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This is good old boy mike from sips suds and smokes. And you're listening to from paper to people. Hello and welcome to another episode of from paper to people the family cookbook. My name is Carolyn. Knee Lachlan and I am your host with the most. Just welcome to the genealogy podcast with a sense of humor and it's a little hard to have a sense of humor rate now truly because we are all very worried. And that's why I decided we need an episode called. Keep it sweet and that's just what we're going to do. We're going to dig into Generations Old Candy Recipes of my grandmothers. My grandmother used to let my mother have friends over after school. And what they would do is so cute. It's like the most incredibly sort of mid Western Army Brat. White girl thing to do she would have friends over and in one case in one case they made these little coke aprons there so fantastic. I have them and they are made out of CALICO and they're like little aprons like an apron that you would wear that goes around your neck and goes down your front and has ties and has a little pocket on it. It's exactly like that only. It's the right size for a coke bottle to keep the sweat. I'm a coke bottle from getting your hand wet and the little pocket is first Straw. They would hand make these and then use them to drink their little bottles of coke and another thing that they would do is they would have their little bottles of coke. 'cause I don't know feed people full sugar I guess it's good for them right Not So sure about that. But my grandmother would have them in the kitchen and they would make and eat fudge. They would make an eat other candies as well and homemade candy was a big deal in my grandmother's family. As I've said she came from Omaha she was born in nineteen five and Omaha and her mother Made Candy and her stepmother made candy. And it's just kind of a part of this sort of German English heritage that I have so I've got this wonderful book in front of me and I'm going to pull out a couple of recipe cards and I'm going to read you what we've got but I this service message Kovic. Nineteen better known as Corona virus has spread throughout the world symptoms of this respiratory disease may include fever cough and shortness of breath. These symptoms may show up to to fourteen days after exposure. If you are experiencing these symptoms and have come into contact or are in an area with an ongoing outbreak. Please call a hotline and or consult with a physician. Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces for more information please visit CDC dot Gov forward slash coverted. Nineteen thank you. That service announcement was courtesy of Blueberry the company that hosts my podcast and the information was courtesy of the CDC. That's the Centers for Disease Control here in the United States. I know that other countries have different to therapies. But you can always use. Cdc Dot Gov to find out information about. What's happening here in the United States? So I don't mean to leave anybody out just wanted to qualify that and now let's go to the land of Fudge. Peanut butter fudge is my favorite kind of fudge and this recipe is a recipe of my grandmothers and judging from the vinegar in it which I have never seen in any modern recipe. This has got to be a fairly old one. It's written in my grandmother's handwriting and it also specifies cane sugar instead of white sugar so this language and the ingredients. Tell me that that's probably a fairly old recipe. Maybe even one that she used when she was a young woman herself. My Dad loved peanut butter fudge so much and loves cashews so much that one time for his birthday. I made him cashew butter fudge. He loved it too. He was thrilled so here. We go peanut butter fudge two cups of cane sugar or white sugar one cup of Brown Sugar. One Cup of Water. One Teaspoon of vinegar one tablespoon of butter and a pinch of salt. The peanut butter is separate. Okay all right so here. We go my grandmother's manner in writing. These things always confusing to me. Boil to two hundred and thirty six degrees stirring to prevent sticking removed from fire and beat in one cup of Chunky. Peanut butter beat till starts to set. Press into Pan and it works. I assure you it works now. This is the fudge recipe that my mother used to make when she was a girl. And it's just wonderful it's typed up and I think my mother typed it up in her high school typing class. Because I don't know about you guys but we had typing class. I went to school. And that's what this is. So four cups of granulated sugar a quarter pound of butter or Oleo which is only oh margarine one cup of pet milk which is a canned evaporated milk product one teaspoon of Vanilla one pint of marshmallow cream two packages of chocolate bits. Which would be chips of some kind now and two cups of nuts more is better but at least this much chop fairly fine. Boil to a soft ball. Stage the sugar butter and milk removed from the stove. Add Two packages of chocolate bits. Adv Vanilla and marshmallow cream blend until the chocolate bits are well melted. Add nuts and pour in a buttered pan. A nine by thirteen pan is nice makes thick pieces. That's my mom. All over work fast after you start blending the bits cream and nuts makes about five pounds. So she and her friends. She made Six coca aprons. So she and her six friends eight five pounds of fudge those girls. I can't imagine that they weren't just rolling down the street. Full of fudge stunning. Here's another one. This is a recipe from a Mrs Telly. And it's an old card. It's written in my grandmother's hand in a younger version of my grandmother's hand and it is battered and torn and spotted. So Mrs Tellies Cream Candy Three Cups of Sugar One cup of Cara Syrup one and a Quarter Cup of Cream. One Cup of nuts. Cook to two hundred thirty four degrees again. Use Your Candy. Thermometer beat until stiff then pushed down on plate. Okay I have no idea which do after that. I suppose you cut it into pieces but again these things. They're not really telling us a whole lot. Here's an after dinner mints recipe and this is a very bad typing job from my mom so I get the feeling that this was another one of her high school typing attempts after dinner mints. Put Two cups of sugar two thirds of a cup of boiling water one quarter teaspoon cream of Tartar. One Teaspoon. Vinegar IN SAUCEPAN OVERHEAT. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Then boil without stirring to two hundred sixty five degrees pour onto slightly greased platter and leave until cool enough to handle pole candy with fingers. Adding a few drops of oil of peppermint when too stiff to pull stretch into a rope one half inch in diameter and cut with scissors and small pieces put at once into bowl of powdered sugar and leave until sugary. Can you do that with your kids? That's what I'm thinking of with all of this. I know I'm saying hey feel your kids full of sugar and then let them run around crashing into furniture inside your house. Not necessarily the best idea. I know that I understand that. I don't have children so I don't have to deal with what happens when you fill your children full of sugar but I would think that this is actually kind of fun thing to do. Not just cookies not just cake. Not just cookies or cake from a mix but to make candies. It's really reaching back a couple of generations. Here's another one PECAN pralines one cup sugar white two cups of Light Brown sugar a Quarter Cup of white care of Syrup one eighth of a teaspoon of salt one and a quarter cups of milk one Teaspoon Vanilla and a cup of pecans combine all but vanilla and pecans cooked to softball two hundred thirty six degrees removed from fire and cool to lukewarm. Add pecans and Vanilla and beat with wooden spoon and tell it loses it's gloss drop by tablespoons on waxed paper and spread to four inches diameter rap in cellophane if anybody is from Louisiana specifically the area of New Orleans you can tell me whether or not that's a faithful recipe. I will believe you either way. I'm going to give you one more candy recipe for the kids and then a wedding punch for the adults once. Those kids have been burnt out by sugar and gone to sleep. The final one is divinity and this is like age old American Culture Food Divinity. I've heard about for years and years. I think I've tried at once or twice. It's an odd sort of fluffy candy but that's all I can really remember. It's kind of a creamy fluffy candy. Anyway it's two cups of white sugar. A half a cup of Corn Syrup a half a cup of water to egg whites a tablespoon of the Nila a half a cup of and Salt Cook Sugar Syrup and Water. Two hundred sixty five degrees pour over egg whites add salt vanilla nuts and beat till creamy on the back. It says to make seafoam which is a different kind of candy. I Guess Substitute Brown sugar for the white sugar and use a quarter cup of Syrup instead of the Half Cup of Syrup for divinity. Okay so we've got to last candies divinity and seafoam now for those households that indulge in alcohol. I have something for you. It is wedding punch and I think they must want you to serve it to everybody before they write the checks to put in the purse. I'm not sure for every twenty people to be served. So this is twenty people's worth of wedding punch if you make it and you put it in the refrigerator seal tightly so that the alcohol doesn't evaporate and make sure you market with like three X.'s. And a skull and crossbones like they do in the cartoons so that the kids won't go near it slice a half a pineapple police in a bowl with a cup of sugar syrup. And I don't know if that's a preordained recipe for Sugar Syrup or if you can use Carol I have no idea a cup of lemon juice two cups of pineapple juice one and one half fifths of rum. Whoa that's a lot of rum. Chill at least two hours poor over a block of ice add to courts of sparkling water and one pint of sliced strawberries. Oh my that's fancy. Well that may not be something that we can make wall. We're stuck at home but it's something to plan for for the future anyway. I wanted to give you some recipes. That would make you laugh. Because they're fun and I don't know they're not necessarily practical at least some of them but some of them probably are and if your kids are going to be going out of their minds anyway and you have to home school them. You know home accused to be a class. It actually used to be required for graduation my school so give it a try. Why Not Otherwise? Keep IT SWEET. Take care of yourself and above all wash your hands

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