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This is the final weekly suturing. The latest NASCAR racing news driver interviews rate freeview opinions discussion Russian rumors and more now. Here's Carrie Murphy totally crispy coming is talking racer. DFL W is on. You have found the place where we talk about all things NASCAR. My Name's Kerry Murphy Longtime Nascar Media member in syndicated radio host of things the final lap co host for the show is Toby Christie Nascar editor for the final LAP DOT com social media director from all things at the final APP. Are you sir. Ready to get into this off. Season is almost over. We are weeks away from the rumble of stock cars officially on the race track definitely definitely. I noticed that you did not give me plug in my website. There you trying to trying to edge out out here. What's going on not at all? I figure we get it in throughout the The show enough. And we're GONNA do news of the week here brought to you by toby. Christie DOT COM. So there you go. I was handed over the MIC. To you and to David Segal and you guys took over a couple of segments so smoke on the program. Yeah that's GonNa be good as a great great to chat with Davy. It always is longtime listener in the show. Now a media member himself and He brings a lot of knowledge. A lot of insight. And it's a good chat. You WanNA listen to it. I sensed a Makia Tori tone toward the beginning of the segment towards it was towards me and I. I have have a problem with that. You do what because I couldn't defend myself won't here's your chance man well but that's not the same. It's not a real real time conversation going on or anything like that. See I think we did. We even credited you for your surgical strikes at the race track. I I think that's genius to be honest. But that's because I came up with it. Yeah Davey was quite impressed that we had a term for it more. Yeah why not. Yeah I mean why in the world you guys stick around the media center all weekend long is beyond me. That's a good question is beyond you actly. Anyhow this is going to be a very interesting program we're going to kind of bounce back between Me and toby and Davey and toby and I think we're going to wrap up with little. Ah Kyle Larson at the end suite. Ma'am it's a pretty well rounded. Show all right. Well let's get into it. I mean this is pretty huge news to kick things off NASCAR That sport that we talk about all the time they're going to go to Indianapolis Motor speedway but that's not the news. Whoa let's let's let's that Roger Penske tell the News News? It's his track now. So it's his announcement so let's let's kick it off with Roger Number One We've decided I to go to run on Saturday. The Pennzoil race will be on the road. Course not on the oval and we'll run the brickyard four hundred or run on the Ovallis as normal all on Sunday so to me. It's a change We went to the NASCAR people. They've looked at In Our road course will run the road course similar to what we do with the indy cars. Arjun we'll have a car battle talk about it to do some testing but we think that's a big change something that we want our fans to look at this and see if this is something that they watch this in the future and certainly Justin. We'll talk about it. Some great racing and guess what the five hundred was the five hundred Shaw Auto Hamady decades and once the decision was made to move Nascar and we felt that we wanted to take it to the next level. We've had some great racing here on the weekend. The brickyard weekend but we think with concerts the road course. On on Saturday and the Oval on Sunday. We'll make a big difference for our fans and certainly for our TV v partner so again. We're excited Doug thank you and this team here. We've talked about it. We know that we can turn this track. Think about it turning it from an oval into a road course. It's not easy but our team can do that here. So we're excited to announce at this morning and here's Roger with more. Is You know NASCAR with brought to the speedway and in how many weekends been here over the last. How many years every year since one thousand nine hundred ninety four and to think about what we could do do with Ben and his team at Nascar to make a difference and I think that's one of the things that I've tried to tell the team here we're going to invest Now and the five hundred and the brickyard for fan experience not about revenue but for fan experience and I think one of the things we need to do do you say what can we do different and sitting down with with a NASCAR team and our team we decided. What can we do to make this brickyard weekend different? And as you know it's a Independence Day Memorial Day just Month or so before that and the men and women who serve armed forces and the first responders or the top of the list so we felt what could we do to connect and I think we'll be announcing things as we go forward to connect that great group of people let do so much for our country but with that getting together with Nascar we felt with our relationship. NASCAR as we've been a track owner. I remember when Uh Bill France Junior and Lynn Kugler rupp at Michigan. And we were GONNA maybe cancel. The first NASCAR is with the Michigan Track and they begged me to run. It was the best thing we ever did. And I guess since then we've developed a relationship with the France family and everyone else they're just spent amazing and the changes ages that NASCAR is making to make their product better. He said what can we do here. So we'll talk about that as we go forward but to me. It's the fourth of July weekend. It's the military it's our fans and certainly the people here that make a difference so in case you didn't hear the news Roger bought the the race track and that sale was final on January six. Then they're already going going ahead and doing stuff. Yeah they're making some sweeping changes here all of a sudden one of the things. Obviously he mentioned it in case you missed it xfinity series racing on the road course on the same weekend as the brickyard four hundred now. Let's take that apart. There's a few cool things in their first of all We've been calling us for for this for a while. Then we want to see road. Course racing at Indy. Yeah Yeah definitely the question. I have is the logistics of it. All because you've got transformed format from a road course to an oval write several several times throughout the weekend. Because there's practice sessions for both in qualifying sessions for both so. Yep and that's the second part right that I wanNA do on unpacked. They say that he is very confident. That his team there We'll be able to do that in ninety minutes. And I'm sure the team was like great. Awesome thanks the last man. What are you doing seriously? We've never done this before. Are you crazy. So that's really cool yet. Exciting exciting things going on at the race track. I mean he could have bought the place and said all right status quo whereas my paycheck you Merle. TV's instead instead. I mean the changes are going to have. RV camping for the first time in the bill which is huge. That is huge. Low all kinds of stuff concerts. It's I mean they're making this rumor. That lights are coming well. Jeez that's about time. That's a big track. Though Kerry it's been around since the seventeen hundreds yes it has yes it has basically what do you mean it's a big track Daytona has them Daytona has it. It's it's it's hard to explain with a flat track. You have to have a lot more lighting because you don't have the banking to kind of help project. The lights that are coming from the inside inside and outside of the track a little bit more of a challenge flat track. This is twenty twenty. We can do anything. That's a good point. I mean Tesla thing we should be able to do anything. I could say that because I have nothing to do with it and nor do I care how it how it works just expected well. Hell is expecting his team to be able to transform it from the road course to the Oval Ninety minutes. Should Bill Lights Up. I mean one I say they go to Roswell on earth one of those fancy. UFO's that crashed and they can just kinda hover over the race track with all their lights. I think Michigan Tang string lights above the track. That need a lot of those because they've got those fence on the outside and inside the catch fence Indianapolis so you could use those to kind of tether year string lights to the kind of cool. How about just require everybody with their smartphones to turn on their flashlights? ooh that'd be cool. And all the campers and the Infield turn their lights on right Have everybody join in on the fun. That's the point of why he's having campers in the Infield all of a sudden right exactly. That was the whole plan where you're gonNA need your headlights. That's that's it's In in fine print on the contract as you come in though he hands you a brand new set of led headlights but then you have to install them. That's hard well. I'm I'm sure he would have a group of guys that can get it onto ninety minutes for you there you go. We'll have a line or something so big things going on at Indianapolis Motor speedway really cool to see and and the fact that he right up front in the teleconference said they're putting money towards the fans I the fan experience. That's big. That's huge especially for Indianapolis which has been more by the prestige for so long and Just of the the the legacy of the track now. It seems like they're working after going after the race fans and trying to give them a reason to want to keep coming back for more. Yeah that doesn't work anymore. The Pristine we've tried to talk that up to death and it doesn't work now backing me early nineties when they first got there ninety four all the way up to about tire gate in two thousand eight that worked but once the tire stop working on the cars that one year that was pretty much it for India as far as NASCAR goes so this this is big that they're they're kind of putting you know the the branches out there trying to reach to the fans and I think the fans pretty receptive to this is awesome. They're actually trying something which is something? You don't really see an apple do very often and that speaks volumes to the new owner of the track so NASCAR also had some big news as well this week A new rules package for short tracks and road course competition. They're going to I. Guess reduce the spoiler from lightning McQueen down to almost nothing one extreme stream to the other. It's just crazy right of course. Well IT'S NASCAR changes to the front splitter and this is the most exciting I mean a as a race fan. This is the change that you will. You'll be looking for the radiator pan is going to be changing. ooh Yeah. It doesn't salary but it does affect the air that goes below the car. So I knew you care about this. I knew you'd care about this. We'll have downforce effect which is nice because there will be less downforce on cars cars and this is of course Changes that are being play at just the road courses and any track under one point zero five eight miles Why why why did they they come up with this weird number I wondered? That's just all the mile tracks and under because a couple of them like this phoenix. Just barely over a mile. Still I know New Hampshire is for sure new. Hampshire's got that exact SPEC. I believe in that weird so to Hampshire Weird thinks. Oh so now we have. It is definitive. Yeah Phoenix is a short-track. No I mean that's still to be debated I think anything anything over three quarters of miles definitely short-track Or anything over that is definitely not a short-track but whatever so this is huge though because we had some really dismal racing at the venues where we typically had great racing in years past so we put these huge boilers on it. It disturbed air so badly that nobody could get around anybody. It was just follow the leader all day long so now this brings things back to the two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen days where we were having really good runs in great races at racetracks and when you parlay that together with the mile and a half package age which has huge boiler which actually keeps the field closer together and we saw some pretty good mount a half raises this past year. This should be huge. Yeah yeah I I'll. I'll get excited. When I see the radiator pan here is looking dat look at that piece of machinery and of course no comparison to what it looked like before the new one? Yeah exactly YEP. That's I'm in the garage area. What what what are you doing there? I just I got a check out the radiator Peter. Pan Man I have to see it got to see it take pictures. Put It on social media. Hey Dale Juniors go back in a race car. He's your guy so lets you take take The rest of the story. Yeah we already knew this but This season the in so he'll be in the number eight machine Virginia Sports like he's done since he retired. pill run one race with a yellow paint scheme. Helman's of course the discounting the company he's bringing him back for more So he'll be running At homestead added this year which is earlier in the season so march twenty first. You won't have to wait very long series race So that'll be interesting. He's been running pretty good in these one off races. He does each year. So you'd imagine attract like homestead. Were the high line is the preferred method of getting around. He'd be pretty good there. This must be rough for you. Why well he's your favorite driver? Okay and probably the material on earth that you hate the most. Yeah the mayonnaise. Yes yes oh man. How'd you remember that just like you remember everything about me? I file stuff away as well. That's great yeah mayonnaise. disgusts me. It's all but if they want to sponsor that all they want to sponsor I'll even eat the mayonnaise if they want us just ball of it with a spoon and I'll be like it's so tasty. HD Two. Yeah so I don't know what it is but it's the consistency of it. It just feels like blubber and and it just has like this void of taste. It's weird and it is always maybe want to gag if I ever get any as near my mouth and and the really troubling thing about this when my wife got pregnant and With Landon the thing. She craved the most was. This is disgusting even if few black man as so prepare for this canned chicken so a whole chicken in a can you saw you sludge out of the can it comes out with jared the sound effects anyway so it hits the plate and she wanted this on a sandwich with loads of mayonnaise. And I'm just grossed out and of course I have to make this thing because you know oh my gosh. I don't know how I made it. And so then my my health continues because now I have a son and of course the only dipping sauce. He likes his dipping sauce. Choice of course mayonnaise Mayonnaise mayonnaise. That is too funny. That is where Iran and I think it's a case of it if you've got a case of it from helmets because their sponsor you'd be good with it. Of course. Yeah I died down at. It'd be great and even share with my son all right so we've got to make room for you and David Segal coming up. So I'm GONNA GONNA do the lightning round of news of the week from Tony Christie Dot Com. So you just sit back and relax. Okay Okay Cool Hawk. next-gen stockcar took the track for the twenty any twenty one season Eric Jones was at homestead Miami. speedway testing that thing out blue black red pin striping on the Front Jt dorothy racing as a new kroger. uh-huh paint scheme for Ricky stenhouse junior bunch of colors on their True X has the Auto owners insurance on border his number Nineteen car eight races. That's a lot he also whereas a new bass pro Paint scheme that's also cool Jeff. Green he's a two thousand and xfinity series champion he's going to be racing the thirty eight Daytona Todd Gill. And you know that's the son of a a previous front row motorsports driver. He's GonNa be driving the thirty eight F one fifty For their new truck series program Rolex twenty four twenty four rolexes will be handed out this weekend Justin Haley's GonNa Attempt to Daytona five hundred for call gracing ARCA series Did some stuff last weekend. Haley Degan was on the track. Everybody's excited lots of photos. Baba Walla's all says new crew. Chief this is a whole paragraph Jerry. Baxter I am not that worried. That rows fenway racing with the big net guy and the number six car wyndham rewards. uh-huh Ryan Newman and he had a funny Pun and his quote. I don't really care to read that and I think you and David Segal talk about. David Reagan's retirement didn't last very long in in fact he didn't even miss a race he's going to be at the Daytona five hundred Solid done man. That's a lot of stuff when you start compiling. What else happened? Well there's no way we were going to discuss thus that it'd be four hours that's true because I have a long twenty minutes thing for every little topics so right all right you and he Will take over the program for two segments in a row on T. F. W. I'll see on the back end Mike us at facebook dot com slash the final lap like us This is the final land. Weekly Christofle weekly here. This week with the guy who's returning to the show you've used to listen to the show. I think he still does. Confirm that Last time you're on we asked you a question and you responded on twitter. So that's good David Segal. How're you doing doing well? Toby thank thank you for having me on the show graphs on sick hunter. That's a heck of a milestone. I know you weren't there for all of them but you're there for the majority of them. I I've been there. You're not day one but I've been an early adopter of the final half weekly so pleasure to be along for the ride with you. That's awesome and and you know carry pretty well at this point to doing doing the Astros. I've done feels like six hundred talking to that guy that many times. Oh Gee that's on twice at the racetrack. It felt like twelve hundred. The fact back to you. Sign of the racetracks impressing me doesn't stay at the racetrack. Mary long when he goes. I know yeah I was Kinda baffled by that like he showed up for a couple of days I mean he says on the show he shows up Jeff just stuff gets forty days and heads out. I mean you gotta respect that if the Hustle. Yeah he calls it a surgical strike. I don't know a strike for sure. Because when he gets out quick definitely definitely so Davey. Obviously you're a writer and a media personality as well as far as the NASCAR world goes Tell tell folks what they can do to keep up with your work in twenty twenty well As of this present moment don't really have anything super set in stone for the twenty twenty racing season but I will back when thrown stretch dot com for another year of wonderful motor sports coverage. I handle most of the NASCAR stuff. We obviously have a lot of indycar Formula One sports car coverage on the website as well We have some limited video coverage as well that kind of spearhead great podcasts. That doesn't you know does with Mike Napoli as well so you can check south their front stretch dot com and then other than that. I'm still doing my duties. NBC Sports Washington is a production. Assistant will be doing some video content around the Nascar world wants Daytona rose around here in a few weeks so you can follow me. Davy Center on twitter And also my website David Segal Dot Com. It's not Koby Christie Dot Com. That's where you can check out my portfolio of work and whatnot. So hopefully I'll be a worthy follow and worth following along with because I try to provide the fans and the fans that watch four week in and week out and you give them some good stuff. Well you know. It's totally Chris. Dot Com but it is still pretty impressive. I've actually been today. SIEGEL DOT COM uh-huh and check out your Your highlight reel you had going on. That was pretty cool. Yeah thank you probably have. What like one one million of visitors visit your website? Now so I'm on the up and up but it's cool. Yeah we try to. I try to update my demo. Reel as they say in the Biz. Two thousand nine hundred and stuff and since I was that every every single canine now Arca East and West race last season. I have plenty of stuff to update and had some cool opportunities through working. NBC So hopefully guys like that if you check that out This on my website is well. Thanks for those kind words. I appreciate it. I think it turned out pretty well too. Yeah yeah definitely traffic could be you know questioned if you have certain certain people but We won't get into that right How about this a interesting story that has kind of broke this week? front row. motorsports is actually going to feel field trek series team number thirty eight. Todd Gillan driving. Did you see this coming. I didn't really see it coming on the front row. Side of things obviously did see it coming with the Ford side of things because we kind of knew that was gonna be out at KVM and Toyota after this year. Just kind of circumstantial type things. You know Kabul obviously wasn't the most I. I guess we can say cheerleader ish on the radio and in public as well to his driver's Harrison Burton and go lend and we knew that with his father David Gale and having his own. I'm chuck team as as well as ARCA and late models and Dave pushing over to Ford and the off season. We kinda thought that that was an ideal landing spot for todd So I was a little bit surprised to see that he won't be piloting digi. Our trucks for DJ are crosby. But something tells me and I don't think it said it explicitly in the release that we saw from F.. Ram Ram but something tells me that those trucks are essentially going to be Digi are prepared and worked on in that respect of things plus I think looking ahead a little bit. I mean obviously has a lot more to prove in a lot a long way to go but this could be a pipeline to the cup series for todd if they end up going that route because you obviously got John. Hunter Ernie Machacek running full time in the cup car for front row. This year on the other driver full-time is Michael McDowell. And we obviously know he's not getting any younger and we don't really know what the future will hole for him past the twenty twenty season. So I'm not GonNa Project and say twenty twenty one time. I was going to make the leap to come. 'cause I think that'd be a little premature and a lot to ask if that right young man but I sure pipeline and there is now a path that you can see for todd to get the Cup right so the other question that people are kind of coming up with does it. Looks like Ford is really trying to work on their developmental program. Getting a lot of young talents like Haley. VEGANS coming up to the pipe as well But when you look at the path you've got plenty of truck teams now but you don't have any real xfinity series opportunities sitting there. Do you think maybe they're going to shore that up at some point you feel like you have to. I mean I don't I haven't heard anything about if teams are going to be switching manufacturers if new teams are going to answer but I feel like you have to at some point or another look at the landscape but things and say okay. We have a solid L. A. based on the Cup series. That's where we WANNA be winning championships and races on a regular basis. They kind of do that now. We have it in the truck series. Now they obviously had only one team last year and now they added was jar and now they're going to have front row making their foray into the shock series and I think that's one market and one kind of area of NASCAR aspect that uncapped for them right now. Which is the series and I mean heck they had Cole custer last year who almost want him a championship? They're going to have chased briscoe this year who's going to be one of the perennial ennio favorites as well as awesome cinder over team penske. So there's a lot of stuff that needs to be ironed out before you can just say. Oh let's add another community theory organization or a team because as as you know there's a lot of money and there's a lot of sponsors as a lot of working pieces that go on behind the scenes with that but I think that we've seen in this off season especially what the Blue Oval Oval has contributed to silly season. That means that they are taking a very very interest- interested stake in motorsports moon four. They're not going anywhere and they're not gonNA shrivel. They're GONNA the growth for sure. Yeah I I totally agree with that Now as we all know you worked for NASCAR home tracks this past season and you rub elbows with Haley Deegan a lot and throughout the year. I think pretty much anything that we needed. Healy Digging News Wise. If we went to your twitter feed or the Nascar home tracks twitter feed you had it pretty well covered there. What what do you think her career path looks like? Obviously she's wearing some Arka- Looks like some trucks correct. Is that right. Well not officially announce it. But I don't think anybody really be surprised if she were maybe get behind the wheel of one for the twenty twenty season. She didn't explicitly say that. Neither or Ford and the announcement happened. But I think it's it's I I wouldn't say I'm confident that she'll be a truck this year but it would not surprise me for sure at least one not racing. Maybe she's she said that she really wants to run outdoor because obviously started her background and she's watched them for a long time and really would like to be a part of it and I figured this year might be a good chance for her to dip or and there but nothing officially announced yet and I let a trap there. I was hoping you'd fall into it and maybe give us some information we didn't know yet But that didn't work so that's a can't give me that easy. Toby I know it. I know go ahead to try so Anyway we've got David Ragan. You know he announced a retirement and he's coming back Daytona five hundred. How cool is that? Yeah we actually heard some rumblings about that. I believe at homestead Miami speedway. I think one of my colleagues the front stretch Christian coli had that scoop and that's pretty cool to see you know. We figured that he might do something. Something like this. Not only for twenty twenty but maybe a little bit beyond as well. He's he said that he's open to doing some truck series races. Maybe Martinsville or something like that. That's a nice nice little short track you can. The driver comes out a little bit more than maybe at a superspeedway or a mile and a half track though schools. David get behind the wheel. Maybe not one last time but another other time this year. It's like it's like you know nothing ever changed. She's behind the wheel of a car at home and he's going to be behind the wheel on twenty twenty starts as well as on. He's asked him successor. restrictor plate tracks. We know that even though they don't really run our sector but anymore you know what I'm saying he's wanted basically or he's one of the day before so I think you can't really count him out. I mean you can't really count anybody out when you go to those two tracks. But just 'cause David Reagan's a little bit on the older side which isn't really true because he's in his thirties. I think he'll be. I'm somebody to watch US speed. We kind of get rolling. Yes so the interesting thing about that is. It's a rick ware racing car. This can be prepared by front row motorsports who gets credit for the win if he wins. Yeah that's it. You get the checkered flag checkered flag you just the trophy you get the trophy you get the money you get the money. If if it's all about that and I think David Ragan he knows what's on the line is not a point. It's not gonNA be raising points. It's not gonNA be racing to make friends. It's going to be racing for the win and when you have drivers out there that don't have anything on the line other than and bring him back the trophy. That's dangerous. So that's why I think he might be somebody to keep your eye on. How wild would it be? What a what MIC DRP moment would it be if he just punts chase Elliott on the final APP for the five hundred? JP He'd probably go from one of the most universally likes guys one of the most universally hated guys in that one but that'd that'd be something just an instant changing of how we feel about him. No doubt one third of the wheel and everybody ate them. That'd be wild So we also saw Another interesting truck series development. This off season David gravel will be going from dirt racing which he'll still do some of that this year but he's doing okay part time truck series schedule with GM racing That's kind of interesting and I do not pretend to know anything about the raising of dirt race in my life and that was evolution last year during speed week and I was. I made a rookie mistake of not bringing glasses. Some people were like. Oh bring your face but I'm saying okay You know whatever and then I get there. I'm getting absolutely pelted with dirt. And I think I'm still picking it out of my sinuses. I digress plot. Or they're trying to say is. I think it's really cool. When drivers drivers from other disciplines just in general come over to other forms of motorsport whether that's IMSA NASCAR NASCAR INDYCAR mccarter Nascar Formula One for Indycar? It doesn't matter and I think that Nath car and dirt racing in general have floors a unique bond in the past half decade. or so. And I think Tony Stewart Kyle Larson Christopher Bell You know there's other drivers as well chase Briscoe. M. R. N.. NBC doing well stuff. Endure the racing. He's going to be competing at the Chili Bowl as well. Rico abor. There's a ton of names on. Its own of crossover with dirt racing and you you would not have. I've been able to say that you know. I don't know six seven eight years ago. Maybe a little bit longer than that. Because that's just wasn't the case but now it seems normal. Drivers compete compete on dirt on asphalt. NASCAR whether it's truck Xfinity Cup or even down in Arca West Africa East or national. So I think it's super cool that they have a gravel doing on some good equipment when he does it as well. 'CAUSE GM says no slouch at all definitely heavy bringing great sponsorship as well Alta and. I'll have a partnership with Jeff Gordon as well. So a lot of that bodes pretty well for David. Grou- going forward I guys I got a guy got it break up the love fest here. you guys will be back toby and Davey in mere moments on the final lap. Weekly like us at facebook dot com slash the final lap final at weeklies back. Here's your host Kerry Murphy and Toby Christie Christie. Just a couple of guys talking Reysen awesome stuff so far with David Segal here on the final weekly. Let's transition into you talk about the Chili Bowl a little bit. I know you're not a dirt expert but do you think one of these NASCAR guys can rise to the occasion Kyle Larson. I know he's been very close so many times over there at the Chili Bowl. You think one of these guys can get the The Golden Driller this year. Christopher Bo wanted three years in a row right. Yeah Larson favorite. I think he's he's running some of his own for the first time in Chile career. I think it was on the athletic talking about. How do you get the parking archy spot having a lot of space to work out in the garage area and now he's kind of having to you know? Take care of all the logistics by himself. You know where's the trailer GonNa Park how much Marie GonNa have What about the other Taylor? Ha what do I have to worry about them. So he's kind of getting a new taste of stuff dirt racing being the team owner on that side of things. Absolutely I think and ask our guy can bring it home You guys the bell. You Got Larceny Up Risco you got. Well 'cause I said you gotTa Khanna guys that are going to be running up front But I mean like I said. I don't pretend to know anything about racing but I would be if I was betting which I'm not. I put my money on. Bell or Larsen Larkin. Because they've put on a hell of a show the past couple of years and I don't think anything will change that this year. Definitely definitely. We've also got some other interesting. Names like Alex. Bowman Ryan Newman. Jj Ailey lots of those guys. These are going to be attempting this thing. So it'd be pretty fun to watch absolutely I gotta find a way to watch it. I think I haven't been able to watch the past years but this might be the year twenty point a new year new. Yeah I think coverage is on math. TV If I'm not mistaken as far as the Big Knights I think everything else leading up to that's kind of streaming online different from places we gotta find it though. That's that's you don't want to so Davey we've got Things are kind of shaking out. We've talked about some of the off season the move for some of these teams already at this point. Are there any other weird kind of off. The wall moves you think might be happening with these teams and drivers for next year. Maybe the truck series xfinity series Are you telling me that I may have tweeted earlier in the week. Hey possibly I mean I got to try to get from the source. Himself you know will. Yeah I would expect definitely announcement houseman regarding Derek Crowds. Who on the thousand? Nineteen Kanan pro series West Championship with Bill McNally racing. I expect an announcement By the time this show goes out. I think that will probably most certainly be announced In terms of his truck series questions for twenty twenty So keep an eye out for that. That's the only thing that I'm really tuned into for sure Because I've worked pretty closely with that team there at the powerhouse teams out on the West Coast for Arkell West now as it's called and I. I think they will also be announcing their for rookie drivers for that series for twenty twenty so keep an eye out On their social account as well as mine for that news when that drops offs. Because that's kind of I mean people that are on the west coast that follow Nascar. They'd probably not the name Bill McNally racing. But if you're on the east coast and you're not you don't get into the weeds of Arco. Ask the hand whatever you WanNa call it now you you might not know a lot about the Mr but to make a long story short. They are the J. G.. R. Andrew Stewart word hostile penske all rolled into one of west coast. Stock car racing in the short-track seen so they're a big deal out there and they're going to be announcing their plans this week. Sweet so aw keep an eye out for that Derek. Though had a heck of a season the And just kind of open a lot of is at what he's capable of. DC him as a future NASCAR you know national series champion. I think it's definitely possible. I mean he's got a lot of stuff going for him right now. He has Toyota backing. He has NAPA backing getting in sponsorship. As well as some other partners that you'll hear about later this week And he's pretty damn good driver too. I mean it's something about Wisconsin. Fan May or on the east title. Oh He's from Wisconsin. They across the West title. He's from Wisconsin. It's something about those she's up there. I'm Jacob Gade as well. I believe. He's from Wisconsin. Maybe in the Nascar we own all American series. Not exactly I believe he is though so I I think crowd somebody to watch going forward because you seen Hailey Dean jumped ship before you've seen Todd Gillan jumped ship the Ford so it's like Toyota's pipeline thinning out a little bit. He's not GonNa have as much competition in terms of his age bracket right now So I think he's GonNa be a name for watch moving forward and I think you'll see a lot of this year on a little bit bigger stage that's awesome. I'm pretty excited to see him. Mixed up with some higher level talents just to see how well he shakes. out It was fun watching him. Try to compete for both championships as past season East and West and obviously got the West one but You know was was competing. Pretty well there in the east there until I I kind of backed out of the race but We're also looking at Just before we go some kind of weird tussle the kind of started on on twitter this week between virtual racing real racing Brian Kazlauskiene and Doug Kobe who's a Well modified tour driver Six time champion in that series by the way They they both took very high exception to NASCAR kind of promoting the I. Racing series drivers to the level of having a media availability session and Just kind kind of a a season preview. Kind of deal They kind of call some racing not racing. What is your thoughts on this and Do you think some racing is the future of NASCAR and do we need to be putting a stake in that And Avenue Wow you're throwing me into the fire. Okay here we go yeah So I will say this first and foremost I do not participate dissipation. IRA's thing. I did try it once at a driver autograph session and I've probably was the worst possible human in the city of St Louis at I racing racing in that very that shows how bad I am an IRA then In terms of erasing and kind of the virtual aspect of things. I was very very skeptical when the whole push kind of started and I'm not ashamed to say when the peak races were broadcast on NBC ESPN and streams through NASCAR's social channels. I washed a couple of them and I didn't turn them off. I figured I'd tell him on for five minutes that they okay. Whatever this is fun? Gone Tom Tom. Move on with the rest of my day but I couldn't. They're like they're actually repelling. And I watched a couple more and I don't pretend to follow along with the the names and the personalities of the series in that in that realm but I do have a fringe following of that but I do also respect the Doug. Kobe Bryant allow skis and their opinions. On that I baseball somewhere in the middle. I I don't think that is here. Here's my thing right. Virtual racing I racing none of that is harmful to NASCAR. I think it's been official. I lean for is that it's definitely beneficial to now's car is opening up to a new audience. You're getting more eyeballs. You're getting more interest. Act You you might even get another William Byron. You never know but at the same time I think that Doug Kobe Bryant. Do you have a point and sense of. There's no real substitute for for hands on real world experience. Now I think maybe the way that One of those two drivers voice that on twitter was a little bit a little bit. I mean a lot of it out of line. It doesn't mean that their opinion is not valid and and it holds some merit so I fall somewhere in the middle but I definitely think that virtual aspect of racing in general is extremely streaming beneficial to the world of racing and I also saw tweet that basically said Nascar is not a sport. Auto racing is a sport. NASCAR is an entity that has motor sports auto racing in it and I think that gets lost a lot of people's minds when we start talking about this kind of topic so I think You know erasing. I racing everything that goes along along with that. It's good for the sport and I have a couple of friends that participate in some leagues and got drafted by teams and stuff and I'm happy to see them have some success and enjoy damn selves. So happy touchy subject. I noticed the beneficial oughta stuff for that. Well My side of things I'm looking at it is. It's been compared a lot. It's like call of duty and other things where people do that. They're not master-marksman when they go grab a gun or anything like that. Oh call duty stuff. You're holding a controller. You're not holding a gun when you're playing it Meanwhile when you're playing I race and you've got a steering wheel pedals via gearshift or you've got all that stuff and I think a lot of it actually does translate. And that's why we've seen some some people like William Byron Josh Berry and a few others succeed after doing I racing into the real world racing. My thing is that when we can probably end it here I mean. Give it a chance if you're one of those people that doesn't really have an opinion either way but you're seeing the back and forth on twitter. Give it a chance because I was one of those I gave a chance. And now I'm not host but I'm interested and I'm a supporter of because I think there's a lot of benefits and it has way more benefits than it does negative aspects. So I'm with it. Definitely definitely Davey single. Let everybody know how they can call you on twitter one last time a man Davy Center is my handle and you can also find me on instagram program at Davy underscore the man with two and since then my middle name underscore four And also my website. ABC Dot Com. You can find all my social channels their taste book youtube lengthy and included and hope you follow along. Hope you like what you see. Not as good at Toby's but I. I think I'm being propped up a little bit more than I should be. But so you said your middle name was man Yeah Holy Crap. That's awesome my mom for that made it. They will have to served with her at some point. It's very soon I'll get her on all right. David thanks so much for taking time out in the file. Weekly it again. You GotTa show what we the final lap weekly is on lap weekly. My Name's Gary Murphy. His name Toby Christa. McAuliffe's entire program the final lap. Weekly here we are in the back end of the program nicely done Toby Christie and David Go. Yeah Oh man that was awesome. Good stuff there all right then. He did take some pretty good jobs that we both some pretty good jabs at you. Those Nice. I'll do a driver spotlight light or drivers. Say What you take your in your mind and It's Kyle Larson busy off season looking forward to Twenty Twenty Cup series season here. He is to kick things off. Yeah Yeah for sure Staying busy race in but While I'm doing excited about getting the NASCAR star back up you know we ended ended last year. Good good so When you when you do that makes you excited for the next season so cool to be here in Daytona and helps helps remind you about well? You know what's what's upcoming so. The question is Talladega or Daytona I broke a rib at Talladega. I wouldn't say that necessarily like it better better but I would say I do appreciate Daytona more each time I come come back. You know you just see you. How big big this venue is? And how many race fans at draws to come out and watch US race Your this Sunday pre race festivities or are always awesome so Yeah I look forward to this event for sure. Even if I don't particularly like the style racing I still I still love US event in Endesa if we look forward to the Daytona five hundred for the four hundred thirty eighth season in a row. Chevrolet has a new body style. Yeah we don't have any track time with it but You from everything I've heard of it at the shop is it's better in the more we had so I'm sure there'll be some some growing pains throughout the early parts of the season or you know. Hopefully we don't but I mean I'm not going to get upset if there is because we do have a new body style and You we don't know be things things we have to learn on the fly so That'll that'll I'm sure sure happen at some point but everybody seems to be pretty confident about it. So that that that makes me excited and for the first time in like the last seventy five seasons there will be changes to the schedule. Yeah I think I think it's all good changes I can't tell oh you what the schedule is off the top of my head. But I know you're the playoffs or quite a bit different and some of the early part of the season you haven't two weeks off in a rose awesome. See I think this is. I think everything is is good As far as scheduled changes go The playoffs or even more intense I think was just the layout of the races and where they fall you even in any particular round. I think. Kyle Larson went down to New Zealand's breathing reading some fresh air down there. I'm sure And talks about his escapades. Not not the truck made by GM but his adventures and also Chili Bowl all in the same clip here. You Go deathly. I felt like after after one day of being sore I was I was good. So Yeah it was Is Is it big react but not not not the biggest I've ever had first time. Chile will in my own stuff First Time I've been away from Keith. There in a long time Really the first time. I haven't been on a big team there since. You're my first two Chili Bowl. So it's been I think this is like my thirteenth or some time at the Chili Bowl. So it'd be it'd be different than something. I'm looking forward you just. You're not being in the main pit there and Youth thighs on me the whole time. So it'd be a little different but but I'm excited for the rule truck by Jim named the escapade escalade right. Yep that would be anyway. Arsons confident heading into the new season. For this reason I felt like just before the mid way part of last season I felt like I had the fastest car. You each week. There so And then we had a good run in the playoffs finished six points. He had some bad luck throughout his playoffs but He had a good season overall. So yeah I think what the rules not changing. I think it helps every team really but Just from where we started the UH two thousand nine season ended. I felt like we made the most improvement out of out of all the team. So I think we're in a good spot to start this year even with the new body style so you don't really know what to expect and take it out there. But but I'm looking forward to getting out there because I think our all of our expectations are much higher all right there. You Have Kyle Larson and this program of course brought to you by the all new. GM escapade right which comes with a jar of mayonnaise from almonds. Of course yep made with so. Thanks to David Segal for joining us on the program. We we now have a new fill in host. I think we do so. We're going to have to knock one of us out for one of these weeks and bring him on. That's it's right Rolex twenty four cars and the racetrack champion guy. Kyle Busch going to be one of them and all cameras on Degan for whatever reason and we'll we'll be watching that it's GonNa be fun ties. Man I'm excited. Checkered flag is flying on the show. This has been the final week. We catch US next week right here when we will do some recapping of the twenty four rolexes and preview review while. We're only a few weeks away from from stuff going on in Daytona. So we'll preview that stuff. WHOA that's a wrap? Another final lap weekly is in the books folks. The final lap weekly is hosted by Carrie Murphy along with Toby. Christie proudly syndicated by United Stations. Radio Networks in New York City city executive producer Kerry Murphy Murphy Kerry Murphy designed by Russell. Nash at Audio Director Dot Audio. Fine Tom mode some Tombo DOT com. Thanks for listening. I'll see on the back end. Yes came out and see us on the back end. 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