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Gina Neely | Living Life on My Terms My Own Way


They do welcome back to another episode of shades of strong. I am sure will and Nettie is going a little under the weather today so she will not be joining US got. I have a super special guest for you guys today and will not tell you. I am straight fan girl in right now. I am Dan girling for real for real because I love this lady so much. I've been following her from afar from what seems like a lifetime and I've been trying to get her on this show since August. But she's such a busy lady so when she hit me up and said Hey. I have so much space on my calendar list. This podcast episode. So you already know. I jumped on it for listen. I HAVE THE AMAZING GINA. Neely joining me in the virtual studio today now. Y'All may know Gina as the full of life celebrity show on the food network from down-home with the neely's but let me just tell you she is so much more than that. She's an entrepreneur. She's a reality television star. She has. She's a New Yorkers Time New York Times bestselling author. She's made guest appearances on Dr Oz. Good Morning America. This girl does all things so yeah. I am super stoked to have her here today. Haganah what's up girl now are you? I wonderful I am so excited to have you. We can finally connect our schedule so I know girls. It's been challenging. Hasn't it but listen. I've been why I'm following everything so I feel like I've been fucking around with you. You know what is so weird because I use that you follow him on TV. But I really feel like at greater connection came through instagram. I think so because that's when I slid in your dam. I look like your aunt like aunt so just that you know. Connecticut thing that Oh yeah yeah definitely 'cause we were commenting on each other stuff. So yeah I feel like I've been knowing you forever. I feel like we're best friends in my head girl. There's going to be an we best raise. Yes I'm so excited to have US years as you know on this podcast we talk about all the things that shake making sometimes break the strong one. What before we dive into that and kind of already told everybody probably a whole lot about you and your own worst. Tell us about Gina. Neely who you are what you do why you do it. What sets your soul on fire? Probably saved my biggest accomplishment for me is probably my girls just being a mother. I'm becoming a mother. Kinda gave insight on just what our moms have gone through and how I can sort it. Create my own narrative engrossed in my own way. I was raised up my Greg Grandmothers. I have a lot of old values as well as a lot of new wave value. So just having a bounce back and then also when I ventured off into the more the public world and just wanted TV. And before then I was actually a banker or out finances in loss prevention. So that's trying to catch the thieves. It was always my specialty and eventually into the industry and it just Kinda took on his own life. But I've always been able to adapt and that's one thing that I have to say when my strong gives us to be adaptable in what Mormon on foot in flow with that but now as I have aged a little more than fifty four girls older I would have to say much. Strongest pride now is just learning the art of no and learning to just not as I am not trying to please anybody and just live in my own life on my own terms. I always ooh yes. Yes yes yes. Yes all of that. And that's where we got talking about today. We're GONNA be talking about living a life on your own time so when I was Japan this episode. I ask myself the question like what makes a strong woman strong black woman. Because you know they're they're all these stereotypes and moves and biases in in all of that stuff. But when I thought about what makes a strong woman? Strong black woman. The thing the thing that came to me was her confidence. Her Courage de Wherewithal to go after life the life she wants her bonus speak out against injustices unfairness is her her ability to lead all all of that. Goodness is someone I look at Eugene debt is what I see I see you live life on your own terms. I see you living your life unapologetically. No matter where I see on social media you always have this huge smile on your face by you for me you. The essence of what a strong black woman is an evident in the title of Your Book. This is my life. These are my rules. So have you always been at girl? Oh no no no no no no no no no now know that all comes with growth and evolution of course circumstances that happen in our lives and being able to sort it. Make the choices that we have made even the tough choices as by like I was raised by single parents. Always some mom. Sorta persevere regardless of let my grandmother you know a lot of Schnell women and not a lot of male present the my life so just seeing them soda do what they need to do in in handled their business without an EMA. Sometimes we win win the tiers of their we still without because I always think laughter is the one thing that saved ourselves it saying that no matter what's happening. I'm always China smell. I'm always trying to let you in my tears if it's the any kind of controversy or whatever and I think that's also a downside because here's the other side to that is when you do that people think you'd be real so but they don't know that that's the mechanism to help you get through. Everybody has their own defense mechanism to help them move through shipped live so that was my in up. Always been a happy. Go lucky person inside of you know the dancing debt that quote units not about the store boundary. Dancing in the rain have always been an I love dancing by. Frankly of all ages dance in the rain and even when it's difficult but I still try to find a two step one step down. Was there a defining moment for you when you realize that I get to choose how I want to? Yes my defining moment came from me at fifty. Has WE AS MOTHERS? We cannot put our lives on hold. We want to make sure that our girls are straight and that was very very important for me because I have a day. My wasn't raised by father. My father was three years old and he is the seat so I didn't really have a strong role model from a male perspective. But my brother and then he was. He's the oldest another baby. So that's a huge gap there so I think for me. I always want to make sure my girls had their dad and had a family. You know what that looks like like when we re story but I am a lover of love so I kind of believe in the very till I know I know. That's how do girl we all girls have debt. So bad sorta gave me the strength in the next sort of made the choice to stay a little longer than I should so I took the L. At but at the end of the day once they get up and understood. I had to go ahead and do it needed to do. And so that's when the court steps there because the show. I've girls chewed that. Life is not given us we want had go ahead and redirect that in change that knowing what understanding about may not get it and that's okay you don't have to get a you're not understand it but as long as I understand it and I get it and I make the shift I do it. One hundred percent agree. I'm about to be fifty one now but I don't think for me. It probably happened may be fine years ago when I finally decided that I'm not gonna live my life for other people but even now I still kinda struggle with like you were saying earlier like I have a problem with saying no because I'm so accustomed to being everything to everybody so I guess my question to you is why do you think is so easy for women to get stuck in a pattern of women at lies for everybody except themselves. Yeah I I think for me. My mother SORTA set the pattern for me and I could see it being a bad pattern. Which is really weird. Because even as a young child I used to always read a lot in magazines in love to travel fashion Annella. My mother is a very She doesn't really like a lot of like she's very consistent with just kind of being with our south but he's not a purchase a personal kind of believes in the image of things. Look people think about you? So here's things with that. My mom was like that and then I also married a man like that. So what show me was that I did not want to march the anyone's beat but my all I left my home at eighteen. My mother was light as a mom APP gach ago because I knew when you around that and people start instilling. They're abusing you in this port on. You Bet. That's what was poured into me. Make US happy is what people think about you. Don't try to don't go against the grain in whenever she said Don do idea rebellious. I'm just a rebellious spirit. Anyway in that regard but it was just important for me to like. You can't live your life like that and you know only too with is a complete sentence I tell my girls is just two letters that it is a complete senate. Do not allow anybody explanation. That's why this holiday I was so ecstatic to be able to sit in my no and give out those nose and not feel guilty about it. Next meant Thanksgiving alone enjoy myself. Wow time my neighbors bring food over is like on my God. I didn't realize I had that. Bill is still around me. People still cared about me and brought food or and I really liked laid out like Broccoli and do anything. I had the best Thanksgiving girls work with their DADS and so I'll have Christmas Christmas and New Year's Eve so that's enough but At biggest located at big what we need to learn how to do. Sometimes you sit with ourselves and be still because it is in those moments that God speaks to us. We're able to hear things that we need to hear where able to kind of dissect names review renew. You know rebuy are so also I am very big on being still. Oh yes and I'm very big on taking time for yourself because we don't get that ally I know in my younger day. I was so busy raising kids like there was no time to just be. Let Me Tell You. Can you imagine doing to? Tv shows right in the New York Times bestseller. During appearances. Traveling make a decision to have the assistant move amash to take her good doors. Your daughters are competitor leaders and you know get together at competitions. Nba Chairman. You no longer get to be part of the lives of their rebellious against that. Because you're away so I mean I live with a lot of guilt within the joy. Explain to them. This life was also providing a lifestyle for them. So you can't complain about the GIPPER. You enjoy the blessing girl. What you said a mouthful we've got like not about what I gotta do. Because his blessing you can give you an allowing So you know you gotTa Roll with Bet Invest. Sometimes life is a sacrifice. You gotta take the kids sometimes but you know they hit may not be so hard you can the good blessing out of it but you able to find balance in that situation why you were doing all the moving you know what as best as I could you I would still like demain on Landry at one day. They wanted to have like a house mother for them. If you know someone to manage this manage their but I really try to Russian shopping. When I was home I tried to make sure I was there. But you know call you the best thing. I've had honest say matador to me told me maybe I guess about three years ago. She saved Mommy now. I was at work as she worked at the store At the time and she was like her. Her Co workers were talking about student loans with those and she said and I honestly could not relate. She said now we'll snake. They were like they took their income tax check consume lunches and I didn't I don't I don't understand what that meant and I said no because you'd have to worry about that right so see But it's so weird because now they're just now getting in understanding like wow. My mom made these huge sacrifices so we wouldn't have to worry about this or have to deal with that but they're you know they're again and now so even if they don't understand at the time you're hope it wishes that whatever you have poured into them given the Can can kind of find a wisdom in an essay? Get older and it's funny. You say that because a lot of like in today's society people will try and convince you that you can't have it all like you have to give up one at order to have the other light. I'M GONNA be all my time being a mother and then come back to my career and even in twenty nineteen there are still people are still women waiting for their children to grow up and live the dream that they want to live by the time. Your your children grow up and I'm not saying this is ever too late to do but by the time your children grow up your tire and you just want to chill relax. So there's somebody out there de doesn't believe or she doesn't believe that she can have it on. What would be your words for her? I mean as far as having it all. I don't know if we ever really have it because you have to. You have the defined what you're all live there about all different so for my girls. Now Bowl cavs. Jobs ARE ON PLACES. They're self sufficient. I gave them a great running. Start there managing their own. I'm getting my new live is like the other part of my life back. I'm adjusted to a whole new normal now at the worry about my girls in that way. So you know I think you can but you have to make sure that you porn to your children and be honest with them. And then now that they're little adults we have real lab girl. Conversations like throwing punches like real hockey enoug-. This is not anything that you play with. This is real. This is life and life is not going to embrace. You like mom and Dad. But this is what it is and his house on. But what you're not GonNa do is come over here in light. Mac is no. They may be safe or relocation but my daughter had the middle on a little bit because people from Dallas Office of new job it at thirty and fifty put together. That's why and she got uncomfortable possible because because we can go home we and people always say Iraq kids so much because we don't want them to be raised and we were but we weren't raised so bad you know we had great lessons still than sometimes we try to sacrifice their by in effect. Where extra her maquis? It's by giving them so much and not let them see that life is not always so easy had a navigate that when they go through those towns off down a good backup right absolutely. I totally agree and I and I love that you stay a day you have to find out what that all is for you because it's going to look different for all of us. Everybody is going to look different and so even with strong black woman in the myths and stereotypes that come along with that and I've heard a number of people saying Oh. I don't want to be strong anymore. I don't I'm like I'm just a black woman. I get it because you know it can be. It can be a badge of honor our our. It can be be a burden but I think I don't like for me. I don't think that people necessarily are at a point where they don't want to be strong in. I think that they just have not taken the time. Like you said to define what being Straw means for them individual gas instead. I think you know invests all. We have such a big abundance of mental illness now. Which we're all these. Hats are trying to all the ball in the air which trying to all these incredible things and be everything for everybody but neglected ourselves. And if you don't have that self love step time step care for yourself. That's what what happens is almost like the body is going through something but when the body gets tired in any was dispatched the body will stop acting affect to near death experiences that no one knows about it. Now relax those experiences and I know him by a certain thing added to get some words today that will say excuse me land holdup fool. Bet any Abbasi's Miss Jean and whether anybody gets into not acid and people always say girl one thing about you you try to arrest especially now. My mom is eighty two. Not that will be a point that I could kind of probably a little more caregiver so wanNA make sure. I'm able to be there for her and I want to be a burden on my kid. So you're not going to make sure that I stay young. Do things that I need to do to take care of myself as well as not the border to anyone gotta take you before. You think you're anybody else. You gotTa Take Care of you because of you. Don't take care of you. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to say Carey anybody else. So Burns too so genome when you think about the stone like the image of the strong black woman. Do you see as a badge of like which one do you most relate to the badge of honor or a burden shaw? Black wants in me is a woman who can own her true with judge herself who does not allow the guilt to sink an who can stand in her own in On Walk irregardless doesn't understand it or not and also she can dance your own rhythm and sometimes are not the same and that's a bad. I don't know I don't know when you see a bad at is no. I'm not wearing a Cape of not wearing a Cape in Miami. We're having a boot is late amid exactly so as Aruna Tommy Life when you felt like you had to be strong like you couldn't like you couldn't follow part offer. Sure Oh my God absolutely yes. They had to be timed win ahead. Two girls two little girls. That were reliant upon me to hold gather in a big family who felt like. I had all the answers even on the baby girl. Sorta like apple is the oldest in my family and I think a lot of times the babies the baby girls get because we're the ones that's left they feel like we've been spoiled Kinda get it but yet if the is definitely been times that were just kinda wanted to just fall out. Let it all go and I have. I have to release that so many shame or guilt. The bad it's just what needed to be done and I did it. But yeah you just can't operate at a level of intensity like that consistently the people always secured the bag secured the banks across the back. You can secure. The Babbel became the mind. What the hell he used to having the bay. Ooh Girl their par- Yes is yes. You know it's all about what bag means to you the at bag to you that that bag me by going to. Bat Guano by you like this high price Gucci bag begged made sitting at home on yourself a chilling. Because you've got money in the bank you worry about that. It just depends on what you can secure to bag but still take care of your said. You don't have to be grinding and hustling all the time Jean. What do you do to chew girl I? What do you do to relax and just enjoy your day? You like a glass of wine. But what do you do to a wide? Which is you know. Get get an Zine space. What do you do mostly? I just Kinda listened not mammal chain journalists like every my errands I I get it. I get up in the morning at. Take a look at time and meditate. Just Kinda. Just thank God for allowing me to wake up in my right mind. Be Able to see my phone in all of that and thank you for a loved one. Get hot shower. They have breakfast breakfast. Everyone whether it's old mill or a boy a reps every morning because it's the most important today Run my errands. I'm going to stop Ethan again but I now I I take the time more too busy with my friends like I may have much groping. I haven't seen it forever. I'm really slow down a lot and just chat to really enjoy. The moments am the quality of life not necessarily having to do anything. You just WANNA come over and I make us dinner and we just chill out. We LAUGH AND WE KIKI. Who with that light to me? That's unwinding but what you do is come a mess. Base in fall of heart like the energy stays here so we have to really like like my girlfriend's Meccas move by myself. They will like hundred of your stays in one place so coldly. Let me say we're happy like I'm we don't do that in here. We laugh and we laugh. Inspect who I love to see you already set boundaries unloved and people afraid to set boundaries you gotta boundaries in order to know your work so you saw your space is just positive energy no negativity. We left we having a good time and as it. Yeah and whether it's cooking whether it's entertaining is listening to music. What is Great Conversation Ring? You know just having does back and forth down law you know. 'cause I have guides over in women over? We dismayed go. Back and forth about relationships would may just look at a movie will kick on a love Jones. Our best man holiday whatever. Just go there some silly. It doesn't really matter. Accelerate people with so much stock into creating creating a A space or something. Like that when you really. Sometimes it's like this. They be and let it just happened. Organically you get out of that. Yes that those are the best moments when things happen. Organically especially when you hanging out with your girlfriends Chillan and whatever comes up comes out is like you know we just having a good time we Chit Chan. We spent went on a glass of why we got our shoes. We we just chilling like those are the moments that you best and just so you know Shirley of its long tap me to allow people to Myspace as kind of this kind. There was sort of like my safe place. It was Mikes so I'd really want to share in. It was so funny because I'm fifty second. No the the second of Italy. I did that showed strong. The love of the ill must be third birthday. I plan my birthday party. Ed checks my girlfriend for the past to get up to speed in telling her and we'd be an pump to Party. We played spades. We have music we got. We had full catered in. We had at set the bar up until you. We just literally had not begging. You had all schoolhouse farting yes. Yes and my daughter was making a Ouaga readers and not give my old friends ashes. Like France can't drink. That can even break my love. Margaritas as the main is Margarita recipe. And you know we. It was just. My brother was here. We HAVE MUSIC. Emi inaccurate recall my rubbing my back but she knows a little uncomfortable as we too loud or people around me like like Gina just relaxed but it took no. It's an amount of Gideon you know because you never know when people want to discount your spacey with it. Looks like they're the secret agenda. I'm really trying now. In all honesty disorder released and allowed us at the trestle little more in e. So you know people don't understand when you've been stopped before you or you pat. Kinda bad things happen to you. You can get your guards up a little bit because I feel like you to. If you let your guard down too much insider be to real the naked step to indicate away Audible comparable around me but yet also when you to respect my space in Hawaii and what I do privately is what I do privately. No by can't get everybody can't get all parts of gene. I'm sorry I can't say for myself you're not is just it is because we live in a world of everybody wants everybody's Businesswoman. Social Media. We're talking about this beck united. Some things are just not for everybody all the top like she'd never really shared a full story. Because you know what God knows what happened. He knows what happening. I know what happened to be taking care of. There's no need to shut my full story because it's nobody's business you. I mean does your story and has your life this your Johnny. You don't have to share any of that if you don't want to occasionally do talk about it. Sometimes when I speak or if I just wanted to tell the stranger natives Kinda WanNa just blow their heart acts of making sure with me and tell me high giving them expiration in the courage to get out of bad relationships the APP a little bit because I feel like my sister needs to hear that she can't come through this and then I land myself out you know and I kinda go I I get it because I had a. I had a girl the other day. Just said that she her husband and now she's APP bill so sad. I said well there's a process in that you're GONNA get will reap a loss. Adapt is going to be under the you have to go through all those emotions. Which at the trust and respect the process in. Let it happen. You'll be fine and now the holidays even tougher. So that's another mountain yet the ply year. If back each year it gets better so key smell. I keep moving. Stay strong now. You made the right decision if you did. Industry enjoy is is one day at a time. Honestly when you're going through through things like that is what second at a time. It's like whatever you can do in that moment being do that and you cannot beat yourself up about it. If that's all you can do. Oh I know because I can get out of bed about so I guess what I'm saying. Oh it just just make the car opening up the blinds. What I do assure now everyday is that. Make sure there is light in my house somewhere like. That's what's the light because darkness has a way of making us feel comfortable in. It's also way of making us feel you know culpability in isolation those two things vary you've been out if you're not careful trigonis ace of where you become isolated but that that becomes comparable for you in being. You don't know how to sort of mix and mingle anymore because now you think nearby yourself moral when it's really not is not and it's so hard to get out of that space once you get Internet that that space of being alone is so I've been there. It is so hard to pull yourself out of that. It is being one of the most difficult up your battles clan but that is why. I tell people all the time. Whatever you do get out a little bit open the Kerm go sit on your patio just let alone vitamin D. Get to You. Elect Guide naturally. Heal yourself absolutely. I love that That that you have those boundaries in place when it comes to share your story and you're John Because you start your journey is sacred and you can't just give that to anybody. I remember the very first time I talked to you on the phone. And I remember We we talked for hours. But one thing that you says struck me and it was on. I'm not GonNa let people hold me hostage to my past and I was like yes because people want to do that. They want. They want to come you. You're trying to move on and ru four. Which lack of people constantly want to bring your past up and you said that that struck me. You know because you don't have to be held hostage to your parents but even but the other part of that That could save a little abrasive by yourself apart. Today is best way people met you so however person meet you they fled to WanNa keep you there. They don't want because comfortable for them. Not For you Democrat themselves. They're not thinking about you. That thing about I mean you to stay right here because I'm comfortable with you here essay. I'm not comfortable with. We'll be moving over this way. They have lower that way. You GotTa know your stuff you cannot allow fans or anyone else addicting. Who you are. And that's a big thing that happens with the type of fame. That happens really quick really fast. That if you're not careful in know who you are within yourself and have balanced. Embiid Foundation Ben. That big world will carry you away. That's what you're just so you have so many young celebrities like they're started out very young in a spin out of control is because they keep chasing that. Hide a one while you can't worry about what people want. You gotta worry about you and what works for you. It is your happiness. I can't make you happen. You can't I can't be resolved your happiness that you can't you can't smoke for my girl. Yes yes yes yes. I love that because we are always her role. That D D. I remember one wheel. Smith said that his job was not to make Jada happy and he got some backlash. You know from saying that. But Dad's death not his job while everyone has to do their own work. That's Kim people don't want to do their work but they wanna look through you and argued Judge Joe work. Because you're not doing your own work you can you out seeing you know. She thinks she's especially when I lost weight while she thinks he's into special better. Find another girl. Let me say I've used visit mind your mind your yard and check your because at the end of the day. I'd know months scar. Yeah Gino yes we bring in so now yes girl yes they had. They don't they absolutely don't but these are the type of conversations we we need to have because people need to know that ultimately whatever happens in your life is up to. You is not anybody's responsibility to make you happy. That's not that's your responsibility. You are responsible for your own. Happiness was praising net like manny tomorrow. I'm going to be dead wood. Is She gonNa find her man like oh my that is like girl staff even need a man to this one then par. Unical years behind this. Enjoy me and if God blesses me with it. I'm here I'm here is to have a man so I gotta make these men today. Mahat ain't got up. Shrek his agenda to know what happened Matt in a lot of trickery genetic unknown us right girl body competent. Like this day in time. Be careful who you ally yourself with because once dead must do get that spirit on you. You know you girl. Do you hear me Wash Your Spirit on you. People don't understand that you are exchanging energy as so you do not want like if that if his energy does not align with you then. You don't want to have anything to do with us. Oh no you don't need to be in a hurry to get a man. You need to make sure that. That's demand that God has for you. You don't need to be gird your time. I have been in. Yes honey take your time. You'll need that in your life. So yeah this. This was good. I'm so glad you came on but before we go I want. I have a few rapid rapid fire questions. So yeah so you know how fan girling out we reply to my dam. I was like yeah. She replied yes. So where was the last time you fan girl out? And who does your girl out over Vanessa Williams on the Isle I saw only GonNa kill together. Sir I will say this. I'll let my husband out of shoots. It's all the time all my God is asa on that so cute again. Nasa is a real I love. She is a homegirl. She is at her Rio. Gsa Ryoji of your debt like career. Oh my gosh. She looked like she is to get alerted by lover. Spirit of Leopard Sphere Lover. I feel like council. It had this thing energy a little bit like she looks like she likes to have fun. All she does and he cuts about temper. She will reach you Adele. I'll play with her. She's out. I made the person actually read. I was like I Miss America. Not Miss American. I Am American. Yes on it is nothing wrong with that. Okay next question. Has there been a role block or obstacle that you fought your way through. Any entity. Basically became a success story. You know what I would add. No I think I would probably say doing down with the nearest was kind of a robot because I didn't want to do that and I cried for six months the whole show but the pace of the bills but working just kind of walk me through it but now I'm facing other roadblocks because I've kind of been people now. Don't WANNA sing the ad the kitchen. They don't want to see the way. I'm Gerrad to take on another project action. Today that makes cited that he will be presently surprised. GonNa be shot up about it. I never talked about things that actually sign on my and I believe in Guardian. My grace whose Fan Fleming who's playing against these devils everywhere. Show up you know I. I will say this writer today what I did. Today I was very proud of myself because I didn't really I would be able to do it because I relied on. So many other. Big ahead of me in God's Yes you do. They not prayed about all last night fast. The yesterday and I was like the Lord that got face. I gotTa do this presentation. Modernist gotTA BE SOLID IS GONNA be tight end. They aided up so at unglue. I'm intrigued. I cannot wait to see in here. I produced chop it up with Gina. Neely on expire. Because they wrong with that. Chew but this project right here is want to be so like girl Yarmuth. I'd be ready for her. Whole entire look cannot wait there yet. This misread current. Feel like I need to know. Thanks GonNa be enormous blessing all around for so many people with this one move is an impact so many lives is GonNa impact community is GonNa impact so much but more importantly he's GonNa show me that year girl you had that you got it loo- I cannot wait girl. I'm excited. I'm taking it on down looking forward to so tune in nineteen. You get down because when it's when it come on yes girl. Yeah all right. Let's go you got me over here all right so we were talking about living life on your own time. We've been talking about finding strength on your strong on your own time. So with that said repeat incomplete. My strong is is he. Why pinks faith because faces the center of everything? You're P she can make the best. We can be your best self. You've not so quick to react. New gets the roll slowly into that decision. And you're okay with you are in this. Like just a zen fill in that. Nothing can kinda conquer that nothing nothing supersedes. That is just a break. This is a beautiful place. Beat yes keys is all the things girl you are so right Gina. Thank you so much. Omar Valley gets out now. Girl August I believe but you'd be on the MOGRE. They say like yeah honey. She is shaking. Yes I made a point this year to combat like half the holidays the myself at home do whatever I wanted to do with. The girls went to do my mom just wherever ever GONNA row? I don't want to be flying because mine. Nasty on such a headache I just kind of wanted to chill and just kind of sit. In the moment of Indus enjoy it I have my decorations up powerlessness Halloween. I serious Christmas decorations yet at at three trees like I've known a day of just one tree. This is only do three the to add another three but I I. It's like it's just the beauty of it. I like to sit in my own view. The fireplace alight flights. Have Music going out dancing on the House that myself. I am so so so so embracing myself I really. I know girl I feel you on that. No here's the thanks. I mean we go through life and we make these tough choices and we try to please and we try to love. We try to offer everybody that when you can kind of get to that place telling you you don't want anyone at the tamper with it. You protect it. You love it a you secure. I just feel peaceful just hearing you say all right guys. We are going to get ready. Get Out of here Gina. Thank you again for being on Tele- people where they can find you on the in the online space You can purchase a book on Genie. Dot Com this is. This is my life. These are my rules right. That S to have my can build this edit a mirror to work in another sense real kneeling on twitter. I don't tweet a lot as you know instagram. Just Gina neely based of Gina. Neely and you and if you guys want to slap them I D M here for. I'm getting ready to start. Doing apply. Cast I remember you mentioning that. I've been playing around with our nor a whole lot about back asked me when I wanNA make sure I get it right because that'd be judged on a different standard I be talkin tastes. I love the night contains A. You're talking about because you know talking about things like tasting. The words like like the meat of the conversation as well so kind of a play on words of that but I'll be interviewing like shafts and caregivers and just relationships and how we can be better in in really happy will Create their own narratives win? It's not even what it really is. And how they're built at Smith it's going to be a whole bunch of step and have a lot of professional people onto helpless kind of navigate through these crazy times that we're in now in just the way we act toward things with this trafficking in you know the women and interracial relationships all of that good stuff. Ooh that sounds amazing because he's not going to be so then you will be the first of the year but yeah. I'm very excited. Abbott Fares WanNa stay in the loop all that follow on social media. She's Gina neely on Instagram facebook. And we'll just say. Twitter was Gina Gina Gina Neely. So yeah follow her. You can stay in Tunis. Her podcast during the DOT COM. Grab Accountable Book. All of that. Goodness are y'all we out of his. You know thank you again honey. Black Guy too.

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