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A science experiment gone terribly wrong. Here's what's coming up on the nice guys on business apple, two, two hundred and fifteen billion dollars in revenue. Just so you know, they two hundred thirteen billion. I spent almost a billion on three icons. Locally sourced organic gluten free and topic to table. It's the nice guys on business podcast, need an education on how to grow your business. The nice guys are here to help learn about great customer service networking and how just being nice can help you prosper. Now, here are your host, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner. Hey, welcome back. Welcome back advance. My name's Strickland. Bonner on the other side of the microphone. Doug Sandler. You made it through another weekend. I don't know how you did it. I do it every week. Why right now, it sounds like you've had a little bit of coffee. You have any caffeine as it happened already know caffeine caffeine, but our houses on the market as any of you regular listeners may now. And so I don't know if you guys know this but win your house on the market and you're actually living there when there's a showing right when somebody wants to see the house, you have to be out like people don't want to see houses when like the people that are living there. Is that do you do? They feel like you're gonna influence like, doesn't the selling agent want you to like help them. That's what I would look at it when they want you to want to hear you would think right? Like I can give them tips and tricks on the house or whatever. But apparently the psychology of it is that when they come in, they wanna make it feel like it could be their own home. And so if somebody else's, they're like the people that are living there already. It can't feel like that. My I don't like this plan already. I think that the selling agent, they want you to want to help you sell the help us sell your help them sell your house. I would think. But apparently this is pretty standard protocol. I'm sure Sean carpenter or Ryan cross could help us out with this because I would love to get a voicemail on this because obviously they do it or I mean, Sean doesn't do well, Sean, does a direct selling again now, and Ryan doesn't do the direction, but I'm sure he did for quite a while. Those live real estate. So I'd be curious about that. But anyway, bottom line is. We. So we have to keep the house like perfect all the time, right? All personal stuff has to be put away as we clean constantly the be the bids made and all that stuff at load bed alone would exclude you for. I know exactly the whole good that is not good for the Bonner's. Now, Dow does everyone in your family kind of adhere to the same philosophy where now I know that if you needed to, you could go into neat mode. I remember when used to work in Washington, you did go into the mode. It wasn't often, but you could do it. I think you did it a little bit begrudgingly. But you did it, is there is there anyone in your family that has a particularly difficult time with with the cleanup? Yeah, Amanda. It's not crazy about it, but she just doesn't like change tried sheets not really crazy about like the whole process. I mean, she's like kind of excited about Austin. Yeah, just hates the whole process of having to move because like now we got a clear the house, right? We got to leave to make. So when people get here that we're not here. Yeah. Yeah, they give us a window of like an hour, right? So we're supposed to be out of here like twenty minutes before the beginning time, just. To let you to let your Eric clear out. Is that all about to let any stale farts that you may have left behind? Just clear what is that? You gotta be out twenty look show up on time a women. First of all, I, I guess I, I'm a little guilty of that today. So show up on time. Do do what you need to do, take his long as you need if you want to walk through the house, not one. I think with the last showing you said normally it's like twenty minutes forty, five minutes later they're still in your house. Okay. So yeah, and then that's where it gets weird. Right? So I understand having been in the process now looking at houses in Austin, right? My real turn, I would get together and we would make a list of six, seven, eight houses that we want to go see. And so it's hard to give an exact time because you don't know how long it's going to take from to go from one house to the next. And how long are you going to spend in a house? So a one hour window I think is fair. Okay. Buck and somebody could get your early right? Like if we're the fifth or sixth house on the list and they're getting thrown quickly, I understand a window of, you know, six o'clock to seven o'clock and you want it. They want us out by five, forty, five, I totally make sense, but we got a call earlier today. That said it was a window between six and eight. It's like a two hour window where, like, you know, we, we live here, right? We really. Don't want to have to clear out for two frigging hours just for a ten minute show. Right? And the other day when you and I had a meeting to we had, we had an appointment that was seven to eight, right? So we leave and we're out of the house by, you know, six forty, five, right? And we come back eight o'clock and there's like two cars in the drought drilling. Okay, trouble. It's either trouble or really good. It's like, maybe, are they working on like they're not like like sitting at your dinner table, having a snack. This was annoying because we're thinking, oh, we're not gonna kick him out. Maybe they really like the house. They're looking at really hard because they really like it. Right. Well, apparently like for the last ten or fifteen minutes avail, it was like six or seven people that came. They had two cars because it's so many people need to see the house and. Was was a Mexican family. We're not going to get any price not going there. Well, it could have been a Jewish family. Also, it was the mother in law and the father in law. Everybody that's going to move into the house. I figured, why don't I pick on somebody else's nationality, other than mine l. okay. All right. So we found out like they were just kind of hanging out in the driveway for ten or fifteen minutes afterwards. Just, you know, just talking just shooting the shed, just whatever. Like dude it show up on time for your appointment. Okay. And then you can hang out but don't show up like in the last ten minutes and then stay for twenty-five. It's bullshit. It is what it is. So that's been like the whole process. And so of course, I had an appointment today that was supposed to be six to eight, and we call them, said luck and you make it six to seven. Look, we live here and so. Sunday evening and it's evening, right? We're hanging out in our house will live in our lives, right? And it's like, hey, we gotta clean up and leave. Okay, we're, we're cool with that, but don't make us like how them all for two hours just because you're not exactly sure when you're going to be here and then so we request back looked. Can you narrow this to our right? We're cool with any our in here. It doesn't and then they they called back in their life. Okay, that's fine. But we're actually on our way right now. So how about five thirty to six which again would have been fine except that Doug. I were supposed to record at four and ten after four, I hear nothing from Doug. Now you have to understand. You have to understand that if you have a four o'clock appointment with Doug and you have at least heard from him by four, zero two, there's a very good chance. He's in the hospital. Okay. I'm telling you Doug is not late for anything. Okay. Four zero eight by common. Are you coming? Are you coming Douglas. Ocean. I thought it was four thirty. I was like, dude, you set the time for o'clock. I didn't even need to double check at you or a one hundred percent, right? I'm like as soon as you said that I'm like, oh, I had my. I totally messed up on my time today. I was visiting my brother who's out of the hospital now and he's hanging out at the house and I'm like, yeah, okay. I was watching the football game with them and talk into a buddy of his. And I'm thinking at four. I'm gonna leave here at four o'clock gives me fifteen extra minutes in case there's any traffic or anything to get to the house set up my stuff and by four, twenty five, I will be set. And when you sent me that message at ten at eight after four, I'm thinking, oh shit. I commend this, this, let this. We known on today's date, September whatever it is. Doug Sandler with labored appointment Strickland. Bonner. You like to lie us? I think you, you appreciate me being Lakers. It never happens. I think it never had never happens, but come on, you gotta admit I'm much better with with you now. Usually always with stuff happens sometimes, but I'm definitely try very hard. I don't like being late, especially now, you know what's so interesting now it used to be. You could be like, oh, my wall Chua, slow. It's like, no, no, everybody's everybody's gonna fucking computer now. Right? So I do at my work. I'll do meetings a lot. Right. And you can look at the clock and you know everybody's clock is exactly the same. So it's like dude, you can't be a minute late. Not good thing. Not even a minute late. You can't it. It is not good. You definitely your own time. Your your phone? Everything is like atomic time now. It's like, right. I unplugged my clock. Nope. No, excuse any longer. Exactly. So fun can fans. We're recording our Tuesday episode now quickly. That's what I'm talking quickly. So we can get through the episode in like ten minutes. Oh, I had a lot of topics I wanted to talk about today now. That's okay. We've got the thirty minutes for it's okay. It's all good, but he's got to require Thursday episode later tonight. So I don't know if you notice that I dropped four voicemails. I think it was four voicemails. I have to click on the link voicemails the, oh, you have them got him. Yeah. What do you wanna do you wanna do one or two of them today and then a couple more on on Thursday, or do you want to play all of them on the same day? That's a good plan. We could do that. We can do a couple today in a couple of on Thursday, and you know, it's amazing. We've actually hit two of our topics already. I haven't even read them and we've already hit Doug's lateness and we hit was the other one. We hit the house on the market. Yeah, my house in the market. There we go. It's amazing thing. Can we get into another topic that I think is near and dear to me right now? Sure. While I load up the voicemails absolute. Sure. So the topic the time, and I have to have to be a little bit careful in my conversation here because because I am. At my mom's house while I'm staying in Baltimore, I'm on a, I'm on a west coast east coast journey this week have two gigs plus the training. A gig here. JJ is going to be meeting me here mid week. But you know, interesting conversation I had with my mom earlier this week is she? She's got a boyfriend. I know I'm so excited for my mom and the issue is not that my mom's got a boyfriend. It's the the the the question is how everybody in the entire family will feel about my mom having a boyfriend. I mean, it's it's very interesting. My my mom lost my stepdad about three years ago. Actually. Just left him at the mall. Can't find him. Really lost him. Thank you. Know my my, my stepdad passed away a hint about three years ago. This December, it'll be three years and you know, my mom has gone through it. I think they were together like forty two years forty, seven years. So it was a, it was a long. It was a long marriage. It was actually, but like ten times longer than any other matters at my mom had. And this was marriage number three. So, and I'm actually working on keeping up with my mom berry very difficult. In terms of marriage count, but I'm working my hardest added. So anyway. So my mom's got this boyfriend. His name is Ted and he's and he's really nice guy. I mean, I I happen to like the guy. I think he's a, I think he he's a good guy. He treats my mom, right? But then it gets into the whole concern over, you know, whether, you know you're eighty. Something year-old mom should be dating another guy, and it's like, I don't have any issue with it. But I guess there's some people in the family that just don't feel the same way. They're like really little controlling. You know a little bit what animal like come on. Mike makes my mom happy. That's number one they give gives her something owner schedule, which I love that. And and I think he treats her nice. I mean, I I have who's who's who say is this aside from my mom's, who else would be able to have the say own whether she should be having a relationship with anybody? I mean, it's not. It's not my responsibility to tell her to or not to have a relationship and and I think it's also it's in my place to share any feelings the way I, what's the difference on how I feel about him, isn't it all about how she feels about him? I'm very curious because I know I'm sure that there are a lot of members of your family that have feelings about this. Is there like, is it one person that is uncomfortable or doesn't want her seeing somebody? Or is it like a number of members of your family? I thought call anybody out, you know, we can. We can. We can make some direct direct to call outs here. I would say that the the issue is that I think that those that are involved with my mom who has everybody in my family are just concerned for my mom. They're concerned that that may be that she's going to be taken advantage of or that she doesn't necessarily can't really decipher between good relationship and bad relationship. I'm like, you're fucking kidding me right? Right? I mean, she did raise the entire family. You realize that, right? I mean, she is the the matriarch of the family and she she has gotten to her age, not by stupidity, but by by wisdom and not cheer luck. So Sheila smart enough to get rid of two husbands and keep one that was good for forty years. Right. Well, I guess one of those got rid of her, but that's okay. Again, I'm just trying to keep up with my mom and I'm following in exactly in her footsteps. I don't know. So I just I look at it and I just say, who is better than my mom? Did it Termine whether my mom is happy or not. So. Interestingly enough. So as having a conversation with my mom and my son, we had breakfast today and a one of the things that that came up is my mom. I, I keep inviting her to come out to LA to visit. So she said, hey, maybe I'll mention this to to Ted Ted's or boyfriend amend to the Ted, and will will make the trip out. And I'm like, no way you guys are gonna come across the country, like getting a car and go like they don't fly. So they would want to Dr price thinking. Right, exactly. So on thinking, all right. All right. This is cool. So I just the whole conversation just about, okay, how does this work and who's paying for what? And I'm just curious, like how the whole thing goes down. Like when you get to the point of adulthood where they are, it's like, how does this all work? I'm just, I'm just curious, how does it work? Stricklin any idea who who should have say so and whose opinion matters. And and should she listen anybody in the family Woody? What's your opinion on this whole thing? Okay. So I got a number of questions, and I got a lot of questions. All right. First of all, Ted, right? Yup. Is he like thirty years old forty years old? No, he's eighty six years old. Okay. Eighty six years old. So I'm guessing that he's not like some gold digger trying to take your mom's money, so I'm not too worried about that. You know? I know. I don't think he's a good guy. All right. I think he's a good guy. I think he treats her well, but let's go back to the first part of the question. Is he somebody that might be after my mom for money on? Well, I to know my mom would know that you know it's not like she's got a, you know, a Fort Knox sitting in the Bank. She's got enough to be comfortable. She's got enough to do enough social security and other investments to to help her pay for herself, but she doesn't certainly doesn't have in excess and needs the money that she has. So could he be taking advantage of her? I guess somebody with lesser means might be taking advantage her, but I haven't. I haven't felt that about him so far. He doesn't come off that way. As far as you can tell not to not to me, not to. So the second question is, was your uncle who lives in California? It wasn't. He a pilot. Not a pilot, but he was a, he wasn't the military. Why do you ask that question? I'm curious because it's just strange to me that your mom won't fly. Oh, you're my mom. My mom will fly, but Ted doesn't fly and he would fly, but they're looking at this. I said, I said to my mom will how much time do you have to invest in this in this little trip? She goes, I don't have anything else to do. So I guess she's got all the time in the world. So if it took a week to get there a week to get back and you spend a week there, so, okay, three weeks or a month, I guess, would be the timeframe. Well, it is all about the adventure. I guess. I mean, I, it's just strange to me because again, I would think, oh my God, what an unbelievable pain to drive across the country. But hey, if you want the adventure, hey, then it's not a pain, right? Then you want to it because you want it who knows? Maybe she wants to go drive across the country and have fun and see some different things. Yeah. How would you feel if somebody said, okay, strick I'm gonna take away all of your all of your job and financial responsibilities. You have nothing that you have to worry about in terms of timing or you don't have anything on your agenda. You've got a year. Okay. Do you take a month of that year and and just say, okay, I'm gonna. I'm gonna just make take a trip. Well, its everybody likes different things too. I mean, I think at that age, if I had nothing else going on, I might enjoy doing that. But like some people love camping, right. Some people love something like fly fishing or going out to the national parks, others of us. I don't think even when I get all lobby interested in that, but to each his own. That's okay. It's all good. Okay. So so the conversation then got to well, how does this work? I mean, who pays for what? Yeah, that's a question there. I said, I said you're not assuming that he's going to pay for the trip, right? She goes well, I don't know. I said, well, can I give you some advice? Are you open to advice? And she said, yeah, I said, I think it would make sense that you guys split the trip, you know, just right down the middle and she's like, well, I don't know if I can afford it. If I do that, I'm like, well, then you shouldn't be going. You know, that's that's the other side of it. I I want to. I don't want her to take advantage of him either. I think it's, I think it's a, I don't know. I'm hitting us from a perspective of man. If I was going across the country. Like let's say, JJ and I drove across the country. And let's say that we had a month to do it and get back again. I'm not going to. I'm not going to expect her to foot my Bill, nor would I have her expect me to pay her Bill or should I be responsible for paying for her Bill? So I just think you know, you guys look at it and you is split it right down the middle, and maybe you set up. You don't have to set up a Bank account, but maybe you have a credit card that you that you put everything on at the end of the trip. You guys just write a check or do whatever you have to do to split right down the middle. That's actually what I hadn't thought about that. I was gonna say, like, how would you figure that? But you're right. You could just put everything on a credit card and then you know what when the Bill comes in just whoever's card, it's not write a check for half or you. You put a couple of bucks in in each other's pockets. You put two hundred dollars in cash in your. Pocket. Two hundred dollars goes in his pocket for incidentals, put the rest on a on a credit card. And at the end of the trip, you see how much cash she have left in your pocket, if any. And and you split the Bill rate in have. I don't know if there's any other better. Fair more fair way to do it. Unless unless one person is driving and there's quote unquote wear and tear on the car. But I don't know. I think it's that split Nichols here. Yeah, interest. So I am. I hope that she makes the journey. I think it would be kinda cool. You know what? It would give her a chance to really see if they if she could if she's compatible and get along with this guy. Oh, that's for sure. Yeah. When you're stuck together for that long, you get real quick. You realize if it's somebody along with or not. Right, right. So I'm interested in figuring out if this is a this is a good match for her. Yeah, definitely. Will. We can. Adventures of Ted. Ted's excellent adventure. Can we? We'll have a Ted update in the any community, a Ted update coming soon to a podcast episode of the nice guys near you. So what's your mom's name? Rosalie, Rosalie intents, excellent adventure. Okay, so we'll we'll, we'll update you will keep it. We'll keep it moving forward for you. Okay. I think we gotta get to to voice mails today and now it we'll have two more four next time. Okay. There's one other category. Not one of the category. What other topic that I really think we need to get to. Okay. Dying to hear about this. Okay. It's not Doug lateness by the way. I think you probably know what it is. You have a guess. I'm gonna go with. I'm going to go with the Lululemon or the yoga pants. No, that's definitely a very interesting to me, but I I'm pretty familiar with that topic on which one I know it's one jail time for a classmate. Exactly jail. I'm for glass mate. That's hard to hear about. This'll be good. This'll be good. All right. We'll get into it. Let's go into now. Do we want to do that? We do that. That smell. Yeah, let's do voicemails. I okay. And that is that going to be a longer topic? Not necessarily. It could be a pretty quick topic, but I do, but it is a, I never really thought of this. So I I want to tell you an interesting experience I had today. Should I play the voicemails? I, yeah, I play the way sales. Okay. Let's get to the first force male here. I don't know who they're from. I have no idea. I just dropped them all in that. Casey, North Carolina, just wanna let you guys know that whoever the fuck, right, but I wanna be real first seconds about the there for your societas. I'm part of one of the biggest corporations and have about three hundred and fifty associates, and through this hurricane where the biggest things that matter to me change my life came up perspective is that I was there and I was communicating in. I was on the front line for my socio too worried about what was going on in their business has how I should run a business. And that's how you start a business. I'm not entrepreneur worked for big corporation. Probably the biggest corporation extinct of, but share that a little message there and keep slippery up. Well, thanks, Casey, what? What? What are they? So things want wanna point out about that. Okay, please. First of all, Casey, thank you for calling. I love the fact that we're getting new. Listen, we're getting new people call in. They're all about the fucker. Second of all, I may have interpreted this wrong at the beginning, but it sounds like Casey's calling and we've never heard from him for any mmediately. He's calling us out. The listeners are comfortable enough to go, hey, hey, Doug constrict money's Casey. You've never heard from me before, but. Hey, fuck you. Okay. Wait what he did that he, he was saying, hey, the first thing I gotta do. It's like, hey, you gotta be there right for for your associates because it sounded like where he was going was to say, hey, you guys aren't there for your associates for your fans. So I guess we know. So I say it sounded like where he was going, but then he didn't end up going there. I think he was just trying to make the point of, hey, it's so important to be there. And by the way, I know when. When the hurricane hit Houston. Last year, you know, Ryan Bo cross listen Houston, and he was like, you know, helping people out and collecting money and getting boats and Casey, dude, we appreciate it. We have not mentioned hurricane Florence at all, and and you know, being in in Baltimore area, I'm relatively close to it. I mean, it kinda hit the Virginia, but North Carolina, South Carolina just got really monstrously crush o'casey. I appreciate you bringing that up and we love you and appreciate that. You like the fuck ary. Anything that you guys can do to help any of the victims of hurricane Florence, whether it's donate to the good to the Red Cross, you know, or whatever it may be. I, it's just God. I couldn't even imagine like I was just watching something on the news yesterday where the hurricane had hit like a couple of days before. Right. I mean, it was gone. It was done and there's this town that seemed fine. And then within an hour, there was two feet of water like every how. House in the town was flooded, like they thought, hey, we missed it. You know, we dodged a bullet, right? But there was something with the floodwaters or something. I don't know exactly how it happened. But like all of a sudden it's like it's like surge. Doc, man. I mean, it's just crazy to think about that and it's such a helpless feeling and gazing, whatever it is that you do whatever work for you or there for your people. We totally shared it and I hope that it didn't hit you directly. I'm curious. He mentioned twice that he works for the the biggest company probably known. So I wasn't like Wells Fargo. Curious, curious what company he worked for. You mentioned it twice, but he only has good things to say, maybe ashamed that he listens to the nice guy. So what the company name, right? His company. He didn't want the company associated with us. It's not like he's embarrassed about the company works for us and various about us. I'm thinking like an apple, Google IBM, like what is the big hang on to look that up right now? What's the biggest company in the world. Wow. Well, what is what's the biggest company in the United States? Let's try that. Well, it could be like WalMart or something to WalMart and then Berkshire Hathaway Exxon Mobil. Apple will in order for five hundred WalMart berkshire-hathaway apple Exxon, McKesson, United health group Mao they were that big and then our Casey casing, oh my God, CPS top ten fortune. That's crazy. I didn't know that. Why is that by dollars or is that by employees count or wouldn't? Casey? What were you referring to? Exactly two dollars or employee count? Well, it looks like this is in terms of dollars. Okay. Okay. It is interesting that WalMart is wow, okay. This is so interesting. Thanks, Casey, I'm sure you didn't mean for us to go off on this tangent, but I'm looking at this company trying to the top fifteen on the fortune five hundred list, right? So apple is number three. Okay. Although interesting in. Prophet there like looks like they're number one anyway. Okay. Terms of revenue? Okay. Apple two, two hundred and fifteen billion dollars in revenue. Okay. Berkshire Hathaway did two hundred and twenty three billion. Now I it was just so you just so you know they two hundred thirteen billion. I spent almost a billion on three icons. I bought mine. I had to repair one. I've bought a second one and I bought my mom's iphone. So that's that's one billion dollars. There. Actually, I did get the insurance plan that was an extra one hundred million. Exactly. And then Exxon is two hundred and five billion. All right. Let's not go off here. You it's the way you say off the rails. Okay, so numbers two, three and four are two hundred and five million two hundred fifteen two hundred. Five billion. Two hundred fifteen billion. Two hundred twenty three billion. Do you know what WalMart does? Berkshire-hathaway number two, two hundred twenty three billion. Do you know? WalMart doesn't sales. So is WalMart bigger number one. Okay. So it goes from two hundred twenty three billion which is Berkshire Hathaway to what is what is WalMart. So I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go. Five hundred billion. Almost four hundred eighty five bills. As is. That's insane. Now it's interesting though. WalMart. WalMart did thirteen billion profit in two thousand sixteen thirteen billion profit, right? Thirteen billion in profit. Okay. Forty. Five billion dollars in pro l. a. come on. Isn't that obvious to see? I mean they're selling potato chips at a at a two percent margin at at WalMart where they're selling the iphone that's probably has an eighty five percent margin at the apple store. Well, that's what is really interesting because that's really what's true as I'm looking through the rest of the list right on average. You're looking at, you know, ten billion to three billion, eight billion. I mean most of these companies are making a billion in profit, but very few are making more than ten billion in profits or they're making like a five percent. They have a five percent profit margin. Yeah. Yeah, most and what's Apple's profit margin, thirty percent, right? No, it's a twenty forty. Two hundred fifteen forty five. Twenty two percent or show. Twenty percent net net. That's unbelievable. Wow, that's crazy. People love their apple ship. Well, holy shit. I mean, just look at this when you go in there and you get a, what the hell's the name of that designer. Kate Spade when you get a Kate Spade cover for your iphone, that costs you thirty nine dollars. What what the fuck do you think that actually cost to make it when I can get an iphone cover that looks like the Kate Spade cover on EBay for three dollars and ninety nine cents. Yeah, that's true. I mean, that means there's ten x the profit on it. I mean, come on apple. They've done something right. They understand how to build so much hype around their products that we would be willing to pay anything. Case in point twenty six hundred dollars. I spent on my laptop, right. Did you buy new computer? No kidding me. I can't afford that. Yeah, once every six years I buy of twenty six hundred dollars. I could get three kick ass. PC's. He's for twenty six hundred dollars and still have enough money left over for like a mouse pad or some shit like that. Yeah. Yeah. But you have the ability to right click that I spent twenty seven hundred, so I can't right click. Oh, good. All right. Hey, thanks, Casey. How about the other one? Casey, we'd love to hear from you again, and if there's anything that your company does or anything else that we can do to promote any help for hurricane floor, please let us know. We have not a huge listener base, but the really the really indifferent. They won't do anything, but if we might, they might. So we have no problem asking for a good cause. You know, it's interesting. JJ has about the same amount of downloads per episode as we do, but she's got about twenty times the amount of people that actually do shit. Is that right? I mean, I did. I did love our twenty two voice mails. I don't know why I'm giving our community, should they actually do reach out probably as much or more than pretty much any community except for the area when it comes to spending money. But the problem is that we don't have. We don't give them anything to spend money on like, could we nice guy community? What could we sell that you would be interested in. Anything. I mean. It would be on the cruise. But unfortunately, if we do that, we, we won't make any money, but we'll still it would be fun to have people join us on the cruise ad is very true. We do need to give people a cruise to spend money on. We haven't even. We haven't even gotten anybody in our community to reach out to us to say, hey, guys, just want to let you know I'm a, I'm a, what's it called the travel agent. Go ahead and send you. We're offering free money to anybody. Well, we travel agent. We do have more voicemails. It could be another one of these voicemails trial. Okay. Okay. This is good. So here's the, I'm getting the warning from my daughter that you know five thirty is showing, but we're supposed to be gone fifteen minutes before then. So I'm getting the ten minute warning. So let's play voicemail to and then we're gonna tease to more voice mails on Thursday and jail time for a classmate. That's what I'm dying to hear about. That's going to be our first topic on Thursday. All right. All right. All right. Let's here we are. Okay, I didn't. I didn't actually know we're thirty one minutes into this. Time flies were having fun right here we go. Hey, Jerry here. So about eleven minutes from finishing Tuesday's episode and you're talking about free shifts. And I must say, I never knew there were the correlation between cruise ships and dead horses, but my God does you have beat them both to death. I, I'm not sure how I'm still listening, but I get this because I love you guys. Also I wanted to call in last week. I think it's great memory here. I just wanna make it known. I did not get a Texaco only my voice mails. I just chose to call to leave my voicemail. I didn't need to be prompted or anything like that. But you know, also, I guess I'm not good enough to get a phone call or a text message from Doug. He doesn't love me anymore. Hey, guys, Steve it up and I'll keep him in the. Have you seen those those wristbands that say WW j. d.. Jared, Jared, do. That's what they mean like Jared does not have to be prompted, Jared dude, Hughes, kinda listener. The we need. He calls he gives us shit. He is not afraid to speak his mind and you know what? He didn't need a text from you to call and he just called it. What would you do? I love that. I didn't realize when Jared left that message. I'm looking through my phone feverishly looking through my phone and I thought I had Jared's his his his his cell phone number locked in my phone. I actually don't. So I took the number that it came from it. I started exchanging text messages with him. I think he got excited. I was I was extending text text messages. I'm like anybody that wants to text me, feel free to text me. I will text you back. I promise. So feel free, Jared, I'm, I'm glad you. I'm glad we broke the. What's that? Barry, whatever the Barry I we brought. We didn't break the fourth wall. What the hell did we break with? Jared, I don't know about my virginity at inland with him. So else. I'm not sure what it was, but I, I reached out the jar. Let him know that I, that I was human being that I did want to speak to him, and I was happy very happy that we had a chance to to communicate through text messaging. Certainly continue to leave the voicemails for his Jared, because that way the entire nice guy community can get into the stuff that you're saying. But yeah, feel free to send me it's experts anytime I, I love chat with you guys, so I'm gonna give. I'm gonna leave one more or less comment that maybe we'll get some listeners to chime in and then we're after Evan up to make. I'm looking over this fortune five hundred article again now and there's a very interesting stat as for female CEO trends. Okay. So this is the trending of how many female CEOs in the fortune five hundred right improvement. There's been proven this year versus last year. Last year. There were twenty one. And this year there are thirty two. Okay. So basically it improved from four percent to six percent like. It's still really fucking sat. Hold on. Hold on. I wanna take. I'm going to take our our old old. Not friend. Are your old bosses psychology on this one? We went from how many how many we went from twenty one to thirty two. So isn't that a raise of eleven? Eleven? That's a fifty percent increase from what that's now. Right, right. If you, it's all in how you skew the numbers, right? Like the old number was four percent of the total and this year's number is six percent of the total. Well, the answer is, oh, that's a fifty percent increase that, right? Which technically, yes, it's a fifty percent increase. So that's like the old argument when like five or ten years ago, the car ads like the US automakers. They were like most improved carmaker by j.d, power surveys. And it's like, yeah, well, compared to Toyotas and Hondas if your cars have been total crap forever, it's not that hard to be the most improved. Right, right. Yeah, pretty interesting. Anyway, I would love to get a call from that for about that from any of our listeners. How do you feel about that? The fact that the fortune five hundred list this year has thirty two female CEOs, which is up fifty percent from last year, but still only represents six percent of the total top spot. What are you supposed to do? Are you supposed to go from? You know, we have twenty one, and now we have. Six hundred twelve. Wait a minute celebrity to step up six percent. Superstition, six percent. Ballot fifty percent of the population. It's not as many of them traditionally are like Gribben entrepreneurship. Got to be more than six percent. I don't even necessarily agree with that comment. I think that there are probably just as many driven entrepreneurs driven business owners that are female than there are male. I think it is a matter of who is putting them in the position to be CEO those those that are putting them in the position. We all know that if more women were CEO's of the big companies today that we probably would have a better smarter, more effective, more efficient and God knows it would be much more multitasking going on in the management levels of within these organizations, but we don't have. We don't have put people putting him in the position that are in that are female. So part of that is the good old boy network just just kind of hanging onto old school thoughts? Yep. Okay. I think we've got to wrap it up mixture tune in on Thursday because we're going to start with jail time for classmate because I'm dying to hear about this. All right. When we going to do that more voicemails, when do you want to do it tonight? I don't care. Let me. Like seven o'clock. Okay. Having dinner here with my son and my mom so will do that. And then we will get back to the second half you probably let me know. You know what? I'm going to have wine. I'm going to have it right in front of me and we are going to do that. Good. Good, good idea. I'm gonna. You know what? I'm going to go up up the bottle of wine right next next episode after Doug's bottle of wine. So it should be very entertaining. All so many things look forward to on Thursday, then two more voice. Beautiful, beautiful. All right, Steve O'Brien. Take us out of here. The nice guys on business are professional podcasters please do not try this at home. It may seem simple kids, but lots of people get hurt in the process void where prohibited, including Mexico Puerto Rico for Donia or your in laws. The nice guys on business are not responsible for any claims of liability or any guarantee that these two morons know what they're talking about. There is no promise that being nice to people will help your business, but calling people Astles dumb, incontinent, fuck quads will definitely lose you business for any and all claims shouldn't one hand in wishing the other and see which one fills up first. Thank you for listening to the nice guys on business podcast. I'm Steve O'Brien.

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