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All right here, we go and it's time for fast track. And let's see one side of the coin. We have got. Lebron plays Sunday on play Sunday. And on the other side of the coin he still out call. I'm going to think optimistically and say we get a surprise from the king. But I don't know anything it looks like he's coming back. I hope so we could really use some you don't know anything literally it could not no less might gut tells me he may still be out. But we need them. We need them. Right. All right Mace brew McCoy, the twenty seventh ranked football prospect in the twenty nine thousand nine class out of modern day signed with USC in the early signing period on December nineteenth. Yup. Mccoy who is coveted as a receiver, but also played linebacker in high school didn't make his commitment public until January fifth at the US army all America game, but he had been signed in those few weeks. Now, he wants out of that commitment only days after McCoy made its choice known cliff Kingsbury left to take the head coaching job with Arizona and USC has yet to name a replacement for Kingsbury McCoy actually in Royal enrolled early and has already started taking classes on campus. So he would need to be released by USC from his national letter of intent that he signed in December in order to transfer to another school. He's made it known. He. Wants to transfer to Texas. If he does transfer and USC doesn't release him McCoy would have to sit out all of next season and wouldn't be eligible to play until twenty twenty. Here's my question should USC release McCoy from his letter of intent or should they make him sit out a year before you can play for Tex. Well, here's the thing. He didn't make his commitment based on cliff Kingsbury he made his commitment after the five and seven season wrapped up and before Kingsbury was not true. He made his he made his commitment right after they named Kingsbury in that throw. If that's the case because I read something different if that's the case, they should release them. Right. Okay. Well, here's the problem. I agree with you. They should release them. I don't think I think the these rules. These transfers are ridiculous. Coach like cliff did can just leave at a moment's notice. Yeah. The problem is. Looking at it from clay Helton. And we know clay despite what everybody rip every ripped clay like men on sky, one of the reasons why he was given the job in the first place is because he's a good, dude. And he was going to bring some class back to the program. Good, dude. If clay releases brew McCoy doesn't that open? It doesn't that open the door for all the other kids that signed around that time to come back and say, well, if you let him out you gotta let me out it puts Klay in a really tough spot, doesn't it? So I'm not so sure he doesn't make him sit out a year difference is right? He committed a year ago, but didn't sign his letter until December. So he is part of the early signing period. I don't think he signed anything until last month. Right. So that, but that's the early signing date. But here's a later saying, right? And he enrolled at you've been taking classes. Really good point. I think I think clay almost has to say look I'd love to let you out. But the problem is then I would have to do it for everybody else if you wanna leave you can leave. But I think you gotta sit I as much as I agree with your first answer, I think Klay Hilton in an impossible spot, and he has to say if you're gonna leave you gotta sit by the way, we all agree claves, great guy. Right. Of course. Great guy carries you for about three years. And that's about the time. It was at this point. Lynn Swann is presiding over a an absolute grease fire. But don't you root inform on clay for USC? Yeah, I'm rooting for Clayton. But if he doesn't win this year. There's no other way that ends. But disastrous. Yeah, I can't imagine how well we can hope for the best. But I loot disaster over there. So McCoy's going to Texas, but he is either gonna play next year or the year after waiting to see how that thing is. Yeah. Fast track. All right brand new report. This is from Daniel Bates who's a writer in Dallas is just read this Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett can't be feeling too certain about his future despite to NFC east titles and last three years. There's growing speculation that Garrett could be replaced by New Orleans head coach, Sean Hayes saw this. What do you make of this story? I think it's I think there's something to it. Yeah. I think that if Jerry Jones was willing to overpay. And since Wayne has Jerry allowed himself to get out bid up for anything that it's a better job for Sean than the saints job. Because drew Brees is at the end of his run. Yup. Dak Prescott is just starting. Yeah. Zeki will Elliott has just starting. They just traded for Mari Cooper there to best linebackers are young guys in their twenties. And if Sean is going to be the highest paid coach in the NFL, would you blame him if he left? No, not at all. Now it happens. A better fit for the Cowboys got two years left in New Orleans, which means Dallas would actually have to compensate him. After trade think Jerry would do it with Jerry wanted. She gets you. I think that Sean Payton would be an upgrade over Jason Garrett. And you're right. The timetables on the quarterbacks young Zeke young Dak makes all the difference in the world. But but Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara or young, right? But it's it's for who the next quarterback would be unless they give it a taste some hill. And he's a great weapon. But I don't know if he's a great quarterback. He's certainly not drew really just tell too early to tell. So I if if you ask me chances of that happening. I'd put him right at fifty percent. I am in complete agreement. It didn't just accidentally come out. You're listening to Caspian Los Angeles chat. All right. May I have a lot of respect for writers a lot of our friends work at the athletic. Yes. I love the marina and Ramona right for ESPN. Excellent l z and arosh just got hired to work for the L A times fantastic. But this week the company that owns AOL in Yahoo laid off eight hundred workers news Br. Today that BuzzFeed is eliminating a very large portion of their writing staff, some of the proper properties under the umbrella of AOL and Yahoo include Huffington Post. And tumbler, let's say a college student comes to you and says they want to be the next Ramona or Arash would you encourage them to chase their dreams of being a writer or tell them to pick something else. Well, you know, it's a little bit like. Acting advice. Like, I want to be an actor. Right. Do you think you could survive doing anything else or is it? Absolutely. You're burning passion. And you must do it to the exclusion of everything else. I would say the same thing about sports broadcasting. I'd say the same thing about TV news. I'd say the same thing about about writing. Get a job. And then write a book that's hard to do. It is a book deal, and it's a way to do. Both. Like, I think I've mentioned before Bruce Feldman is a neighbor of mine lives comforters. Okay. By anybody standard. Bruce is a tremendous writer tasks like twenty five year career of writing everywhere. He wrote it ESPN you wrote it now, I think he does writing athletic. He works at Fox Sports. But one thing Bruce figured out. And I would I think a really good example of this is Mike Trudell. What I would tell anybody who came to me and said, I wanna be a writer. How can I how can I be the next Ramona and even Ramona in Meena have done this, right? You have to learn this term multi platform, you just can't right? The people that succeed. Stephen a Smith started as a writer. Yep. Now, he is crossed over. And you remember, Steve when we first started in this business writers hated the electric media. Like, we found a couple of its member Ken daily, we found who was willing to play ball with to call us foof. But but Ken was one of the few guys that we could even convince to come on the radio because we were considered toxic. Like, you can't take you're a writer. You can't take a job on TV or radio. The smart people say no like look at Mike Bresnahan, Mike present had a long career as a writer for the time spectrum sports net came to them and said, hey, can we put you on TV and he crossed over the up? Now, I think Mike does any writing anymore, but Trudell writes all the stuff for Lakers dot com. He talks on the radio and he works on TV. Yup. That. That's really smart you, and I have always been able to have our hands in a lot of different pies. For a better term. That's what I would tell you. If you can't just be a writer, if you're going to if you want to work at ESPN, you better be able to talk on TV. Yep. Talk on the radio. And right like Meena who was. Straight is on the radio she's on multi a bunch of TV shows. But I think she identifies herself as a writer. Dan Le Batard started as a writer, right? He'll Simmons started as a writer. You gotta learn how to do the other stuff to protect your or else. Like, you said you're going to be put in that one box and live the life of misery. Yeah. I mean, I I would just if you wanna be in the business. I would just ask yourself. This question. Can you live without it? If you can you should probably do something else. Yeah. Because it is tough people say, how'd you get to where you are. I've mean, you know, I mean, you went through Monroe, Louisiana, and Texas, and I know that answers the question you just posed without somewhere in the answer the word luck. Oh coming up completely need luck. But you also should make yourself available. If you can go to an employer and say, you don't have to hire three people to do that job because I can go on TV can right, and I can talk on the radio. That's how you get ahead. Go to Voss check. All right. So let's see the dodgers signed AJ Pollock yesterday to be everyday center fielder. He hit a two point five wins above replacement for this last year. Dodgers may be on the verge of acquiring JT rail Muthu who led all catchers in wins above replacement last year with a four point three now to put that in perspective. Justin Turner was a four point five. That's how good JT we're Muto is max Muncie. Four to Cody Bellinger, four. Real Muto better than all of them in terms of wins above replacement. So let's play a game. I have got. Pairs of players from major league baseball history and their career wins above replacement. Okay. Which is now the stat that for whatever reason baseball executives pay the most attention to measure measures, everything and we explain what it is. And wins above replacement is basically if you took some average guy off the street and put him in there. How much better is this guy? Then that guy would be correct. Okay. 'nother show many wins. Are you work, correct and a complicated measurement so Greg you can play Jay you can play? That's our games work around here. Last ones were two and a half number one. Skid me number one. Ted Williams, actually, take the next question. I'm I'm choking. Well, let's make it easy. Let's break, and we'll come back to you where you collect your. So we'll be back in two minutes on ESPN LA. We're back. So's my voice. Brought by Rex Rex dedicated to helping homeowners save using game changing technology of full service experience and no middleman Rex's cutting agent commissions by seventy percent to get started and to unlock your savings. Visit Rex homes dot com. All right. So wins above replacement while we were talking about I've got two players from baseball history. You tell me which one had more career wins above replacement. Okay. Number one. They're five of these. Okay. Ted Williams or a rod, John. Wow. A rod was statistically huge. I'm going to go a rod, Greg. Yeah. I gotta go a-rod also. Yeah. Eight rod. Yeah. You guys are all wrong. It's Ted Williams. Trying to that. It was a trick. Ted Williams, one twenty three point one in a rod one seventeen point eight. All right. Everybody is oh for over one. Barry Bonds or Willie Mays start with Greg. This time Barry Bonds are William as I'm gonna go. Bonds cat Willie Mays. I'm going I'm with Greg. I'm going bonds. Bonds is absolutely the correct answer. I think Willie Mays is got godfather Barry Bonds, one sixty two point eight Willie Mays. One fifty six point four Mike MU sina who just got elected to the baseball hall of fame or Curt Schilling who will probably be elected soon. Jay, I'll go Shelley. I'll go MU sina, I'm going Messina. Also, John and Greg get that, right? Is might be seen you seen eighty three wins above replacement and Curt Schilling seventy nine point six Joe DiMaggio. Or rod Karoo Joe DiMaggio. Or rod crew start with you this time, John that is I bet it's this close. I'm guessing it is close. Right. Grew was such a great hitter. I'll go to Maggio. I'm gonna go with Karoo just because he didn't have as much around him yet. I'm going to Jay and Greg get that. Right. It is rod Karoo eighty one point three versus Joe DiMaggio. Seventy eight point four. All right. It's this last one last one Jay by getting that one is in Iran. Greg three John J one. All right. So that means Greg Esco, I k- Greg goes I Nolan Ryan or John Smoltz who. With all those other pitches. I'm going to go Nolan Ryan Nolan. Ryan knowing Ryan is my favorite player of all time. But the only way I can win is to coach on Smoltz because I'm one buying Greg. So give me small Nolan Ryan Nolan. Ryan the correct answer is Nolan. Ryan it's not close Nolan. Ryan eighty one point eight John Smoltz sixty nine point one. Greg wins. Hey, John your last that Mason loves Nolan Ryan. So I knew I did Nolan. Ryan falls check. Okay. Did. I do this one yet. No. According to Adam Schefter, Chicago Bears. Coach Matt Nagy said this past week. His team would not rule out the possibility of signing Kareem hunt. And it turns out he's not alone. Multiple teams have expressed an interest in it. Now appears that the former chiefs running back we'll have a job sooner rather than later. According to Schefter Nagy knows hunt because he coached him as a rookie in Kansas City hunt is currently unable to play after a video of him shoving a woman in a hotel. Hallway turned up on TMZ it just shoving kicking. Yeah. Kicked her on her way down to the NFL still has to take hunt off at the commissioners list before you could join any team. So here's my question. What is a reasonable amount of time for hunt to stay on that commissioners list year more than a year less? What do you think while he's not playing in twenty nineteen to me the whole year the whole year? Okay. I mean, I would never sign him. But I would imagine he would be available for twenty twenty. You just think one year? I almost think that it won't be the whole year. I think it I think it'll be half the year. What do you think I think forever? He should never be. What what what will? Okay. What I think will happen. I think he'll be off probably in the middle of the year with you can't sad. And it's wrong. Right. I can't control what anybody else is going to do. I just know that as an NFL owner. There's no possible way. I would ever sign Kareem hunt. And I think that like I I don't think the chiefs whatever resign them. I would like to think that I I could do win without him. You know without having to do that. So no, I probably wouldn't be the to sign. I wouldn't be the guy you've got to draw a line someplace and at the and there's a weird line here too. Right. Because like I always said when Adrian Peterson when that video of his kid, you know, once I became a father. I I just couldn't have on my team. Yeah. Guess what? But you know, he's now been on two teams since then. Right right back to check. All right. Good play that song I requested. Jay, this is a band called Greta van fleet now years ago interview, John Mellencamp, w any w in New York, New York, I asked him what of and fleet is a person. Okay. I thought it was a personal whatever happened to rock and roll. He told me that rock and roll is dead K. You recently said whatever happened to rock and roll. This is the closest out there. This sounds like to me. It sounds a little Robert plant lead singer of Led Zeppelin. It's definitely sounds like zeppelin. Can we make this into fasttrack music? Why do you keep trying to fast track music? I think this'll be good on fasttrack. Let's try next week. We're going to try next week, John? Do you believe? Now. Here's here's some salvation. Okay. At least one band. That's come along that I've found that's actual rock and roll. Do you believe rock and roll is dead? No. I think it's cyclical. It's just different music is always different when Elvis came along everybody thought. Well, that's the end of the world because he was swinging his hips. And then right? I'm Kerak was a direct revolt against people saying what you could. And couldn't do right? I'm some of that rap somewhat. Argue is is a modern day revolt about telling people what they can do. And what they can't do. I think music Volve all the time. And I think they'll be another great rock band to come along. Now may not be one. That sounds like the Rolling Stones or that sounds like John Mellencamp. But I don't believe rock and roll did the closest that I have found and maybe it's the start of a trend, but I tend to think that rock and roll in the classic rock sense. That you remember? Yes. Dead. Yeah. Most people don't play hard rock anymore. Like, I remember there was that one contestant on one of the like American idol or the voice dot tree kind of kept going because he was a rock. Yeah. No. He's got this this by the way is a band that they're playing on k rock that they're planning on alternation because it actually is alternative to have an actual didn't think that if Queen came along today that they would be a hit. I think Queen if they came along today would be a k rock band. I think they would be. Art rock. Maybe right. Maybe I just don't know that this is the closest I've found to to real life rock and roll Ralph's Chack. All right. Steven is Friday. And I know what you're saying for it. I know what you're saying. When are you going to visit deal even facts website again? Well, had no idea today is your lucky day think to three of these are actual Uber. Fedex one I made up. See if you can identify the fake fact, and once again, Greg Bergman will try and end what I believe now is a five week losing switches a five week losing streak. I'm paid it's and I don't want to get this one. So here we go four facts, Jay and Gregor in. And of course, Mason is in one of these is a fake fact. All right fact, number one eating Boogers can be beneficial for your teeth and overall health according to scientists. Okay. That's number one number Boogers fact, number two at six feet five inches tall. James Madison was the tallest US president in history. Abraham LINCOLN was second at six four Donald Trump who is six three is the third tallest president ever. That's fact, number two fact number three while filming the wizard of odds. Sixteen year old Judy Garland was put on a diet of chicken soup coffee and eighty cigarettes a day. Okay. That's per three back number four. Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar award in a bathroom. So guess can hold it while making acceptance speeches in the mirror without feeling judged. All right. So those are the four facts facts number one eating Boogers can be beneficial for your teeth and overall health, according to scientists President Trump fact number two is the third tallest US prison history behind James, Madison, and ABRAHAM LINCOLN fact, number three Judy Garland was on a diet of chicken soup coffee and eighty cigarettes a day or number four Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar in a bathroom. So guests can hold it while making acceptance speeches in the mirror, Greg Bergman, one of those is completely false. What is the fake fact well done normally I can pick out one or two that I think are right around the wrong. One all of my wrote true next. So I. He did a really good job. Jeez. I'm going to go with shoot. I believe men don't even want. All right. I'll just go with the president one. It's so wrong. I'll go to prison. Okay. Jay, same one. I'm thinking. Okay. You know? I know Trump is six three I'm going to say that that is true. Okay. Show me. Okay. Other than what was true for. Sure. I thought for sure one of you would pick the eighty cigarettes a day. But sadly that was one hundred percent that that Judy Garland was put on a diet of chicken soup coffee and eighty cigarettes day, and she was sixteen. All right. Also, none of you went for the Kate Winslet Oscar award in the bathroom that is also true and very funny. Yeah. Which I think is actually kind of cool. Yeah. Which means either Steve Mason is correct or Greg and Jay are correct. And the winner this week. Is Greg and James. Over the book says sadly true, and it's not the Trump part that was necessarily wrong. But when I said at six feet five inches tall, James Madison was the tallest president in US history. It's actually the opposite James Madison was the shortest president in history. He's five four and weighed less than one hundred pounds. Abraham LINCOLN and Lyndon Johnson. Presidents history. Both at six and Trump is six that was trickery and deceit. Yeah. Of course, it vote trickery and deceit. It that's what do you think? I was doing the last one. We welcome to our studios, the great, Trish, Kinsey, really. Yep. Tricia, and I both went and saw Elton John this all this is right up. Your alley Trish. How did you like Elton John? Did you right now and Trish, Trish, foaming eight very cool kind of side story about Elton John that her daughter is named harmony which I told her is one of the coolest names for a kid. I have ever heard and Elton John has a hit song called harmony. So Trish went Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday Tuesday went through now Trish is also the only person other than Chris Morales that has a winning record against me in name that tune which I take very seriously. Yeah. You are. Now, here's I did this special for you. I think I'm trying to give John. On a little heads up. But Tristesse is right in your wheelhouse to all of the songs would be defined as classic rock. Okay. All right. So we both have a chance. Yup. Named the the not the song the patrol your name. Your name is your buzzer. Okay. Okay. This first song is about the Lakers. Trish, Trish, Eddie money. No, John Jackson Browne, Brian. You're in the right era. John. All right. This is my message to the Rams. My message to the Rams. John John that is that is Elton John with KiKi Dee cheeky he didn't play that. But they played at the closing credits. When you walk out. Oh is that? Right. Yeah. Kiki? Dee wasn't there. All right, Trish and eat one here. There's only five this is about LeBron James, Trish, Trish, Beatles. Beatles. Yes. Get back, please. Lebron get back, by the way. I thought that would be an excellent song. If we ever get the get back coach on the guy that grow the coach. Yeah. That'd be a good time to all right? All right. This is about the Rams heading off to Atlanta, Trish, Trish, Led Zeppelin. Yes. Eating Garcia is going to kill me. That's his favorite song of all time. All right. It's true to this decides it it always comes down to the last one. This song is about me at exactly four twenty this afternoon. Okay. Trish trick Lloyd Pink Floyd how great comeback. That is. That was. Yeah. I think I got you the last time. But that was I can't remember I've when I blown it to leave grab most blue one yesterday leave. That's impressive. Great great to old lead yesterday. And I came back and won the next two. And then he pulled it out. Yep. But Tricia was very impressive. You're right. That's my wheelhouse. And and you hang onto the title is the only person Morales is like on another planet played against him. And I, but he and I in you you and I were against him you. Yeah. You too teamed up again, he still didn't beat them. No. But it was close. It was like three two two three two. Yeah. You're on the ballpark. I would like Tricia my team anytime after play Morales. If that's allowed by the row, I can control who wins have you noticed that? Well, no that that one could one could have gone either way, I want it. I think honestly Megan's Morales you could stack it to me. And I'd still you this one you might be able to win them in radio complete. This was basically an I tunes playlist for you, John. That's true. I do have I have although signs except the Pink Floyd was the Pink Floyd song comfortably. Numb. That's what I will be. This afternoon at exactly for twenty Trish. Thank you. But I gotta go. Thank you, not just for playing for for everything. Thank you for everything. Trish you. Thank you. Place running. All right. So the Lakers lose last night. John Philipson or what happened next Mason Ireland ESPN LA Mark Medina with a tweet. Yep. Today is one those you'll remember when Ireland joined the Yankees warriors Indians. And falcons in all time collapses blew a two zero lead in name that that is very true dawning. That's why can never if the Rams get a big lead. You cannot relax if the Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl. Now at us. Anything is if the Rams are up twenty eight to three data or do not assume the game. So over. You know, what that means? Somebody has a chance to win Super Bowl ticket. No. Somebody's did. Exact you got a chance to. The ride dumpling in LA. In Atlanta, the Rams planet Lanta caller number fifty three big in the big game following that's one of the stupidest rules are is it really is. Of course, it is. I completely agree with you. It's like it's like happy birthday. Everybody's allowed to say the Olympics lie can't everybody just say the Super Bowl because they're looking for people to sue. Yeah. It's it's so weird to me. It's just like it is. It is what the game is. I'm so tired of hearing the big game. Yeah. The big game. Yeah. There's a game a week from Sunday. Okay. So you asked me what what's going on last night? I'm watching the game. I'm like, what is what is? Later words. Yeah. No lebron. Lebron it I mean the team was built around the Brian. If I would've told you before the start of the season that will Brian was gonna miss fifteen game. She would have gone well. Wow. With that team. Even make the playoffs and shockingly they still have a chance there only three games out of the fifth. See? Yeah. I know, but he's got to come back. And you know, the information on him is very limited. Originally when it happened. He was listed as day to day that was a month ago today is January twenty fifth. He was heard on Christmas December twenty fifth. He's been to day for a month. And Rich Paul is agent has probably been the most forthcoming about everything that's going on. And he says he said, we're not pushing it when he's ready. He's ready. Yeah. So if he come now this road trip coming up. It is technically bear. It's technically a six game road trip because it starts in Oakland. We're actually going to Oakland and then coming home, and then we leave and go to Indiana and Philadelphia and Boston trip. But with LeBron it's an opportunity without LeBron. It's incredibly harrowing because you come back on that trip with a losing record. Yup. And all of a sudden, you're closer to thirteenth place than you are to v o no choirs besides being, you know, I mentioned there three games out of the fifth seat. They're also three games out of the thirteenth seed. Yeah. You know, what's what's helping them? Is it the west is incredibly competitive, but they gotta get in there and start competing, and by the way, it's not just Lonzo. And LeBron that are hurt. Kouzmines got a bum hip and the last two games. He hasn't looked like himself Rondo came back last night. And he was actually excellent. He almost had a triple double. So they've got the point guard thing figured out. Right. Rondo can do that Rondo. We're under is a perfect standing for Lonzo gets that done. But ultimately, you know. You're digging a hole to some degree now. Five and ten without LeBron thirty three games left to hit forty seven. You need to go twenty two and eleven which is with LeBron. Very doable. They had. Here's the thing that nobody's talking about. They had faked. Don't anybody? Check me on my math. That's around number. No. There's there's thirty three games left. So you're mad when he's eleven. Okay. I mean, I don't know if that's what they have to go. But you're you're over all numbers. Right. Yeah. On Christmas day, people were looking at that Lakers team saying that was a completely healthy Lakers team with Lonzo Rondo LeBron healthy Kouzmin, they destroyed the warriors and people said, oh my God. They're they're they're getting here early. They've arrived early. They now are not just beating the warriors. They're killing him in that game Yondo out LeBron out. Neither one came back until last night. And now ones those out until March. So they've had some incredibly bad luck with these injuries. But that's part of the game to Anthony Davis is outright. Now, you know with an injury doesn't look at New Orleans is gonna make it if he's out for an extended period of time. So I'm the problem with the Lakers is is now you you gotta start doing math, you you gotta start saying, okay? How much longer can we afford to play these games without LeBron? Basically the answer is none at all Sunday. They could win without him Sunday. They can win without Sunday. You know, that's a huge game. Everyone of these wins is a win to put in the Bank. What is it? Greg the athletics. Bill Orem Hoover. You guys are good friends with I o Bill or Madala. He is now reporting that the club is the Lakers are pursuing two types of deals ahead of the February seventh trade deadline, including a potential blockbuster. That lands them a second superstar, that's including the key. They will include either Brandon Ingram Lonzo ball. Cow. Who's? Sma or hearts for sip? Twit central superstar all really call him. Cut. Lakers are also considering shoring up their roster to pursue a playoff spot. Sources told Orem, but are reportedly re prioritizing making a big play, even if that means dealing a combination of Ingram ball and Kuzina. All right. Wow. We'll get into that. When we come back. Mason Ireland ESPN LA, I hey, all of our super week coverage Rams coverage of super weak spot to buy valvoline instant oil, change, home, fifteen minute oil change, just drive up pull in and drive out. No time. Visit socaloilchange dot com to download up fifteen bucks and coupons and to find a location near you. All right. We are trying to track down Bill Orum who is reporting that the Lakers are trying to get a second superstar now like before that gay deadline on February seventh. So that leads you to who might it be because I don't think Anthony Davis is getting traded. Now, his story makes reference to Nikola vucevic. He's great. But he's averaging twenty and a half points, twelve rebounds shooting. Fifty one percent from the field and thirty eight percent from twelve thirty eight percent from three and he's seven feet tall. He went to USC. Yeah. And he's an expiring contract which makes him in. There's no reason why Orlando wouldn't trade them. No, Orlando should train them. If they think they have no chance to resign him. You know, I'll tell you who else could get traded. Play this out to the end. Jimmy Butler went to max contract mixture if Philadelphia decides they're not going to give it to him. And you know, there's problems there now, but there always has problems with young guys. Butlers. Just but he's really good. Yeah. But he's really good. But I I'm not sure that he's you want him to be your guy. But if he's your second best guy, which he would be here. That's a possibility because just back up for saying and take the Lakers nineteen and five three assists, two steals. Okay. Take the Lakers out of it. You're the Sixers. Yep. You decide. I don't wanna max Jimmy Butler. He's just like you just had a look on your face. That's not a max guy. If you're not gonna maxim. Shouldn't you trade him? Because he walks away at the end of the year. He's in the same boat. Vich? I talked to Orem just now what did he say? So Orem said that this is a sensually him being aggregated. Okay. So for the most part true favourite word. Yes. We'll get. It's a real gets me in trouble. It gets a lot of people in trouble. But basically what he's saying is what it's always been is that in short of Anthony Davis. They're not going to trade the young core. But when it does come to which there may be willing to add in a first round pick where maybe they wouldn't be able to wouldn't add a first round pick for somebody like. You know, one of the shooter's attached Osorio. So you Bill couldn't have just told me doesn't wanna come on. He doesn't wanna come on. Okay. So you just want to exacerbate it. Okay. Which is exactly what Windhorst horse said back in the day. Right. The interesting thing about that is I don't think you can get Nikola vucevic for just a first round pick. You've got to include an asset. And then it became a philosophical question. Would you would you move, Josh heart? Maybe I don't think that gets it done. That's not enough. Here's exactly what Bill O road at this point. Sources have indicated there are two types of trades. The Lakers will pursue the trade that shores up the current roster and increases the Lakers chances of saving face and making the playoffs or be a blockbuster that lands the Lakers. A second superstar that makes them a true threat in the Western Conference this season and beyond. Team said team source said the Lakers will pursue any three point shooter on an expiring deal. A group that includes Wayne Ellington, Terrence Ross from Orlando Garrett temple who's a Memphis. Trevor Ariza who Washington continues to fade, maybe they wind up flipping Trevor REEs does not much reason for them to keep them at this point. If the if the team is fading, and then he does raise the issue of Nikola vucevic, he says a deal for votes of which. Would require more. A free agent in the summer food Cevic would help the Lakers in the short term and give them an option in the off season. If quiet Leonard, Kevin Durant, etc. Don't follow the path of LeBron trading. Furs boot Cevic would likely require caldwell-pope for the money as well. As a first round pick the Lakers commitment to their core of youth would be tested if the magic demanded a complimentary member of the Lakers, younger core, say zoo bots or Josh heart. Would you give up a Evatt Evita's zoo botch in a deal for Nikola vucevic? Come on. I I just don't believe that gets done. But would you sure? But yeah, I mean to me that's a no-brainer. Would you get would you include Josh heart that Josh ours work at tar Josh art in a first rounder for Nikola USA zoo. No, just Josh art. You think that gets it done for nickel nickeled, which is an all star. He has an all star. I just don't see expiring contract that where you're not going to get back in. You're not gonna sign him. He's not something form. Like, you always say he's nine. Yeah. I probably would. But I mean, if you're a Landau what's the best deal? You're going to get would you move zoo bots for what are Landau? It's gonna win is is is a number one pick. And maybe a second rounder also. Okay. And and zoo bats, which in the NBA would be your whole draft because there's only two rounds? I mean, it's Nikola vucevic. I mean, it's an all star. Would you do? It's a guy who you could you have his bird rights if you learned to sign him this summer Kay. I'm gonna make it harder on Ken. A first a second heart and zoo. You do it. For an expiring contract, but you'd have his bird rights, and he's a potential all star. You're you're not giving up any starters. God, I love heart. And you might have throw Casey p in there to make the money work. I would do it. That's these are the types of decisions that are really hard because still can rob. You've still kept Lonzo coups MMA and Ingram if it comes time to try. Although if you how loose a bitch than here's the problem with that deal. You just took. Can you any superstar coming from another team K in a trade right by Anthony Davis is going to require multiple picks? And you just gave away your next to picks in the ditch deal. Well, if it comes down to picks the Lakers cannot compete with Boston. They've got three number ones this year. Right. But this so if it comes down to picks, your your, so let's say Boston says we're going to give you the equivalent of whatever. The Lakers are offering an all three number ones. What the Lakers would love to come back with is. We'll give you a one a two and a one the following year. And we'll give you more talent. You've now taken the one in the two off the board. Can't can't give back to back ones game tank. Get back once right, right? Well, you just you didn't stretch it out of here or you get one from another team. Right. See I I mean, I'm just I'm greedy. I wanna win some games. Right now. I can look if they have Vosa bitch and LeBron healthy. Healthy LeBron along with Ma and Ingram and eventually Lonzo, and yeah, Ron Rondeau. Yeah. Then you've got a chance to make a run. Yeah. You're losing your ability to get Anthony Davis in the off most likely, maybe not just or you have to re sign victory longer contract because he's an expiring two guys. But he's completely your option. But becomes, hey, if Durant doesn't come. Well, we can re-sign boots it if if we don't trade for Anthony, we can sign a lot of assets to an to lose the thing. I'm worried about is when you give up to draft picks to get that deal done. Then you can't put obviously you can't put them in the Davis deal. But Greg, here's one thing. I don't think you're thinking about. They when you get vucevic bird rights, then you're able to go over the cab your same. So that that it'd be he becomes easier to sign if he's already on your roster assurance that. He would resign the bogey and boogie and worked well together. Why can't these guys work well together? Yeah. These guys always vuckovich in a d. Yeah. I don't think I would do it. I think you've got to protect your gun. I gotta you gotta hold your gun powder for a bigger. Do it. I would do it. And this is right. Three point shooter too. Yeah. He's great rates stretch. Five shoots with either hand. Michael says, he's amphibious. Yes. Dexter, but I get it also probably good in the water. Which would make him fibia. Yeah. I'll tell you what that is really tough. But I would do it. I will let you debate this with both the cabinets, wait a minute. I get both candidates keeps you I just saw him in the hall at once. Yeah. See why? I tackled I tackled a purgatory. So the date is now you're I've done I've done have you ever done purgatory. Or have you done a show with all three candidates skis? Who's the third Harpo? Doesn't speak purple cabinets ski. He's very quiet. Very quiet. I have a good weekend. All right. See see you Monday. Purgatory is next Mason in Ireland ESPN LA purgatory time brought to you by dot grant Stevens, marina, plastic surgery. Offering the latest cool sculpting advancements cool sculpting leading in non invasive treatment designed to treat stubborn fat areas. Like beer belly. Love handles and moves visit freeze the fat com. Hang on a second. I was listening to Senator Bill Cassidy from the from the great state of Louisiana who took to the floor in the midst of government shutdown took to the floor back on now. The government's back on the government's. It wasn't at the time. He gave the speech complaining about the bad call from the NFC chance for like a little resolution like gets up there for twenty seconds as it was like us up there for two hours. Here's how we'll know if the call was really agreed just did anybody yield the Florida him. So we'd have more time like, and I only listen to a portion of this. But he did a good seven eight minutes on it, which is a total. You don't filibuster over a bad call in a playoff also too. It's like, yeah. We all know it was bad. Call explains a lot. Why nothing gets done by our? Would you like ten minutes being spent on an admittedly bad call? But like you guys have a lot on your plate. You've got a lot more on your plate than figuring out that call. Yes, I I'm just this is the last day. I hope that we will have to talk about this non call. I think that's fair. I think you can play with it for one more day then next week. It's like, okay. Who's actually playing in the game. We've got coming up by the way during the show. There's a saints fan who was really upset about it. Who wrote a song about the call? That were really. Yeah, we're gonna be Larry millennials or Email. What you it's upset about something. So you write a song except he's like in his sixties that part's less. Eva and Molyneaux. I'm tweeting Bill. Kennedy rank Cassidy. Yeah. I mean, I I I'm so tired of hearing about the call or the non call, you know, in the in the final analysis. Well, do I don't even go look like Nicole Roby Coleman said. Yeah. The best. I love the best. This is so good. Call. The us. How's frying the waffle house part of his really is. So specific it is specific. That's what puts it over is that it's the waffle Brian pan. Although smack disasters pretty good. You're listening to Caspian Los Angeles, by the way, next Friday or you guys both infinite. Yes, we're going to be live from the dudes brewing company from noon until three next Friday. I'm trying to think. I don't wanna call rally. It's like a what is it? It's a party. It's free party free something it's Shri party. So ramble on pre party. Ramdan pre party. That's what we're going with to alert the social media team. The powers that be. It's the ramble on pre what's exciting about this too. Is people? Remember, we are essentially reuniting Sabato. He contact. No, this is what we're doing wrong anytime a gigantic event. Like this happens like the beginning of free agency or the Super Bowl we get together. Yup. And we put on a fantastic show. We got LeBron out of it. We'll say you're saying that the patriots are going to win. No. I'm saying Pope, John Paul, George will not be no Paul George will not be a ram Paul George will not be right. But the ramble on pre party is going to be huge. Now. Have you heard the kids? You know, our guys are so proactive here. In fact, you know, Dan, our boss the otter wrote something out in using crayon today and handed to me, I'm not even sure what he what he wrote just picture them floating on a river and its back like kidding shellfish with Iraq is it. Let's be fair. He does. I mean that is an otter head right there. So basically a so dudes does not have a. Restaurant's kitchen, which I was I was surprised by. Yeah. I am surprised too. But good for them. It's a it's a bar. So. Basically if you are a restaurant that specializes in stuff like fried chicken. I wanna get like sorta taste of Atlanta stuff. Like what else tastes soul food soul food, you know, okra and waffle. So you're doing what you did last week where you recruit the restaurant settled spooks at this is for Esra buddy at the entire party. Wow. At the ramble on pre party. Wow. And I guess there's going to be some sort of invitation lists that goes out. There's going to be a special. I'm just making stuff up as I go here. There's going to be a special. Drawing. Raffle. And the winner will get to come to a Rams game with me next year. They go I'm googling right now. What food is it Lanta famous for? So we can maybe try to get something really spent like you said fried chicken, though, beggars cannot be choosers. Andy, you serve chicken you're in. We'll fried bakes fried baked coach. Yes. Soobee right. Why did you ever watch top? Chef every night. Do you ever notice that the person who's SU vs always lose? Don't don't get too fancy. Yeah. If you soobee you're you're done on that she last night somebody tried to make a pork loin and serve it in a hot tub. And it didn't work didn't work with peaches in it. So. Peaches, peach cobbler. Yes, peach cobbler, it's perfect. So if you have peach cobbler, and by the way, Greg said, well, why don't you have everybody bring their own? I'm like, this is not dot LOC. When did I say those words potluck? I'll I'll bring a salad you pass the rule. I'll just share bring a bunch of play bringing the plastics fooling the in charge of sprite. I'll do the jello mold. I don't want to your Joel mode. I don't know what's going to be such a mid west people will love my jello, mold that is such a mid western thing, a jello, jello, mold, and what people don't understand about the jello mold is it's not desert. It's it's. Here's a science. Yeah. They're actually recipes that put vegetables in them. Yeah. We'll aunt that. That's all she ever brings to the dinners is just the side of jello. She brings the jello mold like you were talking. Is that right? Yeah. That's all she ever brings. She's never cooked anything anything else. Another typically abundant cake. That's another other purely mid western thing of a bundt cake in a jello, mold. So what's going on guys? Love excited about the Super Bowl excited about the Super Bowl l three. Yeah, I'm a little a little more excited about the Super Bowl. And I'm glad it's here because it takes my mind off of my concern for what's happening with the Lakers. Well, so I mean, we can be optimistic and also Super Bowl is distracting me from like the the idea that the dodgers may not be spending as much money as I can. Okay. So let's let's take these you pick one. Let's take these things one at a time. Let's start with item number two. Okay. I for one they're not spending a lot of money. I get that. There are at about one hundred and eighty six million right now with two oh six as the magic number the luxury tax threshold. I'm sure they're not going over that if they complete the JT real Muto trade JT Romeu toe started catch for the Marlins was is is the consensus. Best catcher in all of baseball. If they add real Muto think about this this lineup. Let's go around the diamond first base, you probably platoon, max, Muncie and David free second base. You've got CT three shortstop. You've got Seger back. The biggest acquisition. They may Seger. Coming back this year third base JT left-field Bellinger centerfield Pollock who's an elite center fielder plays. And okay. I'm glad you took that shot and right field. I think I'm pretty sure come up with member. I got some written down. I'm pretty sure right? Feel like friend. I've got numbers ready for you. So I'm gonna ask you this. All right. When you break a bone once when you break a bone is that considered are you injury prone or is that just bad luck? Both because the only thing that he's done. Twenty fourteen broke his right hand. Okay. 2016 broke his right, elbow 2017. He missed a few weeks with a strained groin. I I think it's both one eighteen broke a thumb. Here's the thing. I think he's like Samuel L Jackson. Did you see having grazing my wife liked it? Great. It was it paid off. Really? Well, I didn't. I I I didn't think I did not think it was it was an injury prone thing. But now you've convinced me, but I, but does it matter. Here's the thing though. Whether I mean, people talk about being injury prone or sometimes they talk about some injuries being a freak. It's a free. It doesn't matter because your body doesn't know the difference. Your body has no idea whether this is a common injury or a freak injury or bad luck or something that was predictable the effect on your body's the there's the difference between having breaking a bone because you're struck by baseball. And having a nagging hamstring. So he's ankle injury. J Paul ankle polish played one season of over one hundred fifty games. Yes career. So he is either really injuries just brittle brittle bone working unlucky for bird bones. I mean, there is a reason they call them old bird bones. Pollick? Which they probably should have looked into before giving him sixty million dollars. Hey, where did he get that nickname burn? Probably it's probably from high school. They said. Bones, isn't thing. I think that's what Sam Jackson has in the movie glass might. It's him. I'll Jackson Seattle old bird bones. Powered. No longer AJ. He's beating Pollick. But like if he's either injury prone or incredibly unlucky. And I don't want that kind of luck either. But it may do just unlucky. Either. It's not like he's got nagging. It's like a bone is a bone Bray are big acquisition. This off season is to release a bunch of black cats into the clubhouse. You think that's a good idea about I do if he keeps being unlucky, quote, unquote, every single year, then at some point, isn't that just AJ being AJ, and that just bird bones being bird. Like the guy is what what difference does. What do you think? I think that you're right. I don't think it's he's not he's I don't think that he's actually injury Burbach, maybe bird, bones bird bones thing, it was apparently some bird bones joke, thirty rock, I know. I know. Mortimer? Yeah, I've got beef. She can't shake hands bread. Both poems Burt bone syndrome. The point is the guys played like seven major league seasons. And in two of them has played more than one hundred percents worth of it makes you feel better if you Google bird bones AJ politics. It says HA Pollock wife. I actually a fan of the AJ Pollock signing because they've got great depth than the outflow. If if the bird brain cell phone burglary. They do have plenty of other options that take to it didn't they have that though before with Matt Kemp and UCLA Puig. Well, that Kemp look that was can push finished at the night. It was a great story, heartwarming all that stuff. But but I mean, but he still would maybe constitute depth is AJ Pollock an upgrade over Yossi help week. No, he's he's a wash. Well, I tell you what though as a as a full fledged member I'm gonna get myself some some season tickets in center field and start up the aviary. AJ Pollock leaning the region center field. Asked that at somebody wants to know who the heck is breathing. So damn much onto the Mike. This isn't I don't know what that is. It's a sport show. Who isn't breathing so much to you? I always Bryant it's you every year. Constantly breathing. This. What is mouth breather? Somebody goes like this. People always say like clay Helton as a mouth, it's the people that sleep and they don't breathe through their nose. They breathe through their mouth. It's also somebody that looks dumb. That's usually how. How for then it still? My wife says all the time that that ally. Manning is a mouth breather. Like he looks like somebody who looks kinda dumb like he's got a dumb looking face. And you have a cold can be part of it. Your mouth better at your bird bones. It is better than bird bones. All right coming back next. We'll tackle the the Lakers thing, we covered the dodgers. So we'll move on to the Lakers Mason Ireland. This is purgatory Andy and Brian candidates do here ESPN.

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