Episode #46: My Interview w/ Rob Kibbe on The Musclecar Place


Welcomed up. So number forty, six of talking mope ours on today's show I'm going to be sharing an interview that I did for the first time ever I was on the other side of the MIC. So without further ado, if you are a Mo- Puzo than you are in the right place, don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the best moment theses driven podcast on planet Earth and I'm your host Chris Albrecht better known as the moped hunter, and this is talking Mo- pars. and. You're listening to talking. With the MO par hunter your direct mention of all things. Welcome back my friends, it's good to have you back. If you haven't heard of the muscle car place, it's one of the biggest and longest running muscle car related podcasts in the World Rob Kibi is the host and he was gracious enough to have me on for episode number four, forty. So I thought I'd share my interview with you and give my comments at the end. So let's get this show on the road. Today, our guest is Chris Albrecht Chris host, the podcast talking Mo- parts. He has built this baby as the number one podcast on planet earth which I like, and he himself is known as the moped hunter. Since our four hundred and fortieth episode was coming up I thought it would be good to do something to mark the occasion, and maybe he'll correct me here when it comes to mow power power plants, I think four forty may be the one I think of I even more than a four twenty-six, even more than three. Really four forty is what I think of I. But. What I really want to do here is focused on mopus and celebrate kind of a special day Chris Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me on rob I'm happy to be here. Totally. So. Chris let some ground rules here. I'M A podcast year. Europe podcast her we either have to work together or we gotta go to like the death and Only one of us can win I'm all for working together. Sound Good Man before I ever got into podcasting. I was a fan of many automotive podcasts including yours and that kind of pave the way for me to go. You know I'm obviously not going to do a podcast about muscle cars because that would be competing with the big dogs but I decided to focus my podcast on what I'm absolutely one hundred percent passionate about which is parts totally at most that was tongue in cheek and it's a big world out here man, there's so much room and. Opportunity and I have made more friends in the podcast space than I can even count and it's always been a good thing. It should be that we're competitors but were really not I. Don't know why it works that way but it works hand in hand and I really enjoy this and I can't wait to learn more here. So Chris let's start with the basics before you even get to the moped stuff. This is our first conversation ever where are you? Where'd you grow up get into? Cars I grew up in Seattle Washington and I currently live about thirty miles north in Marysville. I grew up around Mope ours I spent a lot of my formative years in a nineteen seventy five dodge custom. What we know now as Boogie Van Really Yeah my dad bought a seventy five cargo van a dodge black nothing in it completely gutted and he built it from the ground up you know this shag carpet the bed in the. Back the spoiler, the porthole windows, the side of the crater mags, all the fender flares the whole kit and caboodle along with that vehicle my dad in one, thousand, nine, hundred, I was born in one, thousand, eight, five, thirty, five and my dad bought a brand new Daytona Turbo Z in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five black with louvers and the car has a talking computer in it so it will tell you if your doors are ajar and things. Like that and as a kid, I thought that was the coolest ever being I'm watching rider on TV and my dad's car as a young kid I'm like Oh my God, my dad's car talks to. So ever since I was young Mo parts have had an impact on my life and when I was young, my dad didn't have a par muscle car but I, had heard stories of his nineteen sixty nine dodge dart that used to go. To, the street races with and just have a general good time with and I was always intrigued I'm a car enthusiast I. I, respect anybody that has a passion for cars. I don't care if it's a Ford Chevy or an import I respect all but I've always had a deep seated love for Mo- powers and when I got older, I can finally afford to get myself a couple of projects. So here we are what were your first products? My first Mo Pars were a nineteen sixty-nine Dodge Dart coincidentally, the same color as my dad's name I've found that, and now I also have a nineteen seventy six dodge deal one, hundred short bed pickup truck that I love as well, and that was kind of like my answer to the C. Tens because I've had see tens before in the past before I got into buying my. Own mopeds, construction company, and the owner bought me a seat in. So I've had my fair share of different vehicles but something always dragged me back to mow pars in when I was finally in a position to get myself a couple I never looked back. Cool. That's awesome. All right. So the first two vehicles at exposed you I was exposed to those same two vehicles the Boogie. My neighbor. It's such a long story and it sounds a little. Up. But My neighbors brother-in-law said this Boogie van and my neighbors and I were just really good friends this when I was a kid and we would cruise the Boogie van and I think he was selling drugs out of it in now when I look back on that, I, know that It was awesome mattress in the back inside pipes and it was super cool. Big Open Slot megs. You know a lot of the stuff that you know went out of fashion now back in fashion that type of stuff. And the Z that you talked about the Daytona. I don't know that I was in that particular car but I remember talking computer in all of the cars of that era from Chrysler you know the digital readout on the dash like Oh. My Lord, it's block letters. It's going to tell me everything. It's so accurate. It was. Back then. Brings Back a lot of fun memories so. For me and I don't know if I'm GonNa Pass Your Mo- part task but mine totally came from TV I'm sure you know this. I fell in love with the dukes of Hazzard as a kid like a lot of kids from my. and to me the generally that charter that body style it, it's not even a car. It's like human. It's so good looking like superman combined with a lone rangers horse I mean it just. It's more than a car and that's what got me interested in learning more about Mo- pars period. So I kind of like all muscle cars in general I grew up in the GM family. That's still probably my first love but I've now had them all but really you know I finally got a sixty nine charter. We've made a really accurate season two era from the hazard generally out of it I've learned a lot about it my first experience though personally with mopeds and I'd be curious if you had one of these two was actually kind of like a roadkill experience my family had a late seventies twenty, five foot long RV. And the power plant was a four forty and that meant all of the running gear stuff was Chrysler. So had an meter on the DASH, right? I mean it had a full chrysler basically one truck running gear up front. That was my first experience with it. How about you have you ever run into like RV's is that important to you? That's also where four forty came from those the first forty forty I ever saw you know my dad never owned a dodge. But they're so prevalent when it comes to getting those big blocks or even three sixties and whatnot, you can get those in RV's, and now I see so many old mo-. Par powered. RV's that are basically free with the complete drive trains, and then you know I know that a lot of people are taking advantage of that and that's what I would suggest if you have an old moped and you're looking for an engine and drivetrain. In need one, go scour your local classifieds and chances are you're gonna find a very reasonably priced old RV maybe even free told your house in Gut and take all the power train out of it and use it for your car. Our show writer Scott STAPP he bought his dream car. The car is chasing for a long time. I think it was a neighbor sixty, nine charter he got a four forty four out of an RV. And he brought his claptrap Rv home and he just cut the RV apart to get to the border I mean it was just. Cut It up and throw it away when I got rid of my family's RV. I've felt pretty bad about it and I remember I took it to a donation center which just happened to be a junkyard. And I told them. Could you maybe not cut this up? Because some had to come back and get the engine. That's funny. I don't think that they listened to me but. We'll tell you what I would like to get a little more education here. I'm not sure if you'd rather talk about the Mo- part hunter side or just start walking us through different. LINEUPS powertrains actually I do know what's the Mo- par hunter. What does that mean? So as a kid going back to my childhood, I spent a lot of my free time looking at classified ads from auto trader. Car Trader Deals on wheels any publication that I could get my hands on the head classifieds back when they were still black and white and when you're done reading them, you'd have black ink on your fingers. I have always been a car guy that I just love looking at cars for sale I don't know what it was my dad and I used to go to car dealerships. You know a classic car dealerships and just look around and I was always so fascinated with it in two thousand, fifteen I had gotten a tip that at my local pick and poll, there was an old dodge and that's all the description I gotten being curious I went and looked at it and I was on social media at the time as well and I remember posting about it and I tagged. Hunter. None of my friends are Mo- par guys as much as I am none of my real close personal friends and I wanted to talk to more MO- part people. So I thought you know facebook is so big and social media is so huge that why don't I start a facebook page and share the fines that I find you know whether it be out in the real world or on craigslist I. Am a huge fan of the I spend way too much time on craigslist I'll be honest every week multiple. Times a day. I'm checking craigslist ads. I've got notifications on so many different sites that sell cars that you know my phone's constantly flooded but I started sharing all these cars that I was finding on craigslist that I thought were interesting. There's no rhyme or reason what I did it was mostly like, oh, this one's cheap or this one's really cool but I'm not in the market to buy any of them. So I just post what I think is interesting or conversational, and with facebook it's interesting to watch how. These pages grow and how many people share the content and it started growing it grew two hundred people five, hundred people thousand and then so on and so forth and we're at thirty six thousand people and it just amazes me that so many people are like me and just WanNa look at cars for sale just chat about him. That's what developed into the podcast because I was like I'm not a real talkative guy I was never really to social with them apart hunter I kind of just like the Guy Behind the name and I finally got to the point where I was like you know what? I'M GONNA talk to people I want to tell them how I feel about Mo- partisan maybe they'll listen maybe they won't. So the idea of starting a podcast developed be like I said I have been listening to so many other podcasts and I enjoy him so much I love podcasts I'm a garbage truck driver by day and Mope are hunter by night is what I like to say so that's how Hakimo parts got started. Great. Job Answering both questions in one fell swoop and on the podcast side. Listen specifically to what Chris said and what all of his motivations are Chris. podcasting at first is really fun and then it could become a grind right i. mean you know this even though you enjoy what you're doing like how I gotta get a show out this week and all the prep that goes into making that thirty five or forty minute show a lot more than thirty five or forty minutes. So. It's worth doing for the right reasons. What Chris is describing are the right reasons I'm sure you've gotten people who have asked you for help about starting a show or a podcast or a network or whatever I have to. I used to try to help people out a little more than I do now. And I finally got to the point where there's a good enough resources online that can get what they need but I also made sure like to only encourage those that I thought they had the right motivations and question them like this. Going to be hard here here, some of the pitfalls that are going to come into this if you've check all these boxes of passion, go for it. If not do something else there are plenty of other things that you can do with that passion. Absolutely but maybe not this one. Okay. so that's so terrific I'm so glad you shared that by the way when I was prepping for this interview I went hundred three stuff did the social media stock like we all do and I got sidetracked on your facebook page the sixty eight charger for thirty nine thousand that you posted now in Boston but was in California. That's got me intrigued I like it. Yeah. Every once in a while, you hit on something really good in I. Get excited when I find the special cars and I'm like Oh man people are going to go nuts over this. Personally I gravitate towards the project cars you know I love and respect any fully restored Mo- par or survivor quality car but there's something about this ratty muscle car movement. Then really intrigues me and I think that roadkill definitely brought it to the forefront but. Even before road kill there was social media influencers that were showing off these ratty mopeds and for me, it's nice because you hear a lot of talk of Oh. You know these guys want Barrett Jackson prices or you know ours are priced out of the Blue Collar Checkbook and for me I'm like you can still get a cool project cars that you know may need a little work in some elbow grease to get running and driving, but there's Also, some complete project cars that maybe aren't running that you can get running really easily and just have fun. You don't need to have something really shiny to have fun with these old cars you really don't and roadkill is definitely proven that. So I'm really excited that the movement is growing like if I go to a car show, you know like I said I love all the shiny stuff but you know if I see a clapped-out sixty eight. Charger rt that looked like somebody just pulled it out of a shed for thirty years. I'm probably going to go check that thing out first and just see what it's all about to be honest I will as well for all the same reasons as I've gotten older, the hot water in May never would have understood this but the sixty eight charger that you've shown here this is not a car would have ever been interested in ten years ago. But I'm interested in it. Now, especially that I've had charter because this is presented as unoriginal car. And now I can understand why there are values to that. I may not want to own this car, but I sure would like to go it. And understand like Oh. This is why this goes here. This is why this one doesn't go here. Okay. I, get it I get it. You know that to me is so interesting but since this is episode four, forty of the muscle car place I would like a little bit of education and this is stuff I just don't know on our sister show the Cuban, French. Oh, my co host Justin Corn Dog Cornet. I know he gave me this lesson, but I've never asked him what is the history of the four forty? Here's why I ask when I was a kid read all the magazines and they'd say like wedge. And I would remember reading wedge cool. I don't know what that means but cool. So what is the history of maybe Chrysler big blocks general leading up to the creation of the four forty You know before I answer that question as best as I can I would like to preface it by saying that I've never claimed to be a mope expert and the funny thing about what I do is that I get a lot of people asking me questions that frankly I don't know the answer to part of the fun of being a Moammar guy is that there's so. Much to learn and so much to absorb in consume as far as the history of Mo- pars that you could get really lost in all the little tidbits of information and I mean, if you talk fender tags with somebody who doesn't know what offender tag is, you're going to confuse them right off the bat but going back to your question if you think about a Hemi. Cylinder head you have hemispheric combustion chambers, the Wedge Head of the Wedge Motors that you're talking about how wedge shaped cylinder heads or combustion chambers rather than what that means Oh. Okay. Yeah. Yeah and big blocks I mean if you go back to pre for forty big block, you have the four thirteen. The engines that were pre Hemi and all that stuff. But with or forties, you find a lot of the early cars the Max Wedge, cars. That's something that I'm starting to learn more about because my knowledge of Mo- pars really started with the. Big. Start of the muscle car in. Nineteen sixty as when things really took off for Chrysler as far as getting into the whole movement of muscle cars and really marketing towards the youth enthusiast market should. When you talk about four forty. If you talk to any Mo- park, I think four forty is the flagship engine for Mo-. Pars everybody knows the Hemi but not everybody can have a second Hemi which is the four twenty, six So I think when you're a blue-collar guy like myself getting a big block, you're going to be aiming for the four forty I to be honest. But the history with four forties is mid. Sixties Chrysler came. Out with a four forty and many iterations of it have happened throughout the years you got the four forty six Maryland six packs and I really think that a four forty six pack could compete with a Hemi. You know there's a lot of debate going on with the different cars that have four, two, thousand, six, hundred, versus forty, six packs or six barrels of which ones are faster and I'm a huge fan of four, forty, six packs. These said four thirteen I really am a rookie on this stuff. So for example, my charter has a three, eighty three my understanding is that's called a be letter B black a four forty is a similar configuration, but the deck is taller and I think that's called rb for racist, block and nearly reason I know this is because I bought the wrong parts wants and. When they didn't fit. Actually my buddy cody said is this beer rb and we had to do some digging and we ordered the right part but been given the wrong thing and it was like the valley trae or something like that. You know that goes under the intake manifold and sure enough we had arbi and what we needed was the be so that. Made me think well, I think there's some commonality blocks in here. Maybe there's more to do with the internals of them. You know besides just the fact that one is taller than the other but then you said four thirteen are four, thirteen, four, forty s related or they just related because they're both big blocks they're definitely related because they're big blocks the fourth thirteen. was now I being a Mo- par guy if you're in the world of Mo- par you say the wrong thing even if it's by accident, if you call a four, forty, six pack. barrel vice versa because one is limit in one is Raj dodges six Pack Plymouth six you flip flop those or even colors. If you call a limit that is FC seven, which is inviolate. If you call that plum crazy, the guys will go nuts and eat you alive. So I'm sure I'll get plenty of messages from all my friends of but. The four thirteen's are big blocks and I believe they are are B.'s like I. Said my knowledge for the earlier stuff is learning with that kind of stuff but. Definitely what you're saying about getting things confused and that's going back to you know how much there is to learn more parts. I can't explain how much little differences and just specifications with more stuff is just if you go down that rabbit hole good luck that's all I have to say about that I don't know if you've ever considered running for office I. Think you should consider honesty goes a long way in this country Chris of. Saying. I. Don't know but I'll find out. It's a pretty, damn good answer I would never be as somebody. When I get questions I am a great guy at pointing you in the right direction to be honest with you. I have problem doing that and a lot of people just need to suck up their pride a little bit and say I don't know you know I. See a lot. That's another thing about social media as you see people talking about things that they have no idea what they're talking about. It's the spread of false information and I would hate to be a contributor to that, and that's not the message that I want to portray. What a great answer? Just across the board I think that's awesome and I'm learning. The Mo par world about that. Just my own car is such a trip just a great time learning how this charger works and I will tell you some of the learning has become with frustration. Let me give you some examples. Chris. Are you ready? Okay. Yes. I got this sixty nine charter and it was exactly what I wanted. It was painted like generally it was a big block car and I knew that it pretty much needed. Everything. And not only to make it a generally but just to make it kind of right. I ended up. Keeping the three eighty, three car is still orange and everything else is different, which is great. That's just what I wanted to do. I put a seventy charger rear end in it actually a from another body I put a seventy K. member under the front which I got from Mike Finnegan. Zari restored ready to go. I knew there were slight differences in the Front K. members, the sway bar mounts I did not know that the event on the rear end for the factory break line is in a slightly different position on seventy to sixty nine. So when I- overnighted the brake lines to. Get myself ready for the next event and I went to go install the vent and it was like three inches in to the right I remember saying terrible word and then some homework and sure enough seventies a different part than sixty nine when it comes to the reverse electrical switch you know off the shifter versus you know in the transmission for the backup lights sixty, eight and sixty nine are different. They just are. I have found all these little intricacies. There's so much that is the same, but the little differences will just kill you and that has been fun to learn and also the differences between manufacturing plants. One plant, it's going to be this way becomes at another plant. It's going to be this way you know from the outside looking in. It's interesting to me that that you know you as a true fan of Mo- part you're still learning to because for me kind of assume. Did know this stuff like. I don't. There are some guys that are encyclopedias and I love talking to those guys because like I said I learnt every time I dig into something with Mo Pars I learned something new. In fact, you know just a little talk about big block mopeds I'm GonNa have to do an episode on the history of big blocks because a lot of what I do on the podcast as far as. I have episodes called high-performance heritage, and that's where I go into a person place or thing or event in moped history and I just kind of take a closer look at it just kind of as an education for myself and for my listeners I think it's really important that when I do that I, provide accurate information. So I do a lot of research like you were saying earlier. With podcasting, I'm not an encyclopedia of Mo- par by any means. So when I decide, I want to do an episode I have to dive deep into that subject just to make sure that my foundational knowledge is even correct. So you just taught me a couple of things that I didn't know about the differences between seventy and sixty nine I didn't know that. So that's on eight and three quarter we read. That's probably important too for all I. Really Yeah. So it's little things like that where I'm just like, wow, you know sometimes I'm like maybe I'm into maybe I should. Start a different podcast or something but I really do enjoy and love and have a passion for learning everything. I can about Mo- parts there's so much to learn and so little time that I kind of pick and choose different eras and things like that. I have some people that reach out to me and go hey man, what are you GonNa do an episode about this like the forward cars of the fifties or you know the turbo cars of the eighties that we were talking. About earlier I have to tell them the world of Mo- part is big and vast that we're taking off little chunks at a time, and that's why bounce from generation to generation sixties and then modern stuff just because that's another issue is that there is definitely a gap in modern moped enthusiasts and the classic moped doozy est some guys float back and forth like myself I like it all I love all mobile stuff I've noticed that there's a lot of guys that have say new. Challengers that don't even know what Scott Pack is or how that even started or they don't even know what Mo part actually is. So it's fun to me to think that maybe somebody who has a new challenger finds my podcast and maybe learns a thing or two, and that encourages them to go and that's pretty cool I'm GonNa dig a little bit deeper and learn some more stuff or continue listening to Chris and or just go on podcast Ville and go find other car podcast. Where they can just absorb as much knowledge as possible. So I really enjoy that art of podcasting. Well, you know it's interesting here. So our corn dog Cornet, my co host on Kibben friends he is an encyclopedia of this stuff and has a photographic memory and he's also just very kind hearted person and he has helped me with every problem I've probably have ever had especially when it comes to these things and the reason that he knows him is because he's encountered them prior to me. He has restored a lot of these guys and the ones are his passion. One other thing that he told me is you know prior to sixty eight, the performance was all their Chrysler just finally put the sex appeal around the bodies maybe in sixty but they had been fast cars for fifteen twenty years and some of them looked like your mother's car right I. Mean they were. They just weren't that good looking to some you know especially in early fifties. With. The HEMI cars. But now today they're kind of all beloved. Let's end on this one. On the newer one I I noticed on your website you had linked to DIY Hemi. That's Blake Anderman. He is just a superior human being period. Are you working with Blake or is Blake helping with good information? What how is your crowd accepted Modern Hemi swaps? A Blake was early adopter on that I think it was the first start doing it really well, tell me more. I will say this about Blake when it comes to mow par people. I've been blessed in the fact that I've met so many people through what I do that have become close friends that sometimes, I have to step back and go. Wow this is more than just cars. You know I've built some really great friendships and Blake is definitely one of those people I. Love that Guy I think he's in great Berkeley family man he's got a heck of story I know he's shared some of that on your pockets. He's been on your podcast twice I believe he's been on my podcast once and he's just a great guy if I remember right I reached out to him. Just, because I was into the modern Hemi swaps in the old stuff and before I even talked to him for the first time, I was consuming every piece of content that he had because I bought myself a little modern. Hemi and I had planned to put it in my seventy sixty one hundred. So I needed to have as much information I get my hands on I reached out to Blake and we talking and he is definitely leading the charge, and now you're seeing bigger manufacturers come out with the technology required to I mean even. Mo- par has kits to adapt the modern Mo- par drive trains into the classic mopeds which I think is really cool. But Blake's a good friend and we do work together not on a monetary or anything like that basis. But he definitely helped me out with any questions I have, and if you're talking about an encyclopedia for swapping modern Hemi into an old car, he's the guy he's the first person I think of and I'm not sure if there's a question, I could ask him about that swap that he wouldn't be able to answer. Well he's got that engineer mind and there's yes, he's not afraid to learn anything. And there's no wego involved and he really was the first guy because L. S. became pretty accepted easily understood everybody can swap an ls and that was way before you could buy a factory harness from holly around France of their go down the list. It used to be you just had to take the factory harness apart and strip it and do all that. Well when it came to the Mo par side it's a different configuration. There's a crap ton more stuff that you seem to have to know. He figured all that out. He has simplified it and it's still a great way to go about it right I just watch of his videos I. All right. Here's the harness we're GONNA take this this this this this and this, and it's going to be super quick and easy, and he's right. DIY himmy we'll both plug that one because it's just so valuable but I too am a fan of motor swaps when it comes to charter because I want it to be at the TV hero car that is it's going to have that three eighty-three in no matter what. But it would not bother me at all that three eighty three was a stroke or and it was actually ninety-six but look at eighty three I don't care. That's still cool. I would enjoy that very much. Tell you what I don't know the answer to this are win a meet at the Mo-. Party event is going to happen or is that not going to happen man I wanted to go out there so bad I don't know if I'll be able to get the time off of work and I've already. Tried to create an itinerary of how I would make it work because I would have to leave on Friday night but all the flights heading out of Seattle to get to Nashville don't get till the morning and I would have to leave on Saturday evening basically. So I'm like, Gosh, go out there and I am so disappointed that a lot of our favorite events some that I plan to go to this year. For the first time ever have been canceled because of this virus which I don't even like talking about. But I think it needs to be mentioned that for everybody out there you know it sucks I get it but you know just put on that Matt Wash Your hands do whatever we we need these car vents back I know there's a lot of people out there listening to this podcast that are probably missing all their favorite shows, all their local events I know I'm Jonesing to go to a car show I've tried to figure out how I Can Get a MO- party because it is the first. Mo Party event and I feel like a piece of my soul has gone for not being able to make it to that and I'm still going to try but I can't guarantee anything I would love to go. I think it's great what hollies doing I will definitely be there next year I will do everything in my power to be there next year hopefully they have second annual I think they will twenty twenty, six I'm not GonNa lie it's just the year that keeps on giving of crap So, if we do meet this year great if we don't. If we can just get enough Internet access I'll just call you all were there and Salute. I would love to. Keep in touch your especially just because of the passion here it has been a joy getting to have this conversation with you and I look forward to the next one what's the contact info? You'd like people to go to find more about you. The easiest place to get in touch with me or listen to my podcast is just by going to talking mopeds dot com or pick your favorite podcast. APP. Just search talking moviegoers. You'll probably find my podcast and I wouldn't be surprised if Kibi and friends or the muscle car place pops up either it seems like every time I searched for my stuff just to see how I'm ranking you're always there rob. Will. That's called a being here for a long time sometimes just showing up everyday is also. A way to get a good grade, you don't have to be good. He's gotTA show ups. All right man, you have a great day and I'll catch you later. Rob You too. It was a pleasure. Thank you for having me on. Thanks again to rob for having me on as a guest of the muscle car place episode number four, forty as an automotive podcast her it was truly an honor to be recognized by one of the best and I will forever be proud of the fact that I was interviewed on the muscle car place like I said in the interview, there's so much to learn in the world of Mo- par, and I'm still learning new stuff every day, and that's what excites me I love and truly enjoy diving deep into the subjects pertaining to Mow Pars and I'm going to use. Talking, Mo- pars as a platform to share everything that I learned and what I already know with you. I want talking Mo- parts to be a hub for Mo parth Uzis to thrive as a community and I'm GonNa keep doing what I'm doing and I hope that this podcast is a platform where all aren't can come and feel welcome whether you're new cars or you're a walking and talking Mo- part cycle pedia because we need those guys to and next week will be having an installment of high-performance heritage about the Max Wedge Engines and the introduction of the four forties because. I was nervous during the interview. I'M NOT GONNA lie was huge platform for me to help grow my podcast and to get my story out there to even. Audience than my own and you know I actually know a little bit more about four forties I lead onto during the interview I. Just Man I folded under pressure now I don't know a lot and I will admit that and that's why I'm diving deep in the Max Wedge Engines because I knew that prior to the four forty, you had the other. Be An rb engines and you know you can't mention the four thirteen without mentioning the four, twenty, six, Max Max Wedge. You know what? I mean. So there's a lot to unpack there with the Max, wedge engines and the introduction of the four forty. So I'm going to get into it next week. So look forward to that long live big block Mope Ours I. Hope You enjoyed my interview from the muscle car place and I hope to talk with rob again some day if not on his show then on this show. So thanks for listening to the interview folks no, Mo, par left behind. There you have. It folks another episode of talking Mo- Parks is in the books for more information about this podcast or to listen and subscribe to the please visit talking mopus dot com, and don't forget that you can send me your stories, questions, comments, complaints, suggestions, and everything else on your mopey depicted mind to Chris Talking Mo- parts dot com or leave me a voice message on my voice box at two zero nine twenty Mo- par to hear yourself on the show folks we also now have merged in the talking Mo- Pars Merck shop you can purchase cool things like. Stickers mugs and more. So if you want to help support the show and get some cool stuff at the same time jump over to talking Mo- Pars Dot com big. Thanks to rob. Kibi. Once again for having me on the muscle car place, be sure to go find that podcast listen answers scribe. Shout out to Hemi pages. Dot Com be sure to take part in the build Mo- project. If you have no idea what I'm talking about go to HEMI PAGES DOT COM and learn more the build moped project is going to be awesome and so far it is awesome. I'll give you a quick rundown right now it's a community build where we've chosen the car we chosen the color and right now we are in the middle of choosing the power. adder the car is going to be a sixty eight dodge DART superstock tribute car with a modern mopeds Hemi in it, and now we're going to decide if it's going to be an all motor Hemi or if it's going to be turbocharged, pro charged were getting crazy with this thing. Okay. So go to Hemi pages, DOT COM and learn more about the bill mope our project also shout out to my friends over at DIY Hemi Dot Com let's get these. Cars outfitted with modern hemmings and let's Hemi swap the world. That's it. My friends. Until we talk again, I am your host Chris Albrecht and that was talking Mo- pars. Thank you for listening to talking about parts your direct connection to all things apart until next time. Remember no more par left behind.

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