Episode 168: Parasite Wins Everything. As It Should.


The ABC lapping see Lapin D. F. G. Committee products. Yes if you can hear the challenge you know what that means. It's time for zero credits. The show where we talk about things by names Harmonic Henry. Iv that Little Bell Guy from Kirby also known as John and together were harmonic Henry and that Little Bell Guy from pervy also known as John Calvin Achy to ring out the dulcet tones of that their cultural Zeitgeist I Y- I'm frontloading the beginning of his episode of a lot of Chinese talk and and that's because on seconds before we started a recording. Let me know that the wind chimes located on the balcony of my apartment are apparently very audible when it's windy out. And it's a cold and Windy Day here at the Zero Credit Studio apartment studios so that's a disclaimer. I guess let me tell you you're gonna be able to hear some wind on these episodes as not just the wind. Where usually Dole it out of our mouth hot air now. This cold air cold air. It's forty degrees fucking Texas. Why why when I moved here. I was told explicitly that it never rains in. It's hot hot hot hot and traffic and the only thing I've experienced so far is constant rain. It is cold and traffic low. The traffic is consonant. I moved here. I met with Who was a CACTUS? No and he told me much the same thing I cactus. Cactus dead own Aspen very cold. Can I tie survive? Absolutely they can yours. Didn't know that was okay. So if you're making a list fans at home if you're keeping track keeping score things. Cactuses can survive one cold to head. Yes they can survive anyone but Henry my girlfriend as grown a small little. Cactus terrarium thing never waters. It grows great one little chicken and succulent nine Pete that I tried to take care of dead new week. I had a weird arrangement of succulents that I did myself was very proud of. I don't know how to do any organizing or anything and I I. The thing is my apartment got zero son. Yes and I didn't WanNa put it outside because I thought bird would eat it. That's fair I think. Succulents do have a lot of defense mechanisms against bird's not the ones I bought They didn't have thorns. I bought the saddest loneliest defencelessness. I guess you would call it. Vulnerable now Succulents I could and I whispered to them every night. I'm going to protect you and every night. They're like fuck. You were GONNA die when Henry. I raised the Gen Z. You raised doom or succulents tumor succulent so you. You get around the succulent with no spines Henry. You bought a lie. Oh No that why it smelled very citrusy. Inspired a tyrod. Yes it is unfortunately long enough. You would have gotten a lie ambush. They're not trees. Hung grow intrigue. Listen I'm not a botanist. Neither remind all I know. Is they grow into things bushes and scooters. I'm GonNa tell you what I bought about. This episode of the PODCAST is brought to you by two different beers. I I have a dammit. Jim Amber Ale left here after a Sephardi. Sorry big again party Fog Ed how you gotTa let me. Tell you how many times we said super he can't say during our last podcast. Lisa's Super Twenty Times. No and John's using a hammer to open up a bottle cap. I was really hoping it'd break your your Cute Hammer Acute hamlets is A. I'm listen I was taught how to read things at a very specific way. Read from the left to right top to the bottom is a two hundred years in America. Guinness two hundredth anniversary exports brewed with black patent multi opened Gabri. Saint James Gay. Dublin are art h Guinness. Six point five percent alcohol by volume twelve point two fluid ounces this toll road deliver report. You fluid ounces. I being robbed point eight fluid right. Now there's A. There's a global trend out. There called Shrink flation. You heard of this. I have not heard of this okay. This is actually kind of fascinating products that we are used to buying are getting smaller for the same price. You are getting less of the product that you're paying for at the same price that you used to pay for more rather than change the prices they change the packaging they change. How they they stacked the amounts. I'll give you an example of this. The Girl Scouts of America of the one the one girl the girl Scout Scouts America that they're more than with weight is there more than one girl Scout. The last time I checked. No there is not well. I don't know I don't know if it's them or whatever baking company that makes them the smallest cookie. It debuted last year for the first time. That's what they've you means. And it came in like sleeves and he would get like thirty of these cookies fifteen in each sleeve. That's a lot of sleeve. Four American dollars bargain thirty of these s'mores cookies and they were really good. I really like the main joined them this year the second year their debut year I keep doing these these policies roundish rephrasing the thing and saying I think it sounds good for radio but all. I'm doing this assailing like an idiot this year however total package just fifteen cookies really for the same price. Same four dollars. They've shrunk the amount of food for the same price and a lot of people. A lot of companies are doing this. Well I think that's for the best consumptions bad bill gus. Food should not be cheap. Food should be very expensive. Food should be expensive. We should star. Now let me describe the taste of this beer. It's thick it's thickened kind of but when you say thick and sour only say thick what like to seize or k three CS. Holy Shit with a K. At the of Jesus Christ Are you sure you just didn't misspell? It's a very heavy beard. Maybe because it's this two hundred year Guinness at supposed to taste like the original formulation. It tastes like a beer. I take it. It tastes like a beer. One would drink while sitting around some kind of floppy wooden table speaking of rebellion. I saw my personal experience. That beer ed to the myself was that every time I took a sip I imagined myself walking into a tavern after a long day in the coal mine ordering this one beer because it's all I could afford and that was my substance for the night and so I was pretty good. It drinks meal. Now you've got. The damage is not a local beer because this Guinness sure as Hell isn't says brewed and canned in Texas New Republic Brewing Company. Dammit Jim Amber Ale is light it says beanie up so I mean there. There's allusions to star trek the original series and it's just like a light wheaty kind of amber ale that I don't know it's good for sessions especially beer. It's essentially beer that's New Republicans a brewery often said Heb but never purchase. I liked to buy beers that are closer again real into session beers lately. You know not getting older. I'm getting older so the the the ramifications of drinking are felt heavier the next day but so we ended up event this past weekend and all I did was slam a couple of Session Beers. Maybe four in total of the course for hours and I never really got maybe mildly buzzed until like a real comfort zone. Where I I realize some of the things I was saying like. You wouldn't say that if you hadn't just let you but I never really got drunk in the next day. I felt pretty fine. Yeah it's it's There's something to be said and I know this goes against everything that I stand for. There's something to be said for. Drinking things of a lower. Alcohol percentage over a longer period of time because I typically speaking lake. Your your higher gravity. Yeah I mean you're higher gravity ails. I tend to gravitate toward Higher heavier stuff as well. Just because that's how gravity works. Yeah it gets closer to you and you get closer to it. I so for instance one of my last experiences with super high. Ab The beer. Because I used to drink man. There used to be this beer in the state where we were from called hot coffee. That was a coffee stout that was ten percent alcohol. It was my favorite but I got a six pack of Founders arrogant bastard. Which is I think nine or ten percent. I drank a few of those and surprise surprise. I was drunk. Yeah a great feeling to be drunk when you're not expecting it when you're drinking something that you like the taste of. Yeah I think I will stop drinking to get drunk. Yeah I'm kind of in the other special occasions. I mean mind rather people's Birthdays Easter Christmas. The Sabbath at took that month off from drinking and my main take away from that whole experiment was that there was no day woke up and felt like shit. Yeah and that was like a weird like blessing that I didn't know was gonna be a blessing like I never had to be apprehensive of waking up because I knew I was gonNA feel okay for the entire day. Yeah it's Nice in my drinking is great and I love the taste now which is like complete opposite from Before drank like I. I need to drink something other than water. Yeah 'cause I drink water all day when when the night hits when the sun goes down might drink needs to be not clear. Yes amazes. Podcast needs to be coke zero or alcohol or coke. Zero and alcohol orca zeroed alcohol. I feel much the same way. I've gotten to a point because I'm slightly older than you. Where our brag more? We're being drunk. Feels less pleasant so even even being in my cups as they say or would have said at the time of this beer even being in my copses less pleasant and I don't super enjoy the experience and I've I've gotten myself into situations where just drink things I like the taste of them and then I find myself drunk. I'm like well Shit. Yeah it sneaks up on you that. That's that crafty drunkenness. Drinking is something. One must always examine because left to its own devices. Drinking can ruin your life. It'll stab. Oh Yeah well. Yeah. That's a whole thing. I believe they call it drink a whole ISM. I think I think a drink a whole ISM is Arizona. We should make light of that. Little Biddy name for it. It's called alcoholism it's serious ailment. Disorder illness what have you and it ruins lives. So let's just move on so just like my family rather than talk about alcoholism we will change the subject. Hey I came at that was brought up in a half Catholic half Protestant household and we discussed nothing so half of it love the pope. Half of it hated the pope while half of them had no strong feelings about the pope. Either way how did they feel about the two popes now on saw? I I think that is true. Solitude Buzz but we're getting ahead are getting so ahead we have to. We honor bound. Were duty if you've been following the podcast in the past few weeks dams you know what we're going to introduce the four fence stolman of the fast and furious. Colon spy racers netflix series. The owls job. We have to discuss this episode. And I'm going to set the timer. I believe Oath nine breaking the tie of so We got twenty four minutes and thirty seconds on the clock of its ever increasing. Every time we talk about spy racers if you some of the joke as doing it it loses a little bit of edge and also now like a layer of veneer has been shorn off this this whole production yes. I'm adding tied each time because I don't know how to not do a thing once I start something. It goes until completion but the funny thing is the the future joke. Is that the Times that I add are going to be increasingly. Insanely like smaller. So look forward to that. I Guess Twenty four minutes thirty seconds on the clock the OWL will job for episode of Spy Rids Racer at the BASS infuriates spy razors. Here we go start. I hate this show. Yeah I desperately show. Hana what it was about this episode but he the pacing for this show with literally insane. Yes we get the premise of the show. In the first episode the Second Episode Ridge Reduced All the characters the third episode those characters finally get some characterization and now in the fourth episode we learn the back story of frosty. No reason I totally forgot the background of frosty parts. I only remember it because a slightly cool thing is he's got two MOMS has two miles which is cool one thing let's Cool about this episode. I guess as it has the fast and furious thing and sometimes people race for no reason. Now I will give this show credit in that the action sequences are Kinda good. And that's kind of the only thing it has going on for it because even in that action sequence toward the end. When they're meeting Circa Doshi was his name. Joshua Dr Whatever. How do you know these Ninety nine percent sure all earlier in the episode someone called Him Shasha. Yeah and I think they just didn't care and kept so in that actress sequence of John is complemented toward the end of it when the reaching Sasha Dr We'd get this photo. Finish that neither of the characters could no or acknowledge and yet they both in the shows reality acknowledged that one beat the other even though it would be impossible for them to tell he's got a he's got. Toronto is there's functionally nothing to talk about in this episode. I I mean I've got real grievances against the show now because it's one thing to be like oh it takes place in the fast and furious world and one of the characters is related to dom hereto and then we're going to build off in our direction but now they're building lower from the main series. Yes because Tony Toronto tells a story about his aunt or something. Yeah who had a bird? A- and apparently don thereto the Dominic. Toronto went back to save the bird from a House. Fire from a house fire. And now we're led to believe vet all Toronto's will always go back to save the bird like build your own little corner of the universe. Yes you know built. Do Your own thing. In this cinematic universe that is beloved by millions but don't try to put lower in the film's mouth like don't we never saw Toronto. Save a bird now now. I'm okay with them building the universe. I disagree in that. I like the idea of doing that. Because it gives us something to talk about but something I want to look at is Tony. Torello is Dom Toronto's what cousin. He's his cousin which means Tony. Toronto is the child of weight. Wasn't what's cousin cousin is like. I don't have a family so cousin his like year. Your father's brother at his brother had a kid. Your father's nephew is your cousin. Okay so Tony Toronto. His parents one of his parents was one of his payroll. Had A brother. Reser at assistant whose child was dominic. Toronto hold on. I need to get this straight so dominant HERETO HAS HAS A. Let's say a mom. Yes his mom is a sister. His sister had Tony Tony Toronto. Yes that's it please. Their age difference so huge because what if what if dominic was as surprised baby to a teenage parent on darkness. Antonio Toronto was a planned baby of a down the line like I technically have cousins. Who are in like their elder. They're I guess. They're near their seventies. Really Oh yeah because of the two. I guess a little small deep dive into my family. My Dad was the youngest four and the gap between him and his eldest sister was about twenty or so years. Yeah I had an uncle. That was like ninety. People used to be having babies. Let me tell you people be having babies now. Donna toney Gerardo aunt. His aunt is his Kodak. Theories is could you be dominic? Toronto's mother could actually be dominic turtles mother. Yes absolutely that yeah. There's no way to dispute it so we know now we have built out at least somewhat the Toronto family tree. Because we mama and Papa Toronto to Dom Yeah and then we have a branch that Tony could be A. And Tony's aunt could be DON'S MOM but also Mr Mrs Toronto Have Mia Dom and John CENA bound Bon- a bond spoiler what's his name. Jacob Jacob I thought it was just which credible Justin Turner Toronto. We gotTA Whitest Name. We could not now. We built up the family tree. I think that's interesting. This whole bird thing. What do you think about codes being stored Diamonds Kyle Care and apparently the CO okay. So there's a whole there's a whole like usually like there's a CPAP plot you confer away. There's an entire be plot. You can throw away in this episode. I daresay you can throw away the APE flawed as well. Nothing truly occurs in this episode. Oh Tony Thereto in my Sandri yes. What's her Liana Leyla? Leyla SA- Tony. Leyla bonded a little bit. And that's I think that's hinting at the future. Where late La's HE'S GONNA TURN? Leyla to the the light side of the force. Yes while as Sachet Dr is GonNa Try to light corrupt turn to the dark side of the force. Even though we know that Sashi Dr is actually a good guy and I don't know we'll see also I don't know how I feel like in this. Twenty thousand age of like let's let's representing all. I don't know how I feel about having a Russian character depicted wearing the hat. Yeah I for the sole fact that all we got dollars Russian Yeah I. I don't know that character was bad. That whole scene was bad. This year was bad. The entire episode is really bad. I guess the only thing I really got out of the Russian singers like further evidence that literally everyone in this universe can drive really well and just further credence. That Tokyo drift was just a joke. On whatever the main character's name was just so bad like you'd like yeah this is Kinda like my community service. I'm GONNA teach his kid at Adrift. Yeah because everyone else can do but an for submarine and for some reason as a severe driving based learning disability And when he returns and highway to hell we'll see that Nothing happens is episode. I badly hate him. I'll what it's a filler episode in an at a series of eight episodes now I was one thing I was going to say but I don't remember it Wasn't that interesting. We still get sixteen minutes all right more things. At this point it feels like piling on but like do we really need like a got reach my steps for the day. Joe Now we don't Oh I know what I liked what ally I liked. Rusty Rusty was really good at Lusty was borrow the highlight of this episode. Shashi Dr has a security chief or head of security for his private home named rusty and rusty is an incredible character really whoever's writing the typically pretty bad jokes the show really hit it out of the park with this one rusty. He has one character trait. And that's he over explains everything. He's really into cameras. I almost feel as though they decided to write him that way. Because win the power fails due to by the way they can generate her. Tell you wait no. They can generate false earthquake generate false or because they called it. A falls earthquake in my. Isn't that just an earthquake But they can happen. Yeah the win. The power goes down at the. Dr Residents Rusty says time to report the camera system. And I think if I were right I'll be like sensory after put in that line for children. Wouldn't it be since he was compelled to say Tim? No one time to reboot the camera system. He might just be someone who says everything he thinks. That over explains every single thing he talks about. What is the Louis Francois Gayer? Yes yes gary types. I camera my. This is my second favorite usage of daguerreotypes in media of them. Life is strange the video game. Yeah the First Episode Life. The strange thing in the in the classroom you have that roast professor teaching about the gators you ever played. Life is strange replied. Life is strange. It's quite good quite good. If I want to read a book I will. It's quite good. You did read a book. It's called Disco Elise Eum. It's a very long book so the the good thing about rusty is so. Sassy dire whose name. I'm probably butchering is on the phone with sky. And like he hangs up on them. Yes and later when he arrives at home. Rusty is Kinda like you know outside Kelly. Everything good all things good yup and like Very like non forthcoming with like and then finally comes onto such Logan sorry I hung up on you like that felt like a real genuine person moment because it was great it was really good mom because he's like. I lock down to listen. That was rude. I was wrong. Do you WanNa talk about him. A made up. Yes weirdly heartwarming I. It's always good to see a multimillionaire. Treat his his staff with some modicum of of humanity. Wasn't there a thing early on in the episode where zoomed on the characters face Another character just said buoy off for some reason. Yeah that happened in literally the opening of this. Yeah so so. Leyla shows up at the crew. Hey Hey hang out and tells tony to read. Oh Hey Sasha dire needs to meet you or something and then for no rea. The only lines CISCO HATS in this in this episode. It feels like he looks right into the camera and goes boo for no reason or absolutely a reason and also Cisco's other line is he finds a fro Yo because barely fro. Yo is the thing that we wanna keep bringing back then at the very and I don't know if he says I think but he is drinking directly from the container of milk which was funny. Well he's he's on gallon of milk day. Go mild is ongoing. I'm Gal Soya Milk Day. I'm go sad especially on bag of Bagel a very funny bad. It's pretty funny. Sorry I'm a dark place right now because we still have eleven minutes and thirty seconds that talk about this episode that we both did not like I have. I have an idea for what can use the remaining eleven minutes. You don't have to sit here in silence. Noonan how what we'll do. Just the sound of the wind. China's eleven minutes yeah How a listener hostile. What I would like to do is just spice it up a little bit. I know it might be outside the scope but I'd like to say there's not going to be time to talk about it on this episode. Probably and it's something I care about and people should know what I'll do is all give one thing about the episode. Most likely something I liked or didn't like and I will use it equivalent amount of time to describe something from the movie. Birds of prey or the fantabulous emancipation liquid. Oh we can't do that. Fine even the fucker going to take a long time. The set that up a Giga we give you look. I'll is the basis of all creative. We have to keep it fast and furious related. I'm sorry you can't bring in other cinematic universe. Properties okay because we do have fast and furious news to discuss. It's a shame we have to talk with spy racers. Though it's part of the same cinematic universe. We have to tie in though it involves vin diesel so dominic just a refresh dominic. Toronto is the cousin of Tony. Toronto I get dominance. Hereto is in a series of the two year thing. You're now going to be labor bags of fast and furious so that there's no time for might well look when you call attention to the joke and he removed of okay. Finding this episode has appearance news. So have you seen the headline or the article more inclined to read the entire thing yes then diesel has said he wants to split. The ten yet has part of fast and furious into two movies. I I've been saying this for a long time and this is GonNa be. This is not gonna be the first or the last time you hear this listeners. By hit me with the Hobbit. Oh Yeah you make make make audit of this. Who's making the funny thing is like okay? The the headline caught me off guard because number one. Who said they were? GonNa stop at ten films yet so there was. This news is coming out of nowhere. Stimulant described the ninth film as the penultimate film. And I don't know where this narrative of there's only gonNA be ten fast and furious. Movies came from because. I'm devastated by that. There's no roles in cinema once you hit ten to stop like don't split the tenth movie into two parts just doing eleven movie so the thing that I you know. I have to respect them because they had. They had the restrictions that they had and a lot of people haven't done this of they paid the price but I appreciate that they're ending it. Where the books have you know a lot of times? You see you see. Just you know like friends. You see these sitcoms just keep going forever until like three hundred episodes or whatever it just gets kind of the same or whatever so. I'm glad that the fast and furious franchise is taking a page out of like breaking bad's book and they're ending before it gets stale. Y- asked her after ten the slash eleven movies pledged twelve movies Hudson. Shaw Oh yeah and then the doors open for the other characters. Have you think we're finally going to get our UH ludicrous? Spinout yes the TEJ Lavinia the rise the rise of TEJ. Unfortunately I have looked at the SPEC script but they did not go with the rise of taste of Chicago. I would watch tomorrow. It's the same. Same plot yeah yeah. doesn't That Park or video game mirrors tej mayors pretty good. That's pretty good galaxies. Ted this new world. How many more TEJ jokes can remain on? These are fighting game on the playstation called soul. Ted Jr Elliott Solta edged salt edge. It's on the dreamcast right. Yeah Yeah Yeah and then it was. Renamed Sole Roman. Yes got ported. Later the verity fucking show really is But Yes tej tomorrow slash saw suckers eleven. We've already established that investors negative space. They have to and are proposed. Script Profess Ten highway to hell dom or the crew journeys to hell to save somebody from the crew. Yes to rip them from the midst of the devil from the devil himself played by. Let's say just roll him because that'd be fun right. Yeah Yeah Yeah just rolling the devil. Happy that'd be pretty good. That'd be close I. I don't know if I'm typecasting him but look I'm not a producer. I'm just an ideas guy. Yeah no so. We made that plan would before we had the knowledge that the tenth movie might potentially be split in Twain. How does that knowledge a fact our plans for highway to hell so knowing that it's in two parts it complicates it but I've thought about this. Okay now I think fast and furious ten highway to hell remains okay. I think that the plot largely remains unchanged they they rip this person from the midst the ninth circle of. Hell were politicians. Go or whatever. Dante said found that people who eat marshmallows go but the thing is I'm GonNa Pitch it to you this way. We know the people of our generation are now writing movies. You're twenty five to thirty five year olds are now in charge there. The creatives now. Yeah Okay and they were raised by one thing. They were raised by Japanese role playing games. Where the ultimate objective was to kill. God Okay so we're going to whole of three yes slash any persona game slash any final fantasy game. Yes yes so I was thinking about this. Like what if they travel all over the health? Fight Hell's legions meets Satan turns out like he's either pretty chill guy. Yeah he's more like a hades of Greek mythology than an actual like Christian. Satan. Yeah and he's like. Hey you know I love to help you. But he's not here. Whoever yeah lead. He's not here. Lettuce in heaven. Ono Dom dom dies is fast night obviously down the hell prescribe lead. He goes to heaven because she's innocent. She's innocent and all this yes. She did what she did out of. Love and Dow did pure pure greed. GotTa get that money. Yes so yeah so like Bo wait. Let's team up Josh. Brolin the click. Yes the double joins the fast and furious crew and they take down Heaven. Yes so becomes highway to hell. Part two has to be called stairway. Heaven no CAN'T DO FURIOUS HEAVEN. Furious seven explosions in the sky explosions sky car car way to heaven. Half can the fast soccer coal and ten part to ten dashed X. to furious seven colon explosions in the sky in the sky. After ride or die. Now we don't have a lot of these movies ending cliffhanger but what it is is the devil joins through right. Yeah and they go back to Earth. Prepare however God has infested the world with angels. Oh Man and a red dodd style. The world is now but colonized by angels who like put people in camps and took over the government or whatever they take the date they remove all the roads cause they can fly. Yeah they'll need row. They removed the roads. They removed the roads. They take where we're going. We don't need roads seriously. Delete the roads of Angel powers to make room for like I don't know people in cages. You said yes. People Gauges now. Here's the thing is that GonNa read to political. Yes absolutely But they come back where we're limited on time. They COME BACK CLIFFHANGER. Because how are they going to get out of this? How are they beat the Legions of Heaven? Yeah the faster familiar where they say they see. There are no roads. What are we GONNA do. Yeah and gone from his absence. Big In housing shot than Hobson shot to. Yeah by now by this by this. Point Hobson Shaw. Two reloaded has come out. Yeah killed whoever? The voice was big killed. Whoever the voice was Josh Gad and then they the the movie opens the partout. They say they took all the ten ends. They say they took all the roads. Credits tend to opens colder They took all the roads the Rock in a tank. Or whatever roles. Evans's when's the last time weed eater roads and then it happens and then ones so imagine the last thirty minutes of vendors endgame but for two and a half hours yes just like not much. Plot DISLIKE BOO BOO boom taken. Angels OUT TAKE ROLLING OVER ANGEL. Strongholds just made it of humans engages the final fast and furious movie. If you've ever played twenty sixteen doom. Yeah it's basically do it's basically just two and a half to three and a half hours of these characters we've come to download brutally violently murdering angel. Yeah with no. It's like it's doom meets ban that a and possibly the unreleased as of now do return on. Yeah do maternal plus Bayan Ida. Yeah perfect perfect perfect movie and we'll workshop this. You know we got it before it comes out. Yeah this is the SPEC for right now so if you want a grease palms of silver getting contact with US and send. Us owned millions of dollars. Yeah listen to the end of the episode. Hollywood execs for the a contact information. That's our official business. Email that you can hit us up at for the ideas about fast and furious and really about any other long-standing franchise because I feel like all franchises need heaven in Haluk absolutely and it's a shame because we do share an email address for sponsorship inquiries for the video of a cap that sounds like a southern guy saying Ojai. Yeah well save agency. I guess the The the Angels Choir Bells Chirpin. That sounds means. We're out. Of how unfortunate. How unfortunately we talked about spider racers of spy racers. So long fills the required. We have to do four or those Can only get better. I asked this is called the episode. Four Hav have now we have it now? It didn't Downton. Abbey slaps can only get better from here. There's no way that executives for a Netflix show did three decent episodes then called might a job and then just left the rest to like. I don't know a Markov chain generator there. There's no way 'cause you know people have always said Netflix. Truly cares about Art Zanga Zanga. Now I don't know about you Henry but there was another little event outside a fast a furious by racers. These devices tastes like prices so we opened up our second beer which are have been covered on the show before. But have you ever drink or experience? Something me thought this is pretty good and then like you try a second thing that this blows the first thing out of the fucking water not even close yacht even close like half a vice-like so I drank damage in pretty good. I took one sip on this. Half of is like Oh beer can be good. Yes live oak is a good brewery and the half of Aisin Rules Aria New Republic. Who CARES Sorry New Republic. Sorry public who this There was another event to the side of the fast and furious universe geist. I don't know if you saw this John. I don't know if you Tuned in Saturday a little event. I don't know if you know this The Ninety Second Academy Awards. Oh I was referring to a different event about where. Yeah I was referring to the results of the two thousand twenty New Hampshire primary tonight. It's happening tonight with sixty four percent tab now with sixty four percent of ordering and a whole thing that I forgot to do but yeah very spy racers no right now With sixty four percent reporting we have Bernie Sanders in the lead. A twenty five point nine percent state it is well. Vermont. I unfortunately for you. John what I know you have. We all getting political here on the show but in the in the past you have made Reference Multiple Times to one Andrew Yang. I have and I'll have to say is I'm sorry for your loss. Andrew Gang has dropped out of the presidential ringlets as of a couple of hours ago. Are you serious absolutely a true thin no idea that is absolutely true thing? Andrew Yang as as as of a couple hours ago dropped out of the presidential race Andrew Yang yet one hour ago. Really Yep man this blows my Dick off and so I'll have to say to the Yang Gang as you know. I'm sorry for your loss Universal basic income is absolutely conversation we need to have and I was glad he brought some cultural limelight to it. But apparently it's not happening quite yet. Yeah Andrew Young brought up the conversation. Uba which is definitely important if you WANNA give an extra thousand dollars to your landlord but now as more things get automated like these these blue collar jobs like people are GonNa need subsidization. Yeah but I think the the answer to that isn't going to own their homes. I think the answer to that is not I think that you'd be. I is an over simplification of things are getting automated. We have less need for actual workers. Universal basic income is kind of a stopgap saying within the mechanisms of capitalism. This is a way to make people who are no longer viable workforce. This is a way to bring the floor up. So people aren't made to live on the streets because technology advances too fast. I just want money I think the actual answer is technology is going to advance to fast. At which point we need to find ourselves a system outside of capitalism and outside of the need to give someone additional thousand dollars okay. So what's more likely? Universal basic income gets passed or we find system outside of capitalism and transition to we as Americans I don't know it's tough to say But recipes injury. There's only one thing to say. See you in twenty twenty four Yang Gang Support Bernie. The only thing they can do. I don't WanNa make any decisions for anybody. I'm going to tell him anybody to to support any candidate or anything. I'm just saying seeing twenty twenty four. Yes He tweeted. Ready for back for the eggs. So you boomer Yankee coming back so that all you need the police you need to write an email to him with just that boomer or boots and then don't even signing or anything. Yeah just like offer that up to free to his campaign and they'll say is this the sponsorship for the video of this other cat that sounds like and saying. Oh Hi yes like no we actually unfortunately share the same email to have the same email address same age same every really the cats the top earner of that agency has a real astle. Well Yeah but you can't say that we were. We read the same agency. No I know this a- he gets all the good spots anyway. We get no spots because we are not cat. We're not cats is a OH anyway. In addition to the New Hampshire Primary. Which by the way people to judges do surprising? Which is a shame. Because he's a rat now if we're looking at other important things to happen. It's not cool thing. Non-political things larger non-political the Ninety Second Academies Oscars Awards took Place Beautiful Burbank California. A IDEA NEITHER. I said nonpolitical but like the Oscars are very political. Yeah their whole thing is kind of like politics especially lately where they're trying to to make up for so many years of of racism and sexism. Yeah they're trying to make up for so many years years such as twenty two. You know. They're not getting it right right away. It doesn't expect somebody to quit smoking. Goals urging yes. They are addicted. It's so it's so important to say yes. We are making up for mistakes such as the mistake we are currently make. Isn't that the nature of light the weird apology circuit that a bunch of like celebrities? Go on they mess up they apologize. They continue to make the mistake apologize. They spoke at cast and big movies. They apologize listened. Life's a journey and all you can do is fund. The documentary tells people how you're right Kevin Hart about how he would wanNA cheated on his wife. Oh I thought documentary about how he cheated on his wife a funded the documentary to make him look good but wait the bad part of his thing. I thought yeah. Yeah that was. I thought so in the car was amazingly not brought up in the context of my mind. I thought you were referring to his comments about being the son of a Sunkei Madison Sexual. No and you said he funded a documentary. The shepherd eight crazy documentaries like yes. I wouldn't be not refuting the problem with proving that what he said was true. There's like a slow. Npr close up on his eyes. And there's just there's just audio from another Vor as I did say. Did you say that I did say that? Did you mean it? I get mentoring. Incredible Academy Awards a real barn burner. Hannah if you can say that anymore. I think that's offensive against people. Think it's offensive against William Faulkner Bar Burning Barn burning now. I don't know where we can start with the Oscars. I don't know I don't even know what I want to talk about. Because for the first time in recent years I was actually okay with all of the winners. This was a fundamental see change in the Oscars to me because almost every year when I watched the Oscars at it reinforces in my mind that it is a diseased institution that doesn't need to exist because they repeatedly year after year after year on a gradient but pretty much always they give awards to movies that do not deserve it yeah they put on a half-hearted unenjoyable spectacle which you know in kind of the same this year as spectacle goes. We did talk over a lot of the bits we did. Some of the bits were good. Good job going host Louis. Speaking of Kevin Hart or whatever. Is it really count as going host list of your disc and a half of many hosts you have a bunch of Comedians? Who Do like they do bits that you jokes. And you're not saving any time because the chokes keep going keep going so This Oscars was made the first Oscars I've ever seen where every victory for the most part. I totally understood and agreed with. Yeah it was. It was great even awards. I didn't really care about because I do to the nominations like I felt like maybe they were stronger. performances out there but apparently not the the people voted for that. Shit disagreed with me But still even like for like I don't know even when Renee Zellweger woman for best actress for Judy or whatever Sided really care but I couldn't fault. Her based on who else was in the category that makes sense yeah. She completely transformed herself into. Judy Garland. Yes I mean. That is an amazing if acting supposed be amazing feats of light becoming someone else that. Yadda she she she did it. Whereas the other people barely skin and Of course the biggest news out of the Oscars parasite swept. I don't have a list of all the categories in front of me but best picture best director best original screenplay best foreign language film among others. I believe was a total of four four. Okay that's all you named all look at a you did it. A total four Oscars for a movie that tragically we never really got it together to a supplemental reading of even though we both considered to be a fundamentally important film for last year no it was hugely important as it came out. Well see the weird thing is like. We saw two different times. 'cause like it was in theaters for months. Yes and like a still in theaters now and I. I saw it twice but I did. I didn't quite know I don't quite know how to talk about it It's a film that honestly I feel like talking about it or writing about a dozen a disservice. You gotta go see it and I don't know how I don't know how else took it is an experience. It is a tour of force of so many great things and contributes to a a genre film that I WANNA call like detail oriented film. Were pieces are laid out. That are like every piece. Your show is going to come back later but other than saying by that sentence and saying you need to see it. I don't know what else to say about it other than it's good. It's it's phenomenal. It's phenomenal movie. That absolutely deserved to win out of a year and film. That was very good. We this was a very strong film. You and I don't know if it's if it's because since moving to Austin and being experienced a more films like I don't know if it's because I saw more films I thought it was particularly strong or if the movies themselves were strong it felt like twenty nineteen was a good year for Cinema. But if you look at the Oscars and how they determine who gets to go see like the same six movies in your Cadillac. Is that really all that came out this year. Now of course you injure movies the no one saw your nineteen seventeen or two popes. Your lighthouse your lighthouse. Like us is good but my my primary takeaways is that the narrative that we kept The narrative that we kept seeing throughout the night outside of your Joe. Joe Rabbits is There were really three big movies in the cultural consciousness. You have your parasite. You're her big winner. You've you're and these are also the the movies that I would typically considered to be your best of twenty nineteen. Yeah and they're only what I would consider. And God what was the third one hold on e e said parasite in big winner but big winners in the second film. No parasite was the big winner. So what did he say? Why is the third one? What's the second one now? The second one is joker. Okay Parasite Jersey gangrene seventeen. No no no I'm show. No God pose the other big twenty nineteen move IOS GonNa say knives out o mine's at one. Any words was going to say. It's my topic movies and also as far as movies like at the top of the cultural conscious are I was following a train of thought. Oh yeah you were on a different rate I was. I wasn't even saying the right thing because there's desperately trying to remember those wanted to talk about knives out The most interesting movies to be of the year Were joker knives out parasite all written into their DNA critiques of class and class conscious movies. Here's what I was GONNA say. Those movies are things that I'm given hope for will exist in the future. I know you're saying that the parasite is gives you peace. Is this made budget kind of thriller? This made the budget small scope kind of movie. I want so badly for those to be the future going forward. Because as we've discussed amasses a empirically provable. Marvel movies are over. They ended the last one was called veggies and game. Yeah I wouldn't call it in came and then make another movie. That doesn't make any sense. You saw endgame not begin movie. Yeah seriously Marvel movies are now over. Your massive Superhero blockbusters are over. Give us a mid budget weirdo thrillers. That make us feel uncomfortable. Give me a conspiracy movie in the vein of the question and I will sign up. They could be renamed on Toy. It could be the original the question. I do not care. Keep the all I asked for the question and nothing else so the thing that I think is. There was a very a pessimistic. Tweet about what happened. Let me see if I can find. I relate it to you with the Oscar party but let me see you can either vamp for time or give me a clap for at it. I'll van for time. Oh I said that but then I I think I had things to say in response to what you're saying but now it's it's I want films to be fun to watch again not in line. Got It sorry. I feel like whenever. Here's the thing whenever you throw someone to vamp absolutely hundred percent of the like I got the the the the same happened to people can't vamp when they think they can vamp so you think you could vamp puts actually saying what. Okay go ahead. Sorry I did not mean to know you found the we So there was a there was a tweet. I actually didn't find the tweet. But I found that context photos going to say don't Gal The summary of the tweet was I badly hope the parasite winning big at the Oscars will let the American people know that. There's a lot of meat on your mid budget thriller and that this will significantly change the American filmmaking landscape But what I truly believe will happen. Is that Congo? Song will just be the bad guy. Eight-man three yeah wizard. Really Funny Twenty. I also very accurate. I genuinely believe that will happen. They will just find someone from parasite and give them a hundred million dollars to be laying shitty marvel movie and it's exactly what producers do go like. Oh who's hot right now? So parasite just won best picture so fascinated me that they could say that and not understand why they are hot for that reason. It's because all these producer people and I don't mean to put them on blast right now but they all sort of failed upward into their job. They don't really know why movies are popular they think. Oh it's the celebrities. Yeah so take. A for instance take doolittle Moore like oh just promote how many celebrities are in this movie. People will go see it and then like it's screen tested poorly Drop a January will write it off as a loss and get a tax break. Now what's in right now? Oh big celebrities. Lot of celebrities in a movie May animated Let's make A. I don't know that kid played Spiderman and will Smith maybe he turns into a pigeon. I Dunno have amalgamated. Yeah that's the movie. Yeah well At some point when they're making that movie like will Smith in it. He's a person of color old test. Well in certain markets turn him into a bird hurt him into a birth burbs or big. You seem hitchcock hitchcock. He had this whole Al's. How did they not capitalize more war movie? Can we make birds? Two executive producers are dumb very and do a little is so perfectly example that because they said Oh what properties. We have Dr Doolittle sure who do people like iron man? Let's get all these birds is in. There's an EMU whose voice by Goto Yard should we get to reduce directed? The Guy who did Syria sure by kid legs command on Johnny. Could he be like an ostrich make him an ostrich that is that is what do little as? I know that they're going to try to do that. With the people attach site. We're going to see them in some pretty bad films absolutely no fault of their own. Well so we we might see them castle out of bad films but also we know that Hollywood does not like casting Asian people so it might be this weird confluence where Hollywood just blows up. Where a bunch of executive producers want badly to cast these famous Asian people? Hollywood has a whole like oh no. We can't cast Asia people. It's really funny that you bring that up because a so. I think it might have been two years ago crazy. Rich Asians came out but by the way. Is this called crazy rich? Yep they added Asians for the movie so people would understand what they were giving. Yes anyway I saw. It was really decent movie. I actually kind of enjoyed it. I don't think it was like you don't need too much because I saw it in quite liked it. Yeah what I'm going to say is like I realized for some reason we kept seeing movie me and my wife kept seeing movies that I would suggest. Now I WANNA get a Winters I wanted to the movies but I want to see a movie. That is a guest. She's what about crazy rotation? So why not? Let's do it and it was successful if they make money at the box office. We'll just like the only sort of like standard for make for like if a movie is good or not to these people. Yeah that's the only way to tell if it's a success and so naturally the book is part of the series all right we do the next we do the next we do. The next one is the movie. Yeah and they are only. They're having a lot of trouble putting it together. I think is like the skip the same director yeah get the same actors get the same screenplay people but for some reason the screenplay people is like a white guy and an Asian girl And because of the way Hollywood contracts work he had like a more movies under his belt so he got paid a lot more and she didn't have as many movies even though like she did the first one and so she was getting paid less and the guy was like this is wrong. I'd I'm willing to basically share my pay check with you because you're doing much work as I am. And she was like no. This is kind of bullshit. Because they're only putting me on this script so they can say that an agent person worked on the script on out and now the movies like not coming out anymore and it's kind of like you. All you had to do was make a sequel. That's what you love to do. How is the seller Toyota dealers? Pay People appropriately. You could've made the sequel that you love so much it's sensible. Yeah it's like. Oh we can't cast the nation people we can't even make a sequel to Asian movie doesn't even like all of this collect the bats I mean. It's it's very difficult to region to analyze the pervasive problem. The Hollywood has with with casting. Asian people So there's an article that I want to find out in advance for tenant I ran for all I wanNA say. Is that how I got? So there's this new. There's this article in the Times called parasite one but Asian Americans are still losing. I recommend reading it and also where can people find that article of The New York Times? Okay and if you've already used up your a New York Times Free Reeds for the month us at incognito Brad Zuber who's incognito browser or use the roller APP where you put in a url and extracts all the taxes have just gives it to you. That's pretty awesome. Yeah so I would read that if you want a little bit of insight into the systemic racism problem that is happening in Hollywood especially our and particularly against Asian people and it's been happening for relent. Yes there there's no demographic has asked like could you do a voice. Are you willing to do a voice more so than Asian actors? 'cause you can you somewhere you know. Yeah yeah it doesn't matter like Chinese Indian Vietnamese South Korean. It's all like could you be more of your demographic yes it's like American it's I'm I was born and raised in New York. It's fascinating backward but pairs identity big not to take it away from it but just remind because parasite one that does not mean. The Hollywood has ameliorated with Asian still task for it. Why it doesn't mean that Hollywood has learned anything because he just turn the dial back. A year in Green Book Won Best Picture. Yeah what the fuck they get one right forgetting one very wrong. Yes Sammy might parasite was a really great movie. And it's great on merits. It's not great just because it has its Korean people in it or anything like that. It's it's how films should be made. And this is the point I've been ramping up to. I want films to be smart engaging enlight captivating again I I don't want spectacle Erlich all sizzle and no substance or something like that. I like every every facet of that movies perfectly sculpted for that movie and when even more movies that are Perfection yes nights out was really good in. It does allowed similar things it turns John. Ron Its head in like knives out is a movie of its own. Sort of ilk parasites the same and I. I'm going to argue for the Canadian film Ready or not did vis to. Yes and so. It's not great year Phil. It's not difficult to do. It's just I feel like sometimes people get lazy or they go for the spectacle to go for all. We put ashes and seats. Michael Bay. Can you know you like explosions and brought you into this explosion to now? Can you make the explosions? I don't know bigger and movies like that. Have a place but that place is not the the largest grossing movies the movies that we should be making your movies that are made with love meticulously. Something that I so I have been watching through all the ball. Jin Ho's movies not all love but you know the big ones like post. The host Snow Piercer. Mother memories of Murder Oak Aja. Okay I don't. I haven't finished doktor to Netflix. I know but I've learned the lessons. Evoked Gel ready. I don't eat up. Just listen John. We all heard we all heard Joaquin Phoenix's speech but that doesn't mean we're all good people now. All of a sudden Lewis Adjust because walking except the milk is bad doesn't mean a year life choices are any blessed are good. I'm just as good as walking. Phoenix the best among us Cancel cultures also. Come at me now though. It is There was nothing incorrect. About the fact that people are saying his speech was bad when there was nothing incorrect the fact that people are saying his speech was bad when there was nothing incorrect he said he said pervasive. Cancel CULTURE IS BAD. No one has the right of supremacy over any other living being and then he ended with a quote from his dead brother that he gets visibly choked up at the fact that people are taking down for this not like actually treating this as one of the Best Oscar Acceptance Speeches at history is insane to me that there was a minor. Twitter spat a for some reason. People comparing Joaquin Phoenix's awards acceptance speech with res L. WINGERS. And it's like well that's doesn't actually solve anything. Either Yeah I. It's third time receiving award in a very high pressure. Like you're in front of imagine your front of everyone in your industry and you have to like give up one minute and thirty seconds speech and you have to not sound like an idiot. Remember to thank everybody to shut up. Yeah just let's attacker speeches. It's hard walk into a job But I've been watching through his movies on. I was watching mother which might be my favorite of his movies. That the one where he hates America No that's the host are whoopsie and Kinda Snow Piercer But if you watch mother this only somewhat problematic about it I guess. I don't know that problematic is even useful in In the lexicon anymore but essentially an actor who is knocked mentally challenged play mentally challenged character. Well I think but whatever budget people who've done that but mothers very good. But I was reading a review of mother on Ron Tomatoes and one of the which Doco that hell website would you but one of those planning ones while the bad ones said that It's so tiresome that Bombed June hose movies. No matter the subject matter are always inexplicably sad. He can't seem to make a feel-good movie. I'm like That is though the thinnest weakest criticism. And that's a conversation. I had with Allison after watched is she said. Every one of this person's movies that I've seen I feel like every emotion. I feel happy and there are moments. That are hilarious and sometimes. I feel deeply sad. Yeah and none of those feelings go away after I watched them. I'm like exactly you can watch mother and I think that mother has one of the funniest things I've ever seen in it. There is a very funny perfectly constructed. Seen there's also a deep per vase disturbing vein of sadness in that movie and the thing is a life and in movies. Both those days can exist at the same time you. You don't have to make. I know Iraq marvel movies a lot. But you don't have to make a superhero movie every time where at the end of the movie. It's only object objectives to make you feel good and walk out of the theater and release it from your brain into the author because it gave you your Catharsis and it's all gone now. You don't have to do that if you make good movies. They can make they do. Make you sad. Good works of art do embody a huge range of human emotions as they should. If you make something as one note I mean. Is it even worth watching or viewing some of the best comedies? Have some of the darkest moment because you can't have one without the other? Yeah you eat by. Having this does multitude of emotions is what makes it good and so the person so low. You can't make a feel good movie. I guess you're who how this is going to sound terrible coming out of my mouth. I guess you're who Adam Sandler foams are for all out of Salafist magnificent six or what the Netflix one specifically i? I don't know man. Bongino is good. Hits from the Bong hits the ball out of the parasite one but it has awakened a really disgusting conversation. A across film. People are the ones that we said. Yeah Yeah and also people who have to be of a class because the only thing we can talk about everything should be about class. There is a huge huge class problem in the world. It's not even like you just one nation. I mean the only way one can look at art Ed history is through emerges perspective. And that's just understand. The class conflict is at the heart of all conflict. Yeah I also saw weird Spattering on the Internet of people who were mad. The joker didn't win best picture but like way too mad. Yeah like mad in a way that you might think they would take action this. This is what they warned against. A as many people have seen being mad about joker didn't win. I've I've also seen a weird resurgence of like the bad spin on like so. Many guys are mad. That joker didn't win best picture. Now it's tagging somebody who's being just rampantly misogynist. Yeah and again. You missed the point of the movie. Yup this is helpful. And it's not funny and I know you might be going for like a weird comedy. Vied one person in particular rely on our twitter feed I'm calling out but not naming but like just kinda drop it. The movie wasn't for you. You didn't like it mets. Good don't perpetuate stupid thoughts in jokes. That don't help the movie yeah. The movie was about mental illness. If else jokers fine I feel like jokers a very good movie but also there are a lot of people for whom they can't let go of it being a model of something that they're insecure about. I saw a another headline was like now that Joaquin Phoenix one is Oscar kids. The joker be fun again. It's like I'll just show arrays of hand. I have a question. When was the joker? Ever Fun win. Will they bring back that character that made all the jokes? Joker the yeah. Historically a character has never been fun. Even even as animated like what are they called portrayals even as enemy portrayals are like dark and creepy. Yes because he's the fucking joker jerkers not supposed to be fun sorry all the best portrayals of the joker not fun just because he was voiced by Mark Hamill and Marquette Mobile Mark Hamill. Now you're Mark Hamill Mark. Campbell is lovable. Yes I can see. Why said doesn't even his jokers creepy and it's supposed to be no one left like that. No one else can laugh. Listen I'm just saying now that the two popes wants Oscar. Can the pope be funny again? Yeah Yeah I didn't want anything. Fuck them both. Why I think the Azures did take a stand against movies featuring old white men talking for way too long good as the Irishman one. Nothing the two popes one. Nothing that's the amount of runway had for this joke. Bhagat IT I. Here's the people aren't really talking about. I do like that Bomb joon-ho took time out of his acceptance speech to thank people like Martin Scorsese and the other nominees for giving him a backbone of creating film because Bongino is two things he does treat award ceremonies and the Oscars. Like a ludicrous circus. Which makes him magnetic in that hit. He called him a local award show. Yes I really enjoy that. Because he said it's not just about Oscars and he does like getting an Oscar. Yeah but also more importantly he does credit people that gave him inspiration to create movies. There's a yeah. There's a history that you can acknowledge while moving forward absolutely. I think he did that. I really liked the way he did that. He's like Oh. My Film Studies Book. There was a quote and then he's like that quote was from. Martin Scorsese in line. You know gave him Highlighted him and has his career. Yes kinda like yeah. You did great things for film so they'd like Alfred Hitchcock Spielberg at a time. And it's Kinda like Time keeps much in forward and to keep doing the same things you did at the beginning of your career at the end of your career. You might not get the accolades anymore. Because we've moved forward. We've gone beyond now. We want the next big thing early. We won't see Cinema done in a new way. Not the same way that you were doing it thirty years ago. Time is Doug for the crime man now. The class man cub were done with mobsters. Were done with big sharks. Sorry the MEG Ono. The actual one of at least five Oscars what makes me really sad about the cause. I was pretty happy overall but I do want to reiterate that adventures in game gave us the biggest cinematic moment in history and it gets nothing will maybe the of the century thus far of the last twenty years biggest I'm sorry and and then you're sinking. Kate was liberally. The Begley as it is actually literally the largest almond in cinematic history and it gets nothing. I feel like you can't give it to him. You can't you can't one. What do they need an Oscar for? I don't know that they're already. Winning people worked really Aukin. Money'll moneywise success. I guess people were really hard on the visual effects and I was the only thing that was nominated for. Yeah I mean they made an entire fucking army of CGI. If you want to get some real heads takes on it. There's I don't know what the Hashtag is. There's a significant number of people making very sincere tweets about how they believe avengers at game should have gotten best picture and they are making a lot of a pretty somewhat racist points about how a marvel movie should've won. Best Picture. It's pretty good. If it was last year I would argue one hundred percent that infinity war should've won over green book. Oh no doubt it'd be the two movies I'll take infinity Aurigny Day and infinity where I believe is is a stronger film out of the two anyway. Yeah but no not this year not this year fuck that after. I don't know what it's about the fuck it dad astronauts. I've heard the joke but yeah that's the Oscars. Yeah so I mean so. Why are we make jokes about a Asians Asians in women no case a while we pointed out that the digest cultural consciousness has this this? Boehner for saying that you know women in Asian Still Win Asians one and a bunch of women one that just no one cared about best score went to Helder. I can't say your last name. What Hilter Oh. I don't remember her name. I know but the best original score with two joker and the composer for that film is on. I am Scandinavian. Jn composer whose first name is held her and her last name has characters in it that do not chance later in English. No those a big win also very good score big showing for women at the Oscars red carpet a natalie. Portman did wear like a Cape with the names of a bunch of women who are nominated sewn into so it'd be really cool. If Natalie Portman production company would find any movies directed by living. I'm really glad you pointed that out because yeah absolutely so two of the producers for parasite were women funnily enough they cut the MIC. Should turn the lights out on one of the area and the audience crowd hobbyists use their collective clout to turn the lights back on. Yeah but yeah. Two of the producers for parasite were women. Make up and hair one by a woman. I mean I. I loved the cutting the lights because clearly whoever's running ask is do not to be important and they thought that was a bet. They'll like best picture. You get a minute yeah. Sorry Both Joaquin Phoenix and renee. Zellweger combined took off all of our time for best picture. It's been that way in the past. Two words like the only award were waiting for is best picture for some reason. It seems like they had the least amount of time. Yeah it's insane. Yeah anyway best. Actress was born by a woman. That's verse best. Supporting actress was won by a woman. This was the joke. I it's a pretty good joke. I Dunno industry is stupid and it's in. The midst of chains can expect results right out of the gate but one thing we can kind of ask for is like in your weird plea for like feminism and stuff don't do we're double standard things were. You're saying you'RE GONNA start a fight club and then say the men can join. But they have to be shirtless. Yeah that was a weird joke. Kinda miss the mark. A lot of the jokes are waiting. Miss the Mark Natalie. Portman support women. Yeah it's like Natalie support women and I get it I get it Natalie Portman at least I get a very funny joke also. Why did you bring? We wanted to kill Anikin. That was so not cool of you. She was in Star Wars. Assist revenge of the seth. Let's stop paying lip service to these things and start paying fists service. No I actually do stuff like he said Natalie Portman Production Company hire women to work with yeah actresses who are given lines. That scene like they're not for equality refused to say the lines. I think you have that power. Don't don't cut prom women from your star wars movies. You can put your buddy from lost in it. Yeah don't do that. Yeah exactly don't do that. Don't do that. It's simple to do it like it's so easy to do the actions. I actually think that there is a simple rallying. Cry that we can get behind. All of this boils down to so we've been titled a lot about supporting women but if we're talking about the pay disparity between the writers of crazy rich Asians if we're talking about Natalie Portman is company not producing movies directed or written by women if we're talking about People getting cut off star wars movies. Men can take their place. It's not support women. It's twenty twenty pay women women pay women. It's simple all you have to do is pay as much as somebody else. What's crazy is like this is going to be the year of women directed lead in produced. Superhero movies where we're starting out with birds of prey. The internals is another. One in black widow is another one. And you gotta go to the films. You gotta go the gathered under the phones people if you want support Weltman Cho to the film's their birds appraised. Good there's no reason for only made thirty five million domestically worldwide made a lot more. Yeah and it's like weirdly because it only made thirty five million in America is labeled as a flop we're added as it's already earned back. Its production costs worldwide. Making it not a flop change the narrative they have. You heard that they're changing the name to what it's no longer gonNA be birds of prey and the fantabulous cement and momentum patient one Harley Quinn. It's now going to be called for some reason Harley Quinn Coal in birds of PREY DUMB. I know I really liked the law. Original name was very good. Yeah but people are like all I guess it will. They don't understand Harley Quinn's in the movie because the marquee only says birds of prey the key and obviously Harley. Quinn is like the selling point of the movie. 'cause it's she was in a quinter deal. Can we murder Hollywood? I kinda want to but murders illegal murders illegal at least under this president by the way Bernie Sanders still believe Bernie Sanders abolish student debt. Make death legal. How many how? Many amity presenting Just a couple of percentage points having Peter still tied in delegates Slamet. How many add percent reporting? Oh seventy five who shit. Yeah he's probably GonNa Take New Hampshire not as by not by astronomical margins. I want him to because we gotta get a delegate lead to really get momentum going to South Carolina Nevada have a hell. Is Buddha chick like polling? So well are doing so well. I don't know he's Iraq. I don't know we can't get into it. I can't we're also pretty much out of time. We are now officially out of time. Which means since you already you WANNA take that again. Like coherently okay. So I'LL GET A. I'll get a clean take. That's right and signed that in the since you're really meal are so. Hollywood execs weirdly at the beginning of this episode. We call for them to get in touch with us to like work with them to make the fast and furious movies but then we yelled at him for like a solid half hour. Yeah come pay us. You'll pay pigs. I don't I don't. Are you trying to fit down? Yes no we. With our script for vast furious ten highway to hell and fast and furious ten colon ten to furious heaven coal explosions in the sky. We are fin da-ming these executive producers into giving us that money little piggies. And if you want to give us your money little piggies you can send US money tweet. Recipes Anger Yang Andrew Open quote. Money tweeds close. Close close quote. You can do so at Z. C. P. C. W. H. J. ON TWITTER DOT COM and. I can tell the Henry's looking up exactly what that stands for is to knives out with Camille Nanjiani submitted by Emily v Gordon to the prompt alight. Alright we need title suggestions for the sequel dropping from at nights out. Is She trying to get him in that movie? If you want to send us an email you can do so. Zero credits is a podcast. At G. MAIL DOT COM. Send US your money. Send US your money but do not send us your gun. Ni. Do not send us again. It is illegal to email God under this presidency. Mike Gravel Twenty twenty. We are on spotify. Zor For Zero Credit Open burnt the seas S. closed disease on the podcast action on spotify. You can play us. You can play us into a playlist Bacon. Make a make a little playlist Ever has been elgin out there like They're really harkening back like time. When bands had a lot of like psychedelic influences and influences particularly from. Jr tolkien's fantasy It's pretty good. We are on Apple podcasts. Search for zero credits in the apple. Podcast search for a leave US ally. Leave a psych. And we won't like you like comment share. It's a great way to get people to learn about the podcast. However the most and best way that people can learn about the podcast is word of mouth because it is the only way we can survive. So if you take this one very seriously I know I like to create a little rhyme but it really means a lot to that if you get your friends together or just at a party or it's important to be a good patron and partner to the things that you love. Art Can't be free at a lot of time to work. Goes into this. So if you get your friends together and just let them know that they need to see birds of prey or the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley. Quinn we can all pull it together and hopefully get them. Sweet checks on the sequel. 'cause that movie's very good so from everyone here. It's my job now. Is it a whole throw to you? We throw to me season. Four is a time of change season for the time of lame. Ed for everyone here at the zero regrets three. Tv to bathroom apart does with the TI in part of the problem. I am the class more. Dow. We WanNa wish you a happy. Viewing of birds of prey the fabulous emancipation of one Harley. Quinn see it in theaters now or don't watch it on. Dvd Blu Ray HD DVD where they call it digital than to say like covering the digital Tuesday and then coming to regular things. Whatever happened to ultraviolet? I think that died the Milla Jovovich movie. No poor out for ultraviolet. Oh you could like you put in the Codey GonNa move. Poor one out for HD DVD. That's they lost the porn war. Also twenty twenty porn war wrote a war of Lord. Oh No that's not a battle you can win. You can it's.

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