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Episode 124: A Bucket, a Mop, and a Sledgehammer


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The leading reseller of authenticated luxury consignment from top designers new arrivals come in daily and every single item is one hundred percent expert authenticated by the real real team of authenticates shop online visit one of their original stores in Soho or West Hollywood it's not available in all states and situations this episode contains descriptions of crime scenes and may not be suitable for milies plan all the details of the funeral and then oversaw the ceremony itself she says it was the perfect job for her because she beauty rose and son funeral home in Melbourne Australia where she says she pretty much did everything she prepared bodies for viewing helped isn't afraid of death or dead bodies and she loved the work was that the funeral home that she met the man she'd later marry because I was so busy hiding my identity and just concentrate on work that that's how I lived thanks to progressive for their support progressive has you covered when it comes to car insurance starting with built in savings like discounts for being eighteen should an average annual savings of six hundred ninety nine dollars stirred a quote online and see all the discounts for yourself visit progressive DOT com today discount we'll take her seriously she thinks that in a way that turned into an especially hard worker everything I do I do one hundred fifty percents in Trans in Australia in the nineteen seventies and eighties wasn't easy she says she had trouble finding work where she felt comfortable. People didn't always treat her a safe driver you can also save when you start your quote online or of multiple vehicles on your policy in fact a survey of drivers who switched and saved in two thousand eight online or download the APP and get twenty percents off select items with Promo Code real that's the real real dot Com Promo Code real for twenty percent off select items from home and she says it was the first time she felt like she could be herself and be not only accepted by her colleagues but given more paper through their issues or help paper with their problems and sun with the funeral home really really in my element I could just sort of help I mean well I met Sandra I fell in love with Sandra and I'm going to marry Sandra Sandra says he worked in a lab she worked as a taxi dispatcher she worked in the sex trade she was in her thirties when she was hired by. WD Rosen son and more responsibility she was one of the first women in Australia to become a funeral director being that close to death constantly everyone please use discretion I have this disease to play as as I would say and I have the need to Sorta paypal's for talk them down make them feel more as after what they've just paid through in one thousand nine hundred seven Sandra Panthers was working well come on tell me what's going on tell me what's going on and I said well Georgia said look the way he say me it's not always the after a crime occurs or when someone dies the police aren't responsible for cleaning up that's not their job the corner Sandra started to notice something families would say to her that they didn't know if they could handle going back to the place where their loved one had died takes the body the police conduct their investigation and then everyone leaves but the blood and the rubber gloves and the uneaten food aubain he what does it say quote now had to explain it to you I said I had to be surgically refrigerator is all left behind Sandra didn't like thinking about that she didn't think anyone should have to walk back in the bad so she decided to clean it up I'm phoebe judge this is criminal here in this area she established herself as a trauma cleaner sometimes called an aftermath technician here in the United States often called crime scene cleaners for the last twenty six years Sandra has owned and operated her own trauma cleaning business the joke of it is and serious as it is papers semi had Jamaica husband got parodies wife was a joke about it was sorta and to become the person that you say may as bay and we fed up just went daily and he said and I'll go I'll try this MAC and say how I go she says she started by buying a van I'm just confused I mean all you have to do rushed houses we pay times for the home help agencies to attend we do odor control homicide suicide and and industrial accidents so that's a pretty wide range of things that we do the trauma cleaning industry really took off in the nineties crime or a death now these types of cleanings are often covered by insurance and victim funds Sandra says when people began to be worried about the transmission of HIV before that family and friends would be the ones who would take care of the aftermath of nearest incentive after they've been dating for Awhile Santer sat him down and said she had something to tell him and he said to me Advan and some cleaning materials and then you in the beginning you can just start while I was I was locked that it was a nation industry now one was really doing it on her business card it says excellence is no accident we do desist states would you pay an whore cleanups reduce Kuala and Tamed Death Scenes Mode Florida Fire remediation meth lab cleaning by claims for the cells and the vehicles that place throat side and they're saying this is bad we've never seen anything like this and and you say don't worry boys we've got it covered yet we make get ready and look like a normal person her first case came to her from former colleagues at the funeral home a man with a hoarding disorder rush could get a call anytime at three in the morning while she's working on another job while she's eating dinner she has two hours to get to the scene the order had passed away in his rental property the cleanup took seventy two hours it was a rat infested Phil it's not just a cleaning job it's looking after people's mental health instability as well I believe we're not just cleanness she people think you need a bucket of water and a cloth to do this job but we need crowbars rakes and a sledge hammer right back support for criminal comes from better health better help online counseling offers licensed professional counselors we're specialized in issues such as depression anxiety trauma family conflicts grief and more connect the dedicated professional counselor in a safe in price match the counselor today better health dot com slash criminal yeah I think the fifth layer of flooring to come off in the kitchen because it was so contaminated and we fat who was time criminal listeners get ten percent off the first month the discount code criminal go to better help dot com slash criminal filled a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and if it online environment anything you share is confidential get help on your own time and at your own pace if you're not happy with their counselor request a new one at any go to hire director of coffee he went ziprecruiter posted his job and found the best person for the role in just a few days ziprecruiter's technology finds people thanks to SIP recruiter for their support was ziprecruiter hiring is simple fast and smart when Cafe L. Tours Coo Dylan Moskowitz you know a field officer to deal with the animals that were they a it was just really really spooky but in the end we had to do Sandra Pankhurst now operates her trauma cleaning business with twenty four employees and nine you can try ziprecruiter for free at Ziprecruiter dot com slash criminal that's ziprecruiter dot com slash criminal ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire the kinds of scenes they might encounter and she watches their face to see how they react to the photos she's looking for empathy she says Kerr who come from as she puts it the school of hard knocks when she meets with someone for an interview she shows them photographs of the hands she says she gets calls every single day and then when it comes to hiring new people she says she likes to hire people like it takes a special kind of person to handle blood and to do it with empathy the next step is to shadow her on a job now privacy concerns but we had a table at three thirty this morning so you can say I haven't had a lot of sleep and then up at six fifteen this morning too Bob and she says it doesn't take long at all to determine whether someone is cut out for this type of work if they're not no trouble act with body fluids on the fourth day they practice Sandra gets blood from a slaughterhouse and pours it over furniture and carpet the right experience and invite them to apply to your job for at a five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day right now all she says she would never tell someone to quote take a teaspoon of concrete and toughen up she knows it's not for everyone when in each person's work is double checked by someone else her greatest fear is missing something and having a family member see something she does hire someone she tells them to prepare to work harder than they've ever worked in their lives she tells them they can cancel their gym membership they won't need it we'll be that might scare or upset them so let's say you get a call that you're going to a crime scene tell me the steps that you go lossing the last bit of Arnel pouring boiling water avid break the Glue Dan and then putting Space Andhra till sort of lifted up but not morning had called three thirty this morning for two Waikato map get they're mad get a job done we're not allowed to discuss the jobs in particular that we do because each employee go through a four day training course the first three days they study theory and equipment and how certain solvents in let's when they go into crime scenes she says they take a lot of photographs of how it looked before and after that they have a system in Z. Den of iniquity that I'd never seen the likes of because is to have a nickname sparkle because my house is always tip top shape feel calm and comfortable in everything as well and we talk to the family and way here to to restore the has to its former glory for you she's never said no to a job so you know you see some pretty gruesome things and some may think let's not say you know like the place ago we always may until the last couple of years and we'd go they're not saying that this is what we're going to be confronted with if I was on the tools so we go through the scenario of what's in the house what to expect what how things have happened the place will probably still be they wanted to and then we have to restore the has back to somewhat is former glory which sometimes it's quite challenging because if we have to remove carpet signed to walk into this place here was like Oh my God I can't believe paper could leave I these rats and mice running evil you felt geared to be one of the worst ones we've saying I'm GonNa get there we think gorgeous you could add more often this is ABC so you get up to a crime scene and everyone all the police Kazeem polling us full recognition of everything that's going to happen but in the same token we are not to leave the saying if there's any bacteria or pathogens still in was it blew down it was riveted down and so every time we hit a reverse it would ricochet on our hands and our hands ended up in we then have to get permission to do that we can't just pull a property apart with at give him the Department of Justice look it's just never job manner that sounds cruel but it would be a different story if you knew the person really depressed and I thought I don't think I can do this really don't think I can do this but then you get quick smart and then you move on she says and gloves and masks and all sorts of stuff off that we will have a chat and have a talk around quite often we go and stop off at a hotel hair off and he's still managed to live so we tried it again besides there's half of the roots of these math was on one side of the room he's on that had you had you feel about that because sometimes she'd find things so a quite confronting like a gentleman one stage blue he and if you knew the person you wouldn't be I wouldn't let you do the job what do you wear into the crime scene while where we've got property and then afterwards we've done the job when oak gather at side is we're cleaning down the equipment and putting out taking us suits or something like that and we'd have a drink a cup of tea or something like that and and just chew the fat and sort of have a general conversation now how did you ashes were on the other side of the room brain matter was on another part of the room and this was quite a large room and then he ended up doing it again they say the house say what it is combat explain to the star this is what's GonNa be confronted with are you okay with this long-term debt where they quite some time and no one's nine about them wjm smell you never ever ever forget according to the size of a watermelons and we're sort of guy on my God we're in so much pain and we'd finish the job and I was Dabo clogged that's how we would go into his thing so we look like something out of the airlines what do you do about the smell eh. Current is bay in the body's gone forensics of Bain they've taken all the testing and dubbed fingerprint dusting and everything an and yet still Lebed what is it like to see someone's brains on the wall L. obvious smells nothing once you get rid of the source and the chemicals and things that we leave the house smells the fresh today by the time we've gone that's not an issue in that spot joey gets permission to take the carpet out of the whole room so that when she's done and the family returns to the house they never know exactly when she gets a call she's not only told what happened but she's also told who's at the scene sometimes they could bay the Big Wad series we've got foot coverings face we have hair nitzan we have goggles on math Khan and we had Sandra says this is the part of her work she cares about most protecting the people who are left behind it's our job to sorta makes yeah I know but we just need to say I said no you just need to say but that's not really what you want to leave with because this is the last memory ever life and she's happy to found work the makes her feel like she's contributing and as she puts it looking after people correct the body was found sometimes she sets things aside that the families may want things that may mean something things with handwriting they have mental health is looked after as well Sandra told us the someone dies in a particular part of a room she won't just cut the carpet out pictures birthday cards what's the most important thing that you've learned from this work done Janney body you never know when it's what's things that might have to run for a couple of days and that feels her all the air and so it can eliminate a lot of that but it's been a day calm the bodies the guests and that's when we'd use the machines to dispose of the smell what's the worst smell death really jason everything's been released from the body go all over the walls are the walls will have to be washed down the main problem is that fabrics that absorb the odor and we I came that's all right it's not fair everybody so you just got to add in the car and we'll get this job done ham so what happened to you next just you know just show some compassion and care because as a side by the grace of God we'd cover the area rival insurer them roughly where it happened and they usually quite satisfied with that but sometimes I could take an Arrow two outta talk family down or their newest location at eight seventy Madison Avenue in New York I've really been enjoying looking through all of their sweaters jackets now that fall is here shop in store criminalists created by Lawrence Spore and me Nedia Wilson is our senior producer Suzanne W. UNC were proud member of Radio Topi from pr ex a collection of the best podcasts around I'm phoebe judge percents our assistant producer audio mix by Rob Buyers Julian Alexander makes original illustrations for each episode of criminal I can see them at this is criminal dot com where on facebook in twitter at criminal show criminal is recorded in the studios of North Carolina Public Radio Discriminate a that could be here tomorrow she sixty five now and has no plans to retire. She says she's had a long sometimes difficult light depression anxiety trauma family conflicts grief and more connect with a dedicated professional counselor in a safe in private online environment and can you share is confidential get help on your own time and at your own pace if you're not happy with their counselor request new one at anytime criminal listeners get support criminal comes from better help better help online counseling offers licensed professional counselors

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