The Falcoholic Live: Falcons vs Buccaneers Week 15 Postgame Show


Alcoholic podcast listeners. Welcome to another episode of the alcoholic. Live this is your host. Kevin night here to give you an update on a few things that we've been working on so as you guys know. We do shows at on wednesdays at ten pm eastern. We also do post game. Shows following the games You can also now Subscribe to the show on patriotic to get some exclusive benefits including ad free versions of these podcasts and also we have started our discord server which was requested feature so look for the link on youtube or on our twitter page. If you'd like to join the conversation on discord without further ado guys enjoy the show. Thank you fellow alcoholics. What is up. Welcome to the phallic. Lives week fifteen. Postgame show i am your host. Kevin night at alcoholic kevin on twitter. Here to bring you the finest falcons versus bucks takes well. I don't know like. I just can't i can't do it anymore you earlier in the season. If you guys were here it was like oh man. They blew that game. I'm like so pissed off you. I'm really pissed off. They blew this game. But it's like. I can't i can't i can't make it work anymore. You know it's like it's so obvious that they're going to blow it. It's like honestly you would be surprising. It would be more surprising if they didn't blow it. It's like oh they blew it again. Okay i i guess i don't care like man it's it's wild to be in a season where it's almost like we've kind of been worked up to this loss just kind of expect it to happen and it's a sad state to be in for any nfl team. Not just a team. Like the falcons for any fan base that we're we're conditioned to basically expect this team to suck to hit this level of ineptitude like it just. It's like clockwork And it's really really sad And i just don't really know you know there's nothing they can do about it. I mean for being honest. Like there's there's no way for them to fix it you know. There's there's no way really for the team to address it in any meaningful way. Because it's it's it's systemic right. It's it's an issue with more than just a player or more than just a single coach. It's like it's like a ingrained in this team's dna and there's the only way to get out of it is to just. It's clean house like every coaching staff attached. Every coach attached to this team just needs to go. And i think it's honestly just like a purge of spirit as well as a purge of staff like a and i think that's the best the best way for for the falcons to move on but you know we should probably talk about the actual game and then we're going to get to a lot of draft picks so you guys want to talk about the draft. Obviously the draft pick did improve with this lawsuit. If you're looking for a silver lining. That's where we are but Yeah i mean it's it's rough were spot and i don't really know where to start so give me one second here. I'm going to think about it and we are going to be joined by odd on each on noted matt ryan hater on ninety kitsch. Shout out to the street for coming up with that one. But he'll be here in a little bit. he's finishing up some. You know some work for the site so you know. We appreciate our hard work and dedication to his craft. But in the meantime guys you are enjoying the show. Please throw a like we appreciate. That helps other folks on youtube. Find us you can subscribe to the channel with that subscribe. Button barely helps us out as well In case you guys weren't aware we have a community discord server That you can check out. The link is is floating up on the screen there from time. The patriots live We've got some patrons on there. now that's fun. Little community could be a part of unlocked. Simpson perks sports in the meantime and if anyone has burning questions or just wants to throw some support the show. The link for donations is also in the show description So in the meantime a we've got eric robinson making surprise appearance. Oh one second me. Help era get in here. Hey air what's up. What's up up. Went up all right. Hong make sure it got there. We go there's erica. all right yes. Welcome inside the fallacy coming. He had to finish up that. I think he called it. The james carpenter dick and balls article so so shout out to really putting in the hard work for the slightly appreciate that but yeah it's just us right now so i was just talking about how i was not surprised by the Late loss in it like it's it's losing its emotional impact for me. But how does it feel for you. Does it still burn. Road is another game just another one year. Another week i laugh laugh at individuals that like at this point in the season and they get frustrated by a loss like that is no need to get frustrated. Like you should already know what the team is that at this point. That is the difference between you know guys like me and you know. We studied the team enough and we pretty much know the identity of his team. Notice team back of our hand at this point. That's his ed lee. Our man like i audit right at halftime assay look aspect with scripture second. And they did yes. Oh is not surprising at all. I guess there's no need fifteen. His team is far away from the offs team. As far away from being you know a capable team over in their own brain is lay. Man it is. It is who they are. It's really really sad. And i wish that it wasn't so but like i was i was saying it's just like there's not really anything that we can do about it like this year like nothing. Nothing's really gonna change And it's sad but you know what what do we do. We can't let can literally everyone i don't. I don't think you can fix this without getting rid of like literally every everyone like. I think you have. The coaching staff not not players but the coaching staff. At least for those that wanna think bad people are trying to throw shade jabs and stuff like that like moment pays more like not like you try you try to you know troll online like is is going to be pretty pointless middle moving at all right the as bad by y'all know that so it is what it is and i feel like some people. Some people are still surprised by the fact that this is still going on and again like i say it's is not much surprise to us because yes they added dan quinn. Yes they got rid of. Thomas meech off was. They should have done with this. I don't know what more evidence you need to say that this team needs an influx in talent across the board. Like i. what else do you need. Yeah that the guys the culprits. That were behind the inconsistent. Play are gone and it still happening. Like people didn't want to argue me all the time about wanting to take a guy. Mike parsons in a first round. I'm like men that michael. Parsons can be the best player on his defense next year. I just i don't get it today. This second half with clear sign to me that is deficient needs difference makers brank back bacon make clay all second it. Say and yeah. It's really sad and like honestly like and that's the thing like we saw the first epoch. they have pieces. Like i think. I think i really quality staff can come in here and like a barren wasteland of town like we've got pieces and welcome to by the way who's getting into your now like they have pieces to build around but like i just think the overall leadership is so lacking and the coaching so lacking like morris has done better but it would be hard to be worse like they were literally the worst defense in the league under clinton so now they're just like passable and everyone's not saying you guys. You guys are very enlightened. You're watching the show but other people like they are saying already morrison defenses like good now. We no it's still not good. I mean it's like it's just not the league's worst anymore so bigger they have pieces. Like you stated grady. Jerry is a piece the on jones. The piece the woken apiece agent touro cananea. Those guys are are pieces. But they don't have those guys on the digital side of the ball. They don't have those guys that late in the game when the team needs to make a play. Derek devon white. Is that type of talent. Yeah when the defense needed to make a play he made arguably the two biggest plays of the game for the defense there. What they s with this falcons defense needs. They have complementary pieces but they don't have enough of those guys as a man. You know what. I'm i'm one of the best players in the league my position. I'm elite. I need to make a play like they don't have that yet. Welcome also to earlier. He is at say which way on twitter odd non. How how are you doing today. All sorry fellas you know not ryan. How did game so i just couldn't even base in here right. Yeah they took you a minute. Yeah yeah just like steely resolve to face. The matt ryan hives. I ask yes. You know the matt ryan hive is. It's very very very dangerous. Hive out there is myself exactly we have. We know quarter here for the matt ryan haters before we before we get on. Take care i do wanna shed a george costanza for the five dollars. Thank you so much for your support brother. He says i was so worried when we were up. Seventeen in the third. Then i remembered. Atl dammit we rise up the draft board. That is well done also. I'm off the offensive line draft selection. Let's go first round a question to fall out of care. Okay yeah he ran out of character there but yes thank you so much. Support their brother. What's that up there. I mean going quarterback around slough. Oh yeah yeah. He was a team. I think hash tag team. Wyatt davis hashtag tonight sewell. So i guess he's he's saying you know maybe now that we're going to be in the top five almost certainly like it's at that point now presents. No he's not but like you know we're probably gonna important kept speaking of the tank. Were now slated to pick fifth. Yes or after the cowboys won today. The forty niners won't share man. We're coming don't worry We we jumped the cowboys. We jumped the charter this week on thursday night so a very very successful opportunistic week. Yes the texans almost one today to They're right there nipping on our heels. Right now he had a big six Yeah with the last two games. Being against casey and the bucks we will need carolina to win one of the last two games because they will have the strength of schedule tiebreaker over us. Yeah you know it's it's a nice spot to be in. You know a kind of worried there. I was like damn here. We go again eliminated from the playoffs and You know playing some some great football like the last two years. I hope i'll listeners. Don't get us to us. We're not we're not saying that team should tank. We're not saying the team You know need to go out and lose games on purpose with better draft. We're just the ones that are looking at it like hey. This is an opera golden opportunity. You know if they lose great if they win. Okay all right yeah. It's nice safe. Always nice to watch. I mean especially against a team like the bucks that would have been an impressive win. The oval number. I'm not gonna take that they were able to do that. Elemental pretty impressive win. But they lost. It is what it is step. Closer to getting a elite player on the roster. Now what thing. I do want to talk about and i set it on the last show and i've stayed pretty much every week. Todd gurley is a whisker. Yes you know this like so much better like clearly. Better one carry minus one yard five million dams do. I don't want another georgia fan coming at me on twitter saying man you know. They don't feed enough no girly but what about that. Miss passable wocka on third down. He'll he doesn't have. It is going man. Todd gurley is cooked. I'm sorry i. I don't know what else you need to know. Todd gurley is cooked. He will never be the time in odin. But if we bring in jake frahm that'll that'll shot combat Today's it'll be nice dogs offense. Let's breezy in and then jailed or complement him. And then tell why not just bring you know why not just you know. Slot blink second curtis martin and see what he wants. It'd be the head coach. Wes is turned into. The georgia falcons among through there. Hey what we have as many championships as the bulldogs. Yeah is just apple. Laugh at it sometimes just like we laugh about the falcons. all right. here's a here's georgia's the second half year georgia's question another five dollars brother. Thank you so much. Our benefactor george stands stanza also are alcohol level patron on patriot on georgia's like really pulling his weight here. So we appreciate george a lot. So i can tell you right now which. I can't read the second part here. Just because i have to have like some modicum of respect for fellow quarter quote journalists. That'll be shade. That i'm throwing so But you know everyone else. Coldstream could see it so it so it was there. But i'll read everything. So george says we blew a seventeen point. Halftime lead real question now. Everyone's on the fits bat bandwagon. So that's the northwestern head coach that'll be dumped ship. Link will do hiring overlake higher him. Over lincoln riley thoughts on fits as a possible head. Coaching candidate bear. I don't think he's saying that anyone saying that but he's just like that will be dumb if they decided to hire sites. I don't think blend goes to college route at all to be honest. I think he's going to get one of these. nfl assistance. But you know who knows who knows what he has on his mind right now. I wouldn't mind it. But i don't think he's going to attack syrup Brom telling you after watching the bills offense. Go off again last night. Like brian doble is is looking better and better yeah bryant. Abel's been great. That's been able. You'll get an author smith or that. The two of them are looking really good. We got the week you know it's it's i. I'm interested in seeing literally interested in seeing the very first like shakoti candidate that the i think that's going to say as going to say a lot that's probably going to be. I would say the favorite just the first guy when the season's over with the first guy that they go after like if is really it's what they do from your own out. I think today when it comes to guys like matt ryan matt ryan show that he still has her he can still boy. You know we. We had the questions last week. The chargers and you come here in the first half and he played a hell of half man. I can't i. Can't i can't fault him for what happened. In the second half because walking wasn't air right wasn't him the blocking simply wasn't there What i think showed that you know he. He's definitely capable keeping around again for twenty twenty one. That can play a part in grade even without a julio today like that was one of his best games of the season yeah ridley was so dominant my goodness he was just talking. The even when like caulton davis was in there like he was torturing in if now for an absolutely beautiful play by antoine winfield in the end zone. Yeah about don's yeah. That was unfortunate cheers. I know explore quarters workflow porn. Getting to me. I wanna say the play of the game or the of the plate house closest to being like i guess the most important play the game. They actually told the story. That caught in davis pass. Break up the second quarter That forced to fill out a game. A twenty one lead. What is there to kick the field goal of course and then they score right at scored. After the i think the next possession in the second half they came down and scored a test on of course narrowly ten. I think that was a very important play because he was open. Ryan did not put enough money kind of floating it out there and to me. Those are small type of place that you need when you're trying to get an upset like that was a momentum swing and play in my yeah and not. Only that the falcons also were Were the victims of some unfortunate luck on that. Scotty mid scotty miller fumble radio jarrett over there out of beautiful play just like punching it out. Grady jerry chasing down the slot wide receiver. First of all. It just came by like an inch. Where the falcons would have recovered it right there. I mean i. I don't think this game is close of belgium's get this get that Another maybe less than a half a second. Oh yeah easily easily. He woulda got an those. Those plays unit. You can never discount the value of momentum like those type of plays. You need when you're trying to pull off an upset. Yeah han when it didn't go in their favour like that was. It was almost similar to the adamant catch in super bowl. Like those are the type of plays that happened in when you're on the opposite of those like that is rains. You complete 'cause like oh my god we were that close from whipping the game in his always. Go back to that plane where he got the ball right before. I hit the ground where the handling three different fountains that opportunity get it like. That's the type of play you look at and say man that would that will slip a lot yet. Hit alford and both ends like we'd still be talking about how great royal el offered could live forever. No one would ever know whatever fall two so he'd never up to paper another drink in atlanta again ever never he. He wanted a super bowl tuner. There you go. Hey i build a statue. Like i don't care like we'll do whatever you want man. You wouldn't that super bowl into europe. You're a hero for all time. So we've got a couple tips here to read. I what we got ally amerson the one dollar. Thank you brother for your support. He said this is. This is directed to donate. Thank you know. Dirk cutters genius scheme is really brought down by noodle arm matt ryan odd non hash hashtag k for life. Oh no you're know we had match shaab in there like you. Tom brady would have had no chance. How many times. It's tom brady. Come back against match all right. Mike has yeah he has it it. It's gonna be. It's gonna be a lot easier for next year with a with a rookie quarterback when he's the head coach football team and you got to keep the continuity you gotta keep the continuity the thing. It's the most important thing we don't even have to win these last couple of games just back that we just the fact that the players had fun. You know it's fun. that's that's what really matters. that's earlier. I would've but i didn't see from a guy like where he moore's a second timeout in the middle of right. We're gonna middle of you know that the bucks are just flipping game again. It happens in college. Football no closes seat a momentum swing and they take time and he get the players on the sideline a little bit. That would have been out of. Been answering bauer heat. What so you don't count that terrible challenge. She had greatest counted as a time out. You know we went to commercial break. You know were happening. Bob sutton of stairs and win like his head. The button to page rahima sake challenge it. That's that's probably what it was. Yeah yeah oh yeah. Thanks tyler russell for pointing travis kelsey just scored a td. So my fancy team is in good hands challenge. I was well you know. Just don't at worse they made. They forced the formal libyan he picked it up and ran into the. Let's see also shutout andrei smack maroteaux maroteaux for the subscription takes so much rather we appreciate that and then we got one more from gary stafford with the ten dollars brother. Thank you we appreciate you to gary gary's like our second place benefactor he's consistently he's always here thrown that thrown that that sweet sweet bread to us so we appreciate he gary he says. Are we the only team in the nfl. That doesn't make halftime adjustments. I don't know the jets are up there with us on that one but that's not exactly like company. You wanna be with me today. They're up ten zero. Thanks for pointing. That george i was. I was going to give you one for me. But yeah george george with another five dollars again brother. Thank you so much says tank shots hashtag shots times three for my donation. He's right because he has tipped five dollars three times so because i was hoping he would notice because i hadn't really announced that i was doing that yet but i says time to get kevin drug because drunk. Kevin is fun kim. Well i like to think. I'm fun at all. You know all levels of sobriety. But thank you. And i'm not. He wants to know what non alcoholic beverage enjoying is. it's not. It's a balkan drink it's It's very interesting orangey. It's like a sparkling orange juice now. Nice nice all right. Shout to to bulk injuries. I don't think i've ever had so. I'm gonna try and very delicious. It's like a powder like an orange powder and it goes into like water. You mix it up so you know it's a it's nice engineering. Just press down here and then you like. Oh it's it's like built in. Yes that's awesome. Matt looked at us because at that sends actually really cool. I love orange drink. Sue but all right george also says did did kill every policy. You know you aren't into the drama but that's still six. I don't think she's ever going to apologize to me. I don't expect it but just the fact that all of you guys like really got onto her. That was enough for me so that was enough for me. I'm you know i can. I can move on from that But i appreciate you guys support. You know she was definitely in the wrong but so we appreciate that. I'll get right to work on this george but yeah we should also continue to show while i'm doing the hashtag tank shot so we know we brought up ridley because really had an awesome game. How about matt go. No though like stepping in. I think he was playing. I think kayla mcgarry didn't get a full week of practice in because of his personal matter and miss last week as well. But makoto man he did a key block on one of those third. Dak verge they'll show pass to ito where he just like. Eat like first of all shuts ito. Because you know getting a lot of chances to showcase. But he's like he really does look like a prime devante freeman out there like his vision is so far and ahead better than every single other running back on this roster and like you can tell you re supposed to do on the dan. Play like no offence to brian hill. A little bit of events to brian hill like he would just barreled ahead like okay. It's time for me to get this first day here. I go like ito. Constable took a few steps saw the defender there and was like you know what i should wait for my blocker and he just sat there for a half second waited for donor to actually finish the block and then snuck snuck for a few more yards for the first down. Like that's what you need. It's not just about how you know. How fast i can go or like how many how thick i am or whatever like you have to read the play in patient sometimes and i was really impressed with with ito's moves there. Are there any players. You guys want to shout. It can be the same ones. It's fun foia had a good game like he was covering grunk well Gronk at that like insane catch where foil was all over him. Though just nobody histories ever gonna like like defend Not defended that one better but knows. Better offense Beyond how to sack you know. The the linebackers are good like our linebacking. Core is is good like we have that we have that set moving forward and i. It's a nice thing to have where you have a very strong position group and they're just you expect them to get better and better as the years. Go go on if this team only had could get a pass rush and you know improve the secondary bit like this defense has a chance to be really really solid next season. And you know shout out to a to dante fowler. He he's big. He's gonna cash another check. Yeah look at my to my video this week. Right breakdown base salary and how the dizzy divvied out between all sixteen games and about a dozen fellows out there catching them chance so you know what i'm he took my shout but i'm gonna i'm gonna give it another one to fowler. You know it's it's fine that you know you don't wanna show up to the game or go up here wrought fifty six like your fucking lawrence taylor manatt them yes out to him and he's he's giving it his all. Man you know will quarters you know. Physical soir knows. Play where you're getting pancakes. Fight every single offensive tackle in the league. One just registered one to be pressure man. I'm pretty sewer. Put in the larger training is awfully he did. It worked hard for that man one waterbury. Hey they low fowler down at the bank. Yup i get. You know. he's a star player down there. You can't be yeah man. They're they're making sure. He diversified his portfolio. You what i'm saying. Network yeah c. Seventy seven e plays or field man. And i see paying off. He's getting a quarterback pressure right there in his fourth quarter to elia one top. I mean at least beasley the falcons that one fifteen and a half sack season okay. He gave us something. What does fowler giving us a vic beasley compared to fowler vic beasley von miller. Right like nine bucks. Last year right no man compared to fowler doing i mean i do wonder if like fowler just checked out which is also not a good luck but like i do wunderlich fan. The damn thing all season now. I'm not saying that he was well he. He was hurt to start the season. So that was part of it. But like i'm like first of all. This is not an excuse for dante. Like he is not a good. And like if you're checking out ever. It's not good. But i do wonder if a new coaching staff could come in and possibly get more out of him. I wonder if they'll just decide that he's totally not worth it. And just eat the dead money and cut him because they they still save like four million dollars by cutting him. I mean they're on the hook for fourteen million in dead cap but like it does produce some savings still. It's not a lot but only way that happens is if they have a guy in mind who they agreed to a contract to in the four million is the difference. Yeah because you don't have like a guy then it's like even registered under boxcar. No he doesn't he's just an invisible man. I was just watching him. Get dumb by at all on box score. I was just watching him. Get down by donovan. Smith who was like an average left tackle right just not making any place. That's just how it is. Unfortunately are i feel like we're one of us. Could at least luck into a qb pressuring seventy snaps lease vic beasley would have at least i won't really like i'm not gonna say i'm gonna make any plays on the field but at least they'll be like in the vicinity like somewhere one of these ones. One of us can touch the quarterback to get that half sack. I'm pretty sure one of us to get them. He's gonna damn box score man. no. I don't think i'm getting a half sack and not even close. I'm not getting anything that. But like i can go out there and i can get pancakes. Yeah i mean. I'll do it now. You can get in the house. at least i'm registering half that. Because i'm gonna be in the right place at the right time. If you question quarterbacks back when he gets hit by grady jared and he lands in my direction like okay all right. I got the ask that. Yeah i just got to put the pressure on while. We're gonna get his name on the basketball. It's wild it's all right. Got a donation. Ten dollars from ken. Ballard thank you so much we really appreciate your support. He says or asks. Who is the best leader on the team. We need eric any well. Absolutely agree with need eric enemy in terms of leader. I mean it's probably who does not a raw raw type of guy. But i mean you could see it. There showed him on the sidelines like he was given pointers to readily he was talking to guys. I mean he was like talking to the coaches like probably telling like hey dirk. Don't run this shit. Like yeah defense. They do have some guys too. But i mean like Even though he's not a very good football this year. Ricardo allen's pretty good leader. Yes he is. I think he's going to be really good calls. It's not his fault but he's not athletic. Enough play the position mean. Oh man also. Big shadow submits rand ear. I love that name by the way this reminds me. Lord the rings. I think my favorite movie. Twenty dollar tip myth reindeer brother. Thank you so much he says how. Watch the falcons gain a month. The man we missed you missed you. Many we usually see in here. These recaps where we should on the team is the most enjoyable. Part of falcons call split. I would like to give us a little more. You know enlightened than that. But you know you're not you're not wrong you're wrong so but yeah i mean. Honestly that's all we have right. I mean we kinda come in here and shoot shoot the breeze with you guys talk about some positive things i like to think but mostly it's just chilling on the team. Yeah they they make it so easy. They make it so easy. We're not atlanta falcons dot com to be like all right guys like you know it's just all rainbows everything's oh are we never had. The beginning is set to begin with. It's been many many of these guys are. They just invited me here today so best. Yeah i'm open. I'll take your call. Yes eric eric is the neutral when he he does not support the slander of the team. But now it's yeah it's rotation ration- reiter give you have a tip of the cap kiana meal. Then the guy has is. He's played as of this. You know he's looking his normal self these out there he's thumping is you know. And i'm pretty sure. Mike evans have flashbacks. I'm pretty sure. I m going to wake up tomorrow. They can net standing over him on like that even for net when he popped for net first-quarter man. I'm pretty sure for network. Am i didn't. I didn't expect that right. Where he's he's back. He's lisa's normal cells. And you know. I'm i'm happy to see him. Healthy in out there being mckee on new that i think he played himself into like a a new contract with the team over the second. Half of the season like jonnu tyrrell's development michael walkers development like that's i think that's been the main difference with why the defenses is better You know in in the second half of the season they were in the first half i guess. Part of it is More blitzes remorse morris than something. We were calling for from the beginning. But you know. I've said from the beginning like he. I'm not gonna give her he. Morris full one hundred percent credit a- calling the plays in the first five weeks. It's not like he just came out of nowhere in you know just was parachuted into mercedes-benz. Like stadium is the new head coach. And he's like all right now. No i like now. I'm gonna fix everything like i. I'm still of the mindset that we we need a completely clean house from this coaching staff. Forward i i don't want a single one of them here next year. Not one like. I don't want them cleaning the locker rooms at at A glance they didn't even get that were getting support for this podcast come from. Cdw and dell technologies at cdw g. We get the migrating your agency to a hyper converged. Infrastructure is challenging decaf. Gotta do it. I want to do it but got to do it. Slowdown frowned cdw. Jeez experts can help simplify your transition. From legacy to hyper converged infrastructure with dell. Emc solutions offers speed and agility. Have you done it. is it done yet. Why isn't it done yet. Rt orchestration by cdw. People who get it. Find out more at cdw dot com slash dell. Emc wanna fired a janitor soup in the janitors. Do a fantastic. The coaching staff the ticket sellers and like the stadium staff and everybody else. That's tangentially related to rockets but doesn't make football decisions. You guys are good guys the cheerleaders. Great they do great job in ms locked in the men's bathroom right now as trying to get offended vomit. All right yeah. There's probably a lot of that after these games. It's like oh half. I mean that's how i feel sometimes see if so. I can only imagine the people that pay to go. See it live. It's going to be rough but this is the show for the people off. I love the guys. You know those. Those guys can stick around for for a long time. It's just her all brick morris. Joe can we say those guys branch plant not so according to your south in your i mean. Yeah that's definite. They work hard every week. Brother like they put in the work. You know i. Every time. I've been to the stadium. It's pristine so all the stadium workers do a great job. They are absolutely mercedes-benz. It's impeccably clean. Yeah and like honestly that that press box food is the best press box food i have ever seen not not that i've been to de presse. Points have been maybe like four but like they had like. Prime rib carved roast. They had like a carving station in the press. This is the most like the most ridiculous spread. I've ever seen so shit out to the the chefs and everybody keep to. Yeah it's very. I mean it's the least blanking. Give us out for like putting this terrible product on the field. But you know i. It's very affordable. Also at least once you get the tickets are expensive. Once you get in the door you can buy a hot dog and coke for a couple of bucks you know so it free refill atlanta. United games are expensive. You know it's a fun time. You go lindbergh you you you can eat like you can eat. Bury well for five bucks very very well. Who started to do that. That and other stadium started to do that to lower their congressional the in atlanta. The hawks did immediately after a blank announced it so it was like after a year of the falcons. Doing the hawks Shoutout to all of the staff over at state farm arena. They also do a fantastic job. I i know some people over there. I hope they're doing well But yeah the hawks have been doing for the past few years waters like a dollar. Fifty foods vary affordable. I don't know about the other. nfl savings. Oh i remember. I remember when that was first announced i remember feeling like hey they might. They might have started trend a little bit of running. Yes then it's when it comes to that last night. Yeah spend just twenty bucks. You may get a talk about hot dogs and a beer rice. Yeah that's the thing like if people want to come to a stadium and pay like twenty dollars for like a lot of food and like a bunch of craft beer. That's fine but the tickets are so expensive. Like when you get there you just want to have a hot dog and a soda and not spend like fifteen dollars like this ain't a damn the frigging. Walt disneyworld okay. Like i if i into walt disney world. I'm not leaving without spending three hundred dollars. You know that's just how it is a little bit. Yeah but like you know. Just give people an option. I mean to them. Wait for that like that was a nice decision. I mean the tickets are still overpriced for the falcons. But you know the chick-fil-a vehicles summit. Yeah yeah but the united plays united doesn't play only on sunday. Yeah it's true. They do other events there. But yeah i mean this team play on sunday at least me get a chicken sandwich. Yeah yeah put put them in or something. Like pizzas toaster oven. You know like a welcome right. Yeah like i mean those. Those i know for fact can reheat those chicken sandwiches in toaster oven. They're like ninety ninety percent of what they were fresh like i can. I can stand there and a press box in my chicken sandwich. Watts get you know shift. Bill burned for eighty. Oh i got that chick-fil-a though like it makes all the difference it's like all right while sheffield get burned gamba like i got the spicy chicken but man. Dan have lost with rise. Let me tell you. Let me tell you. Last year when i went to the balkans rams game the press box. The highlight of the day with food and the press box that press box game thirty seven seven or whatever the hell it was matt ryan got hurt. You know that ice cream and the press box is absolutely impact antidepressants. Who's pretty heavy sprinkles. When when your ice creed of iron don right. Oh absolutely you know what. We had a punt blocked all right. Let me just take another bite. I know this is so sad. I eat this. Prime rib carved off the bone. Remember man. i wonder if that's media manipulation. You know it's hard for me to write these like really spicy takes when they're just like getting lined dime team bid. They're just feeding me. Yeah it's hard for me to be at the just put some food in front of me. We're more shrimps. Yeah sure yes me. It'd be like that mad at the team when they're feeding me so well long. Yeah i see what they're doing. It's very smart. Yeah yeah. I mean no seriously. Like the. the show falcons ito. Please give us credentials again next year. Copies obviously this year you know with covert. I understand but like next year. You know please please. Yeah yeah but. I mean like to get back to you know. This food is very nice but back to team. You know a little bit. Yeah i mean. I do think we saw some very positive things but then we saw also some very like not positive things in the second half like it was like i mean. It's basically the story of this team. This team can play like a super bowl contender for a half but the second half is like really bad. It's real bad but zeal positive element even with the testing on like that was fine but like this is the problem with. This team is like dirk. Cutters runs out of place like it seems like after run off like if they have to get off their scripted plays and he just has to like legitimately call a game. He is awful like he has no feel whatsoever for nfl calling now. It's fine if they can scripts and plays and get those practice. Plays down and like bryan was really sharp. On those plays everything was going great but the problem with dirk cutter is that if they get off script if they can off script even a little bit like if that first and ten passes incomplete it goes to shit the whole thing like and that's how you know he's not a good offensive coordinator because you're run. Yeah it's a second. He uses second down as like a maintenance down. It's like okay. Let's get a few yards. So i don't have to try to call third and ten like no trying to i down. Like the falcons are so god damn bad on second data. It's ridiculous one thing. One thing that i'm seeing and this is really troubling. And and we pointed this up minutes before but ma'am when this team gets punched in the mouth. Light is literally you literally can see both sides of the ball looking around saying now. Who's gonna wanna punchbag. It's it's again. I don't know what it is about this team when that happens when when a team says aren't enough is enough and we're gonna punch random mouth like no one response. That's the troubling thing. No one offers demint's even special. No response as yeah. There haven't been responding for years. You know it's it's a reflection of the leadership they panic. You know panic as soon as something goes wrong. It's not not to compare football to like you know to war but you know i. It's an art of like you know one of the other in in like a war you looked to your generals for guidance for leadership and if your generals are panicking and you know. They don't know what to do. Then you know the entire unit is gonna fall apart. And that's that's what's been going on with the falcons for years and that's why it's another reason with this coaching staff. I say every single week this coaching staff has developed this culture of being losers within the team. And you're not going to be able to change that culture overnight you can just change it by saying are a new culture guys. You know it. It's games. here's here's a new. T shirt new falcons culture. It's you have to rip it out root and stem and the way to do that is to completely clean house and it was a good start by byron quin dimitrov but now you have to complete complete that process. You know what i mean. Get rid of rich. Mckay for all i care to like what the hell is he doing. Well hopefully i think the best thing we can we can do at this. Point is homes league. That blink is seeing what we're when it comes right. Hey you know fire fire. When a fire dmitrov the problems still pursue. There's no rare the same issues so maybe more scrubbing member needs to do And it is a lot of the teams that you see there are consistently in the playoffs. Green bay pittsburgh and know the chiefs and like those teams seattle when they get punched in the mouth. They were on like that wakes them up. Yeah you see a completely different eat. And the thing. That per falcons under mike smith to like you know you. You saw it against They were having their way against the forty niners in the nfc championship game and as soon as the forty niners started to punch back a little bit. They folded common denominator. It has to be. What's the common denominator in that in that occurrence. Compared to this right we pride coaches. Who don't know how to finish games and who are not aggressive enough told you the nfl. I think the philosophy is part of it right like this defense like the defense can win games. Like it's hard for dan. quinn remorse. Whoever to be like. I'm not gonna follow my instinct. Which is i can trust my defense like. They just don't like they always trust their defense. Like that's why we see them rushing three so often it's like. Oh i trust my coverage. These guys are going to do what they're supposed to do. No no you're fucking stupid like they're not gonna cover right like this. We have some of the worst coverage in the nfl. like we have our pressure. Pressuring is fine like we get a decent amount of pressure. We don't generate to the sacks because the coverage really bad but like this defense has more than enough pressure to force throws and do things like that but with these defensive head coaches. it's like they just wanna go conservative and then let the defense like close it out. And that's not that's not twenty twenty. That's not that hasn't been the nfl for like eight years like so. That's part of the problem. I think but a- another thing that was a big problem of when dimitrov came in in two thousand eight. He had his done with filter of our guys. Were only gonna get guys club purely squeaky clean records of choirboys who even a four year starters who were captains on their team. Who don't have any like you know attitude any like off the field like stuff like the. That's not football in football. You need dogs. You know in football you need some guys who are like where assholes the unique guys who are going to go out there and you don't want anyone dumb you don't want anyone like bond has birth attorney general like you don't want bad people but like people that are abrasive aren't necessarily bad people you gotta you gotta pass rusher. That's you gotta come. Dui's no i. i live with that. We're not condoning drinking in the drive yet. If he has he has a little rugged pass but then northwards please will to appreciate you depending your passion on a guy that will start a mega church. Like maybe he's more interested in doing that. Then you know. Get me someone who's going to be an asshole. Who's gonna play between the whistle and you know do some extracurricular like a little bit outdoor. Give me someone. Like quinton melts in a taylor. Lewan remember in two thousand thirteen when it was like a big story in arthur blank was pissed off about a to when the saints kenny. Vaccaro had scoop related on matt ryan new orleans and then everyone on the offensive line was just like standing around. Known was like helping them all on our guys go to the next play like no you need especially with your franchise quarterback you need someone who's going to out there and who's going to like knock on his ass penalty and not just like address. You're like you need like you need a balance of personalities on your team. You can't just have all one or the other like you need. You definitely need the high character leader. Guys that are going to need to alex max. The guy that's gonna come in here and like hold home event holbeck. Hold you back every time like that. That's who he is and that's great but like we need more like we need a diverse group of players on the work. We do I just want to make an example. The first time the proudest. I've ever been of jake matthews on this foul consuming. You know jake uses is great. He's not someone who makes any headlines. You know off the field and stuff but i remember it was a the twenty sixteen season that game in seattle when when that Holding on julio jones. That asner france wasn't called Earlier in that game It was michael. Bennett was absolutely like nailing matt ryan after the whistle every single time and the referees. Were absolutely allowing it every time ben. It's all he could get away with it in every time matt ryan threw the ball a second later. Bennett would go and absolutely like crushing. So it got to the point. Where i think in the third or fourth quarter jake matthews had had that had that very low block on him where he absolutely took out his knees and michael bennett was out for. The rest of the game and bennett was talking about afterwards. How he wants to fight. Jake not news or whatever but manila. Like that's what. I'm talking about where you want you need. Someone who between the plays is gonna defend your quarterback right and jake matthews did just that like it was a legal play. I don't know if it was the cleanest place wasn't cleaned. But you know michael bennett was completely dirty that entire game and he deserve to have his legs taken out from under him and jake matthews got the job done like not ryan wasn't getting hit after that route to the woods. That's what happens. Been guy you know. I a look at certain teams in certain players and on defense decided ball. I want i jerks. I won't guy that will save their mom if his more online. I'm sorry but it's time you look at that thanksgiving like you know like your like football game. You know you go out there sack your mom for among the slogan above your local mola. You'll hit her planner into the ground. All your battery like what. I need on dope rushing pass and they add that and i noticed that for a while and brought her up a bunch of choirboys on his team and he's done it for so long. It's like pin. It really drafted the same pedigree type of players in the locker room. They're drafting guys just scholar or most more boy scouts in college and this is what it translates to that. When you get you get you get kicked in. The nuts is like man who's to respond by. That's some trouble kevin's added. It's not you. Don't want one extreme. Or the other the falcons have this one extreme. You don't want that extreme of you know everyone is like on the bengals a few years ago. Where were you saw them. Literally cost the bengals up playoff win against the steelers because just being laid up related you want that mail path balance of you know i. It's great to have some these like squeaky clean guys for the locker room but you also want some of these assholes for on the field and you know you hope that it. It's the correct match like you know the great teams have those guys like the eighty. Five bears of guys were like. It was a bunch of assholes on that. That's the greatest defense of all time. You can look seahawks. I mean look at their quarterback position has got like russell wilson but russell wilson's not wondering to me that one of those guys that are just you know getting your face and tell it like it is and he doesn't care he's he kinda sorta bits sort of the choirboy mole. What you that locker room. Full of guys like earl thomas in camps chancellor richard sherman jerks and in missed miss. Well they want a lot of games that is. That's i assume that's what this team needs. Were girls with skiing. They play with. That's what they need. They need guys in that locker room. That are just say. We're gonna get this damn wind today. I don't care what happens. And the other thing i know someone in the mentioned jalen collins like jalen collins wasn't good you need these assholes who a good like. You need them to be good football players to get did. That's important you know. Yeah you can't just have an asshole out there. Just like sucks in. It's like our bar like what would you contribute. Taxes is a jerk. But he also sucks using. He's always hurt ways. Yeah nobody cares about that. Room sidelined with language. Exactly all right. I got some donations to read off. So we should definitely get to these first of all george costanza with the five dollars again. Thank you so much man. We appreciate you. So who is the opposite of foul fowler jesse title or keith brooking. If you had to pick what do you guys i. I mean like who's like the polar opposite like somebody who's like actually go out there and bust ass and like get get stats. I'll go juggle. Also because a super cheap yeah tuggle undrafted free agent n fowler is costing normalized. Yeah so if you're looking at the exact opposite. I'm going with toggle. I totally agree with its own. Did he was hard core. Like actually went like tucker was way before my time but like i went back and watch some of his best game. Just because like he's so ingrained in falcons culture. Like i feel like everyone. Everyone who who wants to be like a real like well rounded falcons fan should definitely go back on game pass or whatever you have just watched some titles like best games. That dude just busted ashley every play. He worked his way up from being an undrafted free agent. And really just you know. Just kill it. One of the best falcons ever. But george also says he. He wore fifty eight because he grew up loving the hammer. He'd be a hall of famer if he wasn't in atlanta account where forty nine or he would have been first talent allows guys would as well. You know i. It's a lot of guys who are getting you know hoed. Because they're not. Because they were pelicans. Top ten linebacker all-time criminally underrated. I agree george tackled. Just never got what he deserved because he played in atlanta. And that's unfortunate. I don't think nobody's ever ended up nola fame either now and even i mean that was just as egregious. Honestly like it's crazy. Yeah go ahead. let's regarding. I think so claude humphrey did he was the only like falcon law. You can count like you know tony. Gonzalez who went in both falcon falcons chief. I don't think dion winning is like specific like one team. I mean that counts. But yeah i mean. Y- humphries probably the one. That's the biggest falcons falcons centric hall of famer and like matt. Bryant probably will be more anderson kind of was another another one that was kind of split but definitely had his most memorable years with the falcons. So that there's some out there but you know we'll probably see. Julio almost certainly matt ryan probably also be like big time falcons but yet still have some guys. We got cory carter with two donations. The first one five dollars brother we appreciate you. Thank you So he says in one thousand nine hundred. The way the falcons pause the loser culture was to go to san francisco and play a close game after getting blown out by them a countless number of times from there we went onto fourteen into the differences. The confidence was built with that victory. Yeah i mean that. That certainly did spur us their season on. I mean like again those kind of before my time like i was. I was a little children at that point. But i do remember that season because it was a season it was a rare thing at the time falcons actually being good but yeah i mean they just went on a huge role and they just dominated. You expected them to beat the vikings that you're either of those pretty crazy morten andersen killed them. They still talk about that game. In minnesota the way we talk about Yeah yeah we had that. That was probably that that was you know. Unfortunately our teams like shining moment that they got shut down but We're in the and see what was a less note was Twenty seventeen when minnesota came to atlanta and beat him in l. o. Corn game actually had asset a vikings fan. Come back and say you know that was four the ninety eight win and the michael vick fifty six your man. We're the i'm i mean. You have to look at it from their perspective like that semen idea was gonna win at all. Like oh yes. Yeah they should have gotten done the same way we should have gotten done in like super bowl. Fifty one but like that team like they. Were you know randy moss. Chris carter that they were gonna win at all that year. And you know. They lost because they're automatic kicker. Who missed a single kick all year. Missed like thirty ardor and like what like three guys got arrested for prostitution or something. Oh shit really. Who in ninety eight. Were you're talking about a nine hundred. Yeah didn't didn't a bunch of guys get busted like the utilize the boat the boat incident. Right yeah yeah or whatever. Yeah yeah clara two thousand. Maybe i don't know i think. Ninety eight like accumulate was yes it was a. I is slipping my mind. The safety the safety or davis was both none of before the super bowl. It's literally blink. Eugene rob you read robinson robinson before the super bowl. We got arrested for soliciting prostitutes undercover cop. Yeah always that was later. Yeah yeah you know. We had going into the super bowl. Man that's rough. That's that's that's pretty. Typical falcons related waited to after the game. Like what is i then. Go get the proper after real theon to again. Celebrate way too soon. Man brought up more importance up to worry about that night. Why is he. Studying is playable night. Mom my kid nothing leaving along the leila where the prostitute later. Yeah just just just wait man you know. Keep it in your pants what we're not. We're not condoning prostitution. Either on the yeah. Yeah we're definitely not for you. Know sex workers illegal sex workers get to those legal yes by shows gone off the rails okay. Donation to read. Yeah that's corcoran for five dollars. Thank you so much for the hammer home. The point ask. The confidence is really important. He was totally going to virus. Now dave doesn't wash it for your show can say whatever we want so yeah in two thousand sixteen last quarter of our schedule was soft and we build confidence from there. We were seven five at one. Point coming off a pick to to eric berry. The confidence is the difference. This team hasn't had. It had it since the worst collapse in sports history. Yeah i mean what can you blame him known it. It's really hard to come overcome that but Wins it really is. It's it's doable. But at the same time. Can you really expect the team i mean. The bills have overcome enforced. Four-storey super bowls now. You really expected to overcome some like that like immediately. I don't know. I mean it's a while now. I run their best season after that was the year right off right. Twenty twenty seventeen end. That was so that was the most impressive coaching performance of dan. Quince career to to be able to motivate that team into ten wins after what it just because the super bowl hangovers. absolutely definitely. yeah it is. I'm not saying that. The falcons can't overcome that. But i'm what i'm saying is basically that is probably going to take another regime which there in the middle of doing. Now it's gonna take another scene or do so to wipe away that. I'm not necessarily surprised at. This team is still kind of suffering from right. Yeah i agree with you. It's it's a rough situation and it's always hard to overcome something that difficult like like if you think it was difficult as a fan multiplied one hundred and that's what it is for like a player or a statment want william today. I'm gonna tell that referred to write a anytime. The facts are the same. As tom brady. It's referred to but how close you on television. So just imagine how many questions to play her this week about them. How many be heard that impress clippings this and how was it that off-season like outfit at superbug. That was the story. Yeah sort of men to swallow it is it is But yeah i mean at this point. Like like eric was saying the falcons i believe. Are you know saddled up for the fifth pick Four and ten. They can go a six and ten best days. Michael parsons yeah yeah. You don't think they're going to. They're going to draft a quarterback. Almost certainly is this okay. I'm saying. Mike parsons because i'm assuming they're going to go in the top labs. I don't think outside of steals lawrence. There's a top five pick at court right but like if you one thing lances a first rounder things muslim will be a person for them to be taken in a top five. Quarterbacks always have their stock increased leading up to the draft. Beer they do. It's really just like if they don't if they like lance or wilson they will take them five they can't wait. Yes yeah. I mean in terms of overall value. Maybe not the best but all state a million times between now and the draft. I would much rather see a trade back. Like ideally a trade back. You you get a desperate team to give you a future. I in whatever else here. Four quarterback and i mean i would not i like the idea of giving a second rounder for sam darnold's if if we if we want to go that route. I mean that is intriguing to me. What about what about dwayne haskins. And i probably darnold but rather darnold. I wouldn't give us for haskins. Yeah i mean if we want through like a fifth ask sure would you would you trade for doing asks medical our trailer today through pick for i. I don't know that. I would really feel super comfortable with that like in terms of team billing strategy but like i would try to a three pick for dwayne haskins as like maybe a backup or a potential future starter but like he doesn't show me enough in even spur would well. I mean you. I don't know. Alex smith looked good. Not offense like has dwayne haskins really done much. Otherwise like like ron. Since ron rivera taken over not with whatever crap was going on there before but they haven't given out fair shake. I mean i'm not saying donald wouldn't be good straight. I'm just saying okay. What what is donald shown at this point to say man you know you can trade a date a day. Two pick for him. He hasn't really done a live. New york granite is because i think he's bogged down by adam. Adam gates is like the only offensive coordinator that's like consistently week-to-week. A course derniers lease at least with haskins asking is organization. He's dealing with a with a front office right now and he's dealing with a coaching staff and didn't want right so that's part of it. Certainly i mean darnold darnold took this jets team with seven wins last year Starter last year. And i mean coming out of college. Darnold was considered one of the guys you know he was the third overall pick during jets. Went up only had that one year. No i mean yeah like i i. I'd rather have darnold. And i'd be totally comfortable with the second rounder. Because i feel like honestly like it would be. A coup of the falcons could trade for darnold before the draft. Then or maybe. I mean maybe during the draft even. But it's like you. You the falcons trade for darnell they trade back from five to like eleven with san francisco san francisco at eleven right now of can get trae lance or whoever they want. And then the falcons pick up an additional second this year maybe they also get a first next year and then they trade you know one of their seconds darnold and it's like two birds one-stop some extra picks now. I list the fans need to realize like this of course is not guaranteed that they can trace back. You know because it's gonna it's gonna take a team that's willing to dump a bunch of things you're not you're not gonna trade back for one or two things probably want to try to back for a first next year maybe a second and anything additional on top of that. They're san francisco denver if they were to execute that train for garnell. I will vote for the expert at traits happen after they trade back. Yeah okay you trade it back you cooped a second round this year second round here a first next year. Also okay noah that yeah and you now now now defense right nine. Yeah because they'll still probably have a pick of you know a good defender in them grapple. Yeah probably not going to be certaines. Or caleb farley or so or pay but they'll have they'll be able to get somebody there So yeah. I'm i'm into that i think that's a possibility. So maybe dramatic trace. Hello yes how. About nausea harris brother relative smith. I'm look i'm down with harrison the second room. Sure i'm down here. Yeah absolutely Smith offense yeah you look. You can't sit here until they can use an analogy harris. Today he could be derrick henry they could use the nausea today. Marianne through buffalo denounce house. Yeah todd gurley got negative one. Well that's a shame. The instrument used to know. I mean i. I got more rushing yards dog early today. Technically you we all did. We're all better than early today for handle of paint him. I can get an york right. I could get as many negative yards. You want you pay me. that ninety. Sure they'll get more hurt is plan. Yeah i mean he's been hero. He's he's not a hundred percent. Why is he playing. He's trying to get thirteen. Touchdown incentive thousand dollars online. Or if he's not hurt. I mean he's hurt and he's not you know he's already dealing with arthritic knee open murphy obama. If that's the excuse but it's not bad it's it's better not be instead. He's slow man east slow and dirk That but i'm sure the team is gonna come on man. He's really been always no. I'm just waiting for the street from the beach where we're here. Although we're just taking shots like your brother we've had some good conversations. I like b. But you want to go to the games next you need these credentials. Yeah yeah now. I like matthew. Big is actually really great guy offensive conversations with him so we'll mcminn. Yes those fatboy fence grade all the people that are going on jason but very good as well. Yes we have some quality folks here. It's like i understand what you have to do your for the team. You can't write negative stuff like that's how it is like the That's how it works. So we understand. It's fun but Yeah you guys like. I don't know what else we can say It's draft season. You know they're four in ten have been eliminated from the playoffs. They haven't been good for a while. wasn't when you've been doing your grassley you've been getting anyone saying like man. It's too early for this. I mean not really. I think the last mock i did was not this week but the week. Before where the falcons took trae lancet like. I think it was eight or something or seven coming last year when the team was one seven. It's too early for this. Always to yeah. I think like i started in week. Thirteen this year and it was like. Oh yeah i it's. It's not too early known was saying that was like what is the best of never too early. Yeah that's the thing when you're when you have seven losses you can start walking like that's ruble. Yeah i mean. I think when they were five it was free to serve do a mock dress but i waited a little bit just because i needed some time for content but yeah because we we really do appreciate everyone hanging tonight like i said before if you don't mind throwing a like video that helps other people find us on youtube Subscribe to the channel. That will also help us out. A lot Vicki so much everyone who donated. We appreciate all you guys. You know george benefactor with reindeer for the big one corey car All kinds of folks were pitching in. Tonight we just can't bollard. Gary gary stafford ally amerson. Everyone everyone who sports to show we you got like. You don't have to donate to support to show like everyone who subscribes. Everyone likes we. We appreciate all you guys Like i said before. We have our patriot now. Like maybe you'd rather just do something smaller To help us out we have flaked tears there for all sorts of budget levels go unlock. Some exclusive person are discord. Get access to some early stuff Ability to kind of weigh in on some of our content decisions Hit a patriotic. Check that out. Our discord is open. Now for folks to chat about the falcons have a lot of fun there and we really appreciate you guys tuning in and support in the show. george costanza with the last second donation brother. I was just about start signing off so you got it. Got it in there at the very end those mysteries yes director stands again with the five dollars brother again. Thank you So george says lawrence of fields are going one one and two. We could wilson at five but jomar chase would add another element to our offense widener window. Yes you would. I it but tell that to the twelve teams that past jerry. Rice or eighteen teams passed on moss. Hashtag one last shot. What actually one last shot in the air. It's going to be on here tag. Give arrogant aneurysm air. Just be like your you absolute. Yeah i don't think. I mean like if we're picking up five. I don't think we can take to march chase bud mcanally. We can't twelve. Maybe but but if we were basing it off of the last time we saw him like we did with detail right. It was that national championship game and he went off like yet. You know for as good as tyrrell's ben. You remember March as did to him. Well i mean by that logic. Markes hall of famer chewing. They're just doing it because you know you're so against it or totally. Yeah at a ruling if we if we draft chased chases band fan basis in a d drop enough seeds like they're going to take it and run away with. Oh yeah you're gonna the next few weeks like no no. We're not yet. We just did a bent one time about being a hater now. That's like an every week thing. I literally don't know where that started. That's never run on the field now. He hates everything. Yep yep a brawl. I'll just to matt ryan. Because matt ryan watches the show of course. Yeah i'll just run into matt ryan on the street one day. He'll just punch me in the face. We only edmonson as video of him. Bernie event ryan's. Hey i i will never waste money on jersey like never waste money like that is not the fancy. This and those are hundred dollars. I don't care. I don't care. If it's dante fowler jersey i would burn beasley shares. You may not have keep that washing my car with that. Yeah nicer edwards repurpose it. Just don't don't burn it. You know people burning man. You're just making yourself look down. You go reindeer. Yeah draft drafter marceca's move russell gauge to quarterback in the groom is ryan successor engages. The best style house around the team. There you go new is yeah. I i wasn't you know i was thinking of that but that's great to run anyways out. That makes sense that it's clever. All right guys we do appreciate you tune in seriously Like i said i can subscribe. Check out our other stuff in the show description if so inclined But otherwise go ahead wrap up a bit late today. You guys have stuff to do so first of all. Want think about each at say which way on twitter on anything you're working on you wanna to anything you want to sign off with Fantasy article is going to go tomorrow. Night were arrested. The nfc south article sometime tonight. And i may write an article about how young wake was the best during in the game because you know another two two broke map. Brian's record we've been on for like an hour and a half almost and we didn't even mention young. Wake who breaking that ryan franchise record for field goals and moving the freight from fifty plus yards. Whoops sorry we're too busy. Talking about prostitutes is also with us tonight. Eric robinson on twitter adams rarick. I'm here. Eric is not here eric. Anything you want to plug anything. You want to sign off on yemen. No checkout. I'm definitely going to have my key. Takeaways from his game Feeling look out for that. This week and i will probably start cranking out another koji search article this week as well. I got one in mind. That's been i. i've seen his name slaughtered around a little bit past weeks. Yeah yeah all right. Look for that guy's be interesting stuff and again guys. I am kevin night at alcohol and kevin on twitter I will have you guys honestly. You guys really seem to like the videos. We did on the channel this week. I know i'm going to try to get some other folks involved like eric and whoever else wants to be involved. Do some joint film reviews. I'm still working on the mechanics of that but we'll have some more content video content for you. Also we do written stuff. Mock drafts all that. Good stuff over the coming weeks as we're now a top. A top five you know. Pick top ten. Pretty much guaranteed. So where do we get into more. Off-season talk more free agency stuff and we'll be back on wednesday at eight ten pm eastern so we can get that one final showing before christmas and then again we'll be back Talk about the game post game so until then guys we do appreciate tune in check of our stop looking the show description for those links but until wednesday guys. Enjoy the rest of your football sunday. Enjoy your holiday week and we will see you on wednesday.

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