flexibility ownership is to fly individuals out. There would be a good fit prosper so we fly you out to come and do this and they give us that because if we feel that it's appropriate. Mike and I are both franchise owners. We know what it takes to be successful in this business so when we get to that point we're very very confident in being able to invest in somebody else before they ever invest in Austin fresh and if you if you go out there and and you sold an oxy fresh franchise awarded one to somebody who's not successful you guys make a percentage of of somebody's gross revenue you know and so you don't make anything as oxy first corporate if someone's failing. I mean your your your success is tied together. Talk to us here. I have two final questions about field training on at the end of the day. Someone's going to have to go out there and clean carpet and know how to clean carpet. If you buy oxy for his franchise you're going to have to know how to clean carpet know how to train people to clean carpet. You're going to have to know how the online scheduling works. How detailed of field training do you do you go into do franchise potential potential franchisees actually go out there and clean carpet themselves or are they watching videos about this is how we clean carpet or what are they doing all the above right right so while you're here we spend most of the time field training because that's the hardest thing to reenact when you get home right we can always go through marketing go through scheduling jobs and how how the online scheduler interact with your customers all that can be done very easily what is harder to recreate it the actual training in the field so we spend most of the time why here what we didn't talk about is when you become a franchise after that first two days you're. GonNa stay at least another two to three days or come back to Denver for two or three days for more training right so that's not the only training so most about about seventy percent of the people at Tom will come for the whole week expectation to become a franchise without the obligation so I feel as if they don't feel comfortable that's fine they go home but a lot of people on a trip so they go the Discovery Day for days. Fine become a franchise Wednesday Thursday Friday the additional training and this is where we really dial into the cleaning process the customer engagement the process of going from a job on your schedule going to the job call ahead walk-throughs payments and all that sort of stuff so that is something we'll drill very hard. the nice thing about our cleaning system is very easy reading train anybody male female young old. It's not heavy equipment either so that pieces easy but what we do on the back end of that is to piggyback on just it's the in the in the field training you very indepth online. Aussie fresh university. We worked very hard on this It's got seven different stages to it. It's got mixing product. It's got carpet cleaning poultry cleaning Thailand brow cleaning even hardwood floor cleaning it even goes into certain aspects of how you get Google reviews from customers right your ability to get a review in the home and and if you leave a flyer to give them so all these things it's it's the the whole process and you must have that a ninety percent before. US owner can open your schedule and if you have a technician they must have ninety cents before they can actually put jobs on their schedule so it's not just kind of we trust you. These are very imperative things to keep our brand to what we consider world class APP customer service which we have now. We need those things to happen and you should want them to happen so that everyone on your team has feel set to do a good job. I know some of our listeners right right now. We're going to be going up to thrive time. Show dot com slash oxy fresh again. That's thrive timeshare dot com slash oxy fresh to learn more about the brand but if you buy an oxy fresh franchise which is at the end of the day you have proven turnkey marketing a history of success low start up costs cutting edge carpet cleaning technology and much much more but Matt can't. I can't help you. The oxy fresh team can't help you if they don't get a chance to know you so just go there to thrive time show dot com for slash ozzy fresh throughout the form and Matt that you're GonNa give them a call and then what happens Yep. You're gonNA get an email. You're going to get a text message and you're also GONNA get a phone call and we're GONNA set something up. We're GONNA take the process. I'M GONNA learn a lot about you. What you're looking to accomplish your goals weren't talking about how author May or may not be able to accomplish that so and we'll just have an open forum where we can get through the process and if you become a franchise great if not that's okay man. I appreciate your time more than you could possibly a unknown. Oh No 'cause I know you today. You have multiple people in from out of town to buy an oxy fresh franchise and so this is not a theoretical day for you there real people in from all over the country visiting today's a busy day okay so I'll let you get back to what you're doing. I'm sure you have some discovered a dodgeball sessions to complete important things like that so I'll let you get back to it and again. Thank you for being on the show today my friend all right. Everyone have an awesome day. I appreciate the time and we're here. You guys want to store fresh all right. Take care here now. It's time to in the show with the boom. If you allow me to have the honesty I typically don't get to take the show out with with a boob okay chance to do it very much and his main vocal talent of the show I personally was offered the opportunity Klay to end the show with a Eh boo thus if you're out there today you're tired of the frustration you're tired of the lack of practical education and you want to change your aw financial situation and off not having the success stuck you deserve to have and you to learn the skills to pay the bills as as soon as possible and you your life to become less stressful. You ought to take your life to the next level like you're singing with Aaron never have if you want to become the success that you deserve to be then to be an ecstasy. Book your tickets for Next in-person thrive time show workshop and now any further. I do three to one boom. Hey why didn't you occurred to me. He said you could hit that button. Whenever you want to hit that button and he was a mean may hit explosion that would be no no don't take satisfaction from different here. I'm going to hit that button. When I wanna hit the button before you go to the talk about finding of the nasty nasty towns made by the kangaroo because that years okay ray todd just talk about the dangers and then give it hit explosions okay so this is very important food you ever be over there with yourself surrounded by what could be a kangaroo health the vm what you're going to do if you don't want to upset it because the kangaroo on lot bigger the people people think. I don't know if a lot of people's way of this but the average kangaroo right now. What would you get the hot worth with average kangaroo? This is crazy. It's five point nine feet tall and it's so big and it's not like the way you think it is in so if you were there for neo kangaroo you'd want to say who is and if the Kangaroo Anger Ruth they have been you know that it was a kangaroo and then you just got to go. You just got to run out of their baby. You can't be near that group thank you. That's all I wanted to say. If you just want to let me say that early could not interrupted Josue so they don't count down and I'll get the middle down to fit going time all right now then he further. I do three to what boom.

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