His impact is like the moon landing


Oh, look at Boston the time and look at this stuff that they they probably some of it's like absolutely stupid. But some of his section quite Quentin. Amusing and stuff like that is what we need to get people to people to to the game of gold. Nice to be your boys. Congratulations on your doing. Mediocre as it is at the Laci issue. Very much thinking about getting so I had a fusion surgery give that people together. Thank you. John youth reshape brag don't butter knife. My wed like. Younger hip or. Barstools four Tigers had the three back surgeries. He's had one fusion. We welcome in from barstool sports rigs and Trent guys welcome to the show. More play presented by barstool sports. We are back supreme golf is back if you're booking at teatime this weekend this week during the day, if you're boondoggle and every sneak out work where they call it for playing hooky is that right? Is it psych that says old schooling? Yeah. Used to play hooky and watch the prices, right? Yeah. It's old Scott. Grandpa on now, I like that old school like you played hooky. It was like a real thing. Whatever whatever you're doing to play golf you need to be booking it via supreme golf their app is sexy. It's clean. It's sleek. They have everybody else you've ever heard of golf now. Whatever the hell. The other ones are all those apps that you could also use they're just under the umbrella of spring off. Plus, sipping off just has thousands more. So if you're sitting there thinking logically and using your noodle up there in your head, you're probably going holy cow. I should be used a spring off. Why would I ever use anything else? And then you would go to spring off dot com slash barstool. Or you just go to your app store? Download spring golf. Oh, you can also get a thousand dollars giving people thousand dollars now through August. Southern just the best go, you spring golf. Thank you very much second show of the week. It is may I were recording on may first coming out on may second Wells Fargo week really lost a lot of it's jam win. Big dick Eldrick, the two thousand nineteen masters. Chip. And I might add on the master's Tiger Woods won the master's. You're listening to this. And you've been in a coma or you have just been resurrected from the dead. I know Easter just came up. So maybe you did a little something like that quite topical Frank. Yep. Tiger Woods won the masters. You played in the masters. We all talked about it for years. We're like he's gonna win a goddamn major one of these times. And he just did. So that happened. He just did it that legitimately happened. And then stephie were real. It was just like, yeah. No. I'm just gonna play next in the next major championship is what I'm gonna do. I tweeted out yesterday that it's looking like, there's a very good chance. He just goes masters PJ championship. The memorial would his Jack's tournament US open British Open. That's just discussed. Outrageous. Just that's I mean, that's what you do. When you win the masters in your Tiger Woods W of the New York. Islanders like only played in like Stanley. Yes. Do you mean, they make sense? But it's awesome. That's our guy. Tiger woods. So it is. It's it's Wells Fargo week. Very cool golf course. I wanna touch on very quickly. You know, they got the green monster. They call it. I think everybody kind of hates that they do that where they call stuff the green monster were the snake pit stuff like that. It's just a dumb. But I do think the golf courses. Awesome major championship. They're just two years ago with Justin Thomas who we had on this very show, if you if you missed that one go back to our January first episode, I episode of the entire year, we had JT on graded of you. He won. They're very cool golf course. Rory's one there couple times any any course that was usually a go to stop for Tiger Woods is just like a noticeable course feel like inquire hall is one of those. So it's Wells Fargo week. Pretty good field tires not in it. So that's a little bit of a bummer. A little bit of news for the four play gang Trent. Daddy, and myself will be in Houston this week. We're going to be there Thursday through Saturday at the Insperity invitational. It's a champion store vent first champions tour by that I've ever been to I'm excited. Can't wait. I really can't either I've been to one I went to the one in Des Moines. And I watched John Daly drive a cart around and while his his fiancee, I suppose wife, I can't remember what she was at the time walked with his giant bag all around the course while he's right? It was on a car. It was quite a performance. That's the only other one I've been to. So I'm very excited go to Houston. So it's at the Woodland's country club in in the Houston area. I've never been to Houston. I've never been to champion's tour event. I'm quite excited. I'm quite excited. Just soak up the scene, it is the Chevy towards such an interesting interesting thing in that these guys are still just so sick Bernard along or sixty one years old. I think he wins all these event every time I turn it on his by like eleven strokes. I think Bernard longer has won every single champion's tour event of all time. I've never turned on the TV and there's James tour veteran he's not in the final group leave the Dermott ever. He just wins all the rest of the champion tour. Just hates him. Like, hey, man. We're all kind of just like retired. You know, we're not really going that hard anymore. And then you're out of your Dustin us, like let us have some sort of competitions. As what we wanna do. The other thing about Bernard lawyer is that he like made the cut at the masters. I know he played great at the mass. He was when I checked he was like I'm gonna look at the leaderboard, but he was. It was like three or four hundred or the masters. I was like what the fuck is that per longer son people in as lar- people in NASCAR hate Kyle Busch for like joining all those other events will go down and do like the track series the truck series and he'll like racing lower tier events and he'll just dust everyone. Like you can't keep coming here and winning. So they actually banned him. I think that may be coming for long are boy longer Berlanga made the masters twenty nineteen sixty one years old then saying guys booking insane us one of the guys who congratulated Tiger Woods. He was waiting with that whole group of them. And it was like him. Justin Thomas, all these young guys and Bernard long looked better than all of them. I gotta say if you are a green jacket winner like bar longer. And you weren't standing out there with your green jacket on to congratulate tiger your as one of the great missed opportunities of all time. Nick Faldo said in real time. He goes this will be the greatest seen in golf for ever. And you have the chance to strut out there in your green fuck and jacket and just be part of that. Even impulsive new. We'll tiger hates me. I'm douchebag nobody. Here likes me. However this moment, so epic. I'm just gonna stand there and tiger so happy. He'll give me a little like, bro hug, right? They're going to be showing that clip for five hundred years being like you remember when this happened and anybody who didn't take advantage of the opportunity to hop on camera there Nydia idiot, especially if you have a green jacket, right you go. Get your closet grabby. Green jacket and just walk out there and say way to go tiger and get like a cool hug from tiger. And the greatest moment in the history of golf per Nick Faldo who knows what he's talking about. So anyway, great move by by our guy burn are longer. Now, we are going down to this tournament for several reasons one is obviously just to experience to cover it, we got credentials. So we're going to kind of check out the scenes you it's all about we're going to be on. The course all day Friday. We're gonna be around again scoping out experiencing it taking it all in. And then we're also going down because we've got some really cool interviews lined up. Now, there's a little peek behind the curtain showbiz you ever really tease anything or. Taunted anything until it's in the ball in the bag in your pocket. Because hint hint people just cancel Shicheng goes wrong. All the time. Okay. You can't be like. Yeah. We have this interview. And then you don't get it. We've never done that before ever. We never say we have an interview until we have it are you about to do that right now. How ever what I'm going to say is we have a handful of awesome interviews planned. Yup. Who knows if they'll actually happen? They are scheduled and we are prepared for them to happen. We're going down. And I think that with this show, and our our music and all that John Daly is going to be down there down there. He's going to be there. We have it on schedule that we are going to interview. John Daly for this podcast. Yup. We're going to shoot a video with John Daly. There's also fuzzy Zeller down there who was quite the character. A little masters champion. No big deal. We got David Toms are good close personal for mister Gary Player. I just I hope I can't wait to see Mr. Gary Player. I just haven't seen him in so long. We spent a whole weekend together or a couple of days together. And we became good pals. And we just haven't seen it. We legit haven't seen Mr. Gary Player since we were staying at his house at the master. Yup. Member. People don't recall we actually dropped him off in the champions dinner and tells eighteen drove down that street when we it was it's a more of a lane two lane. When we first arrived Jove down that lane with a certain there's a bunch of trees that overhang above it. Yup. It's pretty famous lane. What are those DO constitutes a lane? And you know, what that fucking thing is also lane true. Astrum street lane that's worthy of the way, you know. But when we were first arrived in Augusta to meet up with Mr. gay player. We got to the house in the person who was chaperoning us was like, please keep your voice down, Mr. gay players sleeping. We had to tiptoe around downstairs. We didn't wake him up. We were like texting each other for the same room. Yeah. Mr. Kerrey player. He needs a sleep. It was magnolia in. That's what it's called. That's the one down magnolia lane. Toots an avenue like I'll say this ocean avenue, right? Yeah. What is that like has to be an avenue that can't be ocean streak, right? Is a place called ocean avenue. You see? I know what you do for the saw. Yeah. No. I know you're cutting sit and talk with you you try to bait me over your sixteen felt so right? Sleeping all day. Stay up on Al key. I'll sing this whole got in song. Iraq stars that way. Great sell. It is I don't know. I think you just I don't know if it's an is an avenue different from Elaine in terms of its geographical. They could find you there. It'd be an avenue. Say against another kept trying to go. Anyway. No, I don't know what the difference in the St. avenue lane. Yeah. Court court court MC sense. Yeah. Court makes actually not really court. I asked because you seem cousin make sense at all. I grew up in a court, but it's a cul de sac. Right, right. I I think ROY called crabbing accord is huge for like, did you have buddies that lived in the court as well or? Yeah. See all like like, you were able to just take over the street is our court. We you're out here in the middle. It's unbelievable. I lived in such a busy street. I couldn't even step on the street. I once was I was so afraid well, I didn't live in a busy to live on like just a regular street. But like cars go through it all the time. Yeah. And I was in like fourth grade, my elementary schools across the street, and my mom, I'm probably was younger. I was like third grade. And my mom would always like let me walk home. Then she'd make sure that for me to cross the street she'd have to come outside and just like watch me, do it one time she was just like inside. And like, I guess like she had like company and she just like. I forgot and I sat on the stoop across the street for like, two hours and just wouldn't across the street. You were a good kit. And I remember her just coming out like crying like like, oh my God. I know what happened. It's better than her coming out, and you were flattened to me. But I mean a car but may pass his once every like twenty five minutes. All wow. That got that point. I lived on a busy street. I actually grew up on drive a drive. Wow. Yeah. Right next to it with Dr a drive with the straight inequitable drove on the drive. They very much did the street next to it was very busy. And it was a car every thirty seconds. So we had done. I wasn't on a main street, but it was a busy street for for a town. Are we missing any other words that are Dr court lane avenue street? I think that's about it. You guys are lavar boulevard. There's probably a bunch of MRs you guys ever see a movie interstellar. You know, how they fucking go down little mission and times like eight million longer for the other guy. You sit on that little like stupid reading remind me of that guy. Just sitting up there Zach and he's like he's like eighty when they come out, and they're like, we're so sorry. That's exactly I remember. And I always remember like, my my brain just like not understanding why I couldn't do it. As like, I just can't I can't. I'm not allowed to cross the street magin goes on that ship alone for fifty years, whatever it was just an score sleep for fifty years. Yeah. They had those things. Remember, they're like how come you didn't hyper-sleep news? Like I needed to be ready. Yeah. Alert coming back beat alert for fifty years just an alert person on a ship. It's so that movies such a mind. Fuck spaces so scary where in space right now. It's true. We're just a rock hurtling around a giant bowl fire in space. Tran it's fucking. Defying trent. We are in space. This planet is fast moving we're sitting what twenty four miles an hour. Is that what it is? Dumbest thing of all time. That might be one of the dumbest. Twenty four hours in the school. So go, you know, twenty s only do twenty four hours a day. Do something twenty four times. Right. Do we spin around now? No, I twenty four hours to spin around the sun is that what it is. I don't take twenty four hours to spin around the sun. Okay. You know, just how fast the earth is going thousand miles an hour higher. Holy fuck. I feel like I'm gonna throw up. We're going this fast moving right. Like if there was just something stationary. Yeah. In the in our orbit, we would go by the speed sixty seven thousand miles my God. I think I'm starting to tear up we're fucking cruiser. It's so so you guys feel out fast. We're going I'm like nausea listeners out there. I motion sickness to envision a giant ball of just earth and water and humanity going by you pretty fast like a plane goes what like five hundred miles an hour. Thirty seven thousand does things go in sixty seven thousand miles. Make you feel. How does that make you feel talking about? I'm getting sick. Uber. Fucking. I I. Is right now. I don't know why I feel like we're just this is a weird conversation. One day. We just like just go off that we come out of the gravity the whole space continuum gravity little train right now. We'd be at absolute records fucking go sixty seven thousand some real trouble trouble. Yeah. Well, everyone that's listening things. I just said the dumbest thing in the world. I know we do something with twenty four hours. Thirty kilometers is second. Tarbey that's really scaring where we are in space. The fuck ary talking about going through. So Mr. Garrick are good close, personal friend. Mr. Gary Player is going gonna be down there. Paul lawrie. People know he is the one win John Vandevelde collapsed. Ajan Vada Val. Volvo John van devel- could run for a fucking knew what I said that it wasn't going to get by Frank O Jean van devote. That's like you're showing some unbelievable party in like France like whose house so we showing up to today. Oh, John van develop. Oh, Sean von devel-. Steamed critic of food John's food critic Jonathan develop to your fucking star. You're going to get a Michelin rating. Oh, he's a Michelin, man. You better have your game. When he shows you ever see the movie with Bradley Cooper. Oh, yeah. And what's that fucking movie called the it's a French restaurant? Right. Yeah. Oh, what a maniac he isn't that? And then he gets fucked up at the end bias friend. The guy puts the spice in the food. What an asset. He goes. That was for the that was thirty remember that. Oh, yeah. That's it's an insane. Move by gosh should be shot. I'm gonna find the name of this. So Paul Laurie won the nineteen ninety nine British Open at Carnoustie burned gene van-de-velde collapsed in made trip on the last hole. So he's another guy that. We are on the schedule. Two interviews got a handful of awesome interviews lined up. They're teases us with a few more so bomb. I was going to be in the mix. We're going to be right in the fucking mix at the Insperity invitational champion's tour event, all kinds of big names. We're going to soak it all up we're going to get some interviews. We're going to get some videos it's going to be phenomenal. So if you're out in the Houston area, come by to the Woodland's to the Insperity invitational event on Friday all day will be out of the course hanging. We'd love to see a there's an out. Dr John Daly contests at like from five to seven PM issue. It's incredible on Friday afternoon. We're going to be there. Video camera. We're gonna be trying out. Dr John Daly, people could come check it out scope it out spectate all that good stuff. So hopefully, we'll see people down there folks, we have one apparel company in golf that is our favourite apparel company. Trinidad, you know, which company that is pita Mullah. U2. Mila is going on my desk today because we're moving offices, and I found a Peter Moeller quarters of that. I didn't know I had in one of the drawers it was like finding a piece of gold. Did it feel? Like it was made of pure silk. That's exactly what it felt like pizza. Malala? Anybody who doesn't remember Petema LA dot com slash four. We get you complimentary shipping and a free hat. Alison me. I haven't been rocky and Peter marr for seven eight years. Once I really started to become an adult and an adult that was obsessed with golf and adult that was obsessed with golf who every time. I would go to a golf course go into a pro shop and try to find good gear. I always meant for the Peter Malaga gear. So even before we started working with Peter more, I accumulated just like dozens of articles of clothing. Yup. Of Peter Millar because they are the best. They've also got Peter Millar seaside, which is the best in casual resort apparel. Designed with a special fabric washed for enhanced softness and comfort Peter more. They got limited edition collaboration exclusive Hari Mari, Harry, Mary, do you know, how you say that A R M A R, flip flops and warm, weather accessories. So they can all kinds of. Good stuff there. Polos their pants their quarters hips. Their flip flops all of their peril. It's just the best. That's why we love them. That's why I've been rocking Peter marr forever. Go to Peterbilt dot com slash four. There's a whole page there. It's got a lot of our favorites. And you get complimentary shipping at a free hat. Peter Millar dot com slash four. And then I just want to take this opportunity to talk about what's just coming up for four by we got bet page in like two weeks. Oh, which is unbelievable thinks it's amazing. I remember seeing that side when I was like four or five years ago. They were they used to like tease it wherever whenever they first announced it because they usually announce it like pretty in advance. I remember them putting up the signs like hosts hosting the twenty nineteen PG. I'm like that feels. I hope I'm alive when that happens. You know, when you see things that are really awesome. Like when vendors was like, oh vendors, it's gonna come out, and whatever it's like, I hope I'm still alive for that to come out. That's how I felt with the PGA. And it's here. It's your life has changed quite a bit since then. Oh, yeah. You're just Neil. You're part of barstool. And we're we're just gonna be out there covering I remember saying to my friends that we have to try and get tickets now it's going to be there. Not only are we going to be there. There's a little bit of note for every out there. We have our own luck booth four Blais barstool booth on the driving range. Let's so mad. We wouldn't scope that. While we were out there. We did a site. Visit house has a little case. They said we're that putty is that's where your stand is going to be right. Prime real estate. No joke. I'm dead. Sears with you if Ian Poulter hits a classic Poulter shank on the ranch. It's coming right into the back of our fucking right in the hitch Hitchin the temple while you're doing a little bit. We're going to be a bit. We're going to be there just at our booth and tiger wisdom be swinging right in front rest. Like, right. So were were I would say probably thirty yards past the teeing ground area and like two and a half feet to the right of the range area. Right. So were you know, if Tiger Woods were teeing off his ball. If he were on the far right side of the range. His ball would go like between feet away from us going, man. Just to the left of us. Oh, man. Yeah. We're going to be there. We have a booth having a booth this. Huge booths are Unruh kissing booth. Just boosts in general booth at a restaurant like Barilla's a booth at arrests are out like having a booth that one of those things that lurch coast to in like San Francisco like having a booth Asya. Yep. Now, the conference conferences like having boost the conferences. Oh, you have your own little every little swag. They're like they put we're going to have like little things before play. I bet like sitting in our booth. Oh, brainstorm booth Brandon to the fucking our boot IB fucking bumping. It's gonna be awesome. Are booths going to be sick. So we're going to be a back page all week long. I talked to kids yesterday are good pal. Kevin Kisner said he's gonna try to eat a Borelli's every night. He said he also already booked his flight home for Friday night. It's so kiss. That's incredible. I think he was dead serious. He watched our he's like watching some of the videos that we put up on social music. Yeah. Got no chance. Yeah. He just saw fifteen in like your cigarette stories like goddamn. I'm no book this calls delta. And he's like whatever that fee is to change from Sunday to Friday change, it so kids we're going to have, you know, a bunch of guys we're going to be we're going to be all over that. All over that golf course all over Bethpage state park. We're going to be doing interviews Rhody mixing it up with you folks out there. The people the fans we've got credentials big bigshots the PJ of America, reminder, you go to PGA championship dot com slash barstool. Is that writers at four point? I think it's four point. You're shaking your head. Yes. Okay. It's four point. So you gotta p j J B chip dot com slash four play. Get yourself some tickets tickets or going like wildfire. Can you say that they're going like wildfire? Hi, you say spreading going like hotcakes. Selling like hotcakes. They're selling like hotcakes. People were going nuts actually, have some unbelievable quotes. We're gonna talk about this later PJ of America CEO, Seth what what walk W A G h Howdy said W a wild. Wow. Walk. I'd go walk walk walk. We're so tight. I love PG America, the nothing, but awesome to us. We should know how to pronounce CEO's last name. I'm sure we'll get a little message about this. He said any quotes Tigers impact has been like quote, the moon landing. He went on to say, obviously tiger has an impact sort of like the moon landing. It's not golf. It's where you were win kind of stuff. He said the impact of mmediately afterwards was extraordinary in terms of ticket sales. Now look about page is going to be one of the most rowdy experiences. I think I've ever experienced is going to be so rowdy and a little thing on little note on the moon landing. It's so great. It's almost not real Tiger Woods is masters. Yeah. I mean, so you'll real Frankie's truth for a truth. Not any. No, not totally because I did watch that new Ryan Gosling movie, the first man and God damn they make that thing look grill. But see that again like what special effects? I thought Ryan Gosling landed on the moon if to watch in that it, obviously he didn't write it was that one was faked you that was Neil Armstrong. Yeah. That was fake the Ryan Gosling hasn't been to the moon. No. Okay. Just so, you know, did you think like the movie Mars was real? No, the margin. Marsha me know, what a great movie like. Wow. Gave we met David was. So in character. He went to March. I'm just saying you see these pictures online how long to get there. And this is looks like they're on a set YouTube the worse you tubes. Awesome. You're able to go down those rabbit holes. Man, if you wanna type in anything you type in like blank hoax. You can you can be turned. I was watching the ice worlds part of our planet. Oh recommending hike. Goodness. Frankie wrecks the other day. I gotta say an article what a place. Unbelievable place can Kimmy with that place. Mountain ranges covered by ice. Like the fucking rocky mountains exist down there. They're just covered by ice. You can't even see them. That's there that unbelievable. It's crazy. Does things much water. That is. I mean, it's affecting the globe. Yeah. It affects current shits soman. It's outrageous. I you think they're drone work is off the charts. As also thinking they're drone work high pressure. Drones Jewish in because we're talking the other day about how when the ice when the glacier melts. Right. And they get a huge fall off of glacier daily have like twenty four days kind of the budget. And they just got watch. That thing the whole time there this fucking drone in place for that fall. And then as it fell the drone like rotated out in this really, slow fashioned showcasing like the different landscape as it was falling. And I'm thinking I've flown drones before if you get a little jittery with it. You gotta redo the whole shot guy gets one chance in twenty four hundred chance that glacier breaks apart. Once in forever is hands are probably freeze and Arctic for twenty four days. Couldn't believe it. I was I was so anxious. Like, oh, no, you're going to get a little jerk guy was steady as a rock. Unbelievable. Incredible crazy, go check out the ice world's version PJ championship. Go PJ championship dot com. Tom slash four player. We're going to be there all fucking week. It's going to be a credible. It's going to be as comprehensive coverages we've done and then also Pebble Beach. We're going to be a Pebble Beach all week we got credentials there as well. Our good close tight, personal friend. The US g a Pebble Beach probably heard of it one of the most iconic venues in the entire golfing world. We're going to be there all week. We're going to be we're gonna have a little radio booth another booth situation. We're big booth guys. These days live in a booth at pebble unbelievable booth you. Yeah. Booth for radio video that's were booth in it up. And so we're going to be at pebble all week as well. But next up two weeks, Bethpage get your tickets get out there. Check it out people's golf course, we got videos coming at three videos coming from our weekend Bethpage, which we detailed last show super relatable videos to anyone can play the Bethpage Black anybody. Yup. Generally, anybody you're gonna see me. But I wasn't gonna say Milliyet. Yeah. Fell. I've felt it. And then shout out to our international listeners. I've noticed a lot of emails were getting lately, I don't really know what it is about having international listeners. But it just it gives me a gigantic warm feeling in my heart. Every time I go through a lot of emails that we get from the gallery submissions, and then they'll side off with like, huge fans, your showed out here in Australia. And I'm just like holy fuck. That's crazy to have international listeners and makes the it's an international podcast. It's not just in America. Magic people fucking Australia. You think they'd get our cultural? We have a group of guys in Australia who are islander fans. Guy under fence are those guys doom. We're fucking down. Oh to right now. I need those guys have stepped at shit up. They gotta be there's a first playoff playoff experience. I wanna I wanna hear from the guys in Australia that are that are those bandwagon islander fans at jumped on this year. I want to hear from them. You don't need a video. Yes. Watching this game tonight. All they're not going to hear tonight. I wanna hear I want. I want a video game for. That's what I want Email foreplay up ourselves force dot com or tweeted at us a video of our Australian near guy wonder fans, very anyone who doesn't know about a year ago. Maybe six bucks, we read an Email from crew that like, hey, man, we're big fans out here. Australia didn't have hockey. But you guys talk about hockey all time. And we wanted a team in the NHL in since Frank is you wonder fan, we just became huge. That's incredible. The games like three AM over there. And I think they all just like go to the bar or whatever they call the Barda, and they're feel like they call it hub, the pub on their cost as you call it. It's church. Call the pub fosters, I bet you something even cooler than a pub the Wallaby down by the shock. Eventually they. What is it? I'm trying to find the right now. But I think they just I I'm finding bars. Right. No pub, Australian pub pubs a big one, man. There's they were figure would be something cool stray was settled by like England, right? Didn't England like colonize Australia forever. And so there are no the guys there called something different. But even if they call it the pub- the Wallabies down by the pub. We're going to go to the pub check out some Wallabies in the island is Essa got Scotland. Ireland in London, I've seen emails from lately about groups of people that are like we're big fans all the way here from I own all too. So it's pretty sweet I've been to new cabinet a London, and I've been to Scotland never been to Ireland. Should we go to Ireland for the British Open? Yes. Yes. Fe we should go. I would love to at art. I would never been loved good iron. It looks kissed the blarney kissed the blarney stone. I don't know the blarney stone. How that's pretty good. I'm blarney. You gotta like are you becoming when I just think of that movie. What's that movie? Luckily, our luck of the Irish, let's go visiting believable. Maybe the best Disney movie of all time. I've it is lousy Irish the luck of the Irish that was pretty good. Yeah. I'm picturing the guy old guy. Unbelievably play at sport in the beginning. What's that fucking are ask, you know? Hurling hurling hurling venue. It doesn't know what hurling. Oh, man, go wash from fucking YouTube videos on hurling. It is one of the most outrageous sports in the world. They throw trees. No, they use these fuck in hard balls that like. I don't know what the hell you're talking one where the trees. Iowa triumphant. They're not throwing trees in her. I'm gonna look it up. Are you thinking of a lumberjack just a trade as he grew up? He just through trees around sport trenches, walk hor boy, toss a couple of trees around like that go play that sport there Trent. All right, Trent you're at that's five trees tree over there. And you're gonna get two coins? Cold cable tossing? I mean, they just don't have that trait at down that hill. That's a ten pointer where to go train caper tossing article wi- hurling trees is the most delicate strength sport. So you kind of combined hurling and the tree thing hurling is off the charts. Anyway, real quick you had this huge fucking club. And you just smack this ball. It's basically like I I would assume it's like a combination of field hockey, lacrosse and rugby. That's how I describe it. Okay. And they just smack the shit out of each on their they drop these balls and hit him with this rock-hard club, and you can get your I knocked out in your head. It's crazy all of our Boston listeners. They had a hurling like maybe three four five years ago at think at Fenway that had a hurling match from a couple of days euro teams came over and had a Hurley match was on bowling the fastest game on grass. It was. Unbelievable. I couldn't believe watching it. It was awesome. Yeah. We should go. So we should go to Ireland. And then we have a note from large lurched can't do the podcast Rigo. But I always ask him. Whenever he can't do it. You would you like to submit comments speech? He said lurch has a job so midday recording makes it tough. However any speed in third person. Yeah. This is a strange note. He is with us in his lurch. He spirit also he wanted to get a note that he missed the last episode going on golf trips. He said your boys are going. It's very simple. You go to you have to he said Mets him Albany boys abet page last weekend. Specifically Matt pronounced as brat, which is his last name like bratwurst hit. His loser, buddy. Nick, he said didn't go due to weather or some horrible other excuse. So essentially he would like to take this opportunity to shame Nick for not joining the Bethpage situation turns out Nick is also a big fan of four play. And so he was double bummed because he missed out on meeting and hang out with the boys in the long lesson learned here is that anytime your boys are doing a golf trip. You don't fucking bail out because of the weather because of anything whether you go. Yeah, the weather what is it even mean? The weather unless it's gonna be a fucking tornado weather is perfect. What is rain anyways? Who cares even umbrella yet rain you ever heard of foot joy ring you and it makes it makes the trip more notable. Remember that time we went, and it was pouring rain. And we played Bethpage Black and we had a blast. Yeah. I play Nick didn't come because he's a loser. One of my most memorable golf experiences of all time we played this. I say as memorable, but I can't remember the goddamn golf course we played some like Muny golf course in Denver, Colorado. And it was like a weird time of the year where like one day because Colorado weather is absurd. One day could be sixty and the next day could be ten. It's like crazy never seen anything like it. And one of these days, it was like we brought our golf clubs out there with my girlfriend our entire family boys trip, like eight guys going in this fucking golf course place. Look close we walk into the fricken. It's like twenty five degrees walk into the Gulf into the golf pro shop. Now, like, hey, I we're going about to close the golf course. If you guys I know you guys came from New York if you wanna play you can play we're plying couldn't even get the tease in the. Round where where I literally had my driver head covers all my hands. And I was swinging with them because my fingers felt like they were gonna fall off. But it was the funniest fund most fun round. We've ever had like whenever someone finally hit it through the win. We went fucking nuts. Like if a ball went one hundred yards. We're going crazy member like that her dad came in. And we're all just like completely soak. And he's like God damn I gotta go Pesci. I'm going to have to sit down like we're like, oh like crazy. I was so cold. You gotta go. You can't miss because of weather. That's just an unacceptable excuse. So Nick, we're shaming you on this podcast. Shame don't ever do that ever. Again horrific mistake after a childhood full of unsuccessful attempts to pull the wool over mom's. Is you really think she won't be able to tell the difference between a last-minute mothers day gifts and something truly thoughtful and thought out this mother's day. Do not settle for anything less than the biggest and brightest bouquets from one eight hundred flowers dot com right now. One eight hundred flowers has great deals for. Mom, like twenty four assorted roses for twenty four bucks. That is an amazing deal. Folks have never heard of a deal like that. Did they say twenty four assorted roses for twenty four hours while it is it is so important for guys like us to send flowers for moms because we don't see them that often. 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One eight hundred flowers dot com code four play order today. You're gonna save a one hundred flowers dot com code four play twenty four sorted roses for twenty four dollars. It's an amazing deal. You have to hurry because it expires on Friday. Okay. Lazy expires on Friday. Twenty four sorted roses for twenty four bucks amazing offer that's one eight hundred flowers dot com code four play. Another quick headline that we gotta touch on tiger Molinaro and KEPCO paired together the PJ chip at Bethpage whole areas. They're just running that back. I know it's tradition for them to do the last three major champions because the PJ's usually they'll ask major the years. They take the three previous from the year. So they've taken the three the last three major champs and put them together. But tiger Monari sort around three with them. They're in the same group. The final group at the British Open when Molinari one at KANU Cottam new KANU, stick her Newsday taught a new STA occur. Newsday co Newsday taught a Newsday in two thousand eighteen and then there, of course in the final group together. I don't know if he has caught it at the masters tournament this past April where Mon are collapse. Amac nine tiger wears green jacket required. If he so solid. He has to go Mark next. Right. Everybody's been asking this. Halftime. I think he uses the mock next like, I don't know. I don't know. Tech mock next. They're like Gusta. That's like you just leave it there. You're leaving your locker. I dunno. It doesn't feel right to do. It bethpage. I have noticed. He's been doing his his interviews since in his red mock left turtles turtles is the has three j I won't hate it. But I just something about it's like, maybe he just leaves it in his Augusta locker and they just wins every single year for the rest of his life. I don't I'm not out on that. That's not a bad theory. However, just think at this point when you one fucking masters after with what works after eleven years, your first major in eleven years, you're gonna come out at Bethpage Black your first tournament sense. And just have a totally different style collar. She can have a collar college. Every other Joe schmo in the third minute fussing. Let's ride this wave letters ride. It look in Bill Smith, the PJ professional from North Carolina's gonna have the same shirt on Tigers gonna have come out can't have their mock neck. So I noticed on golf TV, which is Tigers little like North Korea media thing that he does now where he's weird as ios does all the. Interviews with that with that girl. They're actually they're they're great. I mean, she's good. And they do great interviews of. It is interesting that like he doesn't do other media. Like does that? It's Larry's obviously did a lot more media since he won the masher one out. However, I did notice in the Gulf TV interviews, and they were like, yeah. It's been like a week and a half. Now has a field. He's just sitting there in the exact same outfit that he won the master's in. He's in his knock red green jacket black everything else and outside. He's usually aware that like all Donna the VM believable. If like, yeah, it's like partying with the Stanley Cup. But he's just got his green jacket and his red shirt. And he's just not taking it off until maybe the next masters. I dunno right? Look, I'm stunned when he walked into his restaurant at night that he wasn't just in the same exact would have been all all that's just his Trent uniform. Now, it's a great idea. Really? It's Slim's down it streamlines your day. If you're the same thing every single day. So tiger Molinari's Brooks kept compared together. PJ chebet. Bet bid talked about that PJ championship dot com slash four played. Get you ticket kinda like that to just get the Molinari magic out of the way early right? Like, I don't like getting pair with Molinaro towards the end of the weekend. All let's just bury. And while he can like let him have his jitters, let them just fall apart of the front. Let KEPCO think that he has a camp and all the stuff and just like tiger just like weather the storm and the match up with other people on the weekend. That's all we need. I don't wanna see Molinaro Saturday and Sunday. I wanna see him on Thursday. That's fine. I can handle them on Thursday. What do you think tiger heads off the first to you bet page? So last time I saw him there in person he was paired up with Rory mcilroy. Rory went I absolutely bombed one with the driver off one over the trees went like, I'm not even kidding twenty yards in front of ingredients when they had the PGA tour of their. Yes. Like, the Barclays Arkell is. Yeah. And tiger one second. And I remember me and all my friends were standing kind of where Rory hit, and we all went to our right? So more like where like the the dog? They right turns. Where like I guarantee you the tiger tries to do. Exactly orage. Didn't he just like kind of pulls it a little bit because noisy meal to cut it? Three hundred thirty yards of grower. Just did I swear to God, he hit it dead straight at us. Everyone's saying four and it just went right in front of us. That was the time that I had my phone ready, and I was recording. Maybe the best moment of my life. Tiger walked over to us said are you? Okay. I said, no. And everyone was like, well, no, he's okay. I was like joking. I was like now I got hurt. And he's like are you? Okay. And I said, yes. And then he took a swing hidden amazing shot to five feet. I thought I had the video, but I hit picture picture records dot records just had picture picture. And it was on like my iphone like once. I don't even have those pictures really great fuck ups of your life. Yeah. That's huge. I remember my heart beating like, oh my God. I am recording. Jesus hitting golf ball in front of me. I think if the rough is vicious as they want it to be he's got to iron, right? Yeah. Just a stinger the stinger so nice that elevations. Oh my goodness. Just rip it a little stinger cut out there because he'll probably take left cider stinger off the left side. It went out there. Joe kept going to drill a bomb freak. Oh. I get into from our four play at barstool sports dot com. Submit your questions who are hypotheticals your stories, whatever you like to submit whatever you think is worthy enough to get on this show, whatever you'd like us to discuss four Platt bars will sports dot com. The first one getting notes messages from many people just as many people usually there's one name. It says many people. Yeah. Usually put the name this one. I just wrote many people have a gripe with us saying Bethpage Black is the best deal in all of golf, and they keep pointing out Tory pines Torrey Pines, of course, in the San Diego area. It's on the it's on the cliffs there. I guess it's like sixty or seventy or eighty bucks for residents, which is very similar to the price about page. Black couple things on that front. Number one never been to Torrey Pines never were just off our own experience. Never been to San Diego never been to LA never really been to southern California ever. So I don't know. You know, I can't go off of that experience. Yes. The cliffs the views, and is a major championship course. There's no doubt. However, I also believe in the Gulf architecture golf course design world, and all that people think Torrey Pines pretty much like the worst use of land of all time for golf, and they view Bethpage Black is like one of the greatest uses of land of all time. Now, again, there some beautiful gorgeous really awesome holes at Beth bay at Torrey Pines, just play the video game from watching Tiger Woods when they're eight hundred times and all that stuff. And we're not golf course architecture snobs here when even really know that much about it at all outside of when we had David mclay Kidd and you'll hats on the show. Yep. But I I do think that factors in. I think that that Bethpage Black just going objectively off of what I know is a better golf course than Torrey Pines. And I've always been the one to say that like you can find better golf courses in the Bethpage Black. I mean, you know with just views, right? I for. For me like views. Don't go like against the golf course. Like, obviously, you're not looking at the Pacific Ocean. When you're playing the Bethpage Black like, and if you just put any municipal golf course like on the water like I can play like I can play this. A public course like out east or something on Long Island, and I'll have like Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. Like that to me is like really cool like holy shit. Like, I'm on a fucking water golf course. This place is awesome. But like also it's not like breathtaking when you're on the fairway, and like how well it's manicured and the greens are perfect and the bunkers perfect like Bethpage is a perfect golf course. Like everything around it is just normal. Right. You just looking at trees, you're looking at like houses. But like the actual golf course can't be beat when you're talking about like the way it's produced and how perfect it isn't a whole experience of welcome to the I t all that stuff is perfect. So I try and I try and separate the two like there's like, there's views his golf courses. And it is it is true. Right. That they they they're both related and you have to separate them at times. Right. Like, we're not above be like views make golf. Better one hundred percent, totally. They just do it, of course, with the thumbprint hole that you sleepy all sleepy hollow. Like, that's like arguably, like more beautiful golf course in Bethpage Black definitely like, and, but there's no one would ever make the argument that pet paid black is not that sleepy hollow is better than right like like very few people would ever right? And and so it does it gets a little tricky. I will say I part of it almost Bethpage Black even gets. More credit because without having views be a park land course, and all that you stand on several tease on your breath is taken away. Yeah. Like when you stand when you walk onto the third green, which is that part three in the new walk to like down, the green and you set your bag down, and you look behind you. And you see that fourth hole, which is the epoch par-five like three tiers to it. Unbelievable till it has bunkering and you see that hole for the first time. It takes your breath one hundred percents. You're like holy fuck. What is that? We said it looked like the pin was different state in a different state. It's crazy. So far we walked up on it. Yup. It's an unbelievable hole, but boys that like far because you can see it from the t box. Yeah. But it's just sort of very rare with such a homeless such characteristics, and such you know, like gyration of height is that the word, I'm looking fudge relations, undulation gyration. What's Girish variety? I think. Yeah. Yeah. Like when I'm doing. Movement terrorism deletion of height and stuff. Like, you would you would assume you can't see the pen from the tee box. But you can see this fucking thing from every angle of that whole and it's never getting closer. Now. It's spectacular out say the sixth hole when you walk over the fairway, and you like you turn a little bit laughed, and you see that approach shot on the sixth hole the way that greens perched up with all the bunkering around. It is breathtaking the eighth hole, which is the part three over the water kind of sunk in between these giant ills is magic as majestic. It's it is majestic and then several holes on the back band have that as well. I think the short par three fourteen th hole is gorgeous. It's an incredible use of land. There's like a huge ravine between the t box and the green it's only like one fifty one sixty one seventy something like that gorgeous whole like the bunkering the front bunkers, the deepest bunker at think in the galaxy. I mean. Like unreal. How deep it his green complex is awesome. And then fifteen even for being such a bear. Is you look and you like see that Greenway elevated with the intimidating bunkering way off in the distance kind of like it does a little bit of a dogleg left up into the trees right at the end. And kinda just looks majestic. So and then eighteen sixteen seventeen eighteen is one of the better just six eighteen or all incredible seventeen is actually ridiculous this stadium around the seventeenth par-three. Is is ridiculous. Good as it gets and the eighteen he shot. So it's just outrageous. And for them to have that in a park land golf course is again why I think is just it's just the best golf course in the country that you can play for like under a hundred bucks is just it's as good as it gets. I I obviously see an argument for Torrey Pines in the conversation. There's no doubt about it. And if you're one who values and you like the architecture of Torrey Pines, and you value kind of those views. Mm above you know, other stuff totally understood pure, huge ocean person, you're probably going to be obsessed Torrey Pines over about page all the interested to see when we're out there. Asking some of the pros like what they think is the best deal in all golfers the amateur golfer, and if they think Bethpage ranks up because he's got the played everywhere. Yeah. They have it's true. So that's a little bit of a weighing in. I I I don't really know what else could be in the conversation, you know, outside of destinations ready like when you go to bed and dunes those courses are at expensive once you're there, a couple of hundred bucks or something like that. And you might be able to play for under two hundred certain times a year and the courses at Bandon. They've got five of them if you count the part three course to building another one now are off the charts just in the clips and stuff like that. But I think like somewhere close to a large city that you could just the public can just go play and play for a ridiculously cheap amount of money. I think those two are probably stand out as some of the better deals in all golf, look nothing hits the spot like an alcoholic beverage or to a libation is our good friend. Tiger Woods calls it. Yes. He. Does ally bation or to to unwind after work or to celebrate with friends? Let's be honest. Once you hit the age of twenty five to thirty. I may be thirty two who knows even moderate responsible drinking can leave you feeling less than one hundred percent. The next day by less than one hundred percent. The next day. They mean, just terrible. Like you got hit by a bus New York City bus. Yup. The next day. Cheers offers a solution to this universal problem like an anti-acid for alcohol. Cheers, neutralizes, alcohol's negative effects. So you wake up feeling great after a night of drinking. Cheers as the product for responsible, drinking and responsible drinkers. Cheers exists to bring people together by promoting fun, responsible and health conscious alcohol consumption. 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Enter promo code four play at checkout. You're going to get ten percent off your first order and a free gift. Lot of percentages were thrown at you. You're gonna feel at least fifty percent better. And we're going to get you ten percent off your first order and a free gift. That's cheers, health dot com. Promo code four play for ten percent off and a free gift with your first order and always remember to cheers. Correy says one million dollars in the line. One swing you either have to hit a driver onto the fairway at number one in Augusta or hit a ball into the green on number seventeen at saga as which one. Do you? Choose. I'm much more confident hitting the driver onto the fairway at one at Augusta because we have try we'd been sawgrass. We went down there. And I tried to ten times. I couldn't get it on the green at at seventeen. That's correct. So after LA TAT's probably ten maybe more you come close. No, you hit the green and rolled up. Maybe once. Oh, man. It was tough. You know, how how far is it? Thirty. Maybe when forty something like that tough at Saugus, there's the island green. And there's that other little island of flowers. You'll talk about tree in the flowers Trent hit one into the tree. It's probably still there most likely probably still there a better. This simply goes a manicures those flowers, though, did take a rowboat out there. I think they. I don't know how deep you think that waters two feet. I picture someone scuba diving in there like picking up the balls and shit. They do that. But like they don't scuba dive to fix the flowers. I type picture that picture them scuba diving. Maybe just maybe they put waiters on like fishing leash walkout there. I don't know how deep it is. I don't know. He's pretty shallow. What tiger out? There was walk on the water. Oh because he's Jesus. Yeah. Sure. Second third Jesus tiger effort, then I'm like, again, all religious thing. Earlier hatha weird ministry religious mood. Nah. And then we're talking about like the world spinning and stuff. Hell. Yeah. That was. Yeah. I gotta tell you this fucking facial hair starting to become a real problem. Like it's starting to go into my mouth. Yeah. I would say that the other day with my beard, thriller bad. I did trim abuse. You can't even trim the beard though, or like, the touch the the mustache you can't stop it from going to your mouth because that's just like normal. You can do that. You just so allowed equipped. Oh, that's true. That's good point guy come up to me at the foot joy event. And he said your fish oil is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. And I was like, thank you. I think if I'm official had a lot. And then he realized that it was free. He's he's a he's talking about Frankie and not. I was like you don't you don't know what all of us. Look I can eat. He said to me said, I don't I don't go on YouTube. Okay. He said, I don't go on YouTube is really I don't know that. He's just doesn't know. We look think we only exist on YouTube. I don't know. I said, you you listen to the podcast, but you. Don't know look and look me in the face. And he said, I don't go on. Okay. No. I don't go on YouTube. Oh shit. God. Yeah. He's like you're not as bad as I thought. And I was like, that's awesome. I love because I hate my facial hair. And I I'm always thinking about it. Because I keep thinking about it. I everytime. I people in this office can grow beards. And I can't grow on. And I have you have a beer. No. This is a what do you? Go t-, though, we call it. I can't grow version big beard, which I'm very jealous of so him. You have an overgrown goatee correct inside a beard is not you have the go t- that you can pick very easily on most video games when you creating player. Vigo t for like NBA create a player. It's the one you can't pick. But nobody picks. Yeah. It's usually like the fourth option, and you have the color too. It's like that dirty blonde. Yeah. It's like ill ill show you dark Brown light Brown. Blonde, dirty. Von it's an issue not up bad. It's an option you there's no option for my face. Well, actually, it is. It's like it's like preset one. That's always like everyone's go to joke. Your faces like the generic weak character when you turn on the game. And it asks you to change your face, and you're like, no, thanks. I just want to be like, Frankie. This thing is keeping him up at night. You can pay stuff. You get the things people say to him about it. The fact that the real problem is still on his face, the real shave people just today. We mean things you today, we had a guest for pizza views, and I was like talking to the handler outside and Dave was in there with the with the guests and she's looking at me. And I like, I literally the stop the conversation. I'm like, I understand what's I've I've done this many people like I understand what you're looking at. And I do not think I look. Good with this. It's just because the islanders were in the plan. She's like, well, she didn't gash that. What what do? You mean? The island is. I'm like, it's a whole long story. Yeah. I just can't shave. Stuff. She called me. That guy called you. What patches or Hulan from dodgeball? Yeah. We have you had that one your back pocket. Didn't you? So. Yeah. That guy to that guy out there, you complimented my facial air, but if you wanna go on YouTube and check us out you can this is interesting to think, it's true. We have a YouTube channel at a couple of thousand subscribers now, even though we've done no marketing for that's on us hand up. That's on. I'll change it. Also, a lot of people asking if we do video versions of our podcasts, we do start putting those up there as well. Whenever we can. I think that there's a we're having a conversation about do we want to put all of our video podcasts behind gold, right? There's a high demand for it. People do that and people do that other podcasts do that. There's a if there's demand for us to put our video podcasts out there. Which sounds like there are there will probably put the full versions those behind Goldwasser to put out clips and whatnot. But it is interesting thing about like people that don't know what we will. They just listen to us the other guy had no idea percentage of our listeners. You don't know. I think that happens to me a lot because I have a dumb talion like New York way of speaking. And then I also do the pizza views and everyone thinks I'm going to be like this like clumpy like, I'm Glen. I think I'm Glen, you know, shots Glenn. But it a shot. Yeah. Ricochet shot at going. But that's like a year Long Island brethren. No picture like Franklin has nothing but nice to you. Yeah. He's great. He's a ranger fan, but true election year like well, he's guy. But like, yeah. But not really. Yeah. I mean, he's fit you pick your Frankie Braley from Long Island. And like you hear the way I speak. You probably think you probably don't think that I look like an Irish twig. What percent do you think I've got twenty percent of my head as you said twenty. Is a twenty percent of our listeners. Don't know. What we look like. Yeah. I think that's pretty fair. It's strange you'd have to not be on Twitter. Not be on Instagram. Not be on YouTube. You have to not know barstool is almost. Yeah. You just stumbled upon this golf podcast. He really like it, and you have no fucking idea. What we saw are what we look like. Yeah. You know, what we sound like well tiny one that doesn't right now is a little homework. Assignment is just go searching go to four play golf podcast for play golf. What is it on you to four play golf on YouTube? Go search us check us out all reveals around there. We got three hot new ones coming out in the next two weeks touted from Bethpage Black our weekend. The blackout weekend that we had with foot joy, great company. Rain jackets. We got cool shoes. We got the answer to this is the first tee fairway fairway. I just hit low missile out there. I mean affair was abused fairway on the plant fairway. It gets obviously tighter up near that bunker. I don't know if I could reach him. No, I would. I mean, there's so much room on that. I. I would just tee it up nice and high, and I would just like Frankie you have all that room on the left like just drill. This thing out into the open and let it come down left to right. That would be my dream. I shot on on one. I always wonder on one. If I could legitimately reach that bunker, the right 'cause like Rickie Fowler hits into that. Puck shadow me. And it goes a little uphill, right? So I don't think rob. There's no chance I'm region that I'll probably like two fifty to sixty that'd be my dream shots. And I'm thinking I hit one two to sixty dollars fairway on one at chance hidden hitting the green into at a gotten on one eighty out one ninety Kimmy Dohuk forearm trowel. No for me. It's five one ninety. We'll have a little thing you hear my voice. They're kind of like nasal there is that time of the year to a little nasal who stays will drip allergy guy. No. It's just I'm getting sick. That's Frank forcing yourself. No UTA was having a fit. That's why I said do you see what's going on right now? So wait mentally sick. I wouldn't have said it had enough felt a fit coming on. It felt a little knows fit. Number two is if I have one ninety shot on the first hole at Augusta. I'm taking out of five four iron. And I am trying to hit it as hard as I can. I am literally hitting it three yards because I do that with my long irons. I literally just missed the ball and cough. It I top it straight into the ground. Only with my form my five all the time. I my new thing how about this. I don't know if anybody else out there has ever had this can help me with this. But my last four greenside bunker shots, I've just bullied him over the green you hit. So an unbelievably bad shot on seventeen at the black. I've I've so that was my fourth lash whole other shot shit. I've hit three more greenside bunker shot since I played nine holes. I can't I can't hit the sand. Oh, man. I'm just by skull fucking on. All my other chips are great around the grass. No problem. I literally that one I hit on seventeen or George video. Trent was like you were in the Sahara as we explained. I was enjoying the terrain within the twist. I'm at that point. I remember Jake booking guy was doubled over laughing. At what Trent was doing. Trump was holding his bag in six foot high fescue ca seventeen is like seventeen is very much lush. Yes. Seventeenth fescue is in. I came up short a seventeen you did. And there is some serious. He was Jacob. Jacob. This. Laugh is double over loud. I remember looking at Trent trenches in there in his head pop. But once in a while, and you see you see a hack and his head pops up against you know, the heck and I'm like, all right? Just leave trippers second rigs is in the bunker. And I was on the green ready because I hit one fucking flush. You got a shot of shot. I mean, the videos and saying if you watch this video on rigs in cigarette story, it I my the tee which I've never seen when hitting a four iron watch us. You watch us. He comes flying out of the ground and goes straight like like, I was hitting the driver was nuts too. I gotta show you this. When when we're all here. I mean, I hit one hundred ninety yard four hundred to like seven feet if he was into the wind was unreal. Anyway, I'm on the green, no big deal and try and raises in the fucking bunker. And that's no big deal. You that raises a great short game player. I'm like, no good bug your shot. No problem. No problem, man. Look at all of a sudden this ball comes buzzing by our heads. And when I say you hit this ball. Are you had to hit it what ten yards? You you must. You're you're you're trying to hit it ten yards. You hit this thing. No joke sixty yards via maybe seven seventy five yard. It was over the grandstands like the stadium. Seating went over. It went over the grandstands. It was nuts. I when he may. I went holy fuck. It just flew not to mention you hit one of the best recovery shots. I was gonna say the shot after that credit on real so the bogey there. I I had like a ten footer for. We'll either for the video we'll save for the video that I did. So I've got this thing. My I'm I can't sleep. Now thinking about it my last four bunker shots, and I guess I'm pretty I understand the technique. I'm usually pretty good outta greenside bunkers like two inches behind it play. Like, there's a dollar Bill on the ground to scoop or a splash that sand out. No problem. I think about that. I'm like, it's just a weird thing you're over blade skull fuck ham. Over the time. It's insane. Horrify? We have fucking paired up with these two guys me and my buddy at at skyway over in jersey, and they're both stories and fans of podcasts and whatnot. And I hit a greenside bunker twice where play with them skull. It must stay on the worst fucking bunker play on the planet. I last four hundred can't hit a bunker shop hand us devastating. So I would also I'm going to do fairway at at Augusta National. I've tried to hit that green at seventeen I'm one for two. I hit one of the water and we played seventeen at sawgrass. It was a back pin Atlanta right next to the flag with a pitching wedge, one hopped into the water. Oh, my next one. I hit in the middle of the green in two hundred double. It's hard green ahead, Fulton and Rourke. This is stuff that when it was sent to us at the office people freaked out office manager brat who takes himself, his fragrances, grooming, all that impossibly seriously. Hey, hey, hey, guys, get Fulton. A rook love that stuff. 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And there's no better time to get on board and try Fulton and Rourke last quick thing. They make the best smelling bathroom essentials money can buy I'm talking to this stuff should be G Q award-winning shave cream body wash. All that good stuff. We've been rocketed. That's why we smell and look and feel so good go to Fulton and Rourke. That's our show a, arcade dot com. Use the code four at checkout. Get fifteen percent off your total purchase. You are welcome. That is folded and Rourke R O A R K dot com. Codes for fifty percents off. Boom. You are. Welcome con CO in says, I have this one friend who does the tiger twirl after every golf shop. Can you? Please explain them how ridiculous of a move. This is we are both not good at all. My thoughts are have you even have the audacity Troyer club. It better be a pin. Zieger or straight down the middle of the fairway in a huge moment. Please tell my friend who looks like an Astle. It's laugh out. Out loud. Funny, if his friend is twirling just like absolutes like slices just drills one the ball slices. Like, I don't know twenty thirty yards. Right. And he's just twirling the shit out of that club. I think it's laugh out loud funny. I thought the exact same thing. I think he's doing an unbelievable movie hits. What's blatantly, a horrible drive in just I'm we're all doing it? The openness. Six twelve. You're gonna make triple from. That's a worshiper somebody watching that from like a farm because like oh, man. He must kill that. Yeah. Does a great shot. I've also thought of just since we do so much filming in video every time. We're on the course that I should twirl after every shot because you can't see on camera with the ball actually knows. So I could just I did that on eighteen at the black and alerts had called me. I drilled the drive off eighteen on the black and it kind of leaked into the rough like it actually ended up being a great drive. Like, I was like I don't know a couple of feet into the rough and lurches like oh now come on. I mean, I did the whole Torah did the Torah and the sword. I did it twirl and sword your sword. You can't see where the fuck that ball. Isn't. Let me have that moment in the lurch. Was I don't know about that. What I turn around like they can't see that. They can see the twirl. Yeah. We're not being disingenuous like that ball is still fucking piped. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah. I think you ought to grow into something. Con. I don't think your body's an asshole. I think he's all you're the asshole con. I do think the guy has to fully embrace it though. You can't be doing like give me doing half ass twirls in like kind of caught in the middle as doing an answer every single one. I know that cons over exaggerated, and this guy just does it. Unlike funny when he finally fucking hits one in the air. He's like let's fucking and go boy like Scott shooting one hundred every time he goes out there. He drills one he's toil and that thing's face off, and you'd better let them which I love. Yeah. Yeah. Big fan. This did not go Conway. Oh, sorry Kahn that happens a lot. I shoot a lot of these submissions usually were into shame and people here. But not that guy. Tim says what are the odds at tiger transitions to the senior tour at fifty zero zero this is there such a savage move. It'd be like Kabusheyeme NASCAR. He's just go there and Bernard Bernard long or a huge NASCAR. You know? It's just like that that whatever story we bring up you're like, oh, it's just like cobblers, my friend, Kabul. Sharon, I didn't even go there. I don't even go with that breakfast is hitting home in me is like I didn't know that that guy was hated that much. Going down. I think it's fucking hilarious that he just goes to these lower amateur events and just dominates indust- people, and they literally had to ban him. So I picture if Tiger Woods went to the the senior tour and was playing golf courses. Like, oh, you know, the Eisenhower red used to be the home of the senior tour US open. No way champions like that. Like, the the senior US Open. Really? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Back in the day like the forties. There's zero percent chance tiger wood dust out on the. I mean. Yeah. So much more to play for he's gonna be winning fucking majors at fifteen minutes. They'll be wanna a major championships. Fifty which is Tiger Woods fifty is like a normal person's thirty five which is great because forty three now. And then we got some kind of a crazy thing to say he's had eight majors the way it looks. It looks like it will say if he keeps playing just four tournaments year the majors the he'll be still playing for major championships when he's fifty five when he when he has his hat on. We were saying this during the masses he looked he looked like twenty nine years old. Oh is this. It was. The biggest mock the mock neck in the hat. He looked fucking the wind took ten years off of it. Oh, he's got. I mean the way he feels the way he looks ten years off that picture of him celebrating with his arms in the air and yelling and the camera that just got it. Just right. He literally he looks like he's twenty five years. Crazy. I don't know how he does that. I think it might be the mock neck thing. But now he won't he's not going to play the senior tour when he's fifty. He's still going to be the more. I talk about it him only playing fucking five tournaments for the rest of the year is so good. He staying healthy member when he just pulled out a Bay Hill. Right. Remember how we all panicking like Z fucking hurt. He said he had a neck issue. Fucking neck issue. Not play back to back weeks care five one at Bay Hill thirty seven times, he's like we got the Players Championship next week the Players Championship some bigger tournament that I've got the matchplay loves the matchplay loves WGC's. Then I've got the fricken masters, which he won then there's a bunch of major so tiger. I mean, we're telling me we're looking at picture that guy. That's a twenty five. Five year old man, no joke. If I showed an alien if I explain this is what a ten year old looks like this. What twenty you looks like thirty forty fifty. And I showed them this picture. They would say that falls within the twenty five to thirty five. Right. Yes. Hundred percent, I'm not even being by borderline doing a victory lap of as last year college to picture of tiger with the mock Nak, he's got the hat on. He's got the Bridgestone ball. And he's just holding it up like giving someone like thanks after just drilled a putt, and he legitimately looks twenty nine years old. It's crazy. Twenty nine is good as you look older than him in this picture helical. I I look old. I got an old face. Now. You just local like you look in the tiger where we're more talking about how young he looks shot at you know, it wasn't shy you at all. All right. It wasn't shot trick how we're saying. You look young. He looks even younger. Yes. Doesn't feel that. Right. It's the way you should take it Truscott. Trust me. Do do a trust us situation now. All right. Let me know. I'm just saying no tire was not gonna play the senior tour out of the I don't know if he'll ever plays tournament. I think it's diminishing his career if he plays a senior tour event, I don't want him out there like doing long drive contests. And also, I won't take it with. It'd be a fucking masters champion and just like put them in a glass case when he's done what tiger out there at the Insperity invitational in Trenton, I go to eat at all. All about your can't be out. There can't be. No, you can't be. That's john. Daly was born for that. John worn to be better. He was celebrate John born to be outside of hooters charging people a hundred bucks and knock in pots while he drinks, a beer and smokes a fucking cigar. And like play the champions toward no shoes on Tiger Woods. That's that. Tiger Woods is there to win championships. And that's it and don't get me wrong. Okay. All these guys that I mentioned earlier that we're going down, and we have plans to interview John Daly, Fuzzy's our David Tom seller. When all these guys these guys are made they're perfect for the champion's tour. Perfect rate friendly down to earth guys. They're going to chat it up with the boys. Have a great time in Houston that you win some money. They still play awesome golf some of these guys. Lot of these guys. It's a great thing. Tiger Woods a fucking machine. You don't want to Terminator there. He's a fucking Terminator on the flip side of the champion's tour shouldn't one tiger. No, you what John Daly, you want fuzzy Zeller, you kidding, the guys who planned the chambers through or do not wasn't that is what that's what's separate like you need to have something that separates yourself from the main product, right? It's almost like isn't like you need. Something that separate yourself from the PGA like a PGA right now like where Tiger Woods is playing is these guys were at the top of their game. They're young the right? A win fucking and compete. And then the the thing that makes the champion's tour the champion's tour is like you have these unreal lovable personalities, and these guys are just going out there. Having a great time guys like John Daly or having long drive contests. Like, that's what that's separate. That's the cell right there. Like if you don't sell it that way, it's not going to be. So so that is why guys like John Daly do that. And Tiger Woods is just going to be a fucking machine. There's no way Fuzzy's our still plays on the Jimmy Stewart. Right. He's like sixty seven years old. He's I don't I don't think he swings it out there. I don't know. I can't I don't know if he's just there this week when we go down there and hang out with him. If he's there just kind of like MC and hang out of the amid if he's playing in the event, I'm really not sure it's what we're going down to export. We're going on investigate see with the senior tour business is all about. But one thing I know it's not about is. Tiger woods. No. You can't invite. The you can't have the Terminator at like. A barbecue. No the guy eats like pre canned like tube up food and like a little chamber by himself. Now, he has doesn't leave US House. Now, he gets has everything you need. Is there anything else? Any also it's like a feeding tube that doesn't go into his by just like some like goes into his stomach. Yeah. Tiger doesn't consume food? Just goes inside. It's like an Irene, right? Yes. That is correct. All right, folks. That's it for us this week. We will be in Houston. We're going to be there. Thursday, Friday Saturday. We're going to be at the Insperity invitational. Big shout. Those guys champion's tour having us down at the Woodland's country club in Houston. Come see us. Come hang out with us. Come watch. The event were pumped will be back next week. We're gonna have a bunch of interviews that we're going to be able to throw out in these next couple shows. And then we're going to be encroaching. We're getting we're gonna be sneaking up on PJ championship week at Bethpage Black right down the street for us Borelli's restaurant. All that good stuff. It's great time to be alive. It's a middle of golf season. See in Houston will be back next week hit at art hit harbors floating in space right now. And we're going sixty seven thousand miles an hour could be fucking spinning right out into the universe. And Trent will not sleep tonight thinking about that fact, God damaged and so fast.

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