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had a good time bro let me tell you something that was one of the biggest turnouts my franklin and he said he had a fucking blast over buddy said he had a blast blast gay people great fucking new york all over everywhere everywhere they're celebrating they before they are but anybody who's got a problem with that is crazy but on the dark side let's about the facts here a couple of confused little your wife i'm not sure i'll go have a drink yeah some guys who just want it to be an ally ally to the gay folks just went you know i'm not gay but i am you're ally next thing you know jets millionaire that's what guys have remembered gay dude dude dude it's the all same rules apply all same rules a scumbag arena the plight of men applied a gay man that's like three guys are there's a there's gay guys semiin sister and the gay guys that liv the converge it hurts my feelings as a fifty one year old man that's still a big deal that anyone cares at all it really does does it hurt my feelings 'cause i thought the by the time i was a fucking middle aged fifty one year old father then we'd be done with that people wouldn't care if other people were gay like of all this shit to worry about of all this shit in the world the worry about you worrying about guys who like guys like what do you give a fuck and they always go biblical they always go biblical like it's always a if god one of the beer in the bible that is that she drives me crazy where i lived in my old house in north hollywood there is a gay couple across the street to do to lower the pilot from major airline and he was in the process any other guy got fired and target of being a transgender this goes back to two thousand ten and they had cats you know made the guy talked to the guys about cats that wasn't old guy down the block that will come over and talk like you can't talk on old white dude like you can't talk to kevin carries that neighborhood wants to morals astles moving there and i go there are feeding fucking homeless cats what's the right so this day whenever i go my own labels messy among them pullover i talked to say hello it's just too sweet people trying to be fucking just being who they are gonna be who the fuck they don't we make jokes hey i've made jokes the whole thing but at the end of the day i learned the hard way and i talked about on stage like you were there when i said that my daughter by tomato party yeah she went to school with a kid in his parents were trained jen that i felt kind of weird and wet and on the way out i looked at the kid i seen sixty transgender people that could confirm a community yeah and i saw this little kids smiling and i go home adopted that kids adopt look what they're doing a kid the making of life like and i had closed at dawn i was like i said the joke i believe trending this hour fucking tight that said i eat the food nice yeah it doesn't matter it doesn't matter the only time in matters of maize with sports just stop it just stop it down where we're gonna be fine but this i look there's some statistics see this drew 'em let someone sent me the other fourteen states that allow a high school kids to compete as the gender they they identify was rather than their biological gender in those fourteen states transgender students just dominating trans gender male the female there's dominating his winning everything it's great i know you're from the box that i have a problem let's go here's a lot of sports all of it when when it comes to like power sports like i'm not sure they've done the work here i don't like this idea that every trent like these these excuses outliers and the outliers are there some like super athletes right like you get a regular girl who is a hundred and forty five pounds or you could get you know ronda rousey ways hunting forty five pounds you know there's like this extreme athletes third is people have different serena williams is clearly a different level of athletes athletes in a regular person right regular girl who's like her weight she's just suit superior and i think that that is what you see with some of these transgender athletes come over to become women they say well they're no different than a lagoon in wolf who is like a superior athlete female box you ever see in will knock girls out no dude dude she haymakers is checked with a right hand and say one of those brutal one punch knockout you've ever seen men or women in perfect technique just way lays this girl tim she falls out cold and there's not a whole lot of women other than maybe amanda nunez but amanda nunez is doing it with some little gloves on i wonder if she would be able do it like that with those big gloves i think she probably could cause she had sat god damn hard but you know you gotta judge each sport by the juicy appalling mom and she goes over to bare knuckle boxing doesn't do that well in comparison to say say like if somebody like you know like a really good high level striker with the knockout power with the big gloves on which put like if you put deontay wilder and little gloves i i don't imagine anybody being able to take that he's fucking people up at like a heavyweight with those big gloves so it's a different thing you know who the fuck knows but the idea is the outlier the outlier like deep the if you get one superior athlete and then you have them sort of commensurate with a transgender athletes a guy who is an athlete who became a woman at you know in his thirties and they just identifies goes through the surgery but how much benefit does he take of having testosterone slow through his body for thirty plus years we really don't know it doesn't mean you hate transgender people it doesn't mean you don't love everyone doesn't mean you don't want everyone to relive their life and and be whoever they wanna be with total freedom i don't think we have we have males compete against males for reason 'cause we feel like it's more fair even though it's not like it's not more fair if i'm playing basketball games michael jordan that's unfair he's better better athlete there's there's people there's it's gotta be way better than you no matter what you do like if i trained all my life to be a better basketball player than michael jordan it's not even physically possible right so there's outliers males but when the outliers when there's so many you you've got the when you see so many transgender athletes are dominating in sports and then when you add combat sports which is how i got involved in this when a woman who is doing that who's a transgender woman just not telling anybody insane it was a medical issue that's fucking fucking crazy we all we know we wanna pretended everyone's equal you know we want inclusiveness and we want peace we want everyone to get along we want equality one gender equality okay i get it i see where you're going but we also have to look at reality the reality is there's just fucking giant physical differences these transgender athletes are dominating against women who were born a woman they have to be a woman their whole life they never have thirty years of testosterone through the thrown flowing through their van just like doing steroids thirty years and then stopping that's crazy that's what i think you're freaking me out and you know i just smoke some real me to man how did you get me on this subject i don't even know about transgender people but but as human beings i'd love a mall i love everybody do eddie is one of my favorite guests of all time he's so interesting he's been transgenders since eighty five i believe he said 'em prefers women like women is not not gay fellow just likes dressing up as a woman and a extremely intelligent very interest as fuck that special very low fifteen years ago when my mom yeah say what you wanna say it was up there would v great specials because it had more of a one man show tone to it yeah you didn't qualify as a special but when you look at it as a whole it was a great fucking performance but he's a special person in a just just happens to be transgender it kind of makes me more interesting speaking about special people got apologize to you if it's on me because i've always had this discrepancy last night i went out for a little while i got home i had a couple of numbers and me i grabbed the fucking apple i saw a cast on the line and i put the tv on it in front of me was the blues brothers ooh homeless the last time i watched the blues brothers i dunno so the scene that opens opens up is them at the restaurant when he's trying to talk the maitre d' be joined the band and there's a family next to her husband wife and three daughters and the guys tom i'm not gonna joined the band so he goes really man he takes the bottle of champagne he goes with the table because so much goes i wasn't ready for that i just lost it right he's like so much of goes against what and he goes for the women i went to pay you for the women and the guys like you know mouth sad sack he turns around the guy comes over braces balls again he fucking turns over to the guy got so much for the wife some puts wife i remember this this is this is this is crazy this this what would you buy a house full of food in dan ackroyd court continued eating in the background dog and then we gotta talk about dan ackroyd 'cause he's been like i hemorrhoids he's the silent he don't make a bowl and the guy's phenomenal yeah he's still around and if you don't believe me watch a movie name my girl and watch this and then watching the fucking liberace movie he's outlasted everybody you know he's a serious believer in ufo's what what he's gonna do they got problems right here when he threatened to sue right here how much but otherwise okay look at the guys choking shit champagne and then watch fucking dan ackroyd watch what he does he goes if you don't fucking if you don't joined the band we will be in here at weekday day for breakfast lunch and fucking dinner and watch a dan ackroyd does this fancy restaurant but joe it doesn't stop that they get in the car they drive off looking a little bit of that's craziness the last of real comedic if you're gonna get into comedy or you wanna be this comedy one oh one they walk out they get into a car that black fucking car this is nonstop joe rogan right it's not like a hard like there's none of they get into a car that getting the traffic the cop comes up the nazis parades and he goes baluchi goes illinois nazis i hate the more than anything you listen ackroyd they fucking pullover and they take the congo and go right for the nazis did not have the jump off the bridge white people like clapper the ship but they knocked the more than they pull into a black neighborhood who's playing the fucking top you're boy charlie cook down in the middle of the street don't don't don't just playing the guitar then he's singing a song brothers fucking everywhere doing that business john lee hooker cnn who she inaccurate just staring down from that was diner the get the fucking guitar player this aretha franklin and the aretha franklin the fucking i'm sitting at midnight i gotta go to bed i got i got up at six fifteen with the baby i don't give a fuck i'm watching this aretha franklin and goes off they do a dance the black dude leaves at the white guitar player than what the fuck do that go up pawn shop with the fucking black piano player ray charles he's the one shop all the he opens up the he's blind he owns a punch a little bit of tolerance you just stop wow i had a fucking finally go back i felt bad about going bad they will never make a movie like this ever everyone gets then they start dancing linkage greece they start dancing let it go jay district dancer might look at us like fucking greece look at this this will never happen again joe rogan black people flipping and yeah there's a lot of grief on the cut this will never happen again these these old share this with the direct is at this point look look look at these two you think baluchi gave a fuck wow look out free people were movies there is no superhero movie saint louis millions make this movie look like dancing out that you know i forgot how god damn fund this movie is little response and then the chick that while once the chick that that airplane that was a star wars chick the died on the airplane that was at the check last year might be the best description of anybody ever reefer i had their kilter that on the plus you have sleep apnea should be doing pills on the plane who played the actress in star wars carrie fisher carrie fisher is chasing him throughout the whole movie be dumped the oh the right way and then they go into the bar and they tell the fucking do that they're the good old boys oh my god this just nonstop whoever wrote this directed this shot this so this whole movie they have the nazis and looking from john candy's looking from the state police wow that's all who chicago this is wild man it's just what would the folks or just listen just says the blues brothers nineteen eighty shake a tail feather seen four of nine on movie clips how network would like but you are they allowed the shoulder yeah they've made a deal with them because this links also to the if you wanna watch it you could pay right here rent and all that stuff fist you know what i mean you fully support buying this movie you looking at me going joey its economy why they look at it just has to the brilliant they look like they're having a good time that they're not blow about doing okay now what's the movie where he would walk off the set and just knocked out people draw one of those movies about this fucking nuts when they would say caught you got you know eighteen go sit down blue shoe is self identified the night before he would just wander off into a neighborhood door and go you might have a crush on you know jeff brown looking from neighborhoods this shit he would just find people and asked asleep on rogan what dog could you knock on look the blues brothers mayhem jumbles you fell asleep at a strangers house dan ackroyd proposed cares this is crazy like this was this wow caddyshack a you know when they shot caddyshack they shot it in florida our paramount went down that they fucking went nuts they're like oh they found there'll be snorting coke rodney throwing a party they could you know this is a different type of movies people have fun that's the difference having fun on that set this up all the direct this drink and you know he's keeper bill how many extras that fucking hundreds they're all in tune that if it's like everybody loved that movie that's one of the rare movies with a musical seen it fucking everybody loved the blues brothers right now the blues brothers style i'm saying that live like that was a sketch i i guess so yeah ackward road at john landis directed at they covered it together asteroids crazy in ufo's he's like one of the main celebrities they pull when people start talking about a like you afo real believers he's done like the little clips where he narrates things you afo shows and shit he'll be fucking believes what didn't they just released that there's even more believe now but yeah foes i yeah it's fun i don't know if it's real but a it's fun that's how i feel like i did a podcast with jim florentine explained the jim florentine that what people don't know is that hudson ten county new jersey northern new jersey is the number one place in the country where they have the most ufo's side really northern new jersey look it up jamie if you've got a minute please not to be rude but isn't that like near couple airports no it's it's closer to like do you like when you living in new york city and then you look at the hudson river they say that people will never stop drinking coffee on the phone and they'll see a little flying saucer rooms and i know for a fact that in nineteen seventy six little one whatever the fuck they are i know for a fact that in nineteen seventy five in nineteen seventy six you could check me out on this you afo landers hudson county park i was a kid and the next day the feds locked off the part that yellow tape is go look it up visit usa fall busy that you see that that that that's called the north bergen is where i'm from that's called i forget what it's called but it was so it's a circular building so they did so much coke and they're in the eighties they call just the grind the cause of a shape like the stone age i have a couple of friends that lift that people that lives in that building have seen ufo's were fucking years and if you go you do there's an actual north park you will they dug up they even they came out the more there's a liquor store and the liquor store guy said he seen the lights you heard like oregon music like they they landed a couple martians got out and took samples and got back on the thing and took off those of you to lose the history channel special about it and i still remember being a young kid to find anything jamie not give get that that what's what's popping up all that stuff about that building oh yeah is there anything as you landed that that's the story i'm reading right now is what you're saying yeah i witnesses you know it's not just one guy that says you of all people got knocked on the door and said did you did you see anything anything eleven ten at night and they said you don't want the lights flashing outside they contacted police departments deceived as they went full seventy f b i came in circled the park closed by the little league field hudson county but it is just like you'd think it would the area fifty one you'd think it would close the north las vegas the number one place you follows is northern new jersey they even made a reference to it and the sopranos when he said something and he goes what do you talk on my last week you said you send follow us on twitter at hackensack moonwalking right though those you gotta move in new jersey a lot of a lot of people would big heads yelling the jersey hawkins the gold star it's been there since nineteen fucking lament ski i dunno but that's the only good thing about will knock i think those people in lucky ducted they self and they put him back as being a mother fuckers i did a gig there a couple of times but yeah they used to be like a bar there's a bar that did something that'll be my guns okay yes outside of the secret was it yet outside no no no i think bob is more down the shore he had it but well he had gigs all all over bob how i met bob was he did a gig romano's italian i mean restaurant in my hometown and my buddies like eight a comedian let's take you up there and it went up dan bob's like oh no you know he's a you know an extra and bob came up as i go put joke my friends threatened me so bob put you have we become friends ever since that's awesome i think i follow me on facebook we have a chat and time the time unfazed book bs ufo's mother fuckers look into northern new jersey that's a fucking mother load of that's interesting i read that before but i kind of go daddy one fifty one you afo sightings in two thousand eighteen i as a you get biased because the the story is always some person in the woods and they get abducted they see you afo and some strange town in the middle of nowhere the aliens land the duck people you always think about being a rural thing but if i wasn't alien of course i'd go to new york city new jersey what what the fuck why wouldn't you you wanna go see the craziest thing we have you got like seven million people stuff together on a fucking tiny island in in comparison to the rest of the planet stuff stacked on top of each other off some amazing buildings in all these lights at times where there's all these people milling around traveling over these british you get this one hub is one high of humanity of course frozen alien check that out and i went why don't why would i look at a barn you know what i mean you savage joke they were united states the tijuana of springs august right where we doing this week alone comes out when they're fucked up and they wanna show that little better but i think aliens come here when they're high i did they did just get fucked up come on let's go let's go check out the monkeys this dude come on let's have duct a couple of them have a good time but the monkey building i never saw fucking ufo's or i want to i never have though i wanna see it lands and i wanna see one green do is get outside i think i i thought i saw some shit when i was a kid but as i got older i thought that was like a fighter jet are something that's what that was like do something the cats real sketchy memory it's one of those memories of like barely active but i remember thinking for like a day or two when i was a little kid maybe i saw you afo but i think i'll try and convince myself of it you know is board but i think it was a jet i think it was something something fast and unusual have you ever seen one of those stealth bombers that looks like a fucking you know we're seeing one of those things in this guy no yes it looks like a star wars when you go like a blue angel fucking thing of yeah they'll they'll probably know that those were like i think those are f f eighteens that's what i think is i think that's what that is i flew in one of those i had a bit about that too yeah you got that you hold onto the hand you gotta do you hook either whole you hold on you're handle if you're steering the plane when you hold on straps if pastor of the strike outs in the passenger seat so i grabbed the whole mess straps and you have to really does and you have to force blood in your brain stay awake that's how much g for she going through it's insane force blood yeah brains just stay away see that's that's one of those stealth bombers i saw one of those in the air over a i guess it's edwards air force base is that what the one of his that's his edwards the one that's out near palmdale think that's it 'cause we used a film fear factor in palmdale and we saw that they fly overhead like that look at that day tell me that doesn't look like it's from another planet when you're on the ground and you see that fly overhead you're like what the fuck is that so i think that's responsible for a bunch of the things people saw i think it's military aircraft crash question article you pulled up to fifty one sightings what type of sightings this fucking thing when it comes to what is considered as well well the thing is like you just see shit but how do you know if what do you do and you know there's the sightings okay but go back to that you look at that thing i mean come on if you're just sitting on the ground nissan i like there might be mine that does not look like it's from this world that thing is madness especially with those two guys next to god it's fucking beautiful the like what are amazing design that thing flying through looks like something on the keyboard you know it's assembling a keyboard and it's just flying perfectly juliet that looks like the future i mean that really does look like it's from another world i would imagine like little blue dues black eyes and when i was talking to each other and then i read it and i like going through fucking wormholes and shit i mean that's what that thing looks like and what's the what's the thing that they're gonna have a hundred years from now just imagine that i just wanna know what the what the logistics this is for it to become eligible eligible citing legitimate citing inside it just means someone thought you know you you don't like if you're a lawyer okay see something and then you convince yourself what you saw something extraordinary and then you have the feeling that you're looking at something from another world but if it's just some drone or some military a vehicle and then you look at it and then you convince yourself then becomes a bigger and bigger deal in your head that's the problem with people doesn't mean that everybody it see something is seeing that people are kind of full of shit for let's say you see let's say there's a one eight hundred call martian all right i see a fucking thing i call one eight hundred call marcia marcia okay whatever the fuck okay one eight hundred martian right i built the fall off suffering okay the phone will never stop bringing will never stop bringing people knocking the martians my concern is when do they considered credible what does it take for it to be credible for me for it to be credible i gotta see the mother fucker land get out my my take is usually military guys when when you have a military fighter pilots that's extrordinary human those that's a you know if you could be one of those guys of floods well beat twelve be dues to for them to trust you with a billion dollar fucking spaceship do you gotta be a a an exceptional human you there's no room for someone is full of shit you're gonna be a top flight fighter pilot you're gonna fly around down with gunfights in the sky 'cause that's what they do they've done fights in the fucking sky those guys are exceptional human beings so when they see something that's when i listen for sure everybody else i'm not that not that i wouldn't listen but i don't know you know you might be crazy but then you might be crazy even if you're in the military you might be crazy if you're a fighter pilots honored percent follow fighter pilots and all those air force pilot said do test runs whatever they they see they say that they there's other things there's a bunch of signings none of the bunch of sightings is a bunch of sightings from these really credible guys what is it about ufo's followed usa aircraft navy pilot says yeah may not see these guys are talking about these things these aren't a guys with the histories of embellishing things there's a i mean they have this whatever that is that radar what do they looking at is that infrared like what what is it that screen they're looking for the say what kind of image it as 'cause it's like a weird look it's not like photograph right it's like a weird computer image because it's it's it's detecting it right with some piece of equipment right isn't it like track on radar something like that i know what you're saying is i feel like i've heard that description of it too but this this article just says it's a video of two aerial encounters from the video doesn't look very clear why is in the clear my phone is a better job and that should not very good cameras on those cameras but they haven't good getting mean they don't have good ones but like an hour and a catch movement at that high speed up there yada yada outlets oh so requires some exceptional gear thing and it could also be that night i don't know what time of day it was so convenient so convenience they never have a clear picture that that drives me fucking crazy drives me fucking crazy because if it is real i am i love i want it to be real honestly i really do but when i look at aco god damn so many people are so crazy to before so full of shit you personally believe and soda why don't don't don't then there's other galaxies out there has to be well it definitely the galaxies other civilization civilization yeah some form somewhere other non planets there's gotta be do there is this something brian or what i'm not gonna sit here and tell you what they called or whatever but the has to be something at this point you have to believe that the universe to big just too big to discount the say no doubt it like that's so crazy sec because we haven't seen it yet it's so big okay of what he's caught in what he said that the tracking equipment radar an infrared cameras on his aircraft detected ufo's both times he was unable to capture them on his helmet camera okay so maybe you could look at it and good vision or whatever maybe i don't know where that's a good reason why i would imagine it's faster those got damn things are going must be really hard ian extremely highly focus in and out and that's interesting he says that lieutenant ryan grimes craves graves whatever a squad of you afo followed his navy strike group up and down the eastern coast of you as much dots on tanya no fucking i read something about the hudson river that all those people have liberal cross the hudson river weather on we hawkin edgewater seidel the west side of manhattan those were the people in the balcony you see all that shit so did this shit we did have issues with them when we went to the middle east lieutenant grave said how how imagine them following the war imagine if you're there were aliens and they came down to follow war so they see the war going on how crazy afghanistan come down and the checking it out just a dig on a cynical side of this they're not necessarily saying they are an alien ship they're saying it's the ufo's so it's something they're not sure of course i'm sort of awesome drone that some middle eastern company has nick and just follow shit are positive best or something short that would be the more likely explanation right terrestrial would be more likely that someone has advanced shit we know they have advanced shit i mean we know they have incredible drones i mean let's stop the dunkin do everything i had drones that green raise seals you put razor blades on initially you fucking throw when you're driving low that's how good the technology is a strong jesus christ i wouldn't be shocked if they do all kinds of things you can expand in there and they could take the drones to just come down no fucking way but razor blades on some shit when you could totally see someone having a small drone like a small thing like the size of a cheeseburger that has poisoned in it and just slamming in somebody you could i could see that this is but you're seeing when you're seeing stuff that's flying around the sky most likely is made by a person 'cause people make stuff and people know how to make stuffed it flies around this guy but then when you could just shit like defies physics some of the things he's fighter pilots see that's when you gotta wait you see these extrordinary feats of traversing distances like they can get from one place to another place so fascinated disappear there's something they all talk about they'll talk about insane speed at which these things and go they could just change angles they could just go in and take a hard right angle turn they do stuff that nothing we know how to make kundu that's where it gets to be like whoa like nothing sound like it's like oh that's like a fighter jet but like really fast you know what i'm saying is like an alien car oh it's like a car but it's way faster like you know it's it's an alien car but this is not like anything that we make these fucking things they fly this way they say flat like a like a plate hovering over the ground or but when they go fly when they gotta take off they flip up sideways and they have like the bottom of the spaceship is pointing towards were wants to go and it does something to space and time make some sort of fucking magnetic gravity connection insert big spooky words whatever they know what they don't know how the fuck does it right this thinking go like insane distances and insane small amounts of time then when they report the same kind of behavior of these women so many of these reports of like that they're talking about the thing that goes insanely fast turns on inside it was like a tic tac it looks like a saucer looks like they're trying to figure out what the fuck the shape is it's moving so goddamn fast but doing stuff that nothing we know how to make do i don't know if it's from another planet might be from here at six exciting shit i want it to be from another planet that's what i want like unbiased like but i my honest would i would i would love it just be completely honest i would love it if his aliens but it was people have even more scared because we god damned people can do that people can do that and no one knew like some if you could imagine a person who could make a spaceship that defies all of the rules the we know about travel about air travel they could make something that defies all that shit and somehow keep the whole development and production of the un a secret and then have a singing take it off and no one knows how the fuck they did it that's almost more impressive than aliens because that's what these things they're doing his so if these are these pilots are accurately breeding what's happening and they're telling the truth the thing that's remarkable stories are very consistent there's a lot of very similar stories from different people that there make a living flying superfast warships you know they see things they know what the fuck they're looking at they see something they don't know they're like what in the fuck is that when they see something like that that freaks me out that's when it gets me when some fucking kids riding his bike to school and he looks up and he sees you fo okay maybe it did happen maybe it did happen maybe the kids being honored percent honest or maybe use board maybe used board decided the makeup of crazy store and stuck with it and then after while telling it may be believed in himself that happens to people see things they don't know what they're seeing they decide that it's a different thing i've said this before but it's true story when i was in in alberta there's wolves there and i thought i saw wolf for like a whole second second there was a squirrel fucking score earl but i saw gray for movement wolf squirrel like if you're dumb or if you're compromise or if you're little drunk maybe a little tired you know maybe just saw something that looked really weird because of you know whatever weather conditions at her affecting some part of the world you living these things called ball lightning fly severe you know it's so it looks like ufo's you ever see that shit it's like a real natural phenomena somebody might see something like that and then add a bunch of other shit to it and that's where you get a lot of these stories like natural phenomenon and then people having a bunch of shit the things but then on top but that you have credible stories and you can't throw out any of them like you gotta you it's when you look at all these things you can't decide just because there's a bunch of crackpot stories about ufo's the ones by legitimate fighter pilots those are real can't look at it that way it's crazy to look at it that way because it's more likely there's something out there than there isn't something out there there's way more likely when i was a kid that happened in hudson county park i i wrote it off and pay attention i'm riding my bike up that same the fed tape and saint people with those orange protective suits yeah i like these people fucking amount of my but the one that i got high five six years ago and i thought if somebody had posted on facebook you do and i read more and more into it and i discount the until i read accounts of the twenty eight people you know in that building the liquor store there was a guy would just got dropped off a bus in new york the buses drop you off there in new york in the bus driver said there was a flashy so you know there were just so many people with a story is that you know they didn't see a fucking guy get out only three people saw people get out everybody else discounted the lights and the noise and other bullshit that why would i would have ship my fucking pants affirmative in that building sultry little martians get out or it could just be fucking cohen who knows who knows who gives a fuck yeah i just wanna tell you that that's where people can get freaked out and they can you know thinking think all kinds of things that didn't really happen happened one night i was on acid i thought it was a fucking that the f b i was out there with dog's day it was fucking the fire i had some doubts a coke down the toilet oh my god he goes i loose native and you're doing coke morning fucking ten would you start hallucinating i start hallucinate messages fucking dog is a fire hydrant you know how stupid i felt the next stupid a pretty fucking stupid i sat down i went over impacted the hydrate you fuck she fuck that's the problem with any story like all these fucking you afo stories people's memory memory not that good just not that good it's too hard to figure out what it actually look like after you thought like you see something crazy like a year ago and then he trusts crime it it's too hard to describe you barely remember it you're you're version of it is a rehash version but you keep repeating yourself you know if you saw something like savior or hiking and he saw wolf right he saw that wolf when you try to describe that that moment you saw that wolf years later look what what do you actually seeing when you're going in near memory how much do you see how accurate is worries lying about how accurate are memory is it's not that good of you you did see a wolf which is an extraordinary moment right here in the fucking for us like fucking walled off and you see a real wolf looking down on you all piled mother fucker in the woods of canada just looking at you staring at you want a trailer dotson extraordinary moment but you try to recount tinier mind ten years later when you actually see see how much do you actually see you see this blurry weird fucking miss steve version you got some words that fall into place that could describe it but how accurate is you're fucking memory it's terrible how i grew jerome it's good wasn't statistics okay like i can tell you about sites i couldn't i couldn't tell you what year someone thought i could tell you how this guy one in how he beat this many guys of the triangle and i remember things but if i actually have to remember what it actually looks like in my head i can't really pull that up i barely politically sita recognize it again you know you shouldn't be joe shelling knocking out melvin manhood and bela tor aside i watched that kale so many times a wild crazy slugfest end if i see it watching it happen in a video i remember yep this goes goes boom he keio some but if i if i had just pull that out of my brain right now it's not good you know what i'm saying like if i if i feel like closed my eyes and pretend i saw mike tyson knockout michael spinks i kinda concede blue flashes i kind of remember weird little parts of it you know i remember the final right hand me descends on fly into the ropes it was chaos which is like he's the best ever but if i had like play it back in my head it wouldn't be nearly as good as a video of it how's the memory in your life however the memories of your life you remember being three no being five mike i barely i was fucking suffering suffering because i think my dad my dad died when our history and i have memories i have to memories but look you and i don't remember what he was wearing a which shoes he was wearing but i still remember driving from the lincoln tunnel from new york new jersey and put me on my lap no seatbelt emil onto the steering wheel while and i still remember him in my mom having a discussion and take it with him that's it probably nothing else wow you know you try to go back and you remember then you start to write a little bit memory gets better when you memory gets better the problem is with my memory moas wondering how much of this is accurate you you know how much of what am i mean how much of it was i really paying attention during the moment and really being able to like if you have a bias perspective of something that's happening and then you have a memory of it how much does you're memory of the bias but how much dizzy memory in the bias perspective shape what you think happened you could actually kind of twist the past in your head if you're not careful and you start thinking about things didn't really necessarily happen the way they could be fucked over at work i had my fucking bench and all of a sudden and then you you look at it that way wow this guy work for an evil company they fucked him over or you go to be employers in some of these other people who work with the governor the guy was a fucking asshole he made life at work hell nobody wanted him around he didn't get fucked over he was so negative nobody wanna be with him and they office we gotta get rid of like you you you're looking at some point to you don't know so they actual memory of it for that guy might be then got fucked over by this evil company but the memory of these other people it's a completely different experience the memory other people is this guy was annoying to work with and they're both you know i mean who the fuck knows who's who's right but my memory is good at some places and completely bad and others like right now my memory of thirty years ago this spot i get the conversations we had really what we did a year ago like i'll sit here and go what did i do that fourth of july i have no fucking idea but i went home and i went home for three weeks i want the dinner with a friend of mine in way back i had him he's talking about tonight his own guy pro bro you know he looked me in the face and he goes joe ethic i broke my arm it's amazing how the fuck do you remember is one of the best way to my life i never laugh so hard my friend he drove his car at my friend you know people come in they driver yes heat in stopping time my friend my friend went down those alary as he got he went to take a swing at this guy and the guy put his arm up and we he broke his arm with the punch by oh the punch anyhow were cast and we torture them in my frank have threatened assuming it was just a any when i was telling this this face we read he had taken napkin now he was banging the table he's cokes i just remembered the broken fucking see he's my age because i forgot all about you know before you came in jamie and i would talking about achilles tendon and i remember the time ripping pulled a hamstring like having to go the hospital almost fifteen having the fucking doctor do something and bruised blood with a runner from my ass to the top of my leg it was fucking horrible i just rip the hamstring we were talking about a a you know like you know and then there's there's a theory that this times you go back the new or like you know if there's a fire you go into newark that fight no i'm i'm not working at one let's pretend you went back to newark and you went the syria grandpa outlive you saw corner store that were still there this is interesting and you go into that corner store maybe you've got a bag of wise potato chips maybe you get a button that you went there and got they say by tasting that bond and it takes you back and opens up all those fucking memories why eating something from the area something something it's like sometimes the song will turn us on the right right locking songs really yeah for sure that's why it's important sometimes when you watch a movie or a tv shut the habit soundtrack because we have a soundtrack you'll have a soundtrack about live i've had a couple of years ago wasn't a podcast and we're talking talking about some on jovian you like a member you have some chicken stabbing lessons about some of it like you you're even fuck mary lou smith and they ask listen bozos us you know that just brings you back just brings you back but but they say you're examples and bring it back has me my best friends were by the lake no snow in some areas when they ask most guys in most guys will hear a song there'll be by themselves w by that will your wife and your kids you know you'll hear never say goodbye the bon jovi and you're thinking the night that drunk magic seventy addicts church nobody it just comes back it covers back the haunt you for a minute so you know like shit like that we saw that with the seller that sentence in prison like whatever i don't fucking know like when i got locked up the big alba's appetite for destruction the big the big one i got locked up the big i'll just a regular people appetite for destruction of the brothers who is don't be cruel by bobby brown that he made solo when new edition so everytime i hit don't be cruel the one everytime ahead especially that fucking missed a brownstone every time i hear brownstone when it crashed the car all the bike this issue heroin today you know what i'm saying like brown that's all they would talk about so every time i hear those two albums i fucking think about being locked up and what's on never ever since guns and roses went on to that's all you hear on the radio now but the radio five minutes every day you're in november rain welcome to the jungle 'cause that's it that's that's it right every time i hear those jams i think about that stupidity that's five welcome to the jungle was mind but there's a lot of people who will say to you like oh you know i make love i used to make love to my girlfriend listen to how you know that but there's some people animals and say yeah the truth i used to get my excited listens when i was fourteen yeah music more than anything is like an imprint of the time of the of you're life when you saw it like if you go back and think about like familiar with stripes with bill murray i think i was i had a teenager williams tribes come out what year was up eighty one surface so i was fourteen years old that meant that was i was a in ninth grade i was a freshman in high school so that when i think about that movie like that was the the epic movie of all time when i was a kid was like that was i think about that time of year that that time in my life you think about who you were you know what you it brings you back to a weird place like it's it it helps it enhances the memory fucking tremendous is a great movie mo when he has such a funny movie about a line he asked the fat dude why he joined the service the guy goes i wanna lose a couple of pounds looking at yeah anyway the may amazing in this it's a fucking great movie man it was just so good at the time you know it just you you had a smile on your face through the whole movie like even among moments in the movie that weren't like a hilarious when they're setting things up you just it was so well done you just smiled all you guys looking at this as you got the guy from beverly hills cop you gotta vino from miami vice you got fucking however amos who was a blessing in my life legitimize me when i did this movie the movie was terrible but he was phenomenal comedy wise that's awesome i love what this brother went on to do but you know this is fucking great calm but look at bill murray is now this is the height of bill mary now you guys that are remember we were just talking about another great movie a couple of minutes ago then these both come up the same year did they eighty one eighty this is the ship we were going through this is why we talk about movies and music it's not that were all men a fucking being the style gic i'm telling you the truth they were making great movies at this time there was a few great movie sit down a few a few yeah i mean i mean quite few i should say this planes trains and automobiles that come out eighty three eighty to eighty four you know you got it the the the calmly lessons we were getting those years eighty seven well i think of this like just cinematic look when you did the godfather come out one seventy three seventy three so to access this seventy three the mechanics seventy three it was just too much mm just those three movies right that the godfather the mechanic mdx assist yeah and if you look at who is up and academy award the seventy three you'll fucking die you'll die go out of something they pick a winner that it's also so imagine the stark contrast between that and fifty three nineteen fifty the movies were kind of corny you know even if they were good they were kind of corny you know as you go any early not like she was king kong there watch i watched it with my kids and a wife wasn't home and they were scared they're like i don't wanna watch scary movies i go were were gonna will laugh a silly scary movie and they're like really ugly you gotta trust me this movie was from so long ago ago the what they thought it's scary you're gonna think silly analogies serious 'cause they they go okay but if we get to scare just shut it off radical definitely shut it off they were like i think seven and five at the time it will be it so fake looking in the gorilla comes out they thought it was hilarious and then because we talked about it being funny then they were just laughing hysterically and cracking all these jokes about what that thing like looked like it looked like my youngest daughter said it looked like someone's move poop around it looked like just like it was made out of poop getting soft clay it looks so dumb but you know back then that was good as it got well look at the the new godzilla the new godzillas godawful people leaving with a fucking headache yeah look at the gods or it's a comedy is oh my god you see those little japanese people look at this though have yeah this looks but it's just crazy and huge battle again these guys like yeah buddy you're not in a plane it's like so fake looking you know like these guys flying around and look how bad the gorilla looks it's so crazy but at the time was unbelievable this is amazing so if you go from this to like apocalypse now the jump in terms of like how impactful it is and how much they nailed it like this is it's a fun movie man don't get me wrong i king kong poster on my wall at my house i love the movie i love this alive movie poster from the nights and i much rather see video godzillas godzilla versus malta got mercer's the smog got villas fought the see see what japanese people were doing yeah they had the string on him they would wide shot so they would show the chinese people running and then they would just have a single shot over juliet is they look yeah the japanese japanese lookout dopey looks like hugh it's lit up that is fucking fun man that's what look he's going through they fucking electric godzilla don't give a fuck this shooting on fuck you yeah you know they can show you a behind shot of the japanese shooting godzilla 'cause there's really no got into a wall it's completely separate this is like a a real play model if you look at it he's really not sixty feet it's maybe fucking eight inches of something no this is not a model these are men in suits this is the difference between king kong and oh yeah so these are men in suits and it's really complicated and these guys how to be really strong 'cause they're carrying around this gigantic rubber suit and its heaviest fucking hot as fuck so the reason why move so fluid what the japanese did we brilliant once they had men and they put men in these monsters suitable just a fucking tub is not yeah go in a google the man who wore the godzilla phyllis sacks pretty fucking cool is not easy to do these guys had a walk around and have these fight scenes and shit in these big giant suits that wasn't animation that's a dude in there since it's not crazy and that's a that's really looked like it periods of a height wise is like the size of a person see that guy go back a bit you see that guy getting out of it that right there that's what the dude looked like it was inside of it he burn them when we start like a claim model elsom king connoisseur klay model king kong was a claymation from ray harry's and that's how i got onto the subject with them owes telling them about 'em they love that monsters inc show in harry houston is one of the characters characters there's something about harry using his in the movie i said i go did you guys know that is that is the guy who of course didn't know who this fucking talking about when i said that's the guy who was one of the original monster animators for free movies like king kong he did all that claymation stuff and back then i mean that was the state of they are you gotta think nineteen fucking thirty something like king kong is what thirty three thirty three thirty three godzilla those later those post world war to yeah see got fifty four fifty four poll she's post world war two with godzilla godzillas after we we shouldn't say we somebody from united states drop bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki when they use nuclear weapons the idea was that in all the nuclear tests they had done in the water there is no real understanding of what the fuck what's gonna happen and so the the science fiction version of that would be the all that radiation would create some super monster really yeah demand the japanese give it to they were dealing with radiation poisoning deaths on unbelievable unbelievable scale i mean hundreds of thousands of people wiped out instantly firm atomic bombs mean and so the just the sheer force of the power of those things you couldn't even imagine that there could be anything that could do that is one thing falls on airplane they could do that well what else do you know what happens if it gets in the water hoses chicken affect fish how's it gonna affect you know who knows so the the science fiction version was always awesome with like godzilla would come that's what the new ones about to write the new one is the same kind of thing like a dinosaur got zapped and now the i believe the new one was all these other dinosaurs first came back and they had the reawakened godzilla 'cause he is the only thing that confided oh god oh god superhero monster movie he's a superhero we build a superhero never come back he's a good guy in this one oh no he's not a good guy at the end of the last and everyone complains 'cause there's like this weird winky scene where like godzilla the main guy like looked at each other and i really am team bro you know the real godzillas man the real godzilla service he's not searcy that what the fuck so now the dragon mother of dragon dragon and the game of thrones that fucked up that city at the end like that's that's what a like a real that's a real horrific idea of a fire breathing lizard godzillas always adorable really go after people even the even the early superman's the first like six episodes you could see the string really check it out that's where black and white suspend violet maybe the pilot and the first three episodes they figured how you could do it you could see a stray it's a weird the godzilla stories a weird story right because it's not like godzilla goes on a killing spree just goes through tokyo just starts light never building on fire he doesn't do that he's almost like is almost like a good guy lizard in the new movie it's more accentuated then so he has to do is help help us adults are was the fucking bird montrose a moss more from the moth yeah well what's the smog months ago rydin is all about roseanne roseanne without roseanne looked like i'm trying to remember like wings and shit right in row dan have wings you gotta he has like the guy who wrote that looks like this is crazy shit oh that's right love row dan could fly down one the blue sky below and three oh three head everyone yeah but but this is new models israelis the new ones who knew what the fuck out of here with this new shit give me the blue sky right there with that yeah right there throwing a that's kind of tv show it was smarten lost that laser beams coming out of his pocket is like producer yes he did one of the bad fucking laser beams really like oh my god the three headed things that what is that called again three i forgot about that three heading door said oh jeeter a multiple out road than who's gator a right yeah just pull up a video of a godzilla versus geeder so silly but man when we were little kids this shit we shall nine saturday morning nice yeah lose your mind i used to love the show the best when you found out god's those gonna be on tv or so pumped from axel new movie oh there's a new mood either turns out that this movie is out right now it is the godzilla king of the monsters in writers in this all three of these are let me see these bitches whoa special effects today on twitter holy shit mazing raise oh my god do special effects they do today are insane so we're looking at it says king g h i v o r h h king deidra i'm like who the fuck in special effects are insane there's moss wrote wow is this supposed to be a good movie though the things with these movies is and i really hate to say this how come they can't do both how come they can't have been made amazing specials forty percent on rotten tomatoes how come they can't have amazing special effects in a fucking killer store you know how they do that that's one of the last of the great thousand nine of ten years ago yeah which almost avatar avatar was a great story with great special effects like it was guilty of it people pocahontas in space get over it okay yeah it is it's the classic story like james campbell he talks about the classic structure of these heroes journeys is a that in there it's very similar to other stores it's still great don't let that get in the way of the fact that it's great that movie that's fucking awesome that me who is awesome just a special effects and the the weight on went together and yeah the fucking in the bad military guy who's cartoonish yeah of course he was so why why let that get in the way when you're fun think of it as like when the movie like that i think of it is like it's like a lot of hyper violent tara tino movies like you know what you're signing up for you know you know it is it is not supposed to be some detailed analysis of the human psyche you know where a guy takes a strange just it's slow transformation over the course of two hours now it's a fucking bad guy this guy here's a good guy the guy can't use his legs when it'd be awesome if you could be one of those things pope how sally fucking fucking movie is great i never saw it i never wanna see the slick too much money into it too much but it could make a movie if i give you six on a million dollars it's not any idiot could make a movie about the middle joe it's james cannon james cameras the mom i love james so many amazing moves made some great movie that's like building an ego it was like fucking building a team to put a movie together which i understand but six million per hoskin nominated it but i love when they shot him they shut down the hall bakti oscars he walked in he thought he was bad to the bone he was sitting there with his new girlfriend and his ex wife directed her waka well so they're both up the same day oh he's sitting there looking at spielberg like waking adamant we got all these other white people what's happening and all of a sudden they go to announce the winner of the best movie and they showed up at robert oh once you pay huffy number is just a walk out of the amazon number big big big i imagine look sharp when she does the theaters like i think it's more expensive than the fuck in like a text which she did the staple center cheapest ticket three bills by the refrigerated thousand to just sit on the floor barbra streisand don't fuck around someone they call this 'cause she's like somebody that it's all up james cameron saw what is that that hey hey she came out and gave it a he lost that to his wife hurt locker though was that wasn't a like a culturally significant forget movie at the time of war does super well done there is no bullshit that movie like that is that is it good fucking movie hurt locker is one of those moves at the end of ego jeez speaking of a larger you see what happened in new jersey yesterday what happened ice went to new jersey to go into some jewish place and jews got together and held hands and thirty six of them got arrested i've always said those jersey jews don't fuck around the east coast jews although he earned new york brooklyn they held the hands on went up against price goodfellow young kids that don't fuck around those jurors i was telling only last night leave you know they someone like racism jersey and they do across the country just fly the jews in jersey had just where neckbrace did you know that why because then they run the lawsuit oh like i go so they get heard all this every time i go to the meadowlands they'd be eight guys at the meadowlands and my asked around what's going on you you don't know what that is down the they have somebody on the paper like and they have a court case going on that so far so they got away fucking neck brace is calling the jewish gold chains you just know that the jewish jewish go chase rate when you go get a fucking neckbrace back waterman jersey like take part in the jewish folks they're interesting in that it's a religion in a race religion both right kind of 'cause a lot like jewish jewish but he's not religious anymore at all no he went over the whole fucking but he's jewish jewish yeah it's a different animal there's a lot of jewish atheist you know like how how the fuck how could he do that how's that work they just do they identify with would that tribe is part of a tribe it's like a tribe right like a tribe in a religion in a race like three things dog when i was a kid i know jersey do attorney's name was cody his mother fucking smart wow people going dumb 'cause they call guaranteed thirty thirty thousand four and it might be will cut the dominance is gonna get already jersey thirty jesus and then you take in advance from you get hurt and you're taking a ransom coast let me get ten g's when we were being brooklyn last time we were going to 'em up peter luger's and so we drove through a these his city neighborhoods and these were the ones like ari there's orthodox jews is a big commander evil locks but it's in in new jersey new york and brooklyn particular and argue is explaining how they they don't leave this community this is where they they stay these other people they don't give a fuck about what's happening now is heartbroken like wow i just you just see this interesting being subculture the one of the more cool things about new york you get to be in that kind of that sort of like a genuine even though they're isolated they have their own neighborhood it's a genuine melting pot in that regard like you go the chinatown like a real chinatown you go chinatown new york city that's a different animal man i mean you might as well be in some parts of asia the law amazing this restaurant at so what's the name of it well where's that it's in my street so twentyfour oh yeah they got real twenty four hour gestion new york just put the fucking menu will promote when i was in new york shooting that movie the one that i was starving i got stone and that one i can't do it i called wall up what time you open till they go will open hung up the phone and i went on who who's a ten dollar cab ride aloha but i chicken dodger a heart attack coastal off at two in the morning you're gonna auto mall that sodium fucking kill me when the i'll be up to still fucking i'll be up the two days we often winter chinatown after playing pool 'cause it was like the best thing you know back in my early standup days i didn't have obligations which they're playing pool to three in the morning then go and you have a real meal like a really good i think i have a heart attack yeah there's a meal at night with the cardinals and egg rolls and steak on a stick gonna fucking yeah and i just a park fried rice along such off once they're even diet coke back then when diet coke at invented now there's always we always hear time yeah we'll have all the time i asked my mother had time people got super sablan tab went away remember like people would be bummed out i work i love tab at the top of the girls drank all those girls right yeah tab fresca frescoes moreover grows right but tablets girls drink because the paint can wasn't didn't tab of like a pig yes yes is nineteen eighty to that's when tab went away not diet coke oh wow i thought it was older than that me too yeah i still remember maybe five when they changed the recipe that was eighty five mother fuckers went nuts when they went crazy and they really they went crazy new coke like what you're on coke i would you fuck with the taste of the best soda of all time kogo the best tasting sort of all time and there's other stuff is really good at like root beer is really good it's interesting but there's a reason that shit sold a billion fucking trillion gallons over the past so tap had sacramento led the bladder cancer and rat found that out and then the popularity declined exactly one diet coke came out in nineteen eighty two oh they got set up put on you're paying a you're a yeah you're paying tinfoil 'em let me see a picture of it with a tab can look what is it pink trying remember see again memories okay like i was talking about i know that registers with me okay i know that that makes sense yeah that's a tabloid like that makes sense but that looks like the whole company yeah yeah i think coca cola discontinued tab put more fucking cancer in the diet coke what i was gonna say i can't i couldn't have a draw that like if you ask me to draw what a tab can looks like look i wouldn't be able to do is in that realm of that read but i wasn't coca cola that's what i'm talking about with memory you know memories is a weird thing it's very weird 'cause my memory with numbers is pretty good i remember a lot of important dates and times and things in statistics that you remember a lot of statistics and i remember a lot of fights like a pretty pretty much tell you what they outcome was how much do i remember seeing it how much gonna pull up and watch again how accurate is that i know a guy who's more of a sporting guy without is growing up and yes that was on a plane and they had a direct tv now and they showed the best time i was looking at i pat anyway i was watching somebody i pack but that screamers on they were showing the best ten football plays and they showed a joe montana throated dwight clark and eighty one am rather when my memories that way the sec at one eight hundred on that game to be over at san francisco get a point and a half fucking dallas and into san francisco just go give it a point in those days she's out my clock she would snowy joey was throwing snowy joey was up this throwing touchdowns up there joe montana attire all like ice who gotta see this christ although there was a cat's at some giant made with one hand i don't know what the fuck all my god they showed the best ten catches i said man i just looking at him but i saw this one catch i don't know what the things the kid they traded he just reaches up and defend the fucking polls in all my i don't know if it's odell beckham i thought it was all go back like a like a special they're doing this catches did you see francis in ghana knockout junior santos yeah there i think it was a knockout he just blush some fucking he hit him when he went down and held his head letter fight it our listeners that fight was over listen to me the fight was over the head man yeah it doesn't matter the scary thing is he just clip clip clip dumb rock dumb put him down pounded on his head and junior just couldn't even move you just lay there and take it and they stopped a quick that was a hundred percent legitimate hunters have legitimate solid between you realize that this go a little long i thought that he was a seasoned veteran and i thought that he would go at least take it into the third round and try to you know not fires power by the third round you can't keep doing this fucking haymakers i tell you this with a wrestling a little bit who is not what i anticipated was not the game plan i thought i got off stage of their starting 'cause i gotta is i walked into the green room fucking they were going and i was so fucking happy i'm like let me watch this i think junior has a shot here as i thought that he was already on the floor homeless fucking for junior had a good start where he's kicking the leg especially the the lower part of the leg you could release friday coming up but he he yeah he knocked my balance and that can really fuck you up matic really mess up you're movement and a if that was the case if we were able to mess up is moving giving the miss a little bit you know may get him so that he was having a hard time moving correctly and keep chewing on that leg then maybe there would be openings for him to to jump in with some punches the problem when they're both suddenly outside francis is bigger and the consequences are way more grave and francis clips you it's ninety nine i don't care who you are he's so confident in it to he moves forward and he's gonna throw everything full speed speed first round with him is extremely dangerous because he's just trying to take you the fuck out it tastes a guy like steep steep emile judge saw what he was doing and what he did was just ride with it just moved away from it kept his hands up when francis was coming after me used good defense and he kept moving and kept pitch picket away adam taken away i don't pick it away i'm taking his shots when they were there and then start wearing francis down taken down beat them up and then just dominated the clear cut unanimous decision for five rounds it takes a guy like that a guy like steep it has the mental fortitude stick to a game plan not panic in the firefight 'cause that's what happens with then governor you like jesus cries i'm gonna see like any second now i'm gonna see a big flash and i'm gonna be out cold any second now it's coming and you see the reaction they have to it's they fight different they fight different with him and they do with anybody else because the the consequences are so great you watch the way he knocked out alister over the consequences are so grave so everyone's scared no matter it's normal everyone's scared the fight you know there's at least there's gonna be some anxiety or fear or you're gonna you're heart rate is gonna get jack you're gonna be pumped up but it's even more so if the consequences are more grave right look if you're gonna fuck and take a skateboard down a small hill you're not freaking out right but if you take it a skateboard down like four mile can what is that for my own boulder what one of those crazy roads the goes sunshine canyon right here take a skateboard down that going fifty miles an hour you're gonna shit you're fucking pants tribal land this thing right try to figure out how not to die here the consequence there's so much graver you're gonna be more jacked and that's what happens these guys and they fight francis the consequences there so grave same they make mistakes and then with junior he reached a un overhand right just really really extended himself you can't do that with francis is everything is true across is everybody has a game plan then they get punched in the face that's mike tyson mike tyson is yeah i think it was it's a guy that you know you once you get that first point defy our we saw two fights the funniest won't lose the first one against the kids from dallas props to him he went up against like a lieutenant the kkk the guy drew blue want us face it the way they almost got into a little scuffle and the way he had no fucking love his face and smile one time he was definitely a member of the kkk and there's little black do from dallas came in at eight through the spinning back kick and not do it was all over you know you're talking first fight on the on the main card which find defeated from he's not in the injuries i didn't see that fight first fight on the card these eight no now out of dallas a really good he's still has to he's gonna grow a little bit he's gonna get knocked out once before he really makes a big jump but once he gets it the guy kept doing spinning back in the second one he was writing is back this guy just hates black people who the guy the right now that's paul craig you know talkradio great no he's probably great show i'm real what did one of the first one in what a tough face like fucking the guy from a he went in there like fucking braveheart he's a tough guy call craig's a good way to see the fuck in fact i'll see you know he was the greatest free guy waited for second one and when the foot land and he was right behind the mapping the time because i turned around him what a fucking dropping right and you could see his feet just like you know when you come you how you're feeling just one same thing it looked like he came we just went jamie's got oh jeez yes he risk by why that's the first one since around the way he signed by the back line by lobbying a man the last the last one year while the guy went out and other freeway slowing boom boom there he goes oh ball lego and he's probably right now redone fucking malcolm x is is this ocean yeah that is ferocious people wanna i did wonder why people want us been that much you know those like that i hate all that shit spinning punches why are you giving back to a killer never understood it well that's not what i'm saying i'm saying if you're not that good at it he doesn't have like a really fast we mentioned barboza okay edson barboza we'll kicks people and puts them on pluto he is spinning back kick to to the body i mean he's a his kicks his spending kicks her fucking insane but these geyser not that good like what i'm saying is like paul craig that's not a specialty is more of a grappler but i mean he can strike obviously is a good striker but i wouldn't think that he would wanna throw spin texas he's not like a tight window guy i don't if you don't get tight window for ten years why you they're kicking you'll i'm athletic yeah guy you know all those the i hate when they even that reverse punch when the guy keeps doing doing choking boston in the fucking idiot see when you're talking about like ends and barboza or no winning landed on the dan hangman kept fucking kicking his body spinning backaches just fucking it's not commit so that's really back you figure my commitment hula max holloway spinning the little fucking like you and then they got the guitar player yeah what's his name a marathon there's two did so did max hallway invented it i don't know how i just saw on is he the first person i saw that amazing now that's amazing max holloway the but he's such a fucking cool guy i love that guy when plays with that he's a champion illegal god i had like who the fuck is better than him yeah the way he draws the dust emporia eight instruments he says all love all happiness he's amazing jason tatum what's he doing which is going to know let me say he's a real karate guy jason stay them has real striking skills like what looked like he could tell even the way he's standing here like the way he's moving no no no spin but you even waste doing it like this guy's got real scale look at that campau he 'em he achieved a very high level of a skill in karate i don't know exactly what it was but from people that i know that i've done martial arts with him and train with them so that guy's a bad mother fucker like a legit bad ass greeley knows martial arts i believe it right cmu like i believe it seeming like snatch one of those movies like yeah fuck people up to the mechanic too far away yeah i know i know all the others you but hey i don't wanna fucking frank cynics aging hey it's how are you really should just say the hey let's not do that let's just write a movie that's similar and in omaha beach to it i know that even doing all mars that's really has no respect any level for charles bronson not even a full why why do you say that what do you mean if the if you watch the mechanic and study the mechanic it just wasn't a white guy shouldn't be he would very calculated there is no very calculated right everything was made to look like it wasn't an accident a very much accident it's one of the best beginning sending the only movie that starts better than mechanic it's got like a though is something that has a better opening i forget there's no fucking dialogue keira liver minutes yeah it sends setting up a guy to make it look like the fucking a heater blew up like those type of guys like i had a friend that they used to say is that the best way they kill somebody breaking the house take the fucking type the gas thing out of the stove pointed down in light of cam on the refrigerator and then leave a fifteen twenty minutes and it's like mad irene what is this jamie this is the beginning of the movie accolades on this is the beginning of a mechanic this is the beginning of the original the original a white guy when you know jan michael vincent father in the movie charles bronson kills he gets a contract killer and that's how jam michael drifter him when he killed a male looked like he heart attack one of his medical file and he saw he had a week cart and he went to meet him and then he shot at the road and he goes run run so was the guy but he's running attack jason trade them and whoever the made the movie make it look like he would just shoot among jolly amaze me joy when he takes so much offense because it's you know it's the fucking mechanic yeah it was that good of a god damn movie you know they rigged the death wish no no no you you know you can't redo death wish one of the most disturbing movies you'll ever see bruce willis yeah he should be shot no shot again okay i mean he did listen you know what that's which has been nobody remembers what and i saw when i was ten this is why i don't play that shit as one of the most disturbing rape scenes you'll ever see and jeff goldblum member they knocked in order i raped a spray painted harass ask i left that movie being eleven like fearing from my mom yeah like i left that i became tied with my mom at the bar i tried to get a sticker knife like that could happen to women like that happens to women like gosh is what they're paschall i knew i didn't know what that shit was so i watched a whatever the fuck this death wish it's a different world for women you i couldn't believe it when i watched that didn't they haven't talked about how disturbing that scene is that something that most most men never have to think about unless you're in jail most men most men don't have to think about how he goes viral women have to figure out what happened right because the arizona based on the arizona to build the building they become redneck and the red this man can happen to you goes up a little something you bags either take back up to those big city folks when charles bronson back to his house is a fucking white cannon from texas call courtesy he was an architect she gave a fucking cannon so charles bronson so let me go out and have some fun and see what happens first first some guys i held behind but give me twenty bucks you could see the panic in his face listen all matt seth stole it he stole even take it out and say fuck you know he was panic when he shot the guy in the subway seen you could see skin you remember that fucking looking looking at all this is great that's right right here look he's his own man fifty three years old fucking kill it in america giving men like you and me hope he wasn't even older men hope this fucking guy that i think you is at least fifty years old when when he was oh wow look skinny is by out while operating rather you look at it means just get better sunny with a shooting these little cute brilliant film they'll never do that again because they won't take these little fucking details he was petrified so great in hard times i think he was fifty years old by then remember when he played the boxer caddick he was fifty one i think hard yeah he was i think he was fifty one t r t back then so i'm not dude who's doing shit a steak and eggs and he was gonna formosa i forgot what what they from also that for most the caffeine a little ball down there that's where he would go like that either some shit i he lives down there i don't know what the deal where did he lives when he came dalai that's what he took the main bronson from that's freedom in hollywood really what it said was his real name he's a poet but bensky something just if they told you can't give you a chance you can't have that name three from looked around hollywood 'perfect as the bronze since you fucking believe that when you hear that you they will always like you're walking down the street and this is that when you had jamie foxx yeah he made it jamie foxx because people think he was a hot chick exact that is the only thing i've ever heard in my life jamie fox is bad multiple man brilliant man brilliant that is the fact that he figured that out of the car had checked pick a name of the lineup they see that jamie foxx you get a chance to get up there so smart you're you're right you know like if a guy sees that fox jamie with especially with an eye yeah he spells ajay i have my does yeah at rosemead just like oh he's basically regular jamie that makes you think it's abroad right off the fucking back is jamie j hey why am e it's girl is the i before the m is a girl spelling there's a lot of those weird word lead sean but there's a lot of hot sean sort of girls right what else what other ones scared they used to be like stacey like these the name dude stacey see like stacy keach they you know there's a lot of dudes like in their sixties and name guys facing this is amazing mind if i can't remember it wasn't in one of the weird guys in airplane leslie leslie the name guys leslie however that's a weird one what's his name leslie the hilarious hilarious i got a whistle areas wasn't he in crete show to what's he one of the people in groups you got killed feel like he is one of those people they got married on the beach or some shit like that yeah yeah he's a husband yeah he he a did something to some some rich guy burns to his head i forget those fucking scary horror movies like crucial fun hair horror movies don't make enough of those anymore either those were my favorite movie house scream was a bad right i medical and what you is that eighty seven i know i need seven and i said yeah yeah six mondays finance movie i think the latin that's the last one i watch but the last movie the scandal liberty fuck out of me was the first nightmare on elm street tongues coming out of the four that you know the people you don't watch walking dead you know why again i'm loyal to the fucking when i was a kid those doing that movies is the guy that wrote those george romero's romero i'm loyal to my loyalties with him i took acid and what the george romero's that one dawn of the dead when the helicopter chops the buckeyes had no clue what he doesn't even the helicopter lands and he says i'm be yeah and i think chops his head off i remember the trip that i almost had a fucking heart attack walking dead is awesome for the first few episodes they just lost they just can't keep something like that up forever it just becomes too too hard keep story going and it's just it's too weird but the best horror movie zombie horror movie of all time it's twenty eight days later that's the best one that said british movie so a it we didn't get until i way after came out in this in the theater over there most people have seen it this year they seen it on cable or dvd right was was twenty eight days later even in the theaters out here was it so the debt the debt the one after that was a big deal but as a british movie right god damn that movie is good i remember i bought a version of it on vhs on the number of european vhs was a different format is like i did have a different player or you have a player that was a universal player that could play both might have one of those just so i could get some cool documentaries and shit you would get from europe just as a reminder wanna give props to american allies returning my luggage oh after the whole weekend and they missed that fucking have thoughts away the my boxing glove so you're delivery driver you're dumb fuck they lost my movie side bag they did gonna columbus to go the short when we die and i brought me a you know my little fucking shit pads my gloves wraps you've been doing a lot lately more of it it's great right go twice a week well about a fifty six the targets the thing i take the class with everybody else knew everything else i die like what what a one boxing 'cause tuesdays and wednesdays tuesdays and thursdays boxing then when you do the class they have bar i'm fifty six light no let you know that i might have each other yeah working on a combination shit like that sadly sundays i go in there's an open matt if i'm who am i going to visit a chick that's he's got a nice scott like oh no you know she's she's a tough checked yeah yeah she trained brett the whole thing so i go down and just let her beat me up the that let me ask you this is someone who is born in another country how do you think the day should handle the immigrations here is this is the big question a lot of people know people there i mean a lot of people listening know someone who they love that's illegal whether they're legal from canada or their legal firm europe or their legal from mexico wherever the fuck there's a lot of people get over here in stay over here they're not supposed to be some term out turn out to be amazing people so how do you decide how do you decide who gets the sec someone coming over here trying to make their life better a better thing but just doing it illegally is that automatically discount them from staying here that seems crazy what if they're great has a lot of people come over here because they were super unfortunate and where they were born they they grew up in a shitty place and they wanna make it better but they didn't know how to do it so they came over to america by hooker by crook they figured out how to get here they got here now they're kicking asked why why would you wanna get rid of them as long as they're not criminals law hurting anybody why would you wanna get rid of them started starters let's do this let's let's going on right now just points the finger at a certain a realm of you're pointing the finger just south of the border yes canadian a lot of canadian which i'm not saying nothing bad about it if this is the united states of america company the fucking have a dream yeah and whatever happens sometimes a dream goes but you know when i went to new york i spent three weeks in new york i heard and i did a little thing in my mind you know i took twenty in fact i became mobile plan because i was doing you know all these rides not one person yeah not one time i guess what i ask questions asked everybody questions and the most inspiring person i met one network though i wrapped at six thirty in the morning there is no way of getting the van go home and i just called who i wasn't ridgewood brooklyn and is indian grow picked me up very cute you know six in the fucking more it's still kind of dark out you know five thirty whatever it was and this little girl that waiting ninety pounds pick me up a low we have charger in the back of you charger con is little karam als in the front you know and i said where you find but she told me india how long have you been a year and a half spoke perfect english while i go why why they becoming overdrive she became who drive because i was a waste is an indian restaurant and the guy abused me he would only pay me eight bucks in our take half my tips so me and my cousins got together we put away money and we rent a car release the car mice she drives in the daytime and i driver that night wow and i drag oh why you are just get to go out at night you think well she's like i love it because there's no traffic mm i go what do you walk with titus astor right creepy questions not fat you know i just yeah and then as i when i gave her an extra tip like now let me ask you this you be illegal and do that deliciously citizenship i don't know what the status was with a mask around in any but what do you think do you think do you could do that do you think like if you came from another you came from guatemala illegally came over here though and became a driver could you do that may we know could anybody do that or do they check you're citizenship what do you think jeremy there's yes they can do that so someone definitely come over here and start working for hoover or or another or similar i'm not doing that necessarily like through the proper ways like you connect if you have a legal friend you could use their license to be the the over thing and they don't know who's behind the car so all the time and i'm ordering food you you definitely have to have a valid driver's license right so when you get a valid driver's license if you're illegal or that's the part like as some saying so like no but that doesn't stop someone from getting behind a car if you don't have a license any day where i'm going with this morning get in trouble right now is are we on the short list because we agreed and somebody else give me illegals licenses yeah that's why i was out in there is a a thought the pop the of a memory the popped in my head about some story like that but they were gonna give a illegal aliens d a red dr i'm sort of saying like it does happen but not above the board basically 'cause you have any short could you see if they're they're trying to give illegal aliens driver's licenses 'cause i remember a story like this too is well people were super upset about it it's a weird thing ms thirteen states dental out there you go baby where do you have to move where one of those states in dc a california's the first one as a twenty thirteen colorado connecticut delaware everywhere this week why illinois maryland nevada's mexico your interest everywhere we go why doesn't necessarily have we are vermont thinking why non medical is very close business standpoint they work for cheaper and work harder than you i mean there's so many benefits as a business owner indifferent i mean the last time you saw white labor sam you go in the kitchen at any restaurant it's all you know i mean and so now you evaluate you questioning what what rights you have is of american you come here you get a job you're working hard you stay out of trouble yeah yeah mind you business you know i mean i grew up you and i grew in east coast where you go to a chinese restaurant and you'd see the the the husband and wife working and the kids would be doing homework at the back table and if you came in the daytime it was a different couple which is telling me that two couples together they buy a home and they open a business together they work together that's those groups do mhm and then from there they bring a cousin and they open the open next they know they got three houses on the block and i just had a fucking fucking immigrant family moving dna but not necessarily good or bad you know what i'm saying that that nice we all animals are neighborhoods charter member seventy years ago this is your grandparents yeah so you have to think about your grandparents how would you want them treated i'm sure you grandpa's father got a job blamed breakaway before he got his immigration papers i don't know how they did it right i think they got a pretty you get through ellis island may push down through i mean they legal situation there is a different world back then you could immigrate pretty easily like my grandparents did went rocket scientists when they came over here you know their kids their their their parents weren't geniuses you know what's going on farmers do you know what's going on in south america right now nicaragua on doors all those places pure how you how you know i can't be mad at you for wine they get the fuck out of that but there's other places on earth right now with this peo fucking how going on yeah there's come over to let's point everybody yeah let's lock all the fucking borders don't make it seem like it's just mexico that's the fucking problem you know what getting bombarded from everywhere will get new people in here everyday day from everywhere i mad at it the company had made by the wives but don't just keep point the fucking border that you know what else is coming to the mexican border that nobody's talked about jamie when you got a minute if you love to check in just a matter five me you don't make cubans again sent back to cuba on a daily basis from mexico really getting back together shot the cubans then when it comes to air travel why they're not coming from closed all that type of shit was so right now you can't come to miami easier come go from cuba mexico and just joined the walk wow and walk up but once jordan's here in america we give 'em asylum right right is attack but that's still going i think obama removed it did he really yes trump made it so can't go go applicants logan's pack mexican shelters hoping or charlotte exxon people going a that's crazy so i think the number a couple of weeks ago i think nine hundred cubans they're getting sent by weekly ticha just using your phone bill more people were making towards the border with since trump was like build that wall build that wall they think more people headed towards the border now because it's just like it's a popular thing to do it's a part of are culturally part of the conversation is the border wall right like do you want a border wall or do you not want to build that wall making a fucking a million feet high paying all right so that top of the earth or are you one of those people who thinks anybody should be able to come over here and have a better life you know and that's the those two ideas a fucking clashing left and right to some people think the people should be able to try to do better tried to better themselves w opportunity and then some people think fuck them you're going somewhere else you'll never get a chance to come over here going through proper channels which is almost impossible do something that's very valuable to us over here see that's the thing like if you're a person who has some extraordinary skill you know you could probably get american citizenship easier you unusual if you contributing distributing to the physics department at harvard and stuff like that and you're you know you were born in germany or wherever you probably get citizenship a little bit quicker and you're just a guy who lives in guatemala and wants to come to america because he thinks he could advance his life if you're thinking get better whereas where he lives there's no you can't go anywhere you're stuck the the the poverty is extreme crimes extreme and he wants none of that he wants to better so it makes it over here like listen when you talk about immigration good and bad remember me sure you know castro is seventy nine opened up this prisons and the mario you got a hundred thousand cubans and a hundred thousand fucking spoiled rotten sabotages cuban prisons where they went and closing as they have the shit hole in the middle of the floor this habit just their animals they got no problem taking in life of a piece of toilet paper but the same is true from other countries y'all get the good and bad some other country you know let's not beat around the bush before russians come here they got of course they go to school and take a twelve week course a comedy and get money right off the bat how they're gonna social security check that out jamie that's a very very weird what they get taught how to come here and scam the system whether you wanna call scabs i'm not put nobody don i have a tons of russian friends i love i'm not saying nothing bad but i've heard that's a fact i've heard from them i have a friend who's married and she told me one day that before they come they take a costa prepping on how to get money as soon as they land three days after they get when they land cashing in all the paperwork paperwork what to say they coach that's hilarious is a service of the day offer some type of class sign of vandalism works but but if you want scandal raj they'll really out of their holiday armenians come over come over get citizenship guess what they do they get social security and they move back to armenian they get the check sent back to armenia they have a system on how they do that they got a thousand loopholes now brother and if you learn those loopholes polls you became the fucking says there's nothing wrong with having a group of people they all agree on certain rules right which is of united states should be but the problem with having a group of people is you you don't get the pick who's in that group so you just deciding instead of being admitted by merit or how how good a neighbor you are nicer person you are they just whether or not you're born on the dirt which we board on this dirt of that or did you board on that dirt you can't but if you're born in this dirt even if you're a shit human being you get to hang out you get through in other people's lies while you're here as long as you don't do enough that we need to put you in a cage and then if we do we keep it for couple of years let you out you do more i mean this is we have no problem with that i don't know what the what the percentages tougher gun laws would have said is a good over his bad people coming across the border the thing is every time there's a bad when it comes across borders highlighted as an example of why we gotta keep the border closed in they have a point they all have a point absolutely when you see someone who's talking about illegal gang members there sneaking across the border and murdering people it absolutely has happened it's a hundred percent over a real things not not fiction questions how much is it happened and how much better is it so those people's wives it make it across is there a way the screen better to make sure the bad people don't come in in all these questions were legitimate you know you don't want a bunch of fucking evil vicious people from another country in your neighborhood that's how everybody feels so you don't want your children your family be endanger because someone snuck across the border and they have a long history of working for the cartel murdering people that's a real thing it's a real possibility so all the people at a vigil in all the people that are scared you know they're they're probably smart to be scared looking fucking human history people are capable of doing some awful shit no one saying i'm not i don't think there should be no no wall at all nothing stopping people from coming across definitely don't want pizza shit coming over here but on their promise how do you find out you ever noticed that maybe willful that would probably maybe were full did you notice that when you go on this homeless people on the tour fucking and boulevard lankershim boulevard on the bridges everywhere has ever come to your mind where you go this cars everywhere and between october in lifting cabin now there's traffic in every major fucking city there's a lot of whatever did i noticed that maybe it's not like cubans mexicans reporter recons of blacks the germans irish maybe that will fuck and full have you ever come to that conclusion yet i will just full right now yeah we have the tape five years off like i would accept that i would accept that i would accept a special circumstances like why are you have family here but at this point right now will fucking full yeah yeah will fall we don't have nowhere else to put any more that we we really don't look no louisiana eddie unless we packed with all the iowa and send the more you know send the mall intimate where's the highest population of mexicans in the country i would say southern california wrong really indiana chicago chicago their highest they form a ton of shit up in chicago a damning illinois wine a where's the highest population of puerto ricans the bronx you're wrong cleveland cleveland the fifties they shipped they all the deal is what what what's a tech importer recons is pointing to the cleveland ohio area to work in the fucking ford plants and all the other plants and that's all those places sat down all those people sitting there holding onto that deck when you go to certain parts of ohio there's a suburb outside of cleveland twelve fucking for the week while you know entrust but it's i don't think of it as we hate russian or german johnny that i look at it from a different but back the times maybe willful you know is the media send my daughter did the data camp costa rebuilds a week i'm not complaining it's a great day kids a science campaign make potions they learned about lightbulb electricity my point i did the same thing free all i do is walk the my park there's no funds left mm there's nothing left for these kids you know i don't know if he was over i walk into a dodger game or on the event i go i always think of the family of four in america today that both parents have to work yeah everybody has to work if you go by my office with a podcast in the middle is at twenty four hours a day may leave my office at midnight they see patterns it's picking up the kids you know carrying the mind over their shoulders and a car you know it costs a lot and throw any american family yeah there's not a lot of jobs way you see everybody's driver new if you take now who is interesting i'm doing a documentary around just going odors and talking to these people and ask them why they're over yes and then janine engineer lost his job fifty eight years old gotta work asian fellow very nice i picked the extra you offer me the plug the phone i mean you know you know you have to look at that and go wow that's a lot of people in this country without work there's a lot of fucking homeless people who were run out of money the take care when we got here is true like there's that lands and epidemic homeless we've right now where there's so many tents on the street and the fucking dynamic they're everywhere i mean is it at aachen lankershim yeah ron you're not there when there in sherman oaks yeah the streets on heidi on the pass on the passenger stuffed with a now so yeah i mean we have the failing undoing you can't walk through those under why do you know what the answer is you know what they usually do what the what they give him a hundred bucks they dima bus pass the vegas vegas is stuck with we talked about that on the pocket absolutely everything he's done recently keeps getting shit now time to get fucking some apart and put a tent city and make can be resourceful will give you more than a hundred and ten thousand empty rental units in los angeles filling those bases won't solve the housing for the homeless crisis yeah but the problem is if they these fucking things are for rent and you have these homeless people the drug addicts and probably mentally insane and you let them stay in those rental apartment they're gonna destroy rental place well let's be honest there's a hundred and ten thousand or more well it all depends on what kind of homeless person you're talking about a person who's down on his luck or you're talking about a mental illness mental dylan stralia big shutout that stuck violently when i see sixty when i see a whole lot when i see ten thousand homeless people when i i gotta assume for thousands of people were down that look at his lip they got four flat tires and it just get you know this time people go through ship periods of time it could be year yeah it could be like these fucking hikers every fucking three days of high gets lost okay yeah like this gets lost and they stroll off when they get saved they're all happy you see on my witness news happy wait till they get the bill because they get hit with a bill oh yeah everytime most within those helicopters so they their talent there if every fucking i got paid for for fucking taxpayer we'd be broke so like in colorado say if you're one of those hikers goes in snaps rankle and you're on on a rich somewhere they come and get you call somebody money you gotta pay somebody that's blocking talents funches that cost wall if you're a lot of money they hit listen if you like lady who got stuck in hawaii for a week whatever the fuck she was a month ago those helicopters core something just stuck in a white lady the lady gaga teacher the body loyal they're you know they found her right yeah they found i assume i'm just saying the story just because what happened is something like that happen seat and you get you ever get involved in the lawsuit okay in a lawsuit you i rear end joe rogan joe rogan's neck and god forbid his neck and his back hurt he can't do god's right you file a claim against me and while you're going to the doctor right all those months was a doctor usually right now yet everything's pamela dirty days net dirty is it mhm when you start getting those eleven hundred dollar bills from when they look and you need your neck when you get ten of those how you're gonna pay him 'cause you can't pay you get the settlement from the fucking attorney among a lot of times people go broke by the time they get the money the shippers sale take seven years to get that money going to the doctor threes very big insurance covers all this money insurance will tell everybody within that college this is it's more complicated what's that tell everybody what the net callers more complicated yes so all those bills added up yeah hit with a bunch ability joe you're homeless yup your home in cambodia wife whatever's homeless unless you have aronson yeah you know you're homeless and you're in and so when i look at the homeless situation when you hit me with a fifty thousand number which is the lie if you go run that way it's alive land that'd be airport and hook that fucking thing onto the four or five north look under that there's a hundred people just on the mhm so whatever number they tell you what do you think they tell you as far as like homeless population in l i dunno i know garcetti is under fire like i know the homeless yeah like the people what they gave two million dollars dollars they gave him money and heat index oh really yeah they gave us some type of money you gotta put up some shelters i i saw solid up in north hollywood studios food church on thursdays they go and take showers that you know there was a a place in maine that was a offering they were offering young couples they want a young young people young families to move up there because a it's tough to get people living some of those parts of maine so they offered incentives for a young people move up there and a lot of african folks start moving up there you know they found out that was a a good place to be and so they're like filled up a lot of their shelters up there there is a an article about that see if you could find that interesting it's like hey they'll they'll look i know it's called is fuck but will take a chance there from a war war torn part of the world they just be cold in maine and be a piece of paper bag okay pitchers that's where markets david slipped up there i asked him remember you have see fighter mind yeah yeah i ask why do you why do you like it in maine is like there's no fucking crime it's none he's like there's none because everybody's nice he's called is fuck but everybody's nice there's a comedy club up there where it was comical eyeballs on warf floated no whiz whiz kid from maine and vermont marley bob marley's this remain yeah yeah molly they know the club was that more asylumseekers arrived in portland maine from southern border city debates is a assistance portland's human resources director criticizes criticizes comments by mayor eason's trembling welcoming you're rival of more immigrants let's say they're all from africa the safest of africa but they're buying a bus tickets they go from like san antonio intact other parts in texas texas i think this is a different one this is a different thing yeah just just google it from africa did you did you have main african shelter them in this ship opt in and listen that's just one person a new migrant surgeon or this one from central africa wow interesting but you know for other people in other parts of the world the way i'll take it i get it main is it is cold is fuck for a good good stretch of the winter but you know they just stay indoors keep fucking hate on here oh l eight population ellie county homeless population jumps so from two thousand eleven it was thirty nine thousand four and fourteen in two thousand nineteen fifty eight thousand nine thirty six so jumped up a fucking tonto almost twenty thousand and that's a just over a period of eight years that's crazy that's a lot of people just a couple of dude by my house i take accounts there's a couple of dudes olivia shopping carts how we drop little food there's one dude that was like he's like a soldier with ptsd and he lives in the park he's gotta be six four to eighty big black what do you wanna do every time i see a my pillow over twenty i introduced into my wife and my daughter you see anything you start just attack attack you rent part of my daughter's going to grab a school i saw when they walk monogram is pulled right up agreements that commit daughter goes to school you see any suspicious white people you just rip apart the latest he has rambo knife rambo begging rambled i loved i loved that you could see where the ptsd and mental health he won't take showers a but he's got a heart of gold whenever you see me smiling gives me a thumbs up i never have been than they were ten years i same and that part maybe six never violent behavior he doesn't drink alcohol so i know he's not just a fucking drunk he just can't get a job just mental health no it's a mental health issue yeah it's seasoned veteran i asked him how doing what's going on hey told me this whole like the whole story is much without being embarrassed i just do every time i see him i just put money in his pan severe he's happy is a pig and shit but he's a fucking stone killer ain't gonna be there'll be no shootings at that kids school i gotta check it out three times a day they gotta get i don't think i'm getting i love i love and did that my wife waves adam we'd be bad emergency waves adam everybody's happy with the so there's no misunderstand understand this little piece of mind is there ever gonna be a time when there's no bad neighborhoods is that possible is it possible to have a place where there's no crime at all what do you think that ever really gonna be possible means definitely better now there never has been before and you could think that if if things moving in the same general direction the be less crime a hundred years now the hundred years ago but do you ever think there's gonna be a time where everywhere safe internet gives you a lot of education which cities are having a hard time they don't tell you but they don't really feel yet you know every weekend you see the murder counts in chicago grazing every weekend in america chicago these fucking country thing they'll say the dominican republic importer rico a couple of we but think about a year ago that is many shootings importer rico one weekend as they do in fucking chicago and the weekends you know look at the shit that happens and i like we don't hear everything what's happening dominican republic all these people die die i don't know what is that many bars this is that what do you think what do you think jim speculation i heard that a there's lots of deals that could made from my friend like if you had a friend that was like maybe refill many bars you're other friend would then refillable water bottles with us not actual liquor oh god and like they just kinda refill it i've seen videos online it's not accepting the dominican republic but where all inclusive resorts so that's what the video said they're just refilling bottles of colossi eight and hennessy and all sorts just like with brown water i don't know what the fuck they're even know what it's like a whole system they have this like fifteen people glow factored in the back of the shed on the beach just filling up empty bottles shit so just ripping people off i don't know if that's what's happening in the d r but that's what i've read speculation online says there's this sort of some reason this online not any off at the speculation is nowhere rides yet there's see that seems to make sense right if someone had a scam and those little mini bar bottles or kind of expensive a bad batch and just like you bad batch of the drugs they're gonna find out they got some holiday event and all or nothing yeah maybe they got some bullshit homemade booze it's poison got spread around yeah yeah but the whole thing is suspicious stick on the dunes kinky should to the hospital kinky shit yeah what kind of kings you know answering no answer oh i blow we don't know oh by you know there's probably overwhelmed imagine if we're sitting over here talking about and how many people have been calling them how many people or furious because they lost their loved one over there they don't know what the fuck is going on and then someone said that it's not necessarily really an uptick that there's not necessarily really an uptick of a death suggested there highlighting every time someone dies and the reality is people die all the time i don't know if that makes sense you know like i mean how many people have you were just looking at las angeles the come here and they visit one of having a heart attack and died it might be a lot you know we don't really know i mean how many people come over here from another country every day and wound up dying while there is not a normal thing that people do people do it mean if people are dying of heart attacks and also strokes and all sorts of the shit is that because someone's doing something to them or is it because a hundred thousand people a day come over here and one from a day dies on what those numbers arnold's widget would show people that died at number grand numbers i guess this looks like only maybe twelve to fifteen people since march march that's a lot but is it i don't know enough that it or here in california all these people are over don't know fifty or older yeah fit you right which can happen at any point in time especially if you're on vacation doing via agra drinking straight jack daniels fucking up a storm you could have a heart attack bro but all jokes aside no disrespect that can you google how many people is this an uptick are are really is it now what's the best way to say this source diaper you're yeah yeah let's see annual tourist rate tourist death rate is it any different from what we're experiencing now is it would be weird if we just found out that no this is just what happens and they're just making a big deal out of this first story with this that you know fifty five year old drunk guys die every year dominican republican in cuba importer rico and people get hammered on vacation bro you know it's like you know what i heard about the mega republican lock on it that i have no reason to go them why they sell cocaine on the beach i do not like that idea yeah at all when i heard the they sold cocaine on the beach what's the big a mexican resort where people go to spring break oh another one but oh yeah to loom no knocked a little coon kinkel tanka they sell copeland debate yeah all those tight when you sell coke on the beach i don't wanna be on that we have you know what i'm saying i just have this weird feeling about that they sell coke on the beach they do that in costa rica to somebody off me some borough no yeah yeah yeah celtics she's damn funny joke about that but walking down the street someone's trying this i see a coke coke coke we got we got coke the guy would see me heroin heroin and then he goes the fuck why do you think i want it heroin man if i could afford coke very funny one about two point seven american a americans in the dominican republic last year which publicly released is data on only about natural does such as car crashes and drones is not release information about desk by natural causes such as heart attacks or strokes even though it compiles reports on americans who die on all americans to die abroad it's a matter of statistics at a certain number of travelers we will suffer serious illnesses accidents and even death while traveling internationally the death rate in the dominican public is not any higher than the death rate in the states officials said that's what i'm talking about a foot don't when people visit other countries don't expect them to stay alive because you don't expect him stay alive here they die all the time but when you're talking about what did they say what was the hundreds of thousands how many hundred thousand people visit the dominican republic every year two point seven million visited last year americans americans visited last year oh my god really went seven million for ten people died eleven twelve people have died i guess i don't think it was a hundred thousand more last year eleven people died last year now this year lawyers for months left foot twelve people that's a lot of fucking people going over there man people die but meanwhile everybody's scared go dominican republic so it's like probably killing their business and how he was fine until we drank the mini bar come on man shore you know some some people i'm sure again for the the scary owns the lady got attacked there is a lady got attack right right or something they beat her half the death she has no idea what happened she saw guy within outfit on from the resort like go in employees outfit and he fucking clubbed her in beat the shit out her and she doesn't remember anything they he left her for dead and when they found out they thought he was dead you know brunell shit from us ten twenty is very no i really wanna go why is awesome gather all that shit go to hawaii united states we will have the nicest people in the world yeah good maui or you know my wife and i sat down and like all the place you know it's a six hour fucking like true you know after a while doing we do we got some of the best coaches in the world if you stop down by san diego mix up a little bit one of the beaches go up north of santa barbara go even up a little north you know so we gotta do that a little bit i mean barbara's beautiful senate bobbers be on vacation you know and you earn our way we take too many fucking place be on the six i'm gonna fucking miami or thought about the jersey shore i thought about doing a lot of shit like that you know what you could do to you could do a couple of day trip like go to santa barbara day yes leaving santa barbara go up past san luis obispo that's real nice joe donnelly or if you know if i fucking hate holidays do i hate holidays 'cause it's often does this look like you and me we work through everything with his mother fuckers the two weeks before christmas day shutdown in my head jingle bell a you know a week before mother's day a week yeah memorial day is fucking kill me like this memorial day killed late you gotta figure out his in new york with three weeks you know walking around also i come home and the first that comeback memorial day weekend nope buddies having a party nobody's doing shit finally monday nights on my wife i go fuck and i got tickets for the dodgers game let's go dodger game what do you do in the fourth i'm going to the beach nice i'm leaving fucking wednesday morning when did we have a barbecue over my house for for when you brought daughter was the last time those three years we're used to it so she said she's so cute man she she put me when i go what do you see now that i came close to where you were holder i came closer to say hi mike how're you it's like you know she she goes i know him a gym membership you know that's that's the door the the kids memories are horrible and i remember being a kid and going in my mom was brought there were certain people that would walk in will go before you say anything i want you know he remembers everything mm he doesn't react to you bill tommy at two in the morning i would die mom shit like that came out a gun he had someone is no mhm and my mom coach fucking christ so my mom would and that's what's crazy about kids you give you a little people you never had another room having a conversation with your wife three days later she'll tell me what that conversation was i just look at it i don't smoke in the house and she busted me once but she never said no no no this is i could tell she said she keeps masha walks out she was right there and i said i was talking to a smoke was coming out of my mouth she say i fucking hate smoke is not because it's bad put out because they're ruining the environment that's hilarious nothing about how she's like that no good people smokers no good because their environment daddy so i'm like okay what he's gonna do know i'm thinking about the wind thing i want you to hook me up remains busy let me know okay i know it's a certain guys go yeah clean what timely man is shows i don't know what time of the year the go any time okay that's all bullshit fuck yeah for hawaii hawaii any day of the year so that you don't go from like december the warriors have handled season nine that we went in june before that we went 'em last time we had guns in january or december yeah it's some it's beautiful the people were so nice man just it's like i shouldn't say this the problem you're getting mad you're gonna make more people come over there it's fucking amazing place living their lives in paradise deliver their their on an island that's created by a volcano in the middle ocean and it's fucking gorgeous says it's so pretty clear that the water we saw a lot of a lot of dolphins men mana spinner spinner dolphins i guess they home i guess that's what kind of dolphins i don't remember what kind of dolphins 'em but back in december which are whales that was awesome that's amazing man she fucking wales breach the surface of the water while band just scout their boats and look for splashes and the distance and then we saw the big schools the dolphins they swim under boat wild shit man you know 'cause they're just these crazy see mammals that or super intelligent living the water right off right off the coast mean that said it's such a paradise because what hawaii has no other place does is it's fully surrounded by the most beautiful pristine water there's no shit shit beaches on hawaii it's all gorgeous water and then scuba ge yeah well no historical okay so when you went snorkeling sharp known as kids a fucking adam you know what that scares the fuck out of me sox get the fuck out okay guy just got killed i love i love you too i am fucking point why am petrified that i dunno by you shouldn't do i grew up in a bit like i still remember my mom taking me the coney island dog being a little kid get hot dog i got both times i want the coney outside drama the first time i went the coney island courting what's the when the undertow yeah yeah where you you and you go on waste yeah i mean you were playing yeah look it up parents in two miles away very dangerous all the fucking lifeguards it'd be five maybe five maybe for my first experience in coney island second experience in coney island they'll my cousins were jumping up and down on their forget had it'd be like those hot days we ran then you know swimming around and all of a sudden we look up and that was the biggest piece of shit who is thirteen fourteen it just spinning around the beach just float and past this oh oh my mom i'm never going back that was the last time what the coney island and then i went the jersey and i went through the beach i loved it everything was hunky dory and it started here about two thousand three i went down to the beach and when we got there they got the lifeguard walk so you know do you smoke a fucking join you got spf on you the guy comes in when he goes the beach is enclosed officially but there's been a a couple of shark sightings just so if you go into the water i just want you know let me know when wavell rough this is when you come up here and you make the right turn down a you know i dunno anyway it's it's we're going down to the beach dot the four five way the sunset and you get off it see other way what can you do pango depending on that yeah that time we got right that we landed at two thousand three two thousand two the has it up we it's not closed but they've been seen a couple of spots and finally i always try to go in the ocean cuban my mother loved the beach we always went everytime i go to the beach i go what the fuck is wrong with me like buckle up i tape for steps i depend and then i walk a little bit once i start bouncing i go on a couple of strokes joe i feel great and this is one of those fucking things touch my foot you never sat mother fuck around this quick as you say i just run straight and that's it i put my spf on and go back in the water i go and just to refresh my so did you see the fucking and the great white north dakota's the jersey one bit the guy's a fish means brandon nc that unbeliev that's not normal brother i grew up in jersey there's always been sharks but not great whites like that grave wags started the first time i ever saw shark was a money talk money talk is next at amalie where they really shot jaws jaws is supposed to be happening on one of those if you look i don't know what what correctly it is when they shot jaws it's supposed to be the coaster fucking alone but if anybody knew when i was a kid i used to go the month off all the time that beach was no bueno dog you'd be on the beach in a fucking crap would walk up to you and walk various producers cheese this is a lot of guys come on that shortlist biting their belief is that what that is is that a sacramento yeah yet enters the chumming it yet other chumming wiser buddy nothing then is that definitely what's going on what is a on that wrote back there oh so ripped apart oh yeah look there salmon fillet is two thousand pound or a fish fish was the they think the sharpest two thousand pound look at this heart stop stop doing this 'cause it's hard me tell what's going on okay they dangled so what is it biting what is that yellow thing it's like oh boy is it looks like but why would it by the bully it's a fucking but when you see how if they have that piece of fish there dang in the water it seemed to me like they were trying to bring that but that would that fish it was already full laid so it's like the body the head and the tail it seemed to me like they're putting that in the water to attract sharks i bet they know spot where shall see see what i'm talking about see that's the part of the fish that you can't you know it's like he's got it opened up a fillet and they're dragging it through the water i think to try to attract them maybe salt and they're like let's see if we can get it yeah maybe right yeah florida shit nevermind gonna throw it yes we're throwing that in the water out there definitely try to bring us closer to the both chicago i don't give a fuck and they put a leg in the water looked at the size that a lot paying off the coast of new jersey that would make you scratch your head that a week later a seal attack the girl the california beach seal i saw one where seal gravity girls lay pulled her the water off a dog that was a different words this this is another one another one and they're blaming it on the chemicals only ocean hello knox's something like that that once the seals a get that in look at this girl how she got dragged them caused this listen if my brother oh my god oh my god yeah little funky why something's going on shit holy shit borough climate change is everywhere it's all over the thing that that seems like a nice wow that's crazy they got it on video to just jumps up in biter fucking life maybe to pay back the dog's well this is odd yeah i don't know how we're going on here not the big giant shark oh and then the rest of the dogs come in and help that's buddy and it's sort of stays for a second i thought maybe it had one and they're trying to get released it did it i don't believe now looking at jesus christ the really crazy fucking video but the dog a huge also another best dog i guess who else to sharks outages like that that's a fucking shark bro no though you gotta be very careful you gotta be very careful know something's going on and you have to do think the world's coming to an end not at all what do you think i'm eddie bravo the world we got whistling invicta until something happens but while i miss all these shark attacks specially on the east coast the last three weeks well here's one thing westbound east coast one thing could be lack of food right i mean they over fish the fuck away ocean people know for a fact that's that's a real problem that's a real problem overfishing giant problem they're worried the the ocean fish in some parts of the world will literally be extinct there'll be nothing left and fifty sixty a hundred years who knows if they don't clean up their act but you see the way they do it commercial and that's just throw those fucking things in and just insane wide nets just scooping up everything and then they they get all these fish and they dumped him in the hall of the boat and it's it's crazy how much fish they kill it's crazy how much would a desire for fish we all have but if sharks run out of shitty and then the seals run i should eat the shark start running out of seals and they start going after people will seals eat it's a good question i would imagine eat fish ryan's ago yeah seals up in san francisco will getting killed by sharks yeah check it out at level at such a high level that i guide was on surfboard and they couldn't imagine why the shark bedroom and then they looked into it and they said some underneath a shark just sees they see a seal yeah yeah there's a crazy video of a shark taken a seal out out on the this one right here right in front of all these people on the on the marina alcatraz alcatraz okay wash us back it up a little bit what's this bladder the shark just jack's is fucking ceo right in front of everybody they're all looking out watches boom look at all the blood and everybody's like what the fuck so oil slick blood the shark comes out of the water with the seal i mean look at that blood that is madness bright red blocked the lodge in a fucking huge shark destroying a seal in front of everybody just let you know that their world there's monsters right there by it's just they can't get out of the water i mean imagine if that was like next the woods and you know if you didn't go into the woods you'd be okay but if you did go into the woods there's a giant gracing moose thirty miles an hour the just by the legs and arms off of everything runs into the village was scared i'm going going into the woods because something's gonna kill innocent say yeah they put a a costume the villagers about a bunch of people didn't know it was like two thousand in light of what they had some they're gonna die by something yeah they scared and when some costume or some shit right giant shark but that's what it's like when you're sitting on the dock they're looking out at that shark fuck it up that seal water it's right there i mean you could just jump in i mean it is sort of like being at the edge of the woods watching some of mythical monster tear apart a creature in front of you we spoke when you win hawaii that's the first thing i said to you know look out for the sharks dog worry the vine nothing happened were fun and they got him heads down there was a lot of tiger sharks tiger sharks by people bull sharks apparently the most dangerous and then weird one because they go to freshwater they'll go like they found bull sharks way up near illinois near chicago on rivers bull shark skin freshwater modern and swim all the way up the river in fact jaws actually inspired by bull sharks that bit people over like successive couple of days in new jersey in a river new jersey that's the actual original story that inspired jaws came from shark attacks and like i wanna say like maybe the fifties or some shit like that there were near a river in new jersey freshwater river speaking of new jersey is similar sure you see these on that story dhamma and other insects only sippy river oh yeah yeah yeah so that's all i'm saying yeah yeah exactly they can go way up sticking surviving freshwater the bull sharks her a weird animal i think that monster guy that the television show river monsters that do that cool guy i think that guy a cot one somewhere remember correctly that guy they used to hang out with wild boy steve oh and chris pontius many he got into that water in the bay bay san francisco with to enter bull sharks the footage of it is fucking crazy oh my god is so insane there also uncertain which is okay jim nothing nothing simple about stephen stevens on that fucking tree in the lions jumped up and the treaty with him like what the fuck fox on his hat from took his hat off his head only watch watch watch watch like humans inches from death when you fan sent me an article for you owe about six months ago really interesting i got somewhere my tickets on twitter so rocky balboa rocket bama sylvester stallone with a young guy and he went into a gym in bay because he wanted chuck weapon news train the train but chuck weapons training dumb fuck off because sylvester stallone i'd done more so sylvester salon away out stole chuck what no book that he wrote in and that's where he took the idea of rocky it's a true trivia this i never heard that doesn't maybe it's true despite the fact is still slow mo sued by web there in two thousand three for using his story of rocky he ultimately sell front undisclosed amount of money in two thousand six according to forbes seems really good speed about wetness tail being told on big screen in an interview with deadline chuck producer mike tomlin said the storm was supportive of everyone involved reading the script and even showing up on set in lives had positive dialogue during shooting the movie about check they did a movie about chuck 'em that's weird that he used his story rockies will be idea was that he used a story when chuck weapon their farm hamad ali wwl east on nobody kind of makes sense that we based on his carl weathers was kind of like a mohammed ali character in rocky balboa channel chuck weber but i if i remember that fight correctly i mean i remember mohammed ali beating the shit out of chuck grabner i don't remember it being like a close fight like they didn't they make that fight a draw wasn't rocket wanna draw he did knock him out chuck what no no he he he beat him up they beat him up in knock them out but i think he went i think he went twelve rounds maybe it might have been fifteen rounds wiping back when they were doing fifteen matter of fact i think the i think if i remember correctly went the distance but again my boxing knowledge is not like my emma may knowledge it's like be level which is a nineteen seventy five is billed as they give the white guy a break oh my god is hilarious they should have done that in rocky knocked on the fifteenth around okay fifteen throw so that's what i'm saying it wasn't like rocky rocky the story of rocky is this guy who actually was a good fighter but shins never focused himself decides to focus himself with is preposterous opportunity five the title and ashley hurt some actually hurt some in the draw a dna of the fi it's a crazy fucking war and it turns out to be a draw that was not chocolate and their story i mean unless these part of chuck not web there's life we're tatum yeah you might have to pay it might have been might have there may be some truth function store maybe still is always don't have a sticky fingers mhm he stuffed you feeling expendable student yeah and that is to take it back in those days that's what they did right people people don't know is this couple people who do that they meet with a guy died jamie i don't give us an idea but i would back the columbus ultimately later jamie turned the tv on this story on tv jamie takes on the court and wins yeah as the notes the appointment that his agent made from the meat stallone austin long as the shell now is fully amount of the script he doesn't have the proceedings worthy made yeah so it's a it's it's tremendous scam if you do it and get away with it i listen i'm not bad mountains won't let me tell you something everytime those rockies come on i watch those fucking bangs yeah and i am more more bad for that they kind of still hold up and what's really happening about the rockies is they keep bumgarner i mean you know that right and then another one greed greed now they got michael b jordan yeah you know did you see the video of a michael b jordan going through the the tactical course fucking bad ass man i don't know what movie he's preparing for but he's preparing for some fucking crazy crazy shooting a movie i guess you know i did herron tactical i did this thing went up boy and i didn't know like a boy with john right the is telling me that after movies he does you gotta go there six months before the rogue he's going through one of these courses like john wick style yes you gotta go through six months of this says it's worth for black panther so this is when he was in that movie black panther so he's preparing for there's a bunch of guys in that movie that makes sense yeah i did shoot logan's not movie yeah here's a mercenary don't you remember michael b jordan with a killer in the us remember the handyman fights i guess yeah well there's that too but i'm sure there was some gunfights and just to be able to handle it and look and look like this look like i mean i don't know enough about shooting to know this looks good looks good to me though you know what i'm saying well if you watch like tom cruise and collateral mhm when he goes into a japanese bar on in korea town when he's using tactical shooting right like it's real practical yeah i always knew that tom cruise's ultimate professional you that's why he gets twenty eighty million the movie the whole deal but when i talked to all boy he was telling me now that all these movies now you go five six months before the movie starts and it's you know eight hours of training mhm you gotta give it up for you boy john wick oh yes fifty six six you don't five hours a day jujitsu he's doing jujitsu and he there's a bunch of scenes of him doing that say the same for who did it with henry rifle one of those henry old school western by folks pangs when those called you know those little load am up ones we'll let it rest down to reload remember when we were kids we had those yeah you bumped him the strongest yeah bb gun shot you're grandmother like eighty guys if you hated the mother fucker you start bumper that bitch like six in the morning you give a full that was the ultimate dangerous weapon it gives you a kid a fucking we had everything we had one of those numbers arish rocket yeah i had a little rocket is that what it is i call yeah they had a thing to surgical to all my god i had a the lid on the second floor and he would just peg love kids as they were walking out receipts check my guy he was in school to leaving run home from school gone is fucking on the second third floor attic lay on the floor like a mercenary and just shoot kids they could move best oh my god how funny would say he he nails in wait tables like d at school when people put their books down like a quote by the now he was just a fucking but now he's somewhere stone elevators and pennsylvania is on the floor both chris rock of this dangerous we used his marbles sigrist rocket by bagga marbles did ariss rocket oh yeah 'cause marbles they fly consistently you get used to wear the trajectory is gonna go if you have a rock who the fuck knows how much that rock ways you know those rocks everything that rock it's hard to figure out where the fuck things going but when you get good with a marble you understand like right here a kind of like a judge the ark of the marble starting nalen things you could start nalen thing when you're first marksman repeatedly every other marshall repeat it i never had one of those mark repeaters pallets bb's guard i had about eight my mother called me jamie abebe had the fucking double o seven knife knife in the seventies the eighties oldham in newark or in harlem i remember double o seven said it wouldn't handle the handler i was like i used to get a the paint the genes you know when i always liked about his third grade you know he's shaking down on the way out and the way in do you know that because they were worried about you all in second grade before my mother put me in school call shakedown take socks off wow socks how much money you went out with no no no that's a march eight oh look at it with bb's pallets and that's where you put the dodgers upon thought you had a lot of how many kids got shot by the cops whole thing not talking about on none none that's the seventies not knowing who they she came back to you first before they shot you know when did they start shooting shooting in the fucking like back then they were normal people because they would neighborhood kids they those days the cops in your neighborhood sixty percent were from that neighborhood so they stood the person they understood the kid they knew he had mental health now they'll get up something called the city and put him in san diego they don't know they area when we were growing up especially when you were stanley you grandpa newark all those cops grew up newark on the road instead fucking crazy don't worry about when you're gone over the road is you take you're gonna you don't point of that right joe put the gun that let's see what i'm saying like the cops were members of the community see i knew they knew they were going into everything cold there were going into everything i think it'd be without the worry the most cops pull people over 'cause you just fucking never know you see what happened yes the cop the black dude north carolina whether he was away wasn't fired its north carolina he was smoking a blunt cop pulled him over he fucking track the cop low grabbed him by their boats jamie you i know you saw it on the news drag them twice not once but twice the cop pulls a gun then the cop shot in the leg oh jesus and he's still got the gop often they got away wow so he's out there with a hole in his leg yeah no they finally courtroom he wasn't ambulance you know i'm a little leaguers so he's just smoking blot looking right in front of the top the city smelled marijuana so driving off is he holding onto yeah the side well so the guy tried to drive off and he hung on it looks like she hung onto the car my correct there and a wife that's um when you see is reaching for his gun looking one now looking at those bullets yeah i mean it's driving off of them and look i just don't assume that joe rogan oh shit forty he just doesn't that they've got fell over on the dirt he brought fucked himself even after the self out that book so machine holding on it's like when the car takes off like what is he doing it looks like he's holding on saturday adelaide joe i can't tell you how you ask so they usually have that panel along the side where you put your leg up obviously standing on it that's what i think is going on but he's holding onto the window to looks like he's trying to hold he's got his arm in heat out while they got his lies a he's holding onto his seat belt see out there there he's holding onto a seatbelt you know yeah no this look at look at the seat belt that is what he has in his hand that is we oh yeah that's that's what he has so he's holding the seat belt man she got his fucking gone out and shoots a guy and yet they when he when he goes to grab for his gun is that when you shoot some 'cause do does look like he at one point in time man leave me the fuck alone with his grill i'm china smoke my mother fucking blunt what is going on with this team is that like some kind of iced outgrow out i know now that when you stood out dr boom we shoot some wow but at least he shot him in the leg and not in the red zone but the whole thing seems rather crazy he's he's hanging on with justed gun by dash cam shows florida man drive across central florida throughout the deputy dragging from his car after a traffic traffic stop the man is now facing attempted murder charge okay well see dragging the car was the guy hanging on hanging on while he's trying to drive off is that the same i guess yeah but i mean i don't know if he could lose on you stop you can't go so like you can't write drive away driveway okay with and once the car starts mounier he's hanging out the door you are dragging them yeah she's hanging onto the seat belt and the dragon what's the matter you gotta fucking stick with the most advanced guys walking around with a bad play the dude who got pulled over though he's hilarious play that again his reaction he just keeps puffing on the blunt blunt a minute of it you know that's what you put them back i look at this i smelled marijuana man what do you talking about what look he's hilarious he's right out of a movie like is only sparkly they you have a grill on can you tell it looks like some kind of iced up grill my imagining that again tell joe rogan what his name is radical radical she he's got a wild night to that is hilarious the the whole thing is so funny hope the cops okay rocky money this is names rocky money i told you heard off a rocky money rudolph's dan don lit up rocky morning money rudolf julio the boot oh that's hilarious the best name i've seen in fourteen years on the job yeah that's about as good as any name rocky you money rudolf that pork i went to work yesterday with a positive attitude and he gets fucking dragged they say smoking a black mouth the cops like i know we have we have marijuana soza justice cigar he says he says it's the black and it's a very distinct smell between a block them out in marijuana well maybe if you're some goofy cop does he know now but i think it's marijuana pulling our what do you think it smells what is what is a black and miles smell like that what it's called black and mild what smell lecture on i compare that now but yes very strict the distinct smell you could tell it between us any cigar in a black remind you to pick it out see what i don't know that what if i become a cop when i smelled that would have to know what a black mount smells like they might struggle like we'd what is this month thick cigarettes tobacco smoke yeah the anything like we you know it smells great pipes i got a nice it's kinda like you know yeah isn't it interesting that like the smell of tobacco from cigarettes is kinda gross smell from a cigar not that bad smell firm a pipe a lot of people like that smell like a lot of people like like kids like the smell of pipes smells like some tobacco burning a pipe actually smells good weird like the smell of we fuck shit the type that meghan it yeah those older guys used to that's not right around that much no for his nutmeg not makes a real but what i'm saying like a like a drug when i was younger when i was in my teens if felt like people were smoking pipe at all just a deep there is a teacher my grammar schools multiplied i still remember a teacher from my high school vividly smoking a pipe i haven't seen anybody smoke with five steven crowder give me one it's right here smoked when he was on the show yeah but he gave it to you for refund brought tobacco and everything was at it it's not that it's kind of a pain yes you gotta keep it let you know it's not something that just stay lit like a joint you know you gotta kinda keep would it make you feel like it's like tobacco you know gives a little high it's a nice little buzz like cigars a thing of the best version of that cause cigar stays lip and you're getting it from the leaf to like 'cause like you tobacco 'em you're saliva rather is breaking down the tobacco obviously i'm not a scientist but you're saliva is doing something to the back over the leaf and it may leave these little kids smoking cigarettes wiped out by the pipe is looking for kids there's the one of the left have a cigarette is a cigarette yeah that's that's on price fake but i know so yeah he's in the fifties and forties these kids smoking cigarettes and low right ankle kids the smoke it's like an eleven year old shit yeah wow look at the other kid selling newspapers they were all fucking addicted the cigarettes wow hey do me a favor send me that picture i wanna try that picture prints in the studio that's like little rascals and shit yeah wow yeah save save that picture if we can buy a copy that those kids when they were growing up north bergen isn't henry olsen the family olsen that'd be like kind of like jimmy olsen yeah they're living next to a body shop by thirteen he had already been smoking my fucking eight years i swear to god he had cavities so he would just put the cigarette in the tooth capital and just leave it there oh no deal with the cigarette in the cavity his teeth degree he's on facebook might say i thought at the time they should i wave adam but that's how bad in the seventies and sixties i think the fifth these kids were fucking smoke it to them and give you a throat a vacation smoker fresh cigarette campbell shit it's a doctor a doctor's telling you give you a throat a vacation chesterfield cigarettes a justice pure as the water you drink while people were evil back then they just lied about one more doc a smoke campbell's what did say then every other cigarette of course i smoke camels i like to relax as much as anyone who accused on will tell you teach her taste teeth wrote about how he's a rod out in the first time you smoked a cigarette by fourteen fourteen and fifteen what happens is disgusting i talk about like nine i thought it was fucking horrible i got dizzy and that is tearing the cigarette out of the bathroom on five mother found out how good the next time i smoked one again was many years later 'em adam farrar i used to smoke and he gave me some of his cigarettes were were doing some sketch i don't remember exactly what it was about but i was supposed to be smoking cigarettes in a sketch of supposed to be like some annoying poet smoking a cigarette and so i kept smoking a cigarette or practice in this thing up blasted out of my mind three four cigarettes and we just smoke backed back tobacco and you don't smoke oh my god the nicotine it's like this is crazy this is what you're doing all the time oh so you get hieaux talent does affect science advances new data that may completely change your idea of cigarettes the experiences of camel smokers confirmed camels can literally reliever t e n irritability that doesn't naturally through it and it does it naturally yeah man people just got sick millions and millions of people got sick from smoking smoking just taking a big drag of chemicals mixed with tobacco and they probably mix of chemicals were back then packed dallas problem just actual tobacco these all these other really good smoke after you strenuous exercise a smoke out just strenuous exercise that's hilarious as matic cigarettes imagine you gotta asthma someone gives you a packer cools yeah this'll help you hey what what you needed campbell no filters how lucky strike hilarious how crazy this how crazy it would be if you took one of these ads like if you knew you're grandfather died of cancer and you took one of these as and fucking took it to a cigarette companies got some bad as attorneys and said you know i'm a look you guys were put in the fifties and sixties some doctors favorite's cigarette is camel cigarettes are you fucking crazy i think about think about how outrageous what we know today that is outrageous it's fucking outrage outrage of so evil like his favorite cigarette is telling you doctors and not saying like no they did not say like my accountants favorite cigarette they're not saying my my police officers flavored cigarettes they're saying doctors to let you know it's gonna be okay because they know it's not gonna be okay you know it's not okay all right i'm john you know you don't know you really don't know really don't know you went to the movies you're you're ten years old you're father gave get let go you went to the movies marlon brando smoking a cigarette in the wild one and all of a sudden you go home and you're like i mean you tell your friends that look so cool and you find smoking is bad for you and you're like no i just saw an article qualified doc this surveyed smoke campbell fucking cigarettes may look the eighty actually it's not bad for you it can literally remove irritability ability nose throat an accessory oregon's not adversely affected by smoking chesterfield's a six month study and they've said nothing we first such report ever published about an e cigarette oh so it's chesterfield's deerfield you just get them in you're okay i imagine it was one cigarettes out of nail talk ice data grow at work crazy house like where people go crazy and she used to bring in and i wasn't pro comic she used to bring me on cigarettes i would smoked cigarettes and go off the reservation oh like they were like low rent cigarettes you guys see this shit they put in that i get talent visible difference from one i smoked a camel marlboro bro i did you ever smoked sharm which sharm you don't sherman's sherman was a something they were doing where certain cigarettes to dip in formaldehyde i smoke weed mountainside what's it's out like tremendous fucking show but i was into that should that ties that shrooms moseley turns people who is zombie you take the joint you dip pad their mouths idle coded my friend mode let it dry again cars so crazy smoked type shit and it'd be it'd be ten hours up santa says that it was if it when people were doing it they would say it was embalming fluid fluid because it would make you turn into his army but it was really just pcp really they would call it embalming fluid that's what the urban dictionary and some things i'm looking i'm now calling like what what it actually was but did you look up sharm day i that's and that's what it says so it's a it's a hoax folks don't know that it's off i'm sure some idiots probably did find some formaldehyde her mom and dad would end but well after all the bad press pcp got i could imagine the people would eventually be like all right listen we gotta stop smoking pcp so they have sneaking in things not nobody had a good pcp experience and other things and i just i had fifty good once good pcp experiences but guys to be honest you oughta know is don't pcp oh they called the thc crystal t h seacrest or if that's what it was called to hate seacrest how do you know pcp because years later i found that dc critical didn't fucking exist well tennessee crystal just like the crystals off of weeks of what they tell you at that time you you ask the deal like where did you get this from around the street was used to extend through imminent in a pot with boiling water and when it comes to a head the stuff that stays heavy hajj you scraped off yeah and you put it into powder form and that is not that was the word on the street but what it really was was pc fucking animal tranquilizer a so they were just saying that so they could sell and so it could salad and then when you go into the new york city in the eighties when you went to the weeds spots yeah they sold two types of weed but they also called the thing so the thing called trays trace trace such a three dollar back oh so when you pay they would sell you and a a ten dollar bag of sense to me you got five joins us onto then they would have like a special twenty dollars the buddha tie and you'll get three joints two and a half joins tied joints and then so the trade you get a tight joining his white powder the look like a line of coke when you label so what you did was you roll you joining you took that white line sprinkled in the joint you smoked at by by irene by by i rain and they always gave it a weird name like jim jones of the time they drunk you know what i'm saying after kills people so they would give it a weird weird names jim jones how crazy is that show aside they would give it all these weird names jim jones named the town jonestown that's you know that's when the cops moving when you name it down after yourself what do you do and i'm just run in vernon ville and not letting diana yeah i may people sell everything moves that that's normal fuck and it's been a guy in a bunch of times a steve annella you know is that yeah he's been on my podcast the show mediator yeah he's a recorded a bunch of episodes in diana living with the people living the jungle fascinating shit fascinating listening watching all those people living he's interacting with them and hanging out with them both fishing with them and shit just wild man they sound pictographs on a rock that's on a river they have no idea who made him knowing how old they are just sitting there it's probably thousand years old don't know what they mean some people from an ancient time ago and diana wrote the shit on a rock and you could still see it today i wanna see what that fucking place looks like jim jones had no they just did a wonder what they do with it whatsoever but no it's just i don't go there i just grew up over i went back and they reach dug up deal stage landing strip to right yeah that's we shot the odds are i still remember being a little kid and then showing a the guy getting shot a federal agent a camera falling the governor the senator they showed they always show the shop the cameras going down that the reporters about the get on the plane and then the truck pulled up guys just opened fire on a guy foul with the camera oh wow the ladies still alive the senator the woman she shot she got a woman got shot the congressmen whoever the congress and the love of god he died but her system and somebody off and they just got interview it was you anniversary or some shit hate all that shit i can see the people who took bound that he just tells a dangerous very dangerous just one one person wants to be the only one talk and tell you what to do and make the rules and be special when you get that one person the gathers a group of people and has all those people listen dan without question and tries to say he has the answers for whatever reason that's appealing to people it's very weird but people fall into that trap over and over and over again we have a strong confident man who is telling you what you know and then you see them giving into the power and for whatever reason it makes it even more attractive to a certain segment of the population when you see someone reveling in the power of being a cult leader like a i guarantee you when that guy in waco what the fuck was his name correct correct david trash i guarantee you when when he was on the news and talking about how they'll never give up like it girls were probably beaten down his door trying again in that called the crazier and then nuttier and the the more more apocalyptic you're methods the more people that wanna join weird and they they they just they just don't have the ability to discern oh this is not a good idea this guy really doesn't have his head on straight this guy might be fucking completely crazy they've always realize those things the fuck fest anyway oh and other ten guys slinging vicki's he's got arrested that we echo rush crush claimed everybody's wife yeah yeah yeah yeah the friend i had a friend who grew up in a cult and the stories oh yeah horrific i know the front nobody talking about yeah horrific you know so you look at the shit and you're like i don't fucking dangerous any anytime someone is running any kind of thing where they got a separate you from everybody else come to us when it gets you if one of those people never goes well it fuck it never goes well it never goes well they want control they want control control you and the best way to do those get you away from all this other pesky people with all their questions they don't know but we know we know what's really going on we know what this is really all about next you know you're in a cult how many culture going on right now though we don't know about is like a gang of under just like bubbling under the surface that when they found out about last year at the sex new york met or something like that that's real that's all mother fuckers in jail over that one yeah the neck someone is a weird one right because i had my jet actors and actors and actresses which w sex cult right there all sex cult they should stop saying sex cult right no call no sex cult it just looked like buddhist like they go okay you wherever you go just thinks about that a guy tells you he's god bless you my own pocket wife like crazy raising her windmills side as you come back the next day smelling like talking god knows what else you have still respect the guy calling god yeah they yeah they such a sick sick fucking mind it's sick that you have to be such a week stake as a human being really buy into that you can't call them you know you can't just fucked up we had state maybe they had a void now live somewhere ram this is the way by throwing it in i just i don't see it i could never joined a cult fog but there's a bunch of different things going on with the leader you gotta give me money mhm you gotta do you gotta sell you seattle people that went the johnstown had so that home that and give them money did you see wild wild country wild wild country no telling what is it's a netflix documentary about the pacific northwest call tall rodney josh guy they eventually went onto he found this this crazy called they went on the by this town up there i heard about it's fucking amazing i listen we liver somewhat stupidity why rochon one sit there and watch on tv it's really good though the documentaries incredible it's so well done and the sheila lady who's running things she's poisoning people shit it's crazy they they poison bureau she did all kinds of crazy stuff is the it's while the ship homeless people into votes they could take over the town they just brought homeless people in from everywhere is picked him up come in the homeless people like hey we found a home and some of like really into like all right with down you get the fuck out of here kicked keep devout as they took over the home everyone in the town outlived their before them's fucking hated them they they they had their own police force armed guards i mean guys arm to the deck okay just carrying machine guns shit out of focus at two o'clock 'cause we that's what always happens with this fucking i thought it was like one o'clock now welfare joey we have fun i'm this is crazy i'm doing you've heard i've known you for twenty three years man maybe more twenty two when did you hear what year ninety seven ninety seven yeah yeah twenty years so long time jury as you go to the store and see what we're walking around the around how long been there for every time i go down there i gotta fucking anxiety attack really yeah getting ociety i can't believe instill that still so fun i gotta i gotta move sometimes i just sit back on the ice cube machine and look go lucky in my fucking play got a book i know you do i got around this bitch bogey had the fucking great all right oh man both a loving rather you love it too happy fourth of july there charlotte next week you dirty bitches i'm excited thank you everybody came 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