A Chat with BTS , The New Ghost and Creepy Things Girls Do


Hey man listen up your new favorite jeans are here the next level airflow genes from an American Eagle an authentic dumb look with comfort and flexibility you gotta feel it to be leave it like their stacks skinny jeans design with longer than stacks at the angles so guys you can show off your kicks I appreciate that air flights men's jeans are also available in stores and at at Dot Com school read wow that is old red hot chili peppers old old really old screaming things talking about chopping our legs off so that we end up in a hover around and they don't even care I just ate waiting for my coffee someone screaming of shopping your legs off it it's a typical all upset but I also am very excited because I think officially jaded New Yorker this morning we went to get our coffee like we normally do from the card every day but there was a person standing outside the car it is a heavy Friday song it's alright y'all get excited yes it is awesome welcome today it's officially riday good morning so we're doing some fun stuff we're going to pop ups are installation today and then tomorrow wandered through Central Park and do things you boyfriends in town I think you're gonna see a lot of things. Gandhi high froggy morning pillow they're scary hey there's producers Sam hi producers learning this and look even straighten it looks like he's in a good yeah I'm trying to resolve of let's get rolling around the room and we'll start with you Gandhi what's on your mind today well somebody else and just can't see the person it's we play we play a game walking around our neighborhood in New York City we call it Bluetooth or no bluetooth talking to someone my door with loads of Taco bell yesterday he was like overeats delivers all these like fast food places and the old me would have said uh listen everybody laughing all those things kind of make me a big hug things get your mind off your daily stress I don't want your everyday occurrence in New York City thought but my friend was like we gotta get Outta here let's go we gotta get Outta here I didn't even get my coffee so now I'm mad at her but I'm proud of myself was always because we don't have a big budget you know what I'm saying when are they calling in in about forty five minutes aren't forty-five minutes we'll have a short in very inexpensive call with bt 's but we're excited here this guy this weekend I just I need a weekend what about you guys hell yes so excited for the weekend what are you doing what are you doing this weekend Ghandi's boyfriend got here last night have to guess yes they are talking to someone no they're not talking to anyone hey what's up with you today scary so somebody showed the chili peppers but it sounds good anyway welcome to the weekend so excited it's finally Friday I don't care if if it shoots fire for it closed door starved the rest of the night wait a minute I can't believe you would even think for a moment you were going to accept someone else's food delivery Domino's superglue thing before have you guys heard of that before I've heard I've heard of ways to get an infection really held a closed until the Glue Dry oh closed so it needs a stench but I'm pretty sure the superglue is GonNa hold we're all good sometimes self surgery does work without a doubt without a doubt now I've heard the weekend Hillary I so pumped to be talking to you guys and super excited to be going over trip it's boyfriends birthday houses here we'll go to froggy what's up with you wrong well yesterday afternoon I was working on something in the garage and I accidentally cut my hand right between where my thumb and forefinger you will tell everyone where you're going with your boyfriend for the weekend this is the best part oh Jeez there sounds like it was about to be profit company called Flex Valor and they make flags for veterans and they're operated and he's guys I don't know something to wake me up scary what do you have school children this is old school this is like the old schools old a party pooper yeah come on go to medical school here right what is difficult it's a liquid banded gaffe like that it's a turncoat from Zelda's durant in the morning show I love that it'd be is its head body running around screaming things you know what and don't think that they're screaming into the air they actually do have imaginary friends and there are more real than you know that's a nice status he's not even talking to us really good it is I know where she's going Hillary can you hear me Oh damn it to hell where are they gonna go they're going to Disney things are not known when it comes to food delivery it's not finders keepers losers we I'm sorry what's up with you today who took anyway I'm glad you've thought that through he was gonNA talk to our first caller of the day it's Hillary Hey Hilary I was the one who saw your techs come through how excited are you about I love him I hope you guys have the best weekend at Disney ever since you and Elvis Duran morning show shirt since you are the official first caller of the day that's so awesome because these are awesome and others around you are the van your shows keep it up just these guys are we know that your next stop is Orlando going to Disneyworld how fun would that be let's get into your horoscopes with producers Sam and by the way awesome thank you for listening our Daniel is out again today taking care of some very important family business and we are hoping she'll be rejoining us on Monday miss you very much Danielle all right so who you I thought you're already in the it's a small world ride or something I can't hear you so you're on your way to Disney with your boyfriend but even better news than that tell everyone how special your they you celebrate with Zach Ephron Neo and tyler Posey capricorn powerful feeling of love is surrounding you take time to appreciate your loved ones and let them know how much brace this new opportunity your days ten Taurus goals are not always meant to be met sometimes trying is all that matters so be proud of yourself or how far you've come your days in eight they mean to you your day is an Aquarius it's time to change your life patterns switch up your routine or try something new to ensure you don't get bored todays nine high-seas ourselves in the area where you can't put a band aid so I had my son hold it together and I put super glue on it and it's forrest gump swept since Danielle's not here it must be Gandhi Oh let me guess Gandhi such a secret okay here we are celebrating today happy for serving our country and Hillary thank you for listening to us we appreciate it very much have fun at Disney now hold on and safe travels wouldn't you a few years ago remember I was drunk and then all of a sudden domino's just showed up late at my poor can't do that that's awful shame shame on you food price I mean Gemini you're craving afresh atmosphere for socializing get to know new people around you and develop new relationships your days seven cancer you are not responsible for other peoples happiness have some strange encounters today take this as an opportunity to see the world through a different Lens nor days seven areas a major shakeup is headed your way run right out into the open and today Wayne Lapierre Senorita career yes senior okay well welcome today we've got lots to do you can only support them so be a good friend and keep yourself emotionally healthy and content your days nine Leo your life might seem a bit chaotic lately be open to doing things differently and you can regain your power in this area you're eight virgo your energy has brought good fortune recently so keep your positive attitude and more successful follow your day is a ten Lee use get organized and everything will fall into place your day is an eight ten Sagittarius don't let people's mistake mistake your kindness for weakness make sure your generous but yeah your imagination is flowing freely channel into creative work or other interest to add some possess days nine Scorpio big decision has he can it is my print is very special fifteen years in the air force and has said works for a non appropriate times your day is seven and those are your Friday morning horoscopes excellent three things we need to know this morning Gandhi do you want to add the fourth one the fourth one thousand teachers and aides are walking picket lines and three hundred sixty thousand students won't be going to school until this strike end so what happens I mean they're saying that these teachers deserve more money traffic in south Florida is so brace yourselves for that one Chicago Public School classrooms are GonNa be closed again today it's Day two of the Teachers Union Strike Thirty says that narrowed down twelve locations to four finalists and finally decided that his was perfect for their needs which means leaders from the seven largest economies will meet their next June and we already know how crazy you guys ruined it for us we're GONNA ruin the living hell out of it you're you're not even recognized as a shirt when it arrives it's going to be a tattered whatever you tell your boyfriend we said thank you stupid up and die so he sounds dream I love it so not a veteran but now he's working to better the lives of veterans and people who are serving our country we're just moments away from getting a phone call from bt 's under the BCS army is up early now look you know they're calling in calling long distance and that's expensive so called a new whatever right you don't have the money so they're saying go find the money I have a solution for what is your solution okay so I think that if every student NASA because there are thirty eight active astronauts only twelve of them are women and it's going to happen at seven fifty a m eastern time I love it let's keep an eye on that I'm really excited thank you I slept through a hurricane hurricane slipped an earthquake last night oh can you tell us about it or is out because I was asleep I love waking up hearing the yeah holy crap hi welcome to the weekend I'm so excited I feel like something really going to happen this weekend I don't know what I feel something fun six flavors to choose from don't be afraid upgrade to Oh my God holy Crap Hey Christina Koch an ESA are gonNA replace malfunctioning battery components it was supposed to happen in spring there were some complications but it is going to happen today this is a huge milestone when they went to school had to sign a little pledge that one percent of whatever you make is going to go to like your favorite teacher teachers would improve teachers get more money and we can all sacrifice like off her son right look teachers deserve money I hope they figure this out I hope so too what's your third thing neither thing the first all female space walk is scheduled for this morning today yeah they do like every teacher has more money I don't care how much money they already make they say they don't have the money so what do you do I mean you know how economics work you look in your bank account you can't afford to buy and edgy we're on the edge of sliding down a long slippery slide into a big lake filled with fun that's what I'm there's only one hot sauce that was able to convert me for my usual arsenal chill Lula they're newest flavors we have a narrow packed such punch that actually made me smile I loved it was the show people leave the show all the time oh here's the next one no that's not how this works Daniels not going anywhere She is taking care of in bunk beds last night he did and he's been like weirdly giddy about it all I know we were talking about sleeping in bunk beds yesterday and he came back today and said yeah he did indeed sleep with a friend in in bunk beds last night so I'd like to get to the bottom of that let's see what else do I have on my list I got all sorts of yeah that's got the right address but the new me is like you know what somebody's GonNa go starving right now someone's having a party somewhere my building so I said no I'm sorry you've got the wrong apartment stuff Gandhi said something creepy yesterday and it really reminded me that not only guys can be creepy but women can be creepy too I got called creepy allot yesterday yeah okay be prepared for whatever comes your way in the all new gt four door coupe because life is a race visit your local dealership for a test drive today Duran and the morning show we have a short phone call with bt s on the way I say short because I they're very busy I think they're in the studio doing some work and they said we could for some families staff and we will tell you when she returns what it was all about but until then that's up to them it's their thing right right also thinking about you don't know about you but when I'm doing hey a people are texting asking about Daniel she is out on some family business and no she's not lead along I'm just saying it may be short so there I got that out of the way what else well a question to straighten it out well I heard rumor he slept in a bunk bed in twenty years hopper bottom oh I chose the bottom of course you did nothing sexual about that yeah I had to leave earlier so I didn't want to climb down on my friend so anyone said that just now fuse you know they call me uncle Elvis I feel pretty good about that but a good uncle knows when it's time for the nephews to go back to the studio so anyway short phone call with bt s on the way it may be they also I got this text here it says unpopular opinion I do Salk Shoe Salk Shoe Gandhi you guys ready for Friday I come on this ever Friday more from the proceeds bands interview Lounge Nile Horan just good to be back because I love you know these are the things in life you could you could debate until the cows come home as they say I mean do you cut your sandwich vertically or you know what I'm saying I mean who cares perseus there she's there she's going where are you driving in a cave where are you we're in the backwoods West Virginia you don't is tied how you get there is up to you get creative have fun do something different exactly I get a lot of crap 'cause I bite my string cheese I don't even care because it tastes better that way I'll bite it believe me we have all day we don't work you know what I'm saying you call this work we could talk to be for four or five hours I would love to talk to my nephew and shoes on like the rest of the world you gotta be different who does that what they do I've been a lot of people I've done it before but if there's an emergency you have to hop out of the okay what are the other three things well. The trump administration is reportedly going to host next year's G Seven summit at the President Trump's devours in Miami it was chosen during a selection. Yeah you you said something really creepy yesterday we'll get into that in a few minutes I'm just kind of laying it all out there he is there's bunk bed boy hi good morning it was so great sleeping in a bunk bed I haven't wraparound loop through as an adult who cares nuts don't let it go I have I have a list of things I want you to get nuts over and I wanna live in your universe thank you okay I think it's a better universe if we just let people do what they WanNa do live and let live yes do it us there's no emergency you know the what ifs are Schmultz you know what I'm saying it should be socks shoo shoo what if this person does sock pant leg shoe I mean you slept the quake was Oh my God how was it i I slept through did he moved around now okay good I was asleep the people people looking for things to get mad bodily don't do what I suggested shoe and then sock is a weird way to do it again putting your shoe on and then your sock over your shoe that's Weird Che's because I do too bunny ears and you turn them around and you twist them that is something that only kids do we supposed to learn the one bunny ears seriously what is it with people these people set in their ways exactly Gandhi mix it up yes scary don't get me started on the way you tie your shoelace sick of watching other people sit in this seat sniff that smells of many people smelly Lewis capacity brought to you by Mercedes am mother and to protect other patients and make families comfortable in the hospital this seven year old goes around and hands out Venus fly traps to other people who are there he just I suggest you do it frees you up to enjoy life into not not worrying about things that are negative you're so negative about your because he's accepting donations he is adorable and Jamie Briggs thank you so much for this story and if you have someone that deserves to be featured email me salmon Elvis Duran dot com subject line field more focus called string cheese care I'm going to open my mind allow a universe where you can just trump the hell out of the string cheese tube and not string it down okay what about Gandhi does it that way she's so weird if I could I would but like a bra is one thing stocks are two things I should have an option to put all their stocks we're one sock and not the other one they're a pair in the morning show Elvis Duran and the morning show and I must wish very very very special good morning to the and now they're back in the studio and when they get back into the studio they they hit the road running I mean there's no time for frivolity go look that word up I love the word frivolity sation with bts talking about the new song and I got to tell you what we did is an you've got to keep him my beats yes they're very busy into the I know they were out they were taking some time off BTS Army I can feel you listening I know that we have a lot more people listening today because we're about to Play our today he visited her in the hospital he noticed a fly buzzing around annoying her and it made him really upset so he bought her a flytrap and now in honor of his things are not on that list no it's it all we know is we want the end result you want both socks both shoes on you want shoelace who cares if they WANNA put one sock once you then one sock when she won why does it make you mad that's the discussion and if I mean if they want to do it wrong they can about your shoe suck suck shooting right like how stressful would you be if you walk down the street and everything that people did that was not like the way you did it stress you out man I'd have a heart attack I get real mad when William puts his shirt on before anything on the bottom I call it the poo bear and it makes me uncomfortable because her all uncomfortable look producer Sam has your field good for today yes it does work amazing thank goodness okay because seven-year-old Sebastian Leopold unfortunately September lost his grandmother to a battle with cancer but forever okay well now that stupid that's where you draw the line I draw the line of eating the big tube of cheese no you gotTA string that baby bite talk to bts my nephews are coming up right after this this conversation really GonNa keep the listeners thrilled and so what we did is in order to make sure we fit into the schedule and they could fit into ours we decided to record interview with them having a few minutes to talk about the new song you know what I'm saying but I don't want anyone to get mad at us if they have to hang up and go back to work that's they you want them to go back to work uh-huh obviously we have wasn't it yeah we have cranky pants over there in the corner want you make him feel good what are you have so has anyone here had a venus fly trap because I have not oh I'm like oh that's great but it made Brody mad like why are you mad at someone who does Salk Shusaku weird because it seems like you have one role in life and that's the put your socks on sixes mom to take him and gives it with a little note that says it's an honor of his grandmother so sweet so I'm glad they work on me because I really had no idea that's awesome tweeted out the Lincoln case you want to help him out talk to anyone but it's bts anyway so it was so important for us to at least get a moment with because I know they're going to roll through town eventually we'll get them live again interface something you won't hear when we play this back is you won't hear when two of them called me uncle Elvis is that what that felt so good I mean play play our new favorite song here we go let's play back please welcome cliven the Mercedes Benz Interview Lounge risk losing an opportunity to talk to our boys you know what I'm saying because every time we get them on the phone I feel I feel happy and positive mm-hmm and play it back today because this is the day they wanted wanted us to play back and the reason we did that is because of scheduling because it was either that or hey I got a phone call with him coming up is that is that true yeah okay can keep in mind there in the studio so I don't want to keep him out of the studio we gotta let them work but I what is wrong with just being creative and changing it up every once in a while women start putting on one Brock Cup and one sleeve and the other brought up by this leader excited about your new song make it right that was really dumb question I ask because I know you love it so bt s thank you Sam oh by the way they're supposed to commercial here I don't have any commercials that you guys are asking me to do so I'm off the hook this is skip that commercial and there you go whoa right I mean nate who was it they all chimed in and called you uncle Elvis when I was on the handset with them which I think was pretty much an honor to be able to talk to them featuring our friend Lau who was on our show the other day and you actually wrote this with Ed Sheeran Open you guys would take a break will be great and I think they're management did promise that what happened and I made them promise I said look better promise and they're like okay don't hurt me because I know how important it is for army to hear bts so anyway this was recorded the other day in Danielle was with us of course she off today but you'll hear Danielle on here and what you won't hear them screaming they got there they go you guys are always so much fun we always smile so big when we hear from you listen we've got to talk about your new song and in even though we can't always speak the same language all of us we speak this language of happiness I mean they they they're just fine there's this great I love it right now in oliver favorite fit so chime with free shipping and returns right now new next level air flakes genes for men from American Eagle Comfort style your move orange good morning to be t s a real excited about it so where are you today where where where are we talking to you today we're we're on our studio somebody's record like long vacation like since our debut and you know we we have vacations and then we're working now though it's it's over race over even working so hard but you're still working this is crazy what a year you've had we have vacation actually it was our borders how you I mean it's great all but to be able to talk to them was pretty cool but we rescheduled to call three times and you even stayed late we always talk to them I never stay lean somebody's writing songs Blah Blah Blah. Poppy well sounds like a fun day how hey elvis which I think it's it's a travesty we get that okay so let's our conversation with bt 's and we does it I would do that I would do I would do that just to Piss you off at least tell how listen to you bitch and Moan like an old man seriously you you really are nuts I mean uh-huh back took your vacation you guys were out at all these incredible events like the Rose Bowl soldier field metlife stadium's in the US army was out out backing you up your US army the most powerful army in the world what was your favorite thing about touring here in the US not s make it right featuring Lau excellent come see assumed guys wow allow and ed sheeran fantastic and congratulations I just WanNa play the song may I play it of course we're going to spin it so it's she's hits your tongue I otherwise in so you taste that I I get it I love it I saw another Texas said they pour the milk in the bowl and then the series uh-huh also we're talking about people who get angry when people don't do things the way they do them for instance we had texture saying they put their shoes and socks on I'm actually he wanted to come to our Wembley show and he actually did come like are especially vocal members like text insane they like to eat their pizza slice upside down Oh why not why can't you do that why can't you do that falloff no it may not Bingo and we we could do some sightseeing as well you guys working with Ed Sheeran on make it right what's it like working with for and she doing a great job only while Daniels out just coming by the way coming up we do have to get into the list of things that women girls do that are creepy I'm three hundred thousand dollars scale was amazing and the stadium was like so big and you know it was like a one they said they're busy in the studio done love being able to play that song now we've got stuff to get into as you know Danielle is out today but Gandhi Gandhi is trying to take over right and he wrote the book and of course we want work with and so that's how the collaboration started you know so happy to you know could have this would it exactly I was testing you and you pass thank goodness it's so good to hear from our friends and they will be coming to join us live as soon as we can get him in here but they him actually very argue report real all the boys of ad and she contacted us and said like that it was just a beautiful ceremony Wendy was beautiful she was so happy she was taken aback she gave a very very very very touching speech from the heart maybe toppings for a reason they're not if it clings that's fine let me tell you something if you eat it upside down stuff doesn't fall off then the sauce and the doc shoe and then socks you in I think it's fine Gandhi thinks it's okay but of course brody's over there so mad he's I would rate the din someone else I'm so on right there the Hollywood walk of fame a New Star arrived yesterday we unveiled Wendy Williams connotes inch of course she looked over and her son Kevin was there and she choked up she talked about how she's been going through such a rough year and but she feels like she's coming out of the and she has so much to be grateful for and of course being surrounded by all your friends and people who love you like we were loving on Wendy yesterday it was truly a great day for her I was so happy for her new star on the Hollywood walk of fame it was great we who's that that was me sorry stop it we had over several thousand people lining up on the sidewalk to watch this imagination a little bit we had a texture say she puts the toothpaste directly on her teeth and then she applies toothbrush brushes aw make it right I liked it. BTS and of course love I love that didn't Ed Sheeran have something to do with that yeah uh well that's perfect collaborations are the best to it's so much fun to work with other artists and you guys you've done it now with two of the biggest so fan of bands of things and you know we're so we're like fans for each other so that's how it happened you know let's like let's work and love it's weird all right let's get into The Daniel Report guest hosted by Gandhi. What's going on I ask you about how the Star ceremony went yesterday with Wendy Williams okay blasphemous guys hey hey grumpy old men over the past the way they want to let them do it also went okay here's one let me let me stretch it's all right now thank you I'm sure on on that song you're also working with our boy loud how did you guys connect with him apparently there's this luxury experience where you can get the full celebrity beauty experience Oregon four hundred thousand dollars it'll get you and a guest flights and airfare out to California can sit with her makeup artist and look just like her and they say fifteen thousand of that four hundred thousand don't worry that's going to charity percentage Jack Dorsey who's the CEO of twitter account and Chloe Grace Maurits as well and if you WANNA look like Kim Kardashian you can but it will cost you four hundred thousand dollars we're the hookers walking down Hollywood boulevard into it Yellow Canary Yellow one of them said hey honey I can see your point attacked her snap chat account was hacked and somebody posted news of her on her own page this company that is a hacking group they're called discord they've taken responsibility for other people as well meaner what do you mean like looking down I see my Weiner start yelling at people just to see their reaction hunting I can see listen especially with audible best selling audio books on parenting money spirituality you name it listen and learn something new start a free thirty day audible trial the rest of it they're gonNA keep and out this weekend malevolent misters of evil? Everyone's really excited about that. Did you say that it was the best movie Frankie Grandes so there's your answer thank you I saw some of the pictures on your instagram account so I just got really nosy and I wanted to know my yellow suit I did I hear a lot of compliments on it from random people on the street night on that flex the series premiere of living with yourself with Paul Rudd and another Docu series called natural selection which looks really interesting it's about gene editing plus of course this weekend Sunday night who gets mad at people who eat pizza upside down ignore him we're ignoring nate okay goodbye take your time and do a great report all right we'll Jennifer Lawrence is getting married anyway it was really weird but to top that I got on board the plane and I walked Pat Pass someone who had it on their lap excellent my but before I poop all right open your mind back to you I don't think that this is going to happen so far none of these things have really bothered me like bothering the other people but I just want to know the specifics of how you get the toothpaste directly on your tooth you could figure it out like direct tamales ceremony and so many people were there they had standing across the street on that sidewalk low right in front of the Hustler Club Nice Yeah and football and there you go thank God he back right after this law you learn a lot guy on that book up and taking into the registering go hey you recognize him do I get a discount on my own book ask schools then no no I didn't say anything no it's embarrassing I'm not going to sell you should've said you don't need to read that story I'll sit down and tell it to you he lives up to our logo our slogan love all serval am I we you know we need to hire some more open minded people right this weekend she's twenty nine years old she's been engaged for less than a year her fiance Cook Maroney this will happen in Newport Rhode Island's people are very excited about that we like it and you know we kind of figured out if you don't listen to our show you probably have no interest in reading this book because you probably don't even know who I am or why existing I get that but his book so please buy it I need Christmas money I need money for Christmas gifts. What's so funny nate I'll be strand in the morning show Oh I was walking through lax the airport here in Los Angeles right and I went into one of those Hudson Bookstores ooh sorry I'm eating cheerios cheese okay we can get back to that later it was awesome I'll swallow cheerios they really have no flavor side of the continent and you see your your ugly face on a book into the store there you have it I know scary that had happened to you you would have instant storied that ones who gets adobe you'll be a chapter next to him Oh nice free did choice and then known okay it's weird it's weird to be in a city on the opposite side he's just tossing it out into the universe Joel rule would like to know or like you to know that he wants to perform Jaylo at the Super Bowl of course he would they worked on you know I'm real ain't it funny even possible how do that people from what a calm doesn't even deserve oxygen forgetting deserve to live am I the only one on the show that all that stuff back in the early two thousands and he thinks it would be a great reprisal of this job would you demi levato sadly her social media I feel like you should just give out your book for Christmas stocking stuffers I wouldn't I had a friend who actually gave he gave out autographed photos of himself to his friends for and your first audiobook is absolutely free visit audible dot com slash Elvis can text us at five one hundred standard data and messaging rates may apply right now the three things you need to know from Gandhi do you want to add my fourth I slept through an earthquake did anyone talk about the Los Angeles earthquake I'm saying this to you now you're listening so it doesn't make sense of this but for people who listen to the show I think it really isn't interesting this is what I'm hearing it's what I've heard the news in a cell mint menthol in tobacco flavors to help people who are trying to quit smoking combustible cigarettes they're going to implement the new policy effective immediately because as we know there have been a lot a friend found a guy walking down the street with a little dog in his backpack and she took a picture of them it was like I need your help help you find this man I think I'm in love I posted it and everyone's like how dare you if that was a girl the people getting deadly vaping related lung diseases and of course we would like to cut down on that we see people walking around all day every day with their air pods and right or just headphones they there there it was my book was sitting right there I'm like Whoa did you just hang out there for a while staring at seeing someone was gonna notice you're like hey look family on it but I'm like come on really what am I going to do it this way anyway coming up we have a phone tap from does the Friday phone Gary Does Okay Gary it out a opposed saying Melissa it was the best movie he's seen in his entire life that is very very intense the best thank you Frankie Life Yeah also well has compiled a list of creepy things that women do you know yesterday we're talking about creepy guy is hey this thing works both ways are dying Gandhi said something yesterday immediately life's goals I would have done a million things I would have done what you said first of all I would have held the book up to my face at Hudson News and then I would have lowered it look you looking at me Oh directly into your ears the ones that go into your ear hole wearing right now how often do you guys clean yours anyone never never well you got a problem or clean them don't be nasty because there are a lot of infections that you can get they say that is blocking your ears natural ability to get rid of build up and it's adding in dirt sweat neither totally creeped me out I think more did something that really creeped allow listeners out but I don't care I stand by it and it's still on my instagram story if anyone wants to go look what was that people be so upset I don't think so I think so I think if it was a girl people would have been someone someone absol I think if I would've taken a picture of this guy in his apartment with this dog that'd be creepy it's a it's a nice phone tap we're all GONNA prove also coming up after the phone we have to talk about this list that Gandhi of people check yourselves against breast cancer by getting the Mammogram as often as early as you can because it can detect a problem before any outward sign and don't forget we are in October October is national guy that came from Elvis Duran and finally today is National Mammography Day President Clinton made it a day in Nineteen ninety-three to remind women dead skin oil hair and wax and your stuffing that all into your head when you're not cleaning it you're going to die you're GonNa die you're GonNa die kindling candling Oh yeah nothing slimmer deal I don't know missed it anyway okay the other things we'll jewel is suspending the sale of fruit flavored e cigarette cartridges they announced their only show of ours in this great country of ours you need a bottle of hot sauce with you wherever you go there are two next to me right now what flavors you have I'm looking at Chili garlic and original was it what was this joke that'd be so upset I would never do that we don't want to give me that when people I mean I get everyone wants to send you the Christmas Card Breast Cancer Awareness Month excellence your thank you so much Gandhi Creepy Gandhi creepy someone just sent a text and said they had a dream about me tattooing a smiley face on learn did you know that Lula they're well-guarded century old recipe is produced in the Central High Plains of Mexico collegue and they said they were totally let it happen Oh you don't want me with an each you don't want you don't want me thinking you you don't you don't need that not going to have he made a song for us so he's like Santa Claus he likes all the president all your and it was eagle it's not about size it's about shape designed with more room through the hips and thighs to give girls with curves the best possible so you can say goodbye to waistband gap look they're just saying clean your ear buds all they're saying there's really nothing else that but they're saying if you haven't been a lot which I know a lot of my friends have them in twenty four hours a day you're going to hey I would not have done that and I therefore did not do that but it's weird the book is still doing well more and more people are saying they re you needed to know that it's uniquely appealing balance a flavor in heat with no sharp chillier vinegar burn it's fabulous you can tell them reading that but I freeman little bit anyway okay so we'll get into that creepy God he's GonNa help us with that coming up in a few minutes I guess we're running we need to get into the three if you're walking down the street you're in a public place you've got a dog in your backpack snuggling your back daft expect someone's going to take a picture of my creepy nervous 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And I've spent the last thirty years tracking down there and Benji with new shows edit each week and almost a decade of podcast archives you're sure to find something you love and the car stuff podcast we cover everything from the birth of the automobile the podcast narrated by Dennis Quaid Gene Dot Com Kettle Bell kitchen dot com drives floats or flies you can learn all about it on are stuck with me your host Scott Benjamin every week we take a deep dive into the world of these incredible machines and people and the technology that make them a reality when are let's take a break we have your Friday phone tap coming up right after this away they show no matter where you're listening to this of a gap in there another giveaway if your genes are always tight through the thigh and hip so most women's jeans use a ten inch hit first waist measurement but curvy genes are designed with a third story about the two most important musicians of the twentieth century that no one ever knew but that's about to change because now during new music produced by t-bone Burnett written by Jerry guested and Grammy Winning Songwriter poobah bowling but the new song featuring original lyric by Bob Dylan Oh pasta and so lo and behold I sit down to dinner last night and I'm like Gimme Pasta Yeah you do and I had this nice homemade fresh pasta the Internet I gotta find out what what's for lunch I feel like every other day is also national or international or US Taco Day okay all right it's Friday though I money for cash we're giving you this book it causes eighteen dollars so let's get into it did you get that person on the phone name doodles feudal that's not not pasta froggy no pasta no I chicken fingers gained National Mammography Day and national lugging day. Yeah there's nothing there to eat a TACO cupcake can we make sure we we we've we've exhausted live on the show let's go to line twenty four though before we get into this I just want you to like want to win this because some people do like Hey Sophia how are you lobster Oh so good didn't want anyone else have pasta lasagna count as Paulista good for you the National Food Day on I don't know what to have lunch with the list is national chocolate tipped or chocolate cupcake day yeah national no beard day number from a life lived out loud look I got it right you sort of remember the title of the book sort of I don't know brain cells how do I how do we get to the day with eat well today what else is going on Oh yeah we have the phone tap on the way it's the free book phone tap and this because we didn't have money for a trip to send you on weed you gotta be honest with you when I read that I realized I I used a lot of foul language when I wrote the book and so saying it out loud can do your ears I feel kind of dirty I'm so sorry uh-huh Stephens out of the world to musicians who changed it all listen to bear and a Banjo on the iheartradio wherever you get podcasts we happy all right we're about to get into the free phone tap if you WanNa win a copy of what's it called where do I begin your where do I begin stories I sort of ending the day with my best friend just listening to your life was amazing I absolutely love the audio book the Book and you did great you know how we do we always tell you it's national peanut day or it's national come quote day and and you ended up eating peanuts or conquest that's what we do and yesterday was national ah like made you feel like you were right there especially when you describe the what happens backstage I was like well I'm you know in a day of in the day I know but it's who you are it's it's true to you and just listening to you was amazing because the intonations that you use were great okay anyway someone sent a text and they listen to the audible of the book and they said it was like spending the whole day with me and I'm like Oh God I'm sorry I think they wanted it I think you should I don't know if I read it right I don't I don't I don't know how to do it I've never done it before what did you think you'd wonderful I have to we loved it it was like spending the day with my best hi of this I can't believe I'm speaking you look you know in this time it's not recorded it's totally live so you actually listen to the audio version see that's the one I'm nervous about because it was of course I was like six sold out stadium shows in in in the US it's like we met over like when you mentioned how much you're spending on your shopping free we don't talk about that don't give that away anyway Sophia thank you so much for listening in even know where I am or who I am I what year is it anyway call us now to win your book at one eight hundred two four zero one hundred and I'll write whatever you want me to write in it I hope you have a beautiful beautiful day it was great spending the day with you my day right now also for you to have a good weekend too okay all right thanks well anyway it wasn't national finger but you can't hate your nose I love it anyway he'll so yesterday was National Pasta Day I enjoyed my hope you did too is today yeah well thank you so you you know it is so self serving for me to try to track you down and put you on the Arab because I WANNA sell another book come on it'll be okay let sell out that's the goal and I'm I'm look I'm not too proud to admit daddy needs cash because Christmas is coming on and because of you since I was thirteen and I'm about thirty seven now not related but it was take Anthony Elvis story in the morning show and there you have it an example of a guy on the radio WHO's not ashamed to admit he's using this valuable time to sell his book it's very important to me that you saw this book to because when you mentioned that the money is for Christmas presents I expect to be on the receiving end of that so you know what this book that'll give you incentive what's what's that I just heard your whole conversation I've just been talking you never jumped out of a paint and I heard your conversation being on and on and on Gina usually sits on the sidelines and waits for him to do his thing but Gina said you know what I will skydive with you for the very zeile suggestion Elvis where people should buy a hard copy of the book and the audible to go along with it as a companion so they can listen to you and read the book at the same showing me I really appreciate it or Tony Rarely I haven't even doubt myself and I'm jumping daddy needs the cash anyway so and said they were listening to the audible and they said Elvis taught my son the F. Word while listening to audible in the car the best Christmas ever I think this is great we're like listen to my show you can win a book about me it is so l. me she is going to kill me my God hey I'm just going to go for it all right don't worry don't worry about it sorry about that Oh no who said I could someone that's jumped out before no no no what she's going to like this is like Rodin and field and you guys can be my sales people out in the in the field okay and you can sell more of that you more books and you get a better Christmas present I like yours Whoa you're saying that when I put you on hold I didn't I didn't put you on hold heard every hold on let me just test as a hold on we're not no you're not so now his mom can't blame me I blame Elvis thank you Danny sorry about that all right let's get back to the free book phone tap phone ask so this is your first time yeah yeah it is such a wreck about it so hey hold on one second I'm just getting called over here in the office just be tacky it's the tackiest thing but you would expect nothing less from me I think I'll sign it I'M GONNA sign this book first time so she's a little nervous of course and Damon said you know what perfect time to play a phone tap so I'm GonNa Call Gina from the skydiving place and make sure everything's cool see what happen walk through class we get you fitted for the proper gear get you the right backpacks and yeah sure definitely it's a little bit back really we are super excited to have you this weekend with you and your husband correct yeah pretty awesome great make sure you get here a little bit early and we go through Hi Gary Asia phone tap about all right so Damon wants to play phone tap on his girlfriend Gina Now Damon is an extreme sport guy he loves skydiving mountain climbing eighteen at least Randy Elvis durant phone tap if you want to win the book call now one eight hundred two four two zero one hundred all right now Garett yet here and Garrett stone tablets listen hey gino what's up my name is Bob Pittman I work over at the airdrop location that you got right now this is unacceptable I had good money for this I promise my husband I would do this and I'm not going to trust you I seek your manager immediately pay can we just Allah if you heard me what did I say repeat for I can ask about I don't I need to speak here manager wow okay I'm just kidding I'm just kidding near you go look cost us anything really we just found them in the back so next week do we have trips Elvis turn the music not done with you don't pull me you if you have an idea for a phone tap let us know simply go to Elvis Duran dot com and click on the phone tap link so do we have someone to win the then thanks thanks very much will appreciate it we know you have a choice in radio shows and thanks for choosing hours hold on one second okay all right there you go a whole week of giving away books didn't didn't creepy girl conversation creepy women you know it's always guys being accused of being creepy and I gotta be honest ninety nine percent of the time smell we all right absolutely forty giveaway that is fantastic every morning on my way to work your dissatisfied customers this is good this is good talk to the dumb asses skydiving place the guy that we're supposed to jump with as never even go for what are you thinking are you eibar for a second I'm I'm new here I'm in college I really jobs now do I care no can't get fired I don't care books on the way thank you so much for listening every day I hope you have the best weekend every what are you GonNa do you know I'm actually taking my daughter shopping this weekend for a around here so many do we look to tiffany on hold scary push the button God sorry I'm back in New York to push the button all right we can we find some budget over the weekend let's give away cash next week come on what we'll try all right thank you you're one of the best all right we gotta get into this a Ghandi in the in the spirit of fair went out and found a couple of lists online lists of creepy things that women do right and I was accused of I love that don't Poo bear me better not who I will not be prepared all right there you go there's your free book phone tap thank you very much helpful to my friend store a guy was walking down the street with a dog in his backpack my friend took a picture of him and was like Oh my God I love this man can you help me find him I have no idea who is so what are you my name's Gary from Elvis during in the morning show and I love you Dan during the one all right look you and your daughter have a great weekend and enjoy your book it's on the way thanks for listening yeah this is the first thing because she's been wasn't wasn't about this and I've been trying to get into this exactly she says she's coming right out align you don't even talk to anybody in we're going to go through all the time what did you say you have not giving me any west about okay what should I write in Tiffany okay what should I write here are also every morning l was during you are that person thought alone is creepy anyway so in this list you found at bold dot com creepy women's stuff Jim Music for the scary Oh creepy you're you're not creepy he's definitely be creepy if you're hot but let's kind of what we said yesterday that the only difference between creepy and romantic is how it tracks if somebody takes a picture of it don't be shocked I didn't take picture nor did she of somebody in their apartment privately if a woman was walking on the street carrying her dog and I agree hi my hardest all right nice of you I'm trying but yesterday you were talking about we gave the list we were talking about the creepy things guys do so posted the photo and then all of these people are held there you call other people creepy that's creepy view but I feel like it wasn't a public place he's walking down the street he knows he has a dog in a backpack to creepy things especially scary and and and froggy every guy scare your little tiffany go talk to Tiffany Hello Tiffany tiffany won a copy of my book because that's all we the look I know that I do creepy things too but I do my best to try not to I try to think before I creep you know what I'm saying I I'm they're hot I think on this it's how are you going to say it again you're breaking it what's that I think that how high you are is they're directly related to the name we gotta get a budget swing give like fabulous prizes that books are not gonNA get US ratings they're not we literally have books coming out of our ears I mean we have stacks and stacks creeped myself yesterday I thought you did was creepy I thought it it wasn't like one hundred percent full throttle creep creep void but it was pretty creepy I was looking at as being it's amazing that's creepy I've never done that because I've never wanted to give up my last name however I do know that it happens okay another creepy thing women do we find out trigger no no no you would be scary will be labeled a creep but he was already labeled a creep so it's a little late but by the way I'm offended at the voice you choose to use as our voice right are first name with his last name Yes to yes so it's like if I was dating nate and I was just doodling on a piece of paper like made a Marino Oh god I mean what does that mean no I'm not no no no I'm not stubborn really what's up I still think that let's say like Bradley Cooper Chris Pratt or somebody like that if they do these things I don't think it's that it's creepy ever no known online yes I've done that guilty guys do that too I think is D- do that I've I've witnessed that happen okay other things that women do according to bold dot com delays okay I do don't you go back and read texts you receive just to kind of say wait let me make sure I got that and don't you ever read the texts protection with the parachutes no I am not getting on a plane not getting on the plane I am knocking on his plane and we're GonNa get our money back is that clear imagine what our lives together would be like increasingly specific de Creepy explain that to me Gandhi okay so I actually don't do this this is why you're being a jerk maybe he's being a jerk as you said something stupid because he's a tourist that when we started dating I'm a Scorpio she's a Scorpio she's like okay so I have a friend who went snapchat like opened up that you could see where people's locations were and not everybody shut their maps off she was stalking food she would come up and be like hey you guys feel like driving pass little Italy today he's at a restaurant I wanna see who with Oh God creepy no I'm not GonNa do that anyone now you could five year old now I do not number five on the list of things that women do our creepy creepy we obsessive when you speak as that's how I hear whenever you guys are like correcting me about anything or hey everybody I just can't believe that you're actually taking picture not right contract people without them knowing and shows up I think that is creepy we have we have we have this we have a few people who listen to our show that do that and it's like God what stop I get screen shots from friends to analyze and I'm like I don't know that yellow heart doesn't necessarily mean that he's into you if it was a red one I'd agree I'm getting some a heads up from out the hallway to the of photo of her and said GonNa find this woman you don't think it'd be Kinda creepy I actually don't I'd be like Oh that's kind of cute he likes his cereal Lee reread our tex conversations yes lon done that and see if there are any clues he likes us back Yes oh God way of interns and phone screeners and they're all raising their hands that they do this all of them Alabama must have contributed feel free to get number three we say our names with his I do have friends who will come home from a first date and be like Oh my God our babies are going to be so beautiful he's GonNa WanNa live in a farmhouse we talked about it I'm looking out into our little to lined up that's yeah as long as you promised to be efficient as a producer I do a produce job during the break it'll be great I'd been trying desperately okay and they don't find it don't go find it just sit there and think of ways to be creepy number one we stalk our crushes and everyone wasting my time talking about how I'm being a bad host time now screw all of you hold it up let's let list creepy don't do that don't you know you're creeping people out and especially if it's a guy you like wins you any point like Oh fancy meeting you here at the laundromat I don't know that we should date because to Scorpio's together is not you don't my favorite saying and I've said this before someone who go what's your sign I'll go well I'm a Leo and then go ooh I sent all the time either to could I go back and re I spill things correctly that I'm us up and I try to think if there was like a tone that was in the tax that I didn't mean to be in the tax or if I was they had no idea up done yeah okay next on the list of things that make you look creepy women talking to significant others like a baby getting a tone in the tax that I I wasn't really happy with okay next on the list of ways women are creepy wherever he is we are too no idea my voice is that annoying only refreshing in fact I just picked up my favorite flavor sweet Habanero put it on my eggs this morning you should do the same pickup Shalala tell your friends please take your creepy try around the room we'll start with you Gandhi what's on your mind today okay so this weekend I decided I wanted to find all the pop ups in New York City I was introduced the show and we'll be back with more creepy things that women do thanks to Gandhi because he's the creepiest of all of them I anna gone different rooms of cool stuff I'm going after the show I'm really excited to do it I love a good pop up me to walk across the street I know what's up with you today froggy in the morning show well it is the weekend it feels so good am I the only one feeling it feeling it his astrological sign and then see we're compatible healty time really currently now if I get into an argument with my boyfriend I will google like the Taurus man and I send it to and I'm like really needed he's been holding that breakside like four minutes starting to staying in it's starting to hurt on the other side of my hand now oh no now is there pain shooting up your arm not yet okay all right let us know when you get no way to interrupt you what am I gonNa do call your phone the camera and he's looking away his elbow was just guys you're sitting here because there are always some really cool ones there's directly across the street from US literally there's four hundred feet away it's called pick sanity and it's an art installation from this guy who just made like eleven line here because you are an idiot and you can even check on business to make sure that we will be the Senate Tom down that's GonNa finally doing this and you're gonna you're making it about pain and you're putting my life on be that's the worse but nate and his girlfriend and I really like her listened mushy puff here and we could talk about it more but we couch right exactly and we talked about it so I saved the clip and yesterday he went to sit down on the couch naked and instead of yelling at him I just played the clip so one tells you what's up guys with Allistair and the morning show so Gandhi thinks she's a hot sauce queen on the morning show no it's me I'm hooked on Tshiluila great talking to the guys this morning all right let's talk to Alexis Alexis is calling in what are we talking Oh we're talking about women I just well here's what we'll do I'm not going to be stubbornly oh I'm going to give this we're late already we'll take a break while we're you know breaking week maybe can get a caller all down right where you're putting your hey if you missed our chat with our friends bts this morning you can go to The Elvis Duran show that was weird okay Alexis you good I am really excited to be talking to you I love that important to add to this conversation so let's get to it so we're talking about it's not only guys who do creepy things girls women do creepy things to as Gandhi is proving every day we're finding creepy things hello which created thing didn't we hello can you hear me yes can you hear us because if things don't work as you said then you'll be very disappointed but isn't there also something to be said for fantasizing you know what I'm saying okay breaking forty eight or forty one off okay well let's take a break I'm cited a real thrilled yeah you sit down when you sit down on furniture make sure you have some pants on or some underwear make sure your girlfriend doesn't work in radio or put exactly or put a towel while I was talking about earlier now is starting to sting really bad so I'm not sure what the problem is I use super glue to close a cut on my hand and now it's starting to hurt really bad so I'm not sure I did the right thing if anybody is there or you can always go to web md they know everything from our producer. Sam what's up with you this place oh come on let's walk they try home anytime it's like you have no idea how excited I am right now here obviously you have something very with this guy or even just you know writing you know Mr and Mrs like Marino or whatever I think that's just super creepy I think that you know overall it's such a blessing and such a curse at the same time because culture you know a couple of weeks ago I said my role in the apartment is William can't sit on the couch naked there's no buttonholing I met the guy but just in case would my first name sound good with his last name let's check it out I do get that I do our own account by the way to be fair guys do that too so it's not just a woman thing okay here's one okay Alexis Gandhi it's creepy if you take in post pictures of him sleep I feel like that could happen like maybe two or three days after you know what I mean because you know you don't know much about the person on the first date sometime oh I didn't see that all right let's take a break and let's get the list producer producer Oriel things percents that works we find me some caller I must be honest I posted I've posted Alex sleeping photos to are we creepy Alexis are we creepy okay so I actually saw what Sam was long you've been dating the person not known letter finish Dondi go ahead I'm sorry I guess like if you've been dating for like we have we have an offender in the room you said that producer Sam I did that yesterday shoot I saw it you pacer of will sleeping Ah let's see you ask to share social media passwords or accounts I guess it depends on how ping yesterday in crime wait hold on yeah so which one are you calling in about so I'm calling in Abou t after I when you're talking about you know how like starting a family referring of this is creepy referring to herself as princess or Queen Okay I can't stand it yeah number eleven have a friend it was a couple of times he's holding up the side and ready to hold it back you would look away the cavaliers Paul back to discuss on what the Elvis Duran show on instagram it's at Elvis Duran show on instagram and the conversation with bts is right there it was wait Alexis while we have you on the phone let me go down let me continue with this list that Gandhi found at Bolton Dot Com and see what you think some of these things you and Gandhi worker in the okay God I was Brown girl right now it's pretty awesome I love you Alexis hold on one second okay have a good weekend let's see more on this list had a girl create a fake instagram account and DM me to see if I would respond to that person the faked fictitious person okay so she leads me Yeah Okay Ah medical professionals you could text and let us know on cut on the hand is a good idea or a hurts really bad I'm not I'm not against anyone who's Mushy I think that's great but like you know when you're just like constantly posting pictures of them sleeping and you're just like Oh my God it creepy you're right now and also Sam don't post pictures of will but holding the furniture we don't WanNa see Alexis thank you have a great weekend it's a pleasure yeah and then you posted it well I spent a few hours cooking and I was really excited about it and I told him and he came in and the first thing he thought he had to do was take a nap before he tried all the food I did so I posted a photo of him sleepy don't read that if you're to that point you shouldn't be with them right let's go talk to Jennifer Line twenty-one Hey Jennifer hi can you hear me talking about so I didn't think that was creepy I think that's just like you know that was kind of funny but if you're like posting a pitcher and just kind of like I don't know just kind of I'm not really much you personally I think I think it's less than two years and you're asking about social media passwords then you know I don't think that's cool but then again it also depends on like how faster moving but uh-huh and then Gandhi I just WanNa say you're doing all the brown girls out there I just want to let you know that I'm around girl and I'm so happy you're on this show shouldn't do that you should wait a while because you're just gonNA break your heart in the end or you break your heart is yeah well there is a possibility of going too fast and it's not good for you works he will never do it again and to he's kind of pissed because he goes you just you talk about my whole now on the show you know it's not just that it's he's putting it putting it but he's like medium that's creepy criminal yes this producer Sam now that's just that's illegal that's legal what's up name so thickly and you know what if you'd like a serial killer from point the next thing you know you're fantasizing about having the last name of Syracuse there are no killer fantasize about being alive because you're dead together probably ten years or even you know even like five years time you're thinking never ever do share with you always setting that makeup line that people sell no the the modern one that would the one that Darren favors wife cells age it's my favorite meals yeah having a way can you send me a sign sure please Oh my God absolutely you sign it Oh my God okay I how about a girl who poached holes in her boyfriend's condoms in hopes to trap him and get him get pregnant that's hit on her significant other to see if that person will cheat that's really scary definitely agree with a lot of the items on that list that are creepy but I think that I am guilty Oh what did you do yes I can you sound great now are you hearing all these things were saying these are things that women do seem creepy are you agreeing with anything not if you contact his new girlfriend to tell her that he's a cheat absolutely don't I wouldn't do that either here it is contacting your just randomly drive passes apartment complex to see if his car was in the parking lot snow the voice you hear that setting in sorry about that so Arianna yes talk about creeping what have you done that's been creepy or what have you witnessed so I myself deputy bosom and she'll lean into order drink making sure she brushes against them hoping it starts a conversation that's assault you can't put your body parts on people and I can't find okay but you know what to be fair in this day and age when we have the access to look up almost anything about anyone and we want to know more why would we not do it you know what I'm saying one yes definitely creepy yeah absolutely that's putting the pressure on I'm in I'm in all right uh-huh Crowley no okay let's see also on the list help us out with this it's creepy ladies if you immediately start talking about your future children with him or with any or look up somebody's name and then find out where they live what you know taxes on their houses worth right taxes well I mean it's available we'll see what they're paying property taxes are let me read this to you as someone who sent a text is it creepy it works let's talk to Arianna online twenty-three see if she's still there hi Arianna Hi hi yes I can not hear I have a party rain we've been married for seven years we've been together for fifteen and I told them about it this past weekend and he thought it was hysterical because you're together long I wanna like virtually driving by though it is it's a tough thing though because in this day and age you should google somebody if you know their first and last name because I've been in a situation where I was because most of the time at work wait a minute but if scary walks in and starts putting his crotch on you before he hugs I mean what's the difference exactly you do not thank you have a good weekend Jennifer listening to all right yes producer Sam I have a friend that if she sees a guy at a bar she thinks is attractive she has a very the criminal and I didn't know but if I would have just google the name I would have known so I get that but you have to have the willpower to stop before you're creeping on their property taxes the other thing that on the list which creeps me out that I might be creepy but I also like to Google uh-huh maybe I'm a creep now I don't know yeah I mean I'm not gonna go drive by and see if they're there or whatever but just out of curiosity to see like if they have a nice house I mean I know but if you had told him that night hey destroyed by your apartment to see if you're parked there that would have been a problem then don't you think probably I say hey please don me then kill Free Percy you've ever said that before route proceed with the dogging no but I mean I may use this weekend ex's new girlfriend to tell her all about how he screwed you over is that creeping planning yeah it's one thing to think about it and have your personal comments don't if I did anything wrong on the first date it's like you know but just by virtue of noodle hearing what we're saying here he doesn't understand these are all creepy things yourselves but to actually do it I think is a little too far all right it makes for a good story yeah definitely ministration is reportedly going to host next year's g seven summit at President Trump's Durell resort in Miami apparently it was the best as far as finances go and they're excited to do this Stroz just one win away from the world series we want the Yankees for Danielle but last night they took took the lead eight three they actually won the game and now they're up three one a very special contest all right we'll be back right after this Elvis durant what is it with these people between this on a date or maybe not even the fourth day you know maybe you should wait until you're together for a year before you start naming your children I agree I don't know Arianna thank you for listening have a great weekend which means the biggest leaders economy from seven nations we'll be meeting in south Florida and we talked about this but traffic Florida's crazy as it is so brace yourself if that happens attacks I once had a guy on the first date tell me how many children their names and what kind of dog he wanted and where he wanted to live the next day he asked me out I politely declined he responded asking me if I wanted the three things you need to know from Gandhi who is creepy keep in mind as she gives you the three things but that's okay we love you John I appreciate it what's going on trump her marriage and children goes I want to be engaged in year I want to be married in a year and a half and I want kids in three years check please hold on a second we have top of the charts on the way gotta give you the biggest songs around the world also food news with FROGGY hopefully we'll get to that in a few minutes and also a five hundred dollar party city gift card on the way with the Youtube showing her office for her cosmetic line and she walked into stormies playroom that she has in the office and said this pass and pillow in his bedroom and on his bathroom floor just to just to be like so if other women showed up Gotcha market territory creepy yes let's home it's about fifteen minutes scared I had a friend whose girlfriend mortar territory by ripping her hair out of her head and leaving it all over get to Dong me to have Don's no you lied to enter to tell her to stop Dong and don't pull you have to get an invitation to them away a five hundred dollar party city gift card by the way he's still alive but if he were a ghost he'd be giving this this the forty

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