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Intel gamer days are upon us and more coming up on today's episode of release intact news the gadget here you're just in time for the latest episode of the world's only three and one show on tech gadgets n._b._c. news that's right. This is released intact news. My name is taylor the american few nuhere <unk> subscribe right now so that you don't miss out on latest we do unto daily around here and we would hate for you to miss out in by the way share this episode with a friend. If you get anything out of it free and easy to do <hes> and you can show it however you will but the our feature story that will be taking a look at is a intel gamer days deals on some gaming laptops. Let's just say some of the manufacturers are razor acer acer so you wanna be taking a look into that will beginning to that in just a moment. We'll be taking a look at well why fi six it barely hear but wi fi seven is already on the way whilst be taking a look at u._s._b. Four devices are clear to roll out next year followed by while some apple watch news including self tightening skin texture authentication and l._e._d. Progress bar kinda interesting news and here we were thinking that we might not be getting a lot out of the september event coming in like a week doc for apple. There'll be maybe hearing something. New also be taking a look at intel unveiled frontera. The world's fastest academic supercomputer and gimme news will be taking a look at while a newest cyberpunk twenty seventy seven video first-person. It looks like what this game is shaping up to be in definitely an interesting demo at that will be getting into that and finally we'll be taking a look at well. The value of wild classic is more than just the style of but before we get to that well. Let's take a look back on today. In tech history all right today september third twenty nineteen on this day in nineteen ninety five the online auction site ebay is launched as auction web by pierre dr the first item sold a broken laser pointer wasn't actually intended to sell but rather to test the new site itself started as a hobby surprise at the item actually sold for fourteen dollars and eighty three cents contacted via to make sure he knew the laser. Bro pointer was broken to which was replied. I'm a collector of broken laser pointers from that first fourteen dollars essentially fifteen dollars. He's now worth billions of dollars. Also on this day in history a nineteen eighty two steve wozniak u._s. festival begins. You see co founder. Steve wozniak had taken a leave of absence from apple following a plane crash in nineteen eighty. One during this period was started the the u._s. Festival an outdoor concert technology expo held in san bernardino in southern california. The first festival was held on labor day weekend in nineteen eighty two featuring large air conditioned tents to host the u._s. Festival technology exposition and a state of the art stage for the musical acts temperatures peaked at over a hundred degrees grease on all three days at a festival. I don't think san bernardino is a great place to have it. The lineup for opening day included the b fifty two talking heads english beat and headliners enters the police the festival returned in nineteen eighty three but in total wound up ending losing more than twenty million dollars in didn't happen much bob beyond beyond that and i think steve decide to go back to apple computer shortly thereafter. I tell you history well. What would where would we be without it with that out of the way let's head on over to today's feeder story all right today's feature stories on the screen right. Now those of you interested in any of the articles that we cover on today's show head on over to tech news gadget dot net and well right now. It's the most magical time time of the year. It's intel game days. What does that mean exactly. Well deals today. Amazon has some excellent deals on gaming laptops many of which include free software not talking about excel here talking about gains in the good kind of software here first off. You'll notice a lot of software bundles for intel game. Today's don't give much in the way of details some of the computer systems below that will be taking look at include player unknowns battlegrounds and total war three kingdoms while others include the elite software bundle details of which are still shrouded in mystery. I upper looking at the razor blade stealth thirteen thirteen on sale at amazon for right around eleven hundred u._s. a lovely little laptop with an intel. I seven eighty five. I sixty five us c._p._u. G. m. x. One fifty sixteen gigs of ram two hundred and fifty six gigs of <unk> d a gorgeous f._m. H._d. thirteen inch display the excellent fifty is far from the most powerful g._p. In envy of g force line but the beauty of the stealth is that you can plug it into the razor core four x external g._p. You enclosure in these basically any modern g._p. You want it's the best of both worlds the portability of laptop with the gaming power of a desktop p. c. and something that razors always kind of been known for here next up. We'll be taking a look at the acer predator heels three hundred which is on sale at amazon right now for eight hundred thirty u._s. and the author here has been a fan of the predator line for many years just really nice. This one has a one hundred forty four hurts display intel. I seventy seven fifty h. G. force g._t. X ten sixty six gigs card six gigs of d._d._r. Eighty are forum and a two hundred and fifty six gigabyte envy m. e. s. s. d. all on sale on top of that. It looks like a futuristic fighter jet. Just just don't try throwing it around or you're gonna be out eight. Hundred thirty bucks also there is e del g. five fifteen on sale sale on amazon for well right around seven hundred u._s. with an intel. I five eighty three hundred eight c._p._u. M._d. for ten fifty p._i._d._p. View perfect blend of value and power. You won't have any trouble plane almost any game you want with it. It's priced just under seven hundred sound link to it as well. A win over idea pad l. three forty gaming laptop. <hes> pricing is right around six hundred dollars hiding hiding inside. This unassuming gaming laptop from lenovo is an intel core. I five ninety three hundred h nvidia geforce g._t. Sixteen fifty dp you eight gigs of ram speeches five hundred twelve gigs of n. b. M. e. s. s. d. No needs to know that you have a gaming laptop and when all was probably the most understated the gaming laptops taps on sale for intel gamer days at amazon right now. The price is also the m. s. I g. l. sixty three on sale for around seven hundred as well this one <hes> has an intel core. I seven eighty seven fifty eight. Nvidia g force g._t._s. sixteen fifty g._p._u. Eight gigs of ram in a two hundred fifty six gigabyte envy m. e. s. d. for storage as little obviously probably fill up quickly once you count for the windows installation so get a portable hard drive <hes> like the w._d. Four terabyte dads on sale as well but is your budget is like eleven hundred or less. This'll this'll fit you in nicely anywhere between eleven hundred and seven hundred so yeah intel gamer days and then the bundles that come along with it like we said player unknowns battlegrounds and tower three kingdoms authorizer elite software bundle the details of which remain shrouded routed in mystery. Do you know what they are. If you let us know down to count some of us are just dying here. What's in it but yeah. These are laptop. Laptops stops guys not desktops laptops impressive that they're actually gaining worthy but if you're looking for something that's within this price price range and you don't want the you know immovability of a desktop computer and you don't want to carry around monitors and everything these laptops will do quite well. So what do you think is there anything we missed in this lineup to let us know we are on twitter at tech news gadget otherwise obviously this is obviously linked to hygiene article and they probably have a bunch of other links towards two yet. Today is intel gamer dates deals to be had things to be bought games to be played. Would you wanna miss out and don't don't know don't know <hes> i upon any games that i need to finish up anyways. Those of you wondering this isn't my hi fulltime job. This is like a part time hobby that i do on the side. I mean considering my full. Time job takes most of my day and then i have have a family to take care of on top of that and on top of that <hes>. I have a side business that i've going on and then i have this. I don't even have much time to play video games at all. I i mean kind of squeeze in a little bit time here here and there and i don't know like i said i need to make clones so if you actually have some details on how to clone clone yourself but still retained memories in like i dunno absorb the knowledge of the clone that you may be great. Let me know on a providing email. Address can go from there. I'm just totally kidding but non series. Send it to me. Love it all right moving on to some more tech news. What wi fi six is barely hear but well. Wi fi seven. Just decided one a barrel right in steel show so those z. wandering wifi six is just now arriving in phones laptops and network equipment engineers already turning their attention to come next wi fi seven with speeds speeds as high as thirty gigabits per second the next generation of wi fi promises better streaming video longer range and fewer problems with traffic congestion the the change will come in a series of steps beginning with improvements to wi fi six that laid the groundwork for the expected arrival of wi fi seven in twenty twenty four according to who <hes> qualcomm vice president of <unk> -nology vk jones said i'm excited about delivering a gigabit everywhere in your house every nook doc in cranny. You'll be at the point where wireless is faster than wired interesting in a subsequent interview at qualcomm wifi. Dane august jones shared. There's some details on how wifi seven will work. He expects three phases of improvements over today's wi fi six which in technical circles wondering it's called eight oh two point eleven seven eight x saw the first expected improvements will give wi fi six more capacity with new airwaves at u._s. In european governments are likely to open up for radio transmission admission as soon as next year second update twice six in twenty twenty two should improve speeds especially for people uploading data like videos from phones or p._c.'s third third and perhaps the most interesting is a collection of why upgrades expected in twenty twenty four and still only known by his technical name of eighty two point eleven b actually actually actually quite interesting you see a lot of people are really ready to officially call the next version wi fi seven that includes the wi fi alliance consortium that comes up with the numbers and be soldiers wifi logo on products at passed its certification tests heck. It's programmed certify. Wi fi six products only begins later this year still you don't have to be a suicide to see the future coming last three wi fi engineering standards which was two point eleven n eleven a. c. and eleven eight x has been certified as wi fi four five and six respectively so eight or two point eleven be a strong candidate to receive the wifi vice seven label institute of electrical and electronic engineers which develops eight oh two point eleven standards the wi fi alliance later certifies is already at work on one eight. Oh two point eleven b e. If i e e working group proposed the thirty gigabyte speed in projected authorization requests for comparison a c net here of they've tested some things out to show that wi fi six is delivering a maximum of one point three gigs you imagine thirty i mean so you just you'd like looking at this going okay. If wi fi six is one point three at max and then wi fi seven thirty what the heck happened with the gap like then. Is it quite quite impressive so they go on to explain a little bit more about wi fi i six by seven for those of you who are interested in reading more but yeah why six barely out here wifi seventy anway. Which are you looking forward to most wi fi vice six or wi fi seven. Let me know in the comments. We'd love to have a further conversation about this knee. I'm excited. I love seeing technological advancements advanced. This is the main reason why why do the show and and wildlife to cover these kind of subjects. I don't like talking about just gadgets or talking about just gaining. I mean i mean what got me interested. The fact of look technology how it's changing in shifting and evolving over the years i mean we went from late. One hundred years ago or like fifty seven years ago these big huge manson computers took up like football fields and warehouses isn rooms and storage and required all of this stuff anything so little now this what i'm holding in the palm of my hand phone can <unk>. It's incredible just power technology. It's that's main reason why like sharing articles like these <unk>. Hopefully you're excited. I'm excited. Let's see what's next up. What's next up is u._s. Before devices yeah just when you're starting to get us to to u._s._b. Three when what there's different u._s. Beasts yes and the thing is if you can keep an eye on it. You'll buy a computer cuter and then you look at it and you'll look at the port you'll go. I know we're all does it look different and why can't i play. It's just a u._s._b. Port why can't i plug it in while it's because it's different it's different u._s._b. Ports sleep kind of have to keep that in mind now the u._s._b. F- has finalized the standard specifications occasions. They announced today that the organization has finalized technical specs for u._s. Before these facts will be making your way designers engineers and manufacturers shortly meaning that we can expect the first u._s._b. Four products hit shelves sometime in twenty twenty. Not a highlight of the new standard is it's dueling forty gigabytes per second speed matching watching thunderball threes transfer rate in doubling that of usb three point two's under bowl. You guys got something up your sleeve or you counted google crash and burn. I don't know we'll find out u._s. Before will use the same form factor as usb type c and will be backward compatible with usb three point two two point. Oh in thunderball three in other words you'll be able to use just about any existing usb type c device with a machine featuring a a u._s._b. Four bus the connection will be similar to usb three in that it will support both data and display protocols so expect to see more monitors featuring a u._s._b. Connections and in addition to some admi parts now the dichotomy between usb three and thunderbolt three has been quite frustrating for consumers while u._s._b. Three ubiquitous connection it transfers authors data at half the speed at best of the rather allusive thunderbolt three u._s._b. Four will essentially merges who standards creating a tulane forty gigabyte per second connection that will hopefully become a unified connection across devices and platforms now main reason why under both three have been such a boon for creative professionals empower us is is is that forty gigabyte per second transfer rate along for streamline video editing animation and modeling workflows. It has also enabled the introduction of new product categories stories such as external g._p.'s having to speed of thunderball three as a universal connection will bring these capabilities to everyday consumers making data backups and transfers. There's a faster and easier experience now granted when it first rolls out. You'll see the price point new goal. That's too much money but give it some time. It'll soon go down in price and it'll become rain little sweet spot where he just purchase it as worth the cost in any like. I didn't know that oppressive heat that low been it's incredible. It's basically can buy calculator for like a dollar now and it'd be like we yeah but we're like three steps ahead of it roll like u._s._b. Seven now and you guys totally missed for you like what dude this awesome. That's exactly how it's gonna go because he is going to be like why are so many we different standards going out while because as technology moves in shifts and adapt and we need bigger better faster stronger smarter smarter technologies. You're going to start seeing a lot more things shifting and changing turning as just the world of technology for you. Don't don't you love it. Speaking of <hes> while we weren't expected to hear much about anything about the apple watch but seeing as how the event four <hes> apple september event will be happening in about a week it's time we weren't really expecting news is becoming out about the apple watch but apparently the u._s. patent and trademark office today granted apple several patents for smart apple watch bands with features. Get this <unk> such as biometric authentication self tightening in l._e._d. Progress indicator interesting now for those of you wondering yes there is actually <unk> video that goes on with the show so if you'd like to see how some sensors in end of patents might look head on over to youtube dot com for cash tech news gadget otherwise if you are on the go feel free to listen to this podcast and whatever app you desire details at latest in tech news dot com the first patent here describes an apple watch ban with a sensor that can authenticate the wear based on get this patterns on the wrist skin's texture more particularly skin texture cracks are generally warmer than the surrounding skin and harris cooler than the surrounding skin by using using an i._r._a. Thermal image sensor as the wrist biometric sensor hair can be distinguished thermally from skin texture cracks by temperature pitcher who would've thought this teacher would eliminate the need to enter a pass code on the apple watch or a paired iphone to unlock that watch kind of interesting interesting here. The second patent describes a self tightening apple watch ban. If the where is running or working out for example band could automatically titan in order ready to ensure it has a snug fit on wrist while exercising upon completion of that physical activity the man would then automatically loosen apple. Watch users would be able to set locations where the band automatically titans upon arrival such as jim in other examples aband- could automatically tightened to notify user of an upcoming turn while walking driving driving or swimming interesting to help the wear count repetitions while weightlifting or to notify the wear that they have reached certain distance intervals while running and such as every mile interesting. I got a couple indicators onscreen. The self tightening band could also be part of a two factor authentication system on apple watch azziz scribe independent for example. If a user wishes to access financial details hosted on banking website the banking website may require both users credentials and a verification of a number number of tightening loosening patterns sent tweet where boy electronic device previously authenticated by the banking website. Does this have anything to do with the apple cart. I i find out in one example tactile pattern. Maybe a series of five squeezes of the user's wrist example tightening and loosening in sequence user may thereafter enter five to gain access to the banking website. The third patent describes an apple watch band with an l._e._d. Indicator that could visualize the progress of activity or task such as completion of the wok stand an exercise rings interesting indicator could also serve as an easy way to check an apple watches remaining battery life and a glance that we don't have to actually open the whole entire watch in tap around and find battery power now apple is hosting a special event as steve jobs theater next tuesday tuesday where it is widely expected to unveil new iphone and apple watch models while seasonal band refreshes expected. It's been rumors or leaks about. Smart bands might fifty one of them well. We'll find out keep in mind at apple's granted dozens of patents every week and many of the inventions do not see the light of day patents are also very detailed encompassing thing many possible ideas even once apple might not have any plans to advance so whether that comes to fruition or not remains to be seen but yeah be kind of cool any of these. These patents have equal. Actually i'd be quite interested in the first one seriously wrist bentiu cater the texture of your skin ambusher. Dude is nuts moving onto some more get news intel when hadn't unveiled sailed frontera a world's fastest academic super computer in august twentieth eighteen dell e._m._c. and intel announced intentions to jointly designed frontera cantera in academic supercomputer funded by sixty million dollar grant from the national science foundation that would replace stampede to at university of texas at hack back. Those plans came to fruition in june on the two companies deployed frontera which was formerly unveiled this morning. Get this intel claims frontier can achieve achieve peak performance of thirty eight point seven quadrille ian floating point operations per second or pedophile apps making it the world's fastest computer designed nine for academic workloads like modeling insulation big data and machine learning as compared to stampede two's peak performance of eighteen pat flops man see what i mean about technology advancing so quick i mean stampede to is like you a our peak performance. It's it's eighteen pedal flops. What can the frontier do three point seven quad gillian pedophile. That's what i don't know earlier this year. Frontera earned the fifth spot on the twice annual top five hundred list with twenty three point five pedal flaps on the link pack benchmark which ranks the world's most powerful title nine distributed computer systems according to intel vice president and general manager of intel's house extreme commuting organization <unk> damn kroger yup the frontier system will provide researchers computational in artificial intelligence eligible capabilities that have not existed before for academic research with intel technology this new supercomputer opens up new possibilities in science and engineering to advance research urge cosmic understanding medical cures and energy needs hundreds of twenty eight chorus second gen z. on scalable kentucky lake processors slotted within thin dell e._m._c. <unk> servers handle frontera heavy computational lifting onsite nvidia nodes for single precision computing the chips architecture is based on intel's advanced vector extensions five twelve a set of instruction enables twice the number of flaps for clack compared the previous generation and just in case you wanted to further frontier employs liquid cooling for the majority of its nodes with dell e._m._c. supplying water and oil cooling from system integration firm cool it in green revolution cooling in it leverages milanez h._d. Are in each day or one hundred interconnects to transmit data at speeds of two two hundred gigabytes pearling per second between the switches that connect. It's eight thousand eight nodes keep in mind. Each node is antiquated drowned around sixty five kilowatts of power roughly a third of which tag is procuring wind-power credits and wind power production in addition to solar power in addition to storage storage frontera features four different environments architect did by data direct networks which together total more than fifty peta bites paired with three headlights of nand flash cash capable in case. You're wondering what does this work out to about four hundred eighty gigabytes of s s d storage her node three general purpose in nature nature while the fourth both very fast connectivity of up to one point five terabytes per second yeah yeah <hes> this computers nuts like if you ever if you ever like yeah. I wonder if we could do really complex calculation but it's done. I usually take like a half hour is done already yeah yup mountain near you go frontera the world's fastest academic academic supercomputer moving onto some gaming news while the new cyberpunk twenty seventy seven video looks great but the games james com demo was even better plus our first look at the p. C.'s ray tracing features a year after initial gameplay debut c._g. Project red treated games count two thousand nineteen attendees to a new slice of cyberpunk twenty seventy seven with digital foundry onsite to check it out the lack of assets at the time prevented them author here from sharing many of the thoughts but the good news is at the follow up on event by releasing a fourteen minute video showing some but certainly not all of the content we have under slate here continued to impress but it is somewhat surprising to see presentation at is an match for two games come or e three demos that some people saw in person keep in mind. Some people have complained about the lack of detail and definition in the latest mo- despite c._p._r. Supplying a four k. video encoding youtube servers in adult seemed to be an explanation for this is indeed are pixel counts. The new footage is running at ten eighty p before being upscale to four k. However it is still operating at thirty frames per second oddity <unk> game running real time on a massive l._e._d. Or l._c._d. Display similar similar to the games com two thousand eighteen showing which running at a native for k. can't confirm pixel count for sure but are showing was clearly running at a much higher of lucien for those who watch interestingly the drop in revolution in video has a big impact to the quality of the overall presentation <hes> but i guess there's more more with that said though cyberpunk twenty seventy seven enjoy some clear visual upgrades over last year's demo whether using a ray tracing enabled g._p. Or not for starters reflection quality is vastly improved. This aspect of the game doesn't seem to be retraced relying instead on screen space reflections instead seen in the witcher three but correa submitted from last year cyberpunk demonstration which seemed to rely on direct lighting and cubans to approximate the effect s._r. in a new demo looked really nice in in puddles and metalwork and reasonably robust which is no mean feat based on some of the dodgy implementations that scene out resident evil to remake remake for one so let's see in terms of that cyberpunk twenty seventy seven remains dose as impressive today as it. Did it debuted his technical. Refinements are obviously welcome but by extension does this mean at the biggest question of all remains unanswered. Just how well of a game of this complexity going going to run on current gen consoles them once again highlights in immense level scale detail in density that we associate with next gen game in a world where the witcher three runs on switch. Anything's possible keep in mind but regardless house is gonna look like house is going to play out. Just gonna feel no. They got video that goes along with it. I'm going to go about it but yeah. There's actually link in this article too that video case. He missed it. You wanted to see it get. The impressions of of the demo games come then some cyberpunk twenty seventy seven good. If you guys are interested in game i'll find out <hes> might need to see some more demos abide by. I know it's a lot of buzz going on around it so i wanted to be sure to share some news about that for you guys and finely mainly while we got an article here from gamespot dot com the value of wild classic is more than just nostalgia now the author here. The <unk> subtitled it there in back again. <hes> i died eight times before hitting level ten in world of warcraft classic compared to vanilla world of warcraft back in two thousand five that was probably a lot more efficient than the first time around in a live or retailer. Whatever the current version of world of warcraft you really only die wants an open world. If you make a stupid mistake while classic is a surprising reminder that the game once seemed to be deeply comfortable with making players fall on her face in two years since fall classic was announced at blitz <unk> twenty seventeen the mood has shifted dramatically efforts majority of the sentiment wondered. Why would someone want to go back. Keep in mind for those of you watching twitch all the all the content of <unk> while classic like fifty five million hours collectively. It's not even like at first <hes> while there's hardcore tribal vanilla fan so serious about the old school experience they've been chasing a black market private service to get that old feeling any way they could felt very different in recent months with the classic beta giving many players streamers the chance to look back in with the dodge love fullback back into hearts. It seems like everyone is ready for launch. Indeed too many <unk> ready for launch day. The q. were ridiculous or twenty thousand strong and half a day wait eight times on some servers. Luckily for some rotten for others server crashes saw queues rotate a little faster but those who crashed out found themselves sent back to the q. Hugh blizzard launched extra servers to spread the load and help people jump in in house and fun but the reason so many stayed in those cues instead of jumping into an easy several is is a big part of what exactly people were coming back to classic to look for no not the q. itself a true day one experience while the catch cry but the reason people stayed put what's fundamental people made plans to play with old friends reform old guilds and once the plans are in place. You really couldn't just slop to new server on the fly. Classic is all about community even in those early levels game plays in ways akin into why people are falling in love with more recent games that are allotted for their difficulty. Yes world of warcraft really isn't a hard game in the same way that dark souls is but to succeed with minimal delay. You need friends to get by back in two thousand five while sina so ubiquitous in silicon valley circles it built a reputation as a kind of new gulf a place three people would meet and hang out run a dungeon in some fishing discuss business while sitting in booey bay and then you know get massacred by the current loud if it wasn't there it was on one of the a plan of cities some of that may have all been talked but <hes> the author here in their own experience as an early tech and games journalists journalists they made friends with future colleagues through the game they join a guild spend time regularly with people that they've met in the industry which helped solidify work context interestingly enough and networks if an go on to say if i'd started world of warcraft in more recent years you're since automated run random dungeons and raid cubes and tools you grew up with people without ever needing type of word and other names don't feel like you would have built such friend networks through the game so easily their first few days of all classic with everyone at low levels sharing during scant resources in moms in earliest areas of the game spontaneous groups would form as people helped each other complete quests it would actually wait and take turns to complete across the progress a little bit faster and with with minimal loss of life <hes> interestingly enough the author here was invited to group on their very first quest at level one the global chat channel in a multiplayer game was actually full of comments for once as people answer each other's questions or requests for help it was time for social media had made us all the jadick eggs cynics that we've all had but had uncovered just yet but keep in mind you could always <hes> probably they drop a joker tour morlock jokin aaron. You just have the whole chat. Go nuts. I actually i should try that. I should just log into wild classic just for the simple fact act of going in and dropping morlock joker or something something that i did when i i was on while long many years ago yeah <hes> named mobs for early quest for a particular problem i people just formed circles and grouped up in parties a five if you've got the first hit lucky you for you and your friends but then rumors started to circulate that some servers reforming spontaneous cues for bottleneck kills and if you hadn't seen the screen shots he might think it's an urban myth. Is you do it right. If you're gonna do it right way. Don't doda line oh my goodness and another cocoa santa explain. My friend is literally waiting in a line to kill quest mob on world of warcraft classic nick launch date law <hes> <unk> yeah unwanted to servers that was launched to alleviate the overly overly long queues the author here jumped into just be in a game running around having some fun one of the most common questions concern that this particular server shiny new with nokia are you at the door was bit to empty people wanted to be playing but they wanted to be playing with many other people delays while waiting for boards request bosses or less worrisome than the idea that we might end up in <unk> azzurra alone again. Yeah i think <hes> i think that essentially covers it wrote of warcraft classic delivers on that nostalgia gen reasons to play it goes beyond the graphics and mechanics so yeah <hes> keep in mind if you didn't know why that's kind of the big reason why and it's kind of one of the reasons why i'm i'm getting so tempted to just want to just for a month just for a month dropping on the style. I am remember the days 'cause i made a lot of pretty good friends of whom i haven't talked to in many years on world war craft back in the days help with quest help help was staff great guild mates. You'll friends hung out with each other. I think the only thing we did was like log in in the evenings unusual play for several hours at a time blabbing about stuff in killing stuff <hes> now. There's a lot of fun but <hes> yeah. If if you hadn't actually key here think about asleep you never really understood the whole nostalgia and the feeling behind it now is a great time to jump right in while while the hot as it were if you were you know wanting to jump in on the game but weren't quite sure just don't been on it for a month. It's not really that much money at i'm sure you could save yourself the money from buying a battle l. pass on fortnight until the drop on world of warcraft classic for amman and just run around for a month hang out with people have fun and a yeah see how it goes from there you might just be surprised and with that wraps up this episode oddly tech news. Thanks for tuning in new episodes. Every weekday. Weekday news can be found on every major platform including apple spotify google youtube stitcher or cast an more now enjoyed this episode turtle. Let us know by clicking that button anger aimed by leaving a comment if you're watching today the youtube also while if you're listening to the podcast we appreciate it if you could give us a review out on apple podcasts gas or wherever you happen to be listening. Don't forget to share this episode with a friend. Be sure to double check finally that you're subscribed so that you don't miss the next episode. I'm the house he'll american. Remember for leith and tech gadget and gaming news visit tech news gadget dot net much keeping awesome guys. See you on foot side <music>.

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